It sounds like sausage.
Love the name! One of the possible names for a daughter, currently #1 on my list. There's just something about this name that I like.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have always appreciated the refined, yet playful feel of the name “Alexandra”. However, I have known too many Alex’s and Alexa’s to fully enjoy the name. I recently came across the name “Sasha”, and I fell in love with it. It has definitely worked its way into the US as a feminine name, but it all comes down to your culture (i.e. Russia and Ukraine). I love the name for an American girl, mainly because it has the “stand-alone power” even though it is a nickname (i.e. Lily, Bella). I am excited to use the name Sasha one day, whether for a child or a character (NOT a pet! Sasha is NOT a pet’s name!).*I am keeping all of the Ukrainian people in my prayers. Do the same, especially for the young children and babies.*
I've heard that Sasha means "guardian angel" in Russian.
I also thought it was a feminine name. Mostly because I kept mixing it up with Masha and Dasha.
Sasha is a rabbit villager introduced in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update.If you want more info, click this link:
In America this name is mainly feminine. I’ve never met a male Sasha other than a young man from Russia.
Sasha Waybright is a character from the animated series "Amphibia."
Sasha is feminine to me, and I imagine a cheerleader who is into gymnastics and swimming.
In my experience, Americans use it on girls, and Russians use it on boys.
I personally like this better on a boy. Although it goes on a girl too. I just like it better on a boy.
I've read about many Sasha's but all of them were girls, but I never met one.
I've never met a boy with the name Sasha, only girls. I mean, this looks so feminine!
Sasha is a Slavic name and although it is more commonly used for boys it's actually a unisex diminutive form of both Aleksandr and Aleksandra. See: Aleksandra "Sasha" Soldatova a Russian female gymnast. I've noticed that there are a remarkable amount of male footballers called Saša.
Its origins are NOT as a boy's name :) This is the nickname for Alexandra/er, and "Alexandra" was one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera (goddess, not god!) and as such is usually taken to mean "one who comes to save warriors (men)". So originally this name was just an "occupation"... female occupation, btw. Also, the earliest attested form of the name is female. Sasha therefore is of female origin too.
I adore this name for a girl. It has a balmy breeze, warm spring day feel to it. I'd love to use it for a daughter one day, the only thing that puts me off is that it's also used a lot for boys too and its origins are as a boy's name.
Very dated!
Sasha from Alexander? Could someone explain, I'm confused.
This is THE name for a Russian boy or girl. Otherwise, forget it.
Really really love it! I especially love it for a ginger! I’m using it in a novel.
Pure class.
I honestly love this name as both a masculine and feminine name. One of the top names I'd pick for my son or daughter, or even for a character I made up! I totally recommend this to anyone who is looking to name someone.
There's something about this name I don’t like. I can’t put my finger on it though.
To be honest, I used to think this name was strictly for girls. But now that I think about it, this is a unisex name.
My name is Sasha. I'm from the U.S. and I was born in 1982. I was born Sasha Michelle, and I was always mistaken for Tasha or Sarah. I've always loved my name, I would never change it and I think Sasha is a wonderful name for your daughter. Trust me, you won't regret using Sasha for your little girl. She'll love you for it.
Sasha sounds more like a girl's name than a gender-neutral name...
Love love LOVE this name for a girl! :) It is the name of the little sister of one of my best friends. They are Russian and her real name is Alexandra (or Aleksandra, I'm not sure how she spells it). My best friend calls her Sushi for a nickname, which I think is really cute. Alexandra is one of my favorite names for a girl, and Sasha is just a perfect short form! I also like Allie, Alex, Lexie, etc., but I think Sasha might just take the cake!
I know a girl named Sasha. She's Ukrainian. Anyway, she says she doesn't care about her name. I think it's a good name. Sasha and Maxine are both refreshing names to hear than all those Emma's, Mila's, Isla's. I love Emma, but don't care for Mila or Isla.
Sasha is such a chill, tranquil, lovely name. It's very lush, like a soft, cool breeze blowing over an open field. Sasha is the clean, refreshing scent of petrichor that fills the midday air in the aftermath of a rainstorm; she is the rainbow that embellishes the sky moments later. Sasha is the joy of petting your beloved pet. Sasha is the sweet, cool taste of an ice pop on a hot summer day, or the rich, warm flavor of hot cocoa when you are snowed in. Sasha is the peaceful vibe of smooth jazz in a sophisticated but not too high end restaurant. Any girl (or boy) who is blessed with the name Sasha is bound to contribute to the warmth this name possesses.
I love Sasha as a boy's name, it sounds sweet and refined. Not very partial to it for a girl.
Not masculine whatsoever.
Sasha is a name for both males and females. Full name Alexander/Alexandra. This name is most used in countries like Russia, Ukraine, other countries that were in the Soviet Union and some European countries.
I don't understand why people hate this name and any other name- it's not like it's your name.
P.s. my name's also Sasha.
Love this name, especially as a nickname for Aleksandr/ Alexander! It only might sound feminine in English because of the pronunciation; where I’m from it’s said more like “sUH-sha” and sounds more masculine. I can see how sA-sha sounds feminine when it rhymes with Mascha.
Sasha is actually the diminutive in some form or another for the male Alexander and the female Alexandra. As most countries view it as only a diminutive, it is not a formal name. There are a few countries near the Black Sea that use it as a formal name or that language variant and it is unisex.
It was a male character's name in a book I read. I love it as a male and female name!
Pretty for both a boy or girl.
My name is Sasha and I love it. The one thing I hate more than anything is being mistakenly called Sarah. I also get annoyed with how many people don't know that it's originally a diminutive of Alexander/Alexandra. I've been given the nicknames Sashie, Sassy, Sash, and Sadie, with Sashie probably being my favorite although the spelling has raised some controversy (people say it's spelled Sashi, which I don't like).
Sasha Obama is former US president Barack Obama's elder daughter.
It's my name and I'm a guy! Half of my family's background is Ukrainian, which is a very common masculine name there! Living in North America I do feel my name is a bit feminine! Formerly my name is Alexander.
Hello everyone! My name is Sasha and I love it! It's a very rare name were I come from and I think it is a unisex name and can be used for both boys and girls.
My name is Sasha. It's pronounced Say_sha it has a line over the 1st a which makes it a long A. I never liked my name as a little girl but as I got older I loved it more and more. My mom named me after her fav doll. Sasha Alethe.
A is not a gendered letter, in fact, none of them are. Joshua and Ezra are girls names because they end on a? I can't imagine this on a girl, that's probably cause I am Slavic, where it's normal for a guy to have an a ending name.
In Slavic countries, naming a girl Sasha is like naming a girl John or Michael.
In Slavic countries Sasha is a short form of Aleksandra and Aleksandr (I’m a Slav, I know this), so you are wrong, naming a girl Sasha is like naming a girl Alex or Lexi in English-speaking countries.
It's such a shame that political views are being used to make opinions on basically everything else, including names. All we need to do is set politics aside and look at the thing and only that thing itself.As for this name, I find it quite attractive. I can picture this name perfectly on a wide variety of little girls and older women. Does this mean that I am liberal? No... it just means that I really like this name!
Sasha is a classy and elegant name! I like it more for a girl! I personally wouldn’t name a boy Sasha since it sounds more feminine in my book. But I can still picture any male with the name Sasha because there is something masculine about it! It’s not 100% feminine to me, but it still sounds more like a girl’s name. I still respect the masculine usage.
So much better as a guy's name. Don’t use this on girls.
Oooooh, I LOVE the name Sasha! It just rolls off the tongue... To me it's one of the most pleasant sounding names I can think of. Reminds me of a girl with super long blonde hair and huge blue or grey eyes :)
I have a friend who calls me “Sasha” and I find it very obnoxious and annoying. I’m not sure if it’s because they were raised by people from a culture in which “Sasha” is a boy’s name or not, but it still seems very annoying. I have never met anyone who goes by the name “Sasha, ” regardless of gender.
It's a shame that it's unisex because it sounds purely feminine.
My name is Sasha and I love my name.
I used to like this name but now I dislike it.
Sasha Velour is the drag name of artist Alexander "Sasha" Steinberg. Velour is best known for winning the 9th season of RuPaul's Drag Race.
Sasha is a really pretty name. The main character in a story I am writing is named Sasha, short for Alexandria.
That's actually really funny because I CANNOT stand the name Sasha on a boy.. FAR too feminine.
Arg! I can't decide if this is a better girl's name or boy's name. I used it as a girl's name in one of my stories for a spunky, slightly ridiculous teenage girl.
My name is Alexandra (Sasha). I live in Spain and nobody else has this name. My parents are from Russia (where this name is really popular for both boys and girls). My second cousin is called Alexander so his parents call him Sasha too. Whenever we are in the same room they call him Shurik and in my case is Shura. These two names are used sometimes. I've seen a lot of people commenting that it sounds weird and that boys shouldn't be called Sasha but you just have to get used to it. There is a similar case with the name Andrea. In Spain Andrea is a female name, only meanwhile in Italy it's a male name only.
Sasha Carlisle is a fictional character from the MTV soap opera Spyder Games (2001), played by breath-takingly gorgeous Robert Hutchinson.
Sasha Chanoff is an American aid organizer and humanitarian based in Somerville, Massachusetts who is notable for rescuing thousands of refugees in Africa. Chanoff founded a humanitarian assistance organization for refugees, called RefugePoint, which identifies endangered people, often children, generally in Africa, and provides assistance to them. Generally this involves coordinating their resettlement, by providing logistics including food and money, and working with immigration authorities in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. He enlists the help of the mass media to encourage donations as well as increase public awareness of the numerous problems facing refugees. For example, he was instrumental in getting RefugePoint featured prominently on the American TV news documentary program 60 Minutes in 2013.
Sasha has become a quick favorite of mine. Bold and independent, but still super feminine and sweet, which is surprising coming from a unisex name! I have been having difficulty finding a middle name that works. Some of my favorites are Sasha Isabelle and Sasha Rosalind, but I haven't gotten very far into the middle name process.
My name is Sasha and I absolutely love it. I like the sound. It makes me think of a girly person. I love finding characters who share my name in books or movies or TV shows, it makes me so happy.
For a girl it's cute. For a boy I'm not sure… personally I would not choose a name ending with "a", as it is indeed seen as a female name. No boy likes having a name that people see as a girl's name. Chances are he'll hate it.
Love it- top name if I ever have a girl.
Welsh DJ Alexander Paul Coe (Sasha) uses this name.
My little girl's name. I love it so much, no matter what contradictions pop up by contributors.
Sasha is the name of one of the Bratz dolls, which probably contributes to my idea of a young, bold, sassy girl whenever I hear this name.
I don't like this name for boys. I know it's a nickname from Aleksander but it just sounds so feminine! For girls it's not a bad name, it definitely sounds modern and exotic, with an air of boldness.
In the US, most names ending in -a are feminine. I have seen a few boys but they seemed feminine because of the -a. Girls names ending in -a are common, while boys usually have names ending in other letters. If you live in the United States, don't name a boy this.
I think this is definitely a girl's name, and any boy named this would be teased non-stop. Actually, I think it is such a shame it is a unisex name. Nothing about it sounds masculine. This name sounds strictly feminine to me.
I am African from Western Africa. My daughter was born 1st January 2013. I named her Nanette-Sash,a. I wasn't familiar with the name but when she was put to birth, I went online for a search of names. Since I am a Catholic I based my search on meaning. So the meaning: "defender, help to mankind", for Sasha attracted me.
It's a very soft, sweet name. Very pretty. I see it more as feminine, since it is predominantly female in the US where I live, but I respect that it is a traditionally male name in Russia and don't think it sounds bad on a male.
My parents named me Sasha for my Slavic origin (Croatian); I live in Italy and here this name is very uncommon, especially for women. I'm the only girl with this name that I know in my country.
Sasha is short for Alexandra in Russia, and Sanya is short for Alexander. Look at these Russian models: Sasha Luss and Sasha Pivovarova. And check these Instagram pages out: markina, Sasha_popovaa, sashashulgovich, Sasha_korshun, sashetti, alexa_official, sanchos21, Sasha. Byka, sashakosolapova, sasharussia, sashulialfw, sashkavasilyeva, mickey_Sasha, malkova_s, golovkova. S and so on.
On boys it's the weirdest thing ever... As much as a boy Lily or Jessica.
My name is Sasha and I really like it, it's not common and individual. However people do often pronounce it wrong, it's SA like in Sabrina not Sam. I also get called Tasha, Natasha and Sarah a lot.
I don't think this name is terrible for a boy, but I do prefer Sasha for females.
I love this name! It's so beautiful. The sound of it is so gentle and soft and it simply just flows off the tongue. Just lovely. I'd love to name my daughter this way!
2SamanthaCarter: Russian diminutive of ALEXANDRA. Not Sandra.
Russian diminutive of Sandra.
I'm called Sasha as a nickname for Sarah, because they're so close in structure and sound, and I absolutely love it. I love how it's almost a repetition of the first syllable, but the "sh" makes it a different sound, kind of like the name Nina, because the last syllable makes it a non-repetitive name.
Sasha, the Muscovite princess is a character in the novel Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf.
The meanings of the name Sasha:
1. From English — sunshine
2. From Japanese 幸 (sashi) — blessing, fortune, happiness
3. From Japanese 優しい (yasashii) — tender, graceful, affectionate
4. From Hindi शशी (shashi/sashi) - the Moon
I do love the name Sasha BUT only on girls. Because even if it's unisex originally, it sounds too feminine and girly anyway. It has a soft, tender sound. So I imagine a beautiful girl with grey eyes, long blonde or chestnut hair and pale skin :)
Sasha Pivovarova — Russian supermodel
Sasha Luss — Russian top-model
Sasha Pieterse — American actress
Sasha Grey — American actress
Sasha Spielberg — daughter of film director Steven Spielberg
Sasha Barrese — American actress
Sasha Torres — character on the ABC Family show "Bunheads"
Sasha Silver — character in Jessica Burkhart's Canterwood Crest series
Sasha Braus — character in the anime/manga "Attack on Titan"
Sasha Athena— character in the anime/manga "Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas".
Sasha is the name of the Heavy Weapons Guy's minigun in the video game 'Team Fortress 2'.
Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Actress Elsa Pataky named their twin boys born on March 18 2014, Tristan and Sasha.
I don't like this name for either gender.
My name is Aleksandra but I have always been called Sasha. I am from England and my family is known for having either unusual names or ridiculously long names. I my full name is Aleksandra Louise Mackenzie Edwards. My mum called me Aleksandra because she had a Russian friend who was going to call her child Sasha but she unfortunately had a miscarriage. I do like my nickname Sasha and I have never met a person with the same.
I'm not a fan. It's a bit overused in NYC.
The name is also English, but I've only ever heard it on women.
My name is Sasha, and as I live in north America, I have only ever seen it used for girls or dogs (why dogs?!). In N. American it is still uncommon enough that I get called Tasha and Natasha instead.
When I went to Europe, people were always very surprised to see that it is the name on my passport and official ID. A few people tried to call me Alexandra. My cousin is named Alexandria, when she was in Turkey everyone kept trying to call her Sasha. We are both quite entertained/annoyed that we get called the other's name.
Growing up in England I always thought of it as a girls name, but now I love it as an abbreviation for Aleksandr and think it's a great name for a boy or a man.
I don't like this name, since it's the name of one of those awful Bratz dolls.
Not bad for either gender. I like it more for a boy though.Funny how it doesn't seem to be a particularly common name, yet I've met 4 girls named Sasha.
Sasha Mallory is an American dancer. She was the runner-up on season 8 of "So You Think You Can Dance".
I think I'm one of the few Sasha females in Italy... People here consider it (and they're wrong) a name for males only!
I really like this name for a girl, although my aunt had a Russian boyfriend named Sascha and I think it sounded okay on a man but I just like it better for a girl.
Sasha Pieterse is an American actress.
Sasha Obama (born Natasha Obama) is the youngest daughter of Barack Obama, the current President of the United States of America.
Sasha Cohen is an American world champion and Olympic figure skater. She was born Alexandra Pauline Cohen.
I'm in the minority here, but I love this as a nickname for Alexander. It's so much warmer and more original than just Alex. I like it so much more (as a nickname) for a guy than a girl, either as a nickname or full name.
I once knew a spoiled brat who had a rat-dog named Sasha. Nowadays that's all I can think of when I hear the name Sasha, and sorry to those who like the name, I don't.
Sasha is also pet form of Satyana.
My daughter was born in August and I named her Sasha. I love it because it's the perfect popularity in the low 200's, is a diminutive of Alexander which is a family name tracing back several generations, and is less common than an Alexandra or Alexis when honoring those Alexanders. However, a word of caution for those considering this as a baby girl's (or any baby's) first name: When said frequently, Sasha becomes a tongue-twister. It often comes out Shasha or Shasa. Looks like I'll be messing up my baby's name for years to come.
This is my second favourite Russian boys name. I think it sounds hot. But I'm not a huge fan of it for girls, for some reason, even though it IS technically unisex, even in Russia.For a girl I prefer Sanya.
There is a shop keeper at Gaia Online named Sasha. She is known for her love of clothes and being a ditzy air head.
Sasha Son (that isn't his real name) is a Lithuanian popstar who was in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.
When using it for boys, I like it pronounced 'SAR SHAH'. But when using it for girls, I like it pronounced 'SAH SHAH'.
I know a girl called Sasha. People tease her and call her Squasha. Because of this I don't think I'd use the name.
This is my sister's nickname. Her real name is Natasha, but when we were younger our brothers had a hard time saying Natasha so it always came out as Sasha. So since she was little everyone calls her Sasha. Most people are surprised to find out her real name.
I'm not a big fan of unisex names, but Sasha is a good one for either boys and girls, even though to me it suits girls better. It doesn't single children out for being different or ridicule either like my own first name does.
Being Russian, I am more used to hearing Sasha as a boys name. I find it a little awkward when it is a girl's name. (Yes, here it can be short for Aleksandr and Aleksandra, but most girls named Aleksandra seem to use "Sanya" for a diminutive. (At least in my city they do!)
Could also be a potential nickname for the feminine German name [Saskia].
I always thought it was a girls name, but I met a guy and he's called Sasha. Now I think it's awesome for both girls and boys. :)
I'm not a fan of names that are both masculine and feminine, but Sasha is one of the few that is an exception. I would not however name a son Sasha because of the ridicule he would be subjected to. I caught hell because of my first name and I wouldn't put any child through what I went through. For a girl Sasha is a great name that isn't over used and is pleasing to the ear.
I have always found this name very interesting. It's not overly-used, it's soft and rolls off your tongue and very pretty. I think it sounds good on a guy, too, but if I had my choice I'd name a girl this.
I've always thought of this as a girls name, and found it weird this is a also a boy's name.
I think the name Sasha represents a strong, wealthy, smart woman. All my life I wished to be named Sasha, I love the name Sasha.
It's nice and all, but it reminds me of a girl who has more money than brains, and is annoying.
Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat, is a famous bearer of this name.
I'm not sure exactly how famous he is, but a semi-famous bearer of Sasha is Sasha Kaun, a basketball player for the Kansas Jayhawks from 2004-2008.
I like the name Sasha. It sounds very golden to me. Though, I'd give a warning to parents naming a boy Sasha; a lot of people think it sounds like a girl's name.
Well Pip, that's probably because you're American (just guessing) as it was originally a male name. I love this on a guy, but then again, I kind of like to mix gender names. I wouldn't use this in America because here it really is a very feminine name, but if I happened to be in Russia.
Sasha Obama is one of Barack Obama's daughters.
Sarah Dessen, a young adult genre author ("Someone Like You"; two of her books were smooshed to make the movie "How to Deal"), had a daughter in September 2007 named Sasha Clementine.
A famous bearer is the Russian model Sasha Pivovarova. She's currently one of the most successful young models. She was recently featured on the cover of Vogue, and is known for her artwork and similar appearance to fellow model Gemma Ward.
I think the name Sasha is a very attractive name on guys. I don't really like it on girls. But for guys, it's so sexy.
Whenever I think of this name, I think of sausage. Lol.
A good masculine variant might be Sascha or Sacha.
This is my son's name after his grandfather Aleksandr but where we live in the States, Sasha is predominantly a girls name. We spelled it Sascha. It suits him very well!
This is such a cute name for a little girl!
Definitely not a guy's name.
This is the name of novelists Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss's son.
Sasha´s pet forms are Sašenka, Sassy, Sissy.
Most of the time an A at the end of a name is feminine in my opinion but Sasha is a really great name for a boy.
I met a very nice guy called Sasha. I also know a girl called Sacha. I think it suits both. Love it.
I find Sasha too feminine-sounding for a boy. In most Western languages, "a" at the end of a name makes it feminine.
Another famous bearer is actress Sasha Alexander, who was born Suzana Drobnjakoviæ. Sasha is her childhood nickname and Alexander is her brother's name.
I love this as a boy's nickname for Alexander! Most people I know prefer it for girls, though.
A famous bearer is actress Sasha Barrese born in Hawaii.
Famous bearers are Sasha Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse. :-))
I like the name Sasha in it's own right but I prefer it for a girl as I don't think it is very masculine. My cousin is half-Russian and my aunt and uncle wanted a name that translated into both langauges so they chose Alexandra but everyone calls her Sasha and that suits her far better.
A variant, as you can see, is Sashya, pronounced literally "Sash-ya". It is uncommon and normally used in North America.
I don't like this name because it rhymes with my name, Natasha, so when people say Sasha I always respond.
This is one of the few Russian names/nicknames I adore. From the first time I read the name Sasha in a book I was drawn to it.
A famous bearer is Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen.
I found a name meaning also to be "a helpful friend". I have only ever met one human being called Sasha where I live as the rest of the name bearers seem to be dogs. A very popular name to call a female pet dog.
This is a darling, cutesy name for both boys and girls. The name is used for males more commonly in Europe and Russia.
This name is popular among young Asian parents.

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