Some middle names:
Karl Kevin
Karl Adrian
Karl Robert
Karl Landon.
Handsome! I like both Karl and Carl! But I don't like Carla.
So handsome.
Karl Walter Miller aka KW Miller is an energy analyst, political commentator, and current candidate of U.S. Representative for Florida's 18th congressional district. His tweets are absolute treasures.
Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
I used the female form. Apparently it means manly one, too. Eeeeekkkk. Carla that is. My ex shrink was called Carl. Carla. Mostly used by Italian women along with Cara.
I like this spelling better than Carl, but I still love the name.
Karl is a handsome, masculine name of Germanic origin that is definitely not feminine under any circumstance! An excellent
name with historic ties to Germany.
Karl Geiger is a German ski jumper. He won a silver medal with the German team at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
I think Karl would make a cute girl name. Technically names don’t have genders except girl names. I also like it spelled Carl too! Carla is just a form of Carl that makes Carl more feminine. Carl is as feminine as it gets sometimes. I think this name should be listed as masculine and feminine like Kyle, Tyler, Ryan, Jordan, and Adrian, since they use boy names on girls, why not use Carl/Karl. I like the name Karl - it's more feminine and Carl is more masculine.
Karl Yune is an American actor. Yune, an Asian American, was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Yune was educated by Jesuits at Georgetown Preparatory School, an American Jesuit college preparatory school. It is among the most selective prep schools and the oldest all-boys school in the United States. It is the only Jesuit boarding school in the country. Yune studied business, literature, and philosophy before switching to a major in theater at Columbia University's School of Arts, New York, after winning the role of Romeo for a presentation of Romeo and Juliette.
Karl-Konstantin von Habsburg referred to in Austria as Karl-Konstantin Habsburg-Lothringen, in Hungary as Habsburg Károly Konstantin, and also as Archduke Karl-Konstantin of Austria, is the only son of Georg von Habsburg and Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg. As of 2016, he is considered third in line of succession to the former Austro-Hungarian throne. He is the great-grandson of Emperor Charles I of Austria through his grandfather Otto von Habsburg. Through his maternal grandfather, he is a descendant of George II of Great Britain, and would therefore be in line for the British throne were he not a Catholic and barred by the Act of Settlement.
Also Bulgarian form of Charles.
"Karl the Great" is a famous German King. Known in the Anglo world as "Charlemagne".
Karl Friedrich Benz was a German engine designer and automobile engineer. His Benz Patent Motorcar from 1885 is considered the first practical motorcar. He received a patent for the Motorcar on 29 January 1886.
Karl Oskar Fjørtoft is a Norwegian footballer who played for Hødd, Rosenborg BK, Molde FK, Swedish team Hammarby IF and Aalesund. After the 2008 season, his contract with Aalesund was not renewed. In late December he was signed by SK Herd together with former teammate Lasse Olsen.
A famous bearer of this name is Karl Reille (1886-1975), a French baron famous for his watercolors.
He was the great grandson of French marshal Honoré Reille.
While the name is associated with predominantly Russian and German people, the name has become much more popular in the UK and the US.
Karlchen is a German nickname used for Karl.
The name Karl was given to 180 boys born in the US in 2015.
Karl Green, bassist for the British Invasion band Herman's Hermits. Born 1947 in Manchester, England.
Karl Albin Elis Holmberg is a Swedish footballer who plays for Örebro SK as a midfielder.
In the comic: Hellboy, there is an underling to the main antagonist named: Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.
Lots of famous fore bearers, Karl Marx, Karl Jung (who apparently changed the spelling of his name from Carl to Karl), Carl Rogers, Charles Darwin (based on Karl being the germanized form of Charles), Charles Dickins (ibid.), Carl Sagan - which is why I named my son Karl, a.k.a. Kalle; as we are in Sweden :)
Also, can confirm previous comments that Karl in Scandinavian language (Swedish at least) means 'man' or 'guy' - i.e. sayings such as "en bra Karl reder sig själv" meaning a good man takes care of himself... others too but can't think of them now :)
The name Karl is a true classic! It's very masculine, strong and respectable. The meaning of the name Karl perfectly fits any bearer! =)
Karl means 'man' in many Nordic languages (including Swedish and Icelandic) so, therefore, it is one of the most manliest names you can give your child. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it also means 'man' in Old Norse, so because it can be associated with Vikings, and it means 'man', so it is a very, very manly name.
My step dad is named Karl, and he's awesome, so I like this name very much. But I hate it when it's spelled with a C. Karl makes me think of a cool person, Carl makes me think of a computer-geek/hermit. (No offense to anyone who is named Carl, but that's just my impression of it).
The name Karl was given to 160 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
I totally prefer this to Carl, Karl sounds much more interesting and strong to me than Carl.
Karl (1673-1695) was the son of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg and his second wife Sophie.
Karl (1655-1674) was the son of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg and his first wife Luise.
Karl (847-866) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles II ("the Bald") and his first wife Ermentrude.
Karl (876-877) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles II ("the Bald") and his second wife Richildis.
Karl (901-962) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Louis III and his wife Anna.
Karl (1733-1796) was the daughter of Augustus III of Poland and his wife Maria Josepha.
Karl (1752-1781) was the son of Frederick Christian, Elector of Saxony and his wife Maria Antonia.
Karl (772-811) was the oldest son of Charlemagne and his wife Hildegard.
Karl (845-863) was the son of Lothair I, Emperor of the Romans and his wife Ermengarde.
Karl (1697-1745) was the son of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria and his second wife Theresa.
Karl (1795-1875) was the son of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his first wife Marie.
Karl (1800-1803) was the son of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife Karoline.
Karl (1874-1927) was the son of King Ludwig III of Bavaria and his wife Maria Theresia.
Karl (1372-1373) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and his fourth wife Elisabeth.
Karl (1781-1846) was the son of King Frederick William II of Prussia and his second wife Friederike.
Karl (1801-1883) was the son of King Frederick William III of Prussia and his wife Luise.
Karl (1580-1587) was the son of William V, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Renata.
Karl (1547-1547) was the son of Albert V, Duke of Bavaria and his wife Anna.
Karl (1649-1664) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III and his second wife Maria Leopoldine of Austria.
Karl (1565-1566) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and his wife Maria of Spain.
Karl (1603-1603) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and his wife Maria Anna.
Karl (1745-1761) was the son of Maria Theresia and Emperor Francis. He was the older brother of Marie Antoinette.
Karl (1685-1740) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his third wife Eleonore. He later became Emperor Charles VI.
A small correction: there were seven Holy Roman Emperors and only one emperor of Austria with this name. [noted -ed]
Karl was the son of German King Rudolf I and his wife Gertrud of Hohenburg.
Karl (1771-1847) was one of the sons of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and his wife Maria Luisa of Spain.
Karl "the Bald" was the son of Louis the Pious and his second wife Judith and later became Holy Roman Emperor.
Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (1799 - 1852), also transliterated Briullov or Briuloff and referred to by his friends as "The Great Karl", was a Russian painter. He is regarded as a key figure in transition from the Russian neoclassicism to romanticism.
Karl/Carl Blechen (1798-1840) was a German painter who died insane.
My father's and grandfather's names are Karl. My name is Karly. I may name my son Karl. I like it. The K looks exotic to me. I hate the look of "Carly" and "Carl". My dad has the nickname Kardo (like kar-doo) and I get Kar. Great names, I recommend them.
Karl Malden was an actor who died recently. He appeared in A Streetcar Named Desire.
Wow! Karl is a sexy name! I've never realized that before! I really like this name.
Wolgang Amadeus Mozart and Constanze Weber had a son Karl Thomas Mozart, born 21.9. 1784 in Wien; † 31.10. 1858 in Mailand.
To mum2bubba: It's very common in Sweden (and probably the other Scandinavian countries).
Strange that Irish people are giving their kids such a german name.
I like it because it's not that common, I like it better than Carl.
Also a masculine name in Slovenia.
As a word in Swedish it means man. Common in hyphenated names such as Karl-Erik, Karl-Johan etc. Most Karls are called Kalle, although I've heard a Karl-Erik being called Kelle.
Karl Urban plays Eomer in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Karl here:
Famous bearers are Karl Böhm, an Austrian conductor and Karl Richter, a German conductor.
Karl Lagerfeld is a famous bearer.
Karl was the German god of the winds.
I've read that the origin of the name is linked to the word "housecarl" which was the word used to describe an old warrior chieftain's bodyguards.

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