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PronouncedPron.ga-SPAR Spanish

Meaning & History

Spanish and Portuguese form of JASPER, as well as the Latin form.
VariantsCaspar, Jasper Judeo-Christian Legend
Other Languages & CulturesCasper, Jesper, Kasper Danish Casper, Jasper, Kasper, Cas Dutch Jasper English Gaspard French Kaspar German Gáspár, Gazsi Hungarian Gaspare, Gasparo Italian Kaspars Latvian Kasparas Lithuanian Casper, Kasper Norwegian Kacper Polish Gašper Slovene Casper, Jesper, Kasper Swedish
Same SpellingGáspár
User SubmissionGašpar


Chrono characters, High School DxD characters, Magi, Suikoden characters, Xeno characters
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