I don't like the trend of naming children after place names, but there are some place names I like. London is even worse on a boy.
On a boy, London sounds so handsome. On a girl, it looks tacky and trashy.
Silly name.
Haha, I hate my name. I just go by Lo sometimes.
It’s trying too hard to be different.
Kinda rhymes with condom lol.
I’ve never been to London or England for that matter but for some reason I love the name London.
Reminds me of Oli London.
It feels rather boring, uninteresting. It's okay as city name, but as person's name it just feels too much and a little bit ridiculous. I don't like it much. Boring!
It's not bad but it has become overused.
London.. a gloomy rainy location. Not a fan!
London Hughes is a female comedian.
Lindon and London are good twin names. I don’t really like either of the names though.
I'm non binary and I've recently chosen London as a name, I think it's really lovely and despite living in the UK people don't judge me for it :) All of my friends like it too! If you want to have London as a name for you or your child then go for it.
I’ve heard of a couple of babies recently named in our area. I thought it was somewhat cute at first. Over it now.
Julie London (née Peck; September 26, 1926 – October 18, 2000) was an American singer and actress whose career spanned more than 40 years. A torch singer noted for her sultry, languid contralto vocals, London recorded over thirty albums of pop and jazz standards between 1955 and 1969. Her recording of "Cry Me a River", a track she introduced on her debut album, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001.
It's an awkward name.
If I ever used this name I’d use it for a male.
And also, this was also called Londinium when Romans came to Britain. I’d rather use Londinium than London.
London Shumway is the youngest daughter on the her family’s YouTube channel, The Shumway Show, and vlog, The Shumways.
I just named my baby this. It’s beautiful in just how it sounds. I know My niece is Brooklyn, I have a friend with baby Paris and I also have friends named Mercedes and Lexus. The world would be boring if we all thought of generic names like Britney and Brandon, lol.
I love this name. I named my daughter this and I live in Canada, it had nothing to do with the UK.
I just saw this name randomly in "Popular Names" list. Naming your child with any city name is borderline ludicrous. The only exceptions are names like "Paris" or surname "Washington".
Am I the only one who thinks place names aren’t tacky or weird? They are actually really nice. London is one of those names. Names like Florence, Brooklyn, Paris, Austin, Phoenix, etc. aren’t tacky. If anything they are really nice names.
Why does this place name get so much hate and called trashy meanwhile Florence and Brooklyn are loved and called classy? Did I miss something? What’s so wrong with the name London?
This was at the top of our girl name list until family/friend reactions to the name and reading some of the comments below. We ended up naming our precious baby Aliana instead. I still like London, but also wanted something she would love and something that aged well. I think we made the right choice.
This name gets a lot of hate for no reason. A lot of place names are becoming popular and modern now, it’s just a sign of the times. People saying that it would be laughed at if someone named London went to London I think are just being ignorant and mean. I used to live in New York and there were a lot of Brooklyn’s and no one batted an eye. There’s also a London in Canada. You don’t know people's experiences on why they chose it. It doesn’t just belong to the UK, if someone wants to name their kid that for whatever reason that’s their right. I happen to really like the name for a girl, I think it sounds like a little princess. It’s becoming classic and it’s not overly frilly or obnoxious like Paris. I do think that the Londyn spelling just looks ridiculous. If you’re going to use this name, I think the original spelling with actual meaning behind it looks best.
Oh god this name is horrible. Please don’t make your child London, America, Sydney, Paris, etc. It just sounds tacky and stupid.
As a person from the U.K., I find it annoying that Americans use this name these days. Stop romanticizing our country, London is just a place like any other. It's a big city, but definitely not the nicest in England. Outside of the tourist areas, it can be really dodgy. Names strongly associated with cities such as Sydney, Paris, Chicago often sound silly. I know you want to sound cultured by using the name London, but you actually sound simple and ignorant. I've had lovely holidays in Toronto and Miami but I've given my children names that aren't all about "me".
Ridiculous name.
I was born 50 years ago. This is my name. I personally never liked the name when I was a kid. I was teased by idiotic kids, I grew into it. It certainly helped separate me from the sheep. I’ve met 2 others with the same name, both were girls. It’s not tacky, wrong choice of words. If it’s anything derogatory at all, I would say it’s odd.
Beyond that, it’s memorable and everyone named it should be as well. Good luck, and remember when people say “London like Paris?” Correct them appropriately.
Some people are so ignorant. Sure, YOU may dislike the name, but other people may think it's beautiful. Since when has everybody agreed on one thing? Practically everything that's intersubjective is controversial. Just because you aren't a fan of it doesn't mean the name sucks. I've seen many commenters that have named their daughters/sons this name, and have received multitudes of compliments. Whenever someone shared a success story they'd automatically get downvoted. Like, what? Their opinions are suddenly hated upon just because you think the name sucks? And whenever someone makes a positive association with it, they also get downvoted?

Like sure. You can say "I don't like it". You can hate on the name, that's perfectly fine. Unfortunately for you haters, you also have the responsibility to ensure your hate doesn't cross a line. However, people can also say "I love it". You have the right to hate a name, just like others have the right to like one. It's their child, their life, and their opinion. You don't get to decide what they get to do.

To you Londons out there, ignore what they say. The name has nothing, NOTHING to do with you as a person. Hell, I'd rather be friends with a friendly kid named after a place like London than a selfish, snobby person named a person name, like Emily. And to the person who said you would never have someone named "London" operate on you, good luck surviving in this time and day. You'd rather have a novice physician named Lily operate on you than a famous, successful person named London? Ridiculous how ignorant people are in this time and day. So a name is supposed to define a person? Wow, to be honest, many people named names with sweet meanings like Genevieve and Sophia don't live up to their namesake.

And I'm sorry if I offended anybody, but if I did, you probably did too.
So much hate! This is a beautiful name; I know one London and she is sweet and shy yet very likable. Oh, and it’s a feminine name in my opinion.
Personally, I’m more than glad I was named London. My parents chose this name for me after my dad’s hometown London, Ontario in Canada. Not England! They decided this name for me because my dad had colon cancer at the time, and my mom wanted to honor him in some way. Fortunately, he’s perfectly healthy now! I’m a 15 year old girl, by the way.
My name is London as well. It's not stupid, tacky or weird, I'm most definitely not snobby or popular, although I don't know about intelligent. I love my name and who I am, and naming your kid Boston or New Jersey is not weird, I know Boston.
I love England, but this name is way too tacky for my taste.
Barcelondon would be funniest.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) London who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 111th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) London who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 941st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think this name is beautiful and delicate. When I think of this name, I think of an intelligent, quiet, young girl in her mid-twenties. I think this name is more suitable for a girl, but it doesn't age very well.
This is the name of a city. Besides, London seems like the name of a snobby popular girl.
I knew a guy named this (well, it was a really weird misspelling I don't remember with a lot of 'u's)
He was cool, I suppose. Sometimes, we teased him by calling him 'Glasgow'.
I personally think this is a classy name for a girl. If I met a woman who's name was London, I'd assume her to be an intelligent and down-to-earth person. It's that kind of name.
I know that some people think that it's silly to name people after states, cities and countries but I personally think it's a nice and classy idea.
My name is London Lea, I was named after a male comedian who's name was London LEE. I have had lots of comments on my name all my life. When I tell someone my name the first question I get asked is "Were you conceived in London?" I love my name. It suits a boy or a girl I think.
Honestly, if you really care about what someone else thinks about what you decide to name YOUR child, you have bigger fish to fry. That’s especially the case if you get your opinions from random people on the internet. If you like the name, use it. It doesn’t matter what it means, what’s going on in the City, the origin, etc.
I knew a girl who spelled it "Londynn". I don't think it makes an especially amazing name, there are a lot of better choices out there, and I have no idea why you would ever add another n to it.
The name London was given to 345 boys born in the US in 2016.
Don't do this to your child.
Even though I love the city of London, I would never dare to name my child London. In my opinion, it just sounds plain ridiculous, it's like naming your child Boston or New Jersey. Seriously people, don't do this to a poor child, please.
I named my daughter London, and I love it. I get good comments on her name all the time. I have met a boy named London, but I personally think it is much more fitting for a girl. I think it is a soft, and pretty name and fits her girly personality very well! I've never been to the city, nor do I think of the city when saying her name, but maybe that is why some people don't like it if they've been there or live in England.
Meaning: Fortress of the Moon.
London does NOT mean 'fortress of the moon' in Latin!

And for those who compare Paris to London as a name - Paris is an Ancient Greek name which predates the city by centuries.

The various New World cities which are also used as names (Augusta, Sydney etc etc) were NAMED AFTER PEOPLE! They were names that had centuries of traditional usage on actual human beings before they were used on settlements!
I'm sorry for those of you who don't like the name Londyn but news flash, who cares, it's not your child. We named our little girl Londyne and yes, I was totally against it at first but now I love it. Everyone I tell the name they love it. So if you don't like the name that's fine but you don't need to name every reason why.
Fourteen years ago I named my baby girl LONDON. This was before The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. My daughter was only teased about her name because of that show but that wasn't hurtful. I chose the name because it was different for a girl in 2001 to have the name and easy to pronounce. When I grew up, I had so many people mispronounce and spell my name. I have the same name as Rocky's girlfriend/wife. I reference the movie whenever I tell someone my name to help them remember. No one has ever forgotten my daughter's first name. Recently she thanked me for naming her London. This is something I never thanked my mother for. We often buy the trendy tee shirt and things that represents the city in the UK. We are planning a trip to London as a graduation gift. The tv show of the spoiled and ditzy girl does not represent my daughter in any way.
I love the name and I am not sorry for choosing it. I don't understand the anger toward this name. Most cities and towns were named after real people, and now it is the other way around.
Quite frankly I think it's rather "tacky" how far out of their way people seem to be going to put the name down. No, it cannot and should not be confined to a "place name". It's not sacred. Their are multiple places called London- in Canada, America and yes, Britain. Maybe they weren't first- does it REALLY matter? It's not a cruel name like that of a fruit, and while some names of famous places would sound strange as names, some sound very beautiful. The way Ireland rolls off the tongue sounds very pretty to me, but not everyone likes it. People are also named after plants, words, items and other natural things like trees and rocks. But the fact is that it's been used elsewhere, and people names? Really? No you shouldn't name your child Glaudimallowharzingya to be different, but there are "people names" that should have never been names in the first place if you ask me. Bertha, Edwin- all are ugly to me and others hate some of these so called "people names" for other reasons. And names change over the years as well. Nowadays, if you ask me, Marybeth would sound almost showy to me, or I would place it with an era and area of popularity. That doesn't mean I hate the name. I don't care if the capital of London isn't the nicest place, I like the way my name sounds. I don't think it sounds very masculine, but I don't care all that much considering I'm kind of a tomboy. I didn't like being compared to "London Tipton" when that show came out, as I hated the character. She was stupid, rude, spoiled- basically the complete opposite of myself. ;p I love my name  for the definition of "fortress of the moon" true or not, because I love all things dark and creepy. I've never been made fun of in my life. My one teacher used to sing London Bridge when she saw me, but I loved it. I get tons of compliments, but I don't care if others don't like it, find it funny or would never name your child that. I'm sure people in the UK wouldn't take it as well, but I've met many people over the Internet from or around London who thought that it was awesome. But my god, you would at least except some class in such a forum. I suppose it is true that you feel high and mighty behind the safety of a computer screen. And if you would trash someone's name to them in person as well, well then that certainly says something about you, doesn't it? I had the name far before it was a fad, and I'm glad I have the name! Wouldn't change it for the world. You don't have to like any name!
First of all, who are every single one of you that posted ignorant comments about the name London? So what if someone names their child after a state or country? No one here or anywhere has the right to disrespect anyone or anyone that named their child any name. I'll be darned if I had anyone tell me some ignorance like this in person. The US is known for freedom! Known for people being their own individual. I'm having a girl and if I choose to call her London so what. We come from a family and a town where every name is unique. And if a child is named this she gets treated no differently. So for this person that sits here and comments on how ugly and tacky the name is and comments negatively on the place their from. Shame on you because you're not proud of your own. I can't stand people like you that sit and talk bad about your place. You should be proud of where you're from, regardless of how bad or good the place. So for all the Londons out there, don't listen to the ignorance of people that have nothing better and nice to say- here in America we call them HATERS lol!
Wow. I'm actually really offended by this because my name is London and I love it. I'm not spoiled or stupid, and it's not an ugly name at all. London is a pretty name, I think. If you hang out with stupid people, you'll obviously get teased by "London Tipton" or "London Bridge" but seriously, it's fine because a lot of people think it's unique and are simply fascinated by you just because.
Not sure why, but I really love this name. People are saying that it's awful to name your kid after a place, but y'all seem to be forgetting that most places are already named after a person, so it isn't all that weird. I probably won't name my child London but it's still a pretty name.
Ok so my son is named London. He has been London for long before it was popular, why? Because I wanted to.
Why for a boy? Because I felt it was more masculine, back before that show.
Can it be either gender? Yes of course, I live in a democratic free country where Terry and Tracy can also be either.
Never met a person that hated it, till now of course.
Not one person ever questioned, laughed, or took a double take at MY choice, even traveling to London or any other European cities. Which I do often for work and bring London to London almost every time.
Be it a city or not, it suits him and he isn't spoiled, lazy, or any other characteristic from that show. He has never once asked to have his name changed
I know many Romans, Chinas, a Lisbon, and even an Auckland.
We have close relatives in London and they don't feel as the folks on here do about the city and the name. It is a name be it a person, place, or thing.
I would much rather have a London than another James, Billy, or John.

As far as the city, I happen to like it, always have. I found it a very comfortable city, like a home.
The name has gained popularity and it is now a popular name for both genders.
You people shouldn't care one bit if someone is named London or not. At the time I posted this comment, London was ranked 85 for girls, which means a lot more people like the name than the people like you that hate on it.

I personally love my surname London and I have two cousins with London as their first name, boy and girl, whose parents obviously liked the name enough to name their child that. Also, both of their parents who are related by blood to me married out of the name and decided to keep the name in the family. See, there are other reasons for names like this. I grew up with a last name of London and was never teased about it, in fact everyone I knew thought it was cool. I just don't see how anyone could feel bad about their name. It's what makes you you.

I went to London this summer and didn't get a single comment about my name at all. Stop hating on London!

P.S. Both of my cousins were named London before it became "faddish". Ugh. You people make me sick.
First off, people keep talking about "people are insane if they name their kid that! London (the place) is this and that" blah blah, The meaning of the name London is Latin and means "Fortress of the moon" which is a very nice meaning. I don't think people want to name their kid London because of the place. But, if I name my kid London it I will be based on the meaning of the name. London is a nice name for either boy or girl. And a name doesn't mean a child is going to be spoiled. It is a name, simple as that. People are spoiled based on parenting. Duh. And on another note.. people saying someone's name is ugly, for example someone said that another person who commented was named Londonna, and someone said her name was ugly and the reason it was changed up is stupid because you can't change London (a place) to a female version like Londonna. Excuse me, but people who are original are awesome. And there is an actual meaning for the name London like I had mentioned before. I think people are very ignorant for saying someone's name is ugly. Knowledge is amazing, learn some.

What a bunch of miserable people!

London is a very classy name for a girl. It's not too cutesy but also not too out there. It will age well with the child.

The town next to me is called Bristol... I know a few people named Bristol who live in Bristol, who cares! It works for them.

Get off your soapboxes people.
My name is London and I quite like it. I was never teased as a child. Everyone thought it was super cool and unique.
London suits more as a girl name then boy name all the way. I think it is a very pretty name and just because it is different doesn't mean you should hate on it(:
Honestly London is a pretty name for a girl and if I was to ever have one I would name her London, spelled differently though. I don't care how people feel about the name yes it is a place and may have a bad rep but a child named London does not have to be just like the city and has absoutely nothing to do with the city eveyone is granted their own opinion on the name and its really no ones business to tell another person not to name their child whatever they please and to bash someone about their name is petty.
Jack London WAS in fact his pen name; his real name was John Griffith Chaney. This name has very minimal, if any, usage as a traditional last name, male name, or any name at all, although the SSA's website does show there being a select few males named it from about 1880 to 1960. It didn't enter the top 1000 for girls until 1999, which is a testament to how 'faddish' it is since it had hit the top 100 by 2011.
The fact that this is in the top 100 really scares me. Notice that it's only used (commonly at least) in the US, who seems to really have a knack for being inconsiderately uncultured when it comes to baby names. I live in the US so I'm not meaning to offend anyone, but people seriously need to stop naming their kids things that make them sound so utterly... American. It's completely tacky to name your child "London", boy or girl. My guess is that at least half the parents who burden their child with this name have never even been to London, but merely like the sound or think its cute or something. Cities are not meant to be the names of people, they're supposed to be the names of cities. This city is too well known to be used as a name. What if London decides to move to England? (Or anywhere else in the world) this name sounds completely ridiculous in Europe, and to many people in the US as well. When you name your child London, you're sending out a message to people that you are tacky, uncultured, quite possible white trash, and over trendy.
London is a cute name for a girl. I am in love with England and this name sounds very pleasant and has a lot of character- like the city itself!
I can't believe this name cracked the top 100 in 2011 for baby girl names. It's almost as bad as "Apple." Unless there is some burning amazingly special reason for naming your baby after a city in the UK, why? Why? Parents, don't do this. Just... don't. Naming your new baby girl "London" makes you look like you're trying too hard to be original and ends up just sounding stupid as a first name, like "Moroccan". Two thumbs down.
London isn't a nice city - it's an overcrowded, racially segregated cesspool. Plus it sounds tacky and trashy as a name. And spelling it Londyn makes it worse.
London Fletcher (born 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American NFL football player. He currently plays for the Washington Redskins.
London is a city in Ontario with a population of over 350,000.
It was named for London, England, and was originally intended to be the capital of Upper Canada, however York (now Toronto) was later chosen.
London Fletcher, NFL football player.
I know a guy whose name is 'Londonn'. Every substitute teacher we get assumes he's a girl when they read his name off roll.
Sorry, but I don't know how you can spell it Londyn. It's LONDON. Now, I don't see why London shouldn't be a name as it sounds like Landon. I mean, Paris is a name. But I don't see the appeal of Londyn, or Londonna, which is even worse!

That said, I think this is a nice unisex name with a lot of potential. It seems to be more feminine, but I think it works on boys and girls.
A famous bearer of the name was London Tipton, character from the hit TV Shows: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody; and The Suite Life on Deck. Both series lasted together for six years, immortalizing the name.
I see people pushing incredibly hard for "London" to be seen as a legit 'place name,' because "So many others are accepted!" Fact of the matter is, many 'place names' are named after people, keep in mind. And comparing use from a large, world-known city (or country) to a rarely heard-of, small population is not a fair, balanced example.

If you name a child "Tyson" will you automatically think of Tyson's Corners in Virginia? Of course not-- simply people familiar with the area. Let us take out "New York" for size... will it be recognized because of the city? Unavoidable! "London" and "Paris" frontline the cheap, tacky, near "kre8tiv," pompous, pretentious, unprofessional, uneducated, unintelligent, childish, and need I say it..? --ugly parade.

The additions or misspellings immediately make it even more of an atrocity... Londonna, Parisa, etc... they have no meaning, "kre8tiv."

I certainly would not trust my life to a London Goodwell in surgery, nor would I trust a court case to a Londonna Jameson.
London is not a name. It sounds tacky and would look ridiculous in England. Elsewhere, London would just look snobbish.
The name London means fortress of the moon.
Who named their kid Londyn? I guarantee if she comes here, the Londoners will laugh their arses off when they hear it, and even more when they see it on paper. If you're going to use it, please spell it right!
Ainsley, Ashley, Beverly, Chelsea, Courtney, Lindsay, Moriah, Samara, Shelley, Shirley, Sidney, Tara, Whitney.

Ashton, Bradley/Bradford ("Brad" in general), Brandon, Clifford/Clifton ("Cliff" in general), Colton, Dallas, Dalton, Denver, Keith, Landon, Leland, Lester, Lorne, Peyton, Preston, Ramsey, Roswell, Shiloh, Tracey, Trevor, Vernon, Xavier.

What do all these names have in common?
They are all (*gasp*) DERIVED FROM PLACE NAMES!
Does that mean we shouldn't use them?

Now, granted, several of them went through the transformation of "place name" to "surname" to "first name". But London has done the same thing. (The name Jack London ring any bells? That was not his pen name.)

London is a perfectly fine name to use, not tacky at all. Since I know of women who have this name, but not men, I think London works much better as a feminine name.
As an American, I find this name very tacky for either sex. It'd be like naming your kid Washington D.C. or Miami. Just don't do it, people.

Also to an above comment about the Americans mispronouncing - I've never once heard anyone call it 'Landon' or any variation of that.
Stupid name, love the place though. Imagine what the child will have to put up with in life.
Terrible! Haha, love the comment 4 above this.
I find naming a child after a city rather tacky. No matter how much I liked a place, I couldn't give the name to my child.
London is the name of Saul Hudson("Slash")'s second son.
I've never met anyone named London, but it sounds quite tacky.
The city name London is, as commented above, derived from the Roman name Londinium and if I remember correctly, it was sacked by Boudicca in AD 61. Londinium is where linguists hit issues, however. One theory I read is that it is derived from a British Celtic word Lugdunum, a reference to the Celtic god Lugh. I'm not a linguist, but this seems the most likely theory to me.
Just because this is the name of a city doesn't mean you shouldn't use it! What about Sofia, Bulgaria? Isabella, Minnesota? (Granted, this one is pretty unknown.) Madison, Wisconsin? This is a nice name, don't not use it just because it's the capital of Britain!
I agree with those who say they wouldn't name their child this, no offense to all the Londons out there. It does sound a little rough. It's a city name, and should be just that.

Whenever I hear this name, I think of either England, or London Tipton from Suite Life. Heh, funny how it's a parody of Paris Hilton. And puts to mind an old church bell, for some odd reason.
I love this name I don't know many girls (or guys) with this name except for two recently born babies. This is my name and I am twelve years old I have hardly ever been teased except by my cousins who were kidding but have never been outside the US. I would never change my name and I think it suits me. I'm not spoiled and I'm not a princess (not saying that's bad or anything). I can't see it as a guy name maybe Landon or something. I think it's a great name it gives me more of a push to go places and see things. I don't see the harm in naming a child this.
The name sounds very strange in England, the whole area of Britain, and, indeed, in Europe as a whole. And it sounds bizarre in Australia and New Zealand too, for sure. It's a well known city, and if you use this name, one can hope your child will stay in the US all his or her life. The name sounds masculine to me, so I wouldn't use it on a girl. It just wouldn't have that boyish egde on a woman past the age of 27 anyway.
First of all, sorry but "Londonna" is the most singularly ugly name I've come across in a while. It sounds fake, pretentious and ugly and, no, it couldn't be a 'feminine' version of London? Why? Because London is a PLACE! The whole suggestion is a joke. And the name is hideous. It looks like it should be said 'Londoner'. Is that a joke or what?

Second of all, there is no fixed etymology for London, and most suggestions are rather boring and not at all fancy. So don't go around saying London means 'Starry palace of luuuuuurve' because that's a bit fluffy, fancy and has never been established. It -could- mean, however;
* 'City in the Grove', coming from the Brythonic 'lhwn', meaning grove, and the suffix 'town' which eventually became London.
* the classic suggestion that the city was captured by King Lud, who insisted that it be renamed Kaerlud in his honour, which was slurred into Karelundein and then eventually London. This is probably myth, however.
* 'Valley city', coming from the phrase 'Glynn din'
* coming from 'Luna din', meaning 'moon fortress', although this is unlikely, rather fluffy and a bit sci-fi sounding (you can imagine tour guides with spock ears dressed in silver foil on the moon going 'this is the historic city of luna-dan' or 'wa-shing-ton') or 'Llong din', meaning 'ship fortress'
* it has been suggested that it originates from 'Luandun' or 'Lan/Llan Dian', meaning 'Temple of Diana', but this has been absolutely trashed by countless critics and never justified
* another suggestion is that it comes from 'Llyn Dain', meaning 'Pool of the Thames'
* and some very complicated linguistic explanations state that it could also mean 'boat river', 'swimming river', 'mud', 'marsh', 'lake fort' or names borrowed from European cities. Previous suggestions that it means 'Londino's fortress' or such have been criticised.
Well, it is okay for a name I guess, but I don't really like the way people start getting weirder and weirder in naming their kids. And I don't think the name London should have anything to do with the pollution and grubbiness of the city. London is a beautiful place in some ways. And I think some places were named after names of people, so I guess it is okay to name your child that, but naming a child after a place sometimes can look strange. London and Paris and India are okay, but what if there's someone out there called Australia or Ireland or Europe? That would be a little, I don't know, just weird.
As a Londoner, I think this is hilarious. If you really want a city name, pick a nicer city; ours is grubby and overpriced and overcrowded. Besides, all the Americans I've ever met call it Landon, so why not just go with that?
I'm actually quite fond of this name. I like it for both boys and girls, but if I ever use it, it'll probably be for a boy, like Jasper London. I think it's a little odd that people make such a big deal about new names, especially place names. It used to be that people would hear London or Paris and it'd be something exotic for most people, because it seemed so distant, but now with the methods of communication we have, it's much more common. Also, with travelling, more parents go to other countries, and fall in love with cities, thus choosing to name their child that because of a good feeling or memory that they associate with the place.
And, to the person who said that London has things like crime and pollution and whatnot, it just makes it seem more realistic as a name. Have you ever met someone who didn't have good qualities and bad? I know I haven't.
What does that mean? That your kid'll be a criminal who emits noxious gases and contributes immense amount of greenhouse gases to increase our already severe quote unquote "environmental problem"? And that he'll live up to the 'overcrowding' aspect of his name by severely crowding people's personal space? Hm. What a colourful character you seem to have in mind.
I'm a 1st time pregnant; soon to be mom of a little girl and I searched months looking up names & meanings & how they were spelled & even how they'd sound when spoken & could not find anything that stuck to my heart. I thought on Madison, & even Meghan & I heard my sister say London & I immediately fell in love with that name. Although the meanings are not too bad my child can make her own meaning for her name & it isn't spelled London, that does kinda make me think of a male, however it is going to be spelled LONDYN and the pronunciation should be as said Lon-don.
Come on people! Don't name your kid London. Leave it as the capital of Britian! Eventually, people will name there kids Manhattan, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Texas, or even Wisconsin! Please DON'T name your kids after locations!
While I agree that some 'place names' shouldn't be used it's only because I personally don't like them (Paris for example only because I don't like Paris Hilton). What about classic names such as Augusta though? That's the capital of Maine. Or Gary, Indiana? Most names are used somewhere as a 'place name' if you look hard enough. I love the name London. I'm going to use it when I have a girl and call her Loni (lohn-ee) for short.
Augusta was a name long before it was the capital of Maine and same with Gary Indiana. Definitely not a very well thought through comment.
Excuse me but it's the same thing. More examples would be: Cheyenne, Wyoming; Montgomery, Alabama; the state of Georgia and the state of Carolina, cities in England such as Bradford, Lincoln, Chester & Preston. Or places like Florence, Italy; Sidney, Australia; Sofia, Bulgaria. I could go on but I won't.
Actually, here in the USA names like Paris and London are rising in popularity. I've also seen the name America used more frequently. I don't see why London would be unpopular in England. I live on Long Island and I know several girls named Brooklyn (Brook Lynn is used by one girl whom I know).
I really like this name, not every London you meet is going to be spoiled. I think London suits a girl better than a guy.
I have a friend who wants to have two daughters and name them London and Paris. I think that she's quite insane.
Well my name is Londonna and I love it. It's from the name London. I think Londonna should be the feminine form of London.
People make me so angry. Hey guess what your name could have been a place or someone else's name first. So then it shouldn't exist either then! My name is Tara, and Tara is a place in Ireland. So I guess I shouldn't be named that. Seriously get real! London is a nice name, but I wouldn't want to be called Lonnie for short or Don. I was used to London as a girl's name but I could see it as a boys name, since I like Landon. My fiance likes it as a boy name.
London and Tara are two very separate cases indeed. Tara is an ancient town that was originally called "hill of Tara" it is a Celtic tomb site. It is not a large place and was completely abandoned for quite a little while. The name Tara is also not believed to have derived from the name of that town rather the town was named that for the hill it resides on. I fail to see how these names are fair examples or defence on the side of London. London is a huge city with virtually no relation to an actual name at all. The city of London has created its own definition and I stand by my previous comment that it is no name for a child.
Are there so few names in the world that we are now reduced to using the names of cities? There are real names that are much more suited for people. I can see this name on a dog or cat but not on a person. I also agree with the person who illustrated the complexity of the city itself, that is a lot of baggage to put on a person and those views will no doubt cause the negative views some have of the city to pass to the person.
Ha! If you came to London, or England for that matter, everyone would laugh. Trust me, I probably would get the giggles too. London is a great, but bad place. London is filled with fine art, but street crime. Historic buildings, pollution. Beauty, horrors behind the headlines. London is perhaps the most multicultural place in all the world, with people from every nation and that's not just the tourists, and that is why I am partial to religion as I have too many friends belonging to different ones: hence I am agnostic. London is a great place, but not a great name. Choose a real name, not a place name.
I agree. It's more of masculine name, though naming a girl London's okay.
Though I doubt I would ever name a child London, I think the name is better suited for a boy then a girl. It just sounds more masculine then feminine.
I do not like the name London, it's best to leave it as the capital. I don't think it is any good as a name.
I like the name London. It is rising in popularity in the U.S.
I love the name London. My oldest daughter is London Eloise, and it suits her. She is not spoiled, but she is a little princess who loves dressing up and all things girly. It may just be me, but that's always been my imagination of a girl called London, a little princess. She'll be 11 in September, and has yet to be teased about her name. She likes it, and we love it.
I like that name. Most of the Londons I know are spoiled but that doesn't mean anything. Just because your name is London doesn't mean your gonna be spoiled, but I happen to love that name!
I would never name anyone that. Don't get me wrong, I love the city of London, I grew up on London's doorstep and even though I know there's a nasty side of it, what little patriotic blood I have insists that London is my home. Even that said, even for someone patriotic, naming your child 'London' here would be seen as very strange. It'd be ... so bizarre, I guess. I think it's different if you don't live in the UK. As such, I don't like the sound of the word, it sounds too heavy and I can't imagine it as a name.
I think naming children after cities, London, Paris, Berlin... Tokyo?! isn't good. I think it looks stupid, really. And unless you have a particular cute story behind naming a child as such, it looks stupid. Not to mention that in youth your child will be teased mercilessly and such names are hard to grow up in.

London comes from the Latin 'Londinium' and at the time it was the capital of Brittania. The name Londinium is thought to be pre-Roman in origin although there is no agreement on what it means. It may mean 'place belonging to a man called Londinios', or may be derived from a personal name meaning 'fierce'. One suggestion is that it means "the settlement on the wide river". The BBC claims that the name is "Celtic, not Latin, and may originally have referred to a previous farmstead on the site", coming from the root Lond meaning 'wild, overgrown'. Yet another suggestion is that it comes from the name of the mythical King Lud.

Still, a place name not really a given name.
London Tipton in the Suite Life of Zach and Cody is pretty spoiled.
"London" is Latin for "fortress of the moon".

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