Historical associations make this name unusable.
Sounds like the place Pompeii...
This might be the lowest rated name I’ve seen on this site... that being said, I don’t hate the look of it - definitely reminds me of Pompeii, as others have said - but if this pronunciation is correct, then that dampens the name a bit for me (no pun intended).
Sounds like some sort of nickname for someone who is pompous. Also reminds me of Pompeii...
Reminds me too much of the town that got destroyed by a volcano.
Well, Pompey is my family’s name and I don’t care what people think. Every so often people make a smart-stupid comment about my name. Sometimes people will say I have a strong family name or how did I get that name. Someone from the Roman Empire settled in Africa and made babies. I really don’t know, but I met a woman one day that told me all Pompey’s are related. So, who knows.
Never heard of this name. It's strange and doesn't sound like an actual name.
Looks too much like the word "pompous", as other users have noted. Also, I don't like the sound.
Character in Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure.'
Ancient Roman isn't a language... it's called Latin.
Reminds me of Pompeii also.
Urg, as someone has said before, Pompey is pretty widely known as a nickname for Portsmouth here in the UK -- not something you'd want to name your child (unless you really, really liked the football team). Besides, it sounds awful, and a lot like "pompous".
The city of Pamplona in Spain, famous for its bull race, was named for Pompey the Great who incidentally was of Celtic origin.
Reminds me of the city Pompeii.
It sounds very close to "pompous", and it really IS pompous.
For some reason, the town of Portsmouth in England - a major naval base for centuries - has the nickname Pompey; as does its football club. Not a bearer of the name, exactly, but certainly famous.

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