This is my favorite name EVER (for a boy). Love the Scottish feel.
I don't think I said enough. I.LOVE.IT. One of the most Scottish/MASCULINE names ever. Any men named MacKenzie should be very proud, and thank their parents for naming them this. Also this is the men's spelling, McKenzie is the women's spelling.
Super cute.
I personally love the name Mackenzie
It's such a beautiful name and there are so many nicknames! (Mac, Kenzie, M)
Now, what I don't understand is why people think it's an annoying bratty girl's name. It's not. It's an amazing name.
If your name is Mackenzie, just know your name is beautiful and amazing :D.
So beautiful and it means fire-born!
It’s quite a nice name. I write a story series, and one of the characters has the name Mackenzie.
Very unattractive.
Obviously a surname. Why is this used as a first name?
This name is fine but I never know how people spell their version of it. I usually think it’s a girl name but if you like it on a boy I guess it’s fine. You could use the nickname Mack, Kenzie, Kenny.
I don't see WHAT makes this name masculine. Very cute name though, and I love it. It's very rare and unique these days.
I hate this name and don't see the appeal at all, so many prettier names out there!
Urghhhhh the day I had, everyone commenting rude and VILE things about the name. I wish they got the recognition they deserved. They are kind smart and amazing so please if your know a Mackenzie don't 'kenz' zone them, appreciate them. :)
I absolutely hate this name. It is just vile.
Assuming agreement that surnames starting with “Mc” or “Mac” translate to “son of;” however, in English, the application of “Nic” for daughters has long disappeared.

Unlike the old Scandinavian naming convention, where the surname is derived from the father’s first name plus:
-son if the child is a boy
-dóttir if the child is a girl.

Given the abundance of females with “Mc” or “Mac” surnames — who obviously are NOT “sons of” — the squabble surrounding females with “Mc” or “Mac” first names is weakened. It can’t be both ways; thus, the point is rendered moot.

There are many first names that were once exclusively male, but now used by both genders. Examples include: Stacy, Tracy, Kelly, Kerry, Lesley and MacKenzie. My family includes the MacKenzie surname, as well as boys and girls named “MacKenzie” to honour the heritage.
Mackenzie is a beautiful name!
I don’t see the appeal.
Definitely the best spelling of a boring name.
So I spell my name Makenzi- anyone else?
Not a fan. Ugly and dated.
Something about the name Mackenzie on a boy is kind of appealing, especially with the nickname Mack, although I can't see myself using it on a real boy. I don't see the appeal of it for girls at all. The inherently masculine meaning aside, it sounds cutesy and has a massive trendy vibe to it. It's also overused where I live with a plethora of kreatyve spellings. At least spell it correctly if you're going to use it on a girl.
I really dislike this name, and I think it’s massively overused.
In my opinion, it’s an ugly name.
I personally don’t mind the name Mackenzie for a girl or a boy, but in my opinion it’s more suited for a boy. I don’t know why, it just gives me those vibes. I think it can be a cute name at times though, it does have a ring to it.
Mackenzie Browning, a female character in the soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” She goes by the nickname Mac(k). She started out as an intelligent loner type of girl who volunteered in homeless shelters when she was in high school, but later became the same as most of the other female adults in the show.
There is the YouTube singer-songwriter Mackenzie Johnson.
It is the name of an ancient Scottish clan, to use it as a personal name when you are not from that clan is both disgraceful and offensive. Please stop. Just because most Americans are clueless about actual history and peoples doesn't make it right.
How the hell is this masculine? Also, I don't really see what people like about this name to be honest.
Personally, I don't like this. I see why it's appealing to some, but I don't like this name. In my high school there's like 10 girls named Mackenzie (one Mackynzee) that I know of. I guess this name was popular for girls in the 2000's. I also know a man who is 50 years old who's named Mackenzie. In the 70s this name became popular for boys. I'm not hating on Mackenzie's though. I have an acquaintance (not friend) named Mackenzie.
I think of a ditzy blonde cheerleader when I hear this name. (Not saying all Mackenzies are like that)
This is a MASCULINE name. "Mac" means "son of".
In my opinion, Mackenzie has a quite unattractive sound. Plus, this name is super trendy and too cutesy to sound decent on an adult. Names are supposed to age with the bearer and help him or her in life, not just sound cute the first couple of years.
I’ve met both male and female Mackenzies. It works for either, but is more commonly used for girls. Female Mackenzies are often nicknamed Kenzie, while the male Mackenzie I know calls himself Mack.
Why does this mean "Son of Coinneach?" I honestly think this name should mean "daughter of Coinneach" or something.
My name is Mckenzie. I think it could be for both boys and girls. I mean nothing against any boys named Mckenzie. I don’t know anyone named Mckenzie that’s a boy but I am personally offended when people say that it's a stupid name and that people assume that it is always spelled Mackenzie. I tell people how to spell my name and they tell me I am spelling it wrong and it makes me angry because I believe I know how to spell my own name. Thank you for reading my comment :)
Honestly, it is now used generally on girls. I think it is slightly girly, which sounds quite nice on a girl, but on a boy!? On a boy, Mackenzie is so handsome, but it is difficult to use nowadays.
For all of you guys that are ‘hurt’ about the comments, that’s very childish. You don’t like someone’s name and you put that in the comments, that’s apparently okay but someone talks about your name you get upset? What is life? If you hate it so much get off the comments because it’s just a name and life isn’t fair. And my name is Panda and I’m okay with the 99 percent hate on my name. Come on! Just pointing that out, you all are human, it’s just a name. And I’m not saying Mackenzie is a bad name, I like it to be honest.
I am Lady MacKenzie of Drumnadrochit.
Rare and not very common for males, but for females, this name is the complete opposite.
Mackynzie Renee Duggar is the daughter of Josh and Anna Duggar.
Mackenzie sounds much better for a boy than Lindsay. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s another one of my favorite girl names. It sounds like a tomboyish name for a girl yet it’s not too masculine. It’s rather too feminine for a boy. I think Mackenzie is more of a girl’s name but that’s just my personal opinion and it’s in my book. Others may see this as a masculine name. I wouldn’t care.
Mackenzie Frances Ziegler is a singer, actress, and dancer. She is known for starring on “Dance Moms” for six seasons along with her Mom, Melissa and older sister, Maddie. She is a singer known for her songs “Girl Party”, “Shine” And several others. She is known for the web series “Total Eclipse” as Cassie. She has also starred on “Dancing with the Stars”.
Mackenzie Frances Ziegler is a dancer, actor and singer. She is known for starring on “Dance Moms” for six seasons and many of her singles such as “Girl party” and “Shine”.
BRO YES NAME YOUR KID MACKENZIE! Mackenzie is the most marvelous name in the world, I was raised with it being my middle name and hating my given last name. As soon as I found out it was in my heritage I flipped out and instantly felt a connection with it. Finally at 16 I changed it and I simply wish I had been a Mackenzie my whole life. As soon I got home from legally becoming a Mackenzie my dad and I danced while he presented me Mackenzie patterned fabric to make something special with, which my mom ended up making into stockings for Christmas.
My Mackenzie heritage is my great grandfather Norman Mackenzie was a courageous Scot who fought in the Boer war, immigrated to Canada for homestead land and raised several kids with his Scottish wife (whose maiden name was Mckenzie? So she added an A. He raised his sons with integrity and the eldest sons all went to fight during conscription in the first world war where my great grandfather lost his leg. To this day we still bring aspects of Scottish culture in. For my father's wedding he wore our traditional kilt, sporran, all the rest and bagpipers. Ever since we've had family reunions and my father keeps kilts, our tartan and emblems up as decorations. I remember in first grade being friends with a girl named Mackenzie and thinking what a noble name it was to say aloud. When I ran for student government I put Bella Mackenzie on the register and it had such a nice ring to it that I wanted it legally changed too. I personally like it as a middle or last name but do whatever sounds best to you. Make sure you respect its Gaelic roots as well as the history, culture and weight behind it. I'd really recommend watching Outlander, it's a show about the Mackenzie clan that literally made me so happy to watch, I like imagining that one of them is my ancestor. Even though they're just characters, its immersive plot above all else has given me a sense of my culture. The main character is a "witch"- I've always loved Scottish wiccan herbology, the Scottish had very hardy herbs and the hardiest belief in the occult I've seen with their tales of sprites and omens. Something about Merida from Brave made me wistful, the land she explores with all the faeries and runes reminds me of the our nature in Canada, but I still wish I could go there. Being a fifth generation Scot means that it's already far detached and with each generation will fade more. I mostly see my other family traits present in my face, but shout out to the descendants who can truly feel or see the traits in themselves. I wish I could look in the mirror and see my mothers before me, maybe I'll have to look at more photos then! Instead I try and focus on the traits I see passed down to my dad, the noble stubbornness and playful humor. One day I hope to go there, see the people and learn what energy that world gives off. My mom doesn't understand it all, but she respects it. Most people nowadays don't care, trying to distance themselves from staying in the past. But I'd like more girls my age to get interested in genealogy and who we are. Our culture is a crucial part of who we are and it's a western concept to think it's not. The Scottish were some of the most loyal, real warriors who unequivocally believed in natural magic. Their concept of spirituality and ethereal beings is so beautiful and I wish more people could learn from them.
For anyone thinking of naming your daughter this, do it.
I think MacKenzie is a very elegant and feminine name. I absolutely love this name for a girl more than a boy. I mean the Mac part makes it sound cute for a boy, but the majority of this name is Kenzie, so it sounds much more girly. It’s a unisex name that can be used on boys or girls, mostly girls. But it means the “son of COINNEACH" so it’s originally masculine. But because of the usage, it’s better for a girl. It’s still strong enough and masculine for a boy, but definitely soft and feminine for a girl.
Ugh, so overused. This name is a favorite of hipster parents who want to feel "kre8ive" and "uneeq," along with the thousands of others who named their kid the same name, and who also thought they were being kre8ive and uneeq, lol.
In 2018, 9 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Mackenzie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 514th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 16 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Mackenzie who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 546th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Mack sounds masculine, Kenzie sounds feminine.
I think this name is awesome! I prefer this name slightly more on a girl because of the usage. But on a boy is fine!
Personally hate it.
No offense, but it’s meaningless, vulgar and comedic.
Best name ever.
I think Mackenzie is a nice name for a girl (except the meaning). I can't see Mackenzie on a boy. It seems feminine.
My name is Mackenzie Raelynn, and I naturally hate my middle name but it has an amazing ring to it so I guess it is fine. I call myself the queen of bad luck because this name is for clumsy fools like me!
I used to hate the name Mackenzie, but it grew on me. I now think it's really pretty, especially with the middle name Isabella or Julieta. If my name was Mackenzie, I'd probably go as Kenzie or Kenna.
Mackenzie is the name of the main character in the game series Touch Detective.
There has always been something about the name Mackenzie which I enjoy for both genders. As I have always been an immense fan of The Father of the Bride films, I have always loved this name. I have never really considered using it for a son or a daughter until now. I do find it ironic that so many people on BTN have reprimanded people for naming their daughters this, especially as the name "Madison" (which also has a SON OF meaning) is so very popular for girls, in fact, not used on boys at all. I certainly expect there to be as much comments regarding the masculine meaning on Madison's page!
Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes is a Canadian ski jumper.
Majority of people with this name are girls, people at school are gonna think it’s weird to see a boy with the name Mackenzie, and the nickname Kenzie makes it sound even more like a girls name.
My name is Mackenzie. I feel that name can be used for anyone. It can be used as a nickname as well. I have a friend whose real name is Tyler but everyone calls him Mackenzie or Mack. I don't care what other people say about my name, because I ACTUALLY HAVE THAT NAME! Also, do not call a Mackenzie 'Mac', 'Mack', 'Macaroni', or 'Big Mac' without their consent. It irritates the crap out of me to hear that day after day. Call them by their full name or a nickname if told otherwise.
I am not a fan of this name. It could be nice, but it is overused and constantly spelled "creatively." I think I should have been a boys' name, if a given name at all, but its popularity for girls has rendered that impossible. At least a boy could use the nickname "Mac". However, if you absolutely must use this name, I beg you not to re-spell it. And remember- this is not a unique name anymore. Mackenzie has been in the top 100 since 1995, and quite a few "variants" are widely popular as well. Trust me, I know about three or four Mackenzies, and have heard of several more.
Really though, stop being sexist. I think it's a name like Logan that is mainly a boy name, but can be a girl's name.
My name is Mackenzie and I come from both Scottish/Irish parents! They together both named me Mackenzie knowing I was a female. Yes, the name means "son of" but the name itself is beautiful and that's why they gave me the name! I love my name simply because it fits me and I wouldn't want any other name than Mackenzie!
MacKenzie is a family name. It is the name of the Clan MacKenzie.
As so many people have tried to point out, the name MacKenzie means "Son of Coinneach". Coinneach is the Gaelic for Kenneth. Coinneach in Gaelic means "the fair one".
All members of the clan MacKenzie are "sons of" Coinneach, daughters are NicCoinneach in Gaelic for the girls.
It is my family name that has been traced back with a clear lineage to 1689 in Inverness, where my GGGGGGGGGGF Donald MacKenzie was born. His son George MacKenzie was born in Inverness in 1715.
His son, also called James MacKenzie was born in 1744, 2 years before the battle of Culloden.
Following the failure of the Jacobite uprising, my ancestors moved to Edinburgh to escape the slaughter of the clans by the English. The rest as they say is history.
To hear such a proud and noble name being used as a given name for girls is offensive.
To use my ancient family name to name your little boy or girl, just because it sounds nice is ignorant. You may as well call your baby "chocolate fudge sundae", because it sounds nice!
There is a long history behind the clan names. Traditionally we take our mother's maiden name as last middle name; this is standard practice that has enabled me to trace the family back over 300 years.
When I hear of yet another child being called MacKenzie for their first name I think of ignorant Americans or people from English council estates somehow thinking that it is "cool" or "original". There is nothing cool about using the name MacKenzie as a given name. IT is just plain stupid.
I want to apologise for my rude comments, but I can't.
If you have been named MacKenzie by your parents then I am sorry; sorry for you that you will go through life being thought of as a chav with ignorant parents.
My given name is Colin. I didn't like the name that much while growing up, but later realised that it is a traditional MacKenzie clan Christian name.
My last point is that the name is Scots, NOT Irish. The MacKenzie Clan has a recorded history of over 700 years in Scotland.
You will not see a Scots family call their baby MacKenzie, they know better than to insult their own heritage.
Mackenzie Davis, Canadian-born "Halt and Catch Fire" actress bears this name.
Mackenzie has never been a traditional girls name. You will rarely find anyone with the first name Mackenzie who was born before 1976. Indeed it doesn't make sense since it is a Scottish surname.
The popularity of the name in my opinion can be traced entirely to the middle name of "One Day at a Time" actress Laura Mackenzie Phillips, who used the name Mackenzie as her stage name. The show aired on CBS from December 16, 1975, until May 28, 1984. Mackenzie was no doubt one of her family's surnames. Others have done the same thing. Edgar McLean Stevenson of the show MASH comes to mind. The spike in the use of the girls name Mackenzie parallels the time the show was on the air. That's how some names get established.
I don't like this name for girls because of its meaning. Son of the wise one. Why would you name your daughter SON of anything? Do you want her to spend her life thinking you wish she'd been a boy? Why not just name her Sonny-my-Boyo?
I dislike Taylor and Sydney for girls' names but Mackenzie and McKinley and MacKayla are worse. They don't just sound like boys' names and they literally mean the baby is a boy, the son of whatever. If your baby is a girl, giving her a boy name is misogynist. Boys are better, boy names are better, so I'll give my daughter a boy name. She should have been a boy.
Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms. She has also appeared on other television programs, including the sitcom Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, has modeled for Polo Ralph Lauren, and her social media penetration includes more than 7 million Instagram followers. Her 2014 album, Mack Z, and its lead single both reached the top of the iTunes charts. Ziegler toured in Australia with her sister in early 2017.
I am seeing lots of people saying things like "The name Mackenzie is a boy's name, it sounds awful for a girl", or something similar. My thoughts are that the name Mackenzie sounds the exact same when you say it, regardless of whether the name belongs to a boy or a girl. If you don't like how it sounds, that's perfectly fine, just don't use it - but don't be biased about a name because of the gender using it. Most people don't know the roots of names when they meet someone, and are even less likely to judge someone because of the meaning of a name they didn't get to choose in the first place. Saying it sounds horrible as a girls name doesn't mean much - people don't say their own name often.
I also think it is somewhat unfair when people say they 'don't see it as a "girly" name, so girls shouldn't be named Mackenzie'. Does it matter? Not all girls are stereotypically girly (I am one of them), and not all boys are stereotypically boys. Maybe their parents liked that it sounded masculine, or had masculine roots. I know people with much more feminine names (namely a girl named Isabella), and they hate it, preferring to shorten their name to something that has a different tone; or sometimes get rid of it completely and go with their middle name.
Mackenzie Meehan is an American actress, known for The Wolf of Wall Street, These Hopeless Savages and Couch Hoppers. She was nominated for the Helen Hayes Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress, Resident Play in 2011. She is an acting member of The Actors Company Theatre.
My name is Mackenzie and I have never once thought it was masculine. All of my friends think it is a very girly, pretty name. It is an older name which is why it is "son of Kenneth." But that is similar to saying mankind- obviously women are included in that statement. Regardless of its meaning, my mother put a lot of thought into it and thought it sounded very elegant and old-fashioned. I love my name, I think it is very pretty and unique although I do know several other Mackenzies- but some of them spell it differently. I hate when people spell it "McKenzie" because it's not like McDonald's. It's supposed to be mah-ken-zee. I am looking through some of these comments and it makes me mad that people would say such mean things about someone's name. It may not be pretty to you but there are plenty of people in the world that have this name that think it's beautiful so please, don't degrade any names! Thanks :)
My name is MacKenzie. I was born a female, but I do not qualify as either gender. I honestly hate my name, named after the river in Oregon. I understand that it means "son of", and I respect that some boys have been gifted with the name MacKenzie. I don't seem to, well, more like I get ticked off when someone calls me that name. So I go by Mackie. I always have. The only time I allow the name Mackenzie, to be referred to by me, is when a teacher with no learning capability mindlessly calls me out. I mean come on. Just DON'T call me MacKenzie. Mackie is so much easier to remember. Plus, it's a gender neutral name, even more so than MacKenzie.
My eleven year old son is called Mckenzie. There are more boys than girls with this name in the UK. I like it due to the meaning of the name 'son of' and because of where we come from. And my Macca loves it.. definitely a boy's name..
Absolutely ridiculous that this has become such a popular name for girls. You wouldn't name your son Elizabeth, Sarah, Rebecca, etc., would you? For a guys' name, it's not so bad, though I'm really not too fond of it. Of course, this is only my opinion (it's also ridiculous that I have to point out that this is merely a personal opinion, but I must watch out for pansy-flakes who can't have anyone disagree with them). Heck, you can name your kid Goroth for all I care; but that doesn't mean other folks can't think it's stupid.
My name is MacKenzie and I am a guy. I've never meet another, let alone a girl, with the name MacKenzie, but it would make a fine girl's name. I don't care much for the meaning. I mean, sure, it's great to know the meaning of your name, but it's like your Zodiac: it's just some ancient definition that has very little to do with who you are and how you live. Okay, so it's a guys name and it's a last name... I wonder how many guys have girl's names and how many people have last names as first names. My brother, for example. His first name is his father's last name. He doesn't care. I don't care. No one cares! It's just a name. It is a way of identifying. Nothing more. You shouldn't try to read so far into it that that's all you see and there's no room for compromise.

MacKenzie is a strong name. I think anyone who has it should be proud. And as 'trendy' as people say it is, you'll probably meet more 'David's' and 'Matthew's' in your life than you will 'MacKenzie's' (believe me. I know like 6 David's and 4 Matthew's).
I don't give a damn that the meaning of this name is "Son of" it sounds like a girl name to me. It doesn't matter though, cause Mackenzie is extremely childish and overused. I hate this name.
Well... I see there has been a ton of anger and non-appreciation of the meaning, and opinions of the name " Mackenzie".
Let me just say this. Yes, Mackenzie sounds like a female, but no. I'm sorry, but if you have named your daughter Mackenzie she is going to be cursed, as well as the mother. Though not always, and the reason why is because if you are Christian you're protected by God's power. How do I know this? I am a strongly spiritual as well as intellectual person of my own people. The groups of men that were all originally given the name Mackenzie, were all MALE, no female. If you get deeper into the understanding, there was a type of witch throughout stories who had given the names to them. Once that female came in, she too was secretly given the name Mackenzie, and sadly raped horrifically. The witch later came back and turned that woman into a curse, and she gave birth to 7 other children, and none of those children were named Mackenzie. But, since the female was cursed, now any other females named Mackenzie will be cursed if they are not protected.
The meaning behind the name is mostly "Son of fair and wise men" basically. I do not recommend any mothers give the name Mackenzie to a female. I have have had numerous spells put on me because my name is Mackenzie. I have been separated from both my parent's sides, because of many battles that they believed were correct.
This name causes you to be portrayed as something you are not.
I never ever liked this name, I knew from the start it was a male's name. My mother is a complete idiot. She always said, "I love your name! It's like a princess."
I don't think so. My whole network of friends are guys. No Females. Another thing this name does to me, since it's a guy's name, it causes me to never get along with any females.
Mackenzie Hollister is the name of the main antagonist in the children's book series 'Dork Diaries.'
The name Mackenzie may mean "son of" and that is why people have such trouble with girls being named it, but most people choose the name for the pronunciation. The way the name rolls off the tongue and to some that is what makes the name beautiful. So it is possible that the reason the name has become more frequently given to women because we associate beauty with women.
The name Mackenzie was given to 29 boys born in the US in 2015.
I personally like this name as a boys name, though I have to admit it can be a very pretty name for a pretty girl. I just like this name for a boy because it's different and totally out of the ordinary.
The name is for boys. Dylan, Derrick, Caden, Aidan, Timothy etc. are boys' names. The world needs to stop with this whole gender neutral bull crap. Men have a penis and girls a vagina. I would never name my child a masculine name because it's a trend. Americans don't have history other than killing slaves. All they do is copy off of every country and then make ridiculous fad's. Also, it's like 20 Mackenzie's in one class room. I hate to sound racist but the majority of white women always name their kid's stupid names in general or they name their girl's boy's names. What about when she wants to date a guy in the future? Some celebrity named their daughter James... I mean c'mon, would any mom do that? This is getting crazy. Illuminati is doing their job. People don't even realize how the world is switching genders. Men are transvestite's and girls have taken masculine names.
I'm glad you're aware that men have penises, but you know what doesn't have a penis? Names. Just like objects, names do not have any sexual organs and therefore lack gender. Names are for identifying an individual amongst a crowd, and therefore can be assigned to anyone, regardless of their sex.

Personally, I don't care much for Mackenzie (too long with too many unique letters), either for a boy name or a girl name, but I do like Kenzie and Mack and as this is their origin, we should respect that. Names, just like language and fashion, are constantly changing and evolving. This is just a fact of life, and we need to accept that. And if the genders are swapping, I don't see a problem since it still balances out in the end.
Girl or boy, this name would still sound childish as Hell. I can't imagine an adult with this name.
My name is Mackenzie and I think my name is beautiful. Anyone out there who has the name Mackenzie, don't be listening to all those people. Your name is beautiful for a girl or a boy. At least it's not a super common one like Emily or Hannah or Amanda or something. If you are going to give your child a name I suggest Mackenzie, Celia, or Faye.
I will never understand why why people pick this name for girls. Meaning aside, it just LOOKS and SOUNDS masculine, and is not the slightest bit pretty or womanly at all. I don't particularly like it on males, either, though. Sounds too childish and cutesy for my tastes. I'd strongly suggest finding another name, if you're considering this for a child.
I think this name can be used for either a girl or a boy, not many people focus on the meaning of the name when choosing one for their child. Even though I tend to go more by my full name now, as a young girl I preferred being called Mac, and am still referred to that way by my family. Sure the meaning does not line up with the gender I identify with, but that doesn't mean I don't love my name. As far as I'm concerned, Mackenzie is a first name or a last name. I know many people (both male and female) with the same name as me, as well as people with it as a last name.
Childish name. Might work well on kids, but can you imagine a 50 year old Mackenzie? It's a boys' name anyway.
This name sounds feminine to me even though Mack is in the name. I know it was originally just a boy's name but it still sounds very girly to me. I wouldn't name my daughter and definitely not my son this name. Maybe my dog.
My sister's name is Mackenzie (spelled Makenzi) and I think her name is beautiful whether it means "son of" or "son of Kenzie". I do not feel that this name fits a boy. It is too feminine nowadays! Yes, it sounds masculine due to the pronunciation sounding like MAC, or MACK due to the spelling MACKENZIE. I like this name a lot. But for real people, don't be so negative! I understand it's your opinion or whatever, but try to be nice.

This name could fit a boy or girl. Mackenzie, Makenzie, and variants of Mackenzie are beautiful names for both sexes.

Again, parents can name their child whatever they want to. Just like how Kim Kardashian named her child "North West". Yes, there are some people named a variant of Mackenzie or MACKENZIE. Embrace them! Every name is unique in its own ways!
Hold on. MacKenzie is a Scottish name. It is derived from a Scottish surname. Also, just because it was once and still is a surname, does not mean it is not a wonderful given name.
My name is Mackenzie and people say that it is not a good name. I think it is a good name, not because my name is Mackenzie- if my name was not Mackenzie I would still like it.
Reading all of these comments, it makes me want to cringe at the childishness of some people. Regardless of what the name used to mean "son of wise", it should mean whatever we want it to mean! Girls/boys can bear the name! It is a beautiful name, and is beautiful on either gender...
I own this name and I honestly feel like all of you need to get a life! Leave the girls alone who have this name! I like the name Mackenzie even though I choose to go by Mack, because I feel like it helps show how I am a bigender individual who keeps up a more feminine look. Who cares if the name means son of or whatever. Let the kids live.
I'm surprised to see how much contention this name gets!

Anyway, I don't like this name. It baffles me why people use this name for their daughters if it means "son of Coinneach".

Not to mention, the "Mac"/"Mc" is just unattractive to me in regard to feminine given names.

EDIT 2 Jan 2016: I also agree with Greta-elisif's comments about this name.
My name is Mackenzie and I am very offended by most of the comments on here! My name means several things such as, daughter of the wise leader. Yes, it also means son of, but that doesn't mean that we have to be boys to have it!
I'm a girl, Mackenzie is my name and I don't give a stuff what the name means. All I know is that this name is the shizz.
Such a controversial name on here, I see. I hate this name on males and females. Sounds too childish to me. I know Mackenzie means "Son of" but it still sounds feminine to me.
I can't imagine having a name other than MacKenzie (and I've tried... I don't like any other name quite as much) -- I think it's beautiful, and it suits me. The 'k' and 'z' sounds are strong, the 'ma' and 'en' sounds are soft, and the final 'ie' brightens everything.

My favorite part of my name is how transformative it is... from one name I get: MacKenzie, Mac/Mack, MacKenz, Kenzie, Kenz, Mackie -- all before anyone has to think up a separate nickname for me.

My middle name is also a last name, and (with a variant spelling) can also be masculine. So each name of mine is a unisex surname. But so what? Why should gender be such a divisive topic, that boys and girls can't share similar syllable combinations... Jordan, Jamie, Taylor, Aaron/Erin, Sam, Pat, Chris, Noah, Danny, Robin, Lee... And since when have names been strictly surname or strictly forename... Jordan, Jackson, Lee, Harrison, Alexander, Cameron, Murphy, Perry... I could go on with both lists, but that's not my point: neither gender nor name placement have ever been absolute. So long as a name performs its function (to signify, in language, a particular person), it's a good enough name for me.
If you truly look at the meaning of MacKenzie it means Scottish Warrior. It is why I named my son MacKenzie. People really need to look at the meaning of what you want to name your child before it becomes an issue. Why would you name your daughter after a Scottish Warrior? It seams like people are not doing their research before hand.
I am named Mackenzie and I read some of these comments and was insulted! Some people were EXTREMELY rude with what they said. Mackenzie is a unisex name! Some comments felt like slaps to the face! But I thank the people that had NICE comments.
My name is Mackenzie and all my friends and family love the name Mackenzie. I am a girl. My friends usually call me Kenzie, Mac, and Macaroni. I love all the nick names people give me. I think the name Mackenzie is ok for a girl or boy but for me I would prefer it for a girl. Not just because I'm a girl but all my friends say that the name Mackenzie is just a weird name for a boy (but it might be because I'm a girl and they've never met a boy named Mackenzie. But I think the name Mackenzie is more of a girl's name but boys could have the name too. But it is a very cute name for a girl. Just think about saying hi little Mackenzie to a new baby girl. It's adorable, right? (the name Kaitlyn is cute too). If you have twins you should think about naming them Kaitlyn and Mackenzie.
My name is Mackenzie and even though I am a girl, I go by the nickname Mac. Personally, I do not appreciate all of the comments on how you think my name is masculine. My family and I have loved the name for me, and I am not going to change it because some people don't like it. As long as I like my name, that is what counts. I may not like where it came from, other than that I love my name. Everyone that I have talked to says that they love my name. I would like my name to be Mackenzie rather than a more used name, like Elizabeth or Madison. Don't get me wrong I love both of those names, but for me those names would not fit my personality.
I'm a 21 year old boy and my name is Mckenzie. My parents left the A out of it to set it apart a bit, and I think in general it looks better to me. It's nice to know I'm not the only dude named Mackenzie out there, but growing up in the US I've only ever seen it as a girls name. This has always been a conflict for me because it's always felt like I had a girl's name. I've always felt kind of embarrassed by my name, especially since I had long hair when I was a kid and would occasionally get mistaken for a girl. I guess the big conflict for me is that I do like my name and I think it fits me, but since it's so much more common for girls where I live and since trans issues are getting talked about more and more, I always feel like I might be misrepresenting myself when I introduce myself to new people, which is distressing. I just wish there were more dudes with my name out there.
I'm naming my daughter Mackenzie and I find it a very beautiful name. It can be used for both genders like any other name.
Eh, the name Mackenzie has grown on me a little bit. I still hate it for a girl (it's really trashy and ugly when used for a girl) BUT I suppose this trendy, modern surname-turned-name doesn't sound THAT bad for a guy. It's really annoying how the guy I knew who had this name was an a-hole. Maybe one day I will be able to completely get past the association of him and love this name more... who knows?
Mackenzie Ziegler, a dancer.
My name is Mackenzie Kate. I was named after Mackenzie Rosman, the little girl from 7th Heaven. Sorry to all those people who think it is an ugly name, or a name for a boy or who think that it should never be used for a girl or that it is common. It's a beautiful name, and yes the only other Mackenzie I know is a boy, but I think it can be used either way. It is not common. I have lived in 7 different places and have always been the only girl. The boy Mackenzie is the only other one I know. Yes, Mackenzie was originally a boy's name, and yes it means "son of" but guess what? I am a girl and I don't care about the meaning of my name. I know people were just expressing their opinions, but it gets personal when you say that my name is ugly or it should only be used for a boy or that you hate it. What if I knew you and you were saying that about my name? And how would you feel if a lot of people, not just one person, but a lot of people, were saying stuff like that about your name. I know this is a website where you comment on names but seriously, all the people who are saying that it is common and therefore ugly need to think, if it is common, wouldn't there most likely be a lot of Mackenzie's who are reading what you just wrote about their name? Seriously people, it's called common courtesy and manners. Get over yourselves!
Mackenzie Astin is a male actor, mostly from the 80's, best known for The Facts of Life and the Garbage Pail Kids movie. He is the brother of Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), son of Patty Duke (The Patty Duke Show) and John Astin (Addam's Family tv show).

This name is all boy to me. I don't understand it on a girl or how it became so popular. I guess anything that ends with an E sound is considered feminine nowadays.
There is a lot of controversy around this name, it's sad. But we all have our opinions and that's what makes the world an interesting place!

If you're from Europe you you know that Mac means son and you're likely to see this name as a boy name for that reason. I can understand why it's weird for you:)

If you're from the US you see things differently. I am from the US and Mackenzie has always been a girls name to me. I love the nickname Kenzie and Mack for a girl! I knew one guy Mackenzie in high school and it was weird to me. How awkward to share your name with so many girls!

Mackenzie has so many meanings, just pick your favorite. I favor the meaning comely. Comely comes from the meaning handsome. It also can mean born of fire, son of Kenneth (son of Coinneach) child of the wise leader (shortened to wise). Wise and comely (which means pleasant to look at, attractive.) Babies are surely that!

View the name how you would like, it's your world! Be happy:) As for me I've the loved the name since childhood and will probably use it on a girl.
It's okay as a middle name but I'm not so keen on it as a first name, especially for girls.

I know one, she goes by Mac.
I am really offended by how all you punks are treating my name. I am proud of my name, and I will never let anyone bring down the beauty/strength that surrounds my name. If you don't like my name, your loss. Mackenzie is a great name, and as a twelve year old girl, I stand by the standard that all people with the name Mackenzie, regardless of age or gender, should be proud to own it. For all you Mackenzie's out there, love your name till the day you die! I stand by each and every one of you. As for you jerks who don't know a good name when it is shoved in your face, leave us alone. You only wish you knew what you were talking about. Let's hear it for the Mackenzies!
"MacKenzie" is an awful, awful name for a girl. I hate the whole business of giving girls last names for first names. "Taylor" is just as bad. So is "Madison." If that's your name, I urge you to change it to "Mary" or some other normal girl's name as soon as you're of legal age. Don't apologize to your parents. They don't deserve an apology.
I honestly love my name. I have yet to meet a boy with Mackenzie as a name, but I meet a lot of girls. Unfortunately all the other Mackenzie's I've met are rude. I will not dis the name, not only because it's my own, but because it's a name. For crying out loud people, It's just a name. Not something you're supposed to get so worked up about. And not a lot of people are called by their names. That's why other people give you a nick-name. Mackenzie is unisex, meaning it can be used for both a girl and a boy.
I am a 13 year old girl named Mackenzie and I wear that name proudly. I am aware that people have different opinions about the gender this name should be used for and I would like to share mine. I think, in the 21st century, the name is more feminine, and the meaning is irrelevant. I have one friend, her name means hollow tree, does that mean she is a tree? No. I have another friend, her nane means one who fights. She is the calmest, most reasonable person I know. She could never hurt anyone. If your opinion is rude to someone, it's best to keep it to yourself.
My name is Mackenzie and I'm a 13 year old GIRL. I really don't appreciate people coming on here and calling my name "trashy and harsh" I happen to love my name and that's insulting me and every other Mackenzie that comes on here and complains. If you're going to hate on a name, do it in your head. You can ask any of my friends. I value my friends more than myself and I love kids and animals. I'm a caring person and I'm not snobby or bitchy. And I'm sorry for the language there but there's no other way to put that. I'm not a rude person and all of you coming on here and trashing our name is just making you look trashy. Not us. We're defending our name because you all decided that it'd be okay to come on here, hide behind your screens, and dis our names. I doubt you'd go up to someone and say "Your name is Mackenzie. Therefore you are trashy and I hate your name because it makes you sound like a dude. Especially since it was originally a guy name." So stop dissing us because of our name. And stop dissing our name. The only reason we're on here complaining is because of you. So stop posting nasty stuff about our name and leave us alone. There are plenty of other girl names that were once used as boy names. So why pick on this name? Can you answer that for me? I love my name. I always have. My friends call my Kenzie, Kenz, and my band teacher even makes jokes about it. It's a great name and I'm happy to say it's mine.
I really hate the name Mackenzie used for either gender. It sounds too harsh and I think it's an ugly, trashy name. I find this surname-turned-name too modern, trendy and immature.
A. don't use it.
B. If you're going to dis my name, then go away. No one needs people like you.
C. You're not helping by saying that.
I don't know who you think you are to tell me to "go away". This website's comment section is to input your personal impression of a name. If you love your name, then good for you. Also, bear in mind that not every name I comment on is because I want to "use it". I check out names that I am curious to learn about the meaning, origin and famous bearers.
I am proud to say my name is a masculine name and it is derived from the Scottish clan Mackenzie. I went to the highland games in Wisconsin and I learned a lot about where my name has come from. I also learned that I liked a lot of their culture. I may be mostly German but I love the Scottish culture.
I may be a girl but I like to say my name shows who I am and that I am not all that girly. I like what guys like. I know you all have your opinion on what gender this name should be for but you must think about why you were named the way you are.
I know a guy named Taylor and I think it fits him fine. You really can't judge a person on their name. Ya, maybe you've had bad experiences with someone named that but you don't have to dis it every chance you get.
My name is masculine and I am a girl. I like sports, archery, axe and knife throwing, shooting guns, dancing, art, and reading. I am a blonde hair blue eyed girl but I hate Starbucks and I hate most of the popular places. I am German but I like to say I am part Scottish because of my name.
I have one more thing to say- don't hate on people's names, it states who they are as a person. Respect them because you don't know who they are. If you want to discuss your opinions please respect those who look at this and see their name being disrespected.
Okay, so the name Mackenzie is a female name nowadays, but it's a great name be it for men or women.
So I'm 21 and my name is Mackenzie. As guy I used to hate my name and go by Mack or Kenzie (by the way Kenzie is a lot more feminine than Mack). As I grew I realized that having the name Mackenzie isn't bad, it indeed is a cute name but it does have this air of manly Scottish royalty, but this is just me. If I ever do have kids I will name my son Mackenzie. It's a great name for both genders. Also, I met a lot of females with the name Mackenzie. Yes, some are bad but there are good one's too so you can't say that every girl named Mackenzie is stuck up.

Besides, if you don't like the name Mackenzie go by Mack (for boys) or Kenzie (for girls) and as a guy with the name Mackenzie and reading that it should be only for one gender is completely the wrong thinking. The name itself should be for both genders, because it can work for both genders. Not many names can pull off a professional "attitude" that works for either gender.

Case in point, rude comments don't help people decide the names for their children.
My name is Mackenzie and I find it unfair that I am frowned upon because my name. To all of you who think that Mackenzie's are mean, I feel like you guys are judgmental. I am not going to say anything else about you because I am not like that- I don't judge people if I don't even know them.

Please note that there is a girl meaning for this name along with the meaning that you find when you just came on. "Son of" who cares it's a beautiful name. Forget the meaning for a moment and think about all the girls named Macky. Many girls and boys that are named Mackenzie. Think what you may but there s a fine line between being mean and having an opinion.
Well, I'm almost 16 now, and my name is Mackenzie. I am a girl and like my name because not a lot of people have the name, so I never have to worry about 3 other people in my class having the same name as me. Of course, I now like being called Kenzie, or Kenz over Mackenzie. But I'm not your typical American white girl. Yes, I like Starbucks and have yoga pants. But no Uggs, or North Face or stuff like that. So the people on here saying it can't be for a girl, you are wrong because now I'm finding more and more people with the name Mackenzie. Also not everyone with the same name is alike, so just because you have met one Mackenzie that wasn't nice, doesn't mean that they are all not nice.
My name is Mackenzie and I have been very hurt by many of the comments. People should be able to name their children what they want. If you want to name your child Alex, Beth, Martine, AnneBella or even Malicent, they are wonderful names. Nobody has ever made fun of my name because it means "Son of". There is also a Mackenzie river. If your name is Janet you can be a brat- anyone can be a brat. The name Mackenzie is not reserved for brats! Okay? Do you get that it is a wonderful name and that you should be able to name your child Mackenzie if you want to? People, you really hurt my feelings and I need you to know something. My life is fine, I have never been cursed. You might meet a Mackenzie that is not very nice but it is a fine name for a girl and a boy!
Well... it's better than Madison / Addison, which have seen a lot of use among American baby girls recently. I find "-son" to be more obviously masculine than "Mac-," and I think Mackenzie has been used as a feminine name longer than the other two. It hasn't yet received "The Allison Treatment" yet, though (meaning that it's still very usable on boys).

For the most part, though, I'm not a fan of using surnames as a child's first name, since it looks less like you're fostering a child's identity and more like you want him/her to carry on a legacy (especially if the surname is within your family tree). But as a middle name, anything goes, really. I knew a little girl whose middle name was Mackenzie, and it sounded perfectly fine.
It's hard to say what it is to people nowadays. Many believe it is only a girls name, meant as such from the beginning, while others remember its origins, including the meaning "Son of" in its title as a family name.
I, myself, am named Mackenzie. The best part for me is that I also have a Scottish last name McLelland. It's always entertaining for me when people ask me for my first name and then say "No, your first name." I basically reply with my full name and get one of the most priceless looks.
Now, as a male I have only ever associated it to properly fit a male for a first name, but over time it has also been clearly associated with being used as a female name too. I don't find this disrespectful, and in fact am proud that the name I was given has grown in popularity over the last 2+ decades I have been around. It is a shame that more people only associate it with a female name vs. male, mind you, as it seems its roots are being lost on a good portion of the populous, but I am glad that many do know what it was. I'm not saying it shouldn't be used as a female name, but that it is a tad odd with its original meaning.
I have met 2 other "Mackenzies" in my lifetime (Name spelling varied of course), one male who is the same age and, funny enough, same birthday as me, and one female, a year younger.
I don't actually find people's opinions truly offensive on here, not that they aren't, I just don't think it's something to worry about. If they think it's ugly, that's their problem, they don't have to be named, or name someone else the proud name of Mackenzie if they don't wish to. I do find it a little ignorant though, but not offensive in the way others do.
Now, with that, I have little else to say, but please be mindful of others when commenting on here. Many people can be easily hurt when comments are made. I may not find the "Ugly" comments to be offensive, but they are really disrespectful and should not be condoned at any cost. Internet anonymity is no reason to slander others without remorse. Hope you all have a better outlook on the name after reading some of the more "Enlightened" and less rude comments on it.
I'd like to say I named my daughter before it was popular, but it appears it became VERY popular in the early 2000s and Makenzie was born in 2001. My heritage is Scottish, Welsh and Irish - go figure. I knew in researching Mackenzie that Mac means "son of" which is why I choose to drop the c. Also McKenzie in Scottish means "fair one". Yes - MacKenzie literally translated means son of kenzie - I think Mc might be son of in Scottish too, but "fair one" is the listed meaning. Because it is my daughter's name I have trouble thinking of boys as Mackenzie, but I always felt the same way about Jamie - it was a boys name... until it became a girls name.
Everyone is certainly allowed their opinion, but for Pete's sake people - judge a person on his/her own personal attributes and not their name - to all of you that think people who have named girls are stupid/idiots/etc., I would proffer the same on your tactics on prejudging people you do not have the first clue about.
I have yet to see anything monogrammed or personalized with the spelling Makenzie, but regardless of how it is spelled - if you like the name - use it, does it matter whether it is popular or unpopular? Truly it will be what the bearer makes of it!
So, looking at this thread's beginnings in the mid 2000's to the current date, you can see a huge influx of personnel named MacKenzie defending the name. You can see the steady, significant increase of these "Mackenzies" as this thread progressed into the present decade. It's evident from this thread alone, the frequency of which this name was used has increased dramatically during the 2000's. The devil's in the details. The proof is in the pudding. This name is not unique. Its trendy. Boom.
One well-known guy with this name is Mackenzie Bourg, a singer who was on The Voice a while back. Also, on the show Veronica Mars, there was a female character "Mac," but Mackenzie was her last name, not her first name.
Stereotypical teen mother type of name ^_^ including all its spellings and variations. I cant see the name past anyone at the age of 14.

Oh, I'm not saying which gender it should be on. The name works either way. Just saying it's an awful, teen mom type of name

Anyone with this name has a great chances that their mother is either in her teens or early 20s.
My name is Mackenzie. I am a girl and I think it sounds better on a girl than on a boy. All the Mackenzies I know are girls. So I don't care what any of your negative comments say, I personally think that my name is beautiful!
Okay people, not for nothing but to sit here and ridicule a name is ridiculous. If you don't like it... Don't use it for your child. I personally LOVE the name for a girl which is why I chose to name my daughter Mackenzie, never would have thought of it as a boy name until I looked it up and saw it could be used for either. So many names can be used for either gender. Grow up and get a life, I'm sure some people don't like your name either. That doesn't mean it's ridiculous, hideous, or any other negative word used here.

There ARE in fact 2 meanings to the name Mackenzie \m(a)-cken-zie, mack(e)-nzie\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Mackenzie), is pronounced ma-KEN-zee. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Mackenzie is "fire-born; son of the wise ruler". The name's development was also influenced by Cainnech, meaning "good-looking".
This name's image might have been "stately Gaelic surname" a long time ago, but when I think of somebody named Mackenzie, I think of a little Caucasian girl from the suburbs between the ages of six and sixteen who goes by "Kenzie" and spends her weekends getting carted around to sports practices in an SUV. I don't hugely dislike this name, but I don't particularly like it either and I don't understand why it got so popular.
Lets just all say that Mackenzie/ Mckenzie is a lovely name for both genders. In my opinion, I don't see the reason to bash on someone elses comments, hateful or not. Everyone has an opinion of their own. And if you don't like what they said, ignore it. Ive been looking through a couple of comments and found some pretty harmful comments but I'm not pointing fingers at anyone.
But anyway, Mackenzie/ Mckenzie in my opinion is a dandy name for both genders no matter the meaning. Thank you for your time reading this! If you did, that is.

-Someone named McKenzie.
My son is named MacKenzie, he goes by Mac. We named him this because it is an old family name going back several generations. It started when a distant grandparent named their son MacKenzie giving him their surname. It aggrevates me to no end when people say that MacKenzie is a girls name. I respect parents decision to name their daughter "son of". Do not insult my son for having a name that came with our family from Ireland as a boys name! When I pick him up at school the ignorant receptionist repeatedly asked me if I was picking up my daughter. I finally took the family crest and name meaning to her and said look at what it means. She said her granddaughter was named MackKenzie and she didn't know it meant son of. It is a beautiful name but the people saying that it is a girls name and shouldn't be used for a boy really make me mad. At least show a little common sense and tolerance for others that you demand for yourself.
People are being so rude and immature, the rude ones are saying oh Mackenzie is a terrible name for a girl and the immature ones are saying stupid things to defend themselves... my name is Mackenzie and I am 12. It's pretty bad that I am nicer and more mature than most of you, so yeah, maybe I'm a little offended by it but I'm not going to freak out... I'm Mackenzie Rose, Rose is my middle name and I believe it's a beautiful name, but that's ok if some of you don't.
My name is MacKenzie Marie. I've always liked my name. I don't find it disgusting or ugly or trashy as many people have said. I'm not hurt by their opinion, because nothing I say or do would change their mind. Nor am I a brat, yuppie, or rude girl. I'm 17 and live on a farm where I do hard work. The fact that the name is "masculine" sorta fits me because I'm 5'11 and athleticly built. Im not ashamed of it. It's not like I have facial hair or anything, I'm just not small like most people assume MacKenzies are. Quite frankly, I feel my name fits well. Kudos to my mom, who was going to name me MacKenzie even if I was a boy. Either way, I would still go by Mac. I would probably put the K on it if I were a boy, but its nice when I'm just quickly labling somthing mine, like a plastic cup. But normally I go by Kenzie, or Kenz, but I don't really like that. And I don't pronounce it Mic, its MacK. And Kenzie is not Kinze... that's just as annoying. And to people saying stuff like "you might as well name her Jackson." I know a little girl with that name, only I think its spelled Jaxson or something and its adorable on her. I feel like it's a matter of how you were raised or taught that you think it's gender specific. I personally like boy names on girls. My friend Cooper is a girl, and her middle make is Jordan. And her younger sister's name is Mardee and that fits her. Names are names and what fits, fits. If you don't like them, don't worry cause it's not yours. And if it is... sorry but that sounds like a personal problem to talk over with your parents.
My name is Mackenzie and I have always been proud of my name. People tell me its pretty and I usually go by Kenzie but after reading these comments I feel that people will look down on me because of my name just like all of you do. It's not fair to judge a child/person and say they are at fault for their name when their parents gave it to them. And seriously names switch genders all the time and the meaning is just a meaning that doesn't mean you have to take it LITERALLY WORD FOR WORD! How about all the kids named Jackson (Top boy name of 2013) which literally means 'son of Jack' I bet almost none of their dads are named Jack. Or Sophia (Top girl name of 2013) which means 'wisdom' not all Sophia's are wise and a lot of them are dumb bimbos! So a name's meaning has no standing really in the world anymore! It used to be important what your childs name meant (like back in the 1800's) but now it's just a cute thing to point out or just fun to look up just to see what it USED to mean!
@Mackenzie95 5/21/2014: But since when did 'son' stop meaning 'male child'?! I'd find a female Jackson just as odd as a female Mackenzie, personally. Mac/Son is prominent and still indicates gender.
Okay, so I really think, wait, I KNOW that some of you are just completely ignorant... There is a fine line between opinion and utter disrespect! Let me add to some of the comments in have been reading over the last hour here...

Let me point out that my name is MacKenzie. I am called various nicknames from Mac to Kenzie to MacDaddy and all of the above and I love it! Having a name that is versatile and fun to play with is great! Personally, in my 21 years, I have never heard a complaint about my name. And I don't agree with the thought that it is too "trendy" considering I have met 3 other people with the name, 2 being girls and one a guy and all were spelled differently. Sure, it may be getting more popular, but in no way does that mean it's trendy; get a grip. And to add, my best friend shares the name! MacKenzie is a beautiful and strong name for anyone who decides that they want to own it, male, female, first or last name! How dare anyone say that they think it is disgusting. That is where it becomes disrespectful and blatant, and for that I find offense. You may say all you want that you don't like it and you think it should be this or that, that is your opinion, but don't you dare call it hideous or unacceptable for a girl or as a first name or as a first name in general when there is a more respectable and correct way to put it. Yes, by all means, have your opinion, but don't think for one second that you have the right to be cruel and disrespectful. Freedom of speech, I get it, but like I said, there's a line of respect that shouldn't be crossed for the love of individuals who have done nothing to you.

Using the poor excuse of not liking the name because of a bad experience with someone who has the name is also pretty ignorant. Not every girl or boy with the name or last name of MacKenzie is like any other.

I love my name and I wouldn't change it for the world! The only issue I have ever had is that no one ever spells it entirely correct, which is okay, no one and nothing is perfect and many more common names are spelled in various ways now-a-days. Personally, I'm really anal about my "a" and capital "K" because that's what separates my name from other spellings of MacKenzie I have seen. It's my own personal name I don't have to share with anyone. I know there are some out there, but I've never met them, so to me and those who know me, it's mine and I treasure it to be as such!

On top of all that that, I was named after my grandfathers Mac and Ken, and I don't care if they were men and I'm a girl, I am lucky to have a name that represents two of the most important and influential people in my life. I wear my name like I would wear a crown on my head, with pride.

For those of you who feel oh so obligated to voice your over the top opinions about the name MacKenzie, go ahead, but we are people too and I'm pretty sure if people made comments as such about your name, you'd be a bit hurt about it. Have respect for others and don't bash a name you don't have the common sense to understand the reasoning behind. Quit letting your closed mindedness affect the ability to be cordial to us who enjoy our name. I don't bash you for yours...
You all need to have some repect! My name is Mckenzie but I just go by Kenzie and some of your comments are very rude.
Mackenzie "Kenzie" St. James is a fictional character in the Call of the Forgotten series written by Julie Kagawa.
Meaning for girl: daughter of a wise king, fair one
Meaning for boy: son of Kenneth, witness.

Hello everyone. My name is Mackenzie. I am a fourteen year old girl and I LOVE my name. For all of you people saying Mackenzie can only be for a boy and cannot, what so ever, sound good on a female, I will tell you are all wrong. Although that may be your opinion to think that, it's not mine.

Unlike most of the people on this page, I grew up with the wonderful name of Mackenzie. I never got bullied, never got called a boy nor has anyone ever called my name stupid. Well, until I read this page.

So far, this is the year 2014. There are many Mackenzie's out in the world that are girls. I have NEVER in my life met a boy with the name of Mackenzie. It can be used for both sexes, as you saw at the beginning of the comment. I just simply wanted to see what the GIRL DEFINITION, that's right, there's two meanings, of my name people. Not to read hateful comments of bias people's opinions of how every girl Mackenzie is 'rude' or 'dumb' or acts like they have no common sense what so ever. Well I'll tell you this. This 4.0 GPA, above grade level eighth grader, who has been told, by many, is talented GIRL MACKENZIE, just schooled all of you.

I also don't know how many of you noticed, but all of the haters leaving harmful comments about how the name Mackenzie is 'ugly' on a girl and how every female Mackenzie is 'rude and stupid' is called Cyber-Bullying people. I was so hurt by some of your comments I had to set the name right.

Aspersonsname 4/25/14 Okay, you didn't "school" anyone, but you did give me a good laugh. There isn't a female meaning to Mackenzie. It's just one name with one meaning. Sorry. Also, someone saying the name is ugly is not "cyber bullying." It's actually disrespectful to people who get actual hate comments to call that bullying. You seem a bit immature.

That being said, I like Mackenzie for a girl. But you shouldn't get that upset if I didn't. It's a bit of a strong reaction, don't you think? And I'm 15, by the way. There are actually a lot of young name nerds on this site.
@hattie98 4/28/2014

The fact that say you are 15 and are stating that there is NO girl's definition for the name is a bit misleading. Actually, the Gaelic definition of the name had been amended to fit both male and female. It doesn't matter that you do or don't like the name for anyone, but the fact that you felt it so necessary to comment back to the Mackenzie comment before yours and bash it. It was a bit rude and as someone who knows the frustrations, I get where she was coming from. It's better to open your mind to the way other people might feel rather than trying to start something on the internet to make yourself look cool or whatever it was you were trying to do. It wasn't the fact of her commenting on those who don't like the name, it was about the rude comments that continue to be made about it for no REAL reason. I'll admit, the internet bullying bit was excessive, but the point was the entire message as a whole. People are people and your comment really had no legitimate relevance at all whatsoever to hers besides the idea that you were trying to make her feel bad about what she said.

And @Apersonsname 4/25/2014
Way to get back at those who are disrespectful towards something we love. I share the name and some of these comments are quite excessive and are pretty rude when talking about a name. As those of us who share the name, we take pride in it and that's okay, but no need to be angry about it! Let them think what they want and say what they want and they are the ones who sound stupid. You go right ahead and treasure your name for what it is! We as Mackenzie's own a magnificent name and no one can take that from us, so no worries! Like I said, let those ignoramuses say what they want and they just look stupid while we go through life, happy with who we are and the name we were so graciously given! :)
Um, no. The "Mc"/"Mac" prefix means "son of", and nothing else. MacKenzie means "son of Coinneach". The meaning has not been amended, and those other meanings are false (probably taken from an uncredible source and/or purposely made up by someone else trying to justify its use on a girl). I don't care what you think of this name on girls, but you do not have the power to change the meaning of any name, so get over it.
Okay I am tired of hearing crap being said about my name! Would you please stop. You guys say that it is a common name and that all Mackenzies are typical white girl trash and we are not. I don't know anyone else that has the same name as me. I am not a typical white girl either. I hate coffee and I don't own a single pair of ugg boots or yoga pants and I live on a farm with cattle and horses that I love more than anything in the world and I wouldn't want to change that to be anything different. I consider my self a very nice person but if you try to do anything to me I will kick your butt. So please stop putting down this name becuz not all of us act like white trash robots that malfunction without uggs and starbucks.
I dislike this name for either gender. It's very trendy and reminds me of the brand 'Mckenzie' which I tend to only see adorning the tracksuits worn by chavs.

I find it particularly ridiculous on a girl. Would you name your daughter Johnson or Richardson? If not, then why Mackenzie? Just because 'mac' means 'son' in a language other than your own, it doesn't make it ok. It's not just an odd meaning you can ignore, like 'blind', 'horse lover', 'goddess of wine' etc- it literally means 'son of'. To disregard the fact is very ignorant and arrogant.
I am not a fan of this name. To me it is over used and sounds masculine. I would never use this name for a daughter simply because of the meaning. The fact that someone would choose to name a daughter "son of" anything makes me think they didn't bother to do their homework when naming that poor child. I'm sure this is not always the case, but I have found that girls named Mackenzie tend to not be particularly intellectual.
I had to look up the origins and meaning of my name for a project, and was kind of disappointed to stumble upon this. While I know my name is traditionally a last name, I have always loved it, because it's uncommon where I live. I did see that Mackenzie means son of Coinnich, but I also saw that it holds a second meaning, which is fire-born. Which I thought was pretty cool, and very fitting for me personally. I love my name, and I think it fits me personally. I think we're given the names we have for a reason, and arguing that girls shouldn't be named this and that it's an awful name for a girl seems kind of silly to me.
American actress Mackenzie Foy. Poor girl, she's too cute to have a name like this.
This name is adorable, if your daughter is going to be 6 years old forever.
My name is Mackenzie and I love it. I don't like people calling me Kenz, Kenzie, or Mac. My name's Mackenzie say it right. It doesn't matter if a boy or girl is called the name or not. It's not offensive at all. Get over it!
Mackenzie "Mac" Rendell is a character on the Canadian sci-fi show "Primeval: New World". He is portrayed by Danny Rahim.
My name is Mackenzie, spelled like the boy version. My mom chose this name for me because one she saw that the masculinity of the boy version of the name was stronger and more powerful than the girl version. By girl and boy version I mean the spelling. The girl spelling would be McKenzie or Makenzie. Two the meaning of the name was son of the wise one and while I am a girl I am the daughter of a wise one. Ha ha!

I love my name especially with my middle and last name. Its really feminine, even with my first name being a boys name. I love how I have a ton of different nicknames like Kenzie, Ken, Mac, Zee and all of my family on my moms side who call me Spud after Spuds Mackenzie.

Some people think this name is really bad for a girl but I think this name makes the girl stronger at heart having such a strong name. I know everyone has a different opinion on this beautiful and strong name but I know that no matter what I will ALWAYS love my name.
I like this name. My name is McKenzie, spelled differently, but I just have to say that I love the name and so glad that my parents named me it. First of all, the meaning of the feminine version of McKenzie, "Daughter of a Wise King" or in some other translations "Daughter of a Wise Leader." If you are using it as a guy's name then it is "Son of Kenneth."
I like this name because it is pretty and it has so many nicknames (I'm big on nicknames) hidden within. Kenzie, Kenz, McKenz, Zee, McK, etc.
Thanks everyone for your comments. It's nice to know what people think of my name.
8/10/2012 (the anonymous one, although both of the messages seem to be from the same person): No, the meaning doesn't change just because someone uses the name on a female child. And where do you even get all those meanings from, numerology or something? Daughter and son are different words. Origin doesn't change.
Meaning for girl: daughter of a wise king, fair one
Meaning for boy: son of Kenneth, witness.
Strange name for a girl. It's a surname rather than a name.
There was a bratty little girl on the show "Rocket Power" who had this name.
To the Mackenzie girl who wrote above me: Sorry, but the point of these boards is to give your honest opinion on the name Mackenzie. No one is going to only say nice things about a name. People are painfully honest and you'll have to accept that. I'm glad you love your name, though. It's GREAT to have confidence like that! (: I used to hate my name, and recently I've started loving it, and let me tell you, it just makes me feel so much better about myself in general! :D

Anyway, back to the name: I have really mixed feelings about this name. Some days I find it adorable for a little girl and sounds like a little princess's name, and other days I find it too harsh, childish, and masculine. I've decided this name isn't for me, but I think people hate on it way too much. It isn't truly that bad. Sure, it's a little childish, and it's meaning is odd for a girl, but it has some cute nickname options.

I kind of like it for a boy, though. And Mac is an awesome nickname.
I remember reading some of these terrible comments years back when I was much younger and wanting to cry at how horrid they made me feel about myself. We don't choose our own names, but they are a part of us. I would just like to remind those who wish to comment that young girls and boys ARE reading this, and words DO have power.

That being said, Mackenzie is a strong Irish name that anyone, boy or girl, should be proud of. I love my name, especially paired with my last name. Mackenzie is a name people remember.

And in the grand scheme of life, WHO CARES what the original meaning is anyway? I never meet a Connor and assume he's a dog lover... and my cousin Jennifer is by no means fair and white.. get over yourself people.
I strongly dislike this name. On a girl it sounds rough and overly-modern, without class or culture. I can stand it on a guy, but even then I still find the -zie ending cutesy and child-like. As for the argument that other popular female names (i.e. Courtney, Ashley, Kelly...) started out male too, that doesn't hold water. None of those names have a specifically masculine meaning like "son of Coinneach". And that's all it means, by the way. Not "child of wise ruler" or "child of the handsome one".
My sister's name is MacKenzie, after the Scottish clan from which we're descended. While I love her name, I think if I ever use this name on a daughter or female character, I'll call her NicKenzie instead. "Nic" means "daughter" in Gaelic, and I think NicKenzie sounds like an interesting and pretty variation of its masculine-history counterpart.
Mackenzie is the name of the dad in the book, The Shack.
I am both of Irish decent and educated so I was not "ignorant" when naming my daughter MaKenzie. Maybe for some people name choices have a deeper meaning than that of the centuries old meanings, while yes these are fun to look up and know, are irrelevant in most circumstances. For instance my name means "goddess of wine" you don't see me going around trying to making people bow down to me as a deity because of my names so called "meaning". Seriously! If you don't like the name fine but I've known people named strictly feminine names that didn't care for their names more than those with non gender specific names. Just my experience and opinion of course. I do hate how over used and "trendy" the name is but it fits my daughter and it's no more overused than Jennifer and Nicole or Ashley have been.
Why on earth would you give a girl such a masculine name? You wouldn't name a girl Jackson, Because it has SON in it, than why the hell Mackenzie? Mack and Ken are even boy names!

Only used on a girl by ignorant morons. Period.
Reminds me of a spoiled ditz, especially on a girl. It's a surname, not a given name. It doesn't even sound like a one. Would you name your child MacDonald or McGuire?
By that logic, no one should name a child Jackson or Benjamin, as both of those names mean "son of ______." Where do you think most surnames come from anyway? They start out as given names denoting the identity of the father, be it his name, occupation or place of residence.
I'm not completely sure if your comment was intended to answer mine, since I didn't say anything about the meaning of this name. But anyhow.
While there are many first names that derive from surnames, turning surnames into given names still doesn't work as naturally as it would the other way around. And when the name in question has an obvious "surname trait", like an "O'" at the beginning or an "s" at the end, it really sticks out as a surname. Which, to my mind, in turn makes it sound too weird as a given name.
I'm sorry, but I was looking through the comments here... and felt like I was being attacked on all sides. Yes, my name is Mackenzie. Yes, I'm female. The only problem I've ever had with my name is that no one can spell it (people prefer to use a capital 'K' and/or leave out the 'a'). My mother's only regret is how trendy it has become. That being said, I've only known two others with my name: one boy, one girl, both spelled differently from mine.
Yes, my name means "Son of". I don't care. It's never effected me. No one has accused me of being too masculine, butch, or whatever the current term is. No one has assumed I was a male.
Yes, it was originally a last name. I have only been teased about this once. In a geography class when we learned about the "Mackenzie River". It's never come up since.
... And I've read a few comments here that says (or implies) "Mackenzie is an ugly name for a girl". I have been constantly praised for the beauty of my name. I know, most (decent) people would never comment to a person's face that their name was ugly. But if they make the time to say, "You have a really pretty name", I personally would like to believe them.
There's a duality to the name Mackenzie. Both male and female. Is it wrong that I choose to interpret my name as a strong yet pretty name? Reading most of the comments here makes me feel that way.
Okay. This is my rant. I apologize in advance if I make anyone angry. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinions. Here is mine. Please respect it.
There is an NFL player named Mackenzy Bernadeau.
I have two more impressions: 1. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments so far about trendiness; it should be avoided in general (lower class, distasteful, anti-aesthetic) & this name oozes trend. 2. The "Mac" part of the name, the nickname spoken as "Mack"/"Mac" much more so, & most especially the nickname written as "Mack" have the connotation of "Mack Truck." I would consider this just tolerable in a boy's name, but repulsive in a girl's.
The unfavorable reviews here, or anywhere else on this site, are NOT written to "bash" people who have particular names, but to share opinions, give people a view of the zeitgeist, & give advice to parents considering using them for babies. So all the offended MacKenzies can stop thinking everything is about them, them, them, because, really, very little is about any one of us.

This name, as is, & any other that is a surname in meaning, is inappropriate as a given name, for either sex. Since "Kenzie" is Anglicized Gaelic for "Coinneach," a male name, & English speakers tend to have trouble with Gaelic, "Kenzie" is an entirely appropriate name in English-speaking countries, for males ONLY. In order that one may obtain new, proper names Modern English in form, this sort of extraction may be done with any number of surnames, especially Irish, & many English ones may be used as are; just examine the meaning.

Anyone wanting to call me sexist for staking out "Kenzie" for boys may start following this silly name-gender mixing principle by naming his or her sons something such as Priscilla, Nancy, & Tiffany. >: }
I can't believe some people are putting forth the argument that because some names change genders, it's OK to name a girl McKenzie. Yes, names like Courtney and Vivian have switched from male to female ... and that's fine, because there's nothing inherently male in their meanings. But McKenzie (and any other Mc/Mac name) is a patronym. It's a male-line surname. It means SON OF Kenneth. Never "daughter," only "son." That's why it's ridiculous to give the name to a girl.
One of the ugliest and least feminine names you could ever force upon an innocent baby girl.

Would the nickname be Mack, or Kenny, I wonder?
I love this name for a guy, it's rather handsome. It's rather bland on a girl.
Father MacKenzie is a character in the song "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles.
I don't really like this name, and not because it's masculine. Quite the opposite actually. It's just so... cutesy and overused. Blah.
I don't like this name. I don't care if you use it on a boy or a girl. Because, let's face it, Mackenzie sounds masculine on a girl. But if you put it on a boy it's all feminine because so many girls are called Mackenzie now. So it's just been spoiled on boys and girls for me.
I think this name is horrid. It seems extremely ugly to me. It's not the least bit nice, and I can't see how on earth this name is very popular!

(I've never met anyone with this name, thus I do not have this opinion through associations!)
I don't understand why everyone is freaking out over the original meaning of this name. No one's going to judge your daughter because her name means "son of" something. If you don't like the way this name sounds, that's a different story. But to say that this name is a bad name for a girl simply because it originally meant "son of" is just a bad argument. There is a lot more to a name than its original meaning. Are you going to name your son Steveson just because he is the son of Steve? Certainly not. And you're not going to name your child Mackenzie because it means son of Cionneach. Whether your child is a boy or a girl, the reason for choosing this name would not be because of the original meaning. Even if your son is named Mackenzie, he was not named so because he is not the son of Cionneach. Perhaps there is a personal reason to name your child Mackenzie, or you find the sound of this name beautiful. Whatever the case, you should NOT refrain from naming your child Mackenzie simply because it originally meant "son of".
I love the name Mackenzie. I think it sounds like a princess or queen name. Princess Mackenzie or Queen Mackenzie. I just like saying it.
Princess Mackenzie? Queen Mackenzie? REALLY?

I think I've had my laughs for the day.

Poster you are dreaming. Only in the world of Barbie (or Disney) could that be possible.
This name used for girls upsets me only due to bad experiences with a Mackenzie, but I still love it as a last name and a middle name for boys.
This name is AWFUL on a boy or girl. Of all the names I've ever heard this one makes me cringe. It sounds trashy and is boring.
This name is absolutely horrid. It is way too overused, and implies a trashy hillbilly. The only Mackenzie I have ever known was a brat. This name is the equivalent of barbie. I think I shall vomit.
My son's name is MacKenzie and I think it's a wonderful name. I don't so much care for it for a girl, because to me it sounds masculine. Choosing a name for your child is very personal and we all have our reasons. He was born before the influx of MacKenzie girls, and I appreciate that someone might want to name a daughter this name, just not me. However, I will say, to judge a name because it's a last name is ridiculous. Almost all first names are attached to someone somewhere as a last name. Jacob, Michel, and even female names like Elizabeth (and I'm not talking about actress Shannon Elizabeth-that isn't her last name.)
More popular for boys in England by far. W00T!
I have always liked this name, although never loved it, and grew up thinking of it as a boy or girl name. A friend of mine, who has always been like an older brother to me, is a guy named Mackenzie. He was born in the late 80s, long before this name became trendy, and has always gone by the cute nickname Mackie, which still suits him even now in his twenties!
BORING BORING BORING! Horrible name for a girl!
I just don't understand why people think it's a common name now. I only know 2 (maybe 3 if I think hard enough) other girls my age that have this name. And they're both spelled differently than mine. I think it IS rather unique because you can come of with so many variations of spelling and pronunciation.
Anecdotal information is interesting but I'd hardly pay more heed to your little experience over the SSA list data. Factoring in the versions and intentional misspellings make mainstream common. Unique is an absolute. You can't get slightly unique or a bit unique. It is or is not. The name Mackenzie is not. It defies logic to call it unique.

Why do so few people understand the meaning of this word?
Trashy. Also very popular with people who use the term 'unique' incorrectly, it would seem.
I think that the name Kenzie is WAY better for girls than MACkenzie! It doesn't have "son of" added on to it, and it seems cooler.
I seriously don't like this name, or the spelling or the way it's pronounced. The fact that this name is sooo overused and heard everywhere you go. I mean no offense to all those by this name, but I just detest this name. Again, I hope I didn't offend anyone.
Are people still debating this one? Of course, what a stupid question.

This, like Madison, is going to be like the Jennifer of the 00's although unlike Jennifer, has lots of testosterone and chest hair.
I find it pathetic how people are bashing this name. It's okay to have your opinion, but don't let down other people just because they disagree with you. -.-
Anyways, I think this name sounds good on both genders--I have a guy friend named Mackenzie. I know a few girls named Mackenzie as well, and their name suits them, so... *shrugs*
Feminine is listed before masculine now? Oh, sad day. I love this name on a boy, and just don't understand why so many people have named their daughters a name that means "Son of."
I chose Mackenzie as my first choice of name for my unborn daughter, but eventually decided that I didn't want kids to give her the nickname Mac. But I loved the name so much, I first shortened it to Kenzie, which is pretty but didn't seem to be a name a grown woman would eventually appreciate. So then I changed the ending -zie to -na and got Kenna, her name today. But I'll always love the name Mackenzie.
I know an adult McKenzie (way ahead of the pack) who hates her name. Maybe it's having to share it with a wave of kids and teens that makes it worse. Date, date, date this will.
I'm lying in wait for a McGyver and McMillan. There's NO difference.
I'm 14, my name is MEKENSIE. I have never seen my name on a keychain, or any of those personalized things, but I love my name, even if people misspell it! I haven't found one person that has the same spelling as it. ♥

Oh yeah, and I also hate when people call me Mac. Cuz that's not how MY name is spelled. Mekensie. Not Mackenzie.
I hate this name. I think of a McDonald's order. I also think of some little girl on a bizarre TV show called Rocket Power who had this name and said hilarious things like "I'm an edible! I eat kids like you for breakfast! GRRR!" That little girl pops up in my head when I hear this name.
Will everyone PLEASE stop bashing MY name!? I am a 16 year old female, and I LOVE my name! It's unique and beautiful! My nickname is Mac, I used to hate that name, but I think it's fun to rhyme it, some people call me Mac Attack (It's my volleyball nickname)! I spell it Mackenzie, and I hate it when people capitalize my K or spell it without an A! It's muh-KEN-zee not MICK-en-zee!
If you have this name and you like it that's great! We all have our own opinions - I however don't like it at all. To me Mackenzie sounds like a disease. It also sounds like a name someone would pick if they thought they were being cool, but didn't know how.
I think this name sucks on both sexes, and it should be preserved as a surname. However, if you're going to use it, I think you should use it for your son. For the reasons people have mentioned, this name is simply logical on males, not females, and it really does NOT sound cute or feminine, and neither is it spunky or edgy. The name is so overused that it will sound awfully bland on tomboys, androgynous young women, and indie rocker girls and women alike, and it certainly isn't a good name for a cute little girl or a feminine woman, let alone an ''ordinary'' woman past the age of, well, 25. The name actually sounds quite infantile, and it makes me think of some horribly dressed children from the 80s for some strange reason!
Don't get me wrong -- I have a proclivity to like classic and old-fashioned names like Daphne, Adeline, and Eloise. But I disagree with the commotion over the meaning of Mackenzie. I think that it shouldn't matter what the name means as long as it has some significance towards the parents. Perhaps the parents were Canadian and named the girl after the Mackenzie River. Perhaps it was the grandmother's maiden name. Endless possibilities.
I just know that I will get verbally attacked for my opinion, but I like it for either gender. I myself do not know anyone personally with this name, but adore it for a girl. I would love to name my daughter this one day in the future, despite its meaning. Reading all of the comments, I can see that many people have made valid arguments over this name, so I won't bother repeating them. I don't feel the need to justify my opinion for loving the name for a girl and I shouldn't have to. Naming a girl this will not damage you in any way, so why put his much effort into slandering the people who do? Look at J K Rowling - is she ignorant and stupid? Clearly not, she is one of the most famous people alive today, and is extremely well-read. She still named her daughter Mackenzie.

The bottom line is - no matter how many people criticize this name, people will still give it to their daughters. Why? Because they like it. Because they think it suits them. Because it has a special connotation with them. I'm not saying that you can't have an opinion, but do you really have to be rude at the same time? Why not put that energy into something a little more useful?
Gee. So much hype over a name. Anyway, Mackenzie is clearly a boy name. I mean SON of anything couldn't be for a girl, right? Is your daughter your son too? I sure do hope not. I personally wouldn't use this name because it is trendy and popular and foo-foo and such. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't name my daughter something like Bertha or Sally, but Mackenzie is way too popular and just rather ugly to me.
This name is sooo childish. This name is for little kids not a grown-up.
What a dainty wee princesse's name *coughs uncontrollably*
My husband's name is MacKenzie. He was born in 1980, and his parents used Scotch-Irish names for all their children. While his name was very uncommon at the time he was given it, we all know that it has risen in popularity as a girl's name. As a substitute teacher, I at least come across a girl with this name once in a day and sometimes more than once in a given class.

I think that this name can work for both boys and girls, despite the intended meaning. In some ways I think that it's a shame that a masculine name has become feminine, because I personally tend to take in great consideration the meaning of names. However, some traditionally male names: Shannon, Ashley, Kelly, are very nice for both male and female. So, I think "MacKenzie" is suitable for both genders.

As for my husband, his name fits him. He mostly goes by the nickname "Mack" which makes his name more masculine to combat the now common feminine use. Unless one's surname has Scotch-Irish roots, one may want to avoid naming a boy "MacKenzie" until the female trend dies down. I think it frustrates my husband and his parents that his name has turned so female. But a nickname "Mac" or "Mack" would fix that.

People do have the right to name their children whatever they want, and I do think that Kenzie is a cute nickname for a girl.
I love this for a boy, I don't like it on girls. I do know a few girls named this though.
Mackenzie has been turned into such a feminine name, and I think it's better on a girl. I don't see the problem with naming your child something that you like. So long as the name isn't something like "Ugly" or "Cocaine", all that really matters is the child's happiness.
I think that Mackenizie is not a good name for a girl. Nor for a boy. It is a surname and it should stay that way.
Another idiotic name. This belongs on spoiled brats from Beverly Hills.
I don't particularly like the name Mackenzie but I think people are being unfair and childish by saying it's a horrible girls name just because it means "son of Coinneach". Who is this Coinneach person anyway! I think it's stupid to call a name because it has a bad meaning and means "son of". Lots of good feminine names have a "son of" meaning such as Addison, Mckenna and Madison.
Those are all masculine names as well.
Mackenzie is only for males, but the name has got to the point of being a "unique name for my little girl!". What's unique about it? It seems like it's increasing in popularity, and for a girl, it's butt-ugly, and doesn't age well at all. Whereas for a boy, it's irreisistable and so handsome! Plus, the nickname Mack is great! Mackenzie also ages perfectly on a guy. Seriously people, go name your daughter something different. She will thank you.
Why this name became so popular for girls is beyond me. I find it very unfeminine and harsh-sounding.
I honestly thought this was a girls name, just because I had never heard it for a boy. But when I read that it meant "son of Coinneach" and that Coinneach meant "handsome", I realized this was a much better boy's name. I would consider naming my son (if I ever have one) Mackenzie. Just because you rarely hear it for a boy these days.
Personally, I think this is an ugly name, for either gender. I also think it's too trendy. (shields self)
Jeeze, people! Can't you tell how insulting your comments are to others, especially women? "I hate this for a girl. It should be a boy's name." Lighten up! Cultures are different. You might know male Mackenzie's, but I've only known female Mackenzie's. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

And while it is nice to know the origin and meanings of names, people don't exactly carry around encyclopedias to make sure your name befits your gender.
Maybe parents should "carry around encyclopedias". It isn't like one day the say "gee we have a kid what should we name it?" they have 9 months to research and decide both their own opinion of the name and the social impact it will have on the child. This is an important decision and to imply that parents don't think is sad, but when parents name their children this I must agree that the probably didn't.
I just tell people it means "child of the handsome one". It's the same thing.
Like the name for a boy, not too fond of it for a girl. Yea Kenzie is a cute girly sounding nickname but the Mac part sounds too masculine. Oh and the meaning also makes me think otherwise when naming a girl this.
When my gorgeous little niece was born I practically smacked my sister around the head when she named her MacKenzie. I've always thought of it as a brand name and nothing more. But it's grown on me now and I'm horrified to find I actually like it.
I think most of you who say it is a bad name for girls are completely sexist. My name is McKenzie and I love it, along with all of my friends and family. It's a strong name, and beautiful name for a girl. Times are changing boys, girls are more powerful than when the name first originated. So get over yourselves.
I love this name especially for a girl. It's beautiful and rolls off the tongue so easliy. This is the real name of the lady in the tv soapie PASSIONS playing the role of SHERIDAN. Her name is MACKENZIE WESTMORE. I love it!
Know that Mackenzie used to be a boys name and now everyone is going crazy about it being a girls name, but when you think about it, it used to be a last name, and people didn't go bonkers when people started using it as a boy's name, so why such a reaction when it is used as a girl's name? Actually, nowadays, a boy named Mackenzie would be made fun of for having a girl's name. We need to learn to change with the times and accept the modern world.
This is the name of my baby cousin. Mackenzie Rose, and at first I wasn't all that happy about her being named this, probably because some people on here are so adamant that it should be a boys name. I personally think this may be too feminine a name for a boy, just because of the female connotations that go with it.
Clearly, not too many people love the name Mackenzie. But I've always liked this name - I picture a very athletic redheaded girl who has a sparkling personality.
I named my daughter Catherine Mackenzie (Mackenzie is her middle name) and we call her Mackenzie. I love it because it sounds like a strong name, and is pretty in my opinion. As far as its meaning goes, yes it does mean son of, so it wasn't meant for a girls first name 1000 years ago. But for people to say that anyone who names their child a certain name is ignorant and stupid, I have to say I really feel sorry for you. You may not like it but that is just hateful to say something like that. I would hope this website would be to encourage and enlighten others with positive feedback even if you don't like it you can certainly say that but use kinder words. Thanks.
My name is Mackenzie and I am proud of it. I am a girl and have lived all 13 years of my life happily with the name. No one ever tells me it's a boy name, they just have trouble remembering it. It is a unique name where I live, no one in any of my schools was named Mackenzie when I was there, though I have met two Kenzies. I am part Irish and my parents feel the name can go either way. If you haven't already figured it out, it is my first name. Everyone who's commented to me said they thought it was a beautiful name. Sometimes my friends and I talk about names, and they think I have a pretty name. I have never met a guy named Mackenzie, it seems like it's turned mainly female. No one pictures the name Mackenzie as a guys name. I don't see the big deal about how it means son of, not many people know what it means, so why is it such a big deal. Many girls are taking names that are best known for mens names, the parents like how it sounds. Mackenzie sounds like a girls name, and is a beautiful first name for a girl. A name is chosen by how it sounds, the letter's flow, the feeling the parents have when they say it, and what comes to mind. Many feel it is a beautiful name for a girl because of these, but the factor of if it is a good name for them or not is purely up to the one who bares it. I like my name, it's beautiful, worth remembering, easy to recognize when written, and is fun to play with, if you don't like it or how it sounds on someone that's fine, but don't go spitting at it, a birth name fits a person in some way or another, it was given to them for a reason, no ones forcing you to name anybody it, if it suits the person and they are happy with it that's all that matters, say who you think it's good for, but don't stick your nose up at the ones you think it's bad for, the names there, they like it, it's not for you to decide if it's bad for them, that is between them and their parents. Don't be a jerk, keep to your own affairs!
Gosh all this carry on over a name. If you don't like it don't name your child it! That simple! Might I remind you of the name Kelly. A very popular girls name that is actually a boys name, and an Irish surname, like Mackenzie, to be exact.

And as for this trend stuff. Hello people I'm sure you follow trends. What was in 50 years ago isn't in today. Do you see any babies named Myrtle or other names that your great grandma might be called, ok maybe a very small percentage. But the point is times change and trends change and baby names are one of those trends. Names come and go and this name is currently in but just because it's in you don't have to like it. Does everyone like pizza, no.

So I'm pleased to say I like the name Mackenzie and could see it used on a very outgoing girl.
KrisMichelle - I was thinking up my response to the negative comments regarding Mackenzie as a feminine name and you took the words right out of my mouth.

Remember a time when the word babe meant infant? Or when gay meant happy? What about when parents started naming their daughters names such as Rose, Pearl and Winter?

Unisex names date back to at least the middle ages so how can this naming practise be considered 'trendy'? Also, how literally can we take name meanings? Claudia = lame. Marie = bitter. Both are beautiful, established names.

Of course, that's not to say we should all name our children 'Flower' or 'Happy' because it sounds nice but each to their own. If you don't appreciate Mackenzie as a feminine name, don't give it to your daughter. Simple as that.

Having said all that, I appreciate this name for a girl. :)
Mackenzie would be a really nice name for a boy. Too bad it's more commonly used for girls now. Mackenzie's an ugly name for a girl.
That's some debate. Check the popularity charts for Mary and you'll see that it was once a popular name for boys.
As for second-class WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE? Do we live in a society where classes rule, with people having butlers and servants and acting better than anyone else? Certainly not - not even in England where I live and *some* Americans stereotype us to be. Second class is just an ignorant statement in itself, and you're calling the bearers ignorant? I bet if you were a bit older you'd be saying the same about all the little Betty's and Polly's and Shirley's etc maybe even Ethel but now they are known as mature names and I'm sure one day most children will have granparents like Grandma Ashley, Ma Tiffany or Grandmother Mackenzie and it will seem normal.
Again, it is not the child's choice of what name they are given and what if for example a child is given their grandmother's maiden name or something BECAUSE IT MEANS SOMETHING TO THEM. You have no interference with people's choices because you probably will refuse or simply will not understand these choices. Meaning, I mean how many people in the everyday world actually look up their friend's name meaning? Especially not school children. Anyway names can be changed, and legally. Or just go by the middle names. I like this name for boys and girls and I am certainly not ignorant, I know what it means but I refuse to care because in today's society people should be able to do as they please. Besides this "trendy" name is a lot better than Jayden or Kalisha or Tyler, in fact using this name honours the heritage by using it, and showing it's beauty, not showing any disrespect to it all. And sterotyping someone by their name is ignorance. Every Britney is a yuppie? Get over yourselves. I think some users on this site need to grow up - and this is coming from a fifteen year old, darn. Stop stereotyping and get on with your life. Mackenize is a beautiful name, and if you're calling JK Rowling ignorant you've got another think coming. She's more successful than you'll probably ever be.
My name is Mackenzie Marie, and I really like it for a girl. I think it depends on where you live, and the names around you. Because it is my name, I have a hard time picturing it on a boy, I think it sounds feminine; but I still know it is a boys name. I think it could be a good name for both sexes, but nowadays it is mostly a girls name.
Most feminine names come from masculine names. People have been giving their daughters feminized versions of masculine names, and the masculine names themselves, for generations. Also, someone said something about not being able to imagine a Grandma Mackenzie. Well, people thought the same thing about Shirley, Dorothy, and Betty when they became popular for baby girls. Finally, surnames were popular first name choices at the turn of the last century as well. Just look at Milton and Sidney. Are we to assume that every boy named Milton was a descendent of Miltons? Most likely, their parents just liked the way it sounded, much like many parents feel about Mackenzie. Names evolve over time. Yes, they all have origins and arbitrary meanings attached to them, but what it most important is their present relevance.
Mackenzie Philips is a famous bearer of the name.
I really like this name, I have a good friend that is a boy named Mackenzie but we call him Mack and a good friend named Mackenzie that is a girl. Also my niece is named that so I really like that name for a girl and not as much for a boy, but I do like it shortened to Mack.
I totally hate this name. Sorry to everyone who likes it. Don't attack me; I'm just voicing my opinion.
It's a great name for a boy, but ugly on a girl. I know about 5 female Mackenzies and 1 male Mackenzie.
This is a very beautiful name for girl. As another wise person below said, many names have originated from male names. I do not think it's arrogant of someone to name their child this especially since some people don't look into the meaning of the names.
Well, since we're sharing opinions, I'll add my $.02. I think it's extremely tacky to appropriate someone else's surname just because it "sounds good." I also think it's disrespectful to take said surname and then spell it Kr8ivleigh. (The worst offender I've seen is Kennahdee! Yuk!) Even if people don't have respect for a name's history and etymology, at least spell someone else's surname correctly. And to the person who stated that by the time Mackenzie was used for girls they were already second nature (did you mean second class?) so there were no feminine meanings, that argument doesn't hold water. It's not as if Mackenzie has had a longstanding tradition as a female name. In fact, it has only shown up on the naming charts in the US since the 80's. Personally, I think Mackenzie is a clunker of a name that will severely date these children. (As a surname, it's awesome.) Also, someone else here mused if Frederick would eventually become a feminine name. I doubt it because it's the trendy names that turn unisex and have the plethora of spellings -- not the classics.
*sigh* Whatever next? Will fashion-sheep start calling their daughters Cuthbert or Frederick in years to come?
I love the name MacKenzie for a boy. It is too rugged and handsome sounding for a girl. Are there any boys names out there that aren't being overtaken for a girls name? I also love the nickname Mack, very masculine nickname.
Mackenzie is a masculine name. I'm astounded that people are even debating the fact. As other informed individuals have already pointed out, the prefix Mac means 'Son of' and Kenzie is simply a corrupted, Anglicized form of Coinneach.

MacKenzie means 'Son of Coinneach' - nothing more, nothing less. It has no other meaning. Ask any scholar of Gaelic/Gaelic-derived names and they will tell you exactly the same thing.
I happen to love the name Mackenzie and it is appropriate for a boy or a girl.
To me, this is a last name. Although I do like the nickname Macca.
Saying that it is ok to name your child a male name because other names started out like that is just adding fuel to an unfortunate fire. But my problem with this name is not that it is masculine (which it is) but that it is a surname which people will regret naming thier children in a few years. It is nothing but a fad and those who say it is unique, just wait. It was number 43 for a reason. These kids will be in school soon enough and then you will realize how severe this plague really is.
A famous bearer of this name is the beautiful and talented young actress Mackenzie Rosman who plays the character of Ruthie in the television series "7th Heaven."
You might as well name your daughter John or Matthew, this name is very masculine and completely ugly on a girl.
This is not a girl's name. It is one thing for a name like Courtney, Evelyn, Beverley, or Leslie to switch from a "masculine" name to a "feminine" name. It is quite another for a name with "son of" in its roots to be used on a daughter. Mackenzie, Mckenna, Emerson, and Addison are NOT feminine names. No amount of usage by people with no regard for the meaning or origins of the names they give their children is going to change this. Masculinity is ingrained in the name itself.
This is my favorite name for a Girl. It can be for a sophisticated woman, or a playful one. And anonymous user, yes, you are being narrow-minded for not letting parents name their children whatever they like. Yes, Mackenzie originated as a male name. Yes, it means "son of." But at the time that Mackenzie started turning into a first name, women were considered second-nature. Do you see any names meaning "Daughter of"? So I think parents should be respected for whatever choice they make -- we live in a modern world now, people!
"Women. Second-nature"? Tell me, LoveTheNameMackenzie, don't you mean "second-class"?

Yes, there are many feminine names that are derived from masculine names, but what about names like Mary, Elizabeth, Bronwen, Brigid, Aine, Helena, Ludmila, and the like? There are plenty of feminine names that began as feminine.

And to those who don't know how the Gaelic surname system works, there have been prefixes for both genders: "mac" ("son"/"son of") for the males; for the females, you had "nic", which is a contraction of Irish "iníon mhic"
and Scots Gaelic "nighean mhic" both of which mean "daughter of a son of". It was more complicated in the past than we do now.

For example:
Eòghan Mac Cionnaich (Ewan, Son of Kenneth)
Sìne Nic (iníon mhic/nighean mhic) Chionnach (Sheena, Daughter of a son of Kenneth)

The Nordic countries (Especially Scandinavia) had a similar tradition. For example:
Karl Olafson (Carl, son of Olaf)
Astrid Olafsdottir (Astrid, daughter of Olaf)

There is a greater history than meets the eye. Sure, the system is mainly patrilineal, but it's more complicated than that.

And, lastly, I'll be frank: Mackenzie is a disgustingly trendy name. I am tired of seeing these trendy used for children just because it looks and sounds nice, just because it's in style, thinking that they are being unique and then find out that every fifth person has chosen the name. Trends come and go and the result is that children are left with these ill-fitting names and have to deal with them for a lifetime, finding how badly that trendy names age. I would choose something more substantial and practical if I was choosing a name, something that grows wih the child.
Ok first of all there are names the mean "Daughter of". Cordelia is one example. I think this is a great name for a boy. The only Mackenzie I knew until last year was a boy. Yes we live in a 'modern' world, but it is also a rather ignorant one. You don't think that the people here who say, "This name is so pretty and graceful for a girl, it could NEVER be used on a boy now" are being closed minded to the history of the name and a traditional Irish heritage. I am not against names from other backgrounds, but be respectful of what the were intended to be. The name Mackenzie CAN be equally used for a boy or girl in the same way that Isobel could be used for a boy or girl. For those of you who find yourself so daring and unique I challenge you to use a more uncommon and even slightly feminine name on a boy.
A seriously ugly name, especially for a female.
Grow up, people. We come here to comment on names - it's not a personal attack on those who have that name. If you're not mature enough to refrain from "well, my name is/I named my daughter MacKenzie and it's so pretty and feminine and unique so there" comments then I suggest you go elsewhere. I personally think it is absolutely ridiculous to name a girl this and I'm not going to apologise for my opinion - it's all very well to say it's beautfiul and unique but a) it means "son of" no matter how "pretty" you think it is and has an incredibly masculine sound (and guess what? no matter how many girls are named this, it will continue to do so) and b) it's NOT unique - it's trendy, extremely popular and yet another name that's been pinched from the boys. Just because some of us realise that this is not a good name for girls, doesn't make us narrow-minded and others open-minded - it just means we don't follow trends like sheep, and have some respect for the meanings and origins of names.
Rubbish on a girl and a completely boring choice.
This is the first name of the actor who played Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean. I love it because I thought it was just a girl name, then I found out that the funny guy with the wooden eye from Pirates of the Caribbean is a bearer of this name. Then I thought, "Hey, that's a pretty cool name for a guy!"
I'm very upset to see the meaning of this name. I don't think it is masculine at all. Until this very moment, if I ever had a girl, I was going to name her Mackenzie, in fact it was one of the only girl names I like. Most names have been ruined for me because of people I have had negative experiences with. I think Mackenzie is a cute name. They should change the meaning. Who would name a boy Mackenzie? It's like naming a girl George.
Naming a girl Mackenzie is like naming her George - got it. "Son of" = masculine.
Mackenzie is my name (Mackenzie Roxanne). According to my mother, my first name is masculine in case I wanted to be a writer or a professional (I would be taken more seriously) and my middle name is my fun girly name. She said that when whe named me Mackenzie it was very rare--the idea was my Irish father's--and even though she wanted to name me Katherine she knew as soon as she saw me that I was a Mackenzie.
Wonderful name for a boy, meaningless name for a girl.
It's an ugly, trendy, and trashy name. Imagine "Nanny Mackenzie", "Grandma Mackenzie", GROSS. Not liked in America because it's not in the Bible.
To people who think Mackenzie is a name that would curse somebody, that is my first name and I have NEVER felt cursed with my name. It is a beautiful name. Much better than something more common like Britney or Samantha or Taylor. That is truly being cursed. AND I have NEVER ever had anybody in one of my classes with the same name as mine. I know of one person with the same name as me. And as for Mackenzies not always being the nicest, yea, not true. I find myself a very nice person. I feel blessed with my name. Much better than something like Bertha or Myrtle or something butch and ugly. So really, if you name your child Mackenzie I guarantee you, you won't regret it. Oh, and yuppie girls? No no no. Mackenzies are not yuppie girls. That would be someone like a Britney. But that's not my point. The meaning of my name, "son of Coinnich", yea. How many people are the son of Coinnich and I have heard several other meanings for Mackenzie. This is not the only one. Nobody named Mackenzie should feel "cursed" or be pittied on. As for puking, I don't think I know one person who has wanted to spew their lunch from the sound of my name. Really, it's not that bad being "cursed" with this name. I recommend this name to anybody having a child.
First of all, if you considered yourself a "nice person" you wouldn't start insulting other names like Samantha, Britney and Taylor. Second, any other meanings you've heard for Mackenzie are false, and the only meaning is "son of Coinneach." The other "meanings" are simply fabricated ones pulled out of thin air by mothers who desperately want to name their children something "unique" and give it some meaning like "wise leader of the forces of good" or some such thing that it definitely DOES NOT MEAN. Try to accept this, and also to accept that your name is JUST AS TACKY as Taylor for a girl, which I happen to think is much prettier than Mackenzie anyway.
While everyone is entitled to their opinion, perhaps you should limit it to whether you prefer it as one gender or another. The lack of tact in these comments is what depicts the ignorance of society at large. My daughter's name is Mackenzie Mallory. If you look up all the meanings, it also means child of wise leader, without given a gender. So for all you ignorant people, it does have female connotations also. It is beautiful and tactful. Unlike you and your hideous, uneducated, narrowminded comments. This is my opinion. When you have your own child name it what you will. But make sure you do the research, someone may slam your child's name without knowing it has a beloved gender related meaning!
Sorry, those meanings are false.
In my opinion, it's way too overused. Also, the meaning is obviously masculine. Doesn't look like Mackenzie is on the top 100 list for girls in Ireland.
I wanted to puke when I heard my cousin had named her newborn daughter Mackenzie (or however she spells it). It's a fluff name, and lacks originality, as it seems every little yuppie girl is getting named that these days. It was cute to start with, but not when everyone has it and doesn't know or care what it means.
I think anyone who knows the meaning of this name and still gives it to their daughter is insane. You can't justify this, no matter how feminine you think it is. I pity any girl cursed with this name. Just because you don't care about the meaning, does that mean she won't? What's more, this is a great masculine name. This is just my opinion.
I think the name Mackenzie is great for a girl. Using the reason that it is supposed to be a boys name doesn't work. How many names do we hear everyday that we think of that were originally one gender and now more often used for the other. Kelly for instance is more common for a girl now but it was originally a boys name, also several names that go both ways. When I think of Mackenzie I think of someone who is playful and fun to be around. That is my daughter's name and she is a great kid with a great personality and the only one I know of. Also she has never had another Mackenzie in her class at school.
I like this name, prefer it for a boy though.
It reminds me of Spuds Mackenzie, the spokesdog for Bud Light back in the 80's. I also think that this name is WAY too trendy and popular.
I hear the name MacKenzie and immediately think of a boy. The nickname Mac would be great for a boy. I think it is too masculine for a girl.
Trendy names irritate me, not because you can't switch around the gender of a name, but because parents seem to think they're the only ones who have concluded the name is unique, until they come across ten of their child's classmates with exactly the same name.
I know a 4-year-old girl with the name Mackenzie Isabella. "Mackenzie" is an adorable name for a girl. Never for a boy. It is much too feminine nowadays, but perhaps would have suited a male years and years ago. It is not "stupid and ignorant" for those girls who bear it. Regardless of the meaning, it is now a girl's name, and a beautiful one at that.
A last name is not a proper first name for a child. I feel sad for children never given an actual first name. This name is masculine anyway, particularly improper for a baby girl.
Ben Mckenzie plays Ryan Atwood on FOX's The OC. (Mckenzie is actually his middle name)
I think it's a beautiful name for anyone. (And I think it's a shame that anyone would criticize the name of anyone reading this site.) However, when I had a daughter, I simply removed the Mac and named her Kenzie. Definitely unusual.
I think this is a really nice name for a girl. I think it sounds pretty cool with Raine, Rain, or Rayne as a middle name. If my name was Mackenzie I would probably have everyone call me Mac or Kenzie.
Mackenzie Crook is an English actor best known for playing Gareth Keenan in The Office.
According to people who believe that a person's name describes their personality, a person named Mackenzie's personality would be: calm nature, likes to think things through, will be sucessful.
I think it's a strong name for both a boy and a girl. Famous person - Mackenzie Rosman from 7th Heaven.
Why give a girl a name that means "son of Coinneach?" Because it's a pretty name.
I don't think terribly many boys named Mackenzie have fathers named Coinneach. Lots of common names mean wierd stuff. Cecily is from a Latin word meaning blind. The meaning doesn't necessarily have to be accurate. Aesthetics and culture are more important.
I named my daughter Mackenzie because it is unique and beautiful. Yes, I know the meaning but didn't Courtney originate as a boy's name? Time for change people! I do not know any boy's or girl's named Mackenzie so obviously limiting it to one sex will only ensure its eventual demise. So instead thank me for being so open-minded.
Mackenzie is not a unique name, it is 43rd most popular as of 2004 and rather trendy. I think it's a nice last name but not nice at all for a first name.
I am an African-American female who is 17 and my name is McKenzie. I like my name a lot and my friends can actually say that they do not know another McKenzie. The only downfall is that people always think McKenzie is my last name or refer to me as Spud McKenzie.
Mackenzie is a hideus name for a girl. Why name your daughter "son of" anything! It is stupid and ignorant.
J. K. Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, has a daughter named Mackenzie. And I think it can be used for both genders.
I'd have to say, the name definitely sounds better for a boy.
I hate this name on a young lady, but it sounds great on a boy.
I apologize for my previous input. I don't quite care for this name on a girl. All of the girls I have met named Mackenzie have not been the nicest. I also don't like it on a girl because of its meaning.
This is my nine year old son's name. Not very popular then, and now it is mainly a girl's name. This irks me as the meaning of Mackenzie used to be "son of the wise ruler".
I'm quite upset to see this Irish surname being used as a first name, especially for girls, when it does in fact mean "Son of".
Mackenzie is one of the prettiest names you can give a little girl.

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