Florence is so so pretty! I love the nickname Flossy for it. It's definitely not masculine but a very pretty feminine name.
I really wish Florence was used for boys more, I love the name for any gender but from what I've seen it seems like Florence is way more popular of a name for females. I understand how it sounds feminine though, I just wish more boys were named Florence since I love this name a lot.
My 4 year old daughter is called Florence, her middle name is Elizabeth.

Florence is such a beautiful name and has pretty nicknames like Flo and Flossie.

Our daughter is usually just Florence but we sometimes call her Flo Flo and Feo (Which spells her initials!).
Florence was the 14th most popular name for girls born in England and Wales in 2020, with the name being given to 1,963 girls.
Wait, this is a male name as well?!
I love the name Florence, it makes me think of flowers! It sounds so vintage and it’s just like Florence Pugh!
I LOVE THIS NAME! I had a friend named Florence who went by Rency. It was the coolest name ever. This name is so high on my list. AND FLORENCE PUGH!
Florence is a nice old fashioned name that recently is getting popular again, but not too popular within the top 1000 anyway. Nicknames for Florence are iffy specifically with Flo as many have mentioned before with aunt Flo. There is elegance to this name sounding almost regal.
I was surprised to see this name gain some resurgence again. It's popular yet rare at the same time. If that makes any sense. It's a good name for a girl of any age and isn't too old ladyish in my opinion.
I really love this name. I have a friend named this, but she goes by Wren.
I think Flora would be great nickname for this but I haven’t ever see it mentioned.
Florence is a nice name but I like Florencia more. I really hate this name for a boy and everyone with this name I know is a girl, no boys. It doesn't sound masculine to me, so a boy named Florence will be teased for having a feminine-sounding name, constantly being asked "Why did your parents give you a girl's name?"
This is a the name of my great grandma's mother, I think it's elegant and pretty. Florrie is a cute nickname as well.
Florence is an English nobleman's name, meaning "blossoming" thriving from the Latin name Florentius or the female form Florence, derived from Florens "prosperity, prosperity".
Meaning of the name:
Flowering, beautiful, careful, good at analysis, spiritual.
Name impression:
Lucky, blessed people have a strong air. Have a sense of responsibility, conservative, noble, appreciate beautiful things, have scholarly demeanor, diligent, like mysterious things.
Florence is one of the more beautiful female names! This name just flows so smoothly when you say it.
Don't like its abbreviation--Flo,but Florence is so elegant and pretty itself though!
I'm the only one named Florence in the school. I don't think the popularity of the name is important, as long as I like it! I think it's a beautiful name!
Like the name but would hate the nickname Flo. Reminds me of Aunt Flo, that would be awful. Shame.
Great name, classic beauty, historic and elegant! I don't want this name getting too overused as some other names that are getting used too often like some toilet paper. Florence is not rare, but feels like an unusual name, that should be not forgotten, but not overused also, something in between. Florence has quality!
I love the name Florence, as it is a beautiful, elegant and deeply romantic name.
Beautiful name. I like the fact that it sounds old fashioned yet modern. ❤️.
Aunt Flow.
Strongly dislike this name, sorry.
I really love this name! I can see why people find it very feminine, but I think it would be lovely for a boy, too. It sounds so gentle and wonderful. The main impression I get is of someone graceful and composed, but friendly and upbeat with a sense of humor.
I actually really like this name. Florence ages well, and it’s pretty.
Kinda ugly.
One of my fav names, classic, not too common, somewhat elegant. I love it.
Aunt Flo means a women’s period.
A very pretty, sophisticated name that should be used in the US more often.
Popular in the UK, but attempting to reclaim ground in the US.
My grandmother was born in Ireland as Florence Elizabeth. But everyone called her Frankie.
As a theatrical person I keep thinking of Florenz Zigfield, a man.
I had a Great Aunt Flossy. Apparently at the beginning of the 20th Century Flossy was viewed as a preferred name to use rather than Florence, her real name. If that was the only choice offered I would definitely use Florence. It's a nice name.
Really impossible for me to imagine Florence being used on a boy.
Florence Pugh (b. 1996), English actress known for her leading roles in Fighting With My Family (2019) and Midsommar (2019).
I actually like the name Florence but the only thing that puts me off and I would never use it is the nickname ‘Flo’ which is inevitable, I can’t get out my head ‘Aunt Flo’ which is a nickname for women’s periods! Ruined it for me! I wouldn’t want to be named after a period :( I don’t know why people don’t think of this when using this name for their children unless they pretend they don’t know what the association is.
Wait, flo means period? Damn, I need to find a new nickname.
In 2018, 86 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Florence who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 446th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'm very surprised that this name isn't more popular at the moment. My great-grandmother was named Florence and Florence is one of the loveliest cities in Europe, truly befitting of its name.
I absolutely love this name because it sounds great on either gender. If I had to choose though, I'd say I like it for males more. It's one of those rare names that sound cute on a guy. :)
Reminds me too much of the city in Italy.
Charming, sweet, old fashioned- it has it all, really.
Very popular in west Ireland for BOYS in 1800s.
I think that Florence is a great name for boys as well as girls. For me, it's quite more interesting as a boy's name because it's classy.
I like Florence for a girl but not a boy. I like Lori as a diminutive. I would use Florence Adelaide or Florence Elisabetta.
Florence Blain Mbaye, sometimes credited as Florence Blain, is a Canadian actress. She is best known to film audiences for her role in the 2013 film Another House, for which she garnered a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards.
I am really starting to like this name. It's pretty and sophisticated!
The name Florence was given to 214 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Florence and I personally really like my name because it is not so common and very sophisticated.
The late Florence Griffith-Joyner (Flo-Jo) Fastest woman of all time. 1988 Olympic gold medalist and world record holder of both the 100 and 200 meters. Both of these records still remain unbeaten after nearly 30 years.
Beautiful name. An amazing classic.
Florence is my middle name! Named after my great grandmother who was a saint and raised 12 children. Myself included. Florence is a proud name that I am blessed to share with her and hope it gets passsed down. It is from Ireland, Scotland, and England.
Also Florence, Italy! Very beautiful name. Florence Nightingale. And Florence Henderson. Don't hear the name very much now, but very popular around 1910 and after.
Florence is a coastal town in Oregon!
A famous bearer of this lovely name would be silent film actress Florence Lawrence.
I hear Florence is a popular girl's name in England... I like it. Something about it. I wouldn't mind naming one of my future daughters this name.
The name Florence is beautiful, my youngest daughter has the name and I love it. It was quite unusual when I named her in 2002 but it is becoming more popular now which I am unsure about as I like more unusual names.
I'm slowly starting to like this name. It's nice and sophisticated, not my favourite, but quite pleasant.
Florence Vassy - CHESS on broadway
Florence Vassy - Chess in Concert.
Many people believe that the name Florence came from the city Florence in Italy, but that's incorrect. Records show that the name Florence was already an established name long before then.
Florence was also the name of the mother of Saint Tanguy de Locmazhé and Aude de Trémazan, two famous saints from Brittany. Little is known about her apart from the fact that she died around 520. Her husband, Golon, then married a cruel woman who took great pleasure in bullying Tanguy and Aude. After 8 years of suffering Tanguy left Brittany to become a knight leaving Aude alone with her evil step-mother. When he eventually came back the evil step mother had him believe that Aude (who was a very pious young woman) was dishonoring the family. He killed his sister out of rage and legend has it that Aude came back in the family castle carrying her head between her hands while claiming her innocence. When Tanguy learnt the truth he was so horrified that he decided to become a monk for repentence and created several abbeys. (For those who wonder the evil step mother was struck by lightning when Aude came back to the castle and put her head back on her neck to claim her innocence, ask for the last rites and confront her step mother about her evil actions.)
Sir Florence (male) was a knight in Arthurian liturature.
I can see this name as being more masculine when compared to Florentina and Flora.
Despite its popularity in the UK, the name Florence was only given to 92 baby girls born in the US in 2012. There were more baby girls named 'Lennox' born in 2012 than Florence! So sad.
Also the name of Florence Welch, lead singer of the British alternative pop band Florence and the Machine.
Such a pretty name, really unique too. Although I was surprised to see it's also considered a masculine name, I could never imagine a boy named Florence!
I recall reading in a British newspaper a couple of years ago that this name is resurging in popularity. The newspaper attributed it to the influence of Florence Welch, the red-haired singer of Florence and the Machine.
This is my name, I am 15 years old and this name has been great throughout my life! I wouldn't change it for anything!
The name is a timeless classic which has come back into fashion with a bang! It is strong and solid and you cannot go wrong with it!
I could go on all day about how grateful I am to carry this name, without being biased in the slightest :-)!
Very pretty name. It's starting to become popular again too :)
Florence was the first name of the late early American actress Evelyn Nesbit. She was born Florence Evelyn Nesbit on 25 December 1884.
Florence Mabel Harding was the wife of the 29th president of the United States of America, Warren G. Harding.
L.o.v.e. this name.
Pronounced Flur-ence.
Florence Chadwick was the first woman to swim across the English Channel in both directions.
Florence is a very sweet name.
The late Florence Ballard, who was a member of the '60s Motown girl group The Supremes or Diana Ross and The Supremes, was a famous bearer.
Florence doesn't really seem like a masculine name, especially when it sounds like something to do with flowers.
I can't picture this on a female. It's a very classy male name, though.
I am absolutely in love with this name! The way it's written looks so beautiful and graceful for some reason. "Florence." A great nickname would be Flor or Flora. I would love to name my daughter this someday.
I think Florence is a very beautiful name. It has a certain flair to it. This name reminds me of a cunning and beautiful girl.
A male bearer is Florence (Yami Bakura) from Yugioh the Abridged Series. He's British.
I can't stand Florence as a female name, but I love it as a male name. I know most people consider it too feminine for a man, but I don't get that impression at all. I guess I just really like male names that end with -ence.
It's old-fashioned but classy. It makes me think of the Renaissance, high art, etc. Florence is great European city with much history behind it. I just hate the nickname Flo.
Florence Leontine Mary Welch, British singer of Florence & the Machine (winner of the 2010 British Album Award for her album "Lungs") bears this name.
Hungarian born Florence Vassy is the main character in Benny Anderson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Uvaelus's rock musical Chess.
A famous bearer of this name is British singer Florence Welch, lead singer of the indie pop band Florence & The Machine.
One of the only obvious place names that works as a name without being silly. I adore it on a female.
In Italy itself the city of Florence is called Firenze, so women named for it are called Firenza - an exotic alternative to Florence, I think.
More properly, the Italian version of the name is doubtless "Fiorenza", from the medieval name of the city (see Dante's "Commedia", "Inferno" XXVI).

In any case, "Firenza" would be a pretty interesting version of the name (even if very strange for an Italian-speaking audience).
I think Florence is a pretty name. You could shorten it to Flo, which is also good. Wouldn't you like to have an auntie Flo?
I really like this name, I find it very pretty. I've never thought of it as a masculine name, though.
I love this name, especially since it's not that common nowadays.
I don't usually like place names, but Florence doesn't seem as forced and it has a calm elegance about it. I like Flora as a nickname.
I can't really picture this name on males. It definitely sounds feminine to me. I'm not very fond of most names that end in the 's' sound, Iris, Beatrice, Bellatrix, and Alice being exceptions, and the name is quite old-fashioned. I'm not too enamored of the very strong Florence Nightingale association either, as I've heard that she didn't support women's suffrage. So, I wouldn't use the name.
Florence Owens Thompson (September 1, 1903 - September 16, 1983) was the subject of six Great Depression-era photographs by renowned photographer Dorothea Lange. Of the six photographs, all taken the same day in 1936, the most famous was entitled 'Migrant Mother'.
Florence Nightingale (female) was a nurse during a battle.
This name used to be unisex, but as a boy's name it is totally unknown today, having last featured in the boys' top 1,000 in the United States in the first decade of the 20th century.
Florence Dombey is a character in Charles Dickens' novel "Dombey and Son."
Florence Lawrence (1886-1938), "The First Movie Star".
Florence Henderson played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch.
In Spanish the name is FLORENCIA (pronounced Flo-ren-see-a with a subtle r). I really like it !
I have this as my second middle name, after my paternal grandmother. I've always loved this name, although as a child as soon as anyone realised I had this as a middle name they would start calling me "Florence Nightingale" over and over again. Grr.
This was my great-grandmother's name and I think it has a certain class to it. Her nickname was 'Flo' which is rather nice too. Not very popular today but perhaps it should be.
My sister's name, of which I have always been very jealous. It's modern and classy yet understated.
I love it! So understated and classy.
A famous bearer is first lady Florence Harding.
Florence Johnston was the name of George and Louise Jefferson's maid on the T.V. show "The Jeffersons." She was played by Marla Gibbs.
My great-grandmother bore this name. And she was French. I think French names are very pretty and sophisticated!
It's so sophisticated. I love it.

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