It's a short, yet fine name for either gender. Actually, I've met more female Quinn than males in my country.
My auntie in law's dog is named Quinn and is a beauty. I've always loved this name for girls and boys alike but it sounds especially handsome and charming for a boy to me, and it's less common on boys nowadays which might be why I like it more for boys as well.
Why on earth does it list this as an English name?! It's Irish.
Some of you are just flat out rude. Imagine being the parent of a child named Quinn coming to read these comments. It doesn't cost anything to be nice. You can state your opinion of not liking the name in a nicer way.
I named my miracle baby Quinn Elizabeth after her grandparents. Two of the most important people in our lives.
I don't regret it at all. It is fitting. We call her Quinny. I personally feel it is a unique, strong, and powerful name. Maybe that's just because I see that in my daughter. The ONLY thing I don't like about it when introducing her to new people is how strongly I have to pronounce the Q so it doesn't sounds like Gwen to people.
I think Quinn is a pretty cool name ;)
I think it could work on both genders, but I'd never use it!
Imagine thinking that a homonym for "queen" isn't feminine lmao.
Quinn is a fine name, except there’s something weird about it.
Because of Quinn Fabray on Glee, I used to see this as a female name. Peter Quinn ("Quinn") on Homeland completely altered that for me. An intelligent, strong, and handsome character.
This is a last name. It should never be used as a woman's first name. It sounds curt and unfeminine.
When I think of this name I can ONLY think of Harley Quinn. I don't like it. Harley Quinn is evil and creepy. Don't do this to a girl!
I believe Quinn is the best name on earth and Idc about what y’all are saying, this name is good.
I'm from Ireland, and nobody here would ever give this name to their child, male or female. It's just far too common as a surname here. It'd be like naming your child Johnson in the US. Aside from that, it sounds rather plain. I prefer Gwyn for a boy, and Gwen for a girl.
This name is cute on either gender. But personally I would use the Quinley or Quindoline for a girl. I also love it as a middle name, like Hannah Quinn is cute.
I personally think it’s more feminine, I named a female main character Quinn in the book I’m writing, but I can also see it as a boy’s name.
What a terrible name. Short and harsh-sounding. It’s a last name anyway. Ooh how trendy using a last name for a first name when half the class has done the same. What does it mean, fifth? Fifth what? Even uglier for a girl. I can’t think of a worse name.
I named my son “Quinn” in 2004. At the time I had never even heard of the name, but it was fitting and I liked it. I found it in a baby book of names. My son Quinn, now 17 years old, says that he LOVES his name. It’s a strong, masculine name, (although is a great name for a girl as well). I highly recommend this name, for a boy or a girl. It is traditionally a last name... and last names that are used for first names are very popular and strong names.
Sounds a little geeky to me.
Quinn and Lynn.
Ok for a boy. Strongly dislike for a girl.
I think Quinn is amazing for every gender. Personally I love having this name.
I love the name Quinn! I think it fits very well for either gender and it’s just an overall super cool name! :)
Okay for a boy.
I like the name Quinn, I like it more as male than as female. I like more it as a first name than as last name and middle. But anyways it is a good name!
In my opinion Quinn is a lot more feminine than masculine, but hey, to each their own. Anyways, the name Quinn is nice. I sort of prefer it as a middle name.
I love the name, Quinn. I think it is a very special girl's name.
Plain and boring!
I personally like this name. Although, unlike most people, when I hear this name, I immediately think feminine. That is probably because my mom's name is Quinn. Although, I think this name fits both girls and boys. I know one boy named Quinn and two girls named Quinn (one being my mom). Please don't say that this is a bad name for girls and/or boys because it's not. It works for both. Imagine how sad someone would be if they saw a comment saying that their name is terrible for their gender. They would be extremely upset! I'm not trying to tell people what to do. I'm simply trying to spread kindness!
This is a very controversial comments section. I personally like the name Quinn. Maybe with an 'e' on the end? I've met boy Quinns and girl Quinns, but I think of it as more of a feminine name.
I live in the US, and I know many children with this name (both male and female.) I definitely hear Quinn more on girls these days, but it seems more masculine to me. Of course, I’m familiar with the Irish history so that feels as strange as naming a little girl a different name with strong masculine cultural ties- like Noah, Ezra, Asher, or John- all of which I’ve also heard. Personally I would never use it for a girl, but it does seem to be crossing over to a more commonly female name so if you love it you will be in good company and should be fine to go for it... people may just assume you are trying too hard to be gender fluid. If you use it for a boy and you are hoping for a strong name with a masculine association, it might be better to use something less common for girls- like Quinton or Quincy. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of it either way but I’ve never heard any of those parents express regret so do what you love!
Quinn, the CIA agent, from Homeland.
I have a son who is 12 named Quinn. He just played in a lacrosse tournament this past weekend and there a was a boy named Quinn on 3 other teams, Chicago and other Midwest cities, he played. It is often used for those of Irish decent as a first name for a boy. I think it is a strong name and everyone loved it when he was named at birth.
I don't like the letter Q, or any Q-names for that matter. But I really like Quinn, and I can only think of it on a girl. I cannot picture a man named Quinn.
I think this is a nice name for both genders.
I like the name, but it was ruined for me because of Quinn, the catty closer woman in the Papa's games series (Papa's Pizzeria, Burgeria, etc)
I don't really like it, whether it's on a boy or a girl.
Quinn is my middle name, and I am female!
Although Quinn is a nice name, I don’t like it that much. It’s not that I dislike it or I think it’s a horrible name, but I’m just not a huge fan of it. I like the name Quinn, but I don’t LOVE it. Since it’s a unisex name, it’s an acceptable name for both genders, male and female. The only reasons why I prefer Quinn for a girl is because it does sound a little feminine, and because it’s my middle name, and I’m a girl. It’s still a bit masculine and it suits boys too, and I understand it was originally a boy’s name. It was a male name easy to convert into unisex. The meaning is nice but it’s not strictly masculine. Quinn means “intelligent”, and females can be smart too! This name is trendier than my first name, and it’s more popular for girls, but it’s still a nice name.
I love this name for a girl. It is unique, beautiful and strong. I have read that the meaning is “wise one” and I think it is very fitting. A good Irish name for a little girl.
How is this feminine?
The only good Q name I can think of, along with Quincy.
I sympathize with the lassie who doesn't like the name her parents gave her from a list including Hunter and Quinn.
How's this for irony. Born towards the end of WW2 in Scotland with Lesley Caron and Leslie Howard being popular film stars, the name became popular. I arrived in primary school as one of a group of five Lesleys and one Leslie. You can imagine the stick I took as the one boy and I became a very aggressive child who, from the age of eight, refused to answer to the name Leslie, shortening it myself to Les. My surname is Hunter. The irony lies in the fact that I married a girl with the surname Quin and the Christian name Lesley.
My daughter is named Quinn. We always get compliments on how beautiful her name is and we are so happy we chose it. It’s definitely better for a girl in my opinion.
I really love this name for a girl! (A boy... not so much.)
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Quinn who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 422nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Quinn who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 302nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I used to think this name was just for a girl. But then, I watched "Once Upon A Time" and there was a male werewolf named Quinn.. Now I think it's cute on either! I kinda prefer it on a girl though.
My middle name is Quinn and I’m female. Even though it’s not a bad name for a boy, that’s the reason I prefer it more for a girl. Quentin is the masculine form of Quinn anyway.
For the commenter who said Quentin is the masculine form of Quinn, you're just plain wrong. They have totally separate origins. All you have to do is look at the names' main pages to see that. Quentin is the French form of the Roman name QUINTINUS. Quinn is from an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of CONN".
Derived from the all mighty Lightning McQueen, must notably appearing in the Cars franchise.
Quinn is such a spunky and quirky name. It's great for boys and girls. It's really nice for a middle name.
My name is Quinn and I honestly hate it.
I'm not very happy with my parents' naming choices for me as the options I was going to be called were 'Hunter, Carter, Quinn or Lucy' and I don't really like any of those names. Only one of them is a designated girls name, which is what I would have wanted, I don't like having a unisex name as all the people I have met with this name are boys. I also find it ugly and I just really dislike this name. I don't like my name one bit as I don't like my last name either, and my initials look really ugly together (QB)
Don't name your child Quinn, they might not be happy with it and they'll probably be teased about it.
I find it humorous that people think their “anger” over the name being used for a girl is somehow going to deter people from using it. I have always thought that Quinn for a boy sounded incredibly feminine. Even before I decided to name my daughter Quinn. Part of the draw was knowing zero little girls with this name... in my area anyway... and add a stellar meaning- “wise, ” and we have a winner winner chicken dinner! I wanted a name that would stand out but not harshly and confusedly like some of the made-up idiotic concoctions that are so popular these days. So I say, do what you want, people, because there will always be a whiner to complain about your decision. It must be used waaaaay more for girls in the US according to the social security site for a reason!
Love the name. It’s definitely a girl name.
Aw, frick, now I feel bad. I always really liked my name, but now I kind of wish it was something else. I never knew the history behind it. I'm really sorry to all you Irish people. I'm sure my parents didn't mean to appropriate your culture. Maybe I should just go by my middle name instead.
With my youngest biological son we fell in love with the name Quinn while pregnant and we didn't know the gender of the baby. We had 2 issues with the name 1) it has been made a common girls name here in the US and I do not feel it is a girl's name at all 2) We are all J's and K's in our family so the Q name wouldn't work. When he was born he was a little red headed spitfire and we knew Quinn was meant for him so we took the annunciation spelling Kwin and added another N. So he is Kwinn Stephan Ray and it fits him perfectly. I am happy if he happens to be in class with a girl Quinn it won't be spelled the same. My husband and father in law are both named Jackie and people always assume they are ladies because of people using guy's names for girls when Jackie was used more often and for a longer period for guys. We named our 3rd son Jackie even though I was unsure and surprisingly enough less people assume it belongs to a girl on an 11yr old then they do for a 50yr old.
Even though I am aware that Quinn is a male name in Ireland and a unisex name in America, I personally know four girls named Quinn, all aged 14-15, and I know of two more aged 17-18 or so. I have never met a male Quinn in my life, so I will always have the impression that Quinn is more of a feminine name.
My nickname is Quinn, and my original name sounds nothing like it. I've read a lot of books, and they're used for both genders. Just don't call people Quinny, it's very irritating and catchy.
My name is Quinn and I think this name is a beautiful name for girls. I am a girl and I enjoy my name. In school people think I'm funny and smart and I think of this name to describe me. For a boy I think of someone that is strong and respectful. I would see this boy if its name was Quinn as kind and nice to everyone. So I say that for both genders they are unique and nice. :)
I don't like many Q names. I don't really like this name, but I do sort of like Aquinnah for a girl and Quinlin for a boy.
I’m Chinese and my first name is Qing (pronounced as Chin). I have been in the states for about 5 years but haven’t got an English name yet. But most people would naturally call me Quinn when they see my name. I've had several professors in college that would just avoid calling my name, which is embracing sometimes... so... I’ve decided to go with the name Quinn which seems easier for English speakers. By the way, I’m a girl.
Love this name for a girl. Strong and simple, defies "femininity" that is somehow mandatory when naming a girl.
I absolutely hate this name as a boy's name. It sounds so beautiful and sweet as a girl's name and I absolutely love this name. It sounds nothing like a boys name, in fact I didn't even know it was a boys name until I saw this because the only Quinns I know are girls.
Sorry to break it to the people who think Quinn is a boy's name, but actually it started as a surname which means it can therefore be used for either gender.
This name comes from the surname O'Cuinn, in Irish. Cuinn is the vocative case of Conn, and Conn was a man. So sorry "irish" poster above me and all those who think just because it's a surname it can be a girl's name too, it is a man's name. Don't argue with someone who can speak Irish.
I don't like this name it looks and sounds incomplete and infantile. I also think Quinn sounds too feminine for a boy.
This is one unisex name that I think is actually unisex. I can easily picture Quinn on either a boy or a girl, and it's a name that ages well. Please, everyone keep in mind that this website is purely for suggestions. Everyone here has the right to choose whether or not to use a name, with what spelling, on which gender... Not everyone will have the same take on a name, and you can't force anyone to see it your way. Please remember respect.
I think that Quinn is better as a girl name. Quiet honestly any name that can be used for a girl shouldn't be used for a boy at all! Boy/girl names should be left for girls. Names that are unisex can be quite terrible for boys and very weak. Quinn is for sure hands down a better girl name than boy and anyone who says different is a total nerd. Literally a nerd. With no taste... if anyone were to name their son Quinn I truly feel sad for that poor kid. Anyhow I vote Quinn as a beautiful smart, sassy, fun, outgoing, popular GIRL!
I hate Quinn for a boy. I love the name Quinn for a girl. I think it's beautiful. I agree with the comment above.
I'm a girl and my name is Quinn. I'm 9 yrs old. And I feel sad that some people tell me Quinn is a boy's name. But in my opinion I think it sounds better as a girl's name. Not that it's bad for a boy though. That's just what I think.
This is Quinn's Mom, she was upset when she read some comments on here about her name and how some people didn't like it for a girl. I don't want her growing up thinking her name isn't nice. I didn't like my name growing up, Robyn, I was made fun of because of it at times too. So I know what it's like to be unsure about your name. But I think Quinn is a super cute name for a girl. And if we ever meet a Quinn that is a boy, the parents usually seem upset that our daughters name is Quinn too. But so what, they shouldn't care. I think Quinn is a cool name all around, so to each his own, or HER own!
But please don't make fun of other people's names, you don't know the history or reasons behind it and you may be being a jerk to a little kid. Just think how you would feel if somebody said that about your name. Thanks to all the Quinn supporters who commented for boys and girls alike!
BOY ALL THE WAY: We used it as a boy's name. Our oldest is Connor... born on St. Patrick's Day and started the trend. Hubby is 1/2 Irish and I am 1/8 Irish. Next boy we named Liam. At the time (1994) NO ONE had heard this name (except maybe if they had heard of Liam Neeson, and he wasn't even quite the big star yet that he would become.) We loved the 2 names because we didn't hear of any wee ones in our part of U.S. with these names. Then they became popular. Liam is number 2 right now I think. Sad that it is becoming so common/overused but of course we still love the names. Last boy came along in 2002, and we named him Quinn. Everyone thinks it's awesome... a strong, good name! I see it for a boy (MANY people mention/humm the "Mighty Quinn" song by Manfred Mann) so if a girl had this name, they probably won't like that song reference going on but it's a nice name for anyone IMHO!
Oh dear, it seems a lot of people don't know the meaning of unisex. I like this name on both genders. To the person saying it means son of Conn that's only when you have the Mac in front of it. Otherwise the meaning is wise. I would use this on a girl or Quinley and use the nickname Winnie.
I'm seriously considering naming our daughter Quinn, which to me, is a strong sounding and singular name - for either a girl or boy. With some Irish heritage in my family, I also love the nod to that culture.
Although this site denotes the name's derivative of a male Gaelic King, I've read it also means 'wise'. While everyone is allowed their own opinion, there's no need to be rude, demeaning nor snobbish about a name.
When you meet a person, their name is a herald of their being, and just like a perfume, cannot be fully appreciated until it's witnessed on a person. I love being open to embracing the evolution of language, specifically how we name ourselves and the things around us.
I don't think this name sounds nice on either sex. I simply dislike the "Q" sound in names; it sounds so ugly to me.
My daughter is 16 and everyone thinks her name suits her very well. It's a personal choice and I would never criticize someone's taste in names. It's vulgar to say the least.
My daughter was born in 2000 and my husband and I named her Quinn. I've loved the name since I was a child and as I'm from Ireland I had never come across someone with the name, which we were very happy about. Then Glee started and my daughter's name was ruined forever. If only I could have seen into the future... I'm pretty sure she would have gotten a different name.
Because I love nearly all names beginning with Q, Quinn is definitely up there! I've always seen it as a boy's name (I named a male character Quinn), it's fine as a girl's name as well, although I wouldn't use it for a girl.
An ugly, trashy, trendy name that doesn't age well or look good on either gender. Plus I dislike names that start with "Q"
QUINN is a boy's name. My son's name is Quinn. We are Irish. When my husband and I were looking for names for our son we looked up male Celtic names. Never once was Quinn ever used as a female anything. I think it's wrong when people take a strong male name and use it for girls; it just makes me nuts. We watched the show sliders with Jerry O'Connell playing the main character Quinn Malerie. We thought then that was a good strong Celtic name for a BOY. We remembered this when we named our son. Why the people who keep making female characters on TV shows and name them Quinn is just stupid. Way to kill a strong male name. Stupid fads with girls being named a boy's name has just got to stop. THERE ARE SO MANY GIRLS NAMES ALREADY AND SO FEW GOOD NAMES FOR BOY'S. GIVE US BACK OUR STRONG MALE NAMES AND GO USE A FEMALE NAME- YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO CHOOSE FROM!
Quinn sounds more masculine for me because it peaked in 2012, however I don't know anybody with this name.
I like this name, but it's more masculine to me even though I don't know anybody with this name.
I think it can be used as either a boy or girl name. I am naming my girl Quinn. Quinn was the maiden name of my great grandmother. It's funny how people strongly hate Quinn for a girls name. My name is Ashley and when I was younger in the dictionary it said a boys name. My dad has a girls name.
Back in elementary school, I knew a boy named Quinn. Over time, I discovered that it could also be a girl's name, and sounded quite nice as either. It's a fine name, though not one that I'd even use for a child.All of you saying that people who name girls Quinn are evil: Name trends change. Get used to it. Many names have switched back and forth between genders, and it's going to keep happening. Quinn has become able to be a girls name, and maybe someday it will become fully female, then switch back to male, and people will get angry at the 'idiots' who name their boys Quinn.
My son is named Quinn and I think it's handsome. It's a shame North Americans don't care enough about Irish culture to respectfully use their names for the correct gender. The same thing can be said for Rory, Rowan, Shea, and Riley.
My daughter's name is Quinnlyn. She is strong and beautiful! Love the name. Not sure the hatred for the use of Quinn as a girls name :( makes me sad.
I had no idea that Quinn was used as a girl's name until read these posts. I like Quinnlyn a lot.
My male Pyrenian Shepherd is named Quinn and we love it - suits him perfectly - a strong and strangely melodic name.
MEANING: A variant of the name ceann meaning ”intelligent”, Quinn is the most common surname in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland and is increasingly used as a given name. As traditional quartermasters to the O’Neills, the kings of Ulster for over four centuries, Quinns were responsible for arms and provisions in both war and peace.
GENDER: Boy | Male
IRISH NAME: Quinn Quin
Though in the US and Canada it is currently more popularly used for girls the rest of the world uses it predominately for males. If you are thinking about using it, keep this in mind.
In Arabic you write Quinn as قون.
This is a boy's name. I am so sick of people using boys names for girls. There are plenty of girl's names for girls. Use one of them instead of shortening the pool for parents expecting a boy. Quinn is not a girl's name. It sounds ridiculous on a girl. Trendy now but won't hold the test of time. Give it up already.
My name is Quinn and right now I'm a teenager. I love my name. I am the only one in school and I'm a girl and I'm captain of the football team and wrestling team too. My name means chief and I think I proved my point.
I like Quinn for either gender. After all, Quinn sounds cute. :D.
We named our daughter Quinn in 1992. We wanted a name that was a little unusual, so there wouldn't be three other girls in her class with the same name. We only later found out what the name meant; and she is extraordinarily intelligent and wise. I'm surprised so many people are so opinionated about the name's suitability for girls/boys. What's wrong with a unisex name? Like Chris, for example. Quinn likes her name just fine, and so do we.
I am proud to say that I'm a female whose first name is Quinn. My mother named me to signify strength and sincerity. I was born in 1979, so this was long before Daria & Zoey made this name trendy for girls. I didn't like my name for many years because everyone would tell me that it was a boy`s name. In high school, I became more confident in who I was born to be--a courageous leader. Even through grad school, I continued to get mail addressed to "Mr. Quinn ____." I just giggled! After reading comments on this site about my name, I'm intrigued and amused. The info about its Gaelic origin was particularly interesting. All in all, I know my mom made the right choice for me.
I intend to use this for my first daughter's middle name. I don't believe in boys names or girls names but rather I think any parent should be able to choose whatever they think sounds nice without ridicule. And I usually love "boys names" on girls anyway. As for using surnames as first names I think this is great! Personally I prefer using surnames within my own ancestry. I want to use this name as a nod to the long line of O'Quinn's on the maternal side of my family tree. While I stick to my comment that a parent should pick whatever they want, I love using names with some history in the family.
As an owner of this name and one who has extensively researched the origin of it, I take issue with some of the comments left in this section. Quinn (Mac cuinn) or (cuinn) (o'cuinn) (Quinn being anglo version) is an Irish surname first passed from father to son, and literally means son of Conn. Conn was an Irish king renowned for his strength in battle. Does this sound feminine? Not to me. But people can do or think what they want, regardless of the flaws in their thinking.
Yet another surname-turned male name-turned trendy female name. I like the sound of the name, but I don't think it'll age well on either gender, but if you're gonna give it to your kid, at least use it on a boy! Come on!
The name Quinn is also a diminutive of Quentin/Quinton. It is not a purely Irish surname. I prefer to see it used for a boys name. Quinn on a girl is too trendy.
From the Irish surname.
Quinn Pensky is a character on the TV show, Zoey 101!
I have a male friend named Quinn and it totally suits him. I also love this as a girl's name. I think this name is absolutely elegant and perfect for either gender.
My name is Quinnlyn, Quinn for short. Im a girl. I LOVE my name and couldn't imagine having any other one. It fits me more than some of you snobs can know.
Since I read this name in a pink pocket, I love this name. But I think it's more a boy name than a girl name.
When I have to think about someone who's name is Quinn, I think about a macho football player or rugby player. A boy who is macho with a small heart. So very sensitive. Haha.
With a girl... Well I only can think about a girl who's nice.. but more things I can't think with it.
So in my opinion, Quinn is absolutely a boy name. And a pretty boy name too.
Cool name for both genders~ I know a very nice and funny boy with the name, so I prefer it on a guy. :D
Quinn James is a character on One Tree Hill, played by Shantel VanSanten. It's an awesome show worth watching!
I love the name Quinn, I think it is definitely feminine.
Many families have the tradition of naming their fifth child Quinn. At least, all of the families I know who have at lest five children named the fifth Quinn, just because it sounds like quint, or five.
A family friend named their daughter this name except spelled it with an e on the end, Quinne. I find that a little weird but more feminine.
I think this is a nice name for a boy or girl.
I think Quinn will always be female for me. Partly because it rhymes with the common feminine diminutive Lynn, and because of Quinn Fabray on Glee. It's a very cute name. ^-^
If you find it too masculine, you could use 'Quinna' with an a instead. I have a friend with this name. I think it takes away from the classiness of the name, though.
Quinn Fabray is a character on Glee.
Quinn Mallory was a scientist who discovered a wormhole between parallel universes on the great but unfortunately canceled sci-fi series "Sliders". He was played by the very handsome Jerry O'Connell.
Michaela Quinn is a character on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
Quinn may also be a diminutive of Tarquin.
Love it on a little girl, but the only Quinn I know is a boy.
This name is ugly on a girl. It should be for boys only.
The name of a vampire in L J Smith's series of books, The Night World. I like it, but only for a boy, because I think it suggests strength and masculinity.
I am, for lack of a better word, completely anal when it comes to leaving male names as just that: MALE names. But for some reason, I don't mind Quinn on a girl. When I say it aloud it sounds similar to the feminine name "Gwen", and also given the substantial amount of fictional *female* characters that have bore this name, I can't help but first picture this name on a woman. That said, I would still never use this as a first name. Assuming I ever have a daughter I would consider this for a middle name. Just my two cents.
Patricia Quinn---the lips of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I think the name is nice for both sexes. On the one hand, it sounds quite boyish, but not in a totally infantile way. On the other hand, it has that sweet, light, feminine sound to it. I could be led on by the Swedish word for 'woman', which is 'kvinna', but somehow the sound is feminine. Besides, after watching Daria for years, the character Quinn Morgendorffer has made it easy to picture it on perfectly feminine girls and women, but it sounds just fine for guys too. It's simply too damn common because of the influence of Daria.
Quinn Everett Dilley is the third oldest of the Dilley septuplets, born on May 25, 1993 after his sisters Julian Emerson and Brenna Rose, to their parents Becki and Keith Dilley.
Use Conall instead on a girl as that's effectively what you are calling her when you lump the poor child with Quinn.Maybe parents should google "quim" before bestowing this fright on girls.
Quinn is a girl character on Zoey101. She is a scientist or acts like one. I NEVER saw Quinn as a boy name so I think it's more feminine. But that's just me.
Football player Brady Quinn.
Prince Quinn is a character in the novel The Playful Prince by Michelle M. Pillow.
Quinn is best left as a boy's name. It is a boys name. Just because people put a boys name on a girl does not make it no longer a boys name. If I named a girl Thomas, Thomas would still be a boys name. Quinn is a boys name. I love the name Quinn on a boy.
I think Quinn makes for a wonderful nickname for Quentin or Quintin. I prefer Quentin with the nickname Quinn.
Quinn is my middle name; I'm female. Though it does strike me as masculine, and I wouldn't use it for a girl's first name, I like it for my middle name. It's a nice name.
My name is Quinn and I'm a dude. It's a good name, or at least I like it. Also I do have a bit of Irish ancestry but that's not the reason for my name, there's not many Irish around here, and I'm only like 1/8 Irish I think.
Just no. No second name to first name conversions. Quinn is a second name.
This is a nice name, but I'd leave it as a surname. If you use it for a child, give it to a boy, not to a girl; it just does not seem to fit well on a girl and it sounds too trendy. And it's a safe bet that many people who give their child this name will have little or no Irish ancestry whatsoever.I speak Gaelic and seeing these strong, ancient, elegant names used as given names (and sometimes used lightly) is enough to make a Gael sick to his/her stomach.
I think Quinn is better for a boy. What's with mothers giving their girls a boy's name? It's a bit too masculine for a female. It's okay for a nickname though.
Quinn shouldn't be used as a girl's name in my opinion. My grandfather's name is Quin, but I prefer two n's over one. The teenaged Quinns that I know are all boys and one girl, but I've seen many more toddler girl Quinns than boy Quinns, which I find sad.
Quinn is my middle name, and I am a girl! I like my middle name much more than my first name, Abigail. Both are becoming overused.
I like the name Quinn for a girl, and the name Quintin for a boy.
I hate this name passionately.
I always think of that TV series "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman". It's a nice name for both genders though.
Quinn is better as a girl's name but also nice for a boy.
"The Mighty Quinn" is a song written by Bob Dylan and performed (originally and most famously) by Manfred Mann.
Definitely a female name! It's a good, strong name.
Quinn looks like "Queen". I think it's better for a girl. Anyway, good name!
This name always had a feminine 'ring' to it for me, although I know more males with the name.
I like this name very much. However, growing up watching "Daria", I see this as a girl's name. It just doesn't seem very masculine to me.
This is a character's name on Zoey 101. I think this name is okay. I wouldn't probably name my kid this but still it's an okay name. :}
Quinn is a great name for a boy, strong and handsome. I wouldn't use it for a girl.
Quin/n could also be used as a nickname for Quinton or Quinlan.
I love this name, I think it's a unique and strong name.
In Anne Rice's "Blackwood Farm", the main character is Tarquin (Quinn)Blackwood.
Quinn Morgendorffer, a red-headed high schooler concerned with little more than her bouncy hair and being popular, is one bearer of this name. Her older sister, Daria Morgendorffer, was the title character of the MTV animated show Daria.
There is an embarrassing use of a word spelled "quinny" in the subtitles of the movie Elizabeth, when a French suitor is making advances on her.
I hate it when Quinn is used as a girl's name.
Quinn is a wonderful name for girls and it should be used for both girls and boys.
Also a good name for an Eskimo, particularly a mighty one.
Famous bearer: Guitarist of The Used, Quinn Allman.
Quinn could be a nickname for Aquinnah, a Native American name which means "the beautiful colors of the sea". Michael J. Fox has a daughter named Aquinnah Kathleen, twin sister of Schuyler Frances.

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