Rainbow would be an awesome middle name. I definitely prefer Iris.

When I was 5, I used to dream of naming a baby Daisy Rainbow. I don't think it's that bad of a name. A tiny bit out there, though.
OMG like when I saw the banner, it was BEAUTIFUL! But the name itself is kinda silly for a person.
Sounds like something a 5 year old would name their plush unicorn.
I really like Rainbow for a name. I think it's beautiful. And the biblical association with God's promise adds to its beauty.
My name is Breathe, which is obviously a very uncommon and unheard of name, so I definitely understand the concerns of naming your child Rainbow, only for them to have to endure a lifetime of teasing for it. However, although my name has been the object of countless harmless jokes and puns, I've never been bullied about it. Besides, I love my name and the reason my mother chose it for me, and I honestly couldn't care less who likes or dislikes it; it doesn’t matter, because it's my name, not theirs. That being said, you shouldn't avoid naming your child Rainbow (or any other name) solely out of fear of what everyone else will think. The baby is your child, not society's child. People are going to like what they like and dislike what they dislike, no matter what your name is, so at the end of the day, all that matters is what you think about your child's name.
My name is Rainbow Anne. I was born in 1980 and my mother named me after Rainbow Bridge on Lake Powell, and the Navajo god of the Rainbow. I’m not going to lie, it has NOT been easy. I was by far the most picked on girl in my class, always. Didn’t help that my mom was a new agey nudist blues singer (RIP Mama). I heard it all, “RainBLOW, where’s your pot of gold?, lucky charms, taste the Rainbow” it affected my education greatly and I ended up leaving school after 11 years of serious bullying. I cried myself to sleep from 3rd grade until I left school in 11th grade. I was always a target of mean girls and popular guys. They would invite me to sleepovers just to be mean, make up rumors that I was a huge slut. Throw fruit at my head in the cafeteria. Pants me in front of the whole school while they laughed and I cried. Granted my whole class year was only about 77 people, I come from a small town in upstate NY. Basically the Deep South of upstate NY.
As an adult it wasn’t much better. People looked at my name on a job application, or resume and they automatically think I was a joke. I had to prove myself 5 times harder than Jennifer my whole life. People assumed I just call myself Rainbow which is absurd. I’m an artist and a free spirit, which is mostly the product of being given that name, but I am no way the kind of person that would just call themself “Rainbow”. People also always know my business, because I’m the only Rainbow, so people hear my name and talk about it. Small towns suck.
Long story short, I moved from a small poor town in Upstate NY to the NYC area in 2009, at the age of 29, kind of on a whim. Moving down here changed my life. Down here no one cares that I’m Rainbow. I can seek out my own friends and everyone else leaves me alone. I often in my life thought of changing to my middle name, which is Anne, but after being Rainbow my whole life, to be Anne now would be very weird. And now my mother (named Analida) is gone and she really loved my name, it was her pride and joy as I was the only girl. (My brother's names are Justin and Jesse by the way, smh) I feel like it would damage her memory for me to be Anne now, at 40. Honestly I think they might look at me more for jobs down here due to my unique name, as it is very diverse here and my name does obviously stand out. I have 3 daughters, their names are Delia Rain, Cassidy Rose and Magnolia Moon. They are all named after Grateful Dead songs. I wanted to give them names that are interesting and unique, but don’t have the stigma of “weirdness” as Rainbow. Strangely enough, my daughter just had a little girl, my first grandchild, and named her Emerald Amara. I laughed so hard. I guess it skipped a generation. So would I name my kid Rainbow? Hell no. But my life has been a crazy adventure because of it, and I can say I’m stronger because of it and at this point it really does define me. I am the only Rainbow I know, and I’m okay with that. No one has ever confused me with “the other Rainbow”. People naturally want to talk to me to ask me about my name, I’ve told the story so many times I could repeat it in my sleep. Maybe if you’re famous you could get away with it. But don’t name your regular middle class kid in a small town in middle America Rainbow. ❤️☮️.
I actually really like this name in real life! It sounds great for each gender! I actually didn't come here for the banner, just because I wanted to look up this name. P.S the banner is really super pretty!
Yas I love the banner!
The banner!

Btw I would NEVER name a child Rainbow, they'd definitely get teased. :( But the name Iris is gorgeous! Everyone should go for that instead! :3.
Rainbow Harvest (born 1967) is an American actress.
Too immature. A child with this name will probably get teased.

I love the banner though! ❤️.
Only came here to see what the brilliant and beautiful banner looks like!
I honestly don’t know what to say. I wouldn’t give a human that name. I’m not a big fan of Iris, but that is a lot better than Rainbow. It means Rainbow in Greek.

Off topic, but the banner is beautiful.
I do not like this name at all. Iris is much prettier and it means Rainbow in Greek.
I really just came here for the banner. Look how pretty it is.
Sounds as if the parents let their 5 year-old name the baby.
Yuck. Just use a name that means Rainbow.
Rainbow is a very hippie-ish name. The nicknames 'Rain' or 'bow' are both bad, so I can't really see anything good that will come out of this name.

Overall I don't like this name.
Please no. Just use Vaiva or Iris. It literally means the SAME EXACT THING. Rainbow might be okay for a pen name, a fictional character, or a pet, but on a real, living, breathing human being? I just can't imagine the comments the poor girl would get. And can you imagine someone having a good job with a name like this? Consider your child's future before you name them, it's not that hard.
It’s nice, but it’s way too immature to have as an actual name.
I do think it’s a nice name, but I myself would never use it on a real child, at least as their first. I’ve never met an actual Rainbow, but this does sound like a very cute and fun name to have.
In a TV miniseries "The '60s", Katie's (Julia Stiles) son was named Michael Rainbow but was nicknamed Rainbow.
Rainbow Mika from the "Street Fighter" series.
A little too literal. Maybe another name meaning Rainbow?
No. Just no.
In the American TV show "Black-ish", Tracee Ellis Ross plays the Mom, her name is Rainbow but she goes by the nickname Bow. I personally like the name, maybe would use it in a middle position.
In the Canadian-American animated TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, one of the six main characters of the Mane (Main) 6 is named Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is a light-blue Pegasus pony with a multi-colored mane and tail in this series. She represents the element of loyalty.
I do not like this name - maybe for an animal, but for a human? Crazy.
I think it’s a very cute and elegant name for a girl! I would use it, but not on my daughter. I would consider using it on a STH fan character instead! I also love the My Little Pony association. It’s a beautiful name but I know people wouldn’t take the girl seriously! They’ll just scream “hippie” to her!
Rainbow is too weird to use as a name for a real person. If you ask me, I would use Iris instead, which also means Rainbow.
Rainbow is a very sweet and pretty girls name, maybe not quite a first name, but I love it as a middle name.
Corny garbage hippie name that reminds me of the LGBTQ flag. Personally this name is to “mystical” to be a real name. And would be suited of in a fairy tale.
Hello y’all! My name is Rainbow Lynn Gonzalez and I am 14. This name was given to me by my mom who is Christian. So to me this name means God's Promise. I would say having this name is truly a blessing. This is a constant reminder that you were set to be in this world, but not of the world. I'm in high school and NOBODY has made fun of my name. If anything people are more attracted to me and I saw this as an opportunity to share God’s word. If you are reading this and your name is also Rainbow, own it. Be you. Embarrass it. If you are wanting to name your child this but think your kid might get bullied or not taken seriously or whatever, I say stick with that name. But give them a “normal” middle name. If you wanted to be a judge or something and they say your name is too childish then use your middle. In my case it will be Lynn. Anyways, the whole point of this was to say that when naming your child don’t think about what other people think. Who cares. Keep it between you and your partner. Nobody else. This will make it special for the child.
Rainbow is something a kid would name their baby doll or pet fish.
I like the name Rainbow... It is a beautiful name. I first heard of the name a week ago when I friended this handsome man on Facebook and his girlfriend's name is Rainbow. She has an Associates Degree in Marketing and a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Why would the name Rainbow be a hippie name or a silly name? There is nothing hippie or silly about a beautiful Rainbow.
Rainbows are lovely and all, but really? I'm sure all you Rainbows out there are great people, but the first thought that runs through my head when I hear this is "cheerful person! Hippie!". I'd prefer other names with Rainbow meanings like Iris.
12 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Rainbow.
Rainbow is a heavy metal band.
My name is Rainbow. I've always been a bit of a tomboy and growing up I didn't enjoy it much. A name creates expectations and I was not a cheery colorful child. However, it has been nice to have a unique name. All my friends had to be Tiffany R or Jessica T. My name is memorable. When I was married in 2006 I became Rainbow Dye (no it wasn't planned that way). Maybe I'll name my child Tyler (tie dye).
That comment above was funny (Rainbow Dye?) but I totally agree if you name a child Rainbow they'll be expected to be this crazy hippy girly kid and they'll get teased A LOT.
As a lesbian, I'm pretty sure naming my kid Rainbow wouldn't be the best idea. Maybe Rain or Raina, but certainly not Rainbow.
Here are some hippy names to consider:
Raven, Rainbow, Flower, Sunny, Sunshine, Ray, Violet, Rose, Daisy, Clementine, Floral, Clover, Rainy, Day, Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring, Rayshine, Meadow, Skylark, Sky, Skylar.
It's nice for a young girl, but what if she becomes a judge? A politician? A CEO? She wouldn't be taken seriously at all.
Rainbow Rowell is an American author. Books she's written include Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and many more.
My name is Rainbow and I am 11. Yes, I know I am young but I don't care. First of all me nor my parents are hippies so you can stop all that rubbish and I have never ever gotten teased before, all I get is compliments about how cool my name is and that my friends want it and in fact I actually love my name as I have never met someone else called Rainbow before, actually I am the only one in my country that is named that so find it unique. So everyone who is saying you feel sorry for people with that name and that they get bullied I don't so yeah that's all I have to say!
My husband and I have a very blended family. He has two children that are already grown and I have 4. After 2 miscarriages we decided to try one more time. We got pregnant on the night of the black moon this past January. We named our daughter Lilth RAINBOW. Both are controversial names. We named her Rainbow to remind us of the promise that we made to each other, as a reminder of God's love and sense of humor, and the seven spectrums of light that a Rainbow represents. She completed our Rainbow of children by being child number 7. Her eyes are violet and makes my husband's deep blue eyes look dull. People have responded well to the name. Her father and I are both college educated and her sisters are jealous of her name. I hope to see more people step out of the herd and not be afraid to give their child a unique name since each person is unique.
My name is Rainbow, and I am 24 years old. When I meet new people, I usually have to say my name 2-3 times as reassurance that I was heard correctly. I have had various responses to my name, but it usually helps me figure out what type of person I am meeting. Most people consider me cheerful and well-suited to my name, and I am not a hippie by any stretch of the word. I actually have a degree in math for those of you doubting the perceived intelligence associated with my name. Once I state what my degree is in, that thought quickly disappears. I also plan to teach high schoolers. If there was ever a place to be afraid of being ridiculed, most would think high school would be that place. I, however, haven't had much trouble with it and don't expect to at this point. If you are considering naming your child Rainbow, I do suggest you have a good story lined up to tell because that is the number one thing I get asked about after people meet me. It is a fun name to have and mine personally is connected to the story of Noah and the Arc, as has been talked about in earlier comments. One other thing that I think I should mention is that assuming someone with my name would hate it is completely wrong. I grew into my name, and if I hadn't, I would've changed it by now. It is a great name to have, I am thankful to my parents for giving it to me.
I quite like the sound of 'Rainbow', however I personally honestly wouldn't ever name a child this. I certainly don't think of strippers whenever I think of this as an actual name for a person. I remember the British children's television series called Rainbow which I loved watching when I was younger and I ṧтḯℓℓ happen to ♥ the show even now though I don't watch it anymore. Rainbows have happy, cheerful connotations so if I did meet a 'Rainbow' I would imagine a lovely Rainbow in my head every so often (it's a nice thought to have, no?). (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And oh, come on guys/girls! I hope you're aware not ALL hippie names are supposedly "trashy". Here are some hippie names that may change your mind: Clementine, Summer, Sunny, Star, Meadow, Sky, River, Rose, Daisy, Willow, Lily, Violet, Autumn and Clover.
Rainbow is a British children's television series, with Zippy, Bungle, George, Rod, Jane and Freddy as the main characters.
Rainbow Magic is a children's fiction brand owned by HIT Entertainment and best known for the children's books published by Orchard Books.
My name is Rainbow, 22, and I have not once yet been bullied because of my name. On the contrary, classmates and people of all ages like the name. I've never been embarrassed, and my parents are not hippies. (They immigrated to America in the 1980's.) I was named Rainbow because, in one of my dad's visits to the hospital, he came out and saw a Rainbow. I like my name very much, and it helps keep a conversation going when talking to others because of my unique name.

So to parents: your child most likely won't be bullied because of being named Rainbow. Students don't think it's a strange or funny name. They know what a Rainbow is. Nothing to be made fun of at all. They'll be curious to how the name was picked is all...

This is just my personal opinion. Besides myself, I know of 1 other female Rainbow (not counting Rainbow88, a few comments above) and 1 male Rainbow (Rainbow Sun Francks, a Canadian actor and songwriter).
American model Holly Madison has a daughter named Rainbow Aurora. Personally, I think that combo sounds a bit redundant.
My name is Rainbow and I am the only one registered in my country with this name. I am 25. My parents aren't hippies. We decend from Native American herritage. I have had problems with bullies but I love my name. It's unique and gives me some extra special character.
VERY unique. The only Rainbow I ever heard of was Rainbow Rowell. She's become an author since her newspaper days (

However, there are a small number of people called this on Google and FB. So I guess it exists, mostly for girls. Oh and Holly Madison just gave birth earlier this month. It happened she named her daughter Rainbow Aurora.
After Holly Madison, mark my word that this name is going to be popular in the hood and be more trashy.
Rainbows are wonderful, but Rainbow sounds too cutesy on a real person. Go for Iris instead.
Rainbow Dash, a pegasus pony, is one of the main characters of the hugely popular show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Her element is loyalty.
I feel sorry for the kid who is unfortunate enough to get this name...
Iris is a much nicer substitute.
This is a corny hippie name, and the name itself doesn't sound very mature.
No disrespect to anyone with this name, but I don't know if I could control my reaction if I actually met a Rainbow in real life. I'm pretty sure I would laugh rudely in her face, which I would hate to do. Rainbows are beautiful, and I love the symbolism it has with God's promise to Noah, but as a name. I don't know, just sounds like an uneducated hipster who's always high.
Rainbow would be sweet maybe on a pet or a soft toy.
I think this is a wonderful name for a little girl. Possibly spelled, "Rainbeau", though.

One of my best friends name is Rainbow and her mother told her, "My life was a rainy day until you came a long; my own personal Rainbow."
I love rainbows, but not Rainbow as a name- especially with the hippie associations. I prefer "Iris", which means Rainbow.
Rainbow Brite was a popular American cartoon character in the 1980s.
It sounds like a name for a mermaid or a fairy.
Sounds like a hippie name.
How many people actually have this name? It just seems ridiculous.
It's an okay name, and it has a pretty meaning and all, but no one would ever take you seriously with a name like that. AND, what about when you're an old lady? That whole scene is just bizarre and unrealistic.
I like rainbows but naming your kid this is a bit silly.
Behind the Name's description of this name makes it sound very appealing!
Everyone likes rainbows, but as a name, this just sounds so hippie-ish and cutesy. It may seem like a cute idea if the child was born on a rainy day that turned sunny and a rainbow came on, but it's quite an amusing name that would probably lead to silly jokes and assumptions that the parents are kinda kooky and new-age-y. I'm not happy about this myself, but employers tend to be phobic towards unconventional people, and this name sounds like the name of someone quite unconventional. A quiet, shy kid would hate to have a name like this, as it sort of draws attention to the bearer and creates weird expectations.
The name Rainbow is not a 'hippie' name. I know a girl called Rainbow, and she is incredibly responsible and down-to-earth, and her parents are both doctors, not hippies. She doesn't get teased at all either. I think it's perfectly fine to name your daughter Rainbow.
What in the world is going on with these 'hippy' names latley? I mean names like Sparkle, Flower, Peace, etc. Those are NOT names, if you're considering this name for a kid than you might as well name him Hippy.
I like this as a second name (because then if your kid doesn't like it they could always lie about their second name, I know I do).
I love rainbows. But as a name it slightly sickens me. Too hippyish for me.
I love this name, because it's a sign of God's Promise.
According to the Bible a rainbow is a sign of God's promise to never flood the world again.
This is a very good name for a hippie. (I'm not a hippie!) Peace on Earth to all.
Rainbow is a hippie name. Very common during the 60's (give peace a chance).
This name does not seem to me as a "formal" name, but then again, I have been influenced by society. If you like this name, that is fine, what you name your child is your choice, but I suggest "Iris," which is Greek for "rainbow," in case you are afraid of your child being ridiculed.
Gay pride?
Nice name actually, although a variation of the word might do just as well. As the commentor above said, the kid may get a lot of nasty comments and teasing.
Rainbow has been used as a girls' name in the USA occasionally for about three generations now. There was a silent film called Rainbow in 1921 about a young woman named Rainbow who inherits a copper mine. It was considered a "hippy"-ish name during the 1960s and 1970s in the USA and was sometimes used then. Until a few months ago there was a newspaper columnist for the Omaha World-Herald in Omaha, Nebraska, named Rainbow Rowell. (She's now moved on to another job.)
Rainbow is a name? Well, I do actually know a dog named that. But a child named Rainbow would be teased a lot.

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