This name makes me picture a cool, laid-back, easy-going guy.
I like the name, but I wouldn't give it to my kid- it's the kind of name that I'd want to give to a strong male lead in a story. Regardless, it sounds strong and bold.
Lance Amano is a character in the video game Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth: Investigations. His father founded the Amano Group.
Lance is a very handsome, traditionally masculine name. A "man's man" if you will. It gives me the impression of a very brave and kind athlete reminesant of the knights of Arthurian legend. I really like it. A great choice for any parents in my opinion.
I love this name, it's cute. It's good as a nickname for Lancelot, or a standalone name.
"DRAGONITE, Hyper Beam"I will now forever think of that whenever someone tells me that their name is Lance. Not a bad connotation however.
I love this name, it makes me think of video games (Lance from Elite Four, Lance from EBF, Lance from FE, Lance from Brave Frontier, the list goes on). I am in the boat where I changed my name due to being FTM transgender, and I chose the name because it is simple and yet brings up so many cool memories for me.
Simple and sweet.
Lance is an ugly name for overdramatic chads/alpha, the name has been ruined for me by Lance Stewart.
There is a character named Lance in the Epic Battle Fantasy video game series (An antagonist in the 2nd game and a protagonist in the 3rd, 4th and 5th games).
He is why I love the name Lance so much :D.
In 2018, 40 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lance who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 512th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Funny name.
Funny: I read all of the comments and no one pointed out the the surfer in Apocalypse Now was named Lance. That always kind of bugged me. He wasn't the brightest bulb.When I was in high school German class, I had to choose a German name. I chose Lutz, because it was on a list of German names and it started with 'L.' I didn't know it at the time, but Lance comes from an Old German name Lanzo (sounds Italian, doesn't it?), and I would have used that name instead. But I'm not German.I do wonder why Lancelot became tied up in Arthurian legend. Mary Stuart's books use a different name for the character. Maybe Lancelot is a mispronunciation of 'Lanzo l'eau.' I'm just speculating that the old German name could get mixed in with French. 'Eau' is French for water, and wasn't Lancelot connected with the Lady of the Lake?
Lance is one of Eugene's old robber friends in the TV series Tangled: The Series.
Lance is a brand of crackers. They make cracker brands like Toast Chee, Nip Chee, and Captain's Wafers.
My name is Lance, I was named after Lance Allworth who played for the Dallas Cowboys and my father's favorite player.
Lance Allan Ito is an American retired judge best known for presiding over the O.J. Simpson murder case while on the bench of the Los Angeles County Superior Court. He heard felony criminal cases at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles.
My friend used to call me Pitch, because in French 'lancer' means to throw.
Am I the only one who thought of Lance McClain from Voltron?
I named my 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited Lance. The name reflects what I feel about my Jeep; Strong yet so Pretty!
Lance Dos Ramos is an Venezuelan actor, model and animator, and the son of Portuguese immigrants. He is best known for the role of Chema Esquivel in the series Grachi. He is brother of actress Kimberly Dos Ramos. Also in 2011 participated in the Venezuelan film "Memoirs of a Soldier" which was released in 2012.
Dimebag Darrell's middle name.
This is an all around awesome name to me. It's a good, strong manly name without being too "in your face" masculine. I personally love it and wouldn't hesitate to use it.
I adore this name! It's strong yet simple with a soft touch. Just perfect.
Lance sounds like a real royal-type name to me.
Lance Sweets, anybody...?
This name is lovely, however the LANS pronunciation sounds wrong. I'm thinking of pronouncing it RANSU.
Lance, a prominent character in the most awesome video game to ever exist - "Brigandine," is another famous fictional Lance. Given the other Arthurian Legend-inspired names in the game like Yvain, Palomides, etc., I reckon Lance was named Lance as a sort of modern/familiar version of Lancelot.
Avoid the name Lance. It just feels like the name for a horribly written character with an overdramatic name. It's still better than Drake though, but still, use something better.
A hot and handsome name! ^-^
Lance Hunter, spy in Marvel Comics and adaptations, notably 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' where he is portrayed by Nick Blood.
As an English verb, 'Lance' means 'cut' or 'pierce' usually in a medical setting.
Lance was a character in Voltron. He was second-in-command of the Voltron Force, piloted Red Lion, and wore a blue uniform.
Funny how the Grand Theft Auto series have two characters named Lance: Lance Vance from GTA Vice City, and in GTA San Andreas, Ryder's real first name is Lance.
Lance Henriksen is a prolific actor and famous bearer of the name.
I used to really like the name Lance, but somebody I used to know by that name turned me off from it because he turned out to be a jerk. Plus there are a couple of gay celebrities with this name (Lance Bass from *NSYNC and Dustin Lance Black, who is a screenwriter for some movies). However, in a way I still like it because it reminds me of warriors and dragons too. Probably because people used lances back in the Middle Ages and there is a series of books called "DragonLance." :)
Every Lance I've known has been a jerk, but somehow I still like the name. I guess because it's not overused.
This is the name of Australian AFL player Lance "Buddy" Franklin. He plays for Hawthorn and kicked over 100 goals last season.
Lance Sweets is the psychologist on the FOX television drama "Bones."
To me, Lance always makes me think of an effeminate gay man. I think it's probably due to Lance Bass (who is gay himself). Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but that's my main association with the name.
My name is Lance, and it's not that good of a name in my opinion. It's not too common though.
Lance 'Buddy' Franklin is a famous bearer of this name. He is an AFL player who plays for Hawthorn and was the 2008 Coleman Medallist. He kicked 102 goals to win the award.
Lance Berkman is the starting firstbaseman for the Houston Astros.
Very nice name. I know one Lance and that's enough to say it's a great, cool name! ;-))
My cousin just named her baby Lance and I was surprised. I don't particularly hate or love it. Just seems there are a lot better-sounding names.
Not to offend anyone, but the name Lance makes me want to gag. I just can't imagine what kind of a person would look down at their newborn son and go, "Huh. I think I'll name him Lance." Honestly, it's a so-so name for a grown man (still kind of icky to me, honestly) but I just can't see any sane person naming their kid Lance. I mean, "Lance honey, it's time for dinner!" or "Shh, Lance. Mommy's on the phone." To be frank, Lance makes me think of a stuck up pretty boy. And the name kind of makes me want to punch something.
Lance is a very cool name for a boy.
One of the final four Pokemon Trainers in Pokemon Blue and Red was named Lance. He had dragon-type Pokemon, so I always associate the name Lance with dragons.
I always associate it with dragons because of that too. Nice though.
To me this name is Lance the Pants or Lance the dance, in other words a nerd. I'm sorry Lances!
Lance Bass has ruined this name for me. :(
Well, this is my name (not Lancelot, I don't know why I made that my username!). I can't stand Lance Armstrong or Lance Bass, but the name itself is actually quite nice, I think. It's fairly uncommon--although much-used names can be great too--and I don't personally know anyone else with this name. When my parents were trying to figure out who my patron saint was, the closest they could think of was Lawrence (LAwreNCE), which I think is cool. (I hate the name Lawrence, but St. Lawrence was cool.)
Lance, from Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals by Nintendo, he is a cool cavalier.
Lance is a great name. It's strong, boyish and gentle. It isn't over used either.
Lance is a good strong name.
Lance Armstong is a great bearer of this name.
I've always liked this name. It's also the name of one of the 'N'sync boys: Lance Bass (I pronounce it BAHss).

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