Gender Masculine
Usage Frisian

Meaning & History

Originally a Frisian short form of Ferdinand (and other names starting with the Old German element fridu "peace" and a second element beginning with n [1]).

Related Names

Feminine FormsFenna, Fenne
Other Languages & CulturesFerran(Catalan) Ferdinand, Ferdo(Croatian) Ferdinand(Czech) Ferdinand, Ferdi(Dutch) Ferdinand, Ferdie, Ferdy(English) Veeti, Vertti(Finnish) Ferdinand, Fernand(French) Ferdinand, Ferdi(German) Fredenandus, Friþunanþs(Gothic) Ferdinánd, Nándor(Hungarian) Ferdinando, Nando(Italian) Ferdynand(Polish) Fernando, Fernão, Nando(Portuguese) Ferdinand(Slovak) Ferdinand, Ferdo(Slovene) Fernando, Hernán, Hernando, Nando(Spanish)
Same SpellingFen 1

People think this name is

classic   youthful   informal   common   natural   wholesome   strange   simple   serious  


Sources & References

  1. Nederlandse Voornamenbank, entry Fen, available from
Entry updated December 7, 2022