It sounds like "Max well" like Max well didn't you want to tell me something? Or Max well do you have anything to say? Maxwell will be like wut? So yeah... no no no I wouldn't use this.
I prefer Maximilian.
My brother's name is Maxwell!
I think it’s a very nice name
It sounds smart and courageous!
Sounds very mature and sophisticated. Way better than Maximilian.
Maxwell is a nice name, though I doubt I'd ever use it. It sounds very sophisticated and intelligent. I feel bad for girls with this name. Why not go with Maxine?
I mean, it's not bad, but it's the name of one of my characters, which is a playboy... so. But overall, not a bad name. I'd give a 6.5/10.
I really like this name a lot and cannot begin to emphasize my full happiness when hearing this name.
I like the nickname Max, but I prefer Maximilian as a full name. Maxwell sounds too much like a surname for me.
Maxwell, the name itself lends a rather interesting dynamic to the names that commence with ‘Max’ but end with something else entirely. Maxwell has a steady flow to it, from my perspective, that allows it to be distinguishable from the other name of Maximilian. On the same token, it has the shortened version of ‘Max’ which can be applied as a nickname.
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Maxwell who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 719th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

PS I think the commenter who calls themself "ihatethenamemaxwell" needs psychiatric help. Reach out to your guidance counselor, friend.
Now this is just my personal opinion. The name Maxwell to me is such an ugly, brute and barbaric name, a name so disgusting that few words can give it a just description. I wouldn't give the name Maxwell to my worst enemy, although that is because they are probably named Maxwell already. Whenever I encounter a Maxwell, I can sense it without even being introduced... you just get that feeling, something shifts in the air pressure, the birds stop chirping, and I have the sudden urge to vomit; you know when a Maxwell is near. God created the name Maxwell for the rest of the human race to identify those of which we should shun, beat, extradite, and curse until they have no option but to dig themselves underground like the moles they are and live the rest of their worthless lives with the worms and decomposing bodies. If any Maxwell out there is reading this, I want you to take your fist, smash your computer screen, and eat the shard that falls from it.
Geez, you created your account just to talk trash about this name? Wow. All I can say is... wow. That is the farthest I've ever seen someone go on this site just to say that they don't like a name.

But as for my opinion, I think the name Maxwell is very nice! It makes me think of a strong-willed boy with a heart of gold. I'm also using the name for the main character in a book I'm writing, and I think it fits him really well.

I appreciate the effort, and I know opinions exist, but please don't go this far to basically tell people with the name Maxwell to buzz off, so to say. It doesn't leave a good impression, especially on this site.
The name Maxwell was given to 66 unfortunate baby GIRLS in 2017!
Maxwell is a very nice name.
Maxwell is the tall brown hamster from Hamtaro. He loves reading books.
I have a nephew Maxwell & at first I really didn’t like it. It has grown on me & now I quite like it! Everyone that hears the name seems to like it & the nickname Max makes it more likeable! It’s a name I think both spouses must agree on. But if they both like it for their baby, Great! Because it’s a very nice name!
Maxwell is a very handsome and classy name. The name sounds very intelligent too.
Maxwell is a refined classic.
I do NOT like this name. Sounds trashy.
I'm a Maxwell. For those that think it belongs to an uneducated person, there have been some very intelligent ones.
Maxwell Holt is an American volleyball player, bronze medalist at Rio 2016.
Maxwell was given to 40 girls in America in 2015.
This name is 100% male. I don't know how the hell Jessica Simpson could have thought this was a cute name for a girl, which isn't helped by the fact that she also used a masculine middle name. (I admit, I like Jessica's music, but I think she has awful taste in names!)
The daughter's name is MAXWELL DREW. She could have used Maxine Dru for something feminine.
Such a cool, handsome, sophisticated, hip & intelligent name for a boy! I think it carries very well into adulthood. I LOVE the name Maxwell and will most likely name my son this (IF I have a boy :))!
This isn't a terrible name but two associations I have with this name are:

A: Dogs
B: Coffee.
I named my son Maxwell and gave him a surname for a middle name as well, giving him 3 surnames. I think he has a very strong name and I think it will carry him well into adulthood.
I happen to have a Maxwell and he happens to be very intelligent. He is a boy's boy and loves doing boy things. People thinking it doesn't go from boyhood to manhood, how the hell would you know? And for you to refer to a name as "ugly" without knowing who the person is makes you unintelligent. I can only hope that eventually you meet a Maxwell and completely regret what you have said. You can't judge a person by their name without you sounding like the stupid one with an extremely ugly personality.
For all the nerds out there, Maxwell has a few interesting connections to video games.

Milla Maxwell is the central female character of the 2013 JRPG Tales of Xillia and its 2014 sequel Tales of Xillia 2. Maxwell also appears in other installments of the Tales of series as a spirit who can be summoned in battle.

In the 2014 RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the player chooses to play as a male human, his default name will be Maxwell Trevelyan.

Maxwell is also the main character of the 2009 puzzle game Scribblenauts and its various sequels. He is known for his red "rooster hat".
Maxwell House is a brand of coffee.
This a great name, but I prefer Maximilian.

Also, Jessica Simpson is an imbecile for giving this to her daughter.
I love the name Maxwell! It's strong, masculine, respectable and it is indeed a wonderful classic! I can definitely see why it's popular! :)
Maxwell Carson (also known as Matsuno Kuusuke) is a character in Inazuma Eleven.
Maxwell Dupain (1911-1992) was an Australian photographer.
Maxwell "Max" Roach (1924-2007) was an influential African-American jazz percussionist and composer. He was associated with many famous African American jazz artists of his time, like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker.
Lance Armstrong has a son named Maxwell Edward. Max has a brother named Luke and three sisters: Isabelle, Grace, and Olivia.
I've liked this name since I was little. I'm so mad it's going the trendy route, I really wanted to use it! I might use it anyways, it's my #3 choice right now, but that will probably change since I'm kind of torn between a few names. I still regard Maxwell as an old fashioned name despite its recent popularity. It's a sweet name for all ages :) I really hope its popularity goes down in the near future!
The name Maxwell as well as Max were quite popular names in England in the late 1800's and early 1900's, both being featured regularly in the top 200 names.
Jessica Simpson named her DAUGHTER "Maxwell Drew Johnson."
Ha... I have been permanently cursed on the name "Maxwell" and also "Max", because I LOVE the television show Get Smart and so every time I think of this name I picture Maxwell Smart. It gives me the mental image of someone who really believes in himself, but unfortunately is extraordinarily dense and is unaware of it, and also have a big issue with hand-eye coordination... ;) But then again I have known a few Max's and Maxwells who were the oposite, so who knows... but for me, the sterotype is just... Well, go to youtube sometime and type in "Get Smart, Diplomat's Daughter" and you'll understand what I mean...
I've loved the name Max/Maxwell since I was little and I've always wanted to name my kid this, still do! I've never understood why Max was more common, I can't see it as a full name. But Maxwell is such a classy, mature, and masculine name :)
Maxwell Perry Cotton (born 2000 in San Diego, California) is an American child actor.
I personally really like this name. I went to school with a Maxwell, and all throughout Kindergarten to senior year, he always went by "Max" NEVER "Maxwell." 'Tis a shame, for he was actually really cute and Maxwell seemed to fit him. He did, however, get made fun of occasionally because of the whole "family dog" relations with his name.
I am a huge fan of the name Maxwell. I think it's handsome, masculine, and rather underused for what it's worth. Plus, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, baby! C'mon, who doesn't love The Beatles?

I disagree with the person that says it is childish and won't age well. I can easily see a lawyer named Maxwell. I think Max is a really sweet nickname for when he is a child, as well.

My dad's friend's son is named Maxwell, he goes by Max. I think it's an awesome name. And very adorable. Maxwell is a favorite of mine for sure!
I must be quite frank with you... "Maxwell" sounds like a family dog's name. It is neither professional nor educated, intelligent nor is it attractive, it is attempted ornate, near pretentious, pompous, incredibly childish and "forever young" (meaning the name does not follow well from boyhood to man), and need I say it..? Ugly. I strangely picture a man in a mental institution upon hearing this name... odd, I cannot recall any occurrence that would bring that to be.

The nickname "Max" is decent enough... have you ever considered "Maximillian" (or it's variants), by any chance?

For children and adults bearing this name is truly like holding two surnames-- Maxwell Washington, Maxwell Reed, Maxwell Johnson, Maxwell Madison, Maxwell Boykins... I hope my point is taken. The ending "-well" makes it sound like a tire company, in addition.

Regardless... regrettably, this is countless times better than "Jayden" and other such "kre8tiv" atrocities.
I really like this name, because I've always loved the name Max, but I don't really think it's very professional sounding as a full name. I disagree with Francesca completely. I understand everyone has a right to their opinion, but you don't need to flat out call a name ugly. What's so ugly about the name Maxwell? I personally think "maximillian" sounds absolutely ridiculous. I think Maxwell is a very strong name that suits all ages, which is one of the most important qualities in a name to me, and seriously, a large amount of first names originated from last names. So does that mean that every boy named Taylor, Franklin, Mason, Harvey, Alexander, or Logan have "2 last names"? Who cares if its also a last name, it's still a name!
Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade (born 27 August 1981), is commonly known as Maxwell. He is a Brazilian footballer who currently plays for Spanish La Liga club FC Barcelona.
This is the name of my favorite brand of coffee.
For some reason I really, really love this name. I think part of its appeal and charm is that it's not infantile or childish for an adult, but can easily be shortened to something more affectionate and less formal and serious. It's also less annoying than Maximilian.
I think this is quite a good name, but to me it sounds more like a surname than a first name. It still sounds nice, though.
If I ever had kids, I might name a boy Maxwell. I'm strangely attracted to the name. Of course, you couldn't really call a kid Maxwell, but you could just call him Max for short. And when he got older, he could start calling himself Maxwell if he wanted. The reason I would name my kid this is rather embarrassing: Maxwell's Silver Hammer.
I don't like the name Maxwell, it sounds too long and queer to me. Max would be an okay nickname, though.
Maxwell is a brand of coffee.
Maxwell is a great name for a boy, I really like the nickname Max.
Maxwell was the name of the king of the summon spirits in the popular video game "Tales of Phantasia".
Maxwell seems like a quiet, modest, yet polite name, with much seriousness. I like it, it's modern yet doting.
Maxwell is the first name of Corporal Klinger on the old American programme M*A*S*H. His full name was Maxwell Q. Klinger.
Although originally believed to be Scottish in origin, the name Maxwell is in fact bastardised German. The name dates back to the 10th century. A local lord of Eil near Koln was ousted by his people and recieving no help from his leige lord he fled to England. On which was promised in return for calming a local war he would recieve the land which would now be Dumfries and Galloway. In succeeding in their task they were justly rewarded with he land as a feif. Wanting to localise themselves they took the name eil of where they were from and instead what would be used to day as in von they toook sons of or son of Mac. And so from it is Gealic Mac Eill.
Maxwell was the name of Mr. Sheffield on the sitcom The Nanny.
Brad Garrett and his wife Jill Diven have a son named Maxwell Bradley Garrett (born October 14, 1998).
Maxwell Smart was the name of the clumsy secret agent in the T.V. show "Get Smart."
This name is used in the Beatles song "Maxwell's Silver Hammer," about a man named Maxwell who goes around killing people with his silver hammer.

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