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I think Patrick is a nice name. I never think of the SpongeBob character when I hear it.
It's a good name but since there are no Patricks in my homeland and Saint Patrick's Day isn't even known by most, I can't not associate it with Patrick Star.
Y'all really forgot about Patrick from Sponge Bob tho.
Honestly, being a Patrick myself is pretty good- like I get called many nicknames!
Does anyone know of a female named Patrick? Or am I the only one? Seriously.
This name is definitely masculine and strong.
Please don’t name your child Patrick. Patrick Lee is a bad example of this name.
Never liked it, I bet every guy named Patrick hates their own name because of the SpongeBob character.
If only Spongebob didn't ruin it...
I like to believe that this name is the most beautiful I have ever heard. Every time the singular p leaves the mouth of any human possible, I feel myself ascending to the heavens.
The famous and godly Patrick Star is the only person who should bear this name. Any mortal that bears this name is weeby and built like a 2nd grader. *ahem*. They are the most obnoxious people and I would do anything to see their impending doom.
Dull and unattractive name.
Ugly! And too common! Hate, despise this!
Wait, I really take back what I said. Patrick is actually pretty handsome and masculine, and there are a few good Patrick associations I have, so no, I do not hate this anymore.
It's handsome and one of those names that really doesn't need a nickname.
Name of the day: 3/16/2021.
Not a fan to be honest - It doesn't jump out as a strong name to me.
Patrick Long was Alice's boyfriend in the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
Patrick Lavon Mahomes II is an American NFL quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. He signed a 10-year contract with the Chiefs for $450,000,000.
We have twin boys - one is Patrick and the other is Marcus - we picked Patrick because it's a strong, classic and meaningful name, also being Celtic/Irish and Christian as well as internationally recognised.
Patrick is not a bad name because of Patrick Star!
Just have to look at the urban dictionary for an accurate description for the name Patrick, because it is right.
I like it because it's universal and iconic, recognisable in many languages etc and also has a great meaning and backstory.
I haven't seen anyone mention Patrick Stewart, who brings class to the name Patrick. My grandson is named Patrick.
I always thought of Patrick from SpongeBob until I became a Youngblood. Then, because I couldn't get the mental image out of my head, I thought of Patrick Stumph as Patrick the Starfish.
Patrick Stump is the lead singer of the rock band Fall Out Boy.
It's my name and I don't like its association with the stupid character from SpongeBob SquarePants.
A rather odd name. It is pretty nice, but at the same time it sounds like 2 nicknames (Pat & Rick obviously) smushed together. I'm a bit old to associate this name with the stupid starfish from Spongebob, but that connection certainly does nothing to help improve the image of the name Patrick.
It's a strong name and I would only use it in its full form, Paddy or Pat would be a good dog's name, although in my part of Ireland, many Patricks go by 'Patsy' which sounds like a female name.
Patrick Joseph Leahy is a Democratic senator from Vermont who proposed the controversial PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in 2011.
Lol I can’t help but think of Patrick Star.
As a 14 year old born in 2005 with the name Patrick I will be honest, for some reason all of you have been spot on with what characteristics people with this name have. These personality traits are somehow spot on and it’s kinda scary. My username online is “PattyMcFatty” (even though I’m kinda skinny) and Patrick Star jokes are common. Patricia, Patty, and other nicknames are common but I like Patty the most because it’s kinda adorable in my opinion.
Patrick is the name of Mr. Ratburn's new husband from the Arthur episode "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone", notable for featuring a same-sex wedding.
Patrick Page is a Broadway actor and singer. Page played Hades in Anaïs Mitchell’s folk opera Hadestown.
Patrick Cutrone, an Italian striker, and the god of the parodic religion, THE CUTRONISM, GRANDE EMOZIONE, SAN PATRICK!
I have bad connotations with the name Patrick because it was my dad's name, and my dad did some bad things. It is a nice name though. I think it means that anybody with this given name is lucky or intelligent.
If a child grows up with this name in today's generation they will most likely get teased and get a lot of Patrick Star jokes. That's something to consider.
Too overused. There's also Patrick Star to consider.
Add Usage: DutchPronounced: PAT-rik (English, Swedish), PA-drehg (Danish)
I've never noticed how amazing this name (Patrick) was until I stumbled on the meaning and history of its origins, I came to like it more than before. I will pass it on to my firstborn.
Patricks are amazing and great oh GOD I love that name so much I wish my name was Patrick and omg my friend Patrick is SO nice like how can someone be this nice and Patrick the sea star is AMAZING I love that creature so much so stop being so mean.
Well I've had this name my whole life and I hate it. It's not a masculine name compared to other boy names. You get called names like Patricia and Patty. Almost every boy name has a girl equivalent. However, for some reason it's much harder to refer to Steven as Stephanie, or Thomas as Thomasina or whatever. But it's pretty easy to refer to Patrick as Patricia or Patty to insult someone, and it just fits better. People say it to me almost instinctively, even if they are joking around. The ring of the name causes it somehow. Another thing I hate about this name is its association with Christianity. I'm a pagan and I hate Christianity and I hate St. Patrick. He drove the snakes out of Ireland according to legend. Ironically, I happen to love snakes! I've been fascinated with them and have been catching them since I was little. Everyone in school knew I was the Snake Man. I wish that were my name instead of Patrick. Furthermore I am not Irish or Roman Catholic. And when I was born my parents had already switched from Catholic to Baptist. So from every angle, Patrick really could not be a more unfitting name for me. I don't know how I ended up with this name but I bet it was my Mom's idea. Women should not name boys because they give them girly names. The association with the idiot starfish on SpongeBob is now just the icing on the cake for me. If you're considering naming your boy Patrick, please for his sake consider something else. Max or something similar is much better than Patrick. Patrick just sounds annoying too.
I'm not sure I like this name. It does remind me of Patrick Star from Spongebob. However, in my later years, I knew someone named Patrick who could be nice yet annoying at the same time. However, I do like the meaning of it.
I love the name Patrick, I am gonna change my name to it when I'm 18.
According to ISTAT in 2017 were born 98 Patrick in Italy.
In 2018, 46 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Patrick who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 75th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Patrick.
When I have fights or disagreements people tend to use my name against me. Apparently the name Patrick is not as great as you all think it is because I have grown to hate it.
In casual or confrontational situations people don't usually say your name, but I've had people use my name as a way to make me appear lesser than others and it is just because of my name. Names like Sean, Matt, Chris or Kyle, while very average, seem much tougher in comparison. The name Patrick seems like the title for someone much less tough. There's been a clip online that was on TV about a guy named Patrick and he was referred to as a guy who reads and writes poetry and is very emotional. Hence his title, "Emotional Patrick". There's also Patrick from Spongebob, who is a complete idiot. And Patricia, female version used when people are blatantly being disrespectful and trying to insult or embarrass you. The name is associated with "being pathetic" etc. It can be difficult living with this title at times.
Patrick can seem like a great name to have when you've been recognized for an accomplishment, but at other times it can feel like a burden, such as working as a green hand in a hyper masculine atmosphere such as construction. As stated above, people will often form opinions based on your name/nickname and you will be treated accordingly. It's not easy to rise to greatness when people don't think you're worth much. I am constantly doubted and it's rare somebody feels I am worthy of being put in a position of power or given a great opportunity despite my natural leadership ability and compassionate nature making me a suitable candidate for leadership roles. My experience as Patrick has sort of sucked.
Famous bearer: Patrick Bateman is a fictional serial killer and businessman from the movie/novel, "American Psycho".
It reminds me of that silly character in Spongebob.
And there's Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy.
Patrick Blondeau is a former international footballer who played in Ligue 1 and the Premier League. Born in Marseille, he began playing professional football with nearby FC Martigues in Ligue 2. He played for Jean Tigana for several years at AS Monaco and then signed with Sheffield Wednesday F.C. for the 1997–98 season. Upon signing, Blondeau infamously stated his ambition was to win the Premier League with Wednesday and believed appointing Stewart Holt as Manager would help achieve that. Blondeau didn't settle in Sheffield and returned to France.
Patrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices numerous other characters on the show. Created and designed by marine biologist and cartoonist Stephen Hillenburg, the series creator, Patrick first appeared on television in the show's pilot episode "Help Wanted" on May 1, 1999.
My name is Patrick. It's a good name. Though I was called Pat when I was young, I've always signed my name Patrick, and in more recent years introduced myself as Patrick. I prefer the full name.My father's middle name is Patrick and his first name is Bruce. My middle name is Bruce. I always thought it was a clever way to be nearly a junior without being called Junior. I never cared for that name or suffix.
Patrick Henry - "Give me liberty or give me death!"
My middle name! (I'm Dylan Patrick) I like it a lot.
This name is another personal favorite of mine; it's definitely in my top 5 favorite names. It's very strong, isn't too overused, has some good history behind it, ages well and it sounds very classy to me as well. I'm not particularly fond of the nicknames though; I'd go by Patrick if it was my name.
Patrick Phungwayo is a South African football (soccer) player who plays as a left-back for Orlando Pirates in the Premier Soccer League. He joined Orlando Pirates on 26 June 2012.
My great grandfather's name was Patrick, My uncle's name is Patrick, my future son will be named Patrick. I love this name and think it gives out my Irish roots.
Paddy is masculine. If a guy was Irish he would not call himself Patty which is gaelic for Patricia while Paddy is gaelic for Patrick. St. Patty's day is St. Patricia's day, St. Paddy's day is St. Patrick's day. Patty is feminine, Paddy is Masculine, and Patsy and Pat are unisex.
However, I prefer
Patrick- Pat, Paddy, Rick, Ricky, Patt.
Patricia- Patty, Patsy, Trish, Trisha, Rikki, Ricki.
I can not explain.
Patrick Berg is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Bodø/Glimt. He is the son of former Rosenborg and Bodø/Glimt player Ørjan Berg.
I think this is a nice name, but everyone seems to associate it with Patrick, a starfish off of Spongebob Squarepants, who is unintelligent.
I have logged many years with the name Patrick, and I must say, it isn't half bad. Not only does it go well with Irish surnames, there are a variety of nicknames that seem to fit any age. My grandfather is Pat, while I am Paddy or simply Patrick. There are many great bearers of the name, notably Patrick Pearse, an Irish rebel leader of the Easter rising. A well known name without being too common, Patrick is one of the most versatile names in existence.
Utterly common. I can't stand names that you hear EVERYWHERE.
Never cared for this name. It's the #1 stereotypical Irish name that never gets old to mock and plus, it's one letter off from it being "PatDick"
Also, I HATE Patty\Paddy\Pat. (Rick is better despite rhyming with dick).
I love the name Patrick! Strong, classic, and masculine. More common as a middle name but I love it for a first name. I am planning to name my son this if I have one.
This will always be a great boy's name for me. I won't let the associations of that starfish from Spongebob ruin it for me.
Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor. He is best known for playing Barney Stinson on the television series "How I Met Your Mother."
This name is awesome and deserves to be used a whole lot more! =)
In the book 18, named for the 18th amendment prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol, Patrick McClain is an Irishman accused of illegal bootlegging during the prohibition era.
Patrick Kane and Patrick sharp both play hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks.
Name of the Day: March 16, 2013.
I am unsure if I'd ever use this name or not, but I do like it because it reminds me of Patrick Star, one of my favorite cartoon characters. It is just about one of the few Irish boys' names I like, and it ages well, so this should make a fantastic name.
I've known two people named Patrick, they were both little boys. One was a bit of a brat, but the other one was so adorable. I like this name a lot, and for some reason I like the nickname patty for a boy but not for a girl. Overall, Patrick is an awesome name that deserves a comeback!
This is my uncle's name AND my step cousin's name, and has been used for boys in my family for generations. I have mixed feelings on it because it sounds sort of cool, but wouldn't pass it on to a son because I'm not into any of the nicknames.
Patrick Joseph Caulfield (1936-2005) was a British painter and printmaker.
My youngest son, now nine years old, is named Patrick. We usually call him Paddy (the family is Irish on my husband's side) but his brother nicknamed him "Patch" as a baby and calls him that to this day.
Our Patrick was born in 2001, and when people would ask his brother (age four at the time)what his little brother's name was, he would solemnly say: "It's Patrick, but he is NOT a starfish. He is a baby."
Name of the Day: March 16, 2011.
The name Patrick runs very deep in my family. My name is Patrick and honestly I've learned to love it but out of every thing I've ever been called... Pakky is my favorite nickname. Oh and referring to Patrick star from Spongebob Squarepants is a disgrace to the name Patrick.
In my opinion this is a girl's name.
Patrick is such an awesome and masculine name. The nickname Patchy is so cute.
Patrick can also be used as a longer version of Patty. I think both these names aren't as good as the majority of the names on this website though.
I know a boy named Patrick and I call him Patty. Haha He didn't like it at first, but I think it's growing on him and more people call him that now. :)
This name reminds me of a unintelligent starfish. Don't deny it. Find a better name.
Really love it. Not many names end with a 'ck'. I guess because of St. Patrick, it brings up a strong, determined, but gentle man. A still-waters-run-deep kinda guy. No nicknames, only Patrick will do. I think the younger generation is through with the 'Pat' nickname, anyway, thank goodness.
I will keep checking that this name continues to be less percent used in the United States, This used to be my name, and I changed it. This may sound strange but the strangeness works for me rather than the madness I used to be.
A famous bearer of this name is Patrick Bateman, the main character of American Psycho.
I like this name, it has a lot of history and sounds nice.
This name is so strong. I like it spelled "Patric" too.
"Patrick Jane" (first- and last name) is a character on the TV show "The Mentalist."
Also Patrick Bateman's name, the main character of the novel American Psycho.
Patrick Roy was a professional goaltender in the NHL, playing for both the Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche, and winning two Stanley Cups with each team.
I like this name a lot. It's one of those masculine names that are classic like William and Michael. I even like the nickname Paddy for a little boy.
I love this name, it's my fathers, and it's also carried by Saint Patrick!
Patrick Troughton is a famous English actor, who starred in "Doctor Who" as the Second Doctor.
My dad's name, I love it and it sounds masculine, nice, and strong.
Patrick McKenna is a famous bearer.
It makes me think of people like Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan. It's not the best-sounding male name anyway, but kind of like Henry and Frederick, this is a name that has turned out to be common on insufferable conservatives.
St. Patrick, in my opinion, is the best namesake there is for a boy. Plus it isn't so bad sounding either. It's decreasing in popularity, but isn't at the point of being strange. Only problem: most of the nicknames are terrible, IMO. I like many very unpopular names, but I would consider this classic gem if I ever had a boy!
Good strong masculine name, despite the androgynous diminutive. I've never known an effeminate Patrick. And St. Patrick was one of the most amazing men who ever lived.
It's a great name but I really wish there was a tasteful nickname for it.
Patrick is the name of Radiohead drummer Phil Selway's third son.
I had a friend, when I was a kid, named Patrick, and his mom and just about everyone else called him Patch. I thought it was the coolest nickname ever.
A famous bearer of this name is Patrick Macnee, the man who starred in the hit British TV show The Avengers, as the character John Steed. Patrick Macnee stayed with the show from the days of Ian Hendry, through the glory days of Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg, to The New Avengers with Joanna Lumley.
Patrick Wolf is an immensely talented British folktronica singer-songwriter from South London. He plays around 16 instruments and made his own theremin at age 11.
A famous bearer is Patrick Sueskind, German writer. His best known work is Perfume and The Story of Mr. Sommer.
My dad was almost named Patrick. I'm really glad he wasn't because if he was, I probably wouldn't have existed. My mom's name is Patricia, and she said she probably wouldn't have dated him if his name was Patrick. She hates her name. The idea of being Pat and Pat would have been a major turn off. Thank God my father was Michael insted.
Also used for boys in Slovenia, though not as popular as Patrik.
Slovene name? My god, we don't use "ck" at all!
Patrick is perfect in every way!
I am in love with this name. Not only is it the name of one of the main characters in the book I am writing, it is also the name of the awesome Patrick Stump, lead singer of Fall Out Boy.
Patrick is one of my favorite boys' names. I can see it on a baby, a toddler, a child and eventually an adult. It's a strong name. I hate the nicknames though, if my son's name was Patrick we'd just call him Patrick, not Ricky or Pat or anything.
My surname, Patterson, meaning "Son of Patrick", comes from this name. I have heard that in Ireland, Pattersons were the descendants of the followers of St. Patrick.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Patrick here:
Michael Patrick Kelly from the Kelly Family is a famous musician.
This is the awesome Jimmy Page's middle name!
Patrick Stewart from X-men movies and Star Trek the next Generation.
A famous bearer is Patrick Dempsey who stars in Grey's Anatomy.
US-born actor Patrick Wilson has appeared in such films as The Phantom of the Opera and Hard Candy.
I used this name as a middle name for my son Dylan. I hadn't considered that name before but since he was born on St. Patrick's day we used it. I am sure glad we did. It is a great name.
The name Patrik is also found in Germany and Flanders (Dutch speaking part of Belgium). It has a slightly different etymological meaning than 'Patrick' as it is the combination of the Latin 'Pater' meaning 'father' and the German 'rik' ('regere') meaning 'ruling, governing'. As such the name 'Patrik' means "fatherly ruler".
There is nothing wrong with the nickname Pat or other ones such as Paddy, Patty, Ricky, Rick, etc, etc. Patrick is a great name.
My good friend's name is Patrick. It's a very nice name even though so many people have it, but I like it a lot. It's a colorful name.
Famous bearer: US actor Patrick Swayze.
A famous bearer of the name Patrick is Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy!
This is the the name of SpongeBob's sidekick in "SpongeBob SquarePants".
I know some wonderful Patricks, they're always just as charming as can be, but whatever you do prospective parents, DO NOT CALL HIM PAT as a nickname. All Pats I've met have been picked on. Call him Paci (= Pack-y).
I don't think that nickname would be nice for Indians to hear.
This is the ultimate man's name, it's so strong and masculine. I believe in picking names your children can grow into and be proud of and this name is definitely that.

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