I've known a few Isaiah's in my life but I never really thought the name was uber-religious or anything. I think it's a wonderful name. I don't like it on a girl, though.
Izzy would be a nice nickname.
Lovely name for boys and men. I really hope people aren’t actually naming their daughters this name.
Love love love this as a name! I also very much like the nickname Zay for it. I’m not Christian in any way but I’d name my son this in a heartbeat.
So classic.
Good name!
I prefer Isaac. I don't like Isaiah or Isaia.
I agree with Stars123. I prefer Issac, but it isn't one my favorites.
I cannot stand this name. So trendy. All the people I know are either named Isaiah, know someone named Isaiah, or have Isaiah as their middle name. I'm sick of it.
Although I have met more people with the name Isaiah who are black, to say this name can only be seen on black prople is honestly dumb. But whatever.
Wouldn't use it as being from England I would probably get asked about Christianity and The Old Testament all the time when I am not religious (although most of my family is Catholic).
Even though biblical names are used by all races I can only really see this one suiting a Black American.
I love this name and I have 3 friends named Isaiah.
I really like this name, it's not common but it's not obscure either, and it sounds cool. I also like the spelling without the h at the end.
I think this is a pretty cool name. Anyone should be able to use Isaiah, regardless of religion.
This is my name and it is the coldest name in the entire world, ya feel me?
I think Isaiah would sound kinda cute on a girl, especially paired with a feminine middle name because Isaiah is traditionally masculine. But I think it’s much better for a boy opposed to a girl. It sounds handsome and trendy without it being horrible for a boy. It’s okay on a girl. But I would never use it for a girl unless paired with Tiana. Boy names on girls are cute but mostly with girly middle names. I wouldn’t name a girl Isaiah Aiden. No no no!
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Isaiah who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 378th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Don't really like it.
I don't know why, but I don't like this name.
Another famous actor, Isaiah Mustafa, best known for the Old Spice Commercials, and plays Luke Galloway in Shadowhunters.
Isaiah is not very nice, Isaac is much better. At least you're not using Izia or Ayzayah or something.
My brother is named Isaiah. He was raised Catholic but decided to be Agnostic. He is fine with the religious connotations. Honestly, I really don't think that naming your child a religious name is bad, and Isaiah is a lovely name.
Isaiah Firebrace is an Australian singer who won the eighth season of The X Factor Australia in 2016. On 7 March, it was revealed that he would represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song "Don't Come Easy".
I don't think you have to be religious to enjoy this name. It's quite lovely.
Anyone can enjoy this name. In fact, I might just use this as a middle name for a child in the future! I agree with last commenter.
I named my son Izaiah earlier this year. We pronounce it (eye-zay-ah) but I also like the pronunciation (ee-zai-ah). It means the lord is my salvation.
Back when I used to go to church, there were SO many baby boys called Isaiah, it's not even funny. That was years ago, but even now when I walk by a church parking lot or hear a group of mothers with Bibles talking or whatever, I honestly do hear them calling their little sons Isaiah almost every time. It's so common among religious families where I am that I have become careful about associating with anyone who has the name, as I don't have the best experiences with Christian people. It wouldn't be a bad sounding name if I didn't have this association, especially because you can get the cute nickname Izzy out of it, and I'd probably like it much more if I heard it used by non-Christian families more often. But for now, I'm not too fond of it.
I love the name Isaiah for a girl! It's got that flowy, feminine sound to it.
Carrie Underwood just gave birth to a boy named Isaiah.
Chester Bennington (lead singer from Linkin Park) has a teenage son called Isaiah. His mum is Elk A Brand; Chester's ex; even though he legally adopted him.
Can't say I'm a fan of this name. /: It's way too religious sounding. Perfect for some bible loving freak. I much prefer subtle bible names such as David and Noah and so forth. More practical ones. And the only Isaiah I knew was an ungrateful, spoiled little brat.

Isaac is much better.
OK, I take back what I said. Isaiah isn't too "bible freak" material. I think it can be a subtle biblical name but not an EXTREME subtle Biblical name. Part of it will always sound very 'churchy' to me.
A fantastic, beautiful, handsome name. I am considering this as a possible middle name for a future son. =D xoxo.
I've always liked the name, though I'm kind of annoyed at how trendy it's gotten in the past 10 years or so. I've lost count of how many illiterate spellings I've seen—Aizaya, Isaih, Isiah, Izayah, ad nauseam. Something tells me those are probably genuine misspellings and not kreatyv spylyngz, since Isaiah can be a hard name to spell for someone unfamiliar with it. If you like a name, you might want to at least know how to spell it properly before using it!
Name of the Day: March 5, 2013.
Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-to. Does it really matter how it's pronounced? Even in the States it's pronounced differently according to region. I-Zay-yah is usually how it's pronounced in my neck of the woods. Ziah (Z-eye-yah) is how I've pronounced the nickname for my character.
I came across "Aizeyah" the other day used as a girl's name. Why oh why are people so odd?

Isaiah is a really nice name with a cool yet easy pronunciation and sound. I find it religious yet classic at the same time.
I actually rather like this name, though it will never be parted from the boy who fought but was easily bested.
Although this name is very cool and unique and all, I just hate it because I know a dude named Isaiah and he is a total narcissist who thinks he knows everything and who thinks he is smarter than Einstein. He just absolutely ruined this name for me, but if you like the name, that's cool :)
I love this name and hope to name my future son that. Hope it doesn't become too common as I prefer more unusual names. Not sure if I agree with the pronunciation here though. Since English is not my first language I'd rather not pronounce the I in that way.
This is such a great name for a boy! It's cute yet strong, great name yet uncommon, nice for a child yet also an adult. It's one of my favorites!
I love Isaiah, gorgeous boy. Gorgeous name. Wish more people has this name.
Another of those names that just screams, "religious fundie alert," when I hear it inflicted on a future-cult-leader of a child. Yuck. Basically any of the -iah names really give me that impression any more. At least it isn't an -aden name, though, I'll give it that.
The New Testament form of Isaiah is Esaias.

The Greek form of Esaias is ησαιας.
I definitely pronounce this eye-ZYE-uh, not eye-ZAY-uh.
Pronounced "ee-ZAH-ya" or "ie-ZIE-a".
I'm anything but happy about this name having become so common. It's a clear sign that not only are Americans religious nuts, but they also manifest their beliefs in the names of their children. It's not unheard of around the world (to do that, you know), especially in cultures we consider backward because of the influence of religion to everything that should be secular, but that doesn't make me feel any better about this annoying, über-Biblical name being popular.
Not all parents who christened their child with this name are "religious nuts". Some are just following the trend or like the sound of it (like me). By the way, don't let the above user discourage you from using this name. Mr./Ms. Slight Night Shiver dislikes almost all names on this site because he/she was probably stuck with some terrible names like "Aapo" or "Lotta".
Pronounced "ee-ZAH-ya".
This name reminds me of Isaac, which is my favorite name. Isaiah has a nice sound too. These biblical names are all very nice.
Famous Bearer includes Isaiah Edwards, real life friend of the Ingalls Family.

His character was in the 'Little House' books, portrayed by Victor French in the famous '70's-'80's television series, and also in many miniseries and movies based off of the life of the Ingalls Family.
Famous bearer: Actor "Isaiah Washington"! He's "Burke" on the ABC tv-show "Grey's Anatomy".
Isaiah is a great name for a boy. Masculine and strong, it is no wonder it is rising in popularity.
'Gary Miller', 6 year old character on kids TV show 'Romeo'. His real name is Zachary ISAIAH Williams.
In the UK, Isaiah is pronounced differently than it is in the US. It is "I-zai-ah" (Zai rhyming with Kai). :-D
This name is wonderful and will be the name of my son! I love the name Isaiah because I sometimes read about the prophet Isaiah in the Bible.
Isaiah translated into Spanish is Isaías.

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