Given Name TONYA

GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Тоня (Russian)
PRONOUNCED: TAHN-yə (English)  [details]

Meaning & History

English diminutive of ANTONIA or a Russian diminutive of ANTONINA. In the English-speaking world its use has likely been positively influenced by the name TANYA.
VARIANTS: Nia, Toni, Tonia (English), Nina (Russian)
MASCULINE FORMS: Anthony, Antony (English)
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Latonya (African American), Antonia, Antonina (Ancient Roman), Antonia, Antoniya (Bulgarian), Antonija, Antica, Antonela, Antonia, Nela, Nina, Tonka (Croatian), Antonie, Nina (Czech), Antonia, Nina (Danish), Antonia, Nina, Teuna (Dutch), Nina, Toini (Finnish), Antoinette, Nina, Ninette (French), Antía (Galician), Antonia, Nina (German), Antonia (Greek), Antónia (Hungarian), Antonia, Antonina, Antonella, Antonietta, Nella, Nina, Tonina (Italian), Antonia, Nina (Norwegian), Antonia, Antonina, Nina, Tosia (Polish), Antónia (Portuguese), Antônia (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Antonia (Romanian), Antonija, Nina (Serbian), Antónia, Nina (Slovak), Antonija, Nina, Tonka (Slovene), Antonia (Spanish), Antonia, Nina (Swedish)


Entry updated December 8, 2017