A superior name, full of meaning, and also heavenly, because of St. Mary Magdalene. It's not my real name, and I'd be so happy to take it if I could! I love both Magdalena and Magdalene.
Feminine, lofty and sublime!
Such a marvellous name. Sounds best in an Eastern European accent (like Paulina and Laura, IMO).
Such a pretty name! I typically don't like biblical names too much but I make an exception for this one.
Very lovely name. It's a good association of Mary Magdalene. I love it. ❤❤.
Pretty and timeless name. Good nicknames are Maggie and Lena.
With 673 842 bearers, Magdalena is the 9th most common feminine name in Poland (2014 Data).Source:
Magdalena Leones was a Filipina intelligence officer during World War II. She is the first and only Asian to receive a Silver Star Medal for her wartime contributions.
Also Romansh: -- his mother's name
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Beautiful, classic, strong name! Has history, has meaning, has a lot beauty in it. I love this name. One of the best names. Magdalena, just great!
I prefer the original pronunciation. I actually adore this name, and it is rightfully so, quite common where I'm from. So stunning and unique, reminds me of emeralds for some reason. Adore the nicknames Maggie and Lena.
Magdalena is also Portuguese (used alongside Madalena in Portugal), Sorbian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Estonian, Icelandic, Faroese, Greenlandic (Rare), Greek (used alongside Magdalini in Greece), Russian (Rare), Ukrainian (Rare), Belarusian (Rare), Georgian, and Armenian. The name days for Magdalena in Lithuania are May 29 and July 22. The name day for Magdalena in Greece is July 22. The diminutive forms of Magdalena in Portuguese and Greek are Magda and Lena.Scripts: Μαγδαλένα (Greek), Магдалена (Russian), Магдалина (Ukrainian), Магдалена (Belarusian), მაგდალინა (Georgian), Մագդալենա (Armenian)
It actually means “Cupcake” in Spanish, so I guess if you wanna name your daughter Magdalena pretty much her nickname will be Lena or Cupcake.
The name is also Italian.
The name is used in Italy as well. There are a lot of them actually.
I love it, nickname Lena! It sounds like a prayer.
Also occasionally used in Estonia:
I love long, elaborate names like this!
Magdalena is a beautiful name, with a long history and it is an evergreen name without being boring like some names. Depending on the bearer's personality, she can be Meg, Maggie, Lena, Alena, or whatever she prefers. This name is also very elegant, and it recently left the top 100 and it would be nice to hear more babies being given this beautiful name.
Mag-da-LEH-na (Polish), makh-da-LEH-na (German, Dutch), mang-da-LEH-na (Swedish), mow-a-LEH-na (Danish), magh-dha-LEH-na (Spanish), məg-də-LEH-nə (Catalan), MAG-da-leh-na (Czech), mag-də-LAY-nə (English)
Popularity is almost a flat line, all the way from the 19th century to today. This is the definition of a classic / nontrendy name. It’s really beautiful as well.
I really love this name, and I think it needs to make a comeback.#BringbackMagdalena.
This is the first name of Frida Kahlo, who's full name is Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon.
I can't stand the English pronunciation.
My mother named me Magdalena and most friends and family call me Maggie or Maggs. I am of Spanish descent and although I thought my name was long and a lot of people when I was growing up from friends to teachers misspelled my name, I’ve grown to love my name. I haven’t met a lot of other Magdalena’s but I’m blessed to have such a beautiful name.
Sophia Magdalena of Denmark (born 3 July 1746 - died 21 August 1813) was Queen of Sweden as the wife of King Gustav III, she was born a Princess of Denmark as the eldest surviving child of King Frederick V and his first wife Louise of Great Britain, a daughter of George II.She was heir presumptive to the throne of Denmark until the birth of the future King Christian VII, but retained her status of second in line until her marriage.
Magdalena Sibylla of Neidschutz (1675-1694) was the mistress of John George IV, Elector of Saxony.
Magdalena Solis is an infamous bearer.
Also the Catalan form: [noted -ed]
The name Magdalena was given to 233 girls born in the US in 2015.
The name is also used in Denmark, and Iceland.
The good thing about Magdalena is that it has lots of nicknames: Magda, Maggie, Lena &c.
In South Africa it is common for girls with the name Magdalena, to be given the nickname: Daleen.
In Spanish class I used to go my Magdalena. I really loved it, and I still do. I wish I still went by it!
My name is Magdalena (I am Spanish). I used to hate my name because it is long, and not very common here, but now I love it. I feel like it has a sort of musical sound to it, and sounds good in any language. People usually just call me Magda, but my friends call me muffin because that's the English word for the pastry called 'Magdalena' in Spanish, hahah.
It could also be pronounced Mag-duh-lee-nah which to me is better than the other pronunciations.
My 4 year old daughter's middle name is Magdalena. This name is not really popular here in the US.
Actually, my baptizing name is Magdalena (also my second name). Barely none calls me Magdalena, but I love it and appreciate it a lot. I want you to know that the Day of this name is 22 of July.
The name Magdalena was given to 212 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Magdalena Ella Tiddle-Haloway is the main character in the book delirium series by Lauren Oliver.
A daughter of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora was named Magdalena.
I have met two little girls in the US, named Magdalena and Magdalyn, both born about 2005. Magdalena (no nickname) was from the Czech Republic, and Magdalyn (nickname Maggie) had Polish-German heritage.
Maria Magdalena (1689-1743) was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and his third wife Eleonore.
Magdalena Rivas was a contestant on the third season of "America's Next Top Model".
Magdalena of Austria (1532-1590), fourth daughter of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor. She later became a nun.
This name is very nice. Although I currently like Helena better, Magdalena Schairing was one of my ancestors from Germany. Her husband was Johannes Schillinger. I'm Hungarian, but my mom's dad's side is wholly German. I love the name Anna for a little girl and can honor my ancestor Magdalena as well. :) Anna Spaidler was also my ancestor from Germany. I would go with Anna Magdalena, but perhaps with Anna Leni. I don't really like Lena, it's popular in Hungary, but I like Anna Leni better. :) Leni as to honor my ancestor Magdalena.
So much more exotic and distinctive than the overused Madeline/Madeleine! Makes me think of a sophisticated, classy, beautiful, strong European woman.
Magdalena Abakanowicz is a Polish abstract sculptor.
My eldest daughters name is Magdalena. I took it from the Perfect Circle song of the same name. I think the name sounds beautiful and strong. We call her Lena for short. We have met one little girl named Magdalene in her 6 years on Earth, but no other Magdalenas.
Also used in Finland. It's more common than the actual Finnish form 'Magdaleena', which was used in the old translation of the Bible. [noted -ed]
Magdalena is a place in Bolivia.
Majda is a short form of Magdalena (from older Majdalena) in Slovenia and Croatia. [noted -ed]
We pronounce this name 'Magdalehna' though some people say Magdaleeena. We named our third daughter Magdalena Maria, in honour of Mary Magdalene... Feastday 22nd of July for Orthodox and Catholics alike.
This is also the Croatian form. [noted -ed]
This name has really started to grow on me, although I don't think I would ever actually use this name. It has quite a variety of nicknames as well, such as Maggie, Maddie, Addie, Aggie, Alena, Lena, Lenny, etc.
This is the middle name of Sophie Scholl, a prominent member of the White Rose which was a resistance group in Nazi Germany. She was executed for high treason.
Czech diminutive of Magdalena is Majdalen(k)a.
A nice pretty name. It is my middle name, and I am named after Mary Magdalene. My name is Marija Magdalena as I am part Lithuanian, so my name is more European than Mary Magdalene. I often wish it was my first name, because it can be shortened a lot, which Marija can not be. Friends often comment on how nice my middle name is.
The Magdalena River is the major river of Colombia, flowing north from the Andes to the Caribbean Sea.
Magdalena is my name and I love it! It's a very popular name in Poland and well known in most European countries, I think. Also in Latin America. In Poland we've got lot of beautiful actresses called Magalena, e.g. Magadelna Cielecka, Magdalena Walach, Magdalena Mielcarz etc.It is also some American comic book heroine. Neil Gaiman's daughter is Madeleine. :-)
Also a feminine name in Slovenia.
Magdalena´s nicknames are Magda, Madalena, Madlen, Lena, Madla, Mayda.
Magdalena is my name pronounced Mag-de-lay-nah. I used to hate it as a child as it was so long and I used to just go by Lena. As I got to my teens I learned to appreciate it more and now I am older I love it. I think that it is feminine and pretty and kind of flows off your tongue. I still go by my childhood nickname of Lena, but I always introduce myself as Magdalena and don't insist on people using my nickname.
Pronounced mug-dah-LAY-nah in Germany. [noted -ed]
Listen to the German pronunciation of Magdalena here:
The wonderful Dig's samba song "Magdalena Mi Amor"! It is a variant of the Celia Cruz's salsa song "Quimbara".
Maria Magdalena Filipsson is the Swedish singer Lena Philipsson's real name.
This is definitely in my top ten favorite female names. I'm not totally sure why--it just seems sort of exotic (the good kind); when I hear this name I think of a very beautiful woman.
Marlene Dietrich used her first and middle names of Mary Magdalena to create her stage name. One of Martin Luther's daughters was named Magdalena. The name Lena is very popular in Germany and is taken from this name.
This is the name of a beautiful song by the band A Perfect Circle. It has beautiful lyrics, but it is about a stripper I think. Here are some lyrics:
I bear witness
To this place, this prayer, so long forgotten
So pure
So rare
To witness such an earthly goddess.
This isn't a Portuguese name. [noted -ed]
Magdalena Maleeva is the best Bulgarian tennis player. She has 60 weeks in top 10 of the world and in January 1996 she became the 4th best in the world.
Magdelena is the Swedish international football player Henrik Larsson's wifes' name.
I think that Anna Magdalena was Johann Sebastian Bach's second wife or something. I'm not sure if she was his wife or not.
The name Magdalena is very widely used in Macedonia. Writing is as it is written, i.e. Magdalena, as well as reading.

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