All I can think of is Graham Crackers, horrible name.
Graham sure does sound crunchy. You all know what I'm obviously referring to, but it's also a nice name for a quite handsome person.
Horrible name.
I LOVE the name Graham! It sounds so handsome and it just looks nice. Unfortunately, I call my grandma "Gram", so there's no way I can use the name. I'll just think of my grandma when I say it...
Graham is easy going and a problem solver. Always has a sunny disposition.
Graham Elliot is an American chef. He has been on several television shows such as Masterchef, Top Chef, MasterChef Junior, etc.
Graham Crackers.
Graham cracker.
The beautiful Ashley Graham is an American supermodel from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has been featured on the covers of several well-known magazines. In-fact, she was the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the prominent Sports Illustrated magazine.
Name of the day January 12, 2021.
Better than Graeme.
It would be funny for a boy named Graham to be born on April 20th.
Gray is better.
Graham Clark is a Florida teen who was the mastermind behind the massive Twitter account breaches and bitcoin scams on July 15, 2020. Apple, Uber, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kayne and Kim Kardashian West, among other big names, were hacked in what was described as the "the worst hack of a major social media platform yet.". It couldn't have happened to a more deserving app and he is an absolute king.
A fine name for a man. I associate it with rabbits for some reason, perhaps because the rabbit mask in Hotline Miami is named Graham.
Graham is a modern form of Abraham meaning father of the nations. Grant is close enough. My brother is a Graham.
This is the worst name ever and no one should go through the pain of having this name.
Graham crackers.
In the same way as female Jane, it is dull (mostly with the word grey and the term plain Jane), yet has a sweet and warm feel to it.
I HATE this name with a passion. There was a big boy in my class in elementary school named Graham. I had to hold his feet during sit-ups in PE and he farted right in my face. That’s all I associate with the name Graham. There’s also the measurement gram. Graham cracker. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.
Graham Nash of the Hollies (and CSNY), as well as Allan Clarke of the Hollies, pronounces this name "Gray-um," distinctly two syllables. At least, Nash used to pronounce it that way when he lived in England. He's lived in America for the last half a century, so maybe he's got a different accent now.
Graham John Capill is a former New Zealand Christian leader and politician. He served as the first leader of the now-defunct Christian Heritage Party, stepping down in 2003. In 2005 he was convicted of multiple sexual offenses against girls under 12 years of age and sentenced to nine years imprisonment. He was released on parole in August 2011, having served six years of that sentence.
Graham Sierota plays the drums for Echosmith.
I like Graham (Pronounced Gray-Ham). It has a nice feeling to it and reminds me of Python member Graham Chapman. I believe Graeme is an alternate spelling to Graham. Graham is good in my books.
The name Graham is pronounced gram and that's the only way that I've ever heard it. Gray-am sounds really weird but the gram pronunciation only reminds me of Graham crackers. Sometimes I hate Graham crackers, but not the name Graham.
People saying North Americans pronounce it gram.. That's not true! I'm from Canada and have only ever heard it Gray-am! Very nice name pronounced this way.
My aunt Sheila has a 4-year-old son with this name. My cousin pronounces it the American way, which I actually like better than the stuffy British pronunciation.
Graham is the name of a character in the King's Quest computer games. He is the main character of the first, second, and fifth games, as well as the most recent one.
Even though I imagine an old person with this name, I think the name Graham is really cute. :) In the UK we pronounce it as "GRAY-əm". "GRAM" sounds like a completely different name to me! Anyway, I think Graham is a nice, respectable name and is a lot better than some of the trendy names used these days.
I don't like it how almost everyone in North America pronounce it GRAM. It makes it sound so boring. It sounds much better as GRAY-um because then you can get the nickname Gray.
Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet.
I think Graham would make an awesome middle name! Since it's one syllable it would go with a lot of names.
I have never liked this as a first name. I don't like how it sounds, whether it's said as "Gram" or as "GRAY-am". There's just something restricted and unpleasant to me when I say it. It also makes me think of Graham crackers, unfortunately, and when said the North American way, of "Gram" as in Grandma or "gram" the measurement of weight. The meaning of the name isn't the nicest for a first name, either. Much better left as a perfectly fine surname. If you simply must use it, make it a middle name.
Graham Young (1947-1990) was a British serial killer.
I really like this name, even though it reminds me of Graham crackers :P.
Sheriff Graham Humbert is a character on the ABC fantasy drama Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by Jamie Dornan.
I'm surprised that he wasn't mentioned before: Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone! Okay, it is his middle name, but still.
Graham Bell (1910-1943) was a British painter and art critic born in South Africa.
I think the name is adorable. Like Evan, another name I like, it possesses the qualities of both a good boy and a bad boy.
Graham Norton, host of the British chat show, "The Graham Norton Show."
In Scotland, it's always pronounced GRAY-am. If you pronounce it "gram" here, you might get a few blank looks!
Not just Scotland! The name is pronounced GRAY-əm everywhere else but North America. It's so embarrassing hearing people pronounce it GRAM! *cringe!*
Graham crackers! Yummy. Especially in milk, sprinkled with sugar. I'm thinkin' it must have been a brand name at some point.
In my opinion, this name ages well. For a little boy, it sounds cute and endearing. For a teenaged boy, it sounds sounds strong and handsome, yet youthful. For a man, it sounds mature enough, but it still sounds handsome. For an elderly man, it sounds wise and respectful. Overall, in my opinion, this name is just a perfect fit, for any age! It's strong, it's handsome, it's smart, it's mature, and, quite bluntly, I find it kind of sexy!
It sounds boring and bland, and it makes me think of the annoying Ashley Graham from Resident Evil.
Graham is the birth name of rock guitarist Alvin Lee.
South African cricket captain Graeme Smith was named (almost) after his father, Graham Smith.
I adore the name Graham. I think it is nice for both genders. My family is thinking about naming my soon-to-be half-brother Graham. Very modern but a little too youthful. Graham was also a contestant on the Bachelorette with DeAnna Pappas.
This is my brother's name, but it's spelled Gram. He was named after singer Gram Parsons.
Graham Phillips was Ben Tennyson in the live-action film version of the cartoon television show, Ben Ten.
Graham off the Jeremy Kyle show! What a legend!
I love it. But I really dislike the spelling "Graeme" which for some reason doesn't hit top 1000 but is very popular for boys under 10 in my area. Also, it makes me think of Graham crackers. These two things really put me off the name.
Graham Kennedy is Australia's King of Comedy.
Graham is Iris' brother in the movie "Holiday". He is portrayed by Jude Law.
It's an okay name, in my opinion, but it makes me think of Graham crackers.
I've only encountered one Graham in my life and I will forever picture someone with that name as strong, very tall, and masculine. I suggest pairing a strong name like this with a strong last name too. Otherwise, it just might sound ridiculous. =)
I love the name Graham! IT'S SO HANDSOME! I just melt when I hear this name! Uh!
Graham Pritchard - extremely minor Harry Potter character who started at Hogwarts in Harry's fourth year. He was in Slytherin.
Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham are two well-known evangelists.
This is the name of my brother-in-law's father and I like it. It's very underused and I never hardly hear anyone called it nowadays.
Graham Nash is a Manchester, England, musician who first became popular as a member of the British Invasion band The Hollies. Later, he was a part of the 70s supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash, and (sometimes) Young. Nash has also done solo work and still tours with CSNY on occasion.
Graham Colton is the lead singer of a rock band appropriatly named The Graham Colton Band.
I have always liked this name, it is manly yet gentle. Not overly popular either.
Will Graham is one of the main characters of the novel Red Dragon. He is the man who captured Hanninal "the cannibal" Lecter.
Graham Coxon is the former guitarist of popband Blur.
Actor Graham Chapman (1941-1989) was a Monty Python member.
Graham Greene is a well known author.

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