Reminds me of an otter.
Such a handsome name! Feels versatile & has that lovely old man charm.
This is a really interesting, unusual name. I like it! Quite rare, not used much. Looks different than most names. Otto is a great name!
Otto Woods is the drummer in the band Waterparks.
This name is so awkward. It always makes me think of the word auto.
Sounds like a tractor.
This name is cool and sophisticated.
Otto Preminger: Austrian-American film director born 1905, died 1986. Popular films include "Laura," "The Man With The Golden Arm" and "Anatomy Of A Murder".
The only Palindromic name that I like.
I always found this name weird because "Otto" means "eight" in my language (Italian).
Add Usage: Italian

Pronounced: UWT-to (Swedish), O-do (Danish), AHT-o (American English), AWT-o (British English), OT-to (Finnish, Italian)

Another notable bearer is the father of Anne Frank (1929-1945) and only surviving member of the Frank family during the Holocaust, Otto Frank (1889-1980).
Means car in hebrew...
Otto Suwen is a character in the anime/manga/light novel Re:Zero - Starting Life In Another World.
In 2018, 80 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Otto who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 967th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is okay.
Don't like it.
It's the name of the green monkey in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
Otto Heinrich "Pim" Frank was a German businessman who later became a resident of the Netherlands and Switzerland. He was the father of Anne and Margot Frank. As the sole member of his family to survive the Holocaust, he inherited Anne's manuscripts after her death, arranged for the publication of her diary as The Diary of a Young Girl in 1947, and oversaw its transition to the stage and screen.
Otto Frederick Warmbier is an American college student who was imprisoned in North Korea from March 2016 to June 2017 after being convicted of "hostile acts" against the country. Warmbier, then 21, confessed to stealing a political propaganda poster and was sentenced to 15 years' hard labor. The United States made diplomatic attempts to seek Warmbier's release. A U.S. State Department spokesman said Warmbier's harsh sentence was a response to U.S. sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear activities. According to his father, Warmbier's confession was forced and he was abducted by the North Korean regime for political purposes.
Weird name. I think about Otter when I hear it. And otter is more suited for a dog.
"Evil Otto" is the antagonist robot in the video game, Berzerk, and its sequel, Frenzy.
The name Otto makes me think of a complete stoner\drug-user. I just can not get past that association I built up in my mind. It also makes me think of the word "Auto" as in Automobile and the company, 'Auto zone' * hums *Get in the zone, auto\Otto zone".
This is a cool name. Very few male names are palindromes, so that lets Otto stand out.
I really like this name. Just reading the other commenter's comments - it's funny how accent can totally change the impression a name makes. In the American accent, I suppose Otto really does sound like "auto".
An Estonian version is Ott; Ott Lepland is a wonderfully talented (& handsome!) singer from Estonia.
A famous bearer is East Frisian (German) comedian Otto Waalkes (born 1948), who became famous starting in the 1970s through various TV shows, films and song parodies and is one of the best known German comedians today. He also created the "Ottifanten" cartoon characters, who have appeared in a TV show and other media like video games.
It's an ok name, I also know of it being used as a surname. But I just can't get over how it sounds like the word "auto".
Otto (1346-1379) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV and his wife Margarete.
Otto (1301-1339) was the son of King Albert I of Germany and his wife Elisabeth.
Otto (955-983) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and his wife Adelheid.
Otto (980-1002) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Otto II and his wife Theophanu.
Otto (1170-1200) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa) and his wife Beatrix.
Otto (1848-1916) was the son of King Maximilian II of Bavaria and his wife Marie. He was the younger brother of "Mad King" Ludwig II and later became King of Bavaria himself.
Otto (1390-1461) was the son of King Rupert of Germany and his wife Elisabeth.
The late Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, Otto von Habsburg, was a well-known bearer.
Otto Benesch (1896-1964) was an Austrian art historian.
This is the name of the botanical artist Otto Wilhelm Thomé.
Oto and Oton are forms used in Croatia.
Like diamond, I always think of an otter.
Whenever I hear this name, my head is screaming, 'OTTERRR!'
Means 'eight' in Italian.
So cute! I'd use it. =)
"Otto the Orange" - mascot for Syracuse University. Woot!
I like this name. However, this name has the association with the brat from Rocket Power, and Otto von Bismarck is an even worse association.
Otto II (? – 18. února 1126), son of Otto I. Of Olomouc and Eufémia of Hungary. He was (1107-1110 and 1113-1126) of duke in Olomouc's deal and (1123-1126) duke of Brno's deal. With wife Sofia van Berg had a son Otto III Dětleb and two other kids.

Otto III Detleb (1122 - 12th May 1160) was a son of Otto II Černý and Sofia van Berg. His sons: Vladimír and Břetislav.
This name reminds me of the word otter for some reason.
I really want to like this name, I just can't get that stupid Nickelodeon show out of my head!

I'll just think about Otto van Bismarck instead. That's a little better, in a wierd way. : )
The Prieto quintuplets are born in Venezuela, the world's third surviving set of quints. Mario, Fernando, Otto, Robinson and Juan Jose are the first all-boy quints recorded.
This name sounds crappy in American pronunciation, and it also sounds quite annoying in other languages. I can't get the image of the school bus driver on the Simpsons out of my head.
Otto is a palindrome.

Also, Otto is the name of Daniel Handler's (aka Lemony Snicket) son (born 2003). He named him this because it was a palindrome.
The Spider-man character Doctor Octupus' (Doc Ock) real name was Otto Octavius (Octavious once).
Otto is Ludo Bagman's brother in the Harry Potter books.
Otto Rocket was a character on the cartoon Rocket Power that used to be on Nickelodeon (I don't know if they show it anymore.)
I went from really hating this name to really liking it now. I think it's very unique and cool for a boy.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Otto here:
I adore this name.
Otto Silverheilm - The character in "Ondskan" - evil - that makes the main character Erik's life a nightmare.
Famous bearer is Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of the German Empire.
Otto is a busdriver on 'The Simpsons'.
Otto is the name of Kevin Kline's character in the film A Fish Called Wanda.
Otto is the name of Sarge's dog in the comic strip "Beetle Bailey."
Otto was the name of Anne Frank's father.
May also be derived from the Finnish word "ottaa", to take, which may sometimes refer to imbiding alcohol.

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