I've always thought the name Miranda was enchantingly beautiful.
Miranda is a pretty and gorgeous name.
I adore my name & the meaning. I receive many compliments & it's not a common name. I've only ever met one other Miranda in my life. The only issue I've ever had growing up was that once in a blue moon, some schmuck with a bland name would say Miranduhhhh. Other than that, I love my name! I like the mysterious & mythical vibe of it.
Also pronounced /mə.ˈɹæn.də/ in English.
In 2005 were born 187 Mirandas in Argentina.

I'm called Miranda! I have always loved my name, since I was very little. Any adult who met me usually told me what a beautiful name it was, I got used to it and now I feel very proud to have it! I cannot tell how much I love it.
My family is Argentinian so when my mom was a child she read a magazine from the early 90's and she saw my name in Julio Iglesias's wife and she always kept it in her heart. When my parents were deciding my name, my father wanted to name me 'Micaela' (a very common name in my country) or 'Luna' (not so common, but horrible) but my mom always knew from the beginning I was going to be a girl and that my name was going to be and needed to be Miranda, so my backstory is pretty interesting, most people says that their parents just liked it and not such a great story (as you can see I prefer the long and interesting stories).
I thinks it suits me pretty well, I adore the meaning (I mean, not for being modest, but who would not like to be called "worth of admiration"?), also I believe it's very artistic, I really like crafting things and screenwriting and I'm going to pursue that, a part that in my whole life I liked to try more 'artistic' stuff, so that's why, but don't you think it really sounds artistic? For example "here comes the greatest painter in Belgium, Miranda...", but I can see one Miranda being a Lawyer but it's not really my thing, but I believe the most important thing is that the name belongs to someone truly successful.
In Argentina (and I dare to say in the entire Latin America culture) not many people are named Miranda. In my life I have met only one when I practiced acting, she was one year younger than me. There are some people famous worldwide that are named like that, but it's not thaaat many, so I would definitely NOT call it common, and I think that's the good thing, don't name your child with a name like "Emma" or "Lucas" because the child will find that their school and their personal environment will be full with people named like that, be creative and name them "Valeria" or "Gaston".
Because I am Latin American, I don't go by the surname "Randy" or "Mandy", I go by the surname "Miru" or "Miri" but I prefer the first Latin one. I don't quite understand why they would call us "Randy", I can half understand "Mandy" but I don't like the English surname for my name, if I ever go to the USA I would want to be called "Miru" it's simple and so much more beautiful than the English ones.
I can't believe how lucky I was to be named like this, my name is perfect, the way it sounds, the meaning, the 0 popularity that makes it even more rare and amazing, it's totally great. I will upload more thoughts about it :)
Beautiful and perfect!
Miranda is also Estonian. The name day for Miranda in Estonia is February 16.

In the survival horror game called Resident Evil 8, a game that is scheduled for release in early May of 2021, there is a mysterious antagonist who goes by the name of Mother Miranda. She is, quite possibly, the main villain of the game and is trying to use Ethan Wakes' daughter, Rose, for a ceremony of nefarious intent.
Miranda Martino (born 29 October 1933) is an Italian singer and actress. In 1957, she debuted at the Festival di Napoli and in 1959 she made her first appearance at the Sanremo Music Festival, with the song "La vita mi ha dato solo te". In 1963 she obtained a critical and commercial success with the album "Napoli", in which she covered twelve canzoni napoletane re-arranged by Ennio Morricone.
Miranda Cicognani (born 12 September 1936) is a retired Italian gymnast. At the opening ceremony of the 1952 Summer Olympics she became the first Italian woman to bear the Olympic flag of Italy. She took part in the 1952, 1956 and 1960 Games with the best result of sixth place in the team all-around event in 1952.
Miranda Bonansea (October 31, 1926 – February 10, 2019) was an Italian actress and voice actress. In 1934, she made her debut appearance in the film "The Blind Woman of Sorrento". She was also the official Italian voice of Shirley Temple. In the 1937 film "Hands Off Me!" starring Totò, Bonansea made her character very similar to Temple's likeness.
Mia and Mimi can be used as nicknames.
Very dated!
Wonderful name, Miranda, just sounds mature and serious, so I think it's a great name! I like it a lot!
Miranda Binewski is a character in Geek Love by Katherine Dunn (1983).
My name is Miranda! For anyone wondering about possible nicknames, my family mostly calls me Randa, but my brother's called me Mindy a few times. My mom actually picked the name because she liked the tomboyish nickname Randy, but she never ended up using it.
It seems very dated, but I really like it!
It’s much much much much better than Mandy.
I love this and may one day consider using it.
Also Estonian (albeit rare):
I dislike it. I find the sound of it unappealing.
Miranda Lambert is a country singer.

I love her music, and some songs are nostalgic to me.
Very boring in my opinion.
I like Mera as a nickname.
I used to find my name pretty boring, but I really quite like it now that I know the meaning. It's never been needed to give me a nickname, which is good for me because I really don't quite like nicknames.
In 2017 were born 67 Miranda in Italy.
Well, I LOVE the name Miranda. It's my own name anyway. I won't say my surname, but my first and middle names are Miranda Lilith. Anyway, when I was in primary school, people called me "Miranda Sings", "Big Lips" and "Disgusting Hair" all because that stupid girl Miranda Sings ruined the name. BUT, I still love it. To all people who have a classmate\knows someone called Miranda, please never call her Miranda Sings because it's annoying.
Miranda Taylor Cosgrove is an actress best known for starring on “iCarly” as Carly Shay from 2007-2012.
My last name is Miranda and my first name is aster (ah -ster)
My name is Maranda, and yes it's with an A not an I. ^J^)
According to, there are twelve people in the U.S. named Miranda Miranda.
Miranda Beckworth is a materials scientist and friend of April May in the book An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green.
In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Miranda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 496th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
There is a typo/misspelled word in this entry: it's Shakespearean not Shakespearian.
In the Netherlands Miranda is pronounced Mee-RAHN-daa. Long sounds overall, and Mee being pronounced as a lengthy me if one were to say "he likes me". Anyone who pronounces it the other way will be looked at funnily, as the I sound in our language prefers to be pronounced as an ee, not an a sound. I personally have this name, and it tends to be seen as old fashioned, however it has become slightly more popular for items like key chains.
Miranda is a lovely name. I love the meaning as well!
My name's Miranda and I hate it. I don’t think it suits me at all. I wouldn’t have hated it as much if Miranda Sings hadn’t ruined it (and my childhood). I also really hate the way it sounds. I have two first names, my actual first name is Maja (pronounced Maya) since my parents couldn’t decide, then I was still called Miranda and it’s a little late to change it now. My middle name is Gabriella which I also think is a really pretty name and I wish it was my first name.
Miranda is the real name of Moira Orfei (1931-2015), the 'queen' of the Italian circus and also a TV personality, actress and singer. She is Italian with a Romani ancestry.
Miranda is not only English or Dutch. It is also a well-known Italian name.

In 2016 there were born in Italy 75 baby Mirandas.
Miranda is the name of the main character in "When You Reach Me".
My name is Miranda! I definitely don't think it's overused, there are a fair amount of famous Mirandas but I've only met two or three Mirandas in real life. I like it, but I really prefer the nickname "Mia". However, this isn't a very natural nickname for Miranda, so no one calls me that, unfortunately.
According to, there are 75 people in the U.S. named Miranda Wright. There is one named Miranda Reitz. (I googled it afterwards. There are actually a few more.)
All I think of when I hear the name Miranda is Miranda Sings.
My name is Miranda, and I really like it. When I was younger I wanted my name to be something more common because I didn't know anyone else by the name. When I was a little older my mom told me that the other name she considered for me was Lindsay. At the time, I liked Lindsay better for me, but not anymore. When I started middle school I started doing research on my name, and now I am very proud of my name and its origins. I am now in high school and while I like my name, I found out that I'm one of six Mirandas in the school. I am the only one in my grade, but I do have a class with another Miranda, which gets annoying at times. When I'm walking in the hallways and someone calls out Miranda, I don't even bother turning around anymore because they usually aren't talking to me! It's a one out of six chance. But overall, I am proud of the name my parents have given me and would never change it to anything else.
My name is Miranda, and I've always loved it. I never thought it was over-used, quite the opposite in fact. I've met two other people with this name (one spelled it Meranda) and that was a few years ago. The one thing I would say about this name is that with me people tend to think it's a last name, since it's a Spanish last name (ex. Lin Manuel Miranda) but it never bothered me too much. In all honesty I've had more problems with my actual last name than anything but that's besides the point.

Anyway, a few nicknames could be Mira, Randi, and I saw Annie in the comments too which I think is cute. I don't have a nickname that goes with my name, everyone usually calls me Miranda. Ironically my brother's name is Randy, which I find funny considering it is a nickname for my name but I don't think my mom realized that until later.

It's all up to the person who uses the name I think. Everyone's preferences are different so just go with what speaks to you.
Miranda Sings is a fictional character, developed on the internet, created in 2008 and portrayed by American comedian, actress and YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger. Ballinger displays videos of the comically talentless, egotistical, misguided and quirky character on her YouTube channel. In these videos, the eccentric, narcissistic, yet endearing character sings and dances badly, gives inept "tutorials", recounts her daily activities, discusses current events that she often misunderstands, collaborates with other YouTubers, and rants about her critics, reading examples of hate mail directed at the character on social media; she responds to them with her catchphrase: "Haters Back Off!".
Miranda May Kerr is an Australian model. Kerr rose to prominence in 2007 as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Kerr was the first Australian Victoria's Secret model and also represented the Australian department store chain David Jones. Kerr has launched her own brand of organic skincare products, KORA Organics, and has written a self-help book.
I can't believe no one has mentioned Miranda Sings. She has kind of ruined the name for me.
Every time I heard of Miranda I thought of a very beautiful maiden, mermaid, siren or other sea ladies. It reminds me of sea, but I would rather choose it for a name of a book character, for a girl I would use Amanda.
My name is Miranda, and I used to hate it, but now that I know my favorite author (Lucy Maud Montgomery) likes it, I like it too.
Miranda is a beautiful name. It is actually an ENGLISH name that was created by Shakespeare for his play THE TEMPEST.

Apart from the usual famous women on tv with this name I have not yet met the first Miranda and I have lived in the UK and in the USA for a good time. So I don't believe it is overused.
Miranda Hart is a British comedienne.
Personally, I love this name! It reminds me of a sweet and courageous girl, and it's certainly the type of name you can grow up with. Another thing I like about it is that this name has multiple nickname alternatives. Now I'm hoping that this name doesn't get too popular and overused so that I can use it on my future daughter!
Queen Miranda is the mother of the main character, Sofia, from the show "Sofia the First".
Miranda Bailey is the name of one of the doctor's on Grey's Anatomy, although she usually just goes by Bailey. Her character used to go by Mandy when she was younger.
I agree that Mira is a fabulous nickname, but why would you have a nickname with such a fabulous name altogether? You could have Mira for a name, or Miranda for a name, but don't nickname yourself Mira if you already have a beautiful name like Miranda. I don't know a single Miranda, so I imagine it is uncommon.
I ♥ the name Miranda! I've always seen it as a colourful, exotic, fun & cheerful girly name. It makes me think of holidays, islands and lots of sunshine! Also, it reminds me of the nice soft drink Mirinda. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.
I feel this name should be used more- it's a classic, Shakespearean and most of all has a amazing meaning. It's easy to find middle names, like, here goes, Miranda Snow, Miranda Belle, Miranda Ariel, Miranda Hope, Miranda Faith, Miranda Paris, Miranda Amour, Miranda Sophia, Miranda Grace and Miranda Gwen. This name is just cool, so just use it!
Miranda Killgallen is the name of Courtney Gripling's mean best friend on the cartoon As Told by Ginger.
Miranda Sinclair is the main character of When You Reach Me (2009), a Newbery Medal-winning book by Rebecca Stead. Strange; her character's name was ranked around 700th when she was born (c. 1966).
There's something weird about this name and I can't put my finger on it. I don't like it at all.
This name isn't really my usual style, but I have to say its beautiful! I don't know why people are saying its "overused", I personally have yet to meet someone named Miranda. I'm not too fond of mandi and randi as nicknames, but I think Annie would be cute. However, I think just Miranda is the best. It's elegant, not very popular anymore, and will age well with the bearer. Lovely name :)
I saw someone who spelled it Myrrhanda.
It´s also a portuguese and Spanish surname.
Miranda is the name of a British TV show based on the semi-autobiographical writing of English writer, actress and comedienne Miranda Hart.
Miranda is not an English name. Whoever is doing the research has it wrong. Shakespeare did not come up with the name. Miranda is an old Spanish last name. It goes back centuries, and means "worthy of admiration."
To the last comment... ummmmmmmmmm yes it is English.
I love this name and Miranda Kerr is a great namesake.
In Latin, the "nda" ending means "she must be" or "she is to be," so Miranda literally means "she must be admired" or "she is to be admired," which is just so beautiful. (Similarly, Amanda means "she must be loved")
Always butchered with Amanda or Mariah.
This name makes me think of Miranda Kerr and The Tempest. I think it's a nice enough name but I would never use it. I do like how it means admirable and 'admired' sort of looks like a mixed-up version of Miranda. In The Tempest, Ferdinand says 'Admired Miranda' when Miranda tells him her name. (I'm studying it at school at the moment).
This is the 3rd greatest girls name in the world. I love the nickname Mia for it.
I like Miranda. It's better than a lot of the frillier, trendier names out there. Something I recently noticed is that there's "Iran" in the middle of it. mIRANda. Eh, whatever. Cool name.
Highly unattractive name, although I do like it's nickname, Randy, as a given name.
I have a really good friend named Miranda, so I'm more than a little biased. I hadn't really heard of the name before I met my friend, and it's certainly not common around my neck of the woods. I think it's a really pretty, unique name. Another nickname could also be Randa, which is what I sometimes call my friend (even though it's part of a really strange inside-joke, I still like it XD)
Maranda is an alternate spelling. I have seen this alternate spelling in census records from the 1800's in the Appalachain Mountain area.
Miranda makes me think of a powerful teenage girl, the sea, grace and admiration. Probably because I was in 'The Tempest' in which the female lead is Miranda. I also know a girl named Miranda who played her character. She made me think of her. I would love to use this name in one of my books.
I love this name. It is my surname and I would call my baby girl that if in my country the names are: 1st name, middle name, mother's surname, dad's surname. Like my last name is Miranda, my child would have to be called Miranda TWO times.
This name is gorgeous with so much going for it - great meaning, elegant, beautiful, steeped in English literature, and not overused.
My opinion is probably a little biased (Seeing as how my name is Miranda). But, I have always loved my name and everyone tells me that they like it too. It is a very English sounding name. I wouldn't change it even if someone gave me one-million dollars! :)
I hate this name. I feel like it has a horrible sound and I'm just unhappy saying it.
A bit too fancy, but there are worse names.
A genuinely enchanting name. I can't understand why people keep saying it is "overused" - it isn't in the Top 100 of ANY country! I mean, what exactly is their definition of "overused"?

Although there are a few famous Mirandas and several fictional Mirandas, it is rare to actually meet a person in real life with this name.
Beautiful name! Love it!
Gorgeous name. I absolutely love Miranda. It sounds so soft and feminine and beautiful! This name is not used enough! I wish my name was Miranda.
I have a sister named Miranda. We call her Mirda and Randa, but mostly Randa.
I like the name, but not the meaning. But that's just because I don't find my sister that admirable.
I fell in love with this name after seeing it in Shakespeare's "The Tempest." I then looked it up in a baby book and the name's meaning was listed as "strange; wonderful; admirable" and I fell in love with it even more. It's a very beautiful, classic, feminine name. Elegant, but not stuck up. I don't think that the name is overused and I would love to hear it more often.
My name is Miranda and when I was younger people thought my name was Amanda because of the same anda sound at the end. But now it seems more common and formal. But every time I hear someone call the name Amanda I always look. The nickname my family calls me is Mirandy or Mandy.
Miranda is the name of the beautiful main character who disappears mysteriously in the Australian novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock" by Joan Lindsay.

Miranda is also the mermaid in the 1948 movie of the same name; Miranda is played by Glynis Johns.

Because of these two Mirandas, as well as the one in Shakespeare, I always think of Miranda as a lovely magical, mystical sort of name, connected to nature and the sea.
Miranda Lawson is a character in the video game Mass Effect 2.
MIRANDA KERR beautiful Austalian Victoria's Secret model. I personally think she is one of the more beautiful VS models.
Such a precious name.
I usually go by Miri or Mia.
This name is gorgeous! I love the meaning.
I really like this name, I think it's really modern but also has a great history to it, and I also think it would suit any age. :)
This is my name & I love it. My brother & my cousins had trouble pronouncing it when we were younger, so instead it came out like Randa or Mandi. So Mandi is my nickname.

I hated being called Mandi at first (mostly because it's a nickname for Amanda) but it rubbed off, & now I'm fine with it. My roomie's name is Miranda also, she goes by M.
In the TV movie "Voyage of the Unicorn," based on the book "Voyage of the Bassett" by James C. Christensen, one of the two heroines is named Miranda Aisling.
One of my favorite books is "The Secret in Miranda's Closet." It is about a young girl named Miranda who discovers a beautiful antique doll, but hides it in her closet because her mother has based her career on the belief that dolls are anti-feminist. Over time, this doll changes the lives of Miranda and those around her for the better. It really is a sweet story and I highly recommend it.
This is my name and I love it. The only thing that irritates me is that people want to insist that my name is Amanda. Which is why I now go by the nickname Mira.
Miranda Lotto is a character of D. Gray-Man, a manga by Katsura Hoshino.
This is my name except mine is spelled with two R's rather than one. It is a very pretty, feminine name. There are many nicknames for it too like Mira, Mirr, Andy, Randy, Randa, Mimi. I have noticed that it is becoming more popular.
My middle name is Myranda. I considered going by it at some point in school, but decided against it because I knew so many Miranda's in school. I met a girl with it for her first name and she spelt it the same, and our nicknames were Mandy and Randy. I still like the name a lot, meaning and all :] my family calls me Randy *shrugs*. I joke around with my name since Uranus was discovered on my birthday, and Miranda is the name of one of its moons.
Such an awful name! I hate the sound of it. I haven't met any Mirandas, only saw one on TV.
Actors Jeffrey Nordling and Francia Dimase have a daughter Miranda Nordling, born 1996.
Miranda Richardson is a very talented British actress who has twice been nominated for an Oscar. Amongst numerous other films, stage & television productions, she has appeared in The Crying Game, Sleepy Hollow, The Hours and Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.
Such a nice name! I love the sound of it, the spelling looks pretty also. Very nice name, sounds cute on a small girl and she can grow into the name too!
This is quite a beautiful name, but overused, and I hate the nickname Randi. I think this name would sound better pronounced ''mi-RUN-duh'', which is how Europeans would pronounce the name.
My name is Miranda and overall, I would have to say I love this name. Miranda is NOT an overused name, I could probably count on 2 hands how many Mirandas I've met in my life. I actually find it exciting when I meet one because it's rare. I normally go by Miranda, but one of my church friends came up with Mirda, and that's kind of stuck with lots of people for me. I really dislike the other nicknames besides like Ran Ran and Mir Mir for little kids.
It's grown on me a little, but it will always remind me of that weird phase I went through in fifth grade where I found the moon Miranda really creepy after a field trip to the planetarium.
It's my name and I DO like it. I think it's unusual and I love that it means "admirable." It's intelligent, different, and beautiful.
Miranda is a song by Fleetwood Mac, which I so happened to get addicted to for a month or two. I've grown to love this name!
Miranda Grey is the name of the other main character (the one who gets collected) in John Fowles's The Collector. I'm not sure I could use this name for a child because it's so strongly tied to that character for me.
Miranda Cosgrove was Summer on School of Rock and Meghan on Drake and Josh and is Carly in iCarly.
My name is Miranda and I love it! :] There has only been one time in school where there were two Mirandas in a class of mine. And it was a little confusing, so the teacher just called us Miranda 1 & Miranda 2. Overall, I've enjoyed having this name. I was named after Miranda in the Tempest. And I usually go by Miranda, but my nicknames include Mir, Ran Ran, Mira, Mandy and Randi. Someone even came up with Mirandom, which works perfectly because I'm quite random.
Miranda Lambert is a very talented country artist.
I love this name! I first came across it when I was about eleven years old in the novel "Dragonwyck" by Anya Seton and I've loved it ever since then. When I was a teenager my sisters used to ridicule me for liking it and said that all they could think of when they heard it was Carmen Miranda. I just thought that they were showing no class or sophistication when they said things like that. According to the popularity charts it's really not that overused. If I had ever had a second daughter I would have strongly considered this name.
This is my name and I absolutely love it! It is not overused. I don't really like the nicknames that go along with it. I just go by Miranda.
Miranda is my name, and I love it! I have found it's not too common, and there are plenty of nicknames you can make out of it such as Mrnda, Randa, Mira, etc. But I always go by Miranda. Great meaning, great sounding, great name.
Miranda Cosgrove is Meghan on the show Drake and Josh.
I think Miranda is a cool name. If I had a twin, her name would be Miranda. I think that's cool, because my name is Ariel, and both names are moons of the planet Uranus. My parents didn't actually know that at the time. Her middle name would've been after my grandmother.
I only know 2 people with the name, but one is spelled Myranda. I think it's an interesting name that really isn't that common -- I know more people with my name than people named Miranda.
Miranda Otto plays Eowyn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
It's my name, and I like it well enough. Not MANY people have it, but I have met one or two other Mirandas. It has a very upperclass and formal feeling to it, so I tend to use nicknames: Mimi, Mira, Mrnda, Mrr-Mrr.
My impression of the name has been ruined by characters in novels I've read. I don't really like the pronunciation either, but I really really like the nickname Mira for it. I also know a Miranda who is the sweetest person in the world. So I guess my perception of the name can't really be correct.
My name is Miranda and I don't like it. It's too common, and for those who don't belive me in school there was girl several years ahead of me and she had the same name as I. And also I was in the SAME class as another 'Miranda' from first to fourth grade. Do you have ANY Idea how annoying that is? And then people get confused and call me Amanda or Samantha.

The name has become very popular thanks to T.V.
Miranda is the child in the "Miranda books". They are children's books by the Swedish author Kerstin Sundh. For example "Miranda and Love". I really enjoyed reading the books as a child.
By the way I love this name. Very beautiful, and then it even means wonderful. I absorb that name's meaning.
For some reason the name Miranda makes me think of the other name Amanda so I think Amanda and Miranda would be good names for twins.
My name is Meranda. It is said the same way but it is spelled different, it makes me feel different. But anyway I like the name Meranda because it's not very common.
Miranda is the name of one of the main characters on the show Sex and the City.
This name could easily be confused with Matilda or Melinda.
One bearer of this name is Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, in the book and movie The Devil Wears Prada. In the movie, she is played by Meryl Streep.
Miranda was the name of the planet where the government did an experiment with disastrous results in the movie "Serenity" (based on the show Firefly).
This name is beautiful. It's a name that is different from the usual names that I choose but I love it. It's kinda mysterious and strong yet also lovely and gentle. Very different name!!
Ha! Great name! I am writing a novel in which the *hem* amazing main character is named Miranda, and she is very entertaining. Great book. If I ever publish it.
Miranda is a beautiful name that evokes grace, independence and admirable talent.
I love this name. It sounds classy and mysterious. Though, I don't like the nicknames Randy, Mandy or Manda which sound annyoing. Mindy is fine but I prefer just Miranda.
I have always liked this name. Very pretty, feminine but strong. I haven't found that it is overused.
The meaning fits this name. I like it.
Miranda Kerr is an Australian model. She is pretty yet really skinny.
A pretty name.
Miranda is a Shakespearian character. In the play, "The Tempest" she and her father, Prospero, are shipwrecked on an island for years, until some more people come and rescue them. She falls in love with one of them, his name is Ferdinand. I like her because she's gutsy and independant.
Miranda Richardson is a British actress, and there is a character named Miranda on the TV series "Sex and the City".
I feel the name is over-used, although I have a friend named Miranda who is very intelligent and I've found that several of the name's bearers are anything but ordinary. Famous bearer - Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings, Flight of the Pheonix, War of the Worlds).
"Miranda rights" or the "Miranda warning" is the name given to the list of rights a cop must read to a suspect upon arrest, including the right to not incriminate oneself and the right to an attorney who can be present at questioning, making it clear that any statement the suspect makes can be used against him and that the court is required to appoint an attorney if the suspect can't afford one. The "Miranda" in the title comes from the Supreme Court case Ernesto Miranda v. State of Arizona, which established the necessity of these warnings.
Miranda is the name of Lizzie's best friend on the Disney show, Lizzie McGuire.

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