I knew someone at my school named Robyn, but I think he changed it for another one since then... Personally I think it's a better version of Robin, and looks/sounds pretty much unisex.
Although it is not common in the US, it has been very common in New Zealand. In the 1950's and 60's it was in the top ten and the male version Robin was also quite high. Two of the teachers were called Robyn at the school I used to go to.
Not a terrible spelling, actually.
Well as a Robyn who has lived 50 years with the name, let me opine. I LOVE my name and really love the Y spelling. I literally was complimented today at Starbucks by the very young staffers who said how much they love the name and the way it's spelled. And that was not a one off. I hear people saying my name around work just to say it outloud. ROBYN this ROBYN that. Robins and Robyn's be proud there isn't a lot of us, be proud!
Robin looks much nicer.Robyn looks like a misspelling of the word. The Y sticks out like a sore thumb.
I like Robyn a little, but I prefer Robin.
Robyn Goodfellow from the movie, Wolfwalkers.
I get that this is the feminine version of the name, but if I wanted to name my daughter this name I would just use Robin, as it’s how you actually spell the name of the bird. Robyn is nice but Robin is so much better to me, and a favourite name of mine!
My name is Robyn and I hated it when I was younger and fully intended to change my name to Elizabeth (my middle name). I ended up always being around people who knew me as Robyn and it always seemed more effort than it was worth so eventually I grew to like it. I definitely prefer the spelling with a y rather i. However, I’ve had so many misspellings over the years especially with a difficult to spell last name so every time I have to spell my name I do always think ‘here we go again’ and saying ‘Robyn with a y’ has become normal to me. Most misspellings aren’t Robin though which is what I’d expect. Another issue is nicknames, I personally hate being called Rob so that basically means everyone calls be Robyn, not necessarily a problem but something to think about.
Not bad at all...
I love it! I only know one Robyn and I think it's nicely unusual and with great meanings. I really would call my daughter Robyn. I think the Y adds a nice spunk.
Most of you are all immature. It is the female form of the male version of Robert. Wow, are you mind blown stupid people? It also means " bright fame." Sorry to sound so mean but when people write things so astonishing on here as facts? Please. Come again! Robyn! Is the female Version... Of Robert. English...
Misspelling of word names are tacky.
If anyone named Robyn is looking for a more feminine nickname I think Ryn would be pretty cool.
A famous *male* bearer of this spelling is English musician Robyn Hitchcock (b. 1953).
Rihannas' real name.
My name is Robyn. Please, please don't give your child this name. It's a misspelling nightmare. I can count on one hand the amount of times people have spelled it right first time. I am forever correcting people and it gets really old and really awkward. Plus, it looks stupid on forms, because it's an obvious misspelling of a real word. If I'm honest, I'd steer clear of this name if you can--in any spelling variation--because it's related to a bird (which is bad enough on its own), specifically Robin Red Breast. Bad jokes all the way through my life. If you've ever known that an entire room of people is simultaneously picturing what your breasts look like, you'll be able to imagine how horrendous this is. 0/10.
ROH-bin, not RAW-bin. It's my name and when people pronounce it with a RAW sound it's quite horrifying. Aim for how you'd pronounce the bird.
Kind of funny that this came from the name Roberta, because Birdie is sometimes a nickname for that, and Robin is a type of bird!
It’s an okay spelling for Robin, but it’s more feminine than masculine in my opinion. The “y” spelling is kinda spunky enough for me to like it. Come to think of it... this spelling isn’t really that bad for a boy. Though I prefer it as a girl’s name at all times.
I actually like this spelling better than Robin. It adds just the right amount of spunk without sounding annoying.
No. Robin is okay as is.
My name is spelled with two b's and a y. I have never liked my first or middle name which is Leigh. Both are boy's names to me.
Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown, she first entered the music industry by recording demo tapes under the direction of record producer Evan Rogers in 2003. She ultimately signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for its then-president, hip hop producer and rapper Jay Z. In 2005, Rihanna rose to fame with the release of her debut studio album Music of the Sun and its follow-up A Girl like Me, which charted on the top 10 of the US Billboard 200 and respectively produced the singles "Pon de Replay" and "SOS".
My name is Robyn spelled with a "Y". As a young child I didn't like my name so much because I was the only one with it. I have never to this day met anyone with the name Robin spelled any which way. Now that I'm older, I appreciate that. I feel unique, original, and set apart. I am 30. The only thing bad I have to say about having the name Robyn with the middle name Leigh is that it was hard for me to come up with a cute nick name. Bynji, roby, byn, Leigh leigh. I always disliked my middle name (a family name) because it was associated with a boy as well. So no shortening my name, AND my maiden name is Buck. So I was called Bird Deer. I grew to like the attention and now that I'm 30, I don't need a nick name. I am honey now and I love the name Robyn. I would not name a child past 1995 with this name though. Seems outdated. So is my husband's name, Randolph.
I like the spelling but there are so many variations like Robin, Robinne, Robynne but Robynne is my favourite.
I've met someone with the surname Robyn, spelled just like that. So it isn't a made up spelling or something, just a rare one. I like Robyn regardless of how it's spelled. But you know, according to folklore, whatever you do to a robin happens to you, which is probably why I like it so much.
This spelling looks weird to me. Spell it Robin if you like it. Plus, she would be misspelled her whole life. Just go with Robin, or, my favorite, Robina.
The name Robyn was given to 250 girls born in the US in 2015.
Robin is a name for a winter bird. So I prefer Robyn, not just because that's my name, because I want to change mine.
My name is Robyn and I prefer it to be spelt with a Y rather than with an I. I don't mean to be mean, but I personally think Robin reminds me of a bird. But I would still call my male child that if I wasn't called Robyn. I like both spellings and like the name but that is just my opinion.
To every one who hates it when Robyn is not spelled like Robin- my name is Robyn. I wish I had a different name and definitely a more feminine one. But I don't. I'd rather be Robyn than Robin. Robyn is the feminine spelling. Deal with it.
I think it is pronounced as "Robin" ie. Roh-bin, as it is a variant of Robin.
Awful spelling. Just keep Robin as Robin please! Regardless of gender, just keep Robin as Robin.
I must admit that I am very astonished that this spelling isn't on the top 1000 name charts among the U.S. Usually plenty of people in my home country are gung-ho for trashy, juvenile and immature and tacky spellings such as the 'Y' spellings.
This spelling either fell off the charts or never made it there. Either way, it's a cause for celebration.
The name itself receives my approval and my admiration. The spelling simply does not.
I prefer Robyn than Robin. It's more sweet wih a Y in it. I thought this was a boys name!
My best friend in primary school was called Robyn. I never hear this name much now, which is sad. It's a lovely name.
Robyn Burdine is the name of a character on The Good Wife.
Robyn Archer is an Australian children's entertainer. She is well-known on ABC For Kids with the song "Eating on the Plane".
My new granddaughter has been named "Robyn Lily". I think Robyn is a very pretty name for a girl.
Robyn Starling is a character in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.
Robin Miriam Carlsson, better known by her stage name "Robyn", is a Swedish recording artist.
The name Robyn was given to 177 baby girls born in he US in 2012.
I like Robin for a boy, but Robyn/Robin on a girl sounds very dated to me, at least it is in the US. It seems to be quite popular in the UK and Ireland, and actually I have to say I'd rather meet a little girl named Robyn than Madison, Kayla, Riley, or Ava.
I don't really like the name Robin; it is OK, but not my favorite. The spelling Robyn I like a little better.
Robyn isn't as modern as we tend to think. There are records of a several men, from different areas of England, named Robyn Hode, along with Robin Hood and Robyn Hode.
It is not entirely a feminine spelling. The male singer Robyn Hitchcock spells his name this way. I used to think that it was only a stage name, but no, this would seem to be his real name.
Just to back up what Pippin said, the birth index for 1953 shows up his name, albeit written as 'Robyn R Hitchcock.' Looking at records from 1966 to 1995, I can estimate that there are about several dozen male Robyn's born in that period. From the ONS list that goes back to 1996, there are still less than 3 to around 6 male Robyn's being born in any given year.In that respect, I would say that Robyn is just a variant of Robin, not a feminine variant of it.
Going back to the comment I made on February 17th, I have since found out that, according to Kneen, Robyn is (or maybe was) used in the Isle of Man as a diminutive of Robert. However, seeing as if, in the 'Robyn (given name)' page, there are 3 male Robyns listed there, one British, one Canadian (born in Brazil to Canadian parents) and one American, I feel as if these two origins should be separate, unless, of course, there is evidence that the usage of Robyn as a masculine name may have spread from the Isle of Man.
I LOVE this name, it sounds modern and funky.
I think Robin/Robyn sounds more like a boys name though I prefer the spelling of Robyn.
This is my best friends name. I think it's such a pretty name. Some of her friends & family call her Roby for a nickname, but I just think Robyn is too pretty of a name to be shortened.
This is one of the very few "add a y to make it feminine" names that I like.
Pronounced "RAW-bin".
Love this name! Always have. Robin sounds a little too much like Robin Hood to me, but it could work also.
Robyn also sounds like Robin Hood, that did not change. I think it looks better without the 'y'.
Robyn is nickname of Roberta.
Robyn is also the Czech form.
Name Day: 30th January.
My mum's name. It suits her & others of that generation but I don't think it has a place for children these days.
I think this is very cool middle name for a girl.
I think Robyn is a beautiful name! If I ever have a daughter I will name her Robyn Love.
A famous bearer is Barbadian singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), better known by her stage name, Rihanna.
I have always loved the name Robyn. I have known a boy named Robin and a girl named Robyn. I prefer it for a girl spelled Robyn.
I have just met the sweetest little girl named Robyn with blonde hair and blue eyes, it's no wonder I have always liked this name. I think Robyn Emily would be pretty.
I have always thought Robyn is a pretty name. More feminine with the "y" spelling.
Singer/songwriter Robyn Carlsson is famous in Sweden. Some well known songs are Do you really want me, Show me love, O baby, Don't stop the music, Be mine.
Robyn with a Y is the feminine spelling. :o)
I find it looks kind of dumb with a Y in it. It looks better with an I in it: Robin

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