Also used in Albanian:
Joel Johansson is the vocalist and mainly rhythm guitarist of the thrash metal duo Scythelord.
I think Joel sounds pretty cool.
I think Joel is a nice name. It sounds cool. It's unique yet recognizable, short and sweet and easy to spell/pronounce. It's soft but has a lot of strength at the same time. I like that it's a biblical name too.
Overall, I think Joel is a beautiful name.
Also used in Croatian:
Joel Embiid, basketball player for the Philadelphia 76er’s.
My name is Jo’El and I AM a female in the human race. I AM a nice person and a Taurus! Hugs.
Joel is also Croatian and Estonian. The name day for Joel in Croatia is October 19. The name day for Joel in Estonia is July 14. [noted -ed]
I really like this name!
I personally love this name so much. It's very unique and I've only ever met one person with it, and he was very nice.
I can't believe no one said Joel Smallbone! He and his brother Luke formed the band FOR KING & COUNTRY. Younger brothers of Rebecca St. James. Australian.:)
I named my daughter Joelismar Angelys.
Really ugly!
Also used in Estonian:
This name is also used in Poland. Historically, it was most common among the Jewish populace. The Polish pronunciation is YAW-ehl.
Rough on my mouth.
Meh, decent enough name but I've never met any particularly friendly people with this name. Seems like everybody who I've met with this name were not nice.
I have never met a person named Joel who was a bad person. All of them have been good people. I love this name.
Also Catalan:
In 2018, 25 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Joel who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 240th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I never really thought this name was attractive. I mean, it's okay.
Joel is the best name ever! AWESOME.
Sorry, but I don't like it. It sounds wimpy and boring to me.
I like it, I’m adding it to my list. It’s both handsome and sweet sounding.
Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the grand rabbi of the Satmar hasidic sect, bore this name. He was a gentle and righteous soul who loved every human being, jew or gentile. May he rest in peace.
Joel is an Aramite name, precursor of Hebrew and Arabic languages. It is a name in the Levant used by Christians Moslems and Jews. In Arabic Wa-el, in Hebrew Yo-el, and Latin Joel. Similarly the names Levy, Sara, Elizabeth, and Joseph... and that’s why they are used simultaneously by all denominations in the Levant as an ancestral rather than religious name.
Joel is an awesome name, and I know a very kind Joel and his name suits him well. I prefer this over Joe.
Ugly eww! Sounds like hole/mole/skull ewww.
Joel Zimmerman is a DJ known better as deadmau5.
Joel McCrea, film star of 30s, 40s and 50s.
Vargskelethor of Vinesauce bears this name, his full name being Joel Johansson.
My favorite name for a man.
I am female and my mother named me Joël, pronounced Jo-El like Joelle. I am constantly assumed to be a man. Please do not name your girls Joël. At least spell it so that people do not question their sexuality and ask for ID all the time or expect a male when reading their name on a print off. I've been told that it is pretty to say, but when it comes to the spelling, people look at me cross-eyed and ask why?!? Mom said it was to help me get jobs easier as an adult. Thanks Ma. ;)I've given up on it and have just gone by Jo for years now. I hope this helps anyone debating on going in a "different" direction with this name.In the name meanings I have found "God's Will" or "God's will be done", seem the most repeated and in my case, accurate. I'm a stubborn and driven leader-type.
Joel is a rough name in my opinion. Makes me think of someone who's pushy and thinks he's better than everyone.
My husband's name. I love it.
Eh, fine enough name but from my experiences, "Joel" has belonged to complete jerks. Every single one. Don't have a problem with the name itself, just the certain personality the name seems to follow.
The name Joel is so not ugly! It's a handsome, beautiful, classic name that ages very well and I LOVE the sound of this name! :D.
Joel, the protagonist in "The Last of Us" video game.
Related name: Elijah.
In response to Sabertooth:
Joel is not related to Joshua. They are seperate names. Joel derives from Hebrew Yo'el and Joshua derives from Ye'hoshua.
I think the name Joel sounds like a wild, crazy, silly boy.
Joel was original the master of the stool for King Henry VII who was known for his problems of the nether regions. This position was heralded throughout the kingdom despite its undesirable physical assonance.
I believe the owner of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team is named Joel.
I love this. I'm not really fond of very religious names but, oh well. The sound of this is great. It makes me think of Howard Joel Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory, and TBBT is one of my favourite tv-shows, and Howard makes me think of Dominic Howard, the Muse drummer, and Muse is my favourite band, so it makes me happy.
That's a lot of "and's".
Actor Joel McCrea (1905-1990).
I would only pronounce this 'JOLE', Jo-el sounds girly to me.It's a cool name.
Joel always makes me think of someone cool and popular, because I knew a Joel who was like that.
I like it, but pronounced JOL. Save "JO-el" for the girl's version "Joelle."
Also Finnish. [noted -ed]
Joel Stransky, Springbok rugby player who kicked the team to World Cup victory in 1995. He is now a respected sports commentator.
This name is so very sweet. I absolutely love it.
I don't think people know that this is a real French name. I think some people think Americans just made it up.
Joel Robinson was a character in the sci-fi comedy Mystery Science Theater. He was played by Joel Hodgson. Incidentally, I love this name. :) I've only ever heard it pronounced 'jole', I don't like the 'jo-EL' pronunciation very much.
I love the name Joel! It sounds so sweet! :)
Joel Gossalin, one of the sons of Jon and Kate Gossalin, on the show "Jon and Kate plus 8" is a famous bearer of this name. Love him.
This name is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. I DO like it, but only when pronounced "JO-el" like btn suggests it - and not "jo-EL" like some people in the forum seem to pronounce it (I ask myself why, actually). But I really, really prefer Noel, which sounds a bit more mature and not as cheesy.
The Greek form for Joel is
Pronounced "yo-EL".
Joel Glicker, Wednesday Addam's adorable true love.
It's an okay name. Will always make me think of Jim Carrey's character, Joel, in 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.'
Joel is a cool name. Not only does it just have interesting connotations, but it's also the name of one of the main characters in one of my favorite webcomics. It's for that very reason that it summons the color black to my mind.
Love, love, love this name. I like it better as JO-EL though, then JOLE.
A famous bearer is American film director, screenwriter, and producer Joel Schumacher (born August 29, 1939). He's well-known for his directing credits in 'St Elmo's Fire' (1985), 'The Lost Boys' (1987), 'The Client' (1994), 'Batman Forever' (1995), 'Batman and Robin' (1997), 'Bad Company' (2002), 'Phone Booth' (2003), 'The Phantom of the Opera' (2004), and 'The Number 23' (2007). He also wrote screenplays to films such as 'Car Wash' (1976) and 'The Wiz' (1978).
Joel Steven McCaughey is one of the McCaughey septuplets. He is the youngest of his siblings and even though neither of his parents are famous, he and his six siblings, along with perhaps their older sister Mikayla Marie, are on the road to becoming famous on their own.
Joel is one of the cute little Asian boys on Jon and Kate Plus 8.
Where I live Joel is pronounced JOLE. I prefer it pronounced JOLE. I only ever heard of it pronounced as Jole except for when I came onto this site and found out others prounounced it JO-EL. I think it is only pronounced JO-EL in foreign countries. I think Joel is a wonderful, classy name. I love it.
How southerners pronounce it: Jole. I like it better this way instead of Jo-el. That sounds weird. No offense.
I LOVE the meaning of this name. And I LOVE how it sounds!
I don't understand this name. I mean why not only "Joe"? I don't really like Joe, but Joel sounds like Noel and for a guy it just bugs me.
I like it pronounced jo-el.
I personally think this name is a poetic, romantic, sensitive, classy, stylish, masculine kind of a name. :) I like it !
I'm Irish but I've been living in Germany for quite a long time and I know about 5 if not more young mums (German) that called their son Joel. But they all pronounce it Joelle and that is a girl's name so all those boys are being taught their name wrong.
There is an author named Joel Goldman.
Joel Osteen is a preacher from Texas.
Joel McHale is a comedic actor. He currently is the host of E!'s The Soup. Really cute name, really funny guy.
I love the name Joel. My best friend is called Joel. He's a really sweet guy and he's gay. I think Joel is the perfect name for him.
Joel is one of my favorite names. Strong, boyish and gentle. Not overly popular which is nice and the meaning of the name is nice too.
I really like the name Joel. I like that it means "the Lord is God." It actually gives me a good feeling inside.
Joel is rather popular in Sweden. Here it is pronounced as YO-el (two syllables).
Joel White is the son of E.B. White.
I think Joel is a fantastic name. Everyone by the name 'Joel' that I know is wonderful. Overall my impression of the name is that it represents a sweet and gentle person.
Joel Madden is the lead singer of a popular band, Good Charlotte.
In Spanish, this name is pronounced "ho-EL" with a long "o" and a short "e".
Haley Joel Osment is a brilliant young actor who has starred in movies such as "A I: Aritficial Intelligence" and "Sixth Sense."
Joel is a beautiful name. It sounds like a man who is compassionate and gentle, yet with a mischievious sense of humor.
Ugly, ugly, ugly.
Famous bearer: Joel Grey (actor extraordinaire and father of actress Jennifer Grey).

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