I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings if you have the name Helen it can be very beautiful but…. It reminds me of the ghost Helen from that horror story. So it’s kinda spooky, at the same time it’s kinda an old lady name as this story was made in the 1800s.
No offense, this name is really unpleasant.
Sorry to say, but when seeing this name I always associate it with Helen Keller or the only friend Jane Eyre made in her childhood. It is a little aged in my heart.
Beautiful, just make sure to not use the spelling Hellen!
Helen and Colin are cute twin names.
Also commonly used in Nigeria:

Also Filipino:

Also Eritrean?:

Also Brazilian:

Also Ethiopian?:

Also Papuan:

Also Cameroonian:

Also Ghanaian:

Also Sudanese:

Also Tanzanian:

Also Malaysian:

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Also Egyptian:

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Also Bangladeshi:

Also Zimbabwean:

Also Saudi:

Also Ugandan?:

Also Ecuadorian:

Also Costa Rican:

Also Israeli:

Also Nicaraguan:

Also Honduran:

Also Mexican:

As with my comment on Gertrude, these are just the Helens that live in the capitals of these countries, meaning that there are probably more Helens living outside these countries' capitals.
I love Helen! Not quite as much as Helena, but I still do love it a lot, like I do most Helen-related names. One advantage it definitely has over Helena is that the pronunciation is less of an issue in the Anglophone world, while, just like Helena, it's also easily recognizable and not confusing in many other countries. It is a bit less feminine and a bit more boring in my opinion, but not sufficiently that I'd like it significantly less. It also has more of an old-lady name feel to it than Helena does in my opinion, but, for me, it's not associated with older people to such a degree that I wouldn't be able to imagine it on a younger person, especially that I've come across a lot of younger Helens in their 30s and 40s. As a blind person, the Helen Keller association is a definitely positive thing for me. The nicknames are lovely, I love Nellie, Ellie, Hellie. I see where people are coming from with the melon and hell associations but I'm surprised that they are offputting to so many people and play such a huge role in someone's opinion of the name. Melon is definitely not something I think about when thinking of the name Helen (it's possible that it's because my native language is Polish and pronounced the Polish way it doesn't sound quite as similarly as in English), and hell is not my first thought when I think of it either. Perhaps when it's actually spelt Hellen it feels more prominent, but still, I feel like there are so many more pleasant associations with this name one can have. Oh and Helen of Troy is a great namesake as well.
Helen Dawes is a member of Norwegian rock band Pikekyss.
The standard Polish form of this name is Helena, however Helen also is used occasionally. Last year (2020) 4 baby girls were given this name, and none got it as a middle name. There also were 242 women with this name in the whole Polish population, and exactly as many had it as their middle name.
A Polish Helen could celebrate her name day on one of the days when it's Helena's name day, or possibly Elena's, Eleonora's etc. And use the same nicknames as Helena.
Pretty, but I think Elena or Helena might be better in a modern environment.
Sorry, but the "hell" part sticks out too much.
Pretty but I prefer Helena.
Yes, I agree with -blue. I think Helena is prettier.
I like Helena more, because Helena looks more complete and mature. Helen feels a little bit boring, dry. I don't like it!
My name... I quite like it... to the person who thinks it’s for a 90-100 year woman, there are lots of Helen’s my age in the UK and I am in my 30s - not a particularly nice thing to say though. The Irish for Helen is Eibhilin (I know I’m missing my fadas) or, for the anglicised spelling, Eileen.
Love it! Super classy. I also like Helena and Elena.
HELLen is a better spelling >:)
This is my name. I was named after my late great-grandmother who lived by Niagara Falls. Growing up in California I've met quite a few people named Helen. Obviously most are older, but I've met a few girls my age with it too. Notably, there is another Helen in my graduating HS class of 2021.

Helen is a versatile name. It could be used for a princess, like Grace Kelly, or an astronaut the likes of Sally Ride. However, while it could fit many girls, I would say that the name is very feminine and carries a certain air of gravity/weight. It is strong, blunt, and austere/serious before elegant or light, and while I've grown into it and it fits me, it may not be the best choice for another girl.

The meaning is beautiful. I had these Greek myth books in preschool and we learned about the Greek and Roman empires for most of 3rd and 4th grade. Helen of Troy is a nice namesake and I loved the association. When I was older I looked up my name and also loved the bright and warm quality that came with the meaning of 'torch' and 'fire'.

Some other things:
A childhood friend of mine used to call me Helen-melon-watermelon and my mother used to call me Helen-melon. It's a sweet and cutesy nickname that that was endearing... but it definitely could be used against a chubbier child. I also never got 'Helen-Keller' or 'Hell' despite my less than stellar personality as a kid (but this may be due to being very privileged and having well-respected parents).

All and all, Helen is a good name that ages well and isn't that dated. But you should consider whether it suits your family's vibe and perhaps your child's future personality.
I think of a 90-100 year old woman! Not appealing!
Not bad, but way too associated with Helen Keller. I prefer Helena.
Helen has a pretty sound, is short, and looks nice on paper. The meaning is okay. I don't think it's old fashioned, I've never met an elder with this name, although I've never met *anyone* with this name. The only elder I've met with a name that was very popular in the USA was named Marilyn. I like Helen.
I recently learned that my great grandfather, Agustin, had half-sisters named Helen and Olga, I was pretty shocked to find "Helen" and "Olga" as half-siblings for my great grandpa because the names were pretty American, and most of my great grandpa's half-siblings had somewhat odd, obscure, old Philipino names like Suñer and Hitler. My great grandpa had 14 siblings and half-siblings in total.
Sounds plain.
Old lady name!
I'm Chinese and my first English teacher named me Helen when I was in kindergarten. As a green hand at that time,"Helen" was so mysterious to me and I was a little proud of it even though I didn't know the meaning behind it. As time went by, I gradually understood the name and have used it for almost 12 years. It has been a part of me.
Such a pretty name. It ages well, and fits personalities of a lot of different girls. I love the pairing Helen Violet.
Very pretty.
Soft, flowing, and elegant with a lovely meaning.
Okay name. Hell never comes to mind when I hear it.
Hi, my name is Helen. Most people don't like my name because it's out of date. When I meet someone new the first thing they say to me is "hey are you blind & deaf" or "did your parents not love you enough to give you a proper name?". People like to give me nicknames like Hell, Helena, Helen Keller, and Satan (because my name starts with Hell.) I used to hate my name but now I like having a name that not that many people have because it gives you character and I'm glad my dad got to pick my name because my mom wanted to name me Lakoda Rayne- it's a nice name but it just wouldn't suit my personality. My dad named me Helen because that was his Aunt's name and she raised him because his mother was never around. And I'm proud that I was named Helen.:)
My name is Helen. I never knew it was old fashioned. I do get mockery about the first syllable. There’s this kid in my year who starts every question she asks me with “What/How/Why the hell... en”. I hate that someone associates my name with Hell. But the person who mocks me has a WAY worse name.
I think Helen is a pretty name, but personally I prefer Elena.
Growing up in the 21st century with this name has been tough, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not fond of my own name. I mean kids would call me old lady or even worse, Hell. I really tried for this name to grow on me but I believe it should be left back in the 1900s. Helen is a BEAUTIFUL name but it’s just not for me.
Pretty name.
I prefer Elaine.
Helen Parr (also known as Elastigirl) is a character in the Pixar films the Incredibles/Incredibles 2.
I think it's nice but I prefer Helena or Helene.
A dowdy, old lady name. It's good that this name is unpopular, and hopefully it will stay that way.
In 2018, 85 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Helen who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 105th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Dame Helen Mirren (b.1945) is a British actress, she has won 26 awards as of 2018, since the beginning of her career in 1966. She is most known for portraying Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film "The Queen" and also for her role as Mrs Wilson in "Gosford Park".
It's nice but I prefer Helena and Elena.
UGH. I'm British and it was the scourge of the 1970s. Nasty ugly old spinster name. Vile.
It's just... yuk!
It sounds too old school, Elena sounds much better if you’ve seen my comment on Elena.
Helen Carter (1927-1998) of the legendary Carter family.
I don't like the name because it sounds like hell, melon, alien, and holen /ho-len/ (a Filipino word for marbles, the children's toys). I also find it plain and old-fashioned nowadays. It lacks charm and "oomph", thus unappealing for me.
My name is Helen and I love it. Dad wanted to call me Melody! I'm sure glad Mum won that argument. Mum did not like shortened names, so I have always been called Helen by the family. I have been called all types of endearing nicknames. Helly is the most common one. Hel, Hels, Helly Welly, Hells Bells, are a few more. Not so keen on Hells Bells though. I'm also called Melon (by one sibling in particular), because I love watermelon and it's stuck with me since I was a child. My birthday is the same as one of the feast days. I've only just become aware of that. Also one of my nieces is called Elly. I also had an Aunty called Helen in Wales, who named one of her daughters Eleanor. I hadn't come across Neleh until I read the comments here. I really like it too. It has an Aussie tang to it. Suits me :-)
HELL-in, in hell! NOPE, don't like it.
Helen sounds a bit too masculine in my opinion (not that it'd ever work for a boy lol!) I like Helena more.
Good name, what about Helene or Helena though?
The name is also used in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Germany. [noted -ed]
Helen Hong is an American stand-up comedian.
Helen of Greece and Denmark was the ex-wife of Carol II of Romania and Queen Mother of Romania. She was named Righteous Among the Nations for helping Jews during World War 2.
I'm not the hugest fan of Helen, but it is my daughter's middle name. She's named after my husband's Great-Aunt. I prefer Helena over Helen personally.
Growing up in the Pacific Northwest Mt. St. Helen's is a gem of the region! I was not alive when the mountain blew, but I grew up with it in site my whole childhood. It is special to me and that's a big reason why I love the name Helen. It's also old fashioned and pretty and ages well. Nicknames could be Elle, Ellie. Cons: Has the word hell in it, rhymes with melon.
Helen is not a particularly beautiful name, but, for some reason it seems special to me. People like Helen Keller and Helen Steiner Rice make it seem like a name for a girl that is deep and creative.
Helen is a beautiful, practical, sophisticated name. It's classy and stunning. (:
This is one of my favourite female names. It feels very different to 'Ellen', and I like it a lot better. It was the name of a girl I liked. It doesn't feel dated to me, as she is about thirty now and she is the most memorable Helen I've known.
I believe that the actress Julianne Moore's daughter is Liv Helen.
Helen is the wife of James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small and its sequels.
My adorable 3 year old niece is named Helen, she goes by Nellie. I absolutely adore the name and I think Nellie is such a sweet nickname. I admit I wasn't a big fan of the name until my sister told me she was considering it for her daughter, and I fell in love with it. It's very unfortunately underused nowadays, and I'm not sure why. I guess most parents are picking 'modern' names for their kids. I bet a hundred years ago no one would've ever thought that a girl named Helen would stick out from all her classmates!
Every time I hear this name, I think of Rose Byrne's character in Bridesmaids. It's a good association though, she's really pretty :) that could be part of the reason why I like the name Helen now, as it helped me associate it with younger generations rather than elderly women. Now I always think of pretty young women when I hear this name.
Actor Robert Deniro has a daughter named Helen Grace, born in 2011.
Helen has hell in it so I would NEVER pick it. I hate the name anyways, its dated and blah.
I knew a little girl named Helen, and although it's not my favorite name, I was sooo relieved to see that at least some people have sense and class when naming their children! A girl named Helen will be taken much more seriously and probably more respected than a forty year old woman named Madison or kaylee, which is going to be absolutely hilarious and pathetic in about thirty years when the world is filled with them :/
Helen Lovejoy is Reverend Lovejoy's gossipy wife on The Simpsons.
Helen Keller! And, If my name was Helen, I would go by Ellie. Dirty passion of mine. P.S. I am obsessed with the nickname Ellie!
Helen is an awesome name since it is my name. It's meaning is shining light or sun ray or torch or shining one. I don't know which meaning is right though!
Since I am a Helen I love it! I was named after my Grandmother (as well as my middle name) and I always loved that I was the only one my age named Helen. So I never had to add the first letter of my last name or go by my last name as a kid.
Helen Colliander (born 2000 in Berkeley, California) is an American child actress.
Cool and calm, but a bit dull.
Helen Magnus is the main character of the excellent Syfy show Sanctuary.
I can't think of a female name most recognizably Greek in the modern world than this. We have all heard of the famed Helen of Troy, possessing beauty that can start wars.

I am curious as to know why the word "Hellenic" is synonymous with Greek culture. If this name symbolizes the moon or torches, what significance does these items have for the Greeks? Did ancient Greeks believe they were the "light" of the world with the knowledge they gained?
Like the end of hell.
I like this name. It's pretty, classic, and the nickname Nellie is adorable. I do prefer Helena, however.
Helen Graham is the main character of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Anne Bronte.
Helen is a good name but kind of boring. Helena is better.
I don't see how anyone can not like this name. It's practically perfect in every way: simple, pretty, goes well with a lot of other names, overall just beautiful.
British actress Helen McCrory.
Meh- it's quite dated. It's like the babyboomer version of Hazel or Ethel.
This name is alright; but it comes with some of the best possible nicknames--Nell/e, Nellie/y, and Nella!
Helen Sjöholm (b. 1970) is a famous Swedish singer and actress.
There was a character in the syndicated show "Cleopatra 2525" who was named Helen but nicknamed Hel. As a bit of a mythology nerd, I think both "Helen" as a name and "Hel" as a nickname are very cool!
A famous bearer of this name is American classical violinist Helen Armstrong (March 16, 1943 – April 28, 2006). Besides her classical music profession, she was the founder and artistic director of Armstrong Chamber Concerts.
I think it's gorgeous name!
According to another Greek myth Leda was not her mother, but the goddess Nemesis. Helen means 'torch' or 'the shining one'. The name is of the same origin as Helios (sun) and Selene (moon).
Famous singer Sade's real name is Helen.
My name happens to be Helen. I LOVE IT! One of my nicknames happens to be Melon. Great name, great nickname. Also, I have never met anyone near my age with my name. The end.
The first use of the name Helen was the male Greek, who was son of Deucalion (Zeus). Hellas or Greece is named after him, this can be found in the beginning of Thucydides `History of the Peloponesian War` p36. Further than this apparently the Greek `hel` may mean to capture, like the slaves the Helots and also possibly the `capture` of Helen of Troy.
Helen is an absolutely lovely name, and it carries so many previous, wonderful bearers with it. If you don't like it, why are you looking it up?
Its meaning can also be 'shining.'
"Is this the face that launched a thousand ships and set afire the topless towers of Illium?"

Helen of Troy was actually a Greek. She was not kidnapped by Paris, but went with him willingly. Her birth was bizarre: Zeus came to Leda in the form of a Swan, and Leda later laid two eggs. Each contained twins, and each egg held one child of her husband and one of the god, Zeus. Castor and Pollux were the boys hatched from one egg (one mortal, one demigod), and Helen and Clytemnestra (the mortal sister) were the girls hatched from the other. Helen and her sister married brothers--both Greek kings. Menelaus was Helen's husband, and Clytemnestra was married to Agamemnon.

Both sisters have interesting stories that are far too long for this comment, but at least Helen has the more attractive name for modern usage. Helen of Troy was not the most honorable woman, but so many women in history and literature since have given this name a lot of power.

(My middle name is Ellen. Same thing, really.)
I love the name Helen. It's my beautiful baby girl's name. I have always found the story of Helen of Troy fascinating and I really like literary names for girls.
Edgar Allan Poe wrote two poems called "To Helen," both about his friend Sarah Helen Whitman.
Singer Angelo Kelly and Kira Harms have a daughter Helen Josephine Kelly, born on 5. November 2002.
I think Helen is a rather ugly name.
It's not such a bad name per se, but it sounds like the name of a middle-aged woman nowadays. Quite frankly, I don't think I want it to become popular again, as reading the wrong blogs has introduced me to the nauseating views of life of a certain Dr. Helen. Anyway, it's quite a dull name, even if one that sounds relatively sane, if you get my drift.
In Jane Eyre, Helen was one of my favorite characters despite being so minor. A beautiful name, too, I also like the story of Helen of Troy.
In Christopher Paolini's novels, Helen is the wife of Brom's old friend Jeod. She's not that relevant, though.
The only thing I don't like about my name is that people keep calling me Helen Keller or ask me if I'm gellin' and then act like it's the most unique comment in the world. I've only heard it ten billion times! Also, many people spell it with 2 l's, and sometimes think I'm saying "Ellen" when I introduce myself. Still, I'm glad it's my name.
Yeah that's true. People do think you're saying Ellen, and why do people think there are 2 l's in Helen? I love it!
I love the name Helen, being a Helen myself, I love the fact that no-one has it.
Beatrix Potter's first name was Helen, after her mother.
Helen Dallimore is an actress and singer who has just finished her stint in the musical Wicked on the West End.
My daughter's name is Helen. I wanted something simple that wouldn't get shortened. It does get shortened even by me. I named her after Helen of Troy from my studies in Classical Studies. I genuinely like the name and it suits her!
My middle name is Helen. I've never really liked it much, but it's ok. I would prefer Ellie or Ella, but Victoria Helen sounds quite nice I think.
I've heard Helen pronounced like the name Ellen.
Helena was one of the characters in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Helen Kane was a popular singer in the 1920s. The Betty Boop cartoon character was inspired by her.
Helen was, I believe, the name of the first Queen of Narnia in C. S. Lewis' books.
What a beautiful name! It rolls off the tongue so nicely.
Helen Fielding; author of crazily popular "Bridget Jones' Diary" and "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason". Both of these have been made into movies starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and (gags) Hugh Grant.
I used to not really like the name Helen because I felt as if too many middle-aged and older women were named it. But recently I have rather taken a great liking to it and I now think it is very beautiful. I still prefer Helena over Helen, but I think that Helen is a good, strong name to have.
I think Helen is a cool name and those of you with problems with people named Helen have no right to be rude to everyone named Helen! So you can comment your own name.
Helen Mirren - English actress. She was really good in the successful film 'Calendar Girls' and also was in 'The Queen' which was released in 2006.
There is a novelist named Helen Myers.
My best friend in the whole world's name is Helen. I really like this name. It's not overused, and it's got a sophisticated sound to it. Like Neleh (who is the Helen I know) said, there are so many nicknames for Helen.
The only Helens I know of I don't like much so this has turned me off this name totally.
Whenever I think of the name Helen, I think of my mother's secretary from when I was a child. She was a sour woman, so maybe that's why I don't like the name much.
I personally think Helen is a beautiful, elegant, and feminine name - not to mention classic. It's definitely something I'd consider naming my child, if I ever have one. Also, Helen Keller ROCKS.
Helen Lyle is the name of Virginia Madsen's character in the great horror movie "Candyman".
Helen Baxendale - other famous bearer.
Helen is the first friend of Jane in the novel by Charlotte Bronte, 'Jane Eyre'. Helen is an intelligent, but 'slattern' girl that took her discipline with strength.
This is my favorite female name. (And I am even familiar with anyone by the name of Helen) I just love how it sounds and the way the name feels.
I think the name Helen ROCKS!
Helen Ward and Helen Forrest were two very popular big band swing singers in the 30's and 40's.
My name is Helen and I think it totally ROCKS! If your name is Helen but you don't want to go by that, there's always Ella, Ellen, and Neleh (which is Helen backwards). ROCK ON HELENS OF THE WORLD!
My name is Lenuta, a Romanian derivate from Helen and I think that this name is the most beautiful name in the world. Let's remember Helen of Troy, the woman who made a war possible. :)
A famous bearer is the American actress Helen Hunt.
I just don't like this name, both Helen's I know are not nice. I think of this name as Hell-on.
I think that Helen is an absolutely RUBBISH NAME. I dunno why you would call anyone Helen - OMG it sounds like Melon!
Helen Steiner Rice is a Christian poet.
Helen is my mum's name, and I think it's very elegant and womanly.
Helen Keller was a mute, blind and deaf girl but overcame it.
And how could anyone forget Helen of Troy, "the face that launched a thousand ships"? The most beautiful woman in the world! Maybe the name does not mean beautiful, but it can be taken to be.
Helen means a torch.
The name Helen is used in the 'What Katy Did' books. As cousin Helen, the beautiful kind and patient person who helps Katy become perfect.
When I was at school, we had 4 Matthews, 4 Lauras and 4 Helens. I would say it was fairly popular in England, at least in the late '70s, early '80s
Helen is a beautiful name, and it is also a very popular name in Germany.

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