It's so pretty. This is a feminine version of Kenneth.
This is a cool name!
Kendra Leigh Wilkinson is a famous Adult Actress.
Kendra Bentley was one of the winners of Amazing Race Season 6. (Unfortunately)
Absolutely beautiful name. I don't know what these hate comments are talking about.
All the women I've known with this name were adult entertainers or Playboy bunnies.
Love it! Sounds like an innocent, cute girl who always gets straight A's!
Very dated!
Kendra Daniels is the computer specialist of the USG Kellion emergency maintenance team and the main human antagonist in the sci-fi horror video game Dead Space.
I'm a 52-year-old Kendra (born in 68), but I cheated and picked the name out myself when I was in my 20's.
I went through a similar process as those naming babies. I got a few books of names (it was before we had the internet...) and whittled down the list until this was "it."

No regrets at all. I was given a name that ended in the long E sound as was nearly everyone I ever knew growing up.
If their name didn't start out that way, it was nicknamed as such.

I'm finding more and more Kendras as I go along, but it still stands out well enough and many people compliment the name.
Somewhat pretty!
To me this name seems unique and well, really just magical. There's just something about it. This name works with many last names too it also is great to have when you're young and still isn't too childish for an adult. It's my favorite name. Kendrick sounds awful and Kendall is horrible especially Kyndall and Kyndal. Kendra is a better choice and I'm considering it for my girl.
It's okay, but I don't really like names ending in -dra. I like Kenna more.
When I first heard the name Kendra many years ago, I thought it was very pretty. Then when the time came to name my daughter, I had gone over several names with Cara, Courtney and Karen being the three I narrowed the list down to. From nowhere it seems, the name Kendra came to mind and that is exactly what I named my daughter twenty-six years ago. She really likes her name and people she knows as well as perfect strangers compliment the name. I am happy that she likes the name, which is far more important than what people think, and I have encouraged her to live up to its meaning.
It's a very pretty name. I prefer it to Kendall, or Kyndyll, or Kendyl... it's very nice.
I feel slightly offended due to all the negative comments on my name, but due to my impression with other Kendras, I have found that most named Kendra are strong and restricted, and will not take any crap from anyone.
Kendra Jade Rossi is an American model, actress, and former adult film star. Rossi appeared on the VH1 reality television series Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. And Sober House. During these shows, Rossi was treated for sex addiction and alcoholism by Dr. Drew Pinsky.
My name is Kendra and I was born in the 1960's. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting an older Kendra than myself.

It is my understanding the name meaning and origin is Old Norse, Root Kenna meaning:
Knowledgeable, one of wisdom speaking beautifully, sensitive, achieving with devotion, enchanting, noble, faithful friend, responsible, radiating (has the time of her life) grand adventures.

My Grandmother was from Bohemia. Born 1903 and named me.
Kendra Kristal Krinklesac is a character from the American cartoon comedy The Cleveland Show.
It's an okay name, but not really pretty enough for me to like it. Something about it just sounds hard to my ears. I prefer it over something ugly like Kennedy, though.
Ken is an Old English variant of our modern English word 'can', which used to be a lexical word meaning 'to have mental ability' and gradually underwent a process of grammaticalisation until we get today's generalised meaning. I would guess that it means something similar to 'knowledge-carrier'? Aye, ken.
Growing up with the name Kendra, I have a lot of opinions on it. Generally, they add up to, it's not a bad name, but it definitely isn't good either. If you're thinking of naming a child this, keep thinking, because you could do better.

It's nicely rare, I have never met another person named Kendra. (Well, there was one kid named Kindra who pronounced it Kendra) People have no trouble pronouncing it or spelling it, though people occasionally call me Kendall.

There are also pretty much no good nicknames for Kendra. Ken and Kenny sound far too masculine. On the other hand, it's just not elegant. I prefer names with a lot of vowels, but instead I have too many consonants. It's just kind of rough and boring.
These comments are hilarious. I'm trying to visualize myself as a ghetto white-trash dead body. On another note, thinking of my name reminds me of Kendra (Playboy) Kendra. So there's that... ghetto and trashy. Really though, I like my name, and often receive compliments on it.
Kendra Spears (b. August 5, 1988 in Seattle, Washington) is an American supermodel.
I used to like this name, but then in college I met a girl named Kendra. She's one of those hypocritical Christians who is just really, terribly, horrifically annoying. Ever since then I can't really like the name.
There was a murder victim on a crime show I was watching named Kendra, and for some reason, ever since then, all I can think of every time I hear Kendra is 'dead body'.
This name sounds either really ghetto or white trash.
One of my best friends is named Kendra and I always saw the name as really feminine especially after taking Latin. Did you know that the -a ending is used for feminine Latin noun in the first declension? And truthfully I don't see how in any way shape or form that the name could be masculine, but hey that is just how I think.
This name is very ugly and masculine-sounding, but at least it beats the "names" Kennedy and Kendall. It's still ugly, though.
I love the name Kendra! It's so unusual. I'm pretty sure that's what I'll name my girl if I have one!
A famous bearer is American stage actress/singer Kendra Kassebaum (born May 12, 1973). She's best known for performing the role of Glinda in the original US national tour cast of the musical "Wicked" from March 2005 until September 2006. She reprised the role in the musical's Broadway production from January 2007 until October 2007, and again from May 2008 until November 2008. Additionally, she has performed in numerous regional and other Broadway productions, including "Rent", "Assassins", "Grease", and "A Chorus Line".
I'm not sure how accurate this meaning is or isn't. It seems a modern name and I've NEVER heard it associated with Kendrick (which seems kind of ugly). I've seen other meanings elsewhere and with name lists often having inaccuracies, it's hard to know what to believe. I think most people would consider it a feminine version of Ken, which more people would assoiciate with Kenneth than Kendrick. Not really sure though. I like Kendra and Kenneth is ok, but not so fond of Kendrick.
It sounds like a klendra. It means "winter" in Czech.
It's not masculine-sounding, but ugly it is. I just don't like the -dra ending, and come to think of it, the Ken-beginning is also crap.
Kendra sounds very manly to me.
Kendra is the name of the main character in the Fantasy Series "Fablehaven".
My wife's name is Kendra. I had always thought it was an African-American name until I met her. When I did some research I was very surprised.
Kendra Dumbledore was the mother of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series.
I think that Kendra is a beautiful name and one that can grow with a child. It is just as easy to imagine a little girl named Kendra as it is a grown woman, which I think is a very important thing to think about when naming your kid.
I always think of this as a strong name because of the slayer on Buffy!
This is my name and it means "ALL knowning woman".
I had never considered the name Kendra until I met a little girl with this name. She is as cute as a button. It is a cute name and one a child could grow up with.
I like this name a lot! And it is not overused!
This name is Gaelic for "water baby".
Kendra is not Irish for "water baby". That is ridiculous. Honestly, where do people get this stuff? It doesn't even resemble our words for "water" or "baby". And it isn't even spelt at all like an Irish word! We don't ever use "k"s, only "c"s.

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