Weak name for a boy. Better suited for girls in my opinion.
I like the name Jamie; it’s really nice.
Really cute name for a girl.
I love Jamie Hewlett in Gorillaz, but this name sounds nothing feminine to me, maybe because of Hewlett. For someone who said,” James is feminine,” would you name a boy Susie or Eliza? No. Why do people give masculine names like James or David or Logan to girls? It’s so stupid to not do vice versa.
James on girls is better. Can't believe this name is unisex, because there is nothing masculine about it.
Someone said this name sounds ridiculous for boys. If you read the description on this site, you will notice that this name is a nickname for James, which was and is a completely masculine name. It is ridiculous that today we see so many names that were basically and really boyish and used for girls and no one criticizes them. But how many names do you know that used to be for girls but can now be used by boys? This name means Jamie is originally boyish, and even if the number of girl bearers is more than the number of boy bearers, it does not mean that this name is girlish. In my opinion, it is better to remove this pressure and strictness from the boys' community, while if the opposite happens, there will not be much criticism of that girl, and boyish names can always be used for girls, but on the contrary, it will have a strong reaction from others. Just imagine a boy named Sarah. Or Eve or Ericka and Jessica. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? But Addison, Mason, Billie, James, Jude and many other names can be used for girls and no one cares. Addison means Son of Adam but is used for girls. This story is miraculously funny. I ain't planning to name my future son after Sarah. I just said it is so annoying that girls are allowed to do such a thing but a big NO for a boys. Stop all this please. Thank you.Ohh and the name sounds awesome.
I agree, Zed! I think it should be more equal; it isn’t fair.
I like it more on a girl.
It sounds fine for girl or boy.
Better than James as girl's name that becomes popular.
All the boys I know with this name are kinda soft and not alpha males. Since 1980, 61% of babies who were named Jamie have been girls.
I honestly prefer this to Jaime (no offense). It's cute though.
MUCH better than James on a girl.
Good name for either gender, although I much prefer using this on a boy. It can be a nickname or legal name.
Jamie works so well on either gender though I know more females named Jamie than males. I have seen it spelled several different ways Jamie, Jaime, Jaymie Jayme, Jami etc.
It’s really cute! I like it!
I prefer Jaime.
It could be acceptable as a diminutive of James, but Jamie as a legal name is vile. To me, it sounds very cutesy (On a par with Archie, Teddy, Alfie, etc...) and I can't for the life of me imagine a grown man called Jamie.
This name is evil.
I have seen Jamie for a boy and girl but I actually don't care for this name.
I don't know why y'all hate on this name so much and it is a pretty name and it means beauty.
James is lovely, but Jamie is horrible.
Jamie is the main character in the novel The Summer of Naked Swim Parties by Jessica Anya Blau (2008).
Like it... I prefer this spelling over Jamy.
Kinda unisex.
I like this name for both boys and girls. It's nice.
Park Ji-min, also credited as Jimin Park, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and television host. Her English name is Jamie, which is also her stage name.
Use Jamie for a girl instead of James! You won't regret it.
To add on to my comment, parents should use this instead of using James for a girl. If you really like the name James use Jamie instead, it’s like naming a boy Mary or Elizabeth. Simply ridiculous.
I love the name Jamie, I don't like the spelling. Since I was little I wanted a girl named Jamie Elizabeth, like A Walk to Remember. So my daughter's name is Jaymee Elizabeth. It's spelled exactly how it's pronounced, plus people can shorten her name to Jay.
My little sister’s name is “Jamie Hope” and I really like her name. It sounds like a strong person’s name.
P.s: My parents decided this name while watching himym:)
My name is Jamie and I’m a girl. In school all the teachers thought I was a boy and I found that really annoying but I think that it suits boys and girls and I also think that it’s a good nickname for a boy with the name James.
Jamie is a good chef. Not Jamie Hogenbirk. The other one.
How can this be used for a boy?
This is primarily a masculine name outside the US, like UK.
I have this name, and when I was little, like 3rd grade little, teachers and students always spelled it wrong. They spelled it like "Jaime" or "Jami". Once, my ex-friend said the name was "bisexual", and when I corrected him and said it was "unisex", he got mad. I was named after my Great Uncle Jamie. He passed away, but I have another uncle named Jaime. I think this name is great for both females or males. I saw other comments saying that they couldn't see this name on older men. I have heard some people say that this name is too childish, but yes it may be, but it also has a mature edge to it. I think this name is great!
This name is for all the parents who want to name their daughters James.
I like it on either gender. It has that modern touch to it.
Jamie is a cool name. I like it for girls and boys.
This name is best suited to a girl. On a boy it just sounds so wimpy. James is a better name for a son.
I like Jamie for a boy. Don't like it so much for a girl.
I changed my mind. I think Jamie sounds nice on both genders now.
Jamie Cripps is an Australian AFL player, he is number 15 for the West Coast Eagles.
Famous bearer is Christian Contemporary singer Jamie Harper (stage name Jamie Grace)
I have a friend who is a female named Jamie and I babysit a young boy named Jamie. I think the name fits each of them very well. It’s a masculine and feminine mane, and it is not too masculine or feminine. I like this name and while it is common, it isn’t overused. While the name isn’t graceful, I like the fun, carefree sound of it.
Prefer Jamie on a girl. I actually can't picture this on a boy.
Jamie Raines is a British transman youtuber who mainly focuses on trans issues, being transgender, and how to relieve dysphoria, as well as a variety of other topics. His channel name is Jammidodger.
Jamie is also the name of the main character of the musical 'Everybody's Talking about Jamie'.
I purposely chose the name because it is gender neutral. As a trans-female it was very helpful for me at first to have a neutral name. It was also a derivation from my middle name of James (since gotten rid of) and so fit nicely for me. At this point it wouldn't matter if my name were 100% female but I still like it. It does tend to be a little more on the female side in North America which also works great for me. I think the more regular spelling of Jamie is the easiest although I have had people now spell my name incorrectly on occasion as Jaime.
I really like this name for a girl. And I like it as a nickname for James on a boy, although I prefer the spelling Jamey for a boy. Probably because I grew up with a friend who was James-called-Jamey, so that feels more normal to me... even though I realized as an adult that it's a pretty rare variant. Anyway, for anyone, I think Jamie/Jamey is a friendly, vivacious name.
In 2018, 33 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jamie* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 208th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 34 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jamie* who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 598th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
I'm a girl named Jamie, and I used to not like it very much. I didn't think it was as pretty as my friends' names and I didn't like how all my teachers assumed I was a boy. But lately, it's really grown on me! It sounds feminine enough, but also has a little bit of edge. Someone also pointed out that it's harder for people to tell my gender when I apply for jobs; take that as you will. Plus, I have numerous relatives named James that I'm proud to be partially named after. I'm biased to prefer this name on a girl but it also works well as a boy's name, too. Some people might find it "childish" but I think it just adds a bit of youth. :)
Best name! I love it.
Jamie is such an adorable name, for boys and girls.
My name is Jamie, and I always used to feel left out because I was surrounded by Ashleys, Janelles, Aishas, Julias, Isabelles. Just normal names. All of our substitute teachers would call my name in the attendance thing, and they would always look at a guy. Then they would ask “Jamie” again, and they were always a little puzzled that I raised my hand. I came to love my name, though. I’m the only Jamie that I’ve ever met, and it’s an iconic name that has character. However, lots of people have said something like, “oh that’s short for Jamieson, right?” But that was only a minor setback. It’s Scottish, and few people have met someone else named Jamie. So, I feel like I’ve gained more confidence by having an unpopular and male-dominated spelling of my name, because it’s something that I don’t have to share with lots of people. And being and identical twin, it’s a relief not to share my name a lot.
I was born in 1953 and I was the only girl named Jamie. I hated my name when I was young. I was a big fan of Tony Curtis and one day my mom told me he had a daughter named Jamie. From then on I loved my name. I was always mistaken for a boy, even in High school when I failed gym, my mom called and asked why, the person said "he" never went to gym, my mom proceeded to say "that's because he's a she!" The woman couldn't stop laughing. I was loving my name because no one else had it but now everybody has it now. I was named after my father: James Louis, I am Jamie Louise.
I like this for a boy... or a girl!
Famous men with the name "Jamie" include actor Jamie Farr (born Jameel Farah), best known for playing Corporal Maxwell Klinger on the sitcom M*A*S*H.
My name is Jamie Lee W... I love my name VIIS pluribus unum... My father's name is James, my grandfather's name is Jack, and I named my first son Jacob... All derivatives from the same root name... Jacob is synonymous with Israel... Number of letters in each word - 5/3/4... Pythagorean numerology each word - 2/4/3... 534+243=777... My parents couldn't have named ME better...
Jamie Subandhi is a female American badminton player who competes in the singles and mixed doubles category. In the mixed doubles, she is usually partnered with Phillip Chew. Subandhi won gold along with Chew in the mixed doubles category at the 2015 Pan American Games. In 2016, she competed in mixed doubles event at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Nice name for a boy, I would prefer it spelled like Jayme for a girl.
The name Jamie was given to 279 boys born in the US in 2016.
Jamie Lynn Spears is an American actress, singer and songwriter. The younger sister of recording artist Britney Spears, she is known for her role as Zoey Brooks on the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey 101, on which she starred from 2005 to 2008.
It's okay on a little boy (under 8 years old maybe?) but it doesn't really age well. I also hate it on a girl.
Jamie Jilynn Chung is an American actress, blogger, and former reality television personality. She first gained fame in 2004 as a cast member on the MTV reality series The Real World: San Diego and subsequently through her appearances on its spin-off show, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II. She is regarded by many as the Real World alumna with the most successful media career.
Jamie Silverstein is an American former competitive ice dancer. With Justin Pekarek, she is the 2000 Four Continents bronze medalist, the 1999 World Junior champion, and 2000 U.S. silver medalist. With Ryan O'Meara, she is the 2006 U.S. bronze medalist and competed at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Jamie Lynn Marchi is an American voice actress, ADR director and script writer who works for Funimation and Sentai Filmworks. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime and video games.
Jamie Lee Darley born in Shoreham-by-Sea, England, June 12, 1986 is an American model known for competing in the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Search.
My name is Jamie. My parents didn't know what to expect - a girl or a boy. So they erred on the side of caution. As a girl - I love this name. I've always loved it. My grandmother tells me that I was named after a character in "Another World".
If it's not evident from my username, my name is Jamie. And yes, I am a female. And yes that is how it is spelled. I have gotten used to the comments about my name and how others would misspell it. Heck, I have practically gotten almost every spelling of Jamie during my time in school when I was younger. Well, except the one that counts, the actual spelling. But my parents never really thought about the spelling. They saw it as a unisex name and it is. In fact, I was named after my grandfather, whose name was James. He loved it.So I think that Jamie can be a girl's or a boy's name. It depends on how the parent interprets it. I for one LOVE my name.
Jamie Sierota is the guitarist for Echosmith, and a backup vocalist for Echosmith.
I've never really liked my name. It's not feminine enough for me. Being a woman I've always felt women's names should sound pretty when said. However, I spell my name Jami and haven't come across anyone else who spells it that way so the unique, simplicity of it has grown on me. I do prefer to be called J.
It's a nice nickname for all ages but I can only imagine it as a first name for a child. A bit too youthful in my opinion.
I named my daughter Jamielynn. I call her Jamie for short. She has a grandfather in Australia named Jamie, and her father was skeptical at first because it is a boy's name back home in Australia. But I had my heart set on it and here in America its use is mostly feminine, so I added Lynn to the end to be pronounced all as one word. I think it is beautiful and brings to mind the name of Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn. I love the unisex factor! It's so practical and yet, I always imagine a beautiful down to earth country girl with good looks.
In my opinion it's terrible like all the version derived only from James. I'm a Jacob's supporter.
I hate this name on a boy as it sounds childish.
I have an uncle named Jamie! I loveeee this name on both a boy or girl. But since it's more girly it suits a girl better. It is still a great name on a boy.
I have NO idea why so many find this name acceptable for a girl. Jamie\other spellings are the diminutive of JAMES for crying out loud! It's a nickname to names such as James & Jamison. This name is a total boys name. It's not remotely feminine or unisex.
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz [kʁiːvɪt͡s] (born 18 March 1998) is a German singer who is best known for winning season five of The Voice of Germany. She will represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on 14 May 2016 with the song "Ghost".
Jamie is one of the main characters in the tv-series Outlander. Played by Sam Heughan.
I really like this name on a boy. It would be a cute nickname for Jamison.
Jamie Lynn Marchi (born October 8, 1977 in Knoxville, Tennessee) is an American voice actress, ADR director and script writer who works for Funimation and Sentai Filmworks. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime and video games.
I have a dance teacher named Jaime (pronounced Jamie), and she is wonderful and very mature. I can imagine it on a boy, but I prefer it on a girl. I don't think that Jamie is a kid's name- I can very well imagine it on an adult. It is a wonderful name and I'd be grateful to have it.
The name Jamie is quite popular here in the UK. All the Jamie's I've met were males. I've never met a female Jamie. It's not a bad name. Very cute, very friendly sounding. I like both the names Jamie and James. :)
Naming boys used to be fine. Nowadays, every male name is being stolen by the girls. People think it's completely fine for a girl to have a boy name (just let people think your daughter has a penis. Hmm that's fine) but a girl name on a boy and that when trouble starts.Jamie is a boy's name. I can't believe I need to state the obvious. It's been used on boys for centuries primarily as a nickname to James or Jameson and names such as those. Naming your daughter Jamie is like naming your son Rose.
My best friend (female) is called Jamie, but she doesn't like the way that people often think she's a boy before they meet her, so she tends to go by her middle name, Eruda, even though a lot of people don't accept that as a real name. I like the name Jamie but it's not equally used across the genders enough.
James "Jamie" Dornan is a Northern Irish actor. He plays Christian Grey in the film Fifty Shades of Grey.
Jamie, Jaime, Jay´mi, Jaimee, Jamee, Ja'mie, Jamey, Jaymie, Jayme, Jey´mi, Jeymi, Jeimy, Jeimi, or Jaymee is a name derived as a pet form of James. It has been used as an independent given name in English speaking countries for several generations.
This name is alright, I like it. I have a classmate in my TAFE group named Jamie (who is a total headache). I prefer to use this name on a boy than a girl.
Seriously? no one mentioned Jamie Kennedy? You've just been x'ed!
I think it is a really cute and pretty. I do like it more for a girl, I think it is a very lovely name.
Being from Scotland every Jamie I've met is male, I even have a cousin with the name. A lot of the time it's used as a nickname for James, so on a girl it doesn't fit to me.
I know numerous female Jamies and have met several male Jamies. I think this is one of the very few truly unisex names. I think it's lovely! I don't like when people use it as a nickname though, I like it as a full given name. Once again, LOVELY.
A wonderful name for a boy! I absolutely hate the name when applied to a girl.
I have looked on the popularity charts, and Jamie still seems to be pretty well used for boys in the UK. Be aware that in the US, though, it is almost entirely feminine.
Same as Charlie, I don't like this as a formal name. It's very nice and cute, but just name your child "James" and call him "Jamie." And as a formal name, it's not any better on girl. However, with the name "Jamesina", Jamie becomes a lovely nickname for a girl.
I think this is a cute nickname for James when the kid is very young, because I can't picture a 50 year old man being called Jamie. It honestly sounds ridiculous to me.On a girl, this name is cute I suppose. But nowhere near beautiful, classic, and elegant, if you get what I mean.
This is my name. I've never really minded it in the past, but recently there's been way more people than normal who are expecting a boy when they meet me (or, as happened today, when marking my work anonymously) which is pretty irritating, to say the least. Also as of this year, for some reason a ton of people when they first meet me have taken to asking me if it's short for something (for example, Jemima). I've also been told in the past that it's a cute name 'like a baby'. Sooo yeah, in summary this name, in my experience at least, has the reputation for being boyish yet cutesy and often comes with the assumption that it's a diminutive of something else. Not really a name I would suggest any parent name their child if it's a girl just from the reaction it gets, to be honest. But I do live in the British Isles, so I think the boy/girl expectations of Jamie in countries like the USA might be different.
Van Halen had a hit song in 1979 called "Jamie's Cryin'" in which the heroine is sad about turning down a one night stand.
Jamie Holm is the basist in the all girl rock band, Sick of Sarah.
Also can be spelt "Jaimee" or "Jaime" or "Jaymee" or "Jamee" or "Jaymie".
I like this name, though I've always thought of it as more of a boy's name than a girl's.
I have a friend called Jamie [Girl] but you spell it Jaimee, which I think gives it a touch of feminine!
I for sure prefer Jamie for a boy as it is from the boy's name James and that is NOT girls name!
To me Jamie is a nickname for James on Jamison. I HATE it on a girl.
My cousin from Melbourne pronounces Jamie like JIE-mee.
17th most popular BOY name in Scotland last year. I absolutely detest this on girls.
Jamie looks too cutesy as a full name on a boy. This will always be a feminine name to me because of Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Lee Curtis, among others.
I like this for both genders, but only as a nickname for boys. It's too youthful to be a full name.
It's really good for a boy.
The band Weezer has a catchy song called "Jamie" about a female with this name.
Famous bearer: Korean actress Jamie-Lynn Chung, 10. April 1983, San Francisco, California.
My name is Jamye and I think it's a very beautiful and unique name. Also, I've never met someone with their name spelt Jamye.
This is an okay name for young, attractive guys, but try to imagine this name on some middle-aged, hairy guy who has really let himself go and gained a lot of weight. Not so hot anymore, is it? Heck, try to picture this name on attractive middle-aged guys, and it still sounds too youthful! Keep is as a nckname.
I really, really think that this name should be preserved as a nickname, and namely to guys named James. Jamie sounds okay on some tomboyish girl, but it begins to sound really youthful on a girl past the age of 16. It's not oozing with masculinity, but it is a boyish name, and I don't like it on females at all.
My own name. I'm quite grateful for being called Jamie because it's nice and simple and you can't really make fun of it.
Jamie Fraser (James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser) is one of the main characters in Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series of books. Anyone reading these would forget all about the nickname Jamie being girly or for little boys only.
Jamie Hyneman of the Mythbusters is a famous bearer of this name.
Jamie McCrimmon, a companion of the Second Doctor on "Doctor Who".
Jamie is the second son of Radiohead drummer Phil Selway.
Jamie is the name of a character in the musical The Last Five Years.
Jamie Gangel is one of the main characters in the 1996 coming-of-age film Beautiful Thing.
I love this name for girls and guys! I don't know if this is really worth mentioning, but Jamie Lawrence is one of the extremely funny hosts of the Harry Potter Podcast, Mugglecast.
This name is also used as a nickname for Jamison.
English Jazz artist Jamie Cullum. Who is brilliant.
So cute. I like it better as a boys' name, though, and I don't like all the variant spellings.
In America, the feminine form is very popular. I know of at least three female Jamies and zero male Jamies. There were a lot more male Jamies a hundred years ago.
I like the name Jamie. I think Jamie can be either male or female.
In the 2000 Disney Show "In a Heartbeat", actor Christopher Ralph plays Jamie Waite, a "bad boy" type high-schooler turned EMT.
Jamie Kelly is a character in the 'Dear Dumb Diary' books by Jim Benton.
Famous bearer is Jamie Cooke from Arctic Monkeys.
Even though I think Jamie was originally meant to be a boy's name, I like it better as a girl's name.
Jamie Farr played Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger in the popular television programme "M*A*S*H" (1972-1983).
Jamie is the name of the youngest brother in Malcolm in the Middle.
I honestly think this spelling of Jamie should have always been masculine. The spellings Jaimie, Jaymie and Jaymee are all for girls and I think Jamie should be just for boys!
Famous bearer is Jamie Monroe from the great movie RV.
Jamie Salé is a Canadian figure skater. She and skating partner, David Pelletier (also her husband), were originally awarded the silver medal in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, but after much controversy, and a judging scandal, they were awarded gold medals alongside the Russian team.
My aunt's name is Jamie, I don't mind it but I like it better as a nickname for something like James or Jamison.
I love the name Jamie for either boy or girl, it is one of those true unisex names that works for either boy or girl.
Jamie Langenbrunner, a professional hockey forward, currently playing for the New Jersey Devils.
Jamie Bell is a British actor who starred in Billy Elliot, King Kong and a number of other well-received movies.
I love the name on a boy, but hate it for a girl. Weird, since I've never actually known any male Jamies, but have had several female acquaintances with that name.
I have always liked the name Jamie. Not sure though if I prefer it for a boy or a girl though. It also sounds young to me so I wonder how it would fit an adult.
I've also seen it spelled Jaimi. I think it looks prettier!
I don't really like this name but hey. My guy friend spells it Jaymie, and you pronounce it jay-MEE. Weird I know.
Helen Hunt's character on the sitcom "Mad About You" is called Jamie.
Jamie Sullivan is one of the main characters in A WALK TO REMEMBER by Nicholas Sparks.
A famous bearer is Jamie Oliver - The Naked Chef.
Famous bearers are Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jamie Foxx.
Jamie Lynn Spears is actually named after her father Jamie and her mother Lynn.
I love the name Jamie. I think it's cute, simple, and nice.
I like it as a nickname for Jamison.
Also pronounced JIM-ee and JEM-ee in certain parts of Scotland.
A rare variant includes Jamey, which is seen only (to my knowledge) in America.

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