I absolutely adore this name. It is unique but well known, easy to pronounce and just so nice.
I really love this name because it's handsome, timeless, and easy to pronounce.
Julius Fucik was the same person who composed the song "Entry of the Gladiators."
Name of the day 5/15.
Very cool name.
Looking at this site's Pronunciation Guide, the Swedish pronunciation should be more like YUU-lee-uus (or perhaps YUW-lee-uws, I have a hard time telling the difference between UU and UW). You can listen to the Swedish pronunciation here: UY as in French "feu" (used as an example in the Pronunciation Guide) sounds more like how Swedes pronounce the letter Y.
Maybe it comes from Latin Jovilius "devoted to (God) Jove".
Also Estonian:
My name is Julius. I was named after my grandfather Julius. His nickname was Jolts which I adored. I’m proud of my name and get many positive comments on it. Thanks.
ἴουλος, in ancient Greek, has several more meanings than "downy-bearded." It means "corn sheaf," and is the title of a song honoring Demeter.It also means "catkin," which are fuzzy flowering structures of willow, hazel, and hornbeam trees. Source:
Julius Kane is the father of the main characters in Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles series.
Usage: Ancient Roman, English, German, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, History
JOOL-yəs and JOOL-ee-əs in English, YOO-lyuws in German, YOO-lyoos in Dutch and Danish, YOO-li-uys in Swedish and Norwegian, and YOO-lee-oos in Finnish and Classical Latin.
Also Czech: [noted -ed]
I think this is a fantastic name. It makes me picture a handsome, intelligent and a mysterious kind of guy. I have only met one other person with this name and he was very handsome and carried himself very well. Another good thing about this name is that it's not overused and will age well on the bearer. I also love the classic feel of this name.
This is currently my favorite boy's name because it is so strong sounding but not very common. Everyone knows this name but I have never met someone with this name. When I hear this it reminds me of Julius Caesar and Orange Julius. The most common nickname is Jules which is cute for a little boy and hot for an adult or teen (I am a teen).
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Julius who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 906th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
A cheap and stupid form of Julia/Julian. Also it's the name of the monkey created by the brand Paul Frank.
I know people don't like this name, but I have always loved it for some reason. Better than Julian.
If I understand Latin suffixes correctly, |-ius| makes its meaning "SON OF |Julus| Downy [-bearded], *"not just "Downy[-bearded]" alone.*"Downy-bearded" is like our idiom "peach fuzz." Often translated as "youthful," "baby-faced" is closer to its original intent. Since women don't have beards, this root is patently masculine. Feminine suffixes show a relationship to a male JULUS (JULia) or his descendants, such as JULIUS (JULIana), as do masculine suffixes (JULius, JULIan[us]).
Julius is a great name. Though as someone already commented, Orange Julius. But an association shouldn't stop one from using a name.
The name Julius can also be an Egyptian name, it may be after the Pharaoh Julius Carbug. He lived for 55 years and he was related to cleopatra.
It is pronounced joooo-leeeeehehe-uhssss.
I like the name but I wouldn't name a person it.
Finding a diminutive nickname for Julius can be difficult. I just met a Julius who goes by Yule (Yool) and read of another that went by Jule (Jool).
I don't hate this name by any means, but I don't love it either. If someone asked me if I liked it I'd say yes but it's not on my favorites list. It's nice though, and very classic. If you hear of someone called Julius you wouldn't automatically imagine them to be a certain age. It's also a nice alternative to the very popular and trendy Julian.
Julius "Dr. J" Erving II is a retired American basketball player who has won several championships, 4 MVP awards, and 3 scoring titles. He is currently the 6th highest scoring player in NBA history.
This was my great grandfather's name and I adore it. To me, the name Julius is so strong and masculine. Julian sounds too feminine ("gay" if you will).
I certainly would favor "Julius" over "Jayden" any day. Having said that... while I am positive popular thought would assume I enjoy this name, it is not a favorite. It does not necessarily belong on my "Hated List," it simply for not belong with my "Favorites." The flow seems off to me, for one. Second, I find it more visually pleasing (written), than pleasurable to the ear (spoken sound).
Really cool name.
I like this name, but there aren't many good nicknames. I suppose you wouldn't want to call a boy Julie?
Love this name! We chose it for our first son. It feels dignified yet jubilant, and I think it perfectly suits an adult or child. I also like that it's familiar to everyone but hardly ever used anymore.
There was a Roman centurion named Julius in the Bible. He saved the life of the apostle Paul when all the other Roman soldiers wanted to kill him. The story is told in Acts 27.
'Julius' is a very intelligent-sounding name, not as pompous as other "-us" names. It also reminds me of Julius Henry Marx.
Julius is the dad in "Everybody Hates Chris".
Sigismund Freud had a brother named Julius.
Of the names ending with "-us", this is one that I'd find easier to use. It doesn't sound nearly as pompous and out of place. Unfortunately, images of an Orange Julius are slowly creeping into my mind. Julius is much less tired than Julian, but it still has some cheerful quality.
What a great name! I am very fond of it. I also like the name Julian. I think Julius is a nice alternative to Julian.
Actress Lucy Lawless and producer/writer Robert G. Tapert have a son Julius Robert Tapert, born in New Zealand. [16 October 1999]
Famous bearer is restaurant Orange Julius.
One famous bearer is Slovak actor Július Satinský.
Although it is well known from Julius Caesar (after whom the month of July was named), I'm not a particular fan of this name. It otherwise makes me think of some wise old professor or historian somewhere in the United States (if nowhere else).It was also the first name of Ethel Rosenberg's husband, who was executed with her for espionage in 1953.
Julius is also the name of the kind-hearted pick-pocket played by Laurence Olivier in the 1979 film "A little Romance", in it he helps two teenage lovers run away to Venice so they can kiss under the bridge of Sighs, and even when you find out that he's a fraud you forgive him because he had good intentions.
Because they didn't have j's in Latin the Romans would have started this name with an I which is why it is pronounced yoo`lius. (Also as a side note, they didn't use u's either and instead used v. So this name would look like this: IVLIVS.)
This is one of my favorite masculine names ever.
This is my fiance's name, so I think it's wonderful, and that it has a much nicer sound to it then Julian.
Dr. Julius Hibbert is a character on the Simpsons.
Julius Marx was Groucho of the Marx Brothers.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Julius here:
Not a bad name but I do prefer Julian.
I love this name! It's so classy, unique and heroic. It's not so popular but so strong and simply beautiful. I think it's one of the greatest names ever. It reminds me of a smart, mysterious guy who has something attractive that other people don't have or can't have. And I prefer YOO-lee-us to JOO-lee-us. It sounds much more unique, I guess.
I adore *Julius*. It's timeless and very masculine.
Name of the fairy police Commander in the popular Artemis Fowl series.

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