The name is somewhat spiritual to me. And I kind of like it.
There's something I like about this name, it has a charm to it!
I don’t think anybody mentioned the myth of Osiris and Isis. Osiris’ brother Seth killed him in jealousy.
Big meh. I've known too many of them. Jaded, faded, rightly out of style.
Seth Swirsky, songwriter/musician and baseball memorabilia collector, who also directed the documentary film "Beatles Stories".
It's a fine name. Simple, not my favorite.
Seth Stone is one of the main characters in Sarah Webb's series Ask Amy Green.
I've got to admit it's not a name I've ever felt particularly strongly about but I started using it temporarily in December 2015 but now I'm in college and everyone knows me as Seth. I've even had a couple of things published under Seth. It just stuck.
I like it because I don't know any other Seth's and it goes nicely with my middle name, Hope. It's a soft sounding name. However some people do mishear it as Stef but maybe that's just because I'm trans and they didn't expect someone like me to have a name like Seth.
Seth is a name of Hebrew origin and means "appointed".
Seth Stewart is an actor and singer best known for his role as Graffiti Pete from In The Heights and Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton.
I can NEVER remember if it's pronounced 'see-th' or 'seh-th' and I don't know why, so I'm a bit afraid of the name. Nonetheless I absolutely adore it, I think it's a beautiful name.
I've loved the name since I was a college student in Austin during the mid-80s. It was popular for newborns then, and unpretentious. I moved back to the East Coast afterwards, and rarely heard it. My first son was named for my dad, but my second son was always going to be Seth. I didn't get much support on it, but I still think it's strong, timeless, and masculine. If he had turned out to have a lisp, then I would have done him no favors!
This name is in my opinion very fun to pronounce. I used to have a friend named Seth in junior high and whenever he came over my dad would repeatedly say his name out loud very intensely because he thought it sounded odd. It used to make my friend weirded out and me laugh. Great name. Also, Seth Rogen is amazing.
Seth Everman is a musician from Sweden.
Seth was the name of the Jonah Hill character from the 2007 movie Superbad.
Seth Woodbury Macfarlane, creator of 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad,' 'The Cleveland Show,' and 'The Orville.' Also an acomplished singer.
It's kind of cute.
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Seth who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 370th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
The evil scientist in Evilious Chronicles: Original Sin Story is named Seth Twiright.
Seth Morrison plays guitar for Christian Rock band Skillet.
My absolute favourite boy's name and has been for about twenty years.
Was a long standing character in a British soap "Emmerdale Farm" (later "Emmerdale") along with fellow farmer, Amos - another name I love (Amos Lee is a cool bearer of this name, although his birth name is Ryan).
Would not think twice about naming a child this.
This name is nice. I think it is a great name because it just always gives you a good feeling.
The main character in "The Fly", played by Jeff Goldblum, is named Seth.
I'm Seth and I think I'm getting used to it now since it aint judged harshly... I'm cool now. I have to admit Seth Rogen is my role model. He is great.
Seth Green from Austin Powers and Robot Chicken is a famous bearer.
This is a nice, simple, yet interesting and not too common name. Every Seth I've ever met has long hair and loves heavy metal, and so I associate the name with that kind of lifestyle and I think it's cool!
Seth is the main antagonist of the Street Fighter IV series.
Seth is the god of chaos in Egyptian mythology, in which he was sometimes associated with royalty and negative unpredictability.
Colby Lopez, an American professional wrestler signed to WWE who performs under the ring name "Seth Rollins".
I honestly love the name Seth, and would love to name my child Seth :)
Seth is the name of the Chinese squid in Suicidal Unicorns (I think that's its name, I may have misheard it).
Seth is quite possibly the most sexiest masculine name out there in my opinion. ;)
Nice name but... rhymes with Meth and sounds like sex. Th instead of x.
My son is named Seth. I learned that the meaning was "a gift" "a grant".
So many great comments about the name and how it sounds and what you picture. He is now grown and is to be married in less than 2 weeks. He is genuine, deeply loving, thoughtful, caring, would help anyone, brave, not a huge talker but when he speaks it's well thought-out and profound, looks at things in a broad prospective and thinks of the future by what he does, intensely aware of others feelings, very loyal to family and friends, devoted, very hard-working, strong. Someone wrote in sorts that it takes someone unique to carry this name, and this Seth sure carries it very very well!
To me, Seth is a very attractive name. It reminds me of outdoorsy guys who are very cool and not in need of being the center of attention. I think it sounds like a healthy, fit, and happy guy. It is masculine but not hardened.
Our son's name is Seth :) He's still in his toddler years at the moment, but the name always reminded me of a mischievous lil guy and some one in a band also, lol.
My husband chose this name for him and it suits him. He is a blue eyed blonde haired ball of energy with a sweet nature and a caring heart.
We are Aussies and sometimes I get asked to repeat his name and it comes out like steff! I wouldn't change his name it suits him perfectly even of his mummy has to repeat herself :D.
This name connotes many wonderful things: Cool, funny, confident, good, amiable, social, eminent, and super-sexy-hot. It's the perfect name.
Although Seth Sorenson was already mentioned, the commenter didn't give him the attention he deserves. He's that cool. He's one of the main characters from Brandon Mull's Fablehaven books, which are absolutely worth the read if you have nothing against fantasy. "All roads lead to Seth!"
Yes! I was wondering if someone would mention him when I was scrolling through the comments.
Welcome to Seth's House!
In the novel "Cold Comfort Farm", Seth Starkadder is devastatingly handsome, inconveniently oversexed and a passionate movie fan; he becomes the leading man in numerous romantic films.
The main character in the book `Kiss Of Death' by Malcolm Rose is named Seth and he has a twin sister named Kim. It's a very good book, worth reading.
To me, it sounds strong, handsome, and mysterious, but also a little dangerous. I think it takes a certain kind of person to carry the name Seth.
I love this name. It sounds so masculine.
Just no. Seth rhymes with "meth" and sounds like the name of a stupid boy who runs into walls.
Cool name. It's masculine, brave, and caring, everything you could want in a boy's name. Too bad it's getting popular.
The name Seth sounds really energetic and nice. I think it's a great name.
Seth is the name of one of the main characters in Fablehaven.
A famous bearer is Seth Meyers, actor known for doing the Live Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.
I love this name for a BOY. It makes me think of a quiet handsome guy who is sweet, funny, a bit mysterious and very romantic.
Seth is a nice name, however it shall always remind me of that evil kid from Pixar's "Toy Story."
Actually, the mean kid in Toy Story was Sid, not Seth.

That said, I really like the name Seth. It's not outrageous, but it's not too plain. It's also not too strong or too soft; I could see a shy, cute kid with this name, as well as a totally sexy, strong, solitary man. And it's not too overused or underused. Basically, it's just a nice, flexible name.
This name is awesome, I might name my future son this! Isn't there another Seth much later in the New Testament? I thought there was, but I can't find it.
I am currently planning out a novel, and I named the protagonist this, just because I don't plan on ever having children and I need an excuse to use it. The name 'Seth' to be brings up the image of a gentle, masculine person, who is somewhat of a lady's man. I'm just afraid it will become overused.
Seth is the name of a character on the fantasy Canadian television series 'Di-Gata Defenders', which is fairly popular amongst children.
Seth Clearwater is the name of a werewolf in the Twilight Series.
Actor/writer Seth Rogen.
This name screams "blah" to me. It's sooo boring and plain. No "WOW!" factor.
There's a female character called Seth in Trinity Blood.
*shrugs* Maybe. It worked in the context of the anime, partly because there was a bit of theme naming going on (Seth had two older brothers named Cain and Abel, her name was pretty inevitable), and for some reason it just suits the character.
Ewww. Seth for a girl. Gross. Otherwise, this is kind of a plain name. But I think one that could be carried through all ages.
Nitpicking on the history listed on the page - Seth was not the forefather of the human race. Adam and Eve had other children who are not named, as mentioned in Genesis 5:6. Wow I sound like such a religious nut, I swear I'm not! [noted -ed]
Seth Adkins is an actor who starred in Bad News Bears, along with many other television shows and movies.
Native French speakers can't say "th" (the sound does not exist in French) so "Seth" comes out sounding like, "set" which is the phonetic spelling for their word for "seven". Many British anglophones have a tough time saying "th" as well and "Seth" comes out sounding like, "sef". So if you are married to a Frenchman or Brit, or have plans to live in either of those countries for very long, you might want to bypass this name for your little boy! (Even though it is my son's name and I love it!)
Actually, English people can pronounce the "th" sound. There may be the occasional person who pronounces it "f", but I'm English and I don't know anyone with trouble pronouncing the sound. "Th" is a common sound in the language.

I've seen this name a few times in literature, which has improved my opinion on it, but it's not a favourite of mine.
My son's name is Seth. It's a tough name for bullies to find a way to turn into something horrible -- other than "chef" and "bad breath Seth" -- which were bearable for him during his tender years. No-one asks how to spell it. It reminds people of cowboys. Girls love it. Conjures up the strong silent type. All in all, a Seth is a person you can depend on to be calm when all hell breaks lose and they are fiercely loyal to their friends and family. Oh, and in regular, walk around life, NO-ONE points out the Biblical references. People just assume it's just a cool name from some old Western.
I've never liked this name, personally. I'm not sure why. Something about the way it sounds I guess.
Never really had anything against the name "Seth", although I think it is a tad bit on the boring side.
The name of Sethe, the protagonist of Toni Morrison's novel Beloved, is a feminization of Seth.
I think Seth is a really good name to give to your kid.
Seth used to be a common choice for sons born after the death of an older sibling--as Seth was born after the death of Abel. The Puritans were quite fond of this practice.
This name reminds me of a basketball player.
In the Bible, the name Seth literally means "substitute," as he was given by God to Adam and Eve, when their sons Cain and Abel were both disqualified as the carrier of the promised seed.
Seth has always been one of my favorite names. I think it's an awesome name for a guy!
Actor Seth Green is a famous bearer.
Seth is a handsome name for a boy and it is not overused but that doesn't matter. Overall I'd give it a 9 2/3 or 10.
How many people on here agree that "Seth Ashton" sounds pretty hot? (It's okay if you oppose it!)
Seth is such a nice name for a boy. It is increasing in popularity but isn't over used.
Famous bearer of the name is Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy.
A famous bearer of this name is Seth Cohen on the O.C.
The name Seth reminds me of some kid with an eye infection for some odd reason.
Actually Seth means "substitute" from Hebrew because Cain killed his brother Abel and God cursed Cain for it. Eve said that she would name her child Seth because he was a substitute or replacement for her first two sons.
I think the meaning listed corresponds to roughly the same thing, really. Translation is not a flawless process.
Carl Zeth "Zäta" Konstantin Höglund (1884 – August 13, 1956) was a leading Swedish Communist politician, writer and journalist. Höglund can be credited as the founder of the Swedish Communist movement.
It's also said to be originated from Egyptian mythology. A variant of the name 'Set' and possibly meaning 'pillar' or 'dazzle'.
In the Bible, Seth was the third son of Adam.
Seth Green from Austin Powers is the only guy I can think of with this name.
The original Hebrew name is Chet (khet).

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