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Namesakes for Maria
Austrian Dukes and Emperors: 1 archduchess
      Archduchess Maria Theresia   1740-1780  
Belgian Prime Ministers: 2 prime ministers
      Aloys Van de Vyvere (a.k.a. Maria)   1925  
      Mark Eyskens (a.k.a. Maria)   1981  
Bohemian Kings: 1 queen
      Queen Marie Terezie (a.k.a. Maria)   1740-1741; 1743-1780  
Fictional Characters from Books: 3 characters
      Maria Bertram   1814   Mansfield Park  
      Princess Mariya Bolkonskaya (a.k.a. Maria)   1869   War and Peace  
      Maria DeLuca   1998   Roswell High  
Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
      Maria DeLuca   1999   Roswell  
German Chancellors and Presidents: 1 chancellor
      (chancellor) Franz von Papen (a.k.a. Maria)   1932  
Hungarian Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Mária   1382-1395  
      Queen Mária Terézia   1740-1780  
Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 2 hurricanes
      Hurricane Maria   2005  
      Hurricane Maria   2011  
Nobel Prize Winners: 1 physics
      (physics) Maria Goeppert-Mayer   1963  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 9 actresses, 1 comedian/actress
      Adèle Bloemendaal (a.k.a. Maria)   1933-2017  
      Mimi Kok (a.k.a. Maria)   1934-2014  
      Maria Doyle Kennedy   1964-  
      Maria Bello   1967-  
      Tamzin Outhwaite (a.k.a. Maria)   1970-  
      Violante Placido (a.k.a. Maria)   1976-  
      Lana Parrilla (a.k.a. María)   1977-  
      Alexandra Maria Lara   1978-  
      Cote de Pablo (a.k.a. María)   1979-  
      Iza Calzado (a.k.a. Maria)   1982-  
Notable Artists: 1 cartoonist
      Willy Vandersteen (a.k.a. Maria)   1913-1990  
Notable Athletes: 3 soccer, 2 tennis, 1 skiing
      (soccer) Louis van Gaal (a.k.a. Maria)   1951-  
      (soccer) José María Basanta   1984-  
      (skiing) Maria Höfl-Riesch   1984-  
      (tennis) Maria Kirilenko   1987-  
      (tennis) Maria Sharapova   1987-  
      (soccer) José Giménez (a.k.a. María)   1995-  
Notable Musicians: 3 singers, 1 composer
      Carl Maria von Weber   1786-1826    
      Mieke Telkamp (a.k.a. Maria)   1934-2016    
      Alide Maria Salvetta   1941-1991   opera  
      Violante Placido (a.k.a. Maria)   1976-    
Notable Writers: 3 authors
      Erich Maria Remarque   1898-1970  
      Annie M. G. Schmidt (a.k.a. Maria)   1911-1995  
      Willy Vandersteen (a.k.a. Maria)   1913-1990  
Olympic Medalists: 21 silver, 14 bronze, 8 gold, 4 bronze/silver, 3 gold/bronze, 2 bronze/gold, 2 silver/bronze, 1 bronze/gold/silver, 1 gold/silver, 1 silver/gold
      (silver/gold) Marie Braun (a.k.a. Maria)   1928   swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 100 m backstroke  
      (silver) Maria Vierdag   1932   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
      (silver) Puck Oversloot (a.k.a. Maria)   1932   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
      (bronze) Maria Kwaśniewska-Maleszewska   1936   javelin throw  
      (silver) Leni Lohmar (a.k.a. Maria)   1936   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay  
      (gold) Netti Witziers-Timmer (a.k.a. Maria)   1948   4x100 m relay  
      (silver/bronze) Maria Sander   1952   4x100 m relay; 80 m hurdles  
      (silver) Mariya Golubnichaya (a.k.a. Maria)   1952   80 m hurdles  
      (bronze/silver) Johanna Termeulen (a.k.a. Maria)   1948; 1952   swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 100 m freestyle  
      (bronze) Eva-Maria ten Elsen   1956   swimming - 200 m breaststroke  
      (bronze) María Teresa Ramírez   1968   swimming - 800 m freestyle  
      (bronze) Mia Gommers (a.k.a. Maria)   1968   800 m  
      (gold) María Caridad Colón   1980   javelin throw  
      (gold) Lisette Sevens (a.k.a. Maria)   1984   field hockey  
      (silver) Josep Maria Margall   1984   basketball  
      (gold) Fieke Boekhorst (a.k.a. Maria)   1984   field hockey  
      (silver) Juanma López Iturriaga (a.k.a. Maria)   1984   basketball  
      (gold) Elsemieke Hillen (a.k.a. Maria)   1984   field hockey  
      (gold/bronze) Marjolein Eijsvogel (a.k.a. Maria)   1984; 1988   field hockey  
      (gold) Ria Stalman (a.k.a. Maria)   1984   discus throw  
      (gold/bronze) Anneloes Nieuwenhuizen (a.k.a. Maria)   1984; 1988   field hockey  
      (silver) Tineke Bartels (a.k.a. Maria)   1992; 1996   equestrian  
      (silver) Maria Paula Silva   1996   basketball  
      (silver) Maria Angélica   1996   basketball  
      (silver) Cláudia Maria Pastor   1996   basketball  
      (bronze/gold) Maria Mutola   1996; 2000   800 m  
      (gold) Josep Maria Abarca   1996   water polo  
      (bronze) Liisa-Maria Sneck   1998   ice hockey  
      (silver) Coby van Baalen (a.k.a. Maria)   2000   equestrian  
      (bronze) Maria Koroleva   2000   water polo  
      (bronze) María Vasco   2000   20 km walk  
      (bronze/silver) Mijntje Donners (a.k.a. Maria)   1996; 2000; 2004   field hockey  
      (bronze) Maria Cioncan   2004   1500 m  
      (bronze) Maria Kalmykova   2004   basketball  
      (bronze) Maria Stepanova   2004; 2008   basketball  
      (bronze/gold/silver) Marleen Veldhuis (a.k.a. Maria)   2004; 2008; 2012   swimming  
      (silver) Floris Evers (a.k.a. Maria)   2004; 2012   field hockey  
      (bronze) Dulce Téllez (a.k.a. María)   2004   volleyball  
      (bronze/silver) Noel Barrionuevo (a.k.a. María)   2008; 2012   field hockey  
      (bronze) Maria Kristin Yulianti   2008   badminton singles  
      (bronze) Belén Succi (a.k.a. María)   2008   field hockey  
      (silver/bronze) Alba María Cabello   2008; 2012   synchronized swimming  
      (gold/silver) Femke Heemskerk (a.k.a. Maria)   2008; 2012   swimming  
      (gold/bronze) María Espinoza   2008; 2012   taekwondo  
      (gold) Maria Höfl-Riesch   2010; 2014   alpine skiing  
      (silver) Florencia Mutio (a.k.a. María)   2012   field hockey  
      (silver) María del Pilar Peña   2012   water polo  
      (bronze) Maria Kirilenko   2012   tennis  
      (silver) Maria Sharapova   2012   tennis  
      (silver) Rocío Sánchez Moccia (a.k.a. María)   2012   field hockey  
      (silver) Josefina Sruoga (a.k.a. María)   2012   field hockey  
      (silver) Maica García Godoy (a.k.a. María)   2012   water polo  
      (bronze/silver) Maria Paseka   2012   artistic gymnastics  
      (silver) Maria Prytz   2014   curling  
      (silver) Maria Wennerström   2014   curling  
      (bronze/gold) Ida Ingemarsdotter (a.k.a. Maria)   2014   cross-country skiing  
      (silver) Anne Kyllönen (a.k.a. Maria)   2014   cross-country skiing  
Other Notables: 1 person
      Maria Montessori   1870-1952   education  
Other Royalty: 2 princes, 2 princesses, 1 king, 1 queen consort
      Maria Sophie of Bavaria   1859-1861   Kingdom of the Two Sicilies  
      Élisabeth , Duchess of Brabant (a.k.a. Maria)   2001-   Belgium  
      Gabriel of Belgium (a.k.a. Maria)   2003-   Belgium  
      Emmanuel of Belgium (a.k.a. Maria)   2005-   Belgium  
      Eléonore of Belgium (a.k.a. Maria)   2008-   Belgium  
      Philippe (a.k.a. Maria)   2013-   Belgium  
Portuguese Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Maria I   1777-1816  
      Queen Maria II   1826-1828; 1834-1853  
Saints: 74 blessed, 28 saints
      Saint Mary (a.k.a. Maria)   ?-851  
      Blessed Marie of Oignies (a.k.a. Maria)   1180-1213  
      Saint Mary of Succor (a.k.a. Maria)   1231-1281  
      Saint Mary of Cerevellon (a.k.a. Maria)   ?-1290  
      Blessed Maria Mancini of Pisa   1350-1431  
      Saint Antonio Maria Zaccaria   1502-1539  
      Blessed Maria Bartolomea Bagnesi   1514-1577  
      Blessed Maria Lopez of Jesus   1560-1640  
      Saint Maria Magdalena de Pazzi   1566-1607  
      Blessed Maria Angela Astorch   1592-1665  
      Saint Giuseppe Maria Tomasi   1649-1713  
      Blessed Maria of Turin   1661-1717  
      Blessed Maria Maddalena Martinengo da Barco   1687-1737  
      Blessed Gennaro Maria Sarnelli   1702-1744  
      Saint Pompilio Maria Pirotti   1710-1766  
      Saint Maria Francesca of the Five Wounds of Jesus   1715-1791  
      Saint Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart (a.k.a. Maria)   1747-1770  
      Saint Clemens Maria Hofbauer   1751-1820  
      Blessed Anna Maria Taigi   1769-1837  
      Blessed Maria Rafols   1781-1853  
      Blessed Lorenzo Maria of Saint Francis Xavier   1782-1856  
      Saint Antonio Maria Gianelli   1789-1846  
      Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini   1789-1868  
      Blessed Maria Theresia of Jesus Gerhardinger   1797-1879  
      Saint Francesco Maria da Camporosso   1804-1866  
      Saint Maria de Mattias   1805-1866  
      Saint Antoni Maria Claret   1807-1870  
      Blessed Maria Repetto   1807-1890  
      Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres   1809-1865  
      Saint Maria Giuseppe Rosello   1811-1886  
      Saint Maria Crocifissa di Rosa   1813-1885  
      Blessed Maria Caterina of Saint Rose   1813-1887  
      Saint María Rosa Molas y Vallve   1815-1876  
      Saint Antonio Maria Pucci   1819-1892  
      Blessed Maria Encarnacion Rosal   1820-1886  
      Blessed María del Tránsito Cabanillas   1821-1885  
      Blessed Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri   1821-1893  
      Blessed Maria Theresia Scherer   1825-1888  
      Saint Maria Soledad   1826-1887  
      Blessed Maria Marcellina Darowska   1827-1911  
      Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti   1827-1922  
      Blessed Tommaso Maria Fusco   1831-1891  
      Blessed Maria Dominic Mazzarello   1837-1881  
      Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco   1839-1910  
      Blessed Maria of Jesus Siedliska   1842-1902  
      Blessed María Josefa of the Heart of Jesus Sancho de Guerra   1842-1912  
      Blessed Maria Schininà   1844-1910  
      Blessed Cándida María de Jesús Cipitria y Barriola   1845-1912  
      Saint Vincentia Maria López y Vicuña   1847-1896  
      Blessed María del Carmen Sallés y Barangueras   1848-1911  
      Blessed Giovanni Maria Boccardo   1848-1913  
      Saint Maria Bernarda Bütler   1848-1924  
      Saint Raphaela Maria Porras y Ayllon   1850-1925  
      Blessed Anton Maria Schwartz   1852-1929  
      Blessed Maria Christina Brando   1856-1906  
      Blessed Maria Raffaella Cimatti   1861-1945  
      Blessed Juana María Condesa Lluch   1862-1916  
      Blessed Maria Domenica Mantovani   1862-1934  
      Blessed Maria Droste zu Vischering   1863-1899  
      Blessed Maria Anna Caiani   1863-1921  
      Blessed Maria Theresa Ledóchowska   1863-1922  
      Blessed José María Rubio y Peralta   1864-1929  
      Blessed Guido Maria Conforti   1865-1931  
      Blessed Maria Karlowska   1865-1935  
      Saint María Vicenta of Saint Dorothy Chavez Orozco   1867-1949  
      Blessed María de Jesús Sacramentado Venegas   1868-1959  
      Blessed María Alvarado Cardozo   1875-1967  
      Blessed Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan (a.k.a. Maria)   1876-1926  
      Blessed Maria Crocifissa Curcio   1877-1957  
      Blessed Maria Bernardina Jablonska   1878-1940  
      Blessed María Guadalupe García Zavala   1878-1963  
      Blessed Maria Ludovica de Angelis   1880-1962  
      Blessed María Sagrario   1881-1936  
      Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce   1881-1947  
      Blessed Maria Candida of the Eucharist   1884-1949  
      Blessed Maria Corsini Beltrame Quattrocchi   1884-1965  
      Saint John Maria Muzeyi   ?-1886  
      Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin   1888-1922  
      Saint Maria Goretti   1890-1902  
      Blessed María Maravillas de Jesús   1891-1974  
      Blessed Marija Petković (a.k.a. Maria)   1892-1956  
      Blessed María Ginard Marti   1894-1936  
      Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka   1894-1942  
      Blessed María Antonia Bandrés y Elósegui   1898-1919  
      Blessed María Romero Meneses   1902-1977  
      Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa   1904-1955  
      Blessed María Pilar Izquierdo Albero   1906-1945  
      Blessed Maria Euthymia Uffing   1914-1955  
      Saint José Maria Robles Hurtado   ?-1927  
      Blessed María del Calvario Romero Clariana   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Gabriela de Hinojosa Naveros   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Josefa del Río Messa   ?-1936  
      Blessed María del Carmen Moreno Benítez   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Baldillou Bullit   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Amparo Carbonell Muñoz   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Teresa Ferragud Roig   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Jesús Masiá Ferragud   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Verónica Masiá Ferragud   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Felicidad Masiá Ferragud   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Pilar Martinez   ?-1936  
      Blessed María de la Purificación Ximénez y Ximénez   ?-1936  
      Blessed Maria Stella Mardosewicz   ?-1943  
Shakespearian Characters: 2 characters
      Maria   Love's Labour's Lost  
      Maria   Twelfth Night  
Title Characters: 9 songs
      (song) Maria   1956   Maria  
      (song) Maria   1969   Take a Letter Maria  
      (song) Maria   1973   My Maria  
      (song) Maria   1999   Maria  
      (song) Maria   1999   Maria  
      (song) Maria   1999   Maria Maria  
      (song) Maria   2012   Maria  
      (song) Maria   2012   Maria  
      (song) Maria   2013   Michael and Maria