Jordan is an awesome name.
I love the name Jordan because it’s the name of my wonderful brother. It’s a good biblical name. He is named after the famous Jordan River that Jesus got baptised in! It’s a special name!
Jordan is a masculine name, jor-dan what is feminine sounding about it? Pls- Give a girl a feminine name. I’ve never understood unisex names as all unisex names I prefer on a boy and most unisex names were originally names for boys. Each to their own but if you are a girl and you’re called Jordan then I’m sorry but you have a masculine sounding name. - I tried and waited to see if it would grow on me but I dislike it.
My sister's name is Jordan and I like it. I think it's perfect for both genders. Just my opinion.
This doesn't pertain to anyone but for some reason, every male Jordan I've met is a terrible person and every female Jordan I've met are like the nicest person ever.
My birth name is Jordan and I'm a nonbinary dyke, love the androgyny of the name but also go by Moss sometimes. All the dudes I've known named this were douchebags, but the one girl I've met seems chill.
I’m a male. My name is Jordan but with the feminine “y” spelling. So Jordyn. I hate it. I hate the way my last name which is a one syllable G name that closely sounds like the word grime. Which as a kid a was called grimey Jordyn and to make it worse for myself I’m a ginger so I have red hair which I’ve always hated about myself... I truly wish I had a better last name. I was adopted, my biological last name is Bailey, or had my biological father signed my birth certificate my last name would have been Dennison. Either of those last names sound better with my first name than my last. I hate always having to correct the spelling to people, sometimes I just don’t.. honestly I feel like I’ve been in trouble most of my life and my name in school was one that always carried a poor reputation even before I ever did anything to earn that reputation. I honestly feel like when I was acting out and being a juvenile delinquent kid it was because I was just trying to fit in with the way everyone had already perceived me. I was really disliked even in elementary school I would try and be so nice to other kids but for some reason I just couldn’t ever fit in anywhere. I’ve always had a theory very young that people’s names make them more likable. Someone whether they are a good looking person or if they have a great character they will automatically be judged if their name is ugly. I have an ugly name the way my first and last sound together is terrible even I know myself it’s an unlikable name so I can’t really blame others when they automatically don’t like me. As an adult I’ve been in and out of prison. I feel like on a prison name tag is where my name sounds the best as sad is that is to say... but I guess my life fits the name of Jordan meaning to descend or to flow down. You can’t succeed in life when your name literally means to go to the bottom. Thanks mom and dad for setting me up for such a successful life. NOT! Personally, I would love to change my first and last name to something different or at least my last name to my biological last names either Dennison or Bailey -Jordyn Bailey - but even that looks and sounds so feminine but I’d still take it or Jordyn Dennison that sounds a little better over my real name which is Jordyn Grine - ugh I hate the way it even looks Jordyn Grime. Grimey Grine has been my nickname for as long as I could remember I hate it... but changing it even though it would make me so much happier in life would hurt my parents. So maybe I’ll wait till they're gone till I change it... I thought about going by my middle name Philip but I even hate that name. I’ve never liked the name Philip personally on myself. I don’t look like a Philip or a Jordyn. I think I look like a Jack or Cameron. Jack Dennison or Jack Bailey would be awesome names to have that I think someone with either of those names would be very successful in life. I wish I was never adopted. It’s crazy how much names matter. I’m afraid to even have a child what If I make the mistake my parents did and name my child something. That’s setting them up for failure?
Jordan Pickford is a goalkeeper for Everton FC and England's national football team. He currently holds the record of England goalkeeper with the longest spell without conceding a goal (720 minutes).
One of my absolute favorite names. You can't go wrong with Jordan.
The name sounds unpleasant for either gender.
I have no qualms with this name I have known an equal amount of boys and girls with the name Jordan. Jordan first hit the charts in the top thousand as a girls name in the late 70s but didn't really hit peak popularity until the late 90s like many other names such as Taylor. Jordan is decent unisex name that works. I have seen it spelled several different ways Jordan, Jourdan, Jordyn, Jordon.
Cool unisex name. I can see it on any gender.
Can't stand the name Jordan on a girl, sorry not sorry. Honestly if you call your daughter Jordan you may as well call her Tom Or George. Jordan is a boy's name and if you are a girl and your name is Jordan then you have a boys name. Lmao.
Jordan Terrell Carter (a.k.a Playboi Carti) is an American rapper. People know him for his mumbled lyrics.
Very nice name.
Perfect for both girls and boys. In second grade, I had a classmate who is a Jordan, and she's a girl.
A cute name for boys. Wouldn't use, but it isn't bad.
It's okay. Prefer it on girls.
Very common in England for boys during the 90s and early 2000s - I like the name for both boys and girls, although probably prefer it on boys because in England that's who it's mainly used by.
My name is Jordan and I hate it. It's an ugly name that feels weird in my mouth. I literally hate introducing myself to people because I hate the way my name Jordan sounds. I literally cringe when I hear it.
My name is also Jordyn, and much like the anonymous user who commented on hers, I HATE my name. People often compliment it, but it makes me cringe so hard as well, I also hate the way it feels in my mouth. I once met a guy with the same name who shared our feelings as well. My best friend is also called Jordon, but he prefers to go by Jory. It sounds so.. .mushy? I dunno, I don't like it.
I personally think Jordan is a unisex name. A decent one at that.
I absolutely LOVE this name! I love it for either gender, but especially for a boy. I love the sound of it, I love the biblical reference and I love the meaning (to descend, to flow down). This is definitely one of my favorite names.
When I hear the name Jordan, I picture an annoying athletic kid who thinks P.E. is the Olympics.
I love, love, love, this name. It's my current top boy name. I like it on girls too, but I think it sounds better on a boy. Jordan is the only uni-sex name I really like.
It’s a nice name for either a boy or a girl but please don’t get creative with the spelling. No need to change it to Jordyn, Jordin, or Jordon.
It can also be taken DIRECTLY from the COUNTRY, Jordan.Jordan (Arabic: الأردن‎; tr. Al-ʾUrdunn), officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Arabic: المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية‎; tr. Al-Mamlakah al-’Urdunniyyah Al-Hāshimiyyah), is an Arab country in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River. Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and the east, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north and Israel and Palestine to the west. The Dead Sea is located along its western borders and the country has a 26-kilometre (16 mi) coastline on the Red Sea in its extreme south-west. Jordan is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. The capital, Amman, is Jordan's most populous city as well as the country's economic, political and cultural centre
Jordan is an attractive name for either gender.
It's an okay name. I prefer it more for a boy.
I really love this name on both genders, although I prefer it on a girl a little more. I really don’t like super girly names and I think Jordan sounds cool and tomboyish. This is a really good name in my opinion. It sounds like for a girl she would be cool, pretty, smart and athletic and for a boy he would be nice, handsome, and also athletic. It reminds me of Michael Jordan and I love basketball and just sports in general so I love this name.
I’d never use it, but it’s a very nice name.
Also used in Poland. The Polish pronunciation is YAWR-dan.
I love this name. Besides it being my middle name, it’s very great sounding. I would prefer it on a boy more than I would on a girl, though.
Jordan is my name, middle name Kirsty and as a girl, I loathed my mum for many years for jumping on the 90s trend of giving me this traditionally masculine name (she got the idea from a Tom Cruise movie). People often assume I'm male if they only see my name and I often got put on boys lists or sports teams by mistake (this even happened to me this year as a 27 year old lmao). When I was younger I even tried to change my name to something more 'girly'. But as I got older I appreciated my name more and more and now I love it. I wouldn't want any other name. I am also glad that my mum didn't spell it like Jordon or Jordyn or whatever, as I'm not constantly correcting people in how to spell my name.
My name is Elijah Jordan, with Jordan being my middle name. I've always liked the name and I think it sounds great on a boy. I also had a friend who was a girl at swim team a couple of years ago, her name was Jordan and it sounds great on a girl too.
I like its Biblical background the Jordan River, which Elijah spent some time around. So my name fits perfectly!
No, no, no, please don't name your daughter Jordyn! That spelling is just too kre8tiv and will move her to the back of the class. Please read a few studies on deliberately misspelled names. Just NO.
This name had usage on a female literary character in a well known book about a hundred years ago, so I don't see why it can't be a girl name. On a boy, this reminds me too much of the country. Not that there is something wrong with it, but I don't like countries as names.
Jordan sounds like a nice name.
As the name associated with Michael Jordan, I don’t see how it ever started getting used on girls. People even refer to their shoes as “my Jordans.” Doesn’t sound like a feminine name at all to me.
Looks unisex to me but I like it more for a male.
I really love the name Jordan, it’s strong, beautiful and suits both genders perfectly. I am actually in the process of wanting to permanently change my name and Jordan is at the top of my list. In second is Morgan. It’s hard because I love them both but I find myself always coming back to Jordan. It has a sporty nature like feel to it and something I like about Morgan is it has a mystical aura to the name. Morgan reminds me a lot of Morrigan and the pirate Captain Morgan. I realize both names have something to do with water, I even considered Brook and that also is a little pond/stream so It’s interesting how I’m just gravitating towards names with water meanings.
I have mixed feelings on this name, but it's definitely better than Jordyn, that's for sure.
I LOVE THIS NAME ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. It sounds masculine and feminine to me. I feel like on a boy it would make him sound charming and athletic, and on a girl it would sound like a strong, lovely girl. But I know, I know, time to ruin this comment... Jordyn would probably be a better variation of Jordan for a girl. Sorry. I’m not trying to offend any girl with the name Jordan I just like the y. I feel like Jordyn just fits a girl a little better. But no matter what gender you are, know if you have the name Jordan you are super lucky!
I love this name! It’s one of my favorite boy names, but I like the name for a girl too. I just think it sounds more masculine than feminine. I would probably spell it Jordyn if I was going to name a girl Jordan, or I could pair it with a feminine middle name. I could also try one of the feminine versions of Jordan. That again, Jordan is a unisex name, but more on the masculine side, so Jordana doesn’t exist for nothing. In my opinion, Jordan suits boys and even girls but I think Jordana is just a girl’s name. Jordan is still a handsome name for a boy regardless.
As a person named Jordan, this is legit.
Jordan is a Tibetan name as well.
This unisex name is unusual for me because while I picture most unisex names on one gender, I can completely picture either a guy or girl named Jordan and it would make sense. Probably because I've had classmates that had this name and were either guys or girls, I can picture it on (almost) anyone.
Jordan is possibly a biblical name that means "descend" or "flow down". So Jordan has led itself to being a name used for males or females, but Jordana is strictly for females.This is just a masculine name that talks about baptisting children and I don’t think it has anything to do with the name Jordan being originally masculine, but I do think it’s more of a masculine name. It could be originally masculine, I take that back!
Love the name.
Jordan is one of my favorite boy names! I love it on a boy! It’s strong, handsome, and masculine. But since this name is unisex, I love it on a girl too, even with the spelling Jordyn since it still sounds soft, delicate, and feminine for a girl too. It’s just that I think this name sounds slightly more masculine than feminine, not way too masculine, though. If I ever have a son, I would name him Jordan Logan. Or if I ever had a girl, I would name her Jordan or Jordyn. I’d probably give her a feminine middle name if she wants to go by that if she hates having a boyish first name, I would go with Jordyn Christine or something.
My babysitter growing up was named Jordan. She was cool. I've always liked this name.
In 2018, 20 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jordan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 164th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 13 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Jordan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 436th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I'm not a big fan of this name, but I think it works for both boys and girls. It's one of the few names that actually do. However, it's kind of stuck in this instant and wouldn't age that well.
I actually would name a boy this, but it’s pretty on a girl as well!
I think this name is cute for either sex. I prefer it slightly more for a girl, but on a boy it’s nice too! I used to think this name was more masculine than feminine. But it goes great either way.
This IS a boy's name and should stay that way, on girls nope. Come on people, it’s like naming a boy Emily or Samantha, simply silly.
Personally, I only like Jordan on a boy. It’s not a terrible name for a girl especially spelled Jordyn. I like the name Jori or Jorie for a girl better. But obviously a river is not masculine nor feminine so if you like it, have at it!
I’m a girl and my name is Jordan. These comments are making me laugh... and maybe a little self-conscious. Lol.
While I could tolerate this more on a girl than most other "unisex" names, this name is still a terrible choice for a girl. Sounds a lot more masculine. Stop giving girls masculine names.
Jordan B. Henderson is the captain of England and Liverpool.
Jordan William Fisher is an American singer, dancer, and actor. His self-titled EP was released by Hollywood Records on August 19, 2016. He has had recurring roles on the television series The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Liv and Maddie, and supporting roles in the television films Teen Beach Movie, Teen Beach 2, and Grease: Live, and is featured on the Moana soundtrack. He assumed the role of John Laurens/Philip Hamilton in the Broadway production of Hamilton on November 22, 2016. He played Noah Patrick in the TV series Teen Wolf.
I dislike Jordan on girls especially. It sounds unpleasant and it reminds me of Air Jordans. I especially hate Jordan for a girl.
This name sounds very masculine. I don't like it for a girl.
This name was being used in medieval England, being brought over from crusaders.
I'm female and my first and middle names are Jordan Emily. My parents chose Jordan because of the lovely image the Jordan River brought to their minds. Growing up, other children made fun of me because I was named Jordan and so I hated it. Gratefully, I've learned to love it as I've gotten older. I worked with a man once who had not considered it as a girl's name before he knew me and ended up naming his baby daughter Jordan. As some others have pointed out, people do not choose their names at birth; they're given them by their parents. While it is acceptable to not like the name for one or the other sex (or not at all), and while this is a forum for opinions on the name, it's uncalled for for those against it to be rude about their dislike of it. All that needs saying is that you don't care for it.
My name is Jordan and I'm a guy so who honestly cares about what gender it "belongs" to?
I know this is very unpopular but I personally only like Jordan as a girl's name. I really don't like it on boys. Also, I really hate Jordyn for a girl! The only spelling of Jordan that I like for a girl is Jordan! However, I actually like Jordyn on a boy! Therefore, if I have a daughter her name will be Jordan and if I have a son his name will be Jordyn.
I think Jordan (or Jordyn) is adorable for a girl. I do not like the nickname Jordy on a girl though.
Jordan Capozzi, better known by her stage name Lil Debbie, is an American rapper, model and fashion designer. She is best known as being part of the now-defunct group The White Girl Mob, with rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty. In 2012, Debbie started a solo career, releasing a series of singles with rappers RiFF RaFF and former White Girl Mob group member V-Nasty, some of which ended up on her first solo project, a mixtape titled Keep It Lit. In October 2013, Debbie released her first EP, titled Queen D. In March 2014, Debbie released her second EP, California Sweetheart, followed by California Sweetheart Pt. 2 later in the same year. In November 2014, Debbie released her second mixtape, Young B! Tch.
Jordan Nagai is a Japanese-American former child voice actor. He is best known for his voice role as Russell in Up. Nagai's character in Up is the first Asian-American figure in a Pixar movie. He also lent his voice to an episode of The Simpsons called "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" as the voice of Charlie, an orphan who befriends Bart in his quest for a baby brother. The program aired on December 13, 2009.
Jordan Horowitz is an American film producer. He is best known for producing the musical-drama film La La Land that earned her numerous awards and nominations including Academy Award for Best Picture nomination with Marc Platt and Fred Berger.
My name is Jordan and I'm a girl. I HATED my name in elementary school, only boys had it and I always wished my parents had at least spelled it "Jordyn". I must say being 20 now, I like it. I rarely ever meet another girl named Jordan which is nice. It's definitely is a boy's name more than a girl's, and I've been mistaken for a boy on school rosters and documents a lot. The funny part is, my boyfriend's name is actually Jordan too (yes, that's the funniest thing to tell people I meet), but I've never minded having a "boy's name" once I became a teenager. Most of my friends and family call me Jo, Jordy, and Jords.
My name is Jordan and I'm a woman in her mid-twenties. I have had it up to HERE with the unsolicited comments from older people who come into my workplace and see my name tag. They like to tell me that it's a MAN'S NAME, and OH MY, and so on & so forth. I didn't like my name growing up, but that was because other people made me not like it. Being a little girl in the early 1990s meant that everyone called me 'Michael Jordan.' Hysterically funny. But as I got older, I learned about characters like Jordan Baker from the Great Gatsby, and Jordan O'Neill from G.I. Jane. I stopped caring altogether when I discovered Pushing Daisies, and its stunningly gorgeous, charming heroine, Charlotte Charles, who is called 'Chuck.' As an adult I'm 5'9 and a half, athletic, strong and unwilling to let myself be a stereotype, and now I feel that my name just amplifies that. I am not a Jordana, I'm a Jordan. I'm not a Jordyn, or a Jourdain, or a Jordin. I'm a 'girl-Jordan,' and I really wish people would stop feeling the need to exclaim 'Why, that's a BOY'S name!' every time they meet me. Sure, in Italy, my host family calls me 'Giordana' which is lovely. My Russian grandmother called me 'Iordania' and that's pretty, too. But, I'm a Jordan. And those of us who are Jordans really don't need to be told that you don't like it, or that it's not a good name for girls, etc. What if we said that to every Sarah, Ashley, Mikaela, and Jenna? Come on. I mean, I'm not overly fond of certain names, but if someone thinks they want to name their child something, then it's a good enough name for a human being, whichever gender they may be. Sheesh. At least I share a partial name with one of the greatest basketball players to play the game, AND also with a very attractive young actor. (( sorry to vent, I just had one of the aforementioned experiences with an elderly patron at work, and seeing some of the comments on here just really grinds my gears. ))
This is my name. And I freaking like it.
I like this name for a guy. It makes me think of someone intelligent and kind, who loves the outdoors. To be honest, I don't understand the appeal for females, as it doesn't sound the least bit feminine to me. I would pick Jordana instead for a girl, though admittedly that doesn't sound much better to my ears than Jordan does on a female.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are: Jordan Parker
Jordan Ridge
Jordan Levi
Jordan Leo
Jordan Raimi
Jordan Ross
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Kyle
Jordan Xavier
Jordan Thomas
Lucas Jordan
Lyric Jordan
Miles Jordan
Thomas JordanPersonally, I much prefer Jordan for a boy. I hate it on a girl.
My best friend and I both have unisex names and we do get comments on it however we really couldn't care what people think. I like the uniqueness of my name. It's a country. It makes me different from all the other girls so I thank my mum and dad for calling me it plus I came to learn the girl in the Great Gatsby is named Jordan as well. Go Jordan girl power.
Too common, but nice.
I always picture an athletic guy when I hear this name since it reminds most people of Michael Jordan and it does remind me of a basketball player.
I never met a nice Jordan before. I definitely hate this name.
I prefer Jordan on a boy. Not a big fan of the name.
Jordan is a very nice name, it is unisex, which I fully support and gives a imposing tone to a girl, and a mystical tone to a boy.
The name Jordan for both male and females is on the decline in the US. Like many (primarily females) that have commented on this thread, I disliked my name when I was young... Insisting that my mom call me Sarah as it was a "prettier" more feminine name. Over the years however, I have come to love it! It is a beautiful (or handsome), empowering name that I would encourage anyone to gift to their child, regardless of gender.
I love the name Jordan for both boys and girls.I think the reason a lot of people find it "masculine" is just because it's traditionally a boys' name; however, this name didn't start out as a person's name at all, but the name of a river! I think the symbolism behind it is beautiful as crossing the Jordan symbolizes going into the promised land. Many people get baptized in the Jordan River (as did Jesus). It's an incredibly significant river to both Jews and Christians.On a side note - names that started out as boys' names: Ashley, Kim, Taylor, Leslie, Tracy, Addison, Alexis, Aubrey, Cassidy, Darcy, Harper, Kelley, Lynn, Kendell, Mackenzie, Quinn, Payton, Shannon, Whitney - shall I go on? Just because you have an impression of a name doesn't mean that it's always been that way.
It's strange how this name is more popular for boys than girls, but for every male Jordan I know, there are two female Jordans. I personally prefer it on a boy, because I'm just like that. I will probably be that parent with a son named Jordan and a daughter named Dylan. XD
Firstly my name is Jordan and I first hated my name but looked up the meaning and it so happened that Jordan actually means a flowing river and in my eyes it was not death it brings life unlike what someone else commented (no disrespect) and secondly I think Jordan is fit for boys and girls. Thirdly my best friend's name is Jordyn and at my school we are known as the Jordans. And also I think the name is so awesome you can spell it like Jordan, Jordyn, Jordin, Jorden, Jordain and I'm not making that up because I actually know people with that kind of spelling!
I always hated this name for some reason. I just really don't like the sound.
My name is Jordan, I am a girl and I'm not a big fan of it, to be honest. When I was in preschool, the playgrounds between us and the kids in 2-6 grade was separated only by a chain link fence. I don't remember how the conversation started or how the boy figured out my name, but it happened and he teased me for weeks on end and it made me feel bad. I hear people talking to their friends in the hall at school, and once in a while their friend's name is Jordan. Instinctively I turn my head, and it always turns out to be a group of boys. I often wish I had a more feminine name, but my middle name is Ashley. Although I'm not even a fan of the name, it also hurts me when people say this is a bad name for a girl, it's too masculine. I'm not even a tomboy. I'm starting to get over it, and never plan to change my name, but I know that I'll never be completely confident that my name is beautiful, or that it's nice. Especially when people say things like Jordana and Jordyn are better for girls, because now it really makes me feel like I have a boys name. Also, if you are wondering, I'm am now middle school aged.
You people who don't think Jordan should be used as a girls name obviously don't read! The name was used for a female character, Jordan Baker, in the book The Great Gatsby! Which was written IN 1925! So quit trying to act as if women are taking a boys name... There are a lot of names used as unisex names... And, it's about time people quit trying to be so "creative" when naming their children... When no one knows how to pronounce your child's name when they see it or spell it when they hear it you've gone to far! And, that's far more embarrassing for a child then having a "boys" name or a "girls" name that people can read at graduation!
I see this name as either a boys' name or a country in the Middle East. That's the main thing that puts me off it: it's like calling your child Syria or Iraq; not to mention round here it's really chavvy.
I prefer this name on a boy. Jordyn is the spelling for a girl.
Absolutely love this name for a girl! I've only met really cute and confident girls with this name, and also feel it's a name she can grow into when she's older. I think it sounds more feminine than masculine, but that's just me. I am thinking of naming my daughter Jordan Nicole, as I prefer the original spelling over the new variations of the name. :)
Jordan Greenway (also known as Midorikawa Ryuuji) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
Jordan Baker, Daisy's best friend and Nick's girlfriend in F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous "The Great Gatsby." Her name is derived from two big car companies of the day; Jordan Motor Company and Baker Motor Vehicle. This alludes to her "fast" and independent personality.
Jordan is a nice name and I personally prefer it for a boy. I see it as a males name.
I LOVE THIS NAME! I'd definitely give my future son this name. It's brilliant and so handsome sounding.
In Arabic, Jordan as a name and Jordan as a country are 2 different spellings and pronunciations. Jordan as a country is called "al-urdunn" and spelled "الأردن". This is a common mistake among translators when translating a person named Jordan into Arabic, they accidentally turn it into the country. Jordan as a given name is spelled "جوردان".
I actually really like this as a girl's name. It has a strong sound to it but still goes well on a woman of any age, unlike Madison or Peyton. And for those complaining that it was a boy's name and should remain so, this name was always unisex. When the crusaders baptized their children, they named both boys and girls Jordan. Besides, it doesn't mean "Son of Jord" or "Man", so it's perfectly acceptable for a girl.
My given name is Jordan-Maia, I quite like it, it's not quite girly or boyish and I'm told it suits me well, my name is pronounced Jor-dan which can be spelt as Jordanne. I used to hate it when I was younger but now I'm older I find it more suiting than a traditional girls name like my sisters for instance 'Ellie' to me, it's too girly like her. I am more boyish, so my name suits me.
To all the Jordan's male or female, don't hate your name, embrace it. It's yours to keep and it's one of a kind.
OMG. I love this name for a boy! So sexy! One of my biggest crush is name Jordan, and he really is sexy! This is a really cool name, too!
My name is Jordan! I'm as female as female can be. I've had my fair share of negative comments about how people think it's a "guy's name". I embrace the fact that I'm not a Megan or an Ashley or a Tiffany. Better yet, I didn't exactly have a choice in the matter when I was an infant. Lol. So, be careful when you go bashing something about someone that they had no control over! Oh, rude people...
This is such a handsome name for a boy/man. Its truly upsetting to me that it's so popular for girls.
Jordan Laz is a member of the indie rock band Locksley. His brother, Jesse, is also a member of the band.
This name is cool on a boy! Jordan is strong and very unique. I have only met boys with Jordan as their middle name. I think it's a good first or middle name. On girls, this name is horrible! (no offense) but I would rather call a girl Jordan rather than all the other surnames like Parker.
This is most definitely a masculine name to me. If you wish to name your daughter this, please, please use one of the feminine versions! (Jordania or Jordana is quite pretty.)As a masculine name, while it is not my favorite name, I have no problem with it. It has a venerable past and historical and religious significance.
One possible feast or name day for someone named Jordan (or its other forms) would be the feast of the Baptism of Christ, also called Theophany, traditionally celebrated by Western Christians on the date of January 13th, and more recently on the Sunday _after_ January 6th. For Eastern Christians (Eastern Catholic and Orthodox), the Baptism of Christ is celebrated on January 6th. These are some possible patron saints for those named Jordan or its other forms: (main source is Jordan of Saxony, feast day February 13th. A famous preacher of the Dominican religious order noted for his charity to the poor and his powerful sermons, he succeeded Saint Dominic himself as master-general of the Order in 1222. His writings on Dominic and the early days of the Order are still considered primary sources.Blessed Jordan Forzatei of Padua (1158-1248), feast day August 7th. Benedictine monk and abbot who helped several Lombard cities to ally. Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II entrusted him with the city government, which then led to him being imprisoned for three years by Count Ezzelino. Blessed Jordan of Pisa (c.1255-1311), feast day March 6th. Dominican preacher, professor, evangelizer, and visionary with great devotion to Our Lady and Saint Dominic. He used vernacular Italian in his evangelization, which is said to have helped lead to modern Italian language. Blessed Jordan of Pulsano (d. 1152), feast day September 5th. Benedictine monk, spiritual student of Saint John of Pulsano, and abbot-general of the monastery in Pulsano, Italy from 1139 until his death.
Jordan Raskopoulos is an Australian comedian and also the singer from the Axis of Awesome.
The name didn't die out in the Middle Ages in the UK; it wasn't common, but there is documented consistent use from the 1400s to now.
A while back there was a movie by the name of "Private School." One of the stars was "Betsy Russell" and she played the part of "Jordan Leigh-Jenson". I found her very pretty, but that's not really the point. When I heard her character's name, I really felt it fit her. Not only by personality portrayed but visually as well. The name itself can be used as both male and female and this was a perfect example. It's a beautiful name.
For more information about "Jordan" the country, please go to
This is such a handsome name for a boy or a man, but I'm afraid I don't care for it at all on a girl.
What a double standard that I'm seeing here. Women, such as the one above me, are getting upset that people are calling their name masculine, but then turning right around and saying to the men that their name is girly. Talk about fighting fire with fire.My name is Jordan and I am male; I have been complimented on my name numerous times and never once was I told that I had a "girly" name. I have only met two other male Jordans and two female Jordans in my entire life, all of them different ages than me, so I feel Jordan strikes a good balance of common and unique.Jordan on a girl doesn't bother me too much, although I do prefer it on a boy as personally I think the "dan" sounds a bit masculine. If I ever had a girl, I would consider naming her Jordan but probably follow it up with a more feminine middle name. The character of Jordan in The Great Gatsby--one of my favorite books--does help me accept it as an okay girl's name.
My name is Jordan. Up until 4th grade I went by Jordan and the only Jordan's I knew were boys. They were just plain rude and I didn't want to be associated with that, so I changed my name to Rebecca because I thought Jordan was too boyish. But I don't look or act like most Rebecca's. Now I wish I would have just stuck with Jordan. I think it's WAY more girly. This coming from the person who actually has the name and the right to talk about it! So all of you who say that it's masculine and that parents that name their girls that are crazy, get a life and stop bagging on peoples names!
To me, Jordan (or Jordon) is a male name. Of the people I have known with this name, 99% were men. I don't like it at all as a female name. It seems too close to George.
I like this name more for boys, which is strange, since I would normally prefer unisex names for girls. Jordan just sounds too masculine. If you want to name your baby girl this, I recommend spelling it Jordyn. Then it seems more feminine. Overall, though, I don't really like this name.
Jordan is naturally a beautiful, strong and unique girl's name. Jordan is feminine because of its association; the river Jordan and the country. Rivers and Countries are regarded as females. Educate yourself and do your research if you think Jordan is a masculine name. I have always loved the name Jordan for girls. I named my daughter Jordan-Maya.
I think this is a very bad name for a boy, I like it used better on a girly girl, in other words I think my bro is a girly girl.
Boring and done to death. Without class. An utter embarrassment to the bearers/parents who choose it who know nothing about the climate of the country. Possibly even culturally insensitive.
Well it may be boring and it's certainly less popular these days, but "culturally insensitive"? What kind of blinkered criticism is that? Maybe as a legacy of the Crusades Jordan is suddenly pushing the wrong button? Since it is ultimately Aramaic (like many other biblical names) and the Arabic form is Urdun/Urdunn (only used for the river and the country), I really don't see the point.
I think it's an okay name, but only for males. I don't understand why some people find it unisex. Names like Alex, Jamie, Taylor, THOSE are unisex names. Jordan sounds entirely masculine.
My best friend is called Jordan but she absolutely hates the fact that it's associated with that woman who is more boob than brain so she always goes my her middle name. I really like the name but I don't like the fact that people only think of either boys or Katy Price. I think it's a lovely name for both genders!
This name is pretty cool for a boy and a girl.
20-year-old Jordan Witzigreuter makes pop music under the name of The Ready Set.
I prefer it on a boy. Jordan makes me think of a confident, popular boy for some reason - I don't know why!
Ooooooooh me likey Jordan! (; I like it for a girl, but not so much for a boy. Maybe because all the guy Jordans I know- except for one- were jerks. And all the girl Jordans were perfectly charming girls and young women. I really love it.
My name is Jordan and I'm a girl. I've never had problems with people thinking I was a boy or anything, so I love my name. My parents picked it out because it's in the bible. (:
I quite like this name. This spelling I would think more for guys, but it works either way. It is a very nice name, either way.
100 percent for a boy! I imagine Jordan as a very strong man. If it is a boys name keep it that way.
My name is Jordan, and I hated it when I was in elementary school. I was the only Jordan there (male or female!) and none of my friends (or their parents!) had ever come across a female Jordan before. I was in a class full of Lauren's, Megan's, Faith's and Ashley's, it was awful! As I got older, people started to comment more on how unique (rather than weird) my name was, and I even started getting told that my name was "beautiful" for a girl. I kinda like it now! I saw this a lot with other friends who had unisex names as well. Now I love my name, wouldn't have it any other way.
Jordan is a cool name. Nice and masculine and it's definitely for a boy. If you want a girl, name her Jordana, don't give her a boy's name. HELLLLLLOOOOO!
I might like this name more (on either sex) if it weren't so common. It looks and sounds even worse when I see it accompanied by an ugly misspelling, like Jorden, Jordon, Jordin, or Jordyn, which of course makes me want to pronounce it with an emphasis on the incorrect vowel. Besides that, this name also calls to mind a dumb high school jock.
I hate this name on a boy. It sounds stupid to me. I love it on a girl, though. I think it sounds very girly. :)
I used to hate this name, but now I like it, and can even tolerate it on a girl. However, I don't like all the obnoxious misspellings.
My name is Jordan and I love it. I only personally know two other girls with this name, and I like it because I think it's unique. I'm glad I don't have a regular overused girls name. Also, I am definitely a girly girl and I think it fits me! For all of you who don't like it, you don't have to be rude. I would never say such hurtful things about a name where anyone could read it on the internet. If you don't like it fine, but you don't have to be hateful about it.
Girl's name, hands down, in my book. Girl's name all the way.
I like this name better for a girl but it is okay on boys.
Jordan Sullivan is Dr. Cox's ex-wife (and later, his live-in partner) on the hit medical drama-comedy "Scrubs". She is played by actress Christa Miller.
Firstly, I know a girl named Jordan, but she has a feminine middle name that follows, so it's very obvious when talking about her to other people, that she's a girl.
The REASON people have girls names and boys names is so you can tell if they're a girl or a boy when you talk about them. For example, if you read an article in a newspaper written by a "Jamie Waterson" you wouldn't know if it was a guy or a gal unless they said so. This is very frustrating to me sometimes (though I do like the name Jamie). Also, if someone says "I'm gonna bring my cousin Ryan over, okay?" and they turn out to be a GIRL when I'm expecting it to be a guy, it frustrates me. Also when girls have nicknames like "Sam" and I'm expecting some boy name Sam, it drives me nutso as well. That, my friends, is why you have boy names, and girl names - distinction.
Bono's eldest daughter is named Jordan - she was born on his 27th birthday.
The name "Jordan" is simply adorable! I even call my godson by this name.
I have many impressions for this name, Michael Jordan being the most obvious one, although I never really was into basketball. I also associate it with Jordan in Gatsby and the Jordan River. I love some of Jordan Sparks's songs, especially "One Step at a Time." I knew a few girl Jordan's in elementary and middle school, and I hated them but not because of their name LOL. I've also known a few boy Jordan's, but the only one that sticks is one I've known since fourth grade. All the other impressions of this name are fading because now that I'm getting to know Jordan more as we've gotten older the connotation of the name is just changing for me. I now think of a smart, funny, blonde-headed blue-eyed boy when I hear this nae LOL.
I'm named Jordan, and I absolutely hate it. Do you know how many times I've been teased by that?! Every time I walk down a hall, someone yells out "Jordan" and I either turn around, and it's not me who they're calling, or I walk away, and they're saying hello. Too common. I'm changing it when I'm older.
There are some names that suit different styles of people. Jordan gives me the idea of a emotionally strong boy or man on a boy, but on a girl, well the only way I can see a girl pulling this off is if she's rebelious and is rough around the edges. This isn't a girly girl's name.
It sounds like a nice person's name. It is a very good choice for both girl and boy. It is not very common so that is always a good thing if you ask me. I have a brother named Jordan and it suits him well.
Jordan Puryur plays Candy Smiles on Disney Channel's Cory in the House.
I have known girls with this name, but frankly, since I have a brother with this name, I can't imagine naming a girl this. I think the Hebrew form of it, Yarden or Yardena, especially Yardena, would be better for a girl. Anyone else think so?
The origin is slighly different: it's composed actually of the hebrew words: YARAD (to desend) and DAN (which is the name of the river from which JORDAN River descends).
I hate this name on girls and women. It's too masculine for feminine girls and women, and since it's so popular and common, it doesn't sound particularly edgy on the more androgynous or indie rocker-like girls and young women either. On guys, the name is okay, but not exactly one of my favorites. I can't really picture this name on any grown woman past the age of 30.
I never had a particular affinity for the name Jordan, but it was my beloved Great-Grandmother's maiden last name. So when my twin daughters were born I used it as one girl's middle name and I think it sounds lovely.
Strangely enough, I love this name for a girl (and why shouldn't it be bestowed upon a girl when it is from a river name - surely rivers are fair game for either sex?). But I would never use it because it is much more popular for boys here, and a surname too, and I wouldn't want to tempt the possibility that my daughter would grow up feeling uncomfortable with that. I don't mind it on boys/men, but it has always struck me as a more androgynous-verging-on-feminine name. I'm sure a big tough guy would change my perception a little though! My first association is Jordan from Scrubs, Dr Cox's wife. Sadly, then I remember ultra-tacky glamour model and Heat-hogger Jordan (Katie Price), and feel like this poor name is just never going to get a decent break!
My middle name is Jordan. So therefore, this name is a girl's name too. And for all of you people who say, "put your heads on right when you name your kids!" Put YOUR heads on right, and you'll see this is a girl's name too.
Jordan Yates is the only boy singer in the Christian band PureNRG. He sings with Caroline Williams and Carolyne Myers.
I think it sounds really blunt for a girl. I don't like the name on either sex, but on a girl it's just terrible.
I like this as a guy's name! Not as a girl's. When I think of the name Jordan, I think of a hot popular dude (one of those hunks who think they are all that) when I think of a girl named Jordan I think, why? (no offence)
The actress that plays Lizzie on the show Life with Derek is named Jordan Todosey.
In the UK this name's unfortunately associated with a trashy celeb who's famous for having really enormous bosoms. Which is a shame, as I used to like it as a boy's name.
If you look at the popularity ratings you can see how this name for girls vanishes from the charts in England and Scotland in 2002, which is when said awful celeb started being in all the papers.
Not my favorite name. I think this name is used too much. I like it as the name of a River, not a person.
It's an okay-ish name for a boy, but I strongly dislike it on a girl. But then, I'm just not a fan of boy names for girls to begin with. Prospective parents: please THINK. This world does not need any more little girls running around with little boy names.
I love the name Jordan on a guy. It just sounds so strong. I don't really like it on a girl.
My name is Jordan and I am a man. A proud man. I have only met two other Jordans in my whole life. They were both also guys. I never felt insecure about having a unisex name. As for the person who wrote that to give your child a unisex name is "cruel and unusual punishment", I disagree. I've never been unsure of my masculinity and if I was, it certainly wasn't because some girls share my name. I'm not for or against Jordan as a female name, but honestly I wish people would stop using it.Growing up I never heard of another person named Jordan, and only got occasional references to Michael Jordan. I like to point out that Jordan is his last name. One doesn't really have anything to do with the other. I am not named after him. It was slightly amusing to some people that my best friend as a child was named Michael.I don't like that Jordan has become so popular recently, as my parents made a consciously offbeat choice which is now being mainstreamed. I always found that the particularity of my name made me unafraid to stand away from the masses, speak my mind, and defend my ideas when necessary. When something difficult just has to be said, it is often me saying it, even on another's behalf.I don't think that giving your child an offbeat or unisex name is "cruel and unusual punishment". Much worse is the cruel and quite usual punishment of a common and "safe" name.
Such an awful name for a girl. This name sounds just too masculine.
My given name's Jordan Maia but I got made fun of as where I live. It's generally associated with the model Katie Price who changed her name (meh) so nowadays I'm generally known as Jay or JD which are actually more masculine sounding but I quite like it after years of being teased for having a glamour model's name! So I'm not too keen on the name and it's a little overused as a guy's name.
I love this name so much that my first daughter's name is going to be Jordan.
There are so many girls I've seen with this name. I just don't understand what's wrong with Jordana.
I think this is an okay name for a boy, but I dislike it for a girl. I'd never personally give this name to my son though because I don't like unisex names, that's cruel and unusual punishment.
Jordan is a male name. Pet forms are Jordi, Dan, Jory. Name Day: 13th February.
Seventeen year old Jordin Sparks just won American Idol a couple weeks ago!
I named my oldest daughter Jordan Danyelle. She hated the name when she was in elementary school because the boys called her Michael Jordan, but now she seems to like her name. I think it fits her. She is a tall beautiful blonde athletic girl.
Actor Haley Joel Osment's younger sister who is an actress is named Emily Jordan.
I like the names on both, but Jordyn is nice for a girl!
I personally think that Jordan is very masculine, and sounds too harsh for a girl, and doesn't sound unique at all (unless used for a boy). Also, I know we ARE living in a modern society, and no one had said that a girl with this name is stupid yet.
Perfect unisex name. Not too "girly" for a boy, nor is it too "boyish" for a girl. I'll admit, I first thought of the famous Michael Jordan, and that will probably forever be my first thought for the name, the strong, tall and talented. But it's beautiful for a girl too. The name takes on a completely, much more mystical prescence when it's a girl's name. The best part about the name though, is that because it works so well for either gender, that no matter WHAT the child's personality is, the name will fit. Whether it's a girl who loves martial arts and basket ball, or a boy who prefers the art studio and stage, no matter what the name works. Neither modern sounding nor traditional (though its origins are), neither masculine nor feminine, plus has a unique ring to it, the name is truly "one size fits all.". Didn't realize how much I liked this name until I wrote the comment. Now I have to add it to my "favorite names" list.
A famous bearer with this name is Jordan Pruitt.
Hello all, my name happens to be Jordan. It's really annoying when little kids come up to me and ask me my name, and when I tell them they say, "Ooh, that's a boy's name!" Well, I am a girl and I am named after Elizabeth Shue's character in Cocktail and I'm PROUD! Even though I hate Tom Cruise.
Even though I think it suits boys better, this is a modern society in which men and women are equal. Women wear trousers now, women can vote, why should women be scorned for bearing a name that they did not even choose! "Whatever girl is named Jordan is stupid" well, let me think, how can SHE be stupid if she did not even choose the name for herself? I have known males called Alison which is a traditional feminine name and also if you look at some US popularity charts from the 1900's many males bore traditional feminine names, and yet people have the indignity to make fun of people on a public site, and some people out there will take it to heart! Sorry for this ranting essay but it just had to be said that you can have your opinion but those who are not careful can cause hurt amongst people. This name is a bit too popular for my taste but then again it shows the flexibility of modern parents and their acceptance (even if it's only subconscious) of social equality and I hope one day parents will be allowed to give a boy a feminine name that means something to them without fear of social stigma.
My friend has this name, and he spells it Jordon.
This is the best name ever. Whoever has this name is super Cool!
I love the name Jordan for a boy, but I hate it for a girl. It’s just not a feminine sounding name. I wouldn’t name my son this though because it’s become too unisex, and I don’t think boys liking having names that are given to girls as well as boys. I am not sure when people started using this name for girls, but it’s definitely a masculine name.
I love it for guys! I hate it for girls! Even though it's my cousin's name. She goes by Jordie though so it's okay.
This name has become so poplular for both girls and boys lately that I would not use it for either. If you like the sound of it, use Jordana for a girl or Jordon for a boy.
I like this name better as a boy's. I don't think that it can't be a girl's name, but I find it better suited to men.
Jordan for me is a boy's name. It is so strong, handsome and rugged sounding.
It drives me insane when people use this masculine name for their daughters. It has a feminine form!
I agree with Mithos 100%. This is a boys name; we have the feminine form for a reason!
I have never really liked the name Jordan. It's definitely not a girl's name and it has a hard sound to it.
I've liked this name since I saw it in "The Great Gatsby," which is a great book. For me, it's one of those names that can be used for either gender.Also, Jordan Knight was one of the members of New Kids on the Block.
I used the name Jordan as a middle name for my son Peter. We chose an older biblical first name so we decided on a more popular updated middle name. For me Jordan is just too masculine for a girls name.
Jordan has been in use as a feminine name for quite a few years now. The earliest refernce I can think of is the character Jordan Baker in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, which takes place in 1922. Her name is an amalgram of the names of two cars.
Jordan is the name of the lead singer of New Found Glory.
My name I Jordan and I like the name! It is very unique! I think it is more of a girl's name but that is probably just because I am a girl!
Jordan is the middle name of Elijah Wood.
I have a 6 year old niece with this name who just started school last year. She hates that there are boys with the same name in her class. She asked my sister why she gave her a boy name. I think it is a big mistake to burden your daughter with a boy name.
Ah-hem. MY name is Jordan and anyone who has a problem with that needs to look at the statistics to see just what a popular name it has become in recent years! You might want to be careful whose name you berate since it could very well be that someone sitting next to you carries said name! I used to hate my name as well, since growing up there were more boys than girls with the name but that has changed lately and now I'm complimented daily on how pretty and feminine it is. I wouldn't change it for the money in the world today.
I think the most suitable abbreviation for the name Jordan is Gordo. Which is an excellent beautiful name, reminds of flowing lava.
Elisabeth Shue played a character named Jordan in the film Cocktail back in 1988.
Two famous Jordans: Michael Jordan, the basketball star and Jordan Cavanaugh, the title character of the T.V. show "Crossing Jordan." She is played by Jill Hennessy.
You may not agree that it is acceptable for both genders. I personally think it is far more feminine then masculine, but I wouldn't put down or say negative comments about it being so. By the way, I named my daughter Jordyn and get compliments consistently on how pretty it is and I'm a male.
I don't like the name Jordan for a boy or girl. When I was younger I knew a girl named Jordan who pretended she was a dog all of the time (but that's not why I dislike this name).
I like the name Jordan for a boy or a girl, but I prefer the spelling Jordyn for a girl.
I wonder how the impression became that "Jordan" is used as a first name in Germany! I have heard of "Justin" and "Jason", etc. becoming popular here slowly, but not of "Jordan". We have some - sometimes weird, I must admit - regulations here how you may name your kids, like you may name your daughter "Maria" and your son "Joseph" for example, but not "Jesus" as this name is considered too "holy" to be borne by a human... So using the name of a river must have seemed too weird to some bureaucrats to use it for a person.Maybe "Jordan" is not used here as a first name because we have a saying here "to cross the river Jordan", which means "to die". And who would like to have a name connected with death...? Anyway, I don't mean any offense to persons bearing this name! I just want to give an explanation why it is not used here. [noted -ed]
Jordan is a very nice name. I think it's best for girls. I agree that it's not very pleasant for people when their name is for both genders. Now how did that happen? I wonder... A Jordan is my best friend.
This name is awful. It's tacky and what we would describe here in Scotland as a "ned" name!
Jordan Leigh is my name, but I just like to be called Jordan. Sometimes I like my name to be spelled Jordyn instead of Jordan (sometimes). I love to be called Electra though. And Natalie the name isn't tacky. Take that opinion somewhere else.
My name is Jordan, and I have never really liked my name. My parents got the name from Jordan in the Great Gatsby. I think that Jordan goes well with my middle name, which is Leigh. So, whenever I sign my name or introduce myself, I say I am Jordan Leigh. Also, Jordan in Polish is Jordania, which I think is more interesting than Jordan.
I used to hate my name. I thought that it was very embarrising to have a "boy name." And I used to get embarrassed when the substitute teacher would say, "Jordan, is he here today?" when they would take attendance. But now I realize what a cool name it is. I have had a lot of people comment on it. Every time I introduce myself to someone they always say that it is such a pretty name. I think it is cool that not very many girls are named Jordan. So to all you girl Jordans out there, don't ever wish your name was something else! You are beautiful and unique. Leave the names Ashley and Megan to all the other regular girls out there. Be the confident and unique one! And take the rude comments that others say about you as a grain of salt.
I think the name Jordan is a beautiful name! It has such a ring to it for a girl, and also for boys! I don't see who could not like the name Jordan! And it has such a wonderful meaning also.
This name is masculine and sexy and and I'm sad that it has become unisex.

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