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Personal opinion, but I like Natalie way more than Natalia.
It’s pretty, a sweet nickname would be Natty and I might use it in December due to it’s meaning lol.
This is the name of Monk's partner on the show Monk.
Natalie would be a lovely name for a girl who is mixed with multiple ethnicities. The name fits in any nationality! I am Dominican and African American. Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia Diamante Bryant fits the description of this name. She is Mexican and African American.
Natalie White, Natalie Anderson, Natalie Tennerrelli and Natalie Bolton are all very successful contestants on Survivor.
You could also spell it Natalee, Nathalie, and Natalia.
Natalie is a very beautiful name. It rolls off the tongue with charming grace. The meaning is delightful as well. It would work gorgeously for someone born near/on Christmas. However, it's still a lovely name no matter which season you were born in ;)
Natalie Goodman is a character in the Broadway musical “Next to Normal”.
Natalie Cook is the pseudonym assumed by the character Judith Ford in the podcast musical 36 Questions. It is also the name of one of the songs performed during the show.
Criminally underused. A lovely name!
Some people pronounce it so it sounds more like "NAD-ley", which makes it sound horrid. It would be a nice name if it weren't so hard to pronounce.
Natalie is a gorgeous name, Natalia is gorgeous too.
Sweet, pretty name that'll never go out of style.
So beautiful. I love the Christmas association because I'm Catholic.
Natalie is a classic and common choice. If you’re considering the name Natalie for your baby girl, here are some options!Natalie Xena
Natalie Yvette
Natalie Octavia
Natalie Rosalie
Natalie Eunice
Natalie Michaela
Natalie Mary Jane
Natalie London
Natalie Juliet
Natalie Crystal
Natalie Maris
Natalie Angelica
Natalie Maia
Natalie Maialen
Natalie Aaliyah
Natalie Corissa
Natalie Maxine
Natalie Arabella
Natalie Gemma
Natalie Claire.
Way better than Nathalie, but slightly better than Natalia.
Natalie is a nice name. Natalia is also very beautiful.
I like it. Natalia is nice too. I can't decide which one is better, they're just both pretty. The meaning is quite appealing.
I actually prefer this to Natalia. I think Natalie has a softer, sweeter sound, while still being strong. It’s maybe not as regal, but I think Natalie is more wearable than Natalia.
This is the more modernized version of Natalia. I think Natalia is much better.
Beautiful name for a Christmas baby girl!
Very pretty, yet I strongly prefer Natalia over this. (See my comment for Natalia)
As a Natalie, I've researched the history of my name. I haven't found anything too exciting. I've tried the nicknames, Nat, Nabug, all that...I don't like it. Maybe because it's common, maybe because it's too girly. I'm not sure but I'd be more pleased with the name "Natalia".
All the Natalies I know of are sweet, fun, lively, youthful, curious, and kind of weird and quirky. Although they're quite feminine, they do have a boyish impishness and a robust sense of humour. I also think this name is best for a dark-haired girl.
A personal favorite.
Not a bad name, just I like more something like Natalia, it just looks more complete and mature. Natalie sounds too soft, maybe even a little bit boring. Natalia is better in my opinion.
Natalie is also Estonian. The name day for Natalie in Estonia is December 25.
Overwrought and saccharine.
This is my name. I hated it as a kid because I hated the nicknames Nat or Natty Patty, which some of my relatives affectionately called me, but I really like it now and embrace all of the nicknames. I was given the name because my birthday is on Christmas Eve. I’m glad it won out over Noelle or Angela. Some are saying it’s overused, but where I am in California, it’s just common enough to be correctly pronounced and occasionally have personalized souvenirs, but definitely not overdone. I have only met two other Natalies in my life. I used to work with young children and the ones who couldn’t pronounce my name called me Nally and Thamalie, and one who was bitter about me enforcing a rule called me Natapee lol. I do hate all of the YouNeek spellings of it. Nathalie with the silent h is just asking for trouble, and hard pass to Natalee, Nataly, NatiLee, etc. Does not pass the lawyer/president test and will not age well. If you can’t see a middle aged woman or a senior citizen with the name, just say no. They’re not going to be babies forever.
Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name or the potential nn, “Nat”.
For me this is one of the most beautiful names for a girl!
Also Estonian:
Such a pretty name.
Natalie Wynn is a famous left-wing political video essayist on YouTube.
Beautiful. This is one of my nicknames (Natalia is my main). Natalie and Natalia are both amazing! The Romanian pronunciation of "Natalia" is the best. :)
Not very pretty, sounds annoying. I also know lots of girls with this name, so it seems common.
When I was born my parents named me Michelle which I hated. So last year after being stuck with that name for nearly 58 years I decided to change it by deed poll to Natalie because I have some friends with the same name where I live in Ted Fletcher court. Some of the residents still call me Michelle even though I have had my new name for nearly a year.
I speak as an older sister of a Natalie. I know you think I'm biased, which I totally am, but she is the most dare devil I have ever seen. She gets her names from actors with the name Natalie with really pretty eyes, and is a really nice, but sometimes emotional, person. She is one of my top motivations, which makes the name special to me.
Love the meaning.
I am legal guardian for my great grand daughter Natalie. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is half Caucasian and half black. She has the best of both and her name is absolutely PERFECT for her.
I love this name so much and I have a cousin with this name. I really love the sound of the name. It isn’t uncommon but it isn’t overused either. It’s beautiful!
I love this name because of Natalie Dormer but there's a sensuality to this name that can't be placed. I love this name dearly and if I ever decided that I want to have a second kid it would be Natalie after Dormer. This name can be perfect for a starlet, girl next door, a career girl or a woman who's older. It ages well and can be used on all types of women.
The beautiful Natalie Dormer, who's famous for her portrayal of Anne Boleyn in Showtimes' Tudor series and have played splendidly in historical roles.
I absolutely love the name Natalie. It's just so beautiful- would totally use it for a future daughter.
In 2018, 4 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Natalie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 190th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This names gives off the ditsy, blonde, cheerleader stereotype.
Natalie is a very pretty name. In fact, this was going to be the name of my first child had my baby been a girl. I also like the names Nataleen or Natalina. This name is a timeless classic.
Who would name a kid Natt-Allie? Well, ahem me! Why?!?!? Because it is the most beautiful name I ever heard!
Natalie Louise Maines Pasdar is an American singer-songwriter and activist who achieved success as the lead vocalist for the female alternative country band the Dixie Chicks. Born in Lubbock, Texas, Maines considers herself a rebel who "loved not thinking in the way I knew the majority of people thought."
Natalie Gold is an American actress who has appeared in Broadway, film, and television. She is perhaps best known for playing Julia Harwell on the TV show Rubicon, and she has appeared in many films including Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, I Don't Know How She Does It, Love & Other Drugs. She has performed opposite Jake Gyllenhall, Naomi Watts, Cynthia Nixon, and she has been directed by Sidney Lumet. Gold grew up in Miami, Florida and studied theatre at the New World School of the Arts and at Emerson College.
Natalie Denise Doud-Suleman, known as Octomom in the media, is an American media personality who came to international attention when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009. The Suleman octuplets are only the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the United States. One week after their birth, they surpassed the previous worldwide survival rate for a complete set of octuplets set by the Chukwu octuplets in 1998. The circumstances of their high order multiple birth have led to controversy in the field of assisted reproductive technology as well as an investigation by the Medical Board of California of the fertility specialist involved.
Natalie Tyler Tran is an Australian online producer, actress, comedian and writer from Sydney who uses the handle communitychannel on YouTube. Her videos are a mixture of monologue and sketch and have been described as "charming, quirky and hilarious", and have garnered her a following of over 1.8 million subscribers and 575 million views.
Natalie Schafer (1900-1991) played Mrs. Howell on Gilligan's Island.
Natalie Portman is an actress, producer and director with dual American and Israeli citizenship. Her first role was in the 1994 action thriller Léon: The Professional, opposite Jean Reno. She was later cast as Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.
Natalie Weber is an Argentinian model. She married Mauro Zarate in June 2011, and the couple gave birth to their daughter Mia on January 1st 2012.
I always thought it meant "birthday" and not "Christmas day."
Natalie wood is a famous Natalie. I love this name.
Natalie Stovall and the Drive is an American country music group composed of Natalie Stovall, Miguel Cancino, Joel Dormer, and James Bavendam. Their debut single, "Baby Come On with It", was released in February 2014 after receiving airplay on Sirius XM Radio.
Also used in Arab-speaking countries (variant transcription of Nataly; نتالي), Netherlands and Scandinavia.
Natalie Raquel Vinti Nuño is a Mexican-American soccer player from San Diego, California. She was a defender for the University of San Diego women's soccer team and the Mexico women's national football team. She currently is leading a successful career as a Professional Services Recruiter at Aerotek.
I believe her name was Nadya.
My mom chose this name for me because she liked it and because she didn't think there were any nicknames for it and that was important to her. People have always complimented me on my name. I've always preferred Nat but nobody will call me that. I wish I had a nickname.
I truly despise this name. The name itself doesn't sound appealing to me, and like what the person above said switching it up to Natalia is much prettier and most sophisticated. I wouldn't recommend anyone naming their daughter Natalie. It's bland and ugly.
All the Natalies I know are super stuck up and snobby. Plus, in my opinion, it isn't even a pretty name. It doesn't sound that pleasing to the ear. Even changing it up to Natalia sounds so much better than Natalie. No offense to any of you Natalies out there, it's just an opinion.
I love the name Natalie- it's a beautiful name.
Natalie Horler is a German-born British singer and television presenter. She is known as the lead singer of Eurodance/Eurotrance group Cascada. She is known to have a mezzo-soprano voice type and spans three octaves in her range.
It's a very pretty name, and I would probably like it a lot more if I didn't hear it everywhere. It's so common that it has gotten boring and lost any sense of originality it used to have.
My name is Natalie and it's my favorite name :)
I had a friend point out once that my name looks like" Not a Lie " and it made me like it more because I'm not a phony.
Old people say Nat-lee, and when I was a kid it would annoy me. I'd always say "No, it's Nat A lee". I'm so happy I am named this, and I hope to name my daughter's Violet and Autumn.
I love the name Natalie (pronounced: NAT-ə-lee). I prefer Natalie over Natalia or Natasha.
Natalie is a song by Bruno Mars.
Being one of the many Natalies, I've found the pronunciation Na-Duh-lee is the norm in the U.S. I personally hate it. There's no "d" in my name. Plus having had an English Mum who said it correctly just enforced it. To those thinking of this name for their child, get used to hearing back as Ashley or Valery if you pronounced the "t". Or even NahDUHlee regardless of your own emphasis of the "t". I also get an occasional Madelyn in return. I love my name when said properly... but sometimes I wish it was Natalia. She always hears her name right.
Pretty, but I personally prefer Natalia.
Natalie does not just mean child of Christmas or Christmas child. It also means birthday child Natal means of or related with birth. Probably how it got translated to meaning Christmas child is the Nativity. Think Pre-Natal, Neonatal and Natal charts. It's not just a Christmas name it's closer to meaning being born. I love my name.
There is a very romantic song by Julio Iglesias called "Natalie." And I have always very much loved my name. Yay! My father picked my name after his favorite 2 movie screen actresses, Natalie Wood and Veronica Lake. When I turned 21 in the early 80's during the time when Natalie Wood was found drowned in Twin Harbours (there used to be a lot of popular one liner jokes going around in those days) there was even a joke for her too... It was: what kind of wood doesn't float? Natalie Wood.
I personally thought that joke was not funny at all because it was my name and I adore Natalie Wood! Most baby name books say that the name Natalie means Christmas Child. And being that my middle name is Veronica, and although both names are truly beautiful, I always longed for (and was bummed about not having) a nickname (that I liked) and I so wished I'd had a better nickname for Natalie or Veronica because I absolutely never wanted to be called "Nat, Nellie or Ronnie." And as a child (when it mattered most) and a young adult I used to always think that I was stuck with only those three choices... However, as I grew into my late 30's I realized that all along, I could have used the nickname Tallie or Talia, which to me are nicknames I really do love, but in all reality it's actually sort of late in the scheme of things to start changing your nickname by your late 30's. Oh well...
Last note: I was born in California in 1960 and when I was growing up my name was very rare! Also, I am not shy to admit that since my early teens I was very flirtatious and I had a tremendous amount of male admirers and suitors after me, haha and so sometimes I like to credit my extremely active social life, as to why the name Natalie is so widely popular now and how it may be very likely attributed to their fond memories of me and in naming their daughters that very same name. ;) ;)
P.S. Final thoughts about my name "Natalie"... I found throughout the years that some very poorly educated people say my name pronounced, "NAT LEE" which I find to be very distasteful sounding to the ear. Since afterall, I was named after the legendary actress Natalie Wood and I am not black nor do I even look anything close to being black, (well needless to say and no matter how popular she is) I never appreciate my name being associated or tagged with Natalie Cole. Because of the albeit, good natured jolly black men whom may on occasions learn my name by asking or in passing or greeting and then they feel the need to blurt out an extremely crass, loud sounding howl "NAT LEE COLE!" This I find to be the most awkward and uncomfortable situation to be in because they always have such a big hearted smile and it is way too forward and overly friendly of a first time meeting, greeting and introduction, so I always cringe with dispair and can't wait to politely high tail it away as fast as humanly possible whenever I hear that from those guys, sometimes the women too. Besides that, I am not a fan of Natalie Cole at all, but I do admire her father's work. Especially: "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby."
Natalie is a fine name, but I hate the nickname Nat. I always just think of gnat, the annoying insect.
In British English, this is always pronounced NAT-ə-lee, the T is never ever pronounced like a D in any British accents.
This name is so cute!
I hate this name. I prefer Natalia and Natasha.
Natalie Duncan, an English soul/blues singer.
This is my name. I hate it. It doesn't suit me. It's too girly, and I desperately want to change it.
My little sister's name is Natalie and her middle name is Grace, which is very pretty together. Natalie is a very pretty name, and I have only known a few in my life. I don't like the nickname Nat though, and my sister doesn't either. It's not very common to me, and I really think if you want to name your child that, do it!
I am 32 and my name is Natalie Elena. I've always gotten compliments on both my first and my middle name - I think my mom chose a great name and it fits me well... I am olive skinned, light brown hair, with hazel eyes, pretty, and sweet ;) The name does seem to be growing in popularity these days - but in 32 years, I've really only known 3 other Natalies my age. Thanks Mom!My nickname growing up was Nat the Brat - but didn't care so much, this was mostly only from my older brother.
Czech version is Natali.
Natalie is my name, and I don't like it very much, to be honest. I don't really have a specific reason -- I just... don't care for it.It is a lot better than both Natalia and Natasha, both of which I think are ugly names.No one has ever called me "Nat" besides my first grade teacher. Most people just go with Naty, if they use a nickname at all.I should also add that, while this name is common, I haven't met anyone else in real life with this name besides a girl in my art class. The two of us are completely different. It's a little weird to think we have the same name.Oh, and about the pronunciation: I'm not sure if it's nat-a-lee or nad-a-lee. I guess most people just say it with a really soft, quick t, so it sounds like a d. (I live in America, if that helps.) Everyone I've ever met says it like that.
Czech form is Natali.
Isn't it weird how this name is popular among Israeli Jews (such as Natalie Portman) when the meaning has to do with a Christian holiday? The reason for this is that it was a traditional name among many immigrants from French and Russian speaking countries who brought this name to Israel. It also sounds good in the Hebrew language: sort of a mix between the modern Hebrew names Natan and Tali.
My sister-in-law is named Natalie. Ironically, she was born November 24, exactly a month before Christmas! Despite its popularity, I've only known two Natalie's, one being my sister-in-law, and one being a friend of my grandmother's I met about fifteen years ago who was at least sixty. I can't help but think this name is absolutely adorable, there's just something about it that's so likable. Too bad it's gotten so popular, though.
"Natalie" is a song by Bruno Mars.
Pronounced NA-tə-lee in British English and Australian English.
Love, love, love this name. We named our daughter this three years ago. So beautiful and classic. In Latin natal means relating to birth, as in prenatal or antenatal.
I chose this name for my daughter. It's so elegant. I don't care too much for the nickname. We call her Nana. :) "Nat" doesn't roll off the tongue, and "Allie" didn't stick.
My most favorite girl's name of all time. It's my daughter's name and I think it's gorgeous.
This pronunciation guide seems a bit perverse in saying that Natalie is pronounced "NAD-ə-lee" in English. A "t" is a "t", even if it sounds more like a "d" when coming out of an American mouth.
I think this name is really nice. :) However, it's getting too popular here in America if it's ranked at #14.
Ideal name for a girl born around Christmas.
Merry Christmas! Today is Christmas Day, this name means "Christmas Day," and the name of the day is Nicholas! I think this name is cute except Natalie from MONK was a bit of a ditz. Usually I prefer names ending in -a because -ie makes it seem kind of nickname-y. However, this is one of those few names that sounds youthful yet ages well.
Natalie Babbitt is an author most probably best known for her book tuck everlasting.
Famous bearer: Natalie Tran of communitychannel on YouTube.
I would use Natalie, or Natalia or any other forms if I had a daughter born near Christmas, as opposed to Holly, which many people would use.
I think Natalie is a wonderful name. It is becoming more popular, which makes me sad. :(
I don't think you need to be born on Christmas Day to have this name, not very many people actually pay attention to the meaning of a name before they name their child. It is a beautiful name for any girl. (:
Most people pronounce my name with a "d" sound instead of "t" because where I live in Indiana, we talk really fast and it always comes out sounding like "Nadalie" instead of "Natalie".
In Massachusetts we talk fast too, so Natalie comes out as Nadalie. Well, maybe it's just I talk too fast, because when I try to say Natalie, it just takes too long. :) Anyway, although this name is common where I live, I still find it pretty.
Natalie Daradich is an American stage actress. She first rose to prominence covering the roles of Glinda and Nessarose in the Los Angeles company of Wicked. She covered Glinda in the San Francisco company, before succeeding Helene Yorke as Glinda in the second national touring company.
I don't like the name Natalie. It's too boring and I know many girls with this name. Sorry but I think it's kind of blah. I much prefer Natalia.
Natalie is usually pronounced NAH-tah-lee.
I've always heard it is a form of the Latin natalis, meaning "To be born", or from the Hebrew meaning He gave me or a form of the Hebrew Natal meaning "To lift up".
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (b 1975) is an Australian actress, singer-songwriter and television personality from Wollongong, New South Wales. She played scheming Isabelle Hoyland in soap opera "Neighbours" and is the lead singer of band Rogue Traders. She's worked as a TV presenter, and has written a book designed to boost girl's self-esteem.
Yet another bearer is Natalie Horler, the singer from the group Cascada. I love her music!
Natalie Glebova (1981-), Russian-Canadian model and Miss Universe 2005.
Natalie is one of my favorite names. I prefer Natalia, but this is beautiful too. It's a pity that Natalie is so overused right now.
I love this name! It's not very common where I live.
My name is Natalie, named after Nat King Cole's daughter, Natalie Cole. Since I live in a Spanish family, most of my family pronounces my name "Na-ta-lee-a" because it's kind of difficult to say "Na-ta-lee" in Spanish without not putting an emphasis on the "lee" as "lee-a" as the Spanish language does for feminine names.
Natalie Anderson (born 24 October 1981) is an English actress and singer. She's best known for her role as Stella Davenport in the ITV1 drama series "The Royal" between 2005 and 2008, and for playing Nessarose in the West End production of the musical "Wicked" from May 2009 to March 2010.
I really like this name. Ideal name for a very lovable girl.
This used to be one of my favourite names but lately I've started liking the variant Natalia better.
Natalie Powell-White was the winner of Survivor: Samoa.
Another famous bearer was actress Natalie Schafer, who played Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island.
I'm 14, and I know almost no other Natalies.
In my family, we've always pronounced it nat-uh-lee, but with no special emphasis on the 'T'. Therefore, it could easily be mistaken for a 'd', especially if you mumble. (And I live in southern California, so it can't be uniquely Canadian.) And, I, personally, love my name.
I live in Ireland, and here we pronounce it NAT-ə-lee.
Natalie is a pretty name, except that it sounds like my name, Natasha, so people often get them mixed up.
Natalee Holloway ringing any bells?
I live in the American South (Georgia) and I have never heard anyone pronounce Natalie without hammering the T and pronouncing it like NAD-uh-lee or NAD-a-lie.
I really like the name Natalie. It's one of my favorites. I love Christmas and it means Christmas. I don't like it when it's shortened to Nat. People have a tendency to shorten names, so that takes away from this name as a name of choice.
I've always been frustrated about the meaning of my name as I was born in June (the opposite of Christmas Day), but sometimes I joke that it explains my random personality.
This is a very feminine and beautiful name that does remind me of a princess. It's a really adorable name and I agree that the nickname Nat is pretty masculine, that's why I would shorten it to Talie or Tally.
I prefer Natalia.
Natalie McCaughey is one of the McCaughey spetuplets. Mommy and Daddy McCaughey aren't movie satrs, but she's a special little girl.
Natalie Gauci, 2007 Australian Idol Winner, is a famous bearer of this name.
Another famous bearer is Natalie Merchant, who used to be the lead singer of the alternative rock band 10,000 Maniacs.
Natalie is the Czech form. Name Day: 21 December.
When I hear "Natalie", I think of nice, Midwestern girls from the 1960s. That's it. The name has no zip to it. Dull.
Yuck, it's so common, like seriously grow a personality!
Come on, do you have to be that rude? A name has nothing to do with someone's personality. My name is Natalie and I'm crazy, loud and talk too much. And I know another Natalie who is the quietest person I've ever met. Names have nothing to do with personality. Ok I'm done ranting or whatever.
True, Natalie (and Natalia) have become associated with "Christmas Day" through the Italian, natale domini, however, the original Latin word, natalis, was derived from the word, nasci, which meant "to be born." We all have a natal (or birth) day so I see nothing wrong with using this name any day of the year. Natalie is a beautiful name though I slightly prefer Natalia.
Natalie McDonald is a character mentioned in the Harry Potter series. The author, JK Rowling, named this character after a Canadian girl who was very sick, loved the books, and wrote to JK. In return, JK wrote back and told her a few secrets of the books to come. Sadly, Natalie had died before the letter arrived. In Goblet of Fire, JK sorted the character Natalie into Gryffindor as a tribute.
This is my name! I like it, although the funny thing is I wasn't born around Christmas time; I was born in August.
This is my name. I absolutely love it. I used to not like it, but now it makes me feel beautiful when I am going through a day with lack of confidence. I love it though.
My sister's name is Natalie, I think it's really pretty. We're Canadian so it's usually pronouced nad-a-lee, nat-a-lee is what she gets if someone is really focusing on saying her name. Like reading it or something. Someone above said something about the spelling is French but actually, the French way is spelt nathalie, with no pronouciation on the h. I know this because we're half French, so her name was almost spelt like that.
I'm a Natalie, and personally I think it's a pretty name. It's not at all trendy or ornate or ridiculous, which is nice. It does seem a tad overused these days, though it isn't as frequently given as "Lauren" or "Jennifer". I sort of wish less people had it, but what can you do? The funny thing I've discovered about Natalie is that little kids (at least the ones I know) cannot pronounce it for the life of them. It's either Nad-er-lee or Mad-a-lee, which I think is hilarious. :)
This is a cute name!
Famous bearer is the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines. You probably remember her. She made the apt observation about the President of the United States. ;)
My sister is named Natalie. I really like the name even though I think it is a really beautiful name for my sister. But still is a nice name.
This name is popular but not annoyingly so. That makes me like it. I actually like it a lot better than Natalia but the meaning came as a sort of surprise. As I learn more and more about this name, I guessed it was French from the way it was spelled and only just got time to check. Oh, and I live in the Sates and none of the four girls I've met with this name pronounce it NAD-a-lee. It's NAT-a-LEE.
Natalie Maines is the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks.
A famous bearer of this name is Natalie MacMaster, a well-known Cape Breton fiddler and Irish step dancer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is married to Donnell Leahy, who, along with his brothers and sisters, form the Celtic music band Leahy. Personally, I think the name Natalie is a very nice name. I know a little girl who was born last Christmas Eve and is called Natalie Lynn, which is cute.
Natalie is a really pretty name, and it has an elegant sort of feeling when you say it, like Emily. It's getting popular, and I can see why.
A famous bearer is Czech singer Natalie Kocábová.
I think Natalie is a beautiful name.
My twin sisters Natalia and Noelle were born on Christmas day so my mum named them to remember their birthday. It didn't help at all everybody always forgot and no one could ever come to their birthday parties. Now Noelle says her birthday is June 25 and Natalia says her birthday is December 21.
I would definitely use this name for a female baby born on Christmas; Natalie Christine or something of that sort.
I love my name Natalie (pronounced Nat-a-lee NEVER Nad-a-lee!) and I am born on Christmas Day! This is why my parents named me Natalie as I was going to be Katrina. I have met very few other Natalies in the world and am the only one that is actually born on the day it means.
I love my first name Natalie! I thank my parents for giving it to me. It is the name I use when I introduce myself even though growing up I was called by my middle name at home. I especially like that it is not popular in my age group (in my 40s!) and that it does not lend itself to a nickname.
A nice name, but very common.
Natalie Grant is a Christian music artist.
I like the spelling Nata-Leigh. But then again, that's just me! :)
I don't know of any Natalies in my boys' classes at school. I have yet to meet one. I love this name. As for the meaning of the name, born on Christmas, what they are talking about is the word natale (spelling?) which is birth. So for those who think this name meaning is boring think again, birth is a beautiful awesome experience and so is this name.
This is a very pretty name. Growing up, I was the only girl in my classes named Natalie and I loved it. Many younger girls are now named this but it is still less common than some names and still has an elegant feel to it.
The French spell the name Natalie as "Nathalie". The 'h' is silent but makes the 't' sharp, making the French pronunciation nat-a-LEE.
Natalie has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880's but really came into popularity in the 1980's and has been growing in usage and popularity ever since.
I think Natalie is a lovely name. The meaning of this name, I think is special. Christmas Day is a time of year when people get together and have good times, my family try and make this a very special day. I remeber the magic of Christmas when I look at the meaning of my name. I think all Natalie's have some thing magic about them or at least the ones I have met.
Whenever I hear this name it makes me think of a princess, maybe because it's my name and I consider myself a princess.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Natalie here:
I have always loved the name Natalie, it is so beautiful and elegant, I wish it were my name.
This is my sister's name and she is my bestest friend so of course I love this name! She is the greatest! I want to find a form of this name that I like in honor of her.
I was going to be named this after my great-grandmother, but I was named Lauren instead. I like it, and would name my kid that. There are two Natalie's in my grade, one is mean and the other is spelled Nathalie (still pronounced the same), and very hyper. it still won't affect me, though.
I prefer Natalia or Natalya.
I'm sorry, but the only way I would name my daughter Natalie is if she was born on Christmas Day. How boring of a meaning is that? It's too popular anyway, I wish people would actually look up the name before they name their kid that.
One of my all time favorite names. It is pretty, elegant, not overly used. I love it.
I love having the name Natalie. I agree with everyone on here that says it's a beautiful, elegant name. when I'm talking to myself, I call myself Natatalie because it's fun to say it like that.
2 Australian rock singers are Natalie Umbruglia and Natalie Brassingwaithe.
My name is Natalie and I love it. It is a great name and through polls on this website, so do many others. This name is a greatly coveted name, I think.
This is my name, and I really don't like it. This is mainly because everyone automatically calls me Nat, which I hate, and which isn't even a girls' name. I usually go by other nicknames with my friends, that are slightly linked, like Nutalie, Peanutalie, Slutalie etc. Don't ask!
Natalie Cole, daughter of jazz and pop musician Nat King Cole, is one famous bearer of this name. Her father was a contemporary of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Natalie Cole has followed in her father's footsteps and also sings.
Actress Natalie Wood had this name.
I love my name being Natalie. I always think that my parents must have thought me to be elegant and gave me a gorgeous and elegant name like this one. I recommend this name to any parents who have a baby who is as gorgeous and elegant as the name Natalie.
I've had the name for 25 years and I've never heard anyone pronouncing it NAD-a-lee unless they have the flu. But then I get called Nat most of the time so maybe I just haven't noticed...
I think NAD-a-lee is a Canadian accent. Natalie is my name, and when I came to Canada a few years ago, I noticed how they pronounce the t as d, and that happens to other words too. Now I pronounce my name that way too.
Natalie is a great name. I count my luck stars every time someone asks me my name that I can tell them it's Natalie.
Famous bearer: Natalie Portman.
I love this name! It's not my first name though. It's my middle name. But that's what people sometimes call me. I highly recommend this name. It's beautiful.
Abbreviation of Gift from God in Hebrew: "Natan Tov Li Hashem".
Natalie is usually pronounced NAD-a-lee. That's how I pronounce my name.
Natalie is the name of a graceful and feminine woman.
A mum gives the name 'Natalie' to a child she really thinks will be beautiful. 'Natalie' has got to be with beauty. That child turns out ugly if their last name is ugly, and if the last name is samething beautiful, it turns out beautiful.
Nataliana, that has to be the biggest piece of bull doodoo I've ever heard. Natalie is just a beautiful name, and if someone who is named this is ugly it has nothing to do with their last name! They're just ugly. Bad genes. Case closed. Finito. But anyway, this name is very pretty and I love it.

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