Noah is really boring, I prefer Noa for a girl.
Does Noah know a Noah?
Noah the know it all
No, ah... Noah!It's a respectable name but it can lead to this kind of teasing. I also don't like the fact that it's trendy nowadays, even if it is classic, it exploded in popularity in all these countries all of a sudden, which means it'll probably come down rather quickly.
Every person I know who has named their child Noah is an overprotective helicopter parent. And the children I’ve met named Noah remind me of a very pale, sickly, weak child. On the other hand, I know three different adult Noah’s. One is a very weak, sickly person. One is overweight with low confidence and lacks social skills. But one is very attractive, confident, and masculine. So, this name could really go either way. I am not a fan, but I can appreciate that it is a meaningful name to some people/families.
I wonder why this name is so popular? I get why mothers like it, the name is soft and cute, but I don't understand why so many fathers don't veto it - like it's not a strong name. I'm a guy and I wouldn't want to have the name Noah, so I'd never want to give it to my son for that reason - it's not a name that demands respect, Noah sounds like the name of a pushover.
This name sounds nice to me.
January 12th 2021 I gave birth to my last child and had a hard time coming up with his name. The day he was born it was cold and the sky was gray. He was tiny under 6lbs but perfect and beautiful. I walked with him in the cart around the delivery floor and came to a mural of Noah and the ark and decided God had chosen his name for me. I named him Noah gray the night we left the hospital. He is an amazing baby and a gift from God.
I really like this name; it's one of my favourite biblical names, and it just rolls off the tongue. Also it reminds me of Total Drama, which was one of my favourite cartoons growing up, and Noah is still one of my favourite characters!
Prefer it for a girl to be honest.
I honestly HATE this name, idrc as a Christian if it's biblical and all, but I SIMPLY HATE IT. Most of the people I know that are named Noah are rude punks that have a bad hairline with brown hair ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, and I hate it because it is trendy now. There was a kid in middle school who would non-stop bruise me after school, I honestly hate this name.
Noah is a very cool name. It is popular in the US, but in the country where I am from, sounds fine as a pet's name but too unique as a child name.By the way, I don't like the fact that Noah can be unisex despite being popular as a boy name. If anyone wants to name their daughter this, use Noa or Nora instead.
Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is named Noah. I personally love this name for a girl.
When I hear this name I think of the classmate in school Noah. He was the only Noah (Yes before it became overly popular. Which tells just how old I am lol.) He was a blond Blue eyed boy and to my knowledge nobody teased him for the name because of Noah's ark so I don't know where people will think there son will be teased because of it.
Its alright, I like it. It's simple and cute.
Name of the day: April 18, 2021.
It's a very nice name but it sounds like "No Ahhhh" which seems a bit awkward...
This name has profound meaning and if God puts this name on your heart for your child you're blessed.
I know because it's my name. My mother prayed for God to anoint me with the name he chose and he chose Noah.
First of all it means comforter, peace, or rest. It also means chosen one. The intent behind the name for the original Noah was to be the end of the curse on the land from the fall of man from the garden of Eden. That's part of the reason God named me Noah. I had generational curses and demons that I was destined to be the end of. The name is so popular right now because we are in the days of Noah at the end again. The Hebrew letters that spell it mean to stir and the second one is a suffix for the name of God usually added on to the end of names so in effect it means to move God or to touch his heart, to bring him to action for you.
Every Noah I ever met was a light hearted easy going guy, a jokester, and people loved him though they were kinda outsiders at the same time. Most Noah's I met had big hearts, personally love animals, and want to fill the world with love I am a compulsive sharer and can't leave anyone behind maybe some more than others fit this description but it's a strong name that is anointed if you name your son Noah treat him like a prophet and raise him for greatness teach him to save the world and break curses let him make mistakes and then teach him strongly about where he went wrong he will love to learn. Don't be scared if he seems off or lost going down a dark path don't give up on him keep bringing him back and he will redeem your whole family. Blessed is the name Noah: father of all who are on the Earth. May we make our fathers proud both on Earth and in Heaven.
Ugly name.
Dull name.
I like my name because it makes it stand out more, I think also I am somewhat famous.
Overused, it's lost its appeal to me, but still handsome.
This name is amazing! Perfect for anyone, I have loved this name since I was a child!
I really like this name, the Biblical aspects of it and how it sounds/looks, but sadly it’s just gotten super popular now :( still a nice name though.
I like it a lot. It’s just so overused..
Well, not that bad, just boring. Nothing much to say about this name.
Noah from the Holy Bible was told by God to build an ark to save humanity and the living earth from a coming flood.
Dislike. The first syllable is "No" and that's a bit awkward. Also Noah from the Bible was an old man so seeing a boy with this name is weird for me.
If you want to name your boy after the bible Noah name him Noe because that is how he spelled it.
Has a great meaning through the Biblical character, it has a strong yet gentle sound.
It's okay - it's interesting to see that the top 2 names are of very different origins, Liam being Irish and Noah being Old Testament.
This name is alright but it's just being used too much.
HELLO PEOPLE! I think Noah is a great name. Noah Schnapp is a Canadian-American actor who played Will Byers in Stranger Things, and he won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Noah Jupe is a British actor and appeared in The Night Manager, Suburbicon, Wonder (my favorite), A Quiet Place, Ford v Ferrari, Holmes and Watson, and Honey Boy. Noah Beck and Noah Miller are TikTok stars. And Noah Anderson is a YouTube star.
Noah Beck is a part of the Sway Boys. He is also a Tiktok Star.
Although very popular, I love the name Noah for a boy. I think it's a strong, beautiful and admirably timeless name. I love everything about it; I love that it's biblical, I love the meaning, I love that it's of Hebrew origin, and I also just simply love the sound of it. Great name :)God bless you :)
Noah needs to get the boat.
3rd most popular name here in Ireland currently although I'm not really a fan of it, it sounds very weak and feeble despite the biblical connotations.
Basic B's like Megan Fox name their child Noah.
I've only known 2 people named Noah in my life. I've heard it's grown in popularity but I still absolutely love the name.
I have a friend called Noah and I think his name is second best in the masculine world.
Not a bad name but sounds a bit weak to me compared to other biblical names. The popularity of this name has spread all over the world, with Liam and Noah battling it out in the US at the minute (Liams and Noah's will be the Johns and Michaels of the future). I'll reiterate not a bad name but not my favourite and I don't think I will use it. Also interesting to see that the top 2 names both have very different origins (Liam being Irish and Noah being Old Testament).
Noah Schnapp portrays Will Byers.
I have a feeling that the reason Noah surged so heavily in popularity, particularly in the U.S., is Ryan Gosling's character in "The Notebook" (the movie is much more famous than the book at this point). Personally speaking... I actually can't stand that movie / story, and haven't liked it since high school when so many girls were fawning over it; however, the name Noah is a nice name. There aren't any harsh sounds, yet at the same time the long-O vowel keeps Noah from being "weak" (similar to Owen, Ronan, Rowan, etc.).So I definitely see the appeal. I even like the name myself (independent of Biblical and pop culture associations). But it seems like so many mothers of my generation decided Noah was the best boy name ever, and now there are too many little Noahs running around for me to ever seriously consider using it.Noah, Liam, and Mason are the new Chris, Matt, and Ryan.
It has a nice sound but it’s very common.
It’s a nice name but I strongly disagree that it’s for girl, name her Nora instead.
I think this is a nice name, but for boys only. Too masculine for a girl.
I've never met a guy named Noah that wasn't attractive. Either he's physically attractive or he always has that mother in law's dream personality, or both.
The name makes me picture a guy with dark hair that is attractive, intelligent, kind and considerate.
Lol all the feminists saying it's a 'girl's name'. I get it, Noah Cyrus exists, but you don't have to whine so much about it.
All of my four kids have a Noah in their year. It’s a lovely name, but many British people chose Noah around the same time which makes for a lot of Noahs. But the name is pretty cute, would never name my own child Noah though.
I'm sorry if I insult anyone named Noah. It sounds like a cute name. I feel like the people who are named Noah should be either one of these traits: kind, shy, mysterious and very smart. He would be a good friend. Probably popular or the opposite with very few, but close friends. Probably weak but that's what others stereotype the name. But someone named Noah is probably the unique one out of most of the boys. And would be less annoying than some boys who like to annoy people. Noah is like a Thestral. Very gentle.
I only know 2 Noahs, but I really like the name!
Noah is a very popular name here in the UK (mostly England) at the moment, but compared to other Biblical names I don't think it sounds as strong and I'm not the biggest fan.
I do agree the name is overused but it's still a good name. As a Noah myself, I agree the popularity of the name is going wild.
Noah is the name of a song on Jinjer's new album, Macro.
For everyone saying it’s so overused I guess that would depend on where you are from. Where we live I don’t personally know of another Noah. My oldest son's name is Noah and he is 6 years old. Going into 1st grade this fall and there is not another Noah in his grade. I love that Noah is such a sweet name for a little boy but also makes me think of a strong man.
My name is Noah and when I had my name I felt like that name was not right because everyone was making fun of it. And now that I know what it means, I now feel proud about my name and where it comes from especially since my family is religious about God. Now I walk around with pride in my name... Noah.Thank you Behind The Name...
Despite being very popular now, Noah is still a great boy's name. I love it!
My nephew's name is Noah and we just found this adorable book called NOAH NOASAURUS. Fits him to a T since all he says these days is NO! Just thought I would mention it!
I only know 2 Noah's, and they pronounce it "No-a".
Noah is a great boy’s name. It sounds soft because of the “ah”, but it’s still strong. I prefer it as a boy’s name and the latter form as a girl’s name, but I think Noah is cute and handsome for a boy, and beautiful and unique for a girl.
Cute name, but way too overused.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Noah who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 242nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name is overused. Like, REALLY overused.
Good name- going on my name list!
This is my favourite name for a son and I very much would love to use this name for a baby son... HOWEVER, I am concerned that with this name being so popular, I will regret using it for my son. I have always loathed popular names because my birth name is one of the most popular names there is. I swore that I would never put a child of my own through a similar situation to that! I think that I might have to let this one go...
The fact that is spells "No ah" makes it just seem unappealing. And the fact that it is the number one name in the US ruins it completely. This name does not seem special at all.
I really hate this name. All I can think of is the fake bible story. Don't name your children this.
I love the sound of this name! It sounds so powerful! All in all, Noah is an awesome name.
I love this name (though I may be a little biased as my boyfriend’s name is Noah). I have a few friends named Noah as well and they are all kind and strong young men. Quite intelligent too.
I’ve never met a girl with the name Noa but I’m not against it for a girl. It’s your kid after all. Just know that they may be picked on.
I’m not too fond, however, of all the negative comments about the name. Who cares if it’s popular. The person is still unique. No two Noahs are the same. It is a handsome name for boys and a cute, albeit odd choice for girls. If you don’t like it, who cares? Keep your negativity to yourself.
Also, I never knew so many famous people were named Noah. Interesting.
I do like this name, but I wouldn't name my child Noah. Far too common!
Noah Fleiss is an American film and television actor. He was born in White Plains, New York. He is known for his role as Chris in the video game Until Dawn. Fleiss's great uncle is Professor Joseph L. Fleiss, and he is a distant relative of Dr. Paul Fleiss, Mike Fleiss, and Heidi Fleiss.
Gave my son Noah as a middle name in the 70's because it was really uncommon then. Hoped it would inspire him to be kind to animals. That kind of backfired. Now that he's grown he works at a marina repairing boats!
Boring name.. sounds like a trouble maker.
I grew up with my best friend in elementary school and his name was Noah. We were really great friends and I really thought it was an amazing name. We were 9 or 10 years old (3rd grade) and our teacher asked if we ever wanted children when we were older. I thought about my best friend Noah. I smiled and said to myself, "When I'm older I will give my future boy the name Noah." I was such a cutie back then, ahaha. Many years passed and I was 15 now. The thought came back as I began to miss my best friend Noah. I told myself yet again that I will still name my future baby boy Noah. Now I find myself at 18 years old writing letters to my future boy Noah hahaa :) You see I don't care about popularity of the name, I'm following my past self's little heart and what he felt :)
~ Currently 18 years old July 2017. Can't believe it's been almost 10 years. I miss my buddy Noah from school. I can't wait to meet my son Noah one day.. this name has so much meaning to me.
Not a bad name, in my opinion. It does, however, remind me of a snarky teenager saying, "why don't you know-ah." The "ah" sound at the end is the unfortunate, losing syllable.
This is my brother's name. He was born in 1994. In 1995, the name started to blow up and got very popular. My mom chose this name because she liked it and thought it was an uncommon name. Not uncommon anymore!
Noah Lee Drury-Kurka, a son of Czech model Karolína Kurková.
This name is going to be one of those masculine Biblical fad names, like John or Jacob. I don't particularly care for it, though. It sounds harsh. I prefer less used Biblical names, such as Simon or Mark.
Noah Czerny is a character in Maggie Stiefvater's Raven Cycle series. He's a ghost, although the other characters don't realize this for a while.
In my opinion, the name Noah is very decent and highly respected. As for it being on a girl... I won't even attempt at that ridiculous discussion.
This name is also overused, plain and childish.
I find it interesting that it finally became so popular. Growing up (Born 1972), I was always the only Noah. I've found most girls find it to be a cute strong name, especially for a cute guy. As for being called "Noah & the Ark" I actually use it myself. If someone didn't get my name the first time, instead of spelling it out, I say, "Noah, like the Ark" there's always the short pause of confusion followed by a smile & "Oh, How nice!""
It's not a bad name, but it feels so trendy and childish that I would never want to use it. It kind of reminds me of the names "Levi" and "Asher" in that it's an old Biblical name with a lot of history, yet still sounds like a modern made-up name that every other little boy under two has. I don't particularly like it on a girl, but it does have a bit of history as a girl's name, so I won't complain about it's feminine usage being a trendy development.
I think Noah is a great name, because it's my name! I disagree with those people saying that it's too common, the only other Noah's I've seen are on T.V. (And rarely) so in my experience it's a fairly uncommon name. You shouldn't be put off by a name just because of its popularity, what matters is that you think that this name is best for your child.
Prefer this name on a girl. I'm really not too fond of the name though.
Perfect name for a whiny, out-of-control redneck kid. It's disgustingly overused, especially by white Republicans.
Over used! It sounds nice though. I've heard the name for girls but I don't care for masculine sounding names on girls!
I realize this name may seem somewhat feminine at first glance, but considering how common this name is for boys and all the history behind it, only a lunatic would give this spelling to a girl.
Noah is a biblical name. Noah built an ark. He was a man and it is a boys/man's name. Anyone suggesting that they name a girl this should re-evaluate their thought process unless you want your daughter to be made fun of. There are few enough boy names out there - stop trying to make every boy name a girl's name. You might as well name your daughter John.
Michael W Smith's song, "Hello, Goodbye," is addressed to a baby named Noah:And so I hold your tiny hand in mine
For the hardest thing I've ever had to face
Heaven calls for you before it calls for me
When you get there save me a placeA place where I can share your smile
And I can hold you for more than just awhileNoah, hello, good-bye
I'll see you on the other side
Noah, sweet child of mine
I'll see you on the other side.
I think this name is lovely on a boy or a girl. But since it is grotesquely popular for boys right now I would use it on a girl.
I can't possibly imagine why anyone would name their baby boy Noah! It is the most popular name, so why can't I bear to say it? It is 100% a feminish name. It is so ugly, you picture some person who is so shy, and repulsive! THINK PEOPLE, THINK!
I completely disagree with Antonio432 as my name is indeed Noah. I am 17 and in no way do I act like a feminist. I've been through parents divorce, several surgeries having to with sinuses, oh and I was diagnosed with narcolepsy a few months ago (I'm 17, FYI) I also have depression. So yeah, I've kinda had to grow up and tough up a lot in a short amount of time. I'm highly offended by his comment and in no way am i a feminist. Don't judge someone by a name. There's a reason why it has become the most popular name and yours has not and it's not because it is feminist. (I was also born 1997 when it was 38th most popular).
What a cute, classy and handsome name for a guy. :D.
Noah Hutchins is a character in the Pushing the Limits book series written by Katie McGarry.
Such a nice name! I like this both on girls and boys. If a girl bears it, it sounds pretty and cute. With boys it's strong and delicate in a masculine way. Plus, this name ages well with its bearer! Noah is close to perfection.
I love this name, but I think it is becoming so popular that I would use another biblical name very similar.
I'd like to call my first son Noah but it seems to be becoming very popular.
A sweet name for a BOY only. It has and always will be a male name. Spell it the Japanese/Hawaiian way "Noa" and wham- you've got a girls name. Simple. This "oh, hey, lets give our daughter a BOYS name" trend is undoubtedly, deeply and increasingly annoying.
I really like the name Noah. It's very soft and sweet sounding but ages well. I usually like more unusual names for boys, but I would consider using Noah despite its popularity.
Its cute for a girl.
I love this name so much. It's such a good biblical name and it's so simple.
I love the name Noah. It is my number one pick if I have a baby boy. I'm just worried he will get teased for being "Noah of Noah's ark".
Noah Ringer, an American teen actor and a martial arts practitioner, who played the main character, Aang in "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
Ever since a Japanese and white American celebrity I saw in a magazine both named their adopted kids this, I thought it was a very good name. It looks better the way they spelled it though, without the 'H'.
I just really do not like this name. It has nothing to do with it's popularity. I just don't like the No beginning. It sounds like two words instead of a name to me. Noooo. Aaaaah.
Noah is a very good religious name. No wonder it's so popular!
It's funny my friends son is named Jayden Noah, the 4th and 5th most popular names.
I don't really have feelings one way or the other about this name actually but I lean closer to not liking it, it's kind of boring and over used now.
I love the name Noah because I love a boy named Noah and it's so cool!
It is the middle name of Adam Levine (Adam Noah Levine), lead singer of the band Maroon 5. He also has a tattoo that says "Noah".
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEE this name but now these days it is so common so I don't want to call my child Noah anymore. Everyone I meet says they are gonna call their child Noah and I'm like okay... thanks for making me not like Noah anymore.
In the beginning there was only water, a chaos of churning, bubbling water, this the Egyptians called Nu or Nun. It was out of Nu that everything began. As with the Nile, each year the inundation no doubt caused chaos to all creatures living on the land, so this represents Nu. Eventually the floods would recede and out of the chaos of water would emerge a hill of dry land, one at first, then more. On this first dry hilltop, on the first day came the first sunrise. So that is how the Egyptians explain the beginning of all things.
Noah Mills is the name of an American model and actor.
Noah Puckerman (usually called Puck) is a character on Glee.
Noah Maxwell, the main character from a horror web series called TribeTwelve.
My husband and I have decided to name our daughter this. Yes, we're aware that in the US it's a hugely popular boy's name. But it's a girl's name. A mispronunciation of Noah (No-Ankh) and the Ark forever screwed it up. In Hebrew, adding "ah" makes a name feminine. That's why there is totally different meaning for the "feminine version" of this name. And while I don't hold with the idea that "giving a girl a boy's name makes them a strong and empowered woman", I do think that you should give your child a name into which you put time and effort. Not something that sounded "cute" or "creative" or Heaven forbid, "popular". Your child has to live forever with the name YOU choose. That's a whole lot of responsibility! Think before you choose. Or at least, take a minute to look it up.
I adore the name Noah for a boy! I think it's strong, handsome, masculine, and will suit all ages. I disagree that it's "overused". Yes, it ranked #4 in popularity in the US for 2010, BUT I wouldn't consider that overused. I think Noah is a nice, handsome and simple name that SHOULD be popular. When I think overused, I think something like Jayden or Nevaeh, something that just doesn't make much sense (to most people) to be popular.I would suggest Noah to someone expecting right now.
This is a name for Jewish people or 19th century Americans. Are you Jewish? Are you 200 years old? No? Then, don't name your kid Noah.
I'm a Deist, and I would name my son Noah in a heartbeat if it weren't so incredibly popular. It's fine to not like a name, but to suggest that a name is just for one religion and age (in your case Jews and 200-year-old people) is just ridiculous and uncalled for. My mom is agnostic and she named me Christina, which is pretty weird I admit, but it just goes to show that people of different religions and can name their kids whatever they want.
I love this name, it's so soft but masculine at the same time. But it's too common.
Noah is a character on Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour. :)
Charles Dickens used this name for the minor character Noah Claypole in the novel 'Oliver Twist' (1839).
The acronym NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is pronounced just like Noah.
Scanning through the comments it seems like people either think the name is extremely overused or they think it's weird like they've never heard of anyone named Noah before. I'm in the middle. It's a popular name but not every little boy has it. I don't think it's at all feminine. More just soft. My boyfriend is named Noah so I may be (a bit) biased but I think of a very intelligent, sensitive, and complex man. Reserved and shy.
It's very overused, and I agree that some people using it just want to be "creative", not knowing a lot of little boys have this name. I prefer it on a girl, anyway.
My youngest daughter is named Noah Elizbeth. I love the name for either a boy or a girl, it's just really a beautiful name, no matter what gender. I always get so many compliments from my daughter's teachers on how beautiful they think her name is. Break the conformity! If you want to name your daughter Ryan, or Evan, or Chase, go ahead! I think it's dumb to hold back from using a name just because it's "masculine." I mean, I don't think anyone would name their daughter "Christopher", or "Daniel", but names like Evan, Chase, Noah, and Charley are also suited for a girl!
"Noah" is also the title of a song by Japanese actor/musician Gackt. It appeared on his 2002 album "Moon".
"Space Carrier Blue Noah" is the title of a manga created by Mitsuteru Yokohama.
I really like this name for either gender. I would use the spelling Noah for a boy and Noa for a girl. It's a man's and woman's name in the Bible.
Number 23 for boys in 2005. I love this name for a little boy. But Billy Ray Cyrus's (I think she's his youngest) daughter's name is Noah.
This name is AWEFUL. It's so overused, and it sounds way too feminine.
Boy, this really has become popular in Scandinavia, especially in Norway. It seems like every little boy I meet bears this name, and the most common combo has to be Noah Alexander. The worst part is that the parents feel SO creative for giving their son the name Noah Alexander, and they don't realise they aren't before he starts in kindergarden and gets to know six other Noah Alexanders.
Noah Hathaway is an actor who portrayed Atreyu in the 1984 movie: The Neverending Story.
I like this version for a boy and Noa without an h for a girl.
I love this name for a little boy. I plan to name my firstborn little son Noah. I just hope the names will not go out of fashion because I want modern, "in" names for my childen; not outdated, old fashioned ones. For example, Jason is gettin pretty 1970-1980's. I don't want that to happen to my little Noah.
I love this name for a little boy! My favorite combo is Jacob Noah. I think it's sweet. I would recommend this name for anyone who wants a biblical name for their son.
I love this name and the meaning as well. I plan on using this as a middle name for my first son.
Noah Beery Sr. and Jr., American actors, brother and nephew, respectively, of Wallace Beery.
The Icelandic version of the name Noah is Nói. (Name of the main character in Dagur Kári's film Nói Albínói.)
I love this name. I would definitely name my son this (if I had one) if I didn't think he would be teased about it. Which unfortunatley a child called Noah would. But if I do ever have a son this will be his middle name. Although all of my friends think it's a weird name, I love it. I think it's unique and would sound really cute on a little boy.
äæÍ is the Arabic script for Noah.
I think Noah is a soft, yet strong name.
I love the name Noah, when I'm older if I have a boy I'm going to name him Noah. Noah is a great name for a little boy and a grown man. A very wonderful, cute man I might add.
It´s also the Czech and Slovak form.
Name Day: 10th November.
Other classic names have undesirable nicknames, but Noah is Noah. No wonder people are realizing what a strong, simple, and wondeful name it is.
Noah Gray-Cabey from the shows Hero and My Wife and Kids is a piano prodigy who started performing at age 4! He has toured with the New England Symphonic Ensemble and, at age five, became the youngest soloist to ever perform with an orchestra at the Sydney Opera House.
I named my son Noah, I just love this name for a boy. It's such a cute baby name, and when he gets older he'll be a "hottie" Noah! LOL
NOAH is an acronym for the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.
I never really liked this name. It's my cousin's name (he pronounces it NO-uh), and now I'll think of a short, brown-curly-haired kid with big teeth whenever I hear the name. I'm not religious, and I tend to dislike anything to do with Christianity, but this name is alright, I guess.
The book Many Waters by Madeleine L'Engle is a retelling of the flood story. In it, Noah is stubborn, family-oriented, and very trusting of God. His wife's name is Matred.
My younger son is named Noah, I liked it from Noah Wyle in E.R. (John Carter). It means rest/comfort and it worked, he was a great sleeping baby and still is!
I am definitely not a religious person, but this name just has this kind of resonance that I absolutely love.
The name Noah for boys is becoming very popular it seems like. But I would say it is my favorite name. My boyfriend's name is Noah and his mom always tells me she choose it for him because when he was born he was like her "rainbow after the storm" (like Noah's Ark). I thought it was kinda cute. ( :
I do like the name Noah, but I don't think I would ever call a child that.
I like this name, but It seems just too ... I don't know but I'm fairly certain I would never give this name to my child.
Noah is an awesome name! The name Noah is more for a boy.
I love this name, it's my nephew's name. Noah Daniel. I also like the name Noa for a girl, but I prefer Noah on a boy.
This is a great name for a boy. When I hear it I immediately picture a strong, handsome, intelligent, masculine guy. This is also the name of one of the main characters in the film version of Nicholas Sparks romance novel 'The Notebook'.
Famous Bearer: fictional character Noah Calhoun, of Nicholas Sparks' "The Notebook". Portrayed by Ryan Gosling in the 2004 film, Noah was the estranged lover of socialite Allie HaMilton/Nelsen (played by actress Rachel McAdams).
Noah Wylie was one of the original stars of "ER".
Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke named his son (born 6th February 2001) Noah.
A famous bearer is English actor Noah Taylor.
Noah is a great boys name. It is masculine, and strong.
Noah is one of my favourite names. Short, simple, strong. I'm picturing a really cute guy here.
Noah Webster published the first AMERICAN English dictionary in 1824.
This is also the name of one of the five daughters of Zelophad in the book of Deuteronomy, who received an inheritance among their father's brothers.
One of God's worthy followers who retrieved two of each animal (male and female) to put on his boat (Noah's Ark) during the great flood after being told to do so by God.
This name is pronounced noh-ahkh in Hebrew.

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