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Gender Feminine
Scripts ნია(Georgian)

Meaning & History

Short form of ANTONIA, SIDONIA and other names ending in nia.
VariantsToni, Tonia, Tonya(English)
Masculine FormsAnthony, Anton, Antony(English)
Other Languages & CulturesLatonya(African American) Antonia(Ancient Roman) Antonia, Antoniya(Bulgarian) Antonija, Antica, Antonela, Antonia, Nela, Tonka(Croatian) Antonie(Czech) Antonia(Danish) Antonia, Teuna(Dutch) Toini(Finnish) Sidonie, Antoinette(French) Antía(Galician) Antonia(German) Antonia(Greek) Antónia(Hungarian) Antonia, Antonella, Antonietta, Nella, Tonina(Italian) Sidonia(Late Roman) Antonia(Norwegian) Antonia(Polish) Antónia(Portuguese) Antônia(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Antonia(Romanian) Antonija(Serbian) Antónia(Slovak) Antonija, Tonka(Slovene) Antonia(Spanish) Antonia(Swedish)
Same SpellingNia (1), Nia (2)
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