Lucy Gray Baird is the deuteragonist of “A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins, the prequel to “The Hunger Games”.
My grandmother's name is Lucille and people have always used Lucy as a diminutive for that name. I didn't know that Lucy and Lucille were cognates rather than directly related until recently.
Besides my grandmother, my main association for the name Lucy is Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia.
Cute and classic!
There is also Lucy Weasley from Harry Potter, who is strangely not listed on this website. Wonder why, I thought it was pretty obvious.
I like this name it reminds me of a loyal girl. But I honestly think it's too overrated.
Lucy Goose (pronounced goo-SAY) is the deuteragonist of the Tale of Magic… trilogy by Chris Colfer.
How can anyone dislike Lucy? It’s sweet and simple, and like its meaning, so full of light! This has been one of my favourite names for years, and I still love. It works wonderfully by itself, but I love Luciana as a long form. Both beautiful, beautiful name. I’d use them to honour my grandfather Lucian.
Sooooo pretty.
I just think of that evil little girl from Charlie Brown.
Although I prefer Lucia, I think this name sounds very pretty. It’s also a good name for pets.
Lucy is not for the faint of heart or the weak. You must be pretty and classic to wear such a name! You idiots saying this name sounds like loo seat have no class. Don't you know the timeless band The Beatles wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds inspired by a drawing by Lennon son Julian. Lucy is a class act, a regal and elegant free spirit. MY FAVORITE NAMES ARE LUCY AND ELEANOR LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!
Lucy is pretty and cute.
Lucy and Lucie are youthful classics that IMO are also a bit drippy.
Lucy Kaplansky is an American folk singer.
Last year (2021) 5 baby girls were given the first name Lucy in Poland. It was not ranked as a middle name though. As of January this year, there have been 339 women with the first name Lucy in Poland.
Lucy Maud Montgomery, prominent Canadian author. Her most famous work is the children's classic Anne of Green Gables (1908).
Love, love, LOVE! I personally like Lucy as a stand-alone name. Although I have never cared for the names Lucille or Lucia, Lucy makes a great nickname for this. I have been OBSESSED with this name ever since I read of daring Lucy Pevensie and watched Lucille Ball on television. I think this name goes wonderfully with many middle names, but I personally wouldn't use it as a middle name. I love the name Luciana, and prefer the spelling of "Lucy" to "Luci". I'M OBSESSED!
This is my name and people at school used to call me Loo Seat or Loose, that is my only gripe otherwise I'm very pleased with it.
If I see one more movie where Lucy Hale plays a character named Lucy I am going to flip out. Why is she always named Lucy? The movies are also awful and scary so. I'd like to point out the real outrage of this situation- her name is Karen Lucille Hale. All Lucy's hate Lucilles. Unite with me and petition so that Lucille Hale is no longer playing any characters named Lucy!
My name is Lucy, fun fact everyone has been saying it wrong! My mother has studied in origins of names, and that is how she came across my name. She found while she was researching that the name was being constantly said wrong. I am here to right that wrong. The name Lucy is actually supposed to be pronounced loo-say, and that is how my mother uses it, I am so sick of correcting people when they say my name incorrectly and then laugh when I try and correct them as if the correct pronunciation is a joke. It's not a joke! It's my life. I am so done and I hope this leaves you a little more informed about how to pronounce the name Lucy in the correct way. -Lucy.
I even like Lucia. I guess it's so pretty, timeless, and nice.
Lucy Baker is a Scotland Yard detective constable and the sidekick/companion to Inspector Alfendi Layton from the mobile game (and recently, manga adaption of) Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. She is a spunky woman with a thick Yorkshire accent, who isn't afraid to speak her mind!
A sweet classic. Tiny bit sappy.
Saint Lucy is one of the early martyrs.
I can't say how much I love this name, and I can't say why either, because I just don't know. What a sweet little name!
People think this name is : classic, youthful, upper class, natural, wholesome, refined, simple, nerdy.
In my opinion, I think it is none of these. I think it is goofy at best.
Something about the name just really tickles my pickle.
Maybe it’s the fact it begins with L, and imo that’s one big L (frfr).
I think this name's saving grace is the u and the c and the y.
These are nice parts of the name.
But then again, the L really lets the whole shabang down!
It also sounds really bad when said in a thick Manchester accent. Very bad indeed (LEW-SAYY)
So, I suppose, if you do not live in Manchester and you don’t mind taking one big L, this name is perf for you!
I know one Lucy and she’s ok.
I know a song called Lucy which is bad.
All in all, the name is mid.
Lucy is a lovely little name.
There are a lot of songs called Lucy, which makes it special.
If you have a friend called Lucy ask if she has a pan au chocolate in her pocket (they usually all do).
Lucy is a lovely name, it means light.
Lucy is such an adorable name. I love it, and I especially love the sweet association with Lucille Ball ;) My aunt has always loved her too.
The British musician Self Esteem's full name is Rebecca Lucy Taylor.
I think this name is so adorable if we didn’t already have one in the family I would have loved to have used it. Love it so much!
Lucy is a rather fresh, outdoorsy sort of name in my opinion.
I’ve always loved the name Lucy. It’s sweet and classic and ages well. I’ve loved it since watching Narnia when I was little. Now my dog is named Luci (short for Luciana). If my dog wasn’t named it, I would use it in a heartbeat.
Hello. My name is Lucy, and I hate liver.
This name is wonderful and I love it. To everyone saying this is a pet name- once someone named their dog after me when I was in preschool. Or it could have been a coincidence- but it wasn't.
I actually kinda hate this name sometimes because it's a girl's name and bland.
7/10 name.
Fresh, feminine and classic.Yes it may be used as a pet name but who cares, it is also a beautiful girl name.
It has a lovely sound. Good name for a pet too.
Lucy is a name that ages well and has the imprint that a person with this name can still be a bit bossy but is still a ray of sunshine. The only downside is that Lucy is the feminine version of Lucius. When I hear the latter, I can't help but think of Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series and he acts like an overrated version of Trump. Even without the association with Lucius, the name still is a peachy and sunshiny name that should be used. For people with this name, remember that you are lucky to have such a beautiful name.
Lucy Lucy Lucy. A name I could say forever. I would die for a Lucy. Who wouldn't? Lucy is like an emerald on ice. It reminds me of raindrops on fairywings doused in sprinkles. Lucy is a socialist, though never speaks of her political sway, but my oh my. She seems like an angel on a Tuesday morning ready to prepare thyme and rosemary for a roast lamb for a family meal, but rather she is scoffing yorkshire pudding because she has no self control. One has no choice but to indulge in the flavour of Lucy!
Lucy, where do I begin. A name of bird songs and the freshest of summer fruits. If you are lucky enough to come across a Lucy cherish as they are rare creatures.
The only Lucy that I know is a brat and very snobby. Although I do like this name for a dog!
Lucy Wong is one of the characters players must save in the video game Balan Wonderworld. She is a famous artist who has been suffering from art block due to an increased demand for her artwork by her fans and has not yet found satisfaction in her creations. Her level takes place in a twisted mansion covered in paint.
I really like this name. Well, I used to not like it very much, but I read Chronicles of Narnia and immediately loved the character Lucy Pevensie. I think this ages well, and is a classic name that deserves just as much recognition in the old fashioned name department as Elizabeth or Katherine.
Short, sweet, gentle, and girly. I like it, and it is also my cousin's name.
A sweet, timeless name. Lucy, Eleanor and Penelope are definitely the trending "It" names though and I think they're all about to have a moment.
Nope. Despise! I picture a snobbish brat girl who thinks that she can have everything.
Classic yet girly name that I'm glad to possess.
Lucy Rivers is a Welsh singer, fiddler and theatre director.
Last year (2020), 8 baby girls were given the name Lucy in Poland. 2 girls were given this name as a middle name. In January 2021, 317 women in the whole Polish population were named Lucy, and 122 had it as their middle name.
For me the name Lucy will always be for a little girl because of the Narnia books, Lucy Pevensie. But I also see it as a name that ages very well and never goes out of style. It also works very well as a nickname, in case you prefer a longer name like Lucinda, Lucille, Lucía, Lucilla, Lucienne, Luciana, etc.
Sweet youthful name it is classic but with a modern feel much like Alice and Emily.
I... love it!
Another name I used to hate, but had a change of mind. It's really pretty.
I like this name, I would never personally use it, but it’s not all bad. It reminds me of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, that cool Beatles' song.
Along with its variant spelling Lucie, what a fine name this is. It’s not only a pretty name but every one I’ve known has left a great impression.This has been in my top five for a very long time.
An adorable frilly young child, a sweet, beautiful high-school girl, a patient, kind, young mother, an attractive middle-aged woman, a kind grandmother, you got it here on Lucy.
Lucy Wilde from the Despicable Me movies is the wife of Gru and the adoptive mother of Margo, Edith and Agnes.
Pretty name. I don't know why people say this is a childish name. The only people named Lucy that I've known were women of all ages. The name certainly aged well on those ladies. I've never met or known of a child named Lucy, although I think the name would be cute on a child, too.
Lucinda is better.
Mean and bitchy girl in middle school name.
It does not mean LSD.
Lucy is my given name. I believe that it is swell. It fully captures my essence. I once had a cat named Lucy. We were name twins. Then she passed away. It was quite sad, I'm gonna be very honest with you. I won't add anymore details about that. Lol. :/ There can only be one Lucy. Ha.
Please please please don’t do this to a poor little girl! I would absolutely hate being stuck with name!
I used to have a cat named Lucy. It's a very sweet name.
So sweet.
Lucy Violette Gardiner is one of the members of the American-Canadian family group Gardiner Sisters.
Lucy sounds sweet and pretty.
I really like this name. If you're searching a classic name that doesn't sound pretentious Lucy is a beautiful choice. A solid classic name.
Lucy is the sort of name that belongs to gracefully elegant women.
I don't see how people find this name annoying! I think it's quite a sweet lovely name.
As for how I imagine a Lucy, when I think of this name I see a woman in her early 20's, 23 maybe. She's quite tall, not overly tall, but, I don't know, perhaps about 170-75 cm. She has thick, dark blond hair, and dark blue eyes, her skin is rather light but not extremely pale and she gets tanned easily. She's very shapely and feminine but also makes an impression of a strong, fit and healthy person. This is just how I imagine a Lucy, not how I think all Lucies are or should be like.
Lucy Revis is an English celloist, a member of the band Before Breakfast based in Sheffield.
Last year (2019) Lucy was #299 in the girls' ranking in Poland, 11 baby girls were given this name as first name. As a middle name, it was #302, with 6 births.
I only find Lucy fitting on a little girl. I can't really picture a grown woman/high schooler/college student with the name Lucy.
Lucy May Walker is an English singer.
Lucy Victoria Ward is an English folk singer and musician, BBC 2 Folk Awards winner.
Lucy Honour Ruby Spraggan is an English singer-songwriter and musician.
I love the name Lucy! It seems to be very popular across the English-speaking world, so I think it's a bit more original to use it as a nickname for something longer - like Lucinda for example - but it's lovely anyway. I love it far more than our Polish Łucja which is pronounced WOOTS-yah. I think Lucy has this short and sweet nice feel to it, which makes it good for a little girl, but at the same time it doesn't sound nicknamey to me, it's quite elegant and classy and that's why I guess it ages so well and fits well even an elderly lady. I also think that Lucy can fit women with really differing personalities. It is gentle and girly but not frilly. And it goes well in combos, both as a first and a middle name. Here in Poland Lucy is much more common for dogs than humans, I've heard of at least three, but also I know one woman named Lucyna, and one named Łucja, who are sometimes called Lucy, sort of jokingly as a nickname. I can think of only one Lucy that I've come across personally, albeit fleetingly, but because the name is so common it's possible that there have been more. This name makes me think of The Beatles' song.
Lucy is the name of one of the British English speech synthesisers produced by Acapela Group.
The standard Polish form of this name is Łucja/Lucja, however, in July 2017, there were 227 women with the name Lucy in the Polish population. Last year (2018) 9 girls were given the name Lucy, and the name was #324 in the girls' ranking.
Scarlett Pomers plays a girl named Lucy in Slappy and the Stinkers movie and I think Lucy Rose would be nice combo for a girl!
Also, how about another name combo Lucy Josephine for a girl? I think either Lucy Josephine or Lucy Rose would be a nice name combo for a girl!
Hello I am Lucy and I think it a very beautiful name. This is my personal impression of the name.L for lucky
U for u have lots of friends
C for come and play
Y for you are amazing
My sister is called Lucy and she is quite nice to me. This is my impression of the name:L is for lovely
U is for u are rockin' this girl!
C is for can ya stop me?
Y is for yayyyyyy!Thanks for reading! By Megan :3.
I think Lucy is a name that has a rather vintage appeal that I personally like and I do see it age well on a little girl and into adulthood.
Is nobody going to talk about Lucy Van Pelt? I am shocked by the lack of Peanuts fans here!
I hate it when people call me Lucy, my real name is Lucina. Call me Lucina or Cina.
Lucy Loud is a character from the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House”. She is 8 years old and acts very mysterious and creepy.
I have the name Lucy and it is the feminine version of Lucius and it means light or born at dawn. It has 2 major spellings Lucie or Lucy. A common nickname for people with this name is Lucy Goosie. In the 6th grade I also got the nickname Lucyfer (spelled that way) as in the devil. I loved it because Lucy can seem girly at times.
I have the name Lucy, and I love it. I also like how it means light. But I don't really like how people think it is girly and cute. I don't want to be thought of as that. But I was called Lulu when I was younger. I also was called, Lucy Goosey. I didn't really like that, but I didn't hate it either. I am happy to have the name Lucy!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Lucy who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 511th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lucy is such a good, wondrous and pretty name! 10/10!
Lucy is attractive on so many levels: both saucy and solid, a saint's name and heroine of several great novels. I also like the association with the psychedelic Beatles song!Some names with a similar "feel" are Dina, Dora, Ella, Emmy, Lily, Lise, Mina, Posy, and Ruby.
Sounds bratty and devilish. Isn't Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds about LSD?
Lucy Worsley is a British historian, author and television personality.
A sweet, soft and feminine name that I positively adore. The "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" association is a positive thing in my opinion. I also like the name "Penny" because of the song "Penny Lane". As you can tell, I'm a Beatles fan. I'm roundly considering this as a nickname for my child, but I'm unsure of what full name to use.
YouTube vloggers 'Deru Crew Vlogs' recently named their daughter Lucy.
My youngest sister is named Lucy. Yes, she gets the “Lucy in the sky with diamonds “ singalongs on occasion, but she loves her name! We don’t know any other Lucy's, however people are familar with her name!
This name is similar to Emily but in a blue and innocent way, rather than a pink and girly way. Pretty combination.
Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail (Manga/Anime).
I love the name Lucy. It's very English sounding and simple and feminine and a beautiful name. I also love it for a short form for Lucinda too :)
Lucy Loud from The Loud House.
My name is Lucy, and whilst my name is a fairly good one, I don't particularly like it. I've always thought of it as too childish- the "y" ending gives the impression of a diminutive suffix- and my friends always nicknamed me "Loo" in school. I also got "Lucy Goosey" quite a lot, which wasn't fun at all. On the upside, the meaning of "light" is quite a good one, and translates beautifully into Slavic and Greek. All in all, however, I tend to go by my nom de plume- Kara- as my middle name of May isn't really that great either in my opinion.
Naming your daughter after Lucifer is a sin, but at least it is egalitarian in its feminist idea that women can be as evil as men.
And how exactly is that a sin? Lucy is a form of Lucius, not Lucifer. Two different names. By the way, not everyone is Christian, you know. It may be a "sin" to you, but not to some others (including me). Lucy is a pretty cool name to me. Reminds me of Scarlett Johansson's character from the 2014 film of the same name.
I love the name Lucy. It's very girly, dainty and pretty. However, I don't think it would age well. Could you see a forty-year old woman named Lucy? Also, I'm not a big fan of what it's short for. I hate the names Lucille and Lucia.
I love this beautiful, classic name. There are many positive associations, including Lucy from the Narnia series, and Lucy Lightfoot. It is also the name of the protagonist in my WIP (novel).
This is an old favorite of mine. Lucy is such a cute name for a girl! I'm not a fan of the long names like Lucille or Lucia, but Lucy is perfect on its own. When the girl is little you can call her Lulu, which is also an adorable name.
Like Charlotte, Lucy is a gorgeous name for a girl/woman.
The name Lucy is cute, dainty and pretty! I have a dog named Luci but it's pronounced the same as Lucy is. Her full name is Luciana. If I ever have a child I would name her Lucy Rose and then my surname.
Lucy Ann Delaney, born Lucy Berry, was an African-American author, former slave, and activist, notable for her 1891 narrative From the Darkness Cometh the Light, or, Struggles for Freedom. This is the only first-person account of a "freedom suit" and one of the few post-Emancipation published slave narratives.The memoir recounts her mother Polly Berry's legal battles in St. Louis, Missouri for her own and her daughter's freedom from slavery. For her daughter's case, Berry attracted the support of Edward Bates, a prominent Whig politician and judge, and the future US Attorney General under President Abraham Lincoln. He argued the case of Lucy Ann Berry in court and won in February 1844. Their cases were two of 301 freedom suits filed in St. Louis from 1814 to 1860. Discovered in the late twentieth century, the case files are held by the Missouri Historical Society and searchable online.
Lucy Liu is an American actress, voice actress, director, producer, singer and artist. She became known for playing the role of the vicious and ill-mannered Ling Woo in the television series Ally McBeal (1998–2002), for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series. Liu's film work includes starring as one of the heroines in Charlie's Angels (2000), portraying O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill (2003), and starring roles in the main casts of Payback (1999), Chicago (2002), and the animated film series Kung Fu Panda (2008–present) portraying the character Master Viper.
Lucy is the best name ever. I am a Lucy and I love it. The name does age well and it isn't a little girl's name. :D.
This name DOES NOT age well! It's a child's name!
I would have liked Luke and Lucy more than Luke and Leia.
Lucy Loud is the gothic daughter from the cartoon, The Loud House.
This is our family dog's name, so that's primarily what comes to mind when I hear it -- a dog. Of course, it's not a bad name for a human at all, though it's a little plain and boring. I don't hear much originality in the name Lucy, and I prefer Lucinda or Lucia, as they sound much prettier.
Beautiful name. A combination I have with this name is: Lucy Veronica
This is my favourite name. It's so sweet and I have a cousin Lucy (she's a great person). Every Lucy which I know is great. Lucy Pevensie is my favourite character from books and she has a great personality too. This name is also simple to pronounce and write. It's so cute!
Lucy Lane, younger sister of Lois Lane, in DC Comics and adaptations.
Lucy Heartfilia is a main character in 'Fairy Tail'. She's such a cutie!
Lucy from Eastenders :') I get told I look like her all the time as well, funnily enough.
Lucy Rose Parton (Born: June 28, 1989), known as Lucy Rose, is an English singer-songwriter.
I love this name, but something to be aware of: Lucy has been on lists of the most popular pet names for the last few years now (pet names as in animal names, not pet names as in nicknames).
I like how it's associated with Lucy Pevensie as The Chronicles of Narnia series is cool. Lucy sounds sweet, girly and pretty. :)
This name is kind of annoying, I don't know why, but it reminds me of a spoilt little girl who wants to be treated to everything.
I have a love and hate relationship with Lucy. For example, when I think of Lucy I am reminded of the name Lucifer and how they share the same beginning and meaning. Also, there's a tv show called Lucy about satan's daughter. But at the same time I love the sound of it and it's just so classy to me. Also, it's filled with history of a saint named Lucy, around during the BC era. I don't know many names with that history and I can't forget I love Lucy but most likely I'll use the male version Lucian or I'll just use it as a middle name.
I think Lucy is pretty much the perfect girl's name! It is short and sweet, but not at all boring. It's feminine and pretty but a little bit quirky too. I just love this name, if you can't tell ;)
This is my daughters name and it fits her perfectly! When she was born everyone loved the name not too popular and still a classic old fashion name that will grow with her and is also cute and fun and so adorable just like her:-)
I love this name! It's my daughter's name. Well actually her full name is Lucina, like Luci-na. But she also goes by Luci. She loves both names, and there isn't anyone else in school with her name. But has never been picked on for it either. I love the bringer of light meaning. And to top it all off Lucille was my favorite Grandmother's middle name, so she's kinda named after her.
Lucy is one of the protagonists of the webcomic Bittersweet Candy Bowl.
Lucy Clarsen is a character from the TV show Les Revenants, played by Ana Girardot. I didn't really like her that much, so I don't like this name.
Actress Lucy Liu is a famous bearer.
This is my real name. I like it fine (and everyone I've met really likes it), but the I Love Lucy/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds jokes get old after a while. Also, I've met more dogs than people with my name.
I love the name Lucy, it always makes me think of the odd, but in my opinion quirky and beautiful song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. My only problem with it is that it's now a little too common.
Lucy Westenra from Dracula. Great and tragic character from a wonderful and classic novel.
American actress Lucy Loken (born 1999 in Burbank, California).
There are many different names for Lucy. (Lucinda, Lucia, Lucille, Lusine, etc.) I don't know which is my favorite! :) When I think of Lucy, I think of pretty pink dresses and romance.
Lucy Hale is an American actress and singer. She was born June 14, 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee.
I've always been fond of the name Lucy. I love the meaning 'light'. We are planning to add a new Westie and will name her Lucee. I think it will be a great twist on this name and I think our Lucee will bring much light to our home.
I love the name Lucy since it's my mother's name. The name fits her perfectly since it's a nice, pretty and sweet name like her.
I like the name Lucy.
It's nice, yet mature, and in a way, it's actually quite formal!
You can't go wrong with this name.
Can also be spelled Luci.
Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars bears this name but it is just a stage name, her real name Karen Lucille Hale.
My favorite girl's name!It's girly, literary, and spunky. I love how sweet and simple is. It's common but not the trendy kind of common, like Emma or Ava. It's common as in people of all different ages have this name. I doubt there would be another Lucy in her class.
I quite like this name; it is usable for all ages I believe, and is quite overtly sweet-sounding, but also sounds grown-up at the same time. :-)
Lucy Hannah (16 July 1875 - 21 March 1993) was an American supercentenarian. Hannah is the 3rd oldest verified person ever, as well as the oldest black person ever.
Survivor's Boston Rob has a daughter Named Lucy. It was mentioned on Survivor.
No offence, but I find this name a bit sickening. It has too much of a goody-goody feel to it.
Reminds me of I Love Lucy! Gotta love that show! :P
Derived from the Latin word "Lux" meaning "light".
I don't know one Lucy. I think this name is adorable, but mature, and very timeless. I will seriously consider this name with the given name as Luciana/Lucianna.
"Lucy" is a song on the 1990 album The Good Son by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.
I love this name, it's so cute yet ages well.
Cute, I would call my child Lucy.
St. Lucy Filippini is the patron saint of the Maestre Pie Filippini, a religious order dedicated to teaching girls, especially in underprivileged countries, although there are several schools in prosperous countries, with the goal being to inspire others to use their education to help the poor and defenseless.
Lucy Camden-Kinkirk is a character from the popular TV show "7th Heaven" (1996-2007), played by Beverley Mitchell.
Ugly and Lucia is way better!
Sweet, pretty name that is feminine and yet also somehow seems quite sensible and trustworthy. I can easily imagine someone called Lucy being a cute little girl and also an adult doing serious work in genetics or something.
In Latin, Lucy can be translated as the word light.
Lucy is a really sweet name! It would be a perfect middle name for many different names. :DD
I love this name! Though my name is Ludmila, my short name is Lucja, and I love when they sometimes call me Lucy.
Lucy is the female protagonist in the Beatles-inspired movie "Across The Universe". She is most likely named for the classic Beatles song, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
Lucy Szabo is the solemn, contemplative protagonist of Pete Hautman's novel "Sweetblood".
"The Lucy poems" is the title given to a series of poems by William Wordsworth. They were written to a woman of this name. No one is sure if Lucy was a real woman or a fictional character. One of the more famous of the poems is "She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways."
My name is Lucy and I love it. To me its pretty and elegant.
I go by Lusie (I might add that I prefer my spelling) and, as someone entering the "adult world", don't have any problems with it - it's short, simple, and fun. I think it will serve be wonderfully, but then, I don't have any corporate aspirations. I really think Lusie/Lucy/whatever is better suited as a middle name that can be used if the bearer chooses - it takes a certain personality and set of goals to pull it off past childhood and not make it childish or frumpy.
Lucy Hutchinson (1620–81), daughter of Sir Allen Apsley and wife of Colonel Hutchinson (whose biography she wrote), was a courageous heroine of the English Civil War as well as a writer and translator.
"Lucy Gray, or Solitude" is a poem by William Wordsworth. It's a sad story of a solitary girl who seems connected with nature, and gets lost and dies in a snowstorm. Google it.
Lucy Stone was a suffragist and abolitionist in the 1800s. She was the first recorded woman in America to keep her maiden name after marrying, and the first woman in Mass. to earn a college degree.She's one of my heroes because she had the courage to stand up for what she believed in and did what she thought was right, even if it would cause trouble for herself. I'd name a daughter after her.
I will always associate Lucy with Across the Universe/"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." I think this is one of few names that have been around for a really long time, but haven't gone out of style.
I tend to relate this name to the Beatles' song, 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', which is very lovely. I love this name, it's short and sweet.
I have to say that I find the name rather bland and unimaginative, but that's just my opinion.
I like the name Lucy so much I adopted it as my new name! It's such a likeable name with a lot of history, I've always felt an affinity with it. It has a bright and bouncy sound, a lovely meaning and everybody can spell it and say it right!
Lucy SAxon (A.K.A the Master's wife) from Doctor Who.
One of the world's first set of sextuplets are born in Chicago, Illinois. (There were reported but unverified earlier births of sextuplets being born in U.S. on December 30, 1831, in Italy in 1844 and in Maine in 1847) The Bushnell family delivers six babies, three boys, Alberto, Laberto and Norberto, and three girls, Alice Elizabeth, Alincia, and Lucy. Laberto and Lucy die at birth but we believe the other four babies survived the birth. Alinica reportedly survives to age 85, dying on March 27, 1952 in Warsaw, New York. We've also seen a Guinness Book reference that claimed all six sextuplets survived at least two months.
I like Lucy as well. Just a note, but Lucille is a familiar form of Lucy, not the other way around. Also, Lucy Westenra of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula is not short for Lucinda. In fact, Lucinda, like Lucille, is a familiar form of Lucy. The character's name is Lucy and the name Lucinda is not mentioned anywhere in the novel.
Lucy is a common but pretty name. You can never be too old or too young for it.
I love this name! It makes me think of Bram Stoker's Dracula. There was a character named Lucy in the movie version that came out in 1992. The actress Sadie Frost played the part of Lucy. The name sounds very Victorian to me. It's such a nice name in my opinion. Hopefully, it doesn't become too popular here in the United States. I hate when a name becomes too popular.
In the Harry Potter series, Percy Weasley eventually has two daughters with a woman named Audrey, to be named Molly and Lucy.
Miss Lucy Steele, in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, is a not-so-favorable character.
Hate this name. So blah and boring it's sickening.
Lucy is the name of one of the main characters in Julie Taymore's movie Across the Universe (2007).
This name was famously given to the fossilized remains of a member of Australopithecus afarensis, an extinct hominid. The partial skeleton was unearthed in 1974 and nearly everyone who has taken high school biology or anthropology since then should be familiar with this connection.
Call me crazy, but I adore the name Lucy! Though Lucia is a better name, still I like the name Lucy.
My first name is not Lucy, it's my middle name - but I have always been called by Lucy. I love it, the meaning is wonderful. It's also Ancient Roman (being based on Lucius, which is another reason I love it, as my surname is the name of the first Roman standard bearer in England. I love my Ancient Roman name!
I adore the name Lucy. It's feminine and fun. It's also a great nickname for Lucinda, Lucina, Luciana, Lucia, or Lucasta.
Dakota Fanning plays Lucy Diamond Dawson in the movie I Am Sam.
I love this name, it fits a little girl perfectly but it's still an ancient name that suits an older woman. It's not very popular in America these days but it's crazy common in the UK.
Lucy can be a nickname for any name starting with "Luc-" (e. G. Lucille, Lucinda, Lucretia, Lucasta, etc.)
A sweet name for a girl. Would sound nice as a combo - Lucy Jane.
My year in school is FULL of Lucys. There are about ten in total. So one in each of the six forms we have. I'm sort of glad now my name is Luangi.
In the play Jekyll and Hyde there is the prostitute that Edward Hyde sleeps with. She falls in love with Henry Jekyll but Hyde is in love with her. I love this play even though she dies in the end.
I like this name so much, I think it's so cute!
Saint Lucy is the patron saint of those with eye problems.
Lucy Snowe is the main character in Charlotte Bronte's beautiful novel 'Villette'.
Lucy Parsons, also known as Lucy Gonzales, was a famous bearer of this name. Parsons is a well-known and respected African American/Native American/Mexican feminist and anarchist.
Lucy Westenra is a character in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. She was a friend of Mina and one of Dracula's first victims. I think it's a cute name for a redhead, although that could be because in the 1992 film Lucy was a redhead.
There WAS a character in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" named Lucy Westenra, but her name is commonly thought to be short for Lucille or just Lucy, but it is in fact, Lucinda.
Lucy is an awesome name for a girl. Very pretty and easy to grow up with.
Lucy was very popular from 1880 to 1910 and began to drop in popularity. Its usage is just starting to increase again today.
Lucy is the name of one of the main characters in the astoundingly gorey anime 'Elfen Lied'. Wikipedia search it if you want to know more -- I haven't seen enough of it to elaborate. x);
Lucy is my name. And I rather like it. Although it is a shortened version of Luangi, which is my real name.
This is one of my middle names and although I think it is quite plain on its own it is a good name to use to link one or two together. I say that it is plain because it is simple and isn't particularly exciting - I think it suits a young child far more than an adult.
This is one of my middle names and I think it is very pretty and is fairly common. But I always think of a Lucy as a curly and blonde haired girl with big blue eyes who is a spoilt brat, and who gets her dad to buy her everything so I wouldn't use it as that picture is rather negative.
Lucy is a pretty name and I think it suits people of all ages. It's a fairly common name, but not the most popular name in the world. Certainly not as common as it was in the past. It's a name that you know, but you don't hear too often.
I think Lucy is such a cute, sweet and inspiring name! It had always reminded me of Lucy Pevensie as well. :-)
Nice enough name, but whenever I see it, I think of that annoying girl from 7th Heaven. Anyway, I prefer the spelling Lucie. No offense to anyone with this name; this is just my humble opinion.
Sweet and pretty.
I just love this name. I can picture a young girl with this name and would expect her to have a colorful personality and be very kind and caring.
Pretty, cute and dainty. Nothing special, but yeah. I like it more because it either reminds me of Lucille Ball's hilarious, screwball and perky character in "I Love Lucy" or of the innocent, loving, yet intuitive young Lucy Pevensie from "The Chronicles of Narnia."
My name is Lucy and I absolutely LOVE my name. The meaning behind it is wonderful. To me "light bringer" means to bring happiness, love, cheer, life and truth. Every now and then I have been asked if my full name was Lucille, but it is not. However, I do like the I Love Lucy show. : )
Lucy is also one of Charles Schultz Peanuts children.
Lucy was Lucille Ball's character in "I Love Lucy."
Lucy is also the name of the youngest girl in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis. She is the one who discovers the wardrobe and is also given the power to heal.
Lucy Pevensie, as mentioned before, IS the primary heroine of 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,' but she is also in 'Prince Caspian,' 'The Voyage of the *Dawn Treader*,' 'The Horse and His Boy,' and 'The Last Battle.' C.S. Lewis dedicated 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' to a girl he knew whose name was Lucy.
"Lucy in the sky with diamonds" is a famous Beatles song.
I always thought Lucy was a nickname for Lucille.
Lucy comes from the Latin meaning of "light" and "light bringer". In Spanish it can be translated into Lucita and in Italian it is Lucia.
Of Greek origin, one of the many epithets of goddess Artemis, Lucia Artemis ("Lousia" in Greek, pronounced Luseea), from the Greek verb louo-louomai, literally means having a bath, symbolizing purity.

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