Makes me think of Peter Griffin tbh.
Peter is one of those nostalgic, homely names. It sounds very handsome and I think it deserves more recognition. Pete is a cool nickname and I love its meaning.
If you look at the association with Peter Parker, Peter Pan, Peter Piper, and Peter Griffin.
Hate it. Boring and unpleasant.
A simple, solid name. The name of the great apostle and first pope, St. Peter. As classic and straightforward as Paul and John.
I feel obliged to shed some light on what it is like living with this name. I like my name for its strong sound, its history, and I like the nickname Pete. I get very positive reactions from others when I share my name, and I have met only a handful of guys my age with it (20's and 30's). So while it may be an old name, it doesn't seem boring either. As for nicknames, my urban friends are inclined to call me "Petey" for some reason. Otherwise, I generally get "Pete" but they usually ask if that's ok first. I really don't care. With Spanish speaking friends, I call myself Pedro just for fun, but they usually use my English name regardless.There are a lot of character associations I get such as Peter Parker, Peter Pan, Peter Rabbit and Peter from "Peter and the Wolf". Sometimes that can get tiresome, but sometimes it's fun, too. As far as the slang meaning, I never knew it existed until I discovered it in the dictionary one day. I was confused, because I'd NEVER heard it used that way before and to this day the only times I've heard that are rare instances from people who are acting trashy anyway. So it really doesn't have any effect on me. If that is a concern of yours, be reassured that many people are not even aware of that usage.In summary, I am very happy with my name and would certainly recommend it to others. The meaning is good, the history is good, and it's easy to remember. And whoever you are, wheelbarrow4 and noisynora, I am available. Lol.
I do like this name, it's classic and is the name of St. Peter, but the fact that "Peter" is slang for a part of the male does raise concerns as to whether or not it is an ideal name in today's day and age.
This is the name of Austrian school economist Peter Schiff. Schiff is known for his prediction of the housing bubble and subprime mortgage crisis. He is President of a company called Euro Pacific Capital and was economic adviser to Ron Paul's Presidential campaign in 2008. Schiff also runs the Peter Schiff Show a radio show and Podcast where he discusses economics, finance, and politics. He has published several books as well mostly about economics and finance. He is known for his belief in the owning of gold and silver as part of a diversified portfolio and concerns about an inflationary crisis. Critics suggest that some of his predictions occurred over a longer time frame than he has projected and that certain predictions about investments have been less successful than he has suggested.
Such an amazing name! A great namesake could be Saint Peter the Apostle! One of the greatest Saints ever!
Struwwelpeter, AKA Shockheaded Peter, the title character of Heinrich Hoffman's book...
Also Judeo-Anglo-Norman:
Peter Capaldi is a Scottish actor, director, singer and writer. He portrayed the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who and Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It.
Too old-fashioned, but handsome and timeless.
Captain Peter Burkill of British Airways flight 38 performed a crash landing after the Boeing 777 suffered fuel starvation which caused its engines to shut down near London Heathrow. Everyone onboard made out of the aircraft alive thanks to Captain Burkill and his fellow crew.
Has an unpleasant sound to it.
This is a bona fide classic boy's name that's relatively overlooked by parents today. Maybe a little old-fashioned on the ears still, but not really much more so than other classics that are much more popular. It's secretly a more dynamic name than most people give it credit for. Nothing really wrong with Pete either, it's aged well.
For an apparently "boring" name this sure gets people worked up! Like, ok, you don't like the name but... get a grip. It's not actively ruining your life. Anyway, I came on here to look at it because we are planning to call our soon-to-arrive son Peter, after my father who died when I was young. I find it hard to know what I'd think of this name if I didn't have that association – maybe a bit ho-hum – but in any case I too like its sweetly old-fashioned and dependable air and the way that childhood fictional characters named Peter tend always to be gentle but strong and spirited. The adult Peters I know are generally great people who display all those qualities, and I like that while it's an extremely established name across so many cultures, you don't currently find it so much among young kids in anglophone cultures. So, I think we'll go with it. Just hope he never runs into a Peter hater!
Good name! Don't understand all the hate comments.
Really, really handsome. I think the meaning stone is strong and I love how classic it is. I like that it's biblical, too. It has a nostalgic feel for me. The Peter Rabbit, Peter Pan, and Spiderman associations are childhood so I don't see them as bad. The Bruno Mars association is also childhood too. Grenade and Treasure hit hard...No hate, but I'd also like to date a Peter, lol.
I think it's sad how much hate and criticism this name has received on this site… Peter is a timelessly beautiful name, in my opinion. It ages wonderfully and its meaning “stone” is very strong and solid. Also, it carries with it several pleasant associations, such as the courageous Apostle Peter, adorable Peter Rabbit, and beloved Peter Pan.
Overall, I think Peter is a gorgeous name.
Don't really care for this name, but it's not a bad name as some commenters are making it out to be.
Absolutely VILE! This was what the little boy I was a nanny for called his male part.
Peter is a wonderful name. It's my favourite boy's name and always has been. I love how enduring and timeless it is, and the meaning 'stone' is strong, sturdy and dependable, just like the name itself.
Peter Gerard Scully was an Australian man who got life imprisonment in the Philippines after producing and selling several graphic and heinous videos on the dark web which showed torture and sexual abuse of infants, as well as many other videos graphic in nature. Scully also kidnapped and abused children and made them his slaves. He also was found to have murdered at least one of his victims.
Very very unattractive! Ugh!
It's okay, I guess. Not unattractive or unpleasant probably, but it is a little plain. Definitely not the worst name in the world, but maybe choose something more...vibrant. Not offending anyone, Peter's have different personalities. :)
Trashy and not attractive at ALL. Don't get the appeal, ugh!
I hate this name it sounds so unattractive, I don't see the appeal at all.
Peter Rabbit.
Peter Pettigrew is a character of J.K. Rowling's creation.
I hate this name. It sounds so old and stuck-up, disgusting.
Boring. I DISLIKE it.
Peter is just a name. Not my favourite, but for some individuals to exclaim that they hate this one particular forename is completely
absurd. Hating is reserved for violence. Disliking a name on the other hand is only normal. Peter is an old fashioned name where I am from and is not usually given to a baby these days.
I hate, hate, hate this name! So boring, common, plain; who would like this?!
I love it, but I may be biased because it is my own name!
I think Peter is a solid name that can fill the litmus test of being a good name for a person of any age really. There is a reason why some names age gracefully while others might not.
Peter sounds ok to me, granted here in Germany it is a highly popular name. Whenever I think of Peter I always imagine the story, “Peter and the Wolf”, so I guess that is pretty much what I can say about this name.
Boring old fashioned name that can also be slang for penis which is a NO for me.
Classic beauty! Peter is the real deal, has class and quality. I think it was really popular many decades ago, not so much anymore, but it feels like it's still going strong. I like this name!
Peter Pan is the main character in Disney’s animated film.
Very sexy name. I'd love to date a Peter.
Fictional Bearer: Artham Peet Wingfeather "Peet the Sock Man" from Wingfeather Saga. Named after author's older brother Peter.
Famous Bearer: Peter Furler. Newsboys. Australian. Bald, dark eye make-up, scary looking, but oh so sweet in life. Very joyous man.
It's okay but it does sound a bit weak and feeble in my opinion, I prefer Paul.
Peter Steele was the frontman of the gothic metal band Type O Negative.
Peter White is a smooth jazz guitarist bearing the name.
Peter sounds so strong and classic!
To be honest I wouldn’t mind having a girl named Peter, just saying.
My favorite boy's name. If I were ever to have a twin boy and girl, I'd name them Peter and Lydia. Both are Biblical names, and I'm deeply Christian. Peter was an amazing man in the Bible.
Peter is a hot name. I think of Peter Parker.
Peter is a name that makes me feel nostalgic, since it is so abundant in children's books (Peter Pan, Peter the Rabbit, etc), and it's my father's name. It's classic and well-known, but not as common as, say, William or James. I'm considering using it in the future.
My name is Peter. Although I may be a bit biased, I love my name and I would never dream of changing it. The immature comments about the name Peter apparently being a slang term for a male body part did offend me a little bit. The real meaning of it is "Rock/Stone" and the name belonged to one of Jesus' disciples. There is nothing that states it is another word for a male body part. Growing up, I didn't meet many Peters that were my own age, and I was always the only Peter in both Primary school and Secondary school. It probably wasn't as popular where I lived, but I am sure there were other young Peters in different towns across the UK and in various other countries. I mostly go by Peter, but a lot of people often call me Pete without asking. This doesn't bother me, but I personally prefer to go by Peter. When I am meeting new people, I always introduce myself as Peter.
Bruno Mars' real name.
What is with the hate? It’s a pretty classic and nice name.
Also, stone isn’t a bad meaning at all! Jesus told Peter, “You are my rock, and upon this rock I will build my church.”.
It's my birth name. I'm somewhere between Millennial and Gen Z, and of Asian descent. Even after I graduated and went to university, everyone would still call me "Pete" and "Petey". I hate these nicknames but it's inevitable. The inappropriate usage caught me off guard, e.g. "Like Peter Rabbit right?", or random acquaintances calling me "Peter Pan" and "Sneaky Pete" (like the TV show).It sounded terrible with my middle name. My friends were even saying that it's too English for me.I'm going by a different name now, a less-known unisex name with a more fitting connotation. I'm living in a new city, so I'm going to change to it legally soon. It's very freeing!
Scripts: Πετρος (Ancient Greek)Pronounced: PEH-teh (Swedish), PEH-du (Danish)
Peter Pettigrew was the Secret keeper to the Potters and a death eater in Harry Potter.
All I can think about is that fat moron from Family guy.
Stinky Pete from the Toy Story movies.
According to Merriam Webster:Peter (verb)
Pe·​ter | \ ˈpē-tər 1 : to diminish gradually and come to an end : GIVE OUT —usually used with out2 : to become exhausted —usually used with out
In the same boat as Dick, Willie, and Johnson.
Peter Cushing was the English actor who was always hunting Dracula ( Christopher Lee). Peter Benchly wrote “Jaws”. Peter (Pete) Rose holds the MLB record for career hits. Peter Noone was frontman for 60’s group Herman’s Hermits. Peter Lorre who was in hundreds of movies including “Casablanca”. Peter Maravich (Pistol Pete) hall of fame NBA star.. Peter Gabriel musician. Peter (Pete) Best one time Beatles drummer, Peter Ustinov actor. Peter Fonda actor, Peter Lawford actor and Kennedy relative. Peter Wolff frontman for Jay Guiles Band, Peter Jennings network newscaster, The fact that its also the most common name among Fortune 500 CEOs would indicate a lot of successful people bear the name for Pete’s sake.
This is a nice, classic name for a boy. Three positive associations stand out to me, the Biblical character, Peter Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, and Peter Rabbit. This name is longstanding and timeless. It has a very noble presence about it that gives a sense of strong confidence. It's a great choice that ages well, and it will serve its bearer well with the mature and cheerful feel that it has.
Peter Mayhew is an actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies from 1977 to 2015.
Very boring, makes me want to yawn or roll my eyes, nothing special about it.
The most common name for CEOs of fortune-500 companies is Peter. So, I guess name your child Peter if you want him to be successful, and bullied in school because of the show Family Guy.
It's okay. Not particularly interesting though.
In 2018, 53 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Peter who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 108th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Good strong name but don't care for Pete or Petey as nicknames.
Handsome, but dreadfully boring it is.
Famous bearers of this name include:Peter Warren Hatcher was the main character of the Judy Blume novel “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.”Peter Billingsley was the actor who played Ralphie Parker in the movie “A Christmas Story.”Peter Falk was an actor best known for playing the titular character of the show “Columbo.”Peter Venkman was one of the main characters in the original Ghostbusters movie.Peter Jason Quill (aka Star-Lord).And Peter Baker from “Sleepaway Camp.”.
Peter is a character in the book The Story Girl. He is in love with Felicity.
Petruț is also a Romanian name, aka 29th to be celebrated. [noted -ed]
Peter Robbins (born Louis Nanasi) was the original voice actor for Charlie Brown. He voiced him in, among other things, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”.
Peter Prevc is a Slovenian ski jumper, often regarded as one of the best Slovenian ski jumpers of all time. He was the first ski jumper to jump 250 metres.
I have 2 uncles with this name, my mom's brother and my aunt's husband. I love them both dearly, and I personally think more people should name their children this. It's a good strong name, and anyone that thinks it's inappropriate should grow up.
This was the name of multiple saints, including Jesus' apostle Simon Peter, St. Peter the Aleut of Alaska, and St. Peter of Sebaste, the brother of St. Basil the Great.
Very nice, classic name. I like it a lot :)
Decent but very common. No offense, but I am a bit sick of this name.
Nice classic name. Especially Peter Rabbit.
Honestly Peter sounds so wimpy on a grown man and the thought of so many serial killers with this name makes me want to throw up.
Peter Bryan is a serial killer from the UK. A cannibalistic animal, he ate his victims' brains. Sick!
Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the "Yorkshire Ripper," is one of Britain's worst serial killers.
Peter Sohn is an American animator, director, voice actor, and storyboard artist at Pixar Animation Studios. Sohn was born in The Bronx and raised in New York City. His parents were Korean immigrants. He attended CalArts and while there got a summer job working on Brad Bird's The Iron Giant. After graduating from school he worked at The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. before coming to Pixar. He graduated from High School in 1995.
Peter Kürten was a German serial killer known as both The Vampire of Düsseldorf and the Düsseldorf Monster, who committed a series of murders and sexual assaults between February and November 1929 in the city of Düsseldorf. In the years prior to these assaults and murders, Kürten had amassed a lengthy criminal record for offenses including arson and attempted murder. He also confessed to the 1913 murders of a 9-year-old girl in Mülheim am Rhein, and a 17-year-old girl in Loscheckes.
Peter James Crouch is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Stoke City. He was capped 42 times by the England national team between 2005 and 2010, scoring 22 goals for his country in that time, and appearing at two World Cups.
This name used to be popular, now it's a little outdated. Peter itself is an okay name, but Pete/ Petey are terrible. Honestly, I prefer the 'er' part to the 'Pete' part. Since I'm American we pronounce it "Peder" which I think sounds better then "Peter".
This is a traditional name. It is very sweet and sophisticated. It is a great name for a father. I love it!
Pyotr is the Russian version of this name (pronounced "p-yo-ter"). It was the name of famous Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Very nice traditional name. It may be common among older men but it's rarely used today. This name should make a comeback.
"Pjetër" is Albanian for Peter. You may add that. [noted -ed]
Peter Hayes is a character from the Divergent trilogy.
Very common name! Very plain and simple... An actor I like, Peter Sarsgaard has this name. A lot of attractive men I know are named Peter.
Peter Gene Hernandez, singer (1985-) stage name Bruno Mars. He sung the songs 'Lazy Song', 'Grenade', 'Just the way you are' and 'Talking to the Moon'.
If I had ever had a boy, I would have loved to call him Peter. I love love love this name. It's very positive and versatile. When you think of rugged, strong, loyal Peter in the bible, then you think of brave, adventurous, charming Peter Pan, then you think of adorable Peter Rabbit who gets into trouble, you think of Peter from The Brady Bunch who is a unique kid who has the best quirky little personality, full of fun and life. It's classy and respectable. I love it. It's also WIDELY forgotten when people are naming their kids. Not many people use it so that's also why I wanted to use it. It's just a likable name.
Peter Hayden Dinklage, actor best known for his role Tyrion Lannister in HBO's 'Game of Thrones' for which he won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for Supporting Actor in 2011. His notable filmography also includes 'The Station Agent' (2003), 'Elf' (2003), 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian' (2008), 'A Little Bit of Heaven' (2011), and 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' (2014).
Hmm, the name Peter has grown on me...! I actually like this name a lot now! It's a nice, classic name that ages well. ^-^
As a different opinion, though, it can be like having the name Emily if you're a girl, sort of sweet and naturous sounding.
This name is absolutely wonderful!
Peter Davison played the Fifth Doctor (aka Crickity-Crickit) in Doctor Who, as well as Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small and Henry Sharpe in Law and Order UK.Peter Purves, who played First Doctor companion Steven Taylor and was also a presenter on Blue Peter.
Peter Brady was the awkward middle son from the TV show The Brady Bunch. He was portrayed by actor Christopher Knight.
I really don't like the "pee" part of this name at all.
I dislike this name. I don't think the name "Peter" has much to offer to be honestly considered a WOW name for me. :/
Not too fond of this name. It's too sinister sounding, and reminds me of a scary looking policeman.
This is my REAL name. How did a great name like this fall to the 200s yet the made-up, un-intellectual, and trashy Jayden is number 7. There is no hope for society.
OMG! Peter! I love this name like nothing... it's not only because it is my name but it's because of some characters or behaviour that most of the people who are named Peter have. Peters are so stubborn, crazy, funny, charming, kind and sympathetic and lovable people. I'm really proud of my name.
Peter Capaldi will be playing the Twelfth Doctor in the British science fiction series Doctor Who.
I love the name Peter especially with a last name that starts with p. Peter Parker, Peter Pan, Peter Pevensie, Peter Patrelli, Peter Pettigrew... Love it :)
The main character in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall is named Peter. He writes a self-loathing song called "Peter You Suck".
Peter Sarsgaard is an American actor.
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. :D
Sir Peter Francis Bourgeois (1756-1811) was an English painter and collector of Swiss parentage.
Sir Peter Blake is a British painter, sculptor and designer, a leading exponent of Pop art.
The name is Greek and derives from ΠΕΤΡΑ = stone. Exists in contemporary Greek, too.
Peter Yarrow is from the 1960's folk singing group, Peter Paul and Mary.
Famous bearer: Peter Townshend, who sometimes went by Pete, the guitarist from the English rock band, The Who.
Why would anyone name their child this? Why would you want to name your child after a penis? Horrible parents!
To the poster above: to say that this name has anything at all to do with the word "penis" is ridiculous, ignorant, immature, and inaccurate. This wonderful name has belonged to many great people, most notably Jesus' apostle. To say that anyone who names a child this is a horrible parent is absurd. The proper meaning is "rock", and has NOTHING to do with a male body part. To possess this name is an honor. Go back to middle school.
Peter Yu Tae-chol was one of the Korean martyrs.
His story, even though undetailed and short, made me cry.Source:
It's a nice, classic name. You can't say that about new fad names like like Kayden and Braiden.
Peter Jennings, the former news anchor of ABC World News Tonight.
I had originally named my son Peter after his father (my ex). I also chose this name because of its meaning- "rock" or "stone". After all, I am a geologist by trade, and people think it's cool that I have a child whose name means "rock". My son is five now, and I am still glad I chose this name. It isn't very common for kids his age, which is also a good thing. I hate my name partly because of its sickening popularity for girls in my generation.
Peter Tchaikovsky Russian composer.
I am in the process of attempting to respond to the first 1000 results in a google search for 'Peter the Roman', the final pontiff in the St. Malachy prophecies. Total results are over 3 million. Yet, the prophecy given in 1139 A.D. was in virtual obscurity for over 400 years until the invention of the printing press. In the computer age there has been a resurgence in the interest of the list of names.

Even Nostradamus spoke of 'Peter the Roman' in Century VII, #24.
Peter "Pete" is the oldest of the four Hollister children in the "Happy Hollisters" series of children's books.
Corporal Peter Newkirk of the RAF, played by Richard Dawson (who later went on to host Family Feud). He was one of the main characters in Hogan's Heroes.
Peter Forsberg is a Swedish ice hockey player who won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalance.
Peter Facinelli is a famous bearer of the name.
Peter is actually a Hebrew word, it means "to be the first to breach the womb", in other words, first-born.
It can also be associated with the verb which means "to solve, to resolve, to be a solution".
I really like the name Peter. It sounds masculine yet sensitive and sophisticated. If I ever have a son and name him Peter, I sincerely hope with all my heart he won't decide to go by Pete. Ugh. I couldn't stand that.
Actor Peter Sellers who played Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther series.
As much as many people say this is a common name, I think is it charming and kind, yet very masculine.
Peter Corey, a children's writer who was born in Walsall, West Midlands (UK). He also acts and does stand up comedy.
Hah. Peter.
I can't help but laugh every time I hear someone called this. Try Petros or something else - Peter is too funny to name your kid.
Peter Carlisle fom the the television show Blackpool.
Peter is sometimes listed as the first name of the composer P. I. Tchaikovsky, although his name was really Pyotr.
A famous bearer is Emmy Award-winning soap opera actor Peter Bergman (born June 11, 1953), best known for his role as Jack Abbott on the soap opera "The Young and the Restless," a role he's held since 1989.
A famous bearer is English actor Peter Ustinov (April 16, 1921 – March 28, 2004). He's well known for his Academy Award-winning roles in 'Spartacus' (1960) and 'Topkapi' (1964), among other film roles. He was also an accomplished writer and playwright.
The name is borne by Dorothy L. Sayer's fictional detective, Lord Peter Wimsey. He's a beloved and well-known fictional character.
I absolutely adore this name! I hadn't thought about it as a name option for my 4-year-old Eli, until I had already filled out his birth certificate. Although we considered changing it when he was only an infant, we decided to stick with our first choice. This name always slips my mind, and I really wish we'd have name one of our sons this. I like Simon Peter. It has a sweet ring to it, although I would only call him Peter. I love this name, and if I ever have another son, this is definitely what we'll name him. It's just too cute!
Peter sounds like a nickname for a man's private part.
I've never liked this name. There's just something about the way it sounds. And then, of course, there's the slang meaning. (I'm surprised no-one has already mentioned this.)
A famous dude of this name is Peter Tork from the Monkees.
Actually, Peter Tork was born Peter Halsten Thorkelson.
I love the name Peter! It's such a strong name, and it does mean "rock."
This is a really handsome name, I think.
Slovak pronunciation is "PE-tur".
A famous bearer was Peter Paul Rubens, the Flemish painter.
Peter was Ike Broflovski's name before he was adopted. Ike is Kyle's little brother in the show South Park.
I am not a big fan of the name but I like the fact that it is my dad's name and that it has a feel to it.
Peter Cottontail is a famous bearer. Lol.
Another one of the names that I enjoy, a name that's actually NOT used very often, nowadays. I don't know a single Peter.
My dad is named Peter and personally I like the name. I would like name my son Peter after him, plus I think he'd like to have the same name as a superhero.
Famous bearer: James "Peter" Longsreet, a Confederate Civil War general who was blamed for the loss at Gettysburg.
In Denmark Winnie-the-Pooh is called Peter Plys. "Plys" is a word Danish children sometimes put in front of teddy ("Plysbjørn").
Peter Petrelli is one of the main characters in the television series Heroes.
I like the name Peter. I think it's cute. I have relatives named Peter and they really like the name.
There are authors named Peter Abrahams, Peter Blauner, Peter Clement, and Peter Robinson.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Peter here:
My husband's name is Peter, and he's a Junior, but when we had a son, he did not want to name him Peter, III. I like the name Peter, Pete, Sweet Pete, whatever I call him.
This name was given to me by my mother on birth. My wife calls me Peter and it's so sweet. It has given me the strength and confidence to do a lot at my age and is a super strong name to utter. I know, following in the footsteps of Peter the disciple, many people called by this name become great and rich. It may be old fashioned but it never goes out of fashion. It's strongly modern yet a classic. In Swahili, it's PETRO or PETERO.
Peter Jackson is a Hollywood movie director most famous for his Lord of the Rings films. (I've heard that he is directing The Hobbit, too.)
Famous fictional bearers: Peter Pevenesie in The Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan in J.M. Barrie's novel, and Peter Calamy in Master and Commander.
I like this name, I think it sounds like a preppy boys name.
A famous bearer is Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. He was born on November 15, 1977.
The next Pope is susposed to be Pope Peter (The Roman). He is supposed to be the antichrist.
I find this comment rather bizarre. Good for a laugh perhaps, but I really hope nobody believes them! (The legend of Pope Peter II being the last pope as St Peter was the first is a very old one but no more sensible for that.)
I don't hear this name a lot from my generation or the upcoming one. It's sad because it's a great name! Very likeable name too!
Another famous Peter is the tall British soccer player Peter Crouch.
Peter was quite popular in the past, but now it is rarely given to newborn boys. Peter is a strong, classic name with staying power, whereas some of the names given to little boys today will end up being flashes in the pan that will sound very dated in a few decades' time.
I think this name is overused. It is very common and don't like it that much, though I like the first bearers of this name but now it's just too common and popular.
I gave this name to my 2nd son, he is Peter Jordan. He is 13 and really likes his name and the fact it isn't used often. He does get called Pete sometimes but more often it is kept as Peter.
A famous bearer of the name Peter is Peter Van Daan, one of the eight residents of the Secret Annex in Amsterdam. He was described thoroughly in The Diary of Anne Frank.
Peter Parker: Spider-Man's alter-ego.
Peter Rabbit is the name of a Beatrix Potter character.
Peter Wentz: Bassist for Fall Out Boy, too emo for emo, and world renowned pedophile.
A famous bearer is actor Peter Boyle (born October 18, 1935). He won an Emmy in 1996 for an appearance on "The X-Files". He also known for his role as Frank Barone, the cranky slob on "Everybody Loves Raymond," which he mainained until the show's final airing on May 16, 2005.
Peter was the name of the oldest Son of Adam in C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe".
Famous bearer: Peter Doherty, frontman of British band Babyshambles and former co-frontman of the Libertines. Infamous for his drug use and reckless lifestyle.
A famous bearer of the name is Peter Griffin of the father in "Family Guy". That show is hilarious.
Other famous literary bearer: Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn't grow up in J.M. Barrie's classic. [noted -ed]
Famous Bearer: Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter books.

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