Rhiannon reminds me of the name Shannon; a name that I love. I think that Rhiannon is a gorgeous, underused name.
I think Rhiannon is the name of Terry Pratchett's daughter. In general I have positive feelings about this name, although I don't like that it sounds so similar to Rihanna (no offense).
My name is Rhiannon and I love it! I think it fits my weird personality greatly.
I have a friend named Rihanna and ever since I heard of the name Rhiannon I always thought of spelling it like...RihannonI feel like it looks better spelt that way.
I think that Rhiannon is a very mysterious name. It also has a kind of elf-ish feel to it. I imagine a Rhiannon to have bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks and a very intelligent personality, even if she isn't always acting her age.
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Rhiannon is pretty.
Reminds me of a rhino... not a fan at all.
Ugh, I don't like it anymore because I realized it reminds me of a rhino. Or rhinoplasty. Neither are nice name associations.
I love the song by Fleetwood Mac, not so much the name itself, but it's in no way horrible.
Very beautiful and glamorous-sounding!
It sounds somewhat harsh to me and I don't really like the look of it.
I don't see the appeal...I don't like it very much...
Very traditional welsh name- northwailians would put lots of emphasis on the 'Rh', love the nicknames.
Powerful name. It has a somewhat nice ring to it. Name your child this? Go ahead!
Rhiannon Giddens is an American singer, violinist, banjo-player, and founder of the old-time music band Carolina Chocolate Drops. I really admire her voice and talent, and that's how I found out about this name.
I used to think that I hated my name because I didn't choose it but when I researched about it I realized I loved the name. My friends call me Tammy and the Fleetwood Mac song Rhiannon is the best.
I remember hearing Rhiannon (Re-an-non) when I was a child. I looked on the net to find its meaning. It was the Welsh Goddess of Death according to whatever site I found 20 years ago.
Lovely name. The meaning is awesome!
Strange name. Doesn't roll off the tongue.
I know a girl named Rhiannason...
I didn't like my name first. This was because of how people misspelled it and always wanted to know the meaning. I was a kid and I didn't bother to find the meaning of it so I asked my dad and he told me. Now I love my name because of how unique it is.
I first heard this name when it was used by someone's original character on a roleplaying forum. She was an owl and the sister of a warrior owl. @ Creator of that character, if you're reading this: rock on.
The name Rhiannon was given to 71 girls born in the US in 2016.
Has a good flow to it, like a stream or river.
I didn't choose my name but was given it. I love the meaning and what the name stands for.
My name is Rhiannon and personally I hated my name at one point because I got bullied for my name when I was in school, but now I have grown to love my name, it is mysterious, unusual and unique. My parents named me after the song ‘Rhiannon’. Now that I know the meaning of my name and the lyrics of the song, I feel honoured to have my name as Rhiannon. My friends call me Rhi for short though or even sometimes they call me Ako for an unknown reason.
Rhiannon is much better then Ryana or Rihanna. Plus, the meaning of Rhiannon is better then Ryan, and Rhiannon is more feminine. Any couple considering naming their daughter Ryan should consider this.
I am also named Rhiannon but I have mixed feelings towards the name since I have always been picked on for my name as my surname is quite a manly traditional name and on registers the surname and forename are reversed most used to pick on me for that, I also got called Diarrhea and gonorrhea which is why now I go by the nickname Rhia or as most of my close friends call me, RhiRhi. Most of the time I won't announce my first name to people and end up using my middle name. I only feel comfortable when my family members call me Rhiannon and I have no clue why. I adore the meaning behind the name and how unique it is as I am into mythology. I am so used to being called Rhia it feels strange when people call me Rhiannon. I am sure one day I will grow to like it but growing up being picked on for the name I was given really kicked my confidence.
There's a character in Easy A called Rhiannon and on American Horror Story; Coven in Season 3. There's a YouTuber called Rhiannon Ashlee who Zoella is friends with and watches. Also, there's an actress called Rhiannon Fish who was in the 100 and Game of Thrones. I really like this name it's unique and pretty and it is pronounced Ree - a - nun but it is very very similar to the singer and name Rhianna.
As well as the well-known Fleetwood Mac hit, there is another "Rhiannon" song, by Llewellyn, a New Age music artist.
Rhiannon is stunning, one of the most beautiful names out there. The sound of the name is magical, and I deeply value the association with the Celtic moon goddess. I love the Fleetwood Mac song. Rhianne is also lovely, and Rhianne and Ria both work as nicknames.
Rhiannon is a gorgeous name, both when it's written out and when it's said. I don't understand comments on here saying it looks "kre8yve" or "tacky" (seriously? A name as old as this is "tacky"?), and also Fleetwood Mac is awesome and anyone saying otherwise is objectively wrong. :-)I will say, though, that if I were to use the name I would pronounce it ree-AN-ən; the original Welsh "hri" sound for the first syllable is not intuitive for me (though the Welsh "rh" is easier for me to say than the Welsh "ll").
My name is Rhiannon. I remember riding in the car with my mother and grandmother and they would play the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. I used to say that the song was written after me haha! Now that I look back on it I am thankful for the name I was given because not only do I have a pretty first name, I think I have a pretty middle name, too. Michelle. I guess it is safe to say that my mother was a hippy and knew what she was doing when she named me. Because every name has its own power.
I really like the name Rhiannon pronounced in England - Ree-an-nun and in Wales- Ree-an-on. It has such a great meaning to it and the song is sung on American Horror Story Season 3. Also, my favourite cover of this song is the one Haley Reinheart did on America's got talent. So pretty and unique and very feminist as well.
It's a niceish name, though I wouldn't name anyone it.
The name is pronounced 'Ree-an-non' and it is very annoying when people call me Rhiannin, Rhiannun or Rhianna, but I find the miss spelling the most annoying. Some people have spelt it 'Rianin' or 'Reanun' not knowing how to pronounce it properly or knowing about the silent 'h'. Other than that, the name is completely phonetic.
My name is Rhiannon, but it is usually shortened to 'Rhi' or 'Rhia'. It is not a very common name but it is very common in Wales as the name originates from there. According to legend, Rhiannon was a great queen of Wales, and the Welsh goddess of the moon, fertility and horses, so to tease me, my friends like to call me 'Horse Lady'.
As being named Rhiannon, I can tell you, it's not easy. It may be a unique name, but it is constantly mispronounced and misspelled. It is a fate I must endure for having a unique name. I'm not saying don't name your child this. I'm just saying that you, or your child, may not enjoy it. And be prepared, because being in Wales with the name Rhiannon is one thing, but being US born as I am is not so easy. You will get laughed at for your name. But it is still a beautiful name that I refuse to change it and will pass it on to my kids. It sounds so sweet, don't you think? Also, people associate the name Rhiannon with girliness. But that's not true. Take me for example. I have an almost completely shaved, red hair and wear black everyday. And I mean every day. I love the color black. If I had to choose good or evil, I would choose evil. People always assume things about the name, but everyone IS different. But just how is it tacky? It is unique. It is creative. Where on earth did you people come up with tacky? It is in no way, shape, or form "tacky". It is beautiful, creative, and unique, and I'm not afraid to be named Rhiannon compared to all the Ashley's, Emma's, Casey's, and Hailey's. It may be uncommon here in the USA, but that's what makes it so special to all of us Rhiannon's. I can not imagine my life without being so uniquely named. Uncommon names help make people realize who they are and not concerned with what everyone else is doing because you want to blend in. And compared to my school and grade, I have the most unique name and am probably more true to myself than others. I also do not care about phones, or the presidential debate, or what's popular. All in all, some of the most diverse people have some of the most unique names.
I am extremely proud of my name, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Yes, people may struggle to pronounce it sometimes, but they always remember me. There are 19 girls named Hailey in my grade, and people often get them all mixed up. No one gets me confused with anyone else and I stick out in people's minds. I know this is an advantage for me, especially when I start looking for a job. What I can't wrap my head around is why people would think this name is "ghetto" or "tacky". No one has ever perceived me as ghetto. How can a name that is tied to queenship and leadership be ghetto? It's a Welsh name, and Welsh names aren't known for being ghetto. At all. Also, not to bash people with names like Hailey, Sarah, Emily, etc, but if any name could be considered tacky, it would be one of those names. I have met a million Hailey's, Sarah's, Emily's, Madison's, Hannah's, etc. I am the only Rhiannon in my entire school, and possibly, my entire town. I consider that a blessing, and I will always take pride in my name. It's beautiful, majestic, and it has a strength to it that you can't ignore. To all my fellow Rhiannon's, please take pride in your name, and be thankful that you weren't named something extremely common.
Very beautiful and rooted in Welsh mythology. A Welsh classmate of mine was called this and she was so very proud of it and its meaning. She's now a lawyer. Nothing tacky about this lovely name.
The name Rhiannon was given to 118 girls born in the US in 2015.
Whoever said it was tacky certainly called it correctly for Australia. It is a name commonly given to daughters of Fleetwood Mac fans who were completely ignorant of its origins and instead thought they were being a bit edgy and clever by choosing a "unique" name. Sadly, most who have it as a name are as common and unsophisticated as the parents who gave it to them. It is very common with women in their 20’s. There are a great many of them… all thinking they’re a bit special and different. Frankly I find it cringe worthy….
So, as someone else also called Rhiannon, I simultaneously love and hate this name. Anyway, I love this name, its history, etc. And the story behind why the name was given to me. I love the fact that it's unique enough that most people only know maybe me and one other person with the name, but also it's just become common enough that people are beginning to get used to how to pronounce it, without a 5 minute explanation. I'm also a big Fleetwood Mac fan, so the song following me was never a problem either.However, the reason I loathe the name Rhiannon is slightly unusual. It's very feminine, and the way people shorten it annoyed the hell out of me. Furthermore, as I'm trans, finding the masculine equivalent was a nightmare, never mind pronouncing the options I found. I've gone for either Rhain (pronounced Ryne), or Rhisiart (pronounced Ree-sha-rt).
My name is Rhiannon! And for all the people that are putting rude comments up saying that Rhiannon is an ugly name either have had a personal issue with someone named Rhiannon or have never met one before so the sound of it to them just doesn't sound normal. My story is, my dad loved the band Fleetwood Mac! Stevie Nicks fan all the way! For some of you young people that don't know Fleetwood Mac is a band and Stevie Nicks is A WOMAN whose the lead singer in the band. As soon as my dad heard that song, he fell in Love with it. He told my mom if he ever had a daughter that would be her name! Then I came along! Yes it's hard to spell when you are a kid, what name isn't?! Yes it's been mispronounced most of my life, but you get used to it. And when someone is able to say it right the first time, it's an amazing feeling! I feel as if Sarah, Ashley, John, or Michael etc. are UGLY NAMES. Those kind of names are So Common! So Basic! So BORING!
At least with the name Rhiannon you make people work for trying to pronounce it right. And when they do you can see it in their eyes that they are happy they got it right the first time! Rhiannon is one heck of a beautiful name! And for all you people downgrading it, just shows how BORING AND UGLY you are yourselves. I get compliments on my name at work everyday, when I go into a store and have to show my I.D. I get asked how to pronounce it every time and when I do I get a smile and someone saying that's a very beautiful name. To all the Rhiannon's out there; don't let these mindless fools tell you different. They are just jealous. Like I said in the beginning, they either have a personal problem with a Rhiannon they know or they just have never met someone with the name nor have even seen the name before. Rhiannon is an amazing name! Don't ever forget that!
My name is Rhiannon and I love it. I often get complimented on it about how unique it is. I am the only Rhiannon that I know of. The only thing I do not like is that I am often called "Ree-an-nin" or "Bri-a'nuh" which makes me quite annoyed. I love how unique it is in the USA.
Oh my God this is such a beautiful Welsh name! I had no idea it meant "great queen"! :o The name Rhiannon ROCKS! :D.
It's pronounced Rhi ann non. My names Rhiannon but I'm usually called Non or Rhi. I hate when my names is pronounced Rhi ann nun! It's incorrect and annoying.
In Australia there's a well-known politician who took Rhiannon as her surname. She is Senator Lee Rhiannon whose original surname was Brown. As far as I'm aware she has no Welsh heritage but adopted the name because she likes it and because choosing a feminine name as a surname fitted her feminist principles.
I must be in the minority, I think this name is uglier than hell.
I'd say naming your daughter this might be equivalent to naming your son Hercules.
I have one student named this and I must say she is the sweetest most well mannered young lady. The name I was iffy about but at least it's better than the massive amount of Addison's.
My name is Rhiannon and I hate it. Most people call me Rhi now, because Rhiannon is so tacky and twee and bleurgggh! I hate Fleetwood Mac, but my dad doesn't so I got named after the worst song in HISTORY! At least I didn't get called Funky Town...
A very beautiful name, giving off the impression of the Round Table age, in my opinion. It has definitely found a place in one of my novels.
This name is cool sounding. Very modern and edgy. I like how unique and rare it sounds. Never met a Rhiannon before..
Rhiannon is the name of a song by the band " BEST COAST"
I Love my name it is not tacky by any means it's not very popular in Scotland but I have met 3 other people with the same name as me one of them goes to the school I used to go to which was a surprise but we all love our name and we all have black hair which is pretty cool :)
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn (born 2000 in Los Angeles, California) is an American child actress.
My name is Rhiannon and I love it.. I have never met another person with my name. It is unique and not tacky at all. I often get complemented on how beautiful and unique my name is.
This is a very ugly name. I don't often refer to a name as ugly but it sounds terrible, looks terrible, and I would not want to meet someone with this name. Yuck.
A Welsh name originally meaning 'she who inspires' although it came to mean 'queen-like' or 'leader' as it was often given to the first daughter.
To be quite honest, I do not think that "Rhiannon" is a very suitable name for this time and age. I am speaking for the United States-- and here, unfortunately, if you were not of Welsh heritage with a surname to match it may very well be seen as "kre8tiv" (in other words: made-up).As a general rule, I believe that there is an increasingly short list of acceptable mythologic titles. Regrettably or not, this may be one of those names... out of country, most of all.Having said that: Overall, I truly think that it is decent (considering the horrid names available). But the pronunciation dulls it incredibly.
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, a child actor who was in the 2007 movie, The Last Mimzy. And to the above poster: It isn't the parent's fault if someone else pronounces their child's name wrong.
I abhor hearing this name pronounced "ree annon" - this is incorrect. Rh is one letter in Welsh and is never pronounced "ree". As a fluent Welsh speaker, I find it annoying - and this is my middle name. I believe people should check meanings and correct pronunciation before naming their children.
Is it just me, or is this name on EVERYBODY'S name list? I personally hate it. What makes it so great, people?
I love this name, and I have ever since I was little. It's mysterious and uncommon but not too weird. I want to name one of my children this.
Rhiannon Davies was the sister of Torchwood member Ianto Jones in the BBC program, Torchwood.
My cousin's name is Rhiannon (we say it Ree-ann-in and we're American) and I've always loved her name. It's so pretty. I've considered naming my daughter this.
I think it's ugly, Fleetwood Mac sucks, and I could see it on dumb and annoying people.
I think it's very strong and good name.
My best friend's full name is Rhiannon, although she's commonly called Rhia. I don't know if Rhia is a frequent nickname to this name, but I like it. :)
It's certainly a lovely name and I love its spelling and pronunciation, but I find it funny how some people think this name is so "unique and different". It's quite common in Wales, and it isn't too extraordinarily different.
Pronounced "ree-ahn-nawn".
If you're an American, yes. For everyone else, it is pronounced correctly as "Ree-ann-inn".
It is pronounced ree-an-on in Wales and ree-an-ern in England. I'm half Welsh half English so I get both. Most English people can't spell it or if they see it written can't say it. And they all try calling me Ree, which really bugs me, or Rhianna, I wouldn't mind until they started saying umbrella. And it means princess and goddess.
This is a really cool and beautiful name, but a bit too popular in Britain. It sounds a tad edgy and spunky without being too youthful, and it's not too girly either. I picture this on a gorgeous woman with dark hair.
You can also spell it as Rihannon. It looks better to me personally and it is pronounced the same.
I find Rhiannon to be a very beautiful, mystical name that ages well. Almost my name, for the song by Fleetwood Mac. I would love to give this name to a daughter.
This is a very pretty name but it reminds me of when Brian Regan was talking about names that are hard to say and says his name as Brianananan, it sounds like if you say "on" enough times you just might get the name right. Rhianonononon!
Me and my daughter's middle names are Rhiannon. I didn't like it when I was a kid because I couldnt spell it and it was so different but now I really like it. It's still not all that common either. But I do hear the Fleetwood Mac song when I'm out and about and that's pretty cool!
The only Rhiannon I've ever known went by the nickname Rio. So essentially, from a 70s song to an 80s song.
Rather interesting.
I know a girl with this name and I am always jealous of her being so unique compared to my name! Nice name anyway.
This name is beautiful, fresh, strong and feminine. I wish it were my name.
Rhiannon Lassiter - author of such books as 'Hex trilogy', 'Waking Dream', 'The Supernatural' and 'Lines in the Sand', and daughter to fellow author Mary Hoffman - is a bearer of this name. She's a really talented writer, and writes for teens.
A lot of people have been saying this name is beautiful and unique, but when I think of this name I think of bad fantasy novels, which generally have a character with this name. People should realize that using Welsh or Irish names for their children or characters is tacky, and it's becoming far too common. It may seem unique now, but everyone else thinks so too, so soon everyone will be named that.
Excuse me? Irish and Welsh names are *tacky*?! As a member of both cultures, I find your comment very offensive and borderline ridiculous. My first name is Irish - Sophannagh - and my middle name is Welsh - Bethan. I LIKE my name, and it reflects both my cultures (my dad is Welsh; I live in Ireland). Welsh and Irish names can be overused, yes (*cough* Caitlin *cough*), but not all of them are, and they aren't TACKY. Rhiannon is a beautiful, classic name. You want a tacky name? Go look at Maddysynn or Mikennzee or Nevaeh or any of those other abominations out there.
What on earth is "tacky" about Irish / Welsh names? Are these not 'real' cultures to you or something? Maybe (s)he is saying Irish names are too popular, even among non-Irish people, these days. But even so.Rhiannon is a lovely name, unusual (at least where I live, the US) but legit.
I'm not sure why naming a child or book character Rhiannon or other Welsh names should be tacky? Rhiannon is a beautiful name with nothing tacky about it. I'd much rather see two Rhiannons than any number of Madisons or MacKenzies any day.
Topanga's mom on Boy Meets World is name Rhiannon. I like it.
I knew a girl named Rhiannon who went by Ronnie. I never really understood why - to me, Rhiannon sounds feminine and lyrical and Ronnie sounds like a big, burly man.
Yep, I've known a fair few Rhiannons and Rhians, and I live in Wales. In the Welsh alphabet, technically "rh" is counted as one letter.
I really don't like the name 'Rhiannon'. I find it quite tacky to be honest. I know only one person called Rhiannon, and I don't like her, so maybe that's clouding my judgement.
Rhiannon appeared on the top 1000 list in 1970. Its most popular year was 2003 where it ranked 584.
My middle name is Rhiannon, and I love it. It is so unique, I've never met any one with this name. It sounds very pretty and feminine.
Rhiannon was Merlin's long lost sister in the book trilogy "The Lost Years of Merlin" by T. A. Barron.
My family is Welsh and the correct Welsh pronunciation is Rhi-ah-NON. Most English people pronounce it Rhi-ah-nun because of the unusual name ending (with the 'non'). I also have a lot of difficulty getting people to spell it correctly, most people not realising the silent 'h'. It's an unusual name if you are away from Wales.
I have always liked the sound of this name. It is exotic and pretty, an unusual name in a good way.
Since in Welsh the accent is on the second to last syllable, that would make the pronunciation something like "rhi-AH-non".
This is SUCH a beautiful name! It may be common in Wales, but it is VERY rare in the USA!
My name is Rhiannon, I like it because it is unique and it sounds different from other names.
It is pronounced Rhi-ah-NON but most people I know apart from family never pronounce or spell it right I usually end up with it shortened to 'Rhi' a lot of people call me Rhianna or Rhi-ah-NUN which I am used to although it is incorrect. The actual pronunciation comes with the Welsh accent. Rhiannon is a character in the Mabinogion.
I have heard Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks sing Rhiannon live in concert and it is an amazing song and a lovely name. But not too many peope know how to pronounce it, I have noticed.
My name is Rhiannon and I used to hate it but now I really like it. It's unique and beautiful. Many people shorten my name to Nannon.
Rhiannon is also known in different mythologies as the Tripple Goddess. She is also known from the fame of The Birds of Rhiannon.
I have only met one person named Rhiannon. I think it's a unique and beautiful name.
Rhiannon is also a song by Fleetwood Mac, lyrics written by Stevie Nicks.
I think this name is for someone who is fun-loving and boisterous yet clever and sweet.
Beautiful and unique with a great meaning.
Not as unique or fairytale-sounding a name as some might think; is very, very common in Wales.

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