My name is Gemma and I love the nicknames especially ‘Gem’, it’s just pretty and makes me feel happier. There’s also nicknames like Gembo which my parents call me, Gem Gem, Gemmy, GG and more. If ever thinking of a precious name to call a child call them Gemma aka a diamond or jewel.
I hate this name so much. It looks and sounds very infantile.
This is SO cute. Gem Gem is a great nickname and this name ages SO well and is such a CUTEEEE name.
St. Gemma Galgani was an Italian mystic and is a Catholic saint.
It was a common name in Australia in the 80’s & 90’s. I love gemstones so think it’s lovely. It’s a name for a special, down to earth and natural kind of girl. Aussie’s affectionately describe lovable places/ people/events as a “gem”. Names like Jade, Pearl, Ruby, Jewel etc seem like the next gen equivalent. The spelling of Jemma just seems like an Americanised version.
Emma is a lot better in my opinion!
It's so pretty! It definitely reminds me of a Gem, and that would be a really cute nickname!
It's a lot better than Emma. If you're thinking about doing Emma please change your mind to this! Much more beautiful!
So cute!
Pretty, and so many haters! I like this along with Emma!
A nice alternative to Emma. I also love the Gem my daughter is my gem. I picture a beautiful girl with green or blue gems for eyes.
Despise! I prefer Jemma, which at least doesn’t have the Gemma Collins association.
Gemma Collins, a dimwitted, overweight blonde who is a popular media personality for Brits. She was bad on Dancing On Ice and was too fat to dance, then afterwards appeared on I'm a Celebrity and didn’t last five seconds there.
Seriously? This name is horrid!
I personally think this is a beautiful name. I think I would name my daughter this.
Pretty. I like it.
I prefer Jemma, even though I absolutely despise it!
I don't like it at all.
Allegedly also occasionally used in Hungary:
Okay I guess, but it sounds odd.
This is one of the names that America stole from the Britain and made that "reverse-effect".

It's trending in The USA, with 1519 girls named GEMMA in 2019.

It's TOTALLY the OPPOSITE in the UK, with ONLY 14 girl named GEMMA in 2019.
So gorgeous and the meaning is wonderful! I like this spelling the best.
Gemma is better than Emma in my opinion.
Also Sicilian:
Not very beautiful in English, it sounds like a gummy grandmother's name, or a chavette in the U.K. living in government housing.
Beautiful name. I like it a lot.
Gemma Mengual Civil is a Spanish synchronised swimmer. She has competed at the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics.
Also means game in many different languages.
I hate the name... I sound as if I’m 4 & I’m really 35 lol.
Gemma is my name and I like it. I love my nicknames Gem, Gem-Gem, Iced Gem (when little) and Ma. However, when I was at school I wanted a long name that could be shorted to an actual name or a name that was hard to pronounce but I think it was just for the attention at the time. As an adult my name is easy to spell, easy to pronounce and it’s not an unusual name but it’s not massively overused.
Even though Gemma and Charlotte are not very common names in the States, they should still be USAble in America! (Pronounce that out loud as US able) Hope that little joke actually makes a difference someday!
It's weird. I think Gemma sounds youthful and outdated. I guess that means it'll age well?
So pretty and girly. A little sugary when you think of choco or iced gems and such and it sounds a bit like jam, but hey, that's still funny. It is quite a unique name, with a smooth sound to it.
It reminds me of germ. Such an awful name! So gross! Ew!
I love the name Gemma because it is my name xo.
Gemma is a precious name for your little gem.
A stronger, cooler, more badass Emma. Emma’s cute. Gemma’s hot.
Gemma is my name and I really, really, really love it. I think it is beautiful, like a beautiful gem. I'm named after Gemma Ward, who is beautiful!
I love Gemma for a girl's name, I do seem to like g's but it is so much more unique than Emma and sounds if not more nice. Olive is my favourite name at the moment as well as Lana but Gemma is probably overtaking Olive for me. I'm fussy but I think you get a feeling about a name rather. It sounds classy and interesting but not frilly or too long or overused, one doesn't need to be overly feminine to suit it like some names and you wouldn't grow out of it like some too. I don't like it shortened or as much with a j, sorry.
My name is Emma but my maternal Grandfather always called me Gemma. I like both names.
This is my name and I find it easy to mispronounce, you would think it's hard to say it incorrectly because it is Gem- ah. Usually people say Gema (with a hard g). Also if you are Hispanic you must get used to people calling you Jema, very soft. It really depends on what you are okay with people calling you, and how often you feel like correcting people. Also, avoid this name if you have a last or middle name that starts with a G because it leads to the nickname Gigi. Otherwise, nicknames like Gem and Emma (even though that is a name on its own) are common. It is hard to twist it to bully on. It is a very elegant name that also could be seen as rebellious when the nickname is Gem. It really depends on what kind of kid you have.
Gemma Acheampong is a US-born Ghanaian athlete specialising in the sprinting events. Acheampong holds the Ghanain record in the rarely-contested indoor 300 metres event. She represented Ghana in the 4 × 100 metres relay at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Gemma is a minor character in The Young Elites by Marie Lu. She is very kind & caring.
Gemma is so beautiful, especially with the wonderful nickname Gem. I love Emma too, and go back and forth as to which of the two I prefer.
The actress Gemma Arterton also played the title role in a film called "Gemma Bovery", a modern take on Gustave Flaubert's famous novel "Madame Bovary".
I have a friend with this name. She's a great girl, but I HATE her name. I prefer Emma by far, and even Jenna (which I don't like either) is better than Gemma.
Gemma Acton is the wife of English professional footballer Gary Cahill.
I love this name. It's uncommon but for some reason there's two girls in my grade at my high school that have this name... and I live in Canada! That sure is a coincidence!
Gemma sounds nice on some people and their personalities, but it doesn't suit some people. The name Gemma means something precious, kind, caring, basically like a gem like in the name GEM-MA. But if you're not like any of those kind people that I've mentioned above, like if you're the opposite, like mean, cruel, a bully, people are going to call you STONE-MA or anything opposite to a gem because if you're horrible and pick on people you don't deserve the name Gemma because it is a nice name. If any of you out there have a child called Gemma teach them some manners and respect for people.
My name is Gemma, and I quite like my name actually. The meaning isn't particularly inspiring but it's not the worst meaning in the world. There are definitely names I like more, but that doesn't make it a bad name either. However, I hate being called Gem or Gemgem. Really rubs me up the wrong way. Just saying.
This is my name, and I love it. I'm very glad my parents chose to spell it with a G and not a J, because I prefer the nickname Gem and NOT Jem.
I believe the Italian pronunciation is more like ZHEM-mah (or ZHEM-muh) than JEM-mah.

It also sounds like “let’s go!” in Southern vernacular German (written: “gehen wir”), if the G is voiced “hard”.
I didn't like this name before, but wow it has grown on me! So beautiful! Not as popular as Emma, but amazing! I love the name Emma, and this is similar!
My name is Gemma too! Growing up I didn't like it either. I was called everything that was similar to my name. But I pronounced mine the Spanish way (him-uh) and people tended to like it better. I got the nickname Hemi. It was better then Gem which reminded me of Gym or Jim. ;) But everybody has their own way of pronouncing it, liking it or disliking it it's like potato or pota-TO. ;)
I don't like this name. I don't know why, but it sounds plain and boring.
My name is Gemma, didn't like it growing up. I love my name, I love to called Gem.
Not too keen with this one
Reminds me too much of 'grandma' as though a young child (toddler and baby) trying to say, grandma but comes out as baby talk
"Geh ma!"

At least spell it as Jemma. I think that's significantly better
Gemma: keep wanting to say it as geh ma.
Not an awful name. I just prefer the spelling of "Jemma" a lot more.

I can understand what user "ThatMazeRunnerFan" is coming from. Which is why I prefer the other spelling over this. I'm sure they didn't mean any disrespect.
Gemma lightbourne, a gymnast who took part in the Glasgow 2014: Commonwealth Games.
The name Gemma is classy, beautiful and elegant. Plus the nickname "Gem" is uber cute!
Gemma is Latin for both 'bud' and 'gem'.
The Italian pronunciation is JEM-mah.
Gemma is a pretty name. It has the word gem in it and is way better then Emma, which is just too common. And, you can nickname her "Gem!"
This name is also used in Catalan, where it is also the word for "gem". The data on the Instituto Nacional de Estadística website shows that it has been in use in Catalonia since before the 1930s (when the records began). [noted -ed]
Gemma was popular in Australia in the 80's and it's also spelt Jemma.
American actress Kristin Davis has a daughter named Gemma Rose.
Gemma is the name of a main character on the show, Sons of Anarchy. She is the mother of the protagonist, Jackson and is tough as nails, but with a soft side. She is the matriarch of the biker gang the show is about.
This name is also commonly used in The Netherlands. [noted -ed]
Gemma Arteton is a British actress. She's been in 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' also 'Clash of the Titans' and 'The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time'.
Gemma is a very pretty name. Much more unique than Emma.
To tell the truth this is my real name. It means lots of things like a flower in Mexico, a very precious stone, you might make fun of my name on this one a rose bud, also in a Mexican song.
Sounds like the name of an old lady with a million cats. No offense to anyone.
Gemma is actually my name. I don't particularly like it, partly because most of the other Gemmas I know (which is a LOT) I absolutely detest. Also, it's too common, in my opinion.
I think this name is so beautiful and elegant! I would love to name a child this name. I think Gemma Rose sounds pretty.
"Gemma" it is also a very common Catalan name and its meaning is from the same Catalan word 'Gemma', which means 'precious stone'. It's not a nickname but the word itself used nowadays for defining a precious stone.
I love this name, it's so beautiful and it's given to beautiful women. This name is Italian and Greek, and though it is not common in America, it just means it's given to rare people.
Even though this name has grown on me a little bit more, I still don't like it. I like my name more, Emma. I don't think Gemma, Jenna, and Emma would be a good names for siblings. They sound too similiar and there probably would be quite a bit of confusion as to which name is actually being called.
You'll hate me for saying this, but I really don't like this name. It doesn't sound very pleasant, and I actually thought it was a bastardization of the itself bland Emma. This is a bland name in Britain, and it makes me think of annoying British girls and women for some reason. Maybe I've just turned hopelessly misanthropic, but the name annoys me.
Gemma is cute, but not as nice as Emma. If I couldn't use Emma, I would use Gemma or Jenna.
GEMMA WARD: Australian model and actress, b. 1987.
Also Catalan.
Spanish form: Gema.
British soccer player Michael Owen has a daughter named Gemma Rose.
This name means "precious stone" in Italian. Her nickname would, no doubt, be "Gem."
I really like this name. It reminds me of a girl I met in the mall. She was very nice and was Indian. I would recommend this name for people in need of a name for their future girl babies.
I love this name! It's not very common where I live, so if I ever had a daughter I would consider naming her Gemma.
I think it's kind of harsh, just the way it looks. It's pretty, but not a name I'd use.
Surprised to learn that this is a rare name in the States. It's fairly common in the UK.
I like this as well as Emma and Jenna. I think that would be a nice sibset.
Since the 1880's Gemma hasn't appeared on the top 1000 list.
I really hate this name. It is SO ugly!
Gemma Galgani (1878-1903) is a saint of the Catholic Church. She is famous for her luminous beauty, prayerful life, and early death.
This is a very popular name. It has a nice meaning.
How is this name popular?
It's relatively popular in Scotland for example, actually in most of the English-speaking countries but for some reason not at all in America. Look at the popularity statistics before questioning whether something is popular or not.
Jemma Gawned was on Big Brother in Australia and now has her own cosmetics company. She has curly blonde hair and is very pretty, and nice.
The wife of Dante Alighieri was named Gemma.
Gemma Doyle is in A Great and Terrible Beauty (series) by Libba Bray. She has the gifts of vision and travelling to the other realm.
Gemma Clarke is the drummer for the Suffrajets, an all-girl rock band.
In Hebrew Gemma means dove but then me being a Gemma Dove generally means peace or peaceful. All the Gemmas I know including me are anything but.
Gemma doesn't mean "dove" in Hebrew - Jemimah does.
The spelling in Spanish is with one M only and it's pronounced 'h-e-ma'.
A famous bearer of this name is model Gemma Ward. Gemma was born in 1987 at Perth, Australia. Gemma is 178 cm tall and measures a tiny 81-61-89. Gemma is famed within the modelling community for her huge wide-set doe eyes and overall unique appearance.
The actress Gemma Jones is in both "Bridget Jones" movies as Bridget's mother. I think she's hilarious.
The word "gemma" is ancient Greek, from the words "ge"-earth and "ma", the archaic type for "meter", mother. "Gema" means "mother earth" in archaic (Mycenaen) Greek. It was the collective name of all the gems. ("Gemolithos", precious stone in Greek; "Gemologia", the study of the gems.)

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