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This name is beautiful, it’s a pity how popular it’s become. I love the nickname Liv. A good alternative would be Olive.
MY GOD- Why are there so many mean people, like, MAD RESPECT.
God, I hate this name. Really, you couldn't browse google for one name a little more original than "Olivia"?
*Sigh* Y’all are mean. I know some people with this name, and it’s one of the few trendee names that I actually really like! I think it’s very lovely!
Olivia is not my favorite name but it is pretty, cute nicknames would be Liv, or Livi. I think because it's so common I don't really have a liking to it, but I can understand why people would name their child this.
I actually like the name Olivia. It’s a fine name if we’re looking at it objectively at least. I do agree with the comments that it’s overused and I’m actually quite astonished that it’s so popular to the point it’s the #1 name in many countries right now, considering there are lot of more beautiful names out there that are even better than Olivia. I mean it’s literally just olive, and then you add an -a at the end. But hey, it’s a fad and the name will be usable again in like another decade or two. After all, names that get stylish quick get old quick. Also, it reminds me of olives, which I dislike. Anyhow, on the good sides about Olivia - it’s romantic, alluring, and graceful. When I first heard this name I thought it was gorgeous. I started considering it for a future daughter. But then I found out about it’s popularity and that immediately turned me off. The more I heard it the less I was attracted to it. Anyways, Olivia is a nice song by One Direction, there are many great Olivia namesakes, and the Twelth Night character is also notable. The nickname Liv is very pretty and Livy is cute. It would make a nice middle name if you pair it with the right name. It’s just way too popular for my liking as a first name. I’m amazed by how many people envy Olivia.
Even though it's super common, it's a fine name, not bad but not wonderful either, my youngest sister is named Olivia, we call her Liv, I give it a 5/10, it's definitely not one of my favourites.
My name is Olivia. I'm an American, and it was still a relatively uncommon name when I was born. I like my name, and I think it has a unique sound to it. However, I see no point in using it now as its popularity has grown to the point of excess.
I adore this name. Honestly, I don’t even care that it’s the #1 name. Popularity isn’t the same as it was in the 80’s-90’s since there’s so many more people searching for their unique & off the wall name for their baby. I think avoiding a name you adore because your daughter might share it with someone is ridiculous. Your kid shares a name with other people regardless if you meet them or not. I’ve met more Kinsley’s and Violet’s than I have an Olivia, and I part time at a daycare right now. Also, the surge of Eleanor’s is getting to be a yawn. Anyway, Olivia’s a nice and stable choice. I just hate it’s so hated on because it’s a popular name. It’s gorgeous and the nickname Liv or the tomboy pick of ‘Olly’ is just so cute to me.
I understand the appeal, but I just can’t see why so much appeal- to the point it’s the number 1 top name.
This name is absolutely gorgeous. Sobbing and shaking at the fact that it's too popular to be usable. It looks so pretty in cursive writing.
My name is Olivia and I have to be honest, I hate it. I absolutely hate this name with my entire soul. I just feel it's extremely ugly sounding and the look of it is just bad. I've never liked it and I most likely never will. There is way too many of us which does not make any sense considering how horrid this name is. I've been made fun of multiple times for it so that says enough. So yeah, I just hate it. Do not like the name at all and find it a bit goofy knowing it means olive. That's just... yeah. Anyway, that's my opinion and I hope I don't offend anyone else. This is just what I feel and it is complete facts. Sorry to the Olivia's out there (including me). I feel bad for us.
Olivia de Havilland died in 2020, not 1920, so you might want to correct the date.
Agree with bouncybeth, really trendy too.
Basic white girl name.
A noble name. A girl should be grateful if she's called Olivia, especially if her parents are devout persons who named her after St. Olivia.
Saint Olivia was a beautiful, pious girl who worked miracles and converted the pagans or Muslim Saracens. She was martyred in Tunis.
When I first heard this name when I was little, I thought it was the most beautiful name I’d ever heard, and I wanted it to be my name. Nowadays I still find the name pretty, but it’s far, far too common now. I would recommend parents to use it as a middle name instead as it flows well with a lot of first names and it’s still really lovely :)
This is such a nice and classy name. That's the reason it's too popular. I don't think I would call my child something a little too overused. But anyway, I still love it, although I'll use it when it's not in the top 100 most used names.
Olivia is a beautiful name. I love the literature association. Olivia is elegant, universal, and melodic. Much better than Olive. Many great things that come with Olivia. The name is popular for a reason, it’s a good name. That aside, the name is WAY too popular right now. Which is unfortunate, because it’s too beautiful just to be another face in the crowd. Oh well, I’ll try again in 15 years.
To haters that are being mean.. the rules say: 5. Be as kind as possible. Consider that children may be reading the comments about their own names. Btw this is my name and love it!
It's such a beautiful name. Olivia is a good name. It's so nice, sweet, pretty, classy and unique. ❤❤.
It’s a pity this name is so common. I like the flow of the name.
This is a lovely name. Very common at the moment, sure, but still lovely. In fact, that popularity really shows how beautiful it is, since a lot of people must have liked it for it to be so popular!
I absolutely LOVE this name. It's fantastic and is stunning. I think of a beautiful, athletic, and kind individual when I think of Olivia. Stop hating.
The most used name in the entire world is Olivia.
I hate this name because it’s associated with Olivia Rodrigo, a singer-songwriter who can’t spell and thinks that lower-case song titles are trendy & emo. I love the name Oliver.
I love it, here's some middle names that can go together:
Olivia Faith
Olivia Hope
Olivia Lillian
Olivia Zoe
Olivia Zoey
Olivia Isabella
Olivia Rose
Olivia Grace
Olivia Rae.
Olivia is a beautiful name that will last through the ages. I paired my daughter's name with the middle names Lorelei Hope. She goes by Liv and Livi, and for some reason I call her Livi LouBelle. I love saying her full name!
It is dumb, idiotic, I hate it... it sounds like a bratty kid.
I like it as it's classic.
Whats next? Tomatia?
This is the number 1 name? Prefer Olywya!
Why would you name your kid after an olive in the first place?!
The nickname Liv is cute.
Hey, noticed how many bad comments there are here, for some people it could be causing self doubt. But news flash- look up the glowing comments for classless, immature tacky names like 'sparkle' and you'll realise that the people sending bad comments are just nine-year-old's with no taste. I think the name Olivia lets you define yourself instead of your name doing it for you. This website's purpose is to give historical evidence on names, not to spread hate. You hate the name? Good for you. Don't lose your self-esteem to this junk-heap of a comment section.
My name is Olivia. I used to not like it for a period of time but it honestly grew on me. A lot of people like the name as well and I don't believe it's gross or rubbish. My family, friends and I even make a joke about my name meaning olive. One of my nicknames is literally Olive Oil, and yes I do enjoy the joke. :) Okay, I hope everyone has a nice day.
Very pretty. People throw rocks at things that shine... referring to some of the hate.
To the people hating on this name you sound more horrific than the description you are giving it. Olivia is a beautiful name imo. Most names do have an older origin. Sure, there are some newer names that may be trendy for awhile but they most likely won't be long lasting. Can you imagine being a 90 year old Brittani? It may be cute when you are in your 20's-40's but as you get older it will sound like you are trying to stay young. Not that there is anything wrong with that! I happen to love the name Brittani but just saying... Plus, older names are romantic and alluring. The classic actress Olive de Havilland is one example. It's just elegant.
People will be mad on any kind of popular name.
Wack and old :)
But 7263673 times better than MADDIE or EVE. FOR REAL.
Olivia is very, very popular.
Ugh what a hideous one. More like Olive. This name absolutely sucks, old fashioned while being unattractive, a granny name and the fact that it is overused and trendy makes it double RUBBISH. I always hated O-Starting names. Oliver, Owen, Olivia. They are all disgusting and Low-class and super hyper ultra garbage. Emma is overused too, but at least that is not gross like Olivia is as a name. Emma is way more lovely than Olivia.
This is my name, lol. When I was very young my parents used to call me “Livy”, but now they just call me Olivia. To the comment below, if you don’t like my name that’s all on you. Still doesn’t change the outlook from most people that Olivia is a fabulous name! ;D.
This name literally means olive. How are you going to call an Olivia's sister? "Tomata or "Potata"?Such an horrid and ridiculous name.
I think Olivia is a nice name that ages well in my humble opinion.
Olivia is a very nice and attractive name, but the bad thing is it’s too associated with Olivia Rodrigo:(
I do think Livi is a very cute nickname!
I like my name Olivia. I think it's pretty :)
Despite the name's growing popularity, I've actually never met an Olivia before! I think Olivia is a really sweet name that is appropriate for most, if not all ages. I'm sure it'll stick around that number 1 spot for years to come.
I know 4 Olivias. This is a really nice name, and it’s very pretty so I understand why it’s become so popular. I imagine an Olivia with dark hair, or even blonde hair who is a really fun friend.
I’m not a big fan of the name “Olivia” but if the person looks like an Olivia then it’s ok. It’s kinda strange how I feel about the name. It’s too “O” sounding which I don’t like… Olivia Rodrigo is a good example for the type of person that’s fit for the name Olivia.
Olivia is a song by One Direction.
This is my name. It didn't take too long for my parents to choose it, and they got many compliments for my name.
I find this name tacky overused and ugly.
I had always planned to name our daughter Olivia someday. I hate that it’s become so popular! We ended up naming our daughter another name for that reason. I still like the name and may use it someday. I can’t seem to find anything else I like.
Ok, I think it's pretty, but it's really common nowadays. I'm not a fan of any nicknames.
It's so pretty and there is Olivia Rodrigo. If your name is Olivia, you're lucky.
Lyrical, lovely name.
I had around 4 Olivias in each class at school and now I work as a TA in a primary school and there are still multiple Olivias in each class. I don't dislike the sound of the name but it just doesn't have any individuality or personality. To me a name that is everywhere you turn doesn't have any specialness to it anymore.
All the Olivias I know have to go by their surnames too.
I find this name tacky, overused and ugly.
I think Olivia is a nice name. Obviously, it is very popular (considering it's currently the number 1 name on the charts for girls in the US), and although I do tend to favor unique/uncommon names, I don't think that the popularity of this name has ruined it, necessarily. I mean, it still has a lovely sound and pretty meaning (olive tree), as well. I especially like the name spelt “Alivia”. I also think Ally/Olly, Liv, Livy, Libby and ViVi are cute nickname potentials. Lastly, I like that the name has a solid balance of feminine yet not too “frilly”. In other words, I think that the name could easily suit a girly-girl, tomboy, or a girl who has characteristics typical of both, a girly-girl and a tomboy.
Overall, I think Olivia is a pretty nice name.
Olivia Hye (Son Hye-joo) is a member of the K-pop Girl Group Loona, and was the last member to be introduced.
To whoever said it’s just the US with “bad taste”...... top girl names in English-speaking and European countries around the world. Olivia, a lovely Shakespearean name... is one of the top girls' names in the world. Olivia is a megapopular name not only in the US but in the UK, Australia, Canada, and throughout the Western World. In the UK, Olivia was the recent Number 1 girls' name in tandem with twin brother Oliver at the top of the charts. It is still the top girls' name in Canada and Number 4 in both Australia and Scotland. - Your welcome (;
I think Olivia is pretty!
Okay, can everyone chill with the rude comments? I don't love this name either, but it's not bad, it's just very popular. And it's popular BECAUSE people like it, so obviously there's nothing wrong with it. I will say that it's very overused, though.
Not a fan at all! Just ugly!
Ugh! I can't stand this name! It just sounds so ugly and stupid!
I am a 48yr old called Olivia, it was pretty much unheard of when I was growing up, I was certainly the only Olivia in my schools, and I kind of liked that. I can’t believe how quite an obscure name has become so popular over the last 20 years.
Its popularity for the last few years has made Olivia tiring. Some alternatives include Olive, Liv, or Livia.
I can't get the appeal. The classic name for a white plain woman. Olivias will be the Karens of 2070.
I’ve had Olivia on our girl name list for over 10 years. However, I feel like it’s too common at this point. I still love the name, but don’t want our daughter to be one of five Olivia’s in her class. Considering Alivia for that reason, as we can’t seem to find another name we like besides Ava which is also becoming too popular.
I was friends with a girl named Olivia in elementary school. I won't say her last name or middle name, but her initials were OMG. I always thought that was cool.
This is my name and I hate it because it doesn't match my personality. I always have a little mental breakdown when someone calls my name. :( And, a lot of people pronounce it O-LEE-VIA. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, please respect my opinion.
Super pretty. I just wish it wasn't so popular...
Hideous trashy tacky name.
This name is like Amelia, because of the fact that it has 6 letters and 4 syllables.
Literally SO c o m m o n!
It's okay, but a personal association ruined it sadly. :(
I prefer the nickname Olive to Liv or Livi etc.
Very tacky name.
Overused a lot but it’s cute. I like the name Olivia Rae so I could call her Livi Rae as a nickname. The nickname Liv is also really cute because every time they hear their name they would remember to go out and live their lives.
From Latin Olīva, an early saints’ name from olīva (“olive; olive branch”).
Popular, however, I still really like the name!
Way too overused.
My daughter goes to second grade and there are about four Olivias in her class. So, yeah, although I like this name I would never choose it for reasons stated in the previous comments.
I used to really love this name, this was the name I picked out as a child. Olivia Newton John was the reason I liked the name so much she was my favorite actress as a kid. Then the beginning of the 21st century happened and every other girl born was given this name. It made me mad how popular it became so fast. I am not sure how it actually managed to burst in popularity like that.
Why would you want to name your child such a common 'name'.
Olivia Rodrigo, singer and actress.
Not gonna lie, it’s really pretty, but it’s getting extremely common.
Too common.
NOT a fan; this name is wayyy too common, and also it sounds like "olive" when you say it.
It's true this name is overused; even in the country where I live, I've met a lot of girls called Olivia. However, I still love it, just not on my list of future daughter names.
I like it. Not enough to make me put it in my pnl [personal name list] right now, but it's still lovely. It's not that popular here in the Philippines, you'd more likely encounter a Salvacion, Fe, or Jocelyn.
I like this name even though people think it is nerdy.
Gorgeous name, that's why it's so popular!
Totally white trash. Tacky name.
It's pretty.
I've always loved this name. I think it's classy and in no way ghetto. Some people (who obviously aren’t happy with themselves) like to say mean things on this site.
I adore my name but I used to hate it growing up! I always wished I was called Sophie because I never knew anyone with my name! I’m in my mid twenties now but most other “Olivia’s” I know are a fair bit younger than I am!
People ALWAYS assume my nickname is Liv, which it very much isn’t as my mum despises that nickname (as well as Livvy). My family and very close friends call me Ollie, and I get the occasional Via which I love!
I agree though it is overused but I love it so much and I love the strength it gives me :)Oh and never shout Liv to me - I won’t respond!
And just to help clear things up about popularity of the name, I’m from the UK, and I know that it’s super popular here too!
I don't like the name Olivia it's too overused. It's been around for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time and it means ¨elf army¨ and elves don't exist so neither does that name.
Super pretty, but so overused and it's getting more and more used as we speak. I love it very much, but for this reason won't use it.
I’ve had the name Olivia picked out for over 10 years.. I’m kind of sad it’s become so popular now. I’m not sure we’ll still use the name because of that, but it’s pretty.
Really popular name, in many countries one of the most if not the most popular name at the moment. But anyway, Olivia looks good, sounds well, why not. Even if overused, still a good name.
Olivia is also Estonian. The name day for Olivia in Estonia is April 16.
Popular but I love it!
Bland. So overused and boring.
Olivia Marie Busby is an OutDaughtered quint.
I hate it, I hate my name.
It’s my name, and I rather like it. Different from popular belief, I am the only Olivia in my whole school of 500 people. Well, there might be like 1 kindergartener. (It’s K-8).
Elegant name. So overused, but pretty.
I used to think it was really pretty, and now I think it is elegant.
To be honest, I can definitely see why the name is popular. It’s pretty. But if it weren’t so popular I would honestly like it a lot more. But hey, it’s better than Olive.
I’m kind of starting to like this name again, but it’s just way too popular for me to consider using. I mean, I get it, it’s a pretty name, but can’t you do better? I wouldn’t want my daughter to share her name with 3 other Olivia’s in her class. I’d recommend going with Liviana or Lydia instead, but each to their own.
Pretty. I love the nicknames Liv an Livi!
I’m so over this name now, lmao.
It is kinda ugly and overused.
Olivia the pig.
Olivia is pretty.
Beautiful and elegant!
Overused, and ugly.
The anonymous commenter below wrote “ugly...” on almost every name I looked up on here, same date. I think Olivia is pretty.
I just want to point out, usually whenever somebody calls a name “ugly” it’s eitherA. They’re trolling.
B. They actually think the name is ugly.
C. They just want to piss people off.
The name isn’t even bad, just way overused.
So ugly. The combination of o and L and v is horrid phonetically. I cannot understand American's lack of taste I think it is so funny! Who would want to name their female child after an olive? So weird and sounds so ugly. I think I would call myself Liv too if I were saddled with an ugly name- I am not surprised a cartoon pig has it since they love rolling around in filth. So funny!
We have a little Aliana who just celebrated her 2nd birthday and Olivia (2 weeks).. Ali & Livi. Absolutely love.
Cute, maybe just too common now...
WAY too overused.
Also French. While Olivie is used in France, Olivia is much more common. [noted -ed] The popularity chart for France should be a further indicator of that. The name day for Olivia in France is March 5.French Pronunciation: O-LEE-VYA.
Sounds pretty and looks quite magical when written, even if the vegetable olive makes it a bit 'salty' sounding.
The most common girl's name in England and Wales.
I knew somebody mean called Olivia which makes me not like this name. Sorry to all the Olivia's out there.
Olivia is Mario's main ally in Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Also Romanian:
Also Estonian:
If you want to name your child Olivia, be aware that there probably will be another Olivia in her class, and she may have to specify which Olivia she is. Try going with Olivie, Olivera, Olivette, or Oliviera instead. There won't be six other girls with those names in her class or youth group, that's for sure. :)
If you want to name your child Olivia, I suggest you go with something else, considering its popularity. Olivia is going to encounter a lot of other Olivias. There are alternative names that sound similar, though, that you could go with instead of Olivia.Octavia
It’s a very lovely name and can easily be imagined on any age, it’s just simply wonderful in every way.
But why? Why? What’s the appeal behind giving this name to a kid anymore? There are tons and tons of other names to choose from. Teresa, Annabelle, Melanie, Moriah, Bethany, Christina, Vivian, Marian, Alicia...all these names and you choose Olivia for your child, your dog, your book character, just why? It’s no fun having the same name as somebody else and having to specify. It’s even worse when you happen to have similar last names or you have the same middle name or nickname. It’s frustrating for the person bearing the popular name, and it’s frustrating for those trying to call to attention to the person with the popular name.
It’s time to move on. We don’t need more Olivias or Emmas or Sophias. There are plenty of other names in the world that have similar or even the same meanings—why is it so important to you that this popular name be used?
Olivia the pig from the picture book series Olivia by Ian Falconer & Emily Sollinger and the 2009 animated children’s television series with the same name produced by Ian Falconer.
Olivia Francisca Buckley née Dussek (1799–1847) was an English harpist, organist and composer. She was born in London, the daughter of Czech composer Jan Ladislav Dussek and Scottish composer Sophia Corri. Dussek left his wife, and Olivia was taught harp and piano by her mother, making her debut at the age of eight at the Argyle Rooms. Buckley taught music, and around 1840 became organist at Kensington parish church. She used the pen name O. B. Dussek for the publication of her music.
My name is Olivia, born 1984, and during my school tenure, I was the only girl named Olivia in my entire school. Lol. Now I have a neice who is in first grade and she tells me that nearly every classroom has an Olivia. Wow how times have changed. Lol ;)
Olivia Hye is the stage name of a member of the K-pop girl group LOONA.
My daughter goes to school with three Olivias in her class. A bit too common and likely not to really stand out as a first name when there are other girls that share your daughter's first name.
Still somewhat pretty despite its popularity.
I prefer Octavia...
Such a lovey name. Sucks that it’s becoming way too common.
Soooo pretty but it's becoming way too common :(
This name is the Jessica or Ashley of the 2010s. Every parent is naming their daughters either Olivia or Sophia, and it's undoubtedly getting old. If you realistically were to walk into a room and call out, "Hey, Liv!", over 5+ girls would turn their heads thinking you're talking to them. It's unfortunate, especially because if it weren't for how popular this name was then it'd be kind of cute.
I’ve changed my mind about this name since my last comment.
Olivia sounds kind of weird to me now, just name your kid Olive at that point honestly.
Way too overused.
Olivia is a cute name, I wish it were less common.
Okay, so my name is Olivia and I love my name, I just think it’s just becoming overused. Like if you're planning on naming your kid Olivia you do you. But now I’m always associated as being a boring person as if I don’t have a personality or people assume that I’m like other people they know that share my name. Another thing is that people assume I want to be called Liv or Via because they know another Olivia who likes to be called that. I let my friends and family call me Liv but when I go to Starbucks and they write Liv on my cup, it just gets on my nerves.
Yep. My name is the most popular name of the 2010's. I was born in 2001 and my parents thought it was unique (at the time it actually was). My parents named me it because my father is Sicilian and olives are one of their top exports, and they agreed it was cute. Interestingly, I have never, ever gone by Olivia. My parents call me Livi, but I've pretty much always been Vi in everyone else's eyes. I have little to no connection with the name, not that I hate it, it's just hard to resonate with a name so many white girls have. It's a beautiful name ruined by an unoriginal culture. It really, really sucks. Parents, don't name your child this unless you want them to feel horrible about themselves and their cookie cutter name. They'll likely end up hating it and you.
ə-LIV-ee-ə not o-LIV-ee-ə in English.
Naming your daughter Olivia in the 2010's is the same as naming your son John. It is one of the most over-used names of the decade. Boring and unoriginal. In the near future, when a teacher calls out the name "Olivia", there will be 4 girls responding all at once.
Zolathecat naming a child is very personal. It may not be a unique name but if parents decided they want to name their child Olivia, it's for a reason. It doesn't matter how common the name is. I met three different Olivias and several Johns, it's all about the person. We are a product of our environment, there's a reason why these names are common, because that is what we like.
Clear and simple name, also has a nice sweet little jingle to it. The O initial is pretty much the round shape of an olive, so it looks good that way.
The Russian cartoonist, Svetlana Chmakova, included this name in her book “Crush”. She is the athletic/gossipy one, and is obsessed with trying to convince Garrett into doing Jiu-Jitsu.
Pretty and sweet!
My middle name, pretty indifferent to it.
The usage of the name is awesome and makes it sound sexy.
So common it's lost all appeal for me. Olivia and Sophia are the new Jessica/Ashley/Nicole/Katie. Just makes me think the parents are boring.
I respect your opinion, but I will eternally loathe the name Olivia. There is a girl in my grade named this who is a brat. That is why I hate it. But the name itself is fine.
Nice name but very over used now - people shouting ’Liviaaa’ in public, very ugly.
This name Olivia has been used by the biggest band of the world One Direction in their album "Made in the A.M." in the song named "Olivia"..
I have a best friend called Olivia and, I have to say, it has done a good job in popularity these past few years! Here is my personal impression on this name:O is for oh, what's that?
L is for lively
I is for I love friends!
V is for very lovely
I is for I believe you should follow your heart
A is for am I being good?Thanks for reading!
Olivia McGhee is the daughter of Rozonno and Mia of the reality show “Growing Up McGhee”.
According to the U.S. Social Security Data Report for the distribution of infant girls’ names, the name Olivia was only given to a total of 17,921 baby girls with a percentage of .971 percent on a population of 327,200,000.
Olivia Lewis is a Maltese singer who represented her country in 2007 Eurovision with "Vertigo". She did not make it past the semi finals.
Olivia Marie Busby is one of the quints on “Out Daughtered”.
Olivia Vanderwaal is the sister of Grace Vanderwaal who starred on season 11 of America’s Got Talent”.
I used to be crazy obsessed with this name when I was a kid because I thought Olivia was an incredibly beautiful name. I still do. It love the way it rolls off my tongue and it’s easy to say so it’s no wonder why it got so popular. I’ve actually never known or met any Olivias but the male version of the name also sounds very nice. Oliver has a really nice ring to it and I know a lot of really attractive people who were given that name.
Olivia is such a pretty and delicate name that conjures, to me at least, images of a person who might otherwise display a sweet demeanor filled with kindness. A name that is quite popular right now. But could still be considered a classic to any parent who might adore this name and would like this very much for their dear child.
Olivia is the name of the Akala Island kahuna in Pokemon Sun and Moon. She is a Rock-type Trainer, and she later becomes one of the game's Elite Four.
I am named Olivia and I personally think it is a great name. It ages well, there are many nicknames (Liv, Livi, Via, Ollie, Livia), it’s an all around pretty name. However, it is sadly very annoying having this name sometimes. Olivia has been in at least the top 5 most popular names for girls for over 10, ten consecutive years. I run into so many people named Olivia and it is very annoying. Being overused is really taking the beauty out of the name.
I personally don’t like this name, given its immense popularity nowadays. Plus there was a girl called Olivia who bullied me for a long time. Still, I’m pretty sure that there are some good people named Olivia out there. Not bashing on people planning to name their kid Olivia, this is just my own opinion.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Olivia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 195th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
There are 3 plus people called Olivia in each grade at my school. Not surprising to hear this name, I think it's too common, but it's cute. I don't like other variations like Olyvia or Olyvya,... Olivia is good enough.
This name is overused and boring. It's almost popular in every part of the world.
Olivia is a character in the book The Color Purple. She is Celie's daughter.
Olivia is a Nick Jr show from 2008.
A very high class name. Liv and Livvy are cute nicknames. The meaning is quite boring though.
Mmm seriously people like this name. Probably for the lovers of olives. I find this name funny but not elegant. Ophelia is more sophisticated.
Only intelligent people have it? Are you serious? This name is way too popular and not unique.
My sister's name. Very lovely.
You forgot Olivia Benson from Law and Order:SVU!
I used to be quite partial towards this name, well.. until I realized that there were nearly ten girls named Olivia in my grade.
It's my name, I definitely love it.
I love this name, it's just sweet and elegant, it's suitable for sweet and smart people.
This name is an absolute pain in the neck. Reminds me of an olive and a pig, but scrap that - it's overused.
I wouldn't use it right now. I know so many Olivias. Very common!
I like the name Olivia. It's elegant, refined, and fits all surnames. It's extremely popular now, but that won't ruin the name. It's not as bland as other popular names like John, Jack, or Emma.
I like the name Olivia, and the nickname Livvy as well, but it's too common. I might use it for my own child as a middle name if it weren't so common, as I really like it. It sounds timeless and classic.
Really ugly sounding name, plus it reminds me of an olive.
My name is Olivia. I go by Liv but I've been called Livi, Via and Olly. Some idiots also call me Liver and Olive Oil.
I love this name so much, and I've only met one in real life. But, if I ever had a daughter, that's what I'd call her.(I also like Liv and Livvy as nicknames, but I can't stand Olive or Libby.)The protagonist of the novel I'm writing is named Olivia. It's a classic name that's both feminine and strong, and it fits the character perfectly.
I named my daughter Olivia. She was the only Olivia in her high school at that time. Her first boyfriend said he never heard of the name. Now it's everywhere...
Olivia really is a lovely name. The thing is, a lot of other parents have simultaneously agreed, and now it feels like every other little girl I meet is an Olivia, a Sophia, or an Emily / Emma. That's going to be annoying for them, as they grow up. It's Ashley, Brittany, and Jessica all over again.
I can't believe that no one mentioned Olivia Munn!
It is a common name to me and I find it just a usual name. I like this name but I think it is a little too common.
Olivia is the name of Charlene's baby born on New Year's Day in 1990 on the TV show Designing Women.
Olivia Ong is a Singaporean singer and actress. The majority of her works are in English, but she has also recorded songs in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese.
Olivia Lufkin, professionally known as OLIVIA, is a Japanese-American bilingual singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother. Her two younger siblings are Jeffrey Lufkin, who is a musician she collaborates regularly with and Caroline Lufkin, who is an independent musician. Lufkin began her solo career after being in the Japanese girl group D&D. She gained mainstream success in 2006 after creating songs for the fictional band Trapnest under the alias of Olivia Inspi' Reira, and the songs were used for the popular anime adaptation of Nana.
Olivia is a beautiful name but unfortunately it has become very popular. Olivia is like Sophia, both beautiful names, but they are dull and uninspired nowadays because out of every 10 girls who are born, 8 are Sophias or Olivias.
Olivia Frances Culpo is an American actress, model, television presenter, cellist and beauty queen who won the Miss USA 2012 pageant, representing her home state of Rhode Island. She previously won the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA competition, which was the first pageant she entered. Crowned Miss Universe 2012 in Las Vegas, she is the first winner from the USA to obtain the crown since Brook Lee in 1997.
I find this name too common and boring sounding now. So so many girls are called Olivia!
Pretty name but extremely common! Expect your child to be one of at least five kids in her class if you name her this.
Pretty name, but gosh Olivia is so overused. The second most popular name in four countries.
Such a timeless and sophisticated name for a girl. One of my favorite aunts is named Olivia, she's my age (26), and she's super cool and one of my best friends. It really is a shame that this has grown so much in popularity, it's almost making it typical.
Olivia is such a gorgeous name! Very feminine and soft without being overly "frilly" An all around decent and practical name in my book and I'm really hoping that it ends up being the #1 girls name come the 2016 charts. (USA) Olivia deserves that spot, more so than Emma.
Olivia is Sailor Saturn's name in the French dub of Sailor Moon.
I think this name is super pretty. It just flows so nicely. One of my best friends is named Olivia and she is super adorable. Shame the name is so popular now, I might have considered it for a girl otherwise.
I prefer Olive- it's so much more cute! But Olivia is still nice I guess.
I think this name is boring and irritating, no offense.
Olivia Jordan Thomas is an American actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who represented the United States at Miss Universe 2015 after being crowned Miss USA on July 12, 2015 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
I never thought this name was particularly pretty. I prefer Olive, and find the "-ia" ending a bit redundant. That being said, there's nothing really wrong with it, aside from it being common as dirt and boring as watching paint dry.
My name is Olivia and I've always disliked my name because people called it a bratty name. But after a while I realized it wasn't the name it was the nicknames such as Liv, Livi, Livvy, Olive and Olli because it made me sound like I was 4 years old, so now I go by Lily. Another reason I didn't like my name was that people called it "too common".
In my opinion Olivia is a strange name. It sounds snotty and is overused. I would never even give my child this name.
It is an okay name compared to some of the more ridiculous names out there.
I notice that many people here think the name 'Olivia' is overused. And I agree. However, when used as a middle name, or a first name that is paired up with a unique-sounding surname, 'Olivia' can be as epic as ever! (I learned this from my friend, Olivia Zschietzschmann-Meek).
I love this name, I just wish it wasn't so popular. It has so many cute nicknames (Ollie, Livy, Liv, Via, Olive, etc). I would consider using once the popularity dies down.
All of the Olivia's I've ever known have been intelligent and kind. I love this name! It doesn't seem to be overused, and has a sweet old-fashioned vibe while still being beautiful. A classy name.
I love Olivia but I prefer the spelling Alivia, and this is the name of my very beautiful daughter.
I like Olivia Dunham, Ana torv's Character in Fringe.
My name is Olivia and I like it, it just annoys me when it is spelled "Alivia"..."Olivia" means "olive", and an olive resembles peace. So in a way, "Olivia" means "peace". I love it!
Olivia is like a powerful, clever, geeky name and it is like someone who would be crazy and weird, but it is a nice name.
Too often it is pronounced Alivia, which to my Yorkshire ears sounds like I live ere! My husband pointed this out to me, ruining the name for me forever. So I prefer Olive, because it actually gets pronounced with an 'Oh'.
Olivio is a type of margarine spread in UK.
This name is a very beautiful one. My name is Olivia and I don't regret it at all. Yeah, so what if my name is something to do with an olive. That doesn't bother me one bit. I was named after the "olive tree" in the BIBLE. This name is beautiful and whoever thinks it's not, that doesn't bother me. Many people think Olivia's are brats... but your totally wrong. I am one of the sweetest people you could meet. I also have met Olivia's and one of my best friends is an Olivia and she is so kind to everyone. I also don't care if people call me Olive. My best friend Felicia has a unique middle name and I call her "Felicia Hiyena" as a joke and she calls me, "Oliver" so I really don't care. I don't get teased about anything so that's good! I would definitely recommend naming your child Olivia because it's a beautiful name and I know that she will have a kind heart. Oh, and I also love the name Livy because my cousin Josie calls me that all the time. I don't like Liver or Olive Oil, but I do enjoy Livy and Liv. Thanks!
Great name! I really like it-reminds me of olives which is a good thing! It's just too popular!
Olivia means "one of peace".
I prefer Olive.
Olivia Hastings Holt, an American actress and singer.
A brilliant, amazing, gorgeous name! Xoxo.
Olivia Colman, an English actress.
This is a beautiful name. Sounds so elegant and beautiful.
For some reason, the pronunciation of this name sounds so much like "I'll leave ya" to me and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Otherwise, it's a beautiful name.
I like this name a lot. I think it has cute nicknames too, like Liv or Livi.
I hate this name because whenever I hear it, I think of Olivia the pig, and thus it's ruined it for me.
A Finnish womens' magazine has this name.
My daughters name is Olivia but I call her oli like oh lee. When she was born my fam thought it was ah lee! My grandmother (my moms mom) calls her that. My mom calls her oliver. One of my uncles and some other relatives call her olive. I dont mind these nicknames. I think her name fits her. When olivias dad chose the name I thought of a beautiful chubby baby girl.. and that's exactly what she is. So precious and beautiful. Such a joy and always happy. We are truly blessed. We will just have to wait and see if she likes the name when she gets older. She is only 8 months.
This is my middle name, and I've always pronounced it oh-LIV-ee-ah. So has everybody else. I've never heard of "ah".
I really don't like the name Olivia. To me, it sounds kind of unnatural. My sister's name is Olivia, and her boyfriend CONSTANTLY pronounces it "OH-livia", where it's usually pronounces "AH-livia". I feel like it's an easy name to mess up pronunciation-wise.
I'm surprised there aren't that many people who don't like this name... But then again, that's probably why it's so popular. I used to dislike this name, but I've grown to like a lot of names over time, although it still isn't one of my favorites. It would be a lot prettier of it wasn't so common (specifically younger generations), but I don't really like the pronunciation "uh-liv-ee-a", however "Oh-liv-ee-a" or the German, and I think Italian way of saying it, "oh-lee-via" is very pretty :)
I'm so glad Olivia is popular. It's so pretty and chic!
People keep asking why parents would name their daughter after a plant. The olive tree is a symbol of peace. Therefore, Olivia means peace. That makes me consider it and the meaning beautiful.
Olivia is a good name, it's popular, but good. It probably looks better on a kid but an adult would totally rock it!
The name Olivia can be found in some Italian records dating back before its use in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, in which case it is likely a variant or elaboration of Oliva, the name of several Italian saints (St. Oliva of Palermo, St. Oliva of Brescia and St. Oliva of Anagni).
It is a pretty name, overused but still pretty. I know the next It thing to do will be to name your daughters Olive, instead of Olivia because that will be more unique. I have known a few Olivia's in my time. The name never left too much of a impression on me though. I think it would be a fresh choice as a middle name.
Olivia Culpo (born 1992 in Cranston, Rhode Island) is an American beauty pageant titleholder. She is Miss USA 2012.
Olivia Rose (born 2001) is the daughter of American actors Al Pacino and Beverly D'Angelo.
Olivia Marie (born 2010) is the daughter of professional American cyclist Lance Armstrong and his partner, Anna Hansen.
Olivia Luna (born 2008) is the daughter of American actress Joely Fisher and cinematographer Christopher Duddy.
If I think of the name Olivia I always see it as the feminine form of Oliver. Not an olive.
Great name, one of my favorites.
Beautiful, timeless name. Unfortunately, it reminds me of the psychotic grandmother from the 'Flowers In the Attic' series, AND the annoying kid from 'The Cosby Show.' Still, despite the bad associations, it's a lovely name.
How is this name overused... honestly how many Olivia's do you know of?
Olivia was the daughter of Martin and step-daughter of Denise on the American television series "The Cosby Show".
I think I would like the name Olivia more if it was not used over and over. It is becoming a very common name such as Amy, Nicole, Abby, Sarah, Rachel, Carly, Emily, and Ashley. Every other little girl had the name. From 2005 and up it started becoming very popular.
Common, but very pretty name.
Olivia Wilde (born Olivia Jane Cockburn) is an American actress.
I think Olivia is a GREAT name! My best friend is called Olivia (I only know one another). It is often shortened to Oli, but only by me. I think she really suits it and knowing her has actually made me really like the name! I think it's very pretty and I just love it! It's fab! As is she!
I like this name and it is my dog's name. People keep saying it's overused but aside from my dog, I have met only one Olivia in my life.
I've never liked this name. I don't really care for the "liv" sound in the middle, and I'm not too fond of its cousins Oliver and Olive, either. Not to mention how common it is nowadays; every other little girl out there is named Olivia. It kills me how these mothers think their picking something "unique" and "stylish" for their daughters, and keep insisting they loved it way before the trend started. Sure you did, sweetie. Sure you did.
I personally like the name Olivia but it is very popular and I think that has really ruined it because I thought it was such a unique name at first that it was different... Olivia is actually my name but because it is so commonly used I go by Livvy, there are four Olivia's that I know but I am the only Livvy so I stopped going by Olivia and swapped. The name was created by Shakespeare (literally it didn't exist before he used it) and there are translations and words like it in other languages but it CAME from Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' Also the nicknames aren't that bad, my sister calls me Olive and I'm starting to find it funny and I think she may stop now it doesn't annoy me as much, anyone else that calls me Olive get's to scared to ever say it again because I absolutely HATE being called Olive, it's a vegetable. Liver doesn't really bother me because it slips out... I have even used it a couple of times.
I love this name! I think it's very beautiful and is perfect for a girl. It also ages well.
Oh, I love the name Olivia. My best friend is named Olivia and she is fun, funny, and full of life. The name suits her really well. I couldn't imagine the name Olivia on a quiet person.
I love the name "Olivia" because it is the name of my favorite character in the Children of the Red King books (Charlie Bone). She is a spunky, unique character who loves to dye her hair and is a phenomenal actress.
I always loved the name Liv (like Liv Tyler) and wondered how I could name my daughter that without directly correlating to the actress (since she is the only one I know of with that name) so I'm naming her oLIVia and calling her Liv for short!
I love this name, but it's too common.
This is one of the few popular names where I understand the popularity. It is very soft, feminine, and spunky, despite becoming so common. My good friend Olivia is one of the few high-school-age Olivia's I know. She is gorgeous, and bears her name well, with the occasional nickname of "Oli" which I prefer to Liv, Livvy, Lib, Libby, etc.
Although liking this name, I prefer the less-flowery, uncommon Olive and Oliva. Lovely.
Olivia Harrison! Wife of the amazing George Harrison.
This name reminds me, sadly, of Olivia Munn.
It is pretty enough, but its popularity is positively sickening. I know sisters named Madison and Olivia, and I feel so bad for them having to share their names with so many people.
I used to really like this name, but I prefer the less flowery, more uncommon Olive.
Olivia Dunham is the main character on the popular sci-fi drama, FRINGE.
Olivia is my name and I love it. I've been called Libby, Livvy, Libvy, O, Olive, and Liv.
I hate the name Olivia. 1) I am against pretty much any name that is popular at the moment because they become associated with my generation and the generation below me, and neither is a very good generation. 2) This name seems to be grasping at straws. Why would you just take a food item and then add an A to the end to make it a girl's name? Doesn't seem very clever. 3) I do like some girl's names that end in A, but although I love the Roman Empire and its names, it's a bit old-fashioned in my opinion. There are lots of good names that don't end in A, and it gets annoying when the A is clearly being forced onto the name, such as in the case of Olivia. I definitely wouldn't name anyone Olivia.
The olive is a symbol of peace, and a phrase from Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'-- "I hold the olive in my hand" -- refers to this.
Olivia Taylor is the sneaky, conniving, trampy, and somewhat sociopathic daughter of President Allison Taylor on the awesome TV show "24". Her mother had her put in jail for murder at the end of last season. She is partly why I don't like the name Olivia.
Why is everyone so obsessed with nicknames? You can call her Olivia, no nickname needed.
I'm not a huge fan of this name, I think it is FAR too overused, but I'm not too fond of the name anyway, it seems a bit plain to me, and what would you call them as a nickname? Livie? I'm sorry, yuk!
Big favorite of mine even before it got popular! I even like the idea that it can mean "olive." That just makes me think of the olive branch and the whole extending the hand of friendship thing. I love how it rolls off my tongue and is easy for me to say too.
This is the brand of feminine hygiene products I buy. So I can't imagine I'll ever use it myself.
I've always thought that Olivia is a graceful and lovely name. It reminds me of ballerinas and Swan Lake. I love it even more so now I've noticed that Olivia is six-sevenths of "Bolivia"; [b]Olivia. (I like that because Bolivia was named after Simón Bolívar, and I have a *cough*obsession*cough* penchant for Latin American things.) I'm jealous of anyone lucky enough to have such a beautiful name.
Overused and ugly. When I think of someone named Olivia I think of an overweight little girl.
This is my name and I hate it. It's ugly and reminds me of olives which are gross and gross colored.
It isn't pretty, it's meaning doesn't appeal to me. I just do not like it. No offence to anyone.
Olivia Walton was the wife of John Walton on the old tv show the Waltons. She and John had 7 children together, and she miscarried one.
Olivia means "Elf Army".
One of my best friend's name is Olivia. She pronounces it "Ah-liv-ee-ah". She and one other girl are the only Olivias I have ever met. I think this name is a nice name.
Really pretty. It's so sophisticated, classy, and pretty! If it's not so popular in a few years I might consider naming my future daughter this.
I wish the name wasn't so popular. But I love the name Olivia! It's cute, sophisticated, and beautiful. I love names that end in the letter A and I love vowel names too! Olivia is classic and beautiful. I would certainly consider naming a daughter this in a few years if it becomes less popular. Or even if it doesn't it's still beautiful!
For some reason, I've never liked this name. It just sounds icky. I don't know. I know a girl named Olivia who is very friendly, but I would just never consider this name for my own daughter.
I've never liked this name. I just can't help but thinking of olives or the name Oliver when I hear it. I also don't like the sound of "Liv" as a short form. I think it's the "v" in the middle of the name that I don't like. It just doesn't sound very feminine to me.
Ugh. I've always disliked this name, it just sounds trashy- I'm not trying to offend girls with this name, and sorry if I do.
I think Olivia is the most graceful, beautiful name in the world.
I've always pronounced it oh-LIV-ee-uh. ^^;
I love this name because it's associated with olives, actually. I think of it as a tribute to the goddess Athena. Also, the nickname "Liv" is just too adorable!
The wife of American author Mark Twain, was named Olivia. She went by the nickname, "Livy" though. They had a daughter named Olivia Susan as well. But they called her "Susie."
This is one of the prettiest names I have ever heard! It's sweet but also strong, a great mix.
Olivia Kidney is a rather charming book written by Ellen Potter about a young girl with an ability to sense and speak to ethereal characters.
My name is Olivia and I love it! I usually get called Liv or Livvy, but I am sometimes called Ollie or Olive, which I actually enjoy.
Olivia Wilde, who plays a doctor on the T.V. Show "House". But we don't know her first name, House just calls her "13".
Although this is a popular name and although I like olives I don't like this name. Who wants to be named after an olive?
Latin for olive is "Olea", not "Oliva".
I love this name, but I think it's being overused.
I pronounce Olivia with a very distinct "O." oh-LIV-ee-uh. I have only heard it pronounced this way. I'm on the west coast of the United States.
"The Color Purple" is a 1983 novel by Alice Walker and the main character's daughter is named Olivia. In the 1985 film adaptation which was directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey. It's been on Broadway since 2005. There is a line in the film where Celie (Whoopi Goldberg) sees her daughter in a local store. "I think she mine, I don't if she mine, but if she is I call her Olivia." Then there is this dialogue, "What her name?" "Pauline. But I call her Olivia." "Why you call her Olivia if that ain't her name?" "Well, just look at those eyes, only someone old would have eyes like that, so I call her O'livia." It's a beautiful film.
My name is Olivia and I'm not too fond of it. Who doesn't enjoy being called 'Liverneck' by classmates? Too many annoying nicknames!
I love the name Olivia! Matter of fact, it is my name! I am often called Liver by my family, friends, people at church, and even teachers! My cousin, Emilee, calls me Livi.
Despite not being able to swing a cat without hitting one, Olivia still gives off very crusty old lady vibes. It's lumpy. Olive is prettier.
I have a friend named Olivia. I've always liked her name since I've known her (which has been a really long time). I know Olivia Rose is a popular name right now, but maybe if I ever get pregnant, it won't be by that time. I would like to use it. It's so pretty.
I think it's a very classy, sophisticated, dignified name, and quite beautiful too. I'm actually surprised it's become so common in the era of MacKenzie, Madison, and Nevaeh used on girls. But it's far too common, so it doesn't sound all that glamorous anymore.
Olivia is my name (I am proud to have it!) but after reading what people think it means, like if it's modern or urban or whatever, it doesn't describe me at all. I thought the name Olivia described me perfectly only because it was MY name. But I just don't want anyone getting the wrong impression on Olivia. We can be youthful, strong, modern people too! And I hate that it's such a common name. I was named Olivia because my parents thought it was UNcommon. I don't know what world they were living in.
I love Olivia! It's been one of my favorite names for a long time, and I plan on one day using it if I ever get pregnant and have a little girl. It's just lovely.
I love this name, I don't care how popular it is. When I have a daughter this will be her name. I have loved it ever since I watched Law and Order SVU with Mariska Hargitay playing detective Olivia Benson.
Olivia is a beautiful, well rounded name. It makes me think of a happy, giggly girl. The Olivia I know is very much like this. She is called Lib or Libby for short.
This was the name of the daughter of Hiram Flaversham, the kidnapped toymaker in the Disney movie "The Great Mouse Detective", a Sherlock Holmes story set among the mouse population of the British Empire of the late 1890s.Olivia's father was kidnapped on her birthday by a rat who sought to gain control of the mouse version of the British Empire via a toy version of the mouse Queen Victoria (she is not named in the film), by the means of which he attempts to appoint himself royal consort.In case I was not clear earlier, Olivia and her father are themselves mice. I am quite surprised that no one thought to mention this famous bearer, for this film is one of my better childhood memories.
This is a slightly too popular name to suit me.
When I was born there was only one other Olivia in town (that I knew about) and the name was basically unpopular. Now it seems like there is a little army of Olivia's coming. My sister had a poem book for kids that she wrote in and all (and I'm not exagerating) the entries by girls under 10 were named Olivia. It is such a tragedy. How unoriginal can people get. Like the demotivational poster says, "Conformity: When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other." So true. So sad.
My name is Olivia and I love my name so much! I just wish it weren't getting so popular, I'd like to be original. Thank you to everyone who said nice things about my name, it was really nice of you and I hope I can return the favor. To everyone else, well at least you aren't named Olivia and stuck with a name that you don't like.
I love the name Olivia, it sounds pretty and elegant. I never think of olives when I hear it. I think this sounds like the name of a princess. I wouldn't name my daughter Olivia, but that's because I already have a name for her. :)
I love the name Olivia! That is my name! It's a really unique name.
I can't help but think of olives, olive oil and Olivia Newton John when I hear this name. I don't like it.
Olivia is a cute name for a girl.
It's a really cool name and it doesn't just mean "an olive" because Oliver (the Masculine form) means "elf army".
Olivia is also the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian form.
Name Day: 2th October (Czech) and 7th July (Slovak).
Pet forms: Olive, Olly, Livia.
I don't really like this name. The name itself is pretty, but I have a really negative association ingrained with it that I cannot separate it from. It's lovely, too bad it's so common. I think I like Livia better though.
I love this name. Even though it's getting really popular, I am seriously considering naming my daughter this. It's elegant, sophisticated, and the kid won't be beaten senseless for it. Nickames could be Liv, Lib or Libby, or possibly even Ollie for a tomboy.
I love the name Olivia. I don't think of olives at all. Actually, I think of this really unique, artsy girl. Liv and Livvy are both really good nickames too.
As this is the name of my younger sister, it has always had the connotation of a sweet, funny, and precocious person to me -- not necessarily elegant and serious. I definitely like it, either way.
I love, love, love this name! It's annoying that it's so overused. I just hope that by the time I have a daughter it won't be so common. I would name her after the great actress Olivia de Havilland.
Olivia 835 is a minor planet
Olivia, Minnesota, is a town in the United States of America
Olivia de Berardinis is pin-up artist
Olivia Longott is an American R&B singer
Olivia Lufkin, sometimes called OLIVIA, is a Japanese singer
Olivia Newton-John
Olivia the pig, a character in books by Ian Falconer
Olivia the Band, a Christian rock band from Haleiwa, Hawaii.
"Olivia", a novel published in 1949 by Dorothy Bussy and 1951 French motion picture based on this novel.
A play by William Gorman Wills
A minor character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
A fictional character from Dreamfall.
A character in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.
The singer of the band No Commercial Value.
I don't think I'd really like this name if it weren't for Olivia Hussey. She just gives it such a classy, beautiful association that I can't get around. Lovely.
Olivia Lufkin is a rising Caucasian/Japanese singer from Okinawa. Most famous for contributing to the soundtrack of 'NANA'.
My name is Olivia. People will tease me about it all of the time, they enjoy calling me things like Olive Oil, Liver, Oliver, Olive. Naturally I hate all of the above, but Olive mostly just because it reminds me of Popeye's girlfriend. I always carried a negative association with her. Besides the nicknames, I think people tend to enjoy me as a person because I'm vastly different from the stereotypical Olivia - every other one I've met seemed like a complete snob or spoiled brat. I've yet to understand why.
Patricia Arquette & Thomas Jane have a daughter Harlow Olivia Calliope Elliot which was born 20th February 2003 in L.A.
My sister's name is Olivia. I'm so jealous. I wish I could have had it to name for my daughter! It's so pretty. She gets called Livvy mostly which I used to hate calling her but am so used to saying it that it doesn't matter. She gets called Liver, but that was more of a natural thing that you don't even realize you say until you've said it. She doesn't care though. We call her "olive" as a joke.
Country singer Sara Evans has a daughter named Olivia Margaret.To add the previous comment, the mother on the television show "The Waltons" was named Olivia and nicknamed Livvy.
I think Olivia is a very pretty name, and the nickname Livvy is very cute. Olivia is the name of the mother in the 1970's family drama "The Waltons". Her character really made the name appeal to me. :-)
Olivia has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880's but didn't grow in usage and popularity until the 1990's.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Olivia here:
This is great name for nicknames. My friend Olivia gets called Liv, Livia, Livee, Liver (unfortunately), Livies and many more.
My name is Olivia and my mum said she named me after the actress in the first Romeo and Juliet. And I don't mind the name except when people call me Olive Oyl.
Olivia Longott is an American RnB singer.
"Olivia" is connected to the "olive". In many languages the word "olive" begins with "oliv", for example in Spanish "oliva" means the noun "olive" and "olivo" - the olive tree.
Olivia is a beautiful name. It is an ageless classic that doesn't seem to go out of style.
Olivia de Havilland was an actress in the 1930's-1980's. Her most famous role was probably the part she played as Melanie in the 1939 movie GONE WITH THE WIND.
Lovely name but in the past several years has suffered from overuse. I expect it to only get worse so let's hope this name doesn't go "Emily" on us.
Who in their right mind would name their daughter after an olive?
Olivia Newton-John. English born, Australia raised U.S. Citizen. Starred in Grease. Winner of 4 Grammy Awards. Sold over 50 million records worldwide.
Everytime I hear the name Olivia, I can't help but think of olives.
It's funny because I see all these compliments and me myself, I don't think Olivia is such a beautiful name. But it's nice to hear that some people actually like the name Olivia.
I think it is a beautiful name and only very intelligent people have it.
Actress Olivia Hussey (who has played such wonderful women as Juliet, the Virgin Mary and Rebecca in Ivanhoe) is a famous bearer of this name.
Olivia Benson is a detective on the T.V. show "Law & Order: SVU." She is played by the beautiful Mariska Hargitay.
Famous bearers: Singer/actress Olivia Newton-John (Grease) and Oscar-winning actress Olivia de Havilland (Gone with the Wind).
Olivia is such a beautiful and sophisticated name, no wonder it's so popular.
Olivia can derive from the laurel tree, meaning 'symbol of peace'.
The Latin form of the ancient Greek name Olvia. This was the name of a Nymph.

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