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This name is cute, I like it. I feel like this name (along with Kim and a few others) is a very unisex name, like it sounds like it could go on 2 very different girl and boy and it would make sense (or any other gender).
I like Jane a lot better. This is like “a pair of jeans” LOL.
I'm sorry, but I don't really like the name Jean. I have nothing against it either, but I can't help but remember the jeans. Also, it is too short and plain for my liking. I think there are better variants, like Jan, Jana, Jane, Janelle, Janessa, Janet, Janis, Jannese, Jannine, Janice, Janie, Janis, Jeanette, Jeanie, Jeanne, Jeannine or Jen. Of all these options, Jean is the least favorite.
I changed my mind. Jean isn't all THAT bad, but I prefer Jane, Janelle, Jeanette more still.
I prefer Jane WAAYYY better.
Yuck! I hate this name... nothing to like about it. Also, are you planning to name your child after a pair of jeans?
Very cute vintage name.
I love it as a middle name for Lydia!
Vintage, and great... And good... And terrific. How about marvelous?
"Jean?" is the name of the ender dragon in the game Minecraft according to one of the developers.
A very cute vintage name!
I think Jean is a very pretty name. I don’t hear it that much anymore.
I remember the perfume Jean Nate’ by Revlon.
I hear this name more often in Europe.
When I was little kid, I had an imaginary friend called Jean the Camel.
Jean is American politician Amy Klobuchar's middle name.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jean who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 157th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Jean is an okay name. It's a bit too plain for a first name and a middle name, in my opinion. I prefer Jane.
Jean is my middle name but I have never liked it because to me it sounds like a masculine name, which it also is. Had I been able to choose my first and middle names, I would have chosen "Anne" as my middle name. To me, the spelling "Anne" (instead of "Ann") makes it seem like a very regal name.
I don't like this name, especially if it is used for girls. It does not sound feminine at all. I find it boring and uninteresting.
Jean Stapleton was an American character actress of stage, television, and film. Stapleton is best known for having portrayed Edith Bunker, the long-suffering, yet devoted wife of Archie Bunker, on the 1970s sitcom All in the Family. Stapleton was a three-time recipient of the Prime Time Emmy Award for leading actress in a comedy series and won two Golden Globes in the same category during the show's airing. She also made occasional appearances on the All in the Family follow-up series Archie Bunker's Place, but, tired of the role, asked to be written out of the show during the first season.
Jean Shrimpton. Considered as one of the first supermodels and the highest paid model of the 1960's.
The name Jean was given to 67 girls born in the US in 2015.
I like it as a middle name. For a full name Jeanne, Jeanette, or Jeanna are more elegant and pretty. I like short middle names for girls.
This is such a cute, classy name. What a pity it's become rather uncommon.
I LOVE the name Jean. Absolutely a wonderful name!
Such a pretty, classy vintage name. :)
I love the name Jean, very classy. Not sure why the name sort of faded away, (no pun intended) but I think it's beautiful!
I don't know how people can call Jean a "trashy" name. That's just absurd. It is an elegant name. My mom is Jeanette and she is called Jean and Jeanne which she likes better and yes, she gave it to me as middle name. Old fashioned, but aren't so many millions of names old?
I like this name! I would name a child of mine Jean.
I am named Jean Louise after my two grandmothers, Vera Jean and Helen Louise, but I've been called Jeana since I was little. My mother's middle name is Jean, and my brother named his little girl Sarah Jean, which I think is cute. I never liked "Jean" or "Louise" because they are old fashioned names. I've decided to start liking my name, however, because it is, after all, my name and I do like that Jean means "God's gracious gift" as the other responder mentioned. I also prefer to like my name because I don't want to hurt my mother, and because I loved my grandmother Vera Jean so dearly- as did we all! :)
Jean is Sergeant Calhoun's middle name. She is a character in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph.
Only 58 baby girls born in the US in 2012 were named Jean. More baby girls were given the name 'Renesmee'.
We are currently settled on this as a middle name if our baby is a girl, because it is the first or middle name of both of my husband's grandmothers (one of which passed away before he was born). I personally find it rather short and plain, and would prefer something more unique (not so classic), but I do like the meaning "God is Gracious".
At the moment, I'd definitely consider Jean for a daughter, if I ever have one - as either a first or a middle name, mainly because of the model and actress Jean Shrimpton and also my grandmother was called Jean. I think it's simple yet beautiful in its own antique way.
Jean Vander Pyl, who is best known as the voice of Wilma Flintstone in the original Flintstones cartoon series, is a famous bearer. She was also the voice of many, MANY cartoon characters over the years and an esteemed theater, radio and television actress.
Jean M. Auel (Jean Marie Auel) is an American writer. She is best known for her Earth's Children books.
I really, really like this name. It's not so common for a first name and I know only of one person with this first name. I'm currently in love with this name.
Jane is much prettier, in my opinion.
I wouldn't name my child this, but I do like this name. It has a nice old fashioned ring to it.
One of Michael Jackson's greatest hit songs is called 'Billie Jean'.
The name Jean only fits certain kinds of people. I like it though.
Alrighty! This is an article of clothing. I think there are plenty of ways little kids will make fun of this name. Sooooo If you really want your kid to be made fun of, don't say I didn't help.
My middle name is also Jean. I was given it as a namesake after my great aunt Eugena, whom everyone called"Jean". I don't like it for a first name, but I like it as my middle name. It's a very plain and traditional name, but I cherish it because it is a namesake to me.
This seems to be the middle name of every other trailer trash or hillbilly woman or girl. Very unimaginative and dull, especially as a middle name.
Joan of Arc's French name was Jean D'Arc.
Joan of Arc's French name is Jeanne not Jean!
I personally find this name short, simple and sweet - and it brings to my mind a kind and compassionate person.
Jean Grey (codenames: Marvel Girl, Phoenix, etc.) is a Marvel comics superhero with the mutant abilities of telepathy and telekenisis.
I personally love this name. I think this is largely because I absolutely love the song "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees.
This seems like a good middle name, but I also like it as a first name. It's a little too short if you ask me, though.
Jean Acker (1893-1978), actress best known for being the estranged wife of Rudolph Valentino.
Jean Arthur (1900-1991), Oscar-nominated actress of the 1930s and 1940s. Best known for her work with director Frank Capra.
Jean is the middle name of Hermione Jean Granger, a main character in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.
It's funny when people say, hey, I like your jeans! Or when they're teaching about genetics and talking about genes. You have genes, Jean. Your gene is ugly.
This is a nice, Scottish-sounding classic sort of name, and I like it, though I prefer Jane.
This is my first name, it was very unique for me because I didn't know anyone else with my name. It was my mom and my Grandmother's middle name. The only thing I didn't like was that it was always being misspelled in school.
I used to think this name was boring until I met a girl named Jean who might be the nicest person I've ever met. I may name my first daughter this because I will never forget her kindness.
My middle name is Jean like a lot of people on this comment list. It was my mother's middle name. Honestly, I don't really like it. I mean it's not a horrible name but Jane or Jeanne would be more elegant I think. If you like old fashioned names this would be a great choice.
My grandmother is named Jean. The name was very popular in the 1920s when she was born. She often jokes about her primary school class, which had 7 girls named Jean and 9 named Shirley. If the teacher wanted silence she would call out "Jean and Shirley! Be quiet!", thus silencing half of the class!
Marilyn Monroe's real name was Norma Jeane. Jean Harlow was also a legendary movie blonde.
Jean is Britney Spears' middle name.
Jean seems to be a very popular middle name.
My middle name is Jean. I was named after my grandmother. I always thought of it as a simple yet elegant name.
This name seems to be handed down through my family on my mum's side. It's my middle name and I've always thought it really plain and boring.
First name of the character Scout in Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. Scout's given name was Jean Louise Finch.

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