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I have changed my mind. I guess it's a good name, and it's so beautiful, classy, and very nice.
Cute name! My favorite combo is Naomi Laila!
Absolutely gorgeous. ❤❤.
Also Portuguese:
Also Afrikaans: -- "Hy is die jongste seun van Elimeleg en Naomi."
I like the pronunciation Nay-Omee.
Nice. I prefer Nyomi, classier.
This name always makes me think of Miami.
This is such a cute name.
A rather fetching name and the ao part makes it noteworthy.
Naomi Osaka is a Japanese tennis player. She’s won 4 Grand Slam titles and reached no. 1 in the WTA rankings in 2019, being the first Asian player to reach the top ranking.
I think Naomi could make a comeback - it's melodic in a soft and quiet way, and much fresher than Rachel, Sarah, or Rebecca.
I named my daughter, born in 2020, Naomi. I think is a very beautiful name and uncommon, also has a lot of nicknames Nao, Nomi, Mimi. The family called her Mimi, I personally called her Nomi and she loves them. Very good choice of names.
This is a name that you don't see very often and I really like it. It's sweet! I think it fits any age actually!
Very beautiful and pretty name. Familiar but not too common, overall a lovely choice for your daughter, she’ll thank you. I had no idea about the “I moan” backwards until somebody mentioned it here.
Naomi Turner, from Elena of Avalor.
It’s a plenty nice enough name and very pretty too. I wouldn’t mind having a daughter with this name.The “I moan backwards” thing is unfortunate but I think I could live with that and from reading the comments here it looks like most people, rightly, don’t care.
I never hated this name, but some unidentified thing stops me from using it. I love it though, it's nice, has a great meaning, sounds great, spelled great, ages well, sounds intelligent, and so on.
Naomi Misora is a character in ‘Death Note’.
Naomi Novik is the author that wrote the successful ‘Spinning Silver’.
My name is Naomi, I’m called Nomi by family members and close friends (kinda reminds me of the protagonist of that movie, SHOWGIRLS, I think her name is Nomi too. Also reminds me of the singer Klaus Nomi) I was named after my Hungarian auntie. Never had anyone mentioned it negatively except...ONCE a girl called me nae nae when I was younger and before I had a chance to mention I disliked it my friend was like ‘don’t you dare call her that’. I know a Romanian girl who’s called Naomi, but that’s about it. Sometimes people pronounce it NO-AY-ME instead of NAY-OH-ME I guess, but it flies completely over my head because I honestly don’t give a sh*t, it’s basically the same, what I don’t like is when my Manchester cousins pronounce it like NYE-OOH-MEH, sounds awful lol. And once when I was traveling through Jordan, someone heard my name was Naomi and said ‘are you a Jew’ and gave me a dirty look, I straight up freaked and said, ‘no I was named after an anime character’ thought I was gonna get shanked. The only connotation that average people get from this name isn’t that it’s NAOMI MOTHER OF RUTH FROM THE BIBLE but that it’s cute af. -imoan (yes it’s a thing that’s been joked around with once or twice in my friendship group, but I have ways of making fun of their names too ;))
I really like the name but I feel like you would go your whole life correcting people on the pronunciation. I really like NYE-OH-MEE with the nickname Naya.
Nice name.
This is my name :) I love my name, it’s unusual but everyone has heard it and it’s feminine but not overly girly. I agree with most people on here that there are a few different pronunciations and there’s no point in correcting because people still say it wrong, it’s just something to live with and I don’t mind it. I say Nay-oh-mee, but where I live people also say Nie-oh-me or Nay-a-mee (long 1st syllable and short 2nd and 3rd). Lots of people can’t spell it either, even friends I have known for years have to check my Facebook for the spelling. As for nicknames, my family call me Nom / Nomi / Nomsie, but to most people I am Naomi and occasionally Nay. I know some that use the nickname Mimi, which is cute. There will always be the odd Neigh joke at school. Overall I love it and wouldn’t change it at all!
I love the name, always have. It is also the name of a Spanish friend I have gone to school with since age 10. Yes, before you ask her name is Naomi, not a Spanish variant. Her name overall is beautiful and rolls off the tongue when paired with her middle name and surname. It also fits her although she can be somewhat sassy and sarcastic. We call her Nay, Nomski or Gnome although she goes by Naomi outside of our friend group.
I like the name Naomi. I think it's pretty. I, personally, love the biblical association, as I've always loved the story of Ruth and Naomi, and I believe Naomi was a very sweet yet strong woman. I think Naomi is a wonderful name.
Name of the day 1/31/21.
Naomi is a "Peanuts" character who helps Snoopy sometimes. Her father is a vet.
It’s a nice name. Pretty common in my area however.
I get a lot of people pronounce it as nay-o-me but I naturally pronounce it as Nah-o-me and hate when people think I'm pronouncing my name wrong, "na" doesn't make a nay sound and nao isn't pronounced "nayo" its "nah-o" I got my name from the biblical woman Naomi and the name originated from Hebrew and it was pronounced Nah-o-me. I answer to both tbh and I think both ways are right but nay-o-me is just an Americanized version of the name
Good name!
My name is Naomi and I like my name :^) however my name is pronounced (NAY-OH-ME) but people often for some reason call me (NYE-OH-ME) and I correct it a lot! Even my closest friends call me Nyomi so it's not fun to always correct it.
Also Romanian (you'll find various bearers on social media).
This is my friend's name, she pronounces it with a long a, but people always say it wrong. That's the one thing I'd think about when considering this name, you'll have to make it clear how it will be pronounced, and people more than likely will still get it wrong.
Classic biblical name. Ages well. Not overly common.
I chose this name for my daughter. She is three now and can already spell it perfectly, so if you are thinking of how this will work in Kinder I'm here to vouch that if my kid can do it why can't yours? My daughter is also very bold in correcting people "It's NAY O MEEE!" I really hate it when people call her "nae nae" but she doesn't care because she doesn't get the reference yet--that's really the only downside. It's a pretty name whether you care if it's biblical or not. It's also very classic and old school, so if you are hip on bringing things back I am constantly getting "aww, that's my aunts name" or "my grandma is Naomi too!"
Gorgeous name!
I'm from Oklahoma, and for some reason people here sometimes pronounce it NAY-OH-MAH OR NYE-OH-MA. I've also heard this kind of pronunciation for Miami, Oklahoma (MYE-AM-UH.) I don't like either of these, they sound wrong.
As for the name, I think it's very cute! I'm in favor of the NAY-OH-ME pronunciation, but NYE-OH-ME is good too.
Re: pronunciations like NAY-OH-MAH, NYE-OH-MA, MYE-AM-UH, etc. (also MI-ZOOR-UH for Missouri): according to linguist Mario Pei, these apparently had their origin in an overcorrection for pronunciations like CAR-OH-LYE-NEE, AL-UH-BAM-EE, etc. The error (or natural development) was corrected even where it didn't exist and then stuck.
Back in the '50s, there was a brand of milkshake called "Kool Shake" for which the ads featured a cartoon girl and boy who were not named until the end, where the following dialogue occurred between them:"It's foamy, Naomi!" "Thick too, Montague!"
Naomi Kritzer is an American speculative fiction writer and blogger. Her 2015 short story "Cat Pictures Please" was a Locus Award and Hugo Award winner and was nominated for a Nebula Award.
My name is Naomi and I never really liked it because no one else had it. Also, people would always pronounce it wrong. I have never seen the I moan thing before and no one says it anymore. But there are no good nicknames for it.
My eldest daughter is called Naomi, she likes it as it's unusual and very feminine. It's not an easy name to shorten, but we tend to call her Noni, and some of her friends call her Nemo.
My name is Naomi. I never really liked my name but it's something we have to live with regardless, better than having no name.
Named our daughter Naiomi originally, and then came to realize if spelled as such, people would say ny oh me, not nay oh me. So we changed the spelling to the common Naomi. And as many mentioned here, people still cannot say it correctly... How you can spell it wrong is beyond me... I suppose it should just be spelled like it sounds: Nayohme... it is a beautiful name regardless.
Sounds like a Japanese name though it’s biblical. I sort of like it.
Also Japanese. This name has two different meanings, one from Hebrew and the other from Japanese.
Naomi Scott is a British-English actress/singer who plays Jasmine the princess in Aladdin: 2019.
This name would look good in Portuguese, because of the ao part, even though it's not listed on here, but should be.
My name is Naomi and there was a time when I hated my name, even when I knew what it meant. I got tired of people not pronouncing it right then coming up with the worst nicknames for me. Then I learned that my name made me different from my old classmates at school. When people that I cared about called my name, it made me love my name even more. My name made me want to live up to its definition. I would definitely recommend this name to anyone, it’s beautiful and different.
My name is Naomi and I absolutely hate it.
This is my Hebrew name, and I love it. The meaning of Naomi is "pleasantness", and is really close to my given name's meaning ("sweet"), which makes me love this name more ^_^
My name is Naomi. Yes, it is a pretty name. But it's a hard name to spell and say (either pronunciation) in English. I can remember in preschool thinking that the teachers were actually making fun of me because of how they said my name. So consider this before naming your child Naomi. Since there's two common pronunciations, people are going to say it "wrong" no matter what, right? And no, people usually *don't* get it right when I correct them, so if you name your child this, they will spend lots of time correcting people. I pronounce it NAY-omee, by the way. For awhile, I was saying, "It's like 'Watch me whip, watch me Nae Nae," but that popular culture reference is already old.
Gorgeous. I also like the French variant, Noémi. Both names are soft and pretty sounding but also strong and resilient.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Naomi who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 506th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I think it is independent and beautiful, absolutely love it.
"Now, me!". That's how I prefer them calling my name. And I really love my name.
Noemi is prettier.
My name is Naomi and I didn't like it till I found the meaning for it. I have seen some people think girls that are rich and stuck up have this name but not true. I'm not rich or stuck up. Just to say I grew up poor. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. Not everyone named Naomi is stuck up and I have been called names especially when that movie came out, Van Wilder, where Naomi spelled backwards is imoan. My name came from the Bible.
I used to dislike this name, but it is really growing on me. I prefer the pronunciation Nay-omi. I love that it means happiness.
I seriously dislike this name. Naomi is a pretentious, holier-than-though name that's held up to children as an example that they'd better live up to or else. Worst of all, there are too many vowels! There's only one consonant! The only good thing about Naomi is that it's fractionally better than Noemi. I'd never inflict this name on a child.
This name shoves religion down your throat.
So pretty and elegant.
I pronounce my name Nay-Oh-Mee, but a lot of people use the Ny-Oh-Mee pronunciation and I will answer to either one. It's a hard name for other people to spell and pronounce, I have found.
Naomi Klein is a Jewish Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker. She is particularly known for her extensive work criticizing capitalism, including the books No Logo and The Shock Doctrine.
This name is so pretty. To others considering using it, GOOD CHOICE!
My friend's name is Naomi. She pronounces it like nay-Oh-mee and I do too. Most other people I know pronounce it like Ni-oh-me.
Well hello, first time here and my first name is Naomi, given to me by my mom. Having a name like "Naomi" is so awesome, I have not found many girls with this name.
My name is also Naomi and my sisters like to call me nao, I love this name because it has a beautiful meaning.
Naomi Campbell is a British supermodel and actress. Recruited at the age of 15, she established herself among the top three most recognizable and in-demand models of the late 1980s and the 1990s, and was one of six models of her generation declared supermodels by the fashion industry.In addition to her modelling career, Campbell has embarked on other ventures, which include an R&B-pop studio album and several acting appearances in film and television, such as the modelling competition reality show The Face and its international offshoots. Campbell is also involved in charity work for various causes. Her personal life has been widely reported over the years, particularly her four highly publicized convictions for assault.
I'm French and my name is Naomi, pronounced N-ah-omee, every French speaker gets it right but most of my teachers (who happen to be Americans) pronounce it Nay-oh-mee. My nickname is Nao by the way!
My name is also Naomi. Children tend to call me yomi and my nickname at work is nemo. Almost everyone I know, and myself, calls me Nay.
I find it quite a beautiful name, but it's one of those names used almost solely by religious families (at least in my area), which makes me a bit wary of it. Other than that, I enjoy hearing the name.
I have never heard Naomi pronounced NYE-oh-mee, only NAY-oh-mee. I don't know about Hebrew, but many languages (including Finnish) would pronounce this name NAH-oh-mee.
My name is Naomi and when people pronounce it Nye-Omee it drives me nuts! Much prefer Nay-omee. Nicknames are Omi, Nomi, Gnomes and Nay-nay. Also my brother and sister love to point out that it spells "I moan" backwards!
People feel so incredibly confident telling others "HOW" to pronounce a name, lol. It can be pronounced either way. Calm down. It's fine if you don't like it one way or another, but sheesh, lay off the judgement!My aunt and niece are both named Naomi. One is NI-OH-ME and we call her "Nya" for short. The other is NAY-OH-ME and we call her Aunt Nomi. And it's a gorgeous name either way.
This name is pronounced NAY-omi. This is my name. NYE-omi is an incredibly ugly mispronunciation. I strongly recommend against naming a child Naomi because the name is constantly screwed up.
I'm a Naomi also and I love my name, it is quite uncommon but other than how to spell it I don't get asked questions. I only know one other Naomi in person but I have heard of quite a few. The most common nicknames for me are 'Nom' 'Nomi' and 'Nay', some people also pronounce it no-mee.
Love it! Pleasantness. What a sweet meaning. I imagine only happy, young people bearing this name, which is a good thing!
Personally, I hate this name.
It sounds like a name a rich, snobby, stuck up girl would have.
This is my own opinion for the name, but I hate it and I wouldn't recommend naming any child Naomi.
We have named our now 1 yr old daughter Naomi with the middle name RoseI absolutely still love the name 100% and it's a short normal name without 5 other kids in her class being bearers of the same name.
My name is Naomi, and when I was younger, I used to get made fun of a lot because backwards, it says 'I moan'. I absolutely hated it, but now I always get compliments on it, because apparently it sounds nice with my surname.
Naomi is an angel on the television series "Supernatural."
This name is a nice, pretty Biblical name. It's exactly the sort of name I like, but something about Naomi in particular just turns me off. The Nao (Nayo) sound is just very unappealing to me.
This is such a cute name! :) I like the "nie-O-mee" pronunciation, not the "nay-O-mee" pronunciation.
I love it, and you can always call her Naomi Mimi if you want.
My name is Naomi and I used to not like my name when I was younger because nobody had it, but now I'm 17 and I really love it! I'm from a small country in northern Europe and there are only 3 Naomi's here. I love that my name is so rare and unique in my country. I always get compliments on it, too. Whenever I say that my name is Naomi, everyone always asks: "Oh, like the model Naomi?"
My older sister, born in 1978, is named Naomi. It was not a very common name when she was born. I'm surprised to see it's now in the top 100. I love the name personally, and she does too. I love the way it looks written down and how exotic it sounds. We pronounce it nigh-OH-mee and have found that in the area where we live this is the more common pronunciation, though every so often someone will say nay-OH-mee. It's a lovely name and has aged on my sister quite well :)
Very obscure reference, but "Naomi from Paleontology" was a minor character (only appeared onscreen twice) on the show Bones. On the show, she was Zack's love interest.
Most of the time I've heard the name NAOMI pronounced "nay-O-mee" but sometimes "nye-O-mee". It puts me in mind of my own name, which is Stephen, mostly said "Stee-ven" and occasionally "STEF-en".
My name is Naomi and my middle name is 'Beth'. I know what some of you mean with people calling you "Niomee". It gets annoying after awhile. This past summer was the first time I met someone else named Naomi-the name isn't incredibly common.
I never realized this name was popular so long ago. Only makes me love it more! Naomi is a really pretty, unique looking name. I pronounce it "nie-oh-me", but "nay-oh-me" is beautiful too :)
Hey thanks, Naomi Wolf, for giving this name an association with her book "Vagina".
This is my name. I'm from the UK so pronunciation is slightly different here than in the US. My name is supposed to be pronounced Nay-ohmee but it's often gets pronounced Ni-ohmee. I put this down to the fact that my nickname is 'Ni', pronounced how it's spelt, which isn't a very common nickname. Spelling of my name is usually wrong, most commonly Naiomi, which again, I put down to the fact of the pronunciation of my nickname. Those with a posher accent usually pronounce it Nayame, like they're trying to make it one syllable rather than three. I've never come across anyone that puts emphasis on the 'oh' sound in the middle. The only other nickname I've been called is Nay, which then got turned into people nay-ing at me like a horse, so that was changed. I've never heard of Mimi being used as a nickname for Naomi, only ever for Emily, but I quite like it. As for the 'I-moan' thing, it's never been an issue for me. My middle name is Sian, which is Welsh and it rolls quite nicely off the tongue as a pair. I think it's a very versatile name but I do think there are prettier names. Overall, I don't hate it, but I don't love it. :)
I totally agree with that one person who has a problem with people mispronouncing their name, because I have the same problem ALL THE TIME. I love this name though, and I like it to be pronounced NAY-OH-ME. Almost everyone I meet says NI-OH-MI. My name is NAY-OH-MI, I say, There's only one I.
And gee thanks, I personally love this name and totally disagree with you. It's mine, anyway, and I love it as much as I love the name Damian. I am not "snobby" or rich or "stuck up". :P.
Naomi is Adam Gontier's wife (singer / guitarist of Three Days Grace)
It's NAY-omee. It is not NI-omee. This is my name, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is that my name is routinely mispronounced. Even when I correct people, they still pronounce it wrong. If you are thinking of naming your child this, take my advice: it's not worth the hassle. Yes, it's a beautiful name, but who wants to go through life having your name messed up all the time?
Another way it can be spelt is Naomie.
This name makes me think of Miami.
"Mama" Cass Elliot of the 60's band, The Mamas & The Papas, was born Ellen Naomi Cohen.
I like the name Naomi, it's pretty and different.
This is a very pretty and unusual name. I don't know which pronunciation I prefer though.
Pronounced NAY-OMEE.
Naomi is such a beautiful and sweet name. :) I have a very dear friend named Naomi, even though I already liked the name, she made the name even more special to me. If you know someone that you-don't-like/doesn't-like-you I can see that you would not like it.
My name is Naomi and I think it's an awful name! It sounds so ugly and horrible, no one can ever spell it right and no one can ever pronounce it right either, not even my teachers or my own grandfather no matter how many times I correct them. Then there's the fact it's I Moan backwards which I have been teased for my entire life and I'm an atheist so I hate the biblical connection.
Please don't call your kids this, it's one of the worst names ever, and I guarantee you'll be correcting people on how to say it for the rest of their lives. :(
I have a friend called Naomi, it's a really pretty name we call her Nemo or Nomi. :)
I don't like ethnic sounding names like this at all, it sounds completely foreign.
It sounds foreign, and because of Naomi Campbell, I can't see it sounding right on a white person.
There is a children's book called "Becoming Naomi Leon" that I read to my niece. In that story the girl named Naomi is annoying.
In some parts of England* and Scotland, the name is more frequently pronounced as equisyllabic, with a slight stress on the first syllable, with the first and second frequently being elided, ie "Naea-me" (more accurate) or "Nayah-me" (perhaps easier to understand). The middle syllable is more like "ah" than "oh". As the bearer of this pronunciation, and a frequent victim of the horrible "Nai-OH-me" pronunciation, I think you can tell you which I prefer.*Oddly, despite being named by Northern English/Scottish parents, in England the place I most frequently meet the correct pronunciation is the south east.
I like it, it is is just too common.
This is my infant daughter's name. We pronounce it "nay OH mee" and her nickname is Mimi, which I think sounds better than Nay. Her brother, a toddler, says "noh-mee." We have gotten the "nigh OH mee" pronunciation from a couple of people, but it's not a big deal. And as to the "it spell 'I moan backwards" what are you 12? How many times is one going to go around spelling their name backwards? Naomi is a lovely name, don't let that idiocy detract from it.
A bearer of this name is Naomi Clark of 90210. She is played by actress Annalynn McCord.
The name is very rare, and should be more common. I like the meaning a lot.
Naomi Harper (Dorothy Lyman) was the well-meaning-slightly-hussy-unsophisticated-off-the-shoulder-dress-wearing grocery-store-cashier wife of Vint Harper on the sitcom Mama's Family.
I have heard this name pronounced neh-mi, though I have no idea if this is at all common.
I love this name. I used to go to school with a girl named Naomi (actually, it was spelled Noemi, but everyone pronounced it like Naomi), and I liked it even then. It's gorgeous, has a lot of presence, and is popular without being too common.
I disagree with rowan826. I do not think it is a very feminine name. It's my name, and I'm not a very feminine girl (though I'm not a tomboy either). I think it's more of an ambiguous name. The person who bears it makes it their own, as opposed to some names which seem more to define the person.
I like this name, but unfortunately I can't use it myself because it's been ruined by Naomi Campbell, who throws phones at people.
My toddler is Naomi. I love the name. It feels very versitile - seems to be able to go from coming off as artistic and hippie to serious and professional. My only regret with choosing it: we pronounce it nay-oh-mee and most people seem to pronounce it ny-oh-mee (which we had never even HEARD of before we had her!). It drives my husband and I crazy and we are CONSTANTLY correcting people. Had we known about this problem we might have gone for another name. I think MiMi is an adorable nickame.
I really like Naomi. I think it's very pretty, and is very feminine.
Naomi spellt backwards says 'I moan'.
I've always loved this name. My boyfriend and I might be expecting, and when we were discussing names, he brought up this one and how much he liked it. However, Steve being Steve, he couldn't help but remind me that it says "I moan" backwards. I gave him a look. That would never stop me from naming my girl that name.
I'm not generally much of a fan of Biblical names, but I find this name to be quite beautiful. Unfortunately, it reminds me of Naomi Campbell, and she is basically more known for beating people up nowadays than she is for modeling. On the other hand, it makes me think of Naomi Watts, who seems to be quite sane. The name has a certain elegance to it, I can't explain it.
Although the biblical Naomi asks the people to call her Mara there is no evidence that they do so. In fact the evidence suggests the contrary as even after that verse the narrative continues to call her by the name Naomi.
Nim is another nickname, or Nimmy.
Actress Naomie Harris of "Pirates of the Caribbean" is named this.
This is my name, and though it seems to be popular, I've only ever met 2 or 3 others with the same name. I pronounce it Nay-oh-mee, and I've always corrected people who say NI-oh-mee. My nickname is Nomi, and when my sister was little, she called me Nay-nay, which is apparently unusual.
This was the name of a girl in the song "Names" by Cat Power. I love this name, but it depresses me a little bit after listening to that.
The original Hebrew pronunciation does not sound at all similar to the English one. The pronunciation is: NOMIE, nomee, without the English annoying "Owww".
Well my name is Naomi & I think it's a beautiful name. And a lot of people call me Omi or Nomi.
I loved this name the moment I first heard it. It's beautiful, unique, and rolls off the tongue nicely. My only wish? It doesn't become popular.
It's my name and all my friend call me Nai (or Nay, as you're all saying). It's also not that common, but people have heard of it, so it's individual but not too so. And all little kids call me Omi, to make up for all my friends calling me Nai, I suppose. Backwards it spells I moan, which isn't very promising, but still.
Naomi is indeed a very lovely and pleasant name, its own meaning says it. It also means "softness" or "sweetness." I love this name and even more being a Biblical/Hebrew name (of course it has a variation in the sound, someone I knew once thought Naomi was either a Japanese or Native American name! I don't think he was familiar with Biblical names or anything relating to them at all). Biblical/Hebrew names have a uniqueness or quality of their own and they usually are what they mean and mean what they are. Naomi is a name that fits, well pleasantly. :-)
Naomi also means "my delight" in Hebrew in addition to meaning "pleasant."
I love this name, but for me, it is said Ni-oh-mee.
Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw is the full name of the main character in the book Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan.
Naomi Judd is a famous country singer, and the mother of singer Wynona Judd and actress Ashley Judd. All three are from Ashland, Kentucky.
Naomi is a beautiful name. It is the name of my great aunt, who died two years ago. She was very sweet, and I loved her very much.
Naemi, Naimi and Naima are related names.
This name pronunciation in Hebrew: Neomi 'ne' (not ni or nah)
and the 'e' is emphasized.It is from the word Noam which means pleasantness, slightliness, coziness, loveliness.
My husband's little sister is named Naomi, she was named after their Grandmother. Only they pronounce it like Naoma which I've never understood and think it is stupid.
Naomi has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880's and seems to be consistently popular.
This is a very pretty name for a girl, it has a nice meaning as well. Nomi is a cute nickname as well.
Love this name so much I named my daughter Naomi. She's only two months old but she is already so sweet and beautiful like her name implies.
I cannot believe anyone has not said this. Naomi backwards is 'I moan'. Maybe I have my mind in the gutter but...
Whitedotblackdot has a point. If I name my kid Naomi, I hope no one will look at it backwards.
Naomi sounds like a very sexy name to me! Not only sexy but like she would be a loyal person too!
You can also pronounce it like Ni-omi/Ni-omee.
I love this name. Very pretty and delicate.
Actress Naomi Watts is another famous bearer.
I was once told that the Hebrew roots of Naomi meant "Joy of Jehovah" rather than simply "pleastantness" but I don't know where that person got their information from.
I am called Naomi and my nicknames are either Nay, Nao or Nomi. I prefer Nao out of them all.
I have found that the most common nicknames given to 'Naomi' are Nay (the first syllable) and Nomes (pronounce as in "gnomes"). Also, that young children tend to call/pronounce Naomi "Nomi".
Someone left a comment that people with the name Naomi tend to get the nickname Nay and little kids call them Nomi which is so true because my name is Naomi and people do that to me. I always get called Nay and all the little kids in the family and out call me Nomi.
A nickname in Hebrew for Naomi is Nomi, meaning little Naomi. Nomika is an nickname meaning little Naomi also.
Well known bearer: model Naomi Campbell (b. 1970).
This name is pronounced nah-oh-mi in Hebrew.

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