Levi is a short name for Leviathan.
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
Okay… I actually thought this was a girl’s name if you pronounce it LE-VEE. Short ‘e’ and the ‘i’ makes an ‘ee’ sound. I’ve only met one Levi before.
So far, I've met 3 Levies. They were all born around 2010- 2011. All of them left a good impression on me. I really like this name.
I'm going to be honest- I don't really like my name. It sort of sticks out sometimes, it's nice too but when I hear my name it frequently will freak me out because I'll hear my name and think they're talking to me. Scares me a tad bit when I figure out they're talking to their son or boyfriend.
Levi Ackerman.
I like it. Good name.
Hot, fine name!
I just think of the Levi jeans.
I love this name so much! It's cute either pronunciation. I was so surprised that this name is 25 (?) in the US and in the Top 10 in the Netherlands, I have never heard of this name and never met a Levi. Hope it doesn't become the next Liam.
The first time I’ve ever heard this name was from Attack On Titan, so I wasn’t overly keen on considering it as a baby name. But then I found out the Biblical aspects of this name, and I like it a lot more now and have put it on my list! It may be getting popular, but to me it’s still a very unique name. There’s just nothing else like it (to me), and it’s honestly such a nice name!
I love this name! A great pair of twins would be Levi and Rebecca, because both names mean the same thing. Anyways it's a great name:)
At the risk of appearing as a huge weeb, Levi Ackermann in Attack on Titan bears this name. He singlehandedly changed my disdain for the name to appreciation. I no longer think of the jeans.
This name is starting to grow on me. It’s really not bad.
In Russian we pronounce it as LEH-VEE. I know that people associate it with EVIL and all that, but it seems a bit ridiculous to me that some people find that concerning. The intention behind a name determines its future, not the anagrams. Plus in Russian if you would pronounce it as the short version LEV, it directly translates to lion. I find the name very powerful and masculine, definitely naming my future child Levi.
I think it's a beautiful name. I'm not entirely familiar with the religious background of the name Levi (or Levite) since I am not religious. However to me it sounds like a very strong yet melancholic name, there's just something very impressive and unique about it.
Love this name. I think it's beautiful.
This is one of my horse's names!
Don't like it at all.
This is the best boy's name EVER! A little common, perhaps, but for a good reason. It means 'joined' so it would make a really cute twin name with Rebecca (another favourite).
Levi is the nickname of the third of the 7 demon brothers in the otome game Obey Me! As a shortened form of his full name, Leviathan. Levi is a hardcore otaku and the Avatar of Envy.
Levi sounds very strong and handsome to me and it ages well. I don't think of the jean brand when I hear it, and I honestly associate it more with Attack on Titan.
I am not a fan of it is a first name to be honest, but I think it would be a good middle name. I know it is biblical but it sounds tacky to me, as I said I think it would make a better middle name than a first name.
Levi translates directly to light.
Come on, is it really that bad? I think it’s cute!
A beautiful name. I love it. Ruined by Attack on Titan, though. How sad.
Levy Larr is the youngest daughter of YouTube stars Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor Espina. She has an older sister, Penelope and twin brother Balcom. Levy’s name is pronounced Lev-ee.
The name has increased in popularity since 2009 Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan. In the series "the humanity's strongest" Levi Ackerman has that name. He is a fan favourite character and very popular in modern pop-culture and the name will be immediately associated with the series by the younger generation.
To all parents, skip this name. If you don't want to name your child wrangler, guess, 501, or lever to beaver then why would you pick Levi. Yes it is a bibical name, and as such it ends up being an extended conversation every time you introduce yourself at a church or community event, like I know you wouldn't discuss the name George for 20 minutes. Yes, I dislike my own name.
Dear Fathers and Mothers if you use the name LEVI for your son or Levia for daughter you shall keep this in mind a biblical name like this is not a joke you put on your son/daughter an obligation to be like LEVI of the old generations but if you do not know, this comment shall give you the obligation to inform your son/daughter what Levi means and how they shall behave to be an example. Same thing with the other biblical names, it is your choice but it gives you an obligation.
This name is altogether tough and cute sounding. Reminds me of a good pair of rugged blue jeans. Unpopular opinion this name is fitting for females too. I had too remove it from my list because it is becoming too popular. Still a great timeless name.
There is ONE CREATOR who appointed LEVI (Join with me) to be the EXECUTIVE in the biblical IOD SAR AL (rendered Isr ael) sons of Iacob with Leah Rachel (orig Racal Journey) Zilpah and Bilhah/IHVdH from Iacob and Leah suppose to PRESERVE THE ORIGINAL LAW AS IN THE ORIGINAL SCROLLS AND LEVI TO ENFORCE IT AS EXECUTIVES AND SERVANTS OF OUR CREATOR/ Hups this is not an easy task but in time after the punishment of all IODSARAL Israel Levi lost the income from the other brothers and some joined JUDAISM which is not the ORIGINAL DIVINE LAW/At the present time not too many Levi know these details and some do not care. SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LEVI I COMMENT TO REMIND YOU THAT YOU HAVE A HARD OBLIGATION IN FRONT OF OUR CREATOR TO BE ROLE MODELS, TO HAVE AN EXCELLENT BEHAVIOUR AND LIFE TO GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL LAW AND DO WHATEVER IS LEGAL TO REMIND OR TEACH THOSE WHO LISTEN TO YOU WHAT IS THE LAW AND WHAT OUR CREATOR WANTS FROM PEOPLE. Do not be deceived by hundreds and thousands of religions THE CREATOR IS ETERNAL, UNIQUE, SUPREME AND THE ABSOLUTE CREATOR, RULER AND JUDGE OF HIS CREATION AND HIS RELIGION IS THE ONLY ONE WHICH WILL BE USED TO JUDGE PEOPLE'S RECORD AT THE END OF THE 7000 YEARS DIVINE PLAN. There are some with Levi names in the List of Holocaust victims that are not supposed to be there- those Levites which go to another religion will be punished hard. In the coming time the FAMILY OF LEVI WILL BE RESTORED TO THE ORIGINAL JOBS: MINISTERS, TEACHERS, JUDGES, LEADERS FAITHFUL SERVANTS OF OUR CREATOR
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Levi who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 640th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I adore the name Levi (especially when it's pronounced LE-vee or LAY-vee), it's lighter and more energetic than most biblical names. The vowel ending combines the Old Testament story with a casual, modern flair.Personally, I love the combinations Levi Jonathan and Jonathan Levi.
It's cute but it reminds me of Levi jeans.
In the manga/anime Attack on Titan one of the main characters is captain Levi Ackerman of the Survey Corps.
I personally hate it. So common, it's another John. I really dislike this name.
Levi is a good name for a boy.
The Original Hebrew form of this name is actually Levy and the Ancient Hebrew form is Lewi.
My name is Adam Levi (LEE-vi). I'm not Jewish but it sounds very Jewish. I'm actually Native American and really love my name.
Nice, strong masculine name.
I'll be using this as a middle name for my future son.
I agree that it sounds childish and immature, even though I understand it has a long history attached to it. There's nothing wrong with it, I just can't picture it on a grown man.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are: Levi Sawyer
Levi Parker
Levi Spencer
Morgan Levi
Nolan Levi
Shannon Levi
Sebastian Levi
Thomas Levi.
My son's name is Levi. We're Norwegians and pronounce the name differently than in English. Le-vee. Love that name. My favorite!
A character in the series entitled "Centennial" was named Levi. He was a burly man that lived in the mountains of Colorado. Centennial is a great watch, if you have the time.
I love this name, however I prefer the Hungarian form "Lévi", since I am Hungarian. :)
I wanna give my furure son this as a middle name. I love this name so much, but I hate that it also spells Evil.
I really like this name, but I hate the Biblical connection. I'm not religious, so I wouldn't want to use such and outwardly religious name. So in a way, I wish I didn't like it so much.
I used to not like this name but now I like it. It's cute whether it's a first name or a middle.
My son's middle name is Levi. (pronounced like the jeans). It fits perfect with his first name Wyatt. His name just runs smoothly together.
This is quite simply the best name in the whole world! I've never met any other person with this name which is why I feel so proud to have been blessed with such an amazing name and health! Glad to see so many people agree and I hope you were all as lucky as I was to have such a mint ass name.
I think the name Levi is unique, badass, cute and awesome for a boy! :D.
This name seems kind of childish to me. I don't think Levi will age well on a person, especially not in the professional world. This name makes me think of a pair of jeans and hickish/redneck type people.
My parents were going to name me Levi if I had been a boy. Thankfully I was a girl. I think it's an ugly name, and would have had to go by my middle name, Jackson.
This is the first name of my youngest son, and I love it more and more as time goes on! When I first heard it, both my husband and I hated it and thought it was a terrible name, but over time we grew to love it and decided that if we ever had another son we would use it... and we did! It fits our Levi perfectly, he's tough and masculine, is extremely strong willed, and is a natural leader. He can be super sweet when he wants to be, and he loves to laugh... great name!
Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan.
Also the name of a jeans company.
Levy is a nice name bcoz that's my name
And the name levy can be used for girl or boy. For a boy name levy they leave it as is
For the girl they use name levy followed by second name like
Levy ann
Levy rose
Levy diane.
This name is really growing on me. It's classic, yet funky and strong.
Personally I have always pronounced it lee-vye. I like the name.
I like this name, it's really a cool name. But for some reason I had a feeling it was becoming more popular, and I was surprised to find when I checked that it was #66 in the US. So, even though it's been used throughout history and is in no way modern or trendy, it definitely seems like it, which is a shame. This has happened to a lot of names over the years, though especially recently.
Levi is the name of a main character in Neal Shusterman's novel Unwind. He's usualy called Lev.
I love the name Levi. I don't care if it seems "trendy". It's a historical name and legit name. So it doesn't seem that way to me. I am currently expecting. If I have a boy I am thinking of using the name Levi. I like the Biblical connection. Levi was the son of Jacob. My husband is named Jacob. My husband also has Hebrew ancestry. Many names considered trendy are "made up" sounding. Levi is not and as I stated a historical legit name. And I read some of the comments about the anagrams of evil or vile. But it don't come to mind when seeing the name. Maybe the live anagram. Long live Levi sounds good to me lol. But I seriously do love this name. And I don't associate it to the trendy names out there. It is becoming more popular lately. But that is only because it is a good name and many people love it. There are so many classy historical names that are popular for the same reason. So I definitely don't put Levi in the trendy category at all. Not with the history of the name.
Whenever I hear this name, I'm thinking "a jew, a jew, a jew!"
Levi MacDougall is an award-winning actor, writer, and comedian from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
It's amazing how some names can have so much history, yet sound so overly-modern and childish. Really, Levi sounds like the name of a small boy rather than a man, and it's so tryndie, like one of the new "it" names, along with Hayden, Aidan, Nevaeh, Aaliyah, and the likes.
This is my son's name and I LOVE IT. It's been a favorite of mine since childhood picking out my future kids names and this one stuck. It never bothered me that this was a name of a clothes brand. In fact, Levi Strauss (creator of brand) was born on my birthday! And that made it a bit more special. I love seeing my son's name plastered on the walls of the department stores... and so does he. I love the meaning "Joined in harmony" this name is perfect for him.
I used to think this name was silly until I read the book "Unwind" where one of the main characters was called Levi, he went by Lev though.Anyway, now it's one of my favorite names.
A famous bearer is Levi Johnston.
Original Hebrew pronunciation is LAY-VEE. I like it but only pronounced that way.
I LOVE Levi!
It's sweet yet uncommon, but it sounds weird on a little girl.
Only Jews and evangelical fanatics use this name. It's a silly name for a Gentile.
Pronounced LEH-vee (shortly) in Czechia and Slovakia too.
I don't care for this name. It's getting trendy because some actor used it on his son, and it doesn't sound very nice. It's also an anagram of "evil". ;)
I like this a lot but don't know if I could name a child it. I can't imagine it on a person but I've never met anyone called it before so I guess I am just not used to it.
Just plain love it! Love the way it sounds, love what it means, love it. It's short, unique and did I mention I really love it? It's my dad's middle name and his grandpa's middle name. I came extremely close to naming my son this and if I should be blessed with another son I will use this as his first or middle name. Oh and about the jeans thing, that was my concern with my first son. I got to thinking about it though and if you're going to have a connotation with your name why not let it be with something cool and everybody likes - like jeans?
I absolutely love this name for a boy, it is so masculine and strong sounding. If I have a son someday, it would be between this name and Gabriel. I like the pronunciation LEAVE-I.
This is a really awesome name in my opinion - not because of its meaning or origin or anything like that, but because it always makes me think of jeans!
A girl I know named her son Levi. At first I thought it was kinda weird but I have grown to really love it. :) It's cute and not very popular where I live. I consider using it as a middle name one day.
Everytime I hear this name a pair of jeans comes to mind.
Also pronounced LEH-vee in German speaking countries. Levi Strauss's (inventor of blue jeans) name was actually also pronounced LEH-vee.
Pronounced LAY-vee in Hebrew.
Before I met my best-friend-that-is-a-boy, I've never heard of the name Levi, I've only seen it from "Levi's Jeans" store's billboard and stuff, and at that time, I thought it was pronounced "leevee" and I was like, "what kind of name is that?!" but after I heard the real pronunciation, I thought it wasn't bad.
This is my brother's middle name, and the first name of one of our ancestors. I've always loved this name, for it's biblical connections, and just how wonderful and masculine it is.
Matthew MacConauhey's son is named Levi, born July 6 2008.
Pronounced LEH-VEE in Scandinavia too.
Levi is a golden retriever hearing dog in the show Sue Thomas F. B. Eye. The name fits him perfectly and I have definitely added it to my favorite names! Both for boys, and for dogs. It's a good name.
I've liked the name Levi ever since I read a book with an awesome character named Levi. Also, I'd like to add that I saw a man named Levite once. I thought that was very interesting.
I don't care for this name because it has become so trendy over here in the U.S. When I hear the name Levi, I think of a pair of jeans (Levi Jeans).
I've heard this name pronounced both LEE-vie and LEH-vee in the US. A famous bearer is Primo Levi, and he pronounced it LEH-vee.
Levi is dog´s name from TV series Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. It´s terrible name. :-(
In the United States, this name is pronounced Lee-Vi, like Levi Strauss (jeans).
This is my son's name. It is becoming more popular according to the social security index. I think the name is a nice, manly type of name. You could picture a country boy with this name or a businessman.
In Georgia, the Amber alert system is called "Levi's call". A child name Levi Frady was abducted and killed in 1997. In Levi's memory, the Levi's Call was created.
I see this name as being a really great middle name. It's short yet tasteful. I keep wanting to pronounce it as LEV-vee which is bothersome. Other than that it really isn't a bad name at all. And with that whole anagram problem, well lessee here: Levi = Evil = Vile = Live = Levi. Hm, in the end nobody (except anagram nerds XP) think about this when a person introduces themselves as Levi.
I really like this name. I know 1 person called Levi, so it probably isn't that popular over here (the Netherlands).
My husband goes by his middle name, but his first name is Levi. When we met, I thought it was the worst name I'd ever heard. I was embarrassed to tell people his name! Over the years, I've decided that it's a kind of a neat name after all. It's very unique, for one thing.
It's a very cool name and very rare. I don't know anyone with this name.
I don't like the name Levi since I saw a documentary about a Christian camp and there was a really annoying kid called Levi.
This name spells EVIL if you rearrange the letters!
Sara Gilbert and her partner Allison Adler have a son named Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler (born 2004).
This is quite simply the best name in the whole world! I've never met any other person with this name which is why I feel so proud to have been blessed with such an amazing name! Glad to see so many people agree and I hope you were all as lucky as I was to have such a mint ass name!
I know a guy named Levi, but he spells it with a y, so it's Levy.
Pronounced LEH-VEE.
This name is pronounced LEE-vie (rhymes with "knee high"). It's only pronounced LEH-vee if you are French.
I really like the name Levi for a boy and its biblical connections. I did hear of a girl with the name but prefer it for a boy. The other thing that goes with this is Levi Jeans.
Dolly Levi is the title character of the Broadway musical and movie "Hello, Dolly."
I'm surprised Levi Strauss, the inventor of blue jeans, is not listed as a namesake.
Two rather unfortunate anagrams of this name are "evil" and "vile".
I'm glad I'm not the only person who saw those anagrams (nobody else seems to get that). However, on the flipside, another anagram is "live".
This name is pronounced lev-ee in Hebrew.
This name is often used on babies who, without being Levis (Jewish hereditary priesthood), are of Levi descent.

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