Rosemary Winters, the daughter of Ethan Winters and Mia Winters, is a character from the 2021 video game, Resident Evil 8. Rosemary is the catalyst figure that compels her father to try and rescue her from the evil clutches of Mother Miranda.
Am I the only one who thinks 'dew of the sea' is the coolest meaning?
It’s cute. I always think of Rosemary from When Calls the Heart when I see this name, so I think it’s adorable. Plus it has so many possible nicknames.
Beautiful, quality name! Rosemary is such a good name, also uncommon these days. I really like it!
Cool, but I wouldn't use it.
Not bad. Sounds like a princess name. Princess Rosemary.
Rhett Butler's sister's name was Rosemary.
Posh but endearing.
Heaven restores you in life
You’re coming with me
Through the aging, the fearing, the strife...”

Mentioned in a popular song by Interpol.
There is a poem called Rosemary by John Oxenham.
Remi could be a nickname for Rosemary.
There is a song called 'Beautiful Rosemary' by Kriesler.
LOL! I grew up in New York and my aunt called herself Ro. I am totally serious: Ro. So funny but actually sad. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO A CHILD! NO CHILD SHOULD BE NAMED AFTER AN HERB. And forget Sage too.
So cute! A princess's name...A little lady, Rosemary.
What I like about this name is that it nicely balances several different things. It's classic, so it's easy to say and spell, but it's also not too common. It can be cute, but it can also be professional. This thing could work for a 6-year-old or 16-year-old or a 60-year-old. In all, it has a nice range.
This name is nice. It's more interesting than Rose, and the two names blend very well.
Are you kidding me? You turn the best name into a plant and food? I PLANT ROSEMARY IN MY GARDEN, I can’t even IMAGINE that this is a name!
This name can be pronounced ROZ-muh-ree and ROZ-MA-ree; both are correct.
So classic and sweet. At the top of the best diminutive of Rose. Never doubt if this name would not be okay because it is more than okay- it's perfect!
It's pretty, but it's not my favorite rose name.
I don't like Rose, but Rosemary is a really beautiful name with a good sound. It's delicate and elegant, I think it sounds old fashioned but modern at the same time.
I love this name! It sounds so pretty.
Rosemary Patricia "Pebe" Sebert is an American singer-songwriter from Brentwood, Tennessee, who is the mother of singer-songwriter Kesha. Pebe is best known for co-writing number-one hits for Dolly Parton, Pitbull and Kesha. Sebert and Kesha have written 11 released songs together. The songs Sebert wrote for other artists have combined sales of over 8 million copies in the United States alone. In 2013, Sebert appeared as a regular on reality show Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, which starred Kesha and was filmed by her son Lagan.
This name is sooo pretty. It's sophisticated, yet simple, yet unique. How can that happen with one name? Plus, there are countless different nickname opportunities.
Such a beautiful lovely name :)
It endlessly entertains me how shortening Rosemary turns it into an entirely different plant. (Rose)

Still, a very nice name. I love Rose, and all the lengthened versions I've heard are just as pretty.
I love this name. It sounds very sweet and charming! This is one of the combination names I actually like!
Oh, how I love this name. One of my top girl names, actually. It's not as plain as Rose and it's more unique than Mary. Great combination.
Lovely name for a girl/woman.
I think Rosemary is a very pretty name, but if you plan to name your daughter this, be aware of the possibility that a few decades down the road, friends and family members who are fans of classic horror movies might decide to make "Rosemary's baby" jokes about your grandchild. (Not a huge deal, but it might bother some people.)
While not exactly a bearer per se, there is a Polish folk song entitled "O Moj Rozmarynie" (accent marks missing) which translates to "Oh My Rosemary". It's a beautiful song even without knowing what it means, and it becomes even more so if one finds a translation of the lyrics.
The listed pronunciation is basically ROSE-Mary. The upside down e is a long a, like in air or Mary. This name is absolutely beautiful, as are nearly all the ros- names :) theres quite a few nicknames too, like ro, rose, Rosie, or Mary. I like it as Rosemary or Rose with the middle name Mary, or even Rose-Mary. Whatever floats your boat =P I just really wish this name would become more popular along with the other ros- names!
Rosemary Beresford is a former American figure skater.
It's pronounced ROZ-mer-ee.
I think of Rosemary from The Giver when I hear this name. I also think of local missions (California) with the crosses and stained glass everywhere and how pretty they are. I really like this name; it sounds classic.
Well, this is weird. I'm not entirely sure what the listed pronunciation means... It looks like Rose-Marie. Marie being mə-REE (at least where I'm from) and Mary being MER-ee, it seems like this name should have two places of emphasis or something like that. I've always pronounced Rosemary, ROZ MER-ee. Like Rose Mary, but without a pause.
Love it. So much more pretty that plain old Rose.
In The Language of Flowers Rosemary means "Remembrance".
I find this name stunning and the herb is a good herb too. The herb is actually considered a Christian herb for those who didn't know.
This was my grandmother's name. I really do like it. "Rose" by itself seems pretty to me but lacking in depth. Rosemary provides a more unique name without sounding strange. A whole host of nicknames could come from it, or she could just go by Rosemary. I would consider naming my future child this.
There's a song called "Rosemary's Granddaughter". I love this name. It's so pretty.
I know a woman whose name is Rosemary. She said that her siblings called her "Ro" when they were kids. It's a pretty name, and a cool nickname.
Rosemary Boxer is a fictional character from the ITV murder mystery series Rosemary and Thyme, played by British actress Felicity Kendall. :)
It can suit a little girl, a teenager, a 30 year old woman, and an old lady.
Though I don't like Rose or Mary on its own, Rosemary is a sort of ambrosial name. Romy is a nice nickname for it.
So dark and elegant name. Awesome!
I love this name. It has such a pretty ring to it.
So what if it's a plant? Why not just say the same about Holly and Heather, if you haven't already? That was a very petty thing to say.
I love this name, it may be a plant but it sounds so nice. Rose is a beautiful name and I love Mary, when the child is young she may pick to be Rose and then maybe Mary but when she's older she'll call herself Rosemary. I love it! ;)
Love this name. Beautiful.
It's one of the few name combo names that sound pretty, but it sounds old-fashioned, and it makes me think of a morbidly obese woman in a floral dress.
Rosemary is, in my opinion, the most rabbity name out there. If I had a pet rabbit and it was a doe, I'd definitely name her Rosemary. I have an unusual fascination with this name, but I can't say exactly why.
Rosemary is such a sweet name, but one you can also grow up with. I love it!
Yes, Rosemary IS an herb, but also a very beautiful name that belongs to my mother and myself. And I am very proud of it. I've never been 'embarrassed' by my name or wanted to change it because I didn't like it like other people have. I think it is beautiful.
In the song "Scarborough Fair" there is a recurring line saying "Parsley, sage, ROSEMARY, and thyme". I love the song and I love the name.
The female lead in the musical "How to succeed in Business without really Trying" is named Rosemary. There is a love song in the show that revolves around her name. "Suddenly there is music at the sound of your name. Rosemary!"
It is an absolutely beautiful name!
In the book the Giver Rosemary was the name of a twelve year old girl who killed herself.
But it's a plant.
I'm amazed that nobody has mentioned Rosemary Clooney (1928-2002)! The famed singer and actress played a leading role in White Christmas (1954) and was the aunt of actor George Clooney.
Anyone who read the novel Gone With the Wind (as opposed to seeing the film) might remember that Rosemary was the name of Rhett Butler's sister.
Rosemary has appeared on the top 1000 list since the 1880's. Its most popular year was 1940's where it ranked 91.
The meaning is very beautiful. I like this name!
"Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" was a popular song by by bubblegum pop "group" Edison Lighthouse (really session vocalist Tony Burrows, who also recorded under the names White Plains, the Pipkins, and the Brotherhood of Man). It reached number 5 on the US charts and number one in the UK in 1970.

Other songs that include the name Rosemary include "Rosemary" by The Grateful Dead and "Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts" by Bob Dylan.
Such a pretty, classic name.
It is Rowan's actual name in Rowan Hood.
My Mum's name is Rosemary. I quite like it. It sounds very elegant and sophisticated. Mostly it gets shortened to Ro though!
There's a horror film called "Rosemary's Baby."
The Latin name for Rosemary is Rosmarinus officinalis.

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