It means, hello, goodbye, or peace in Hebrew.
I think it works for either gender honestly. Either way, it’s a nice name.
I like it a lot. I like that it means peace, and I think this could work on either gender.
I prefer it for a girl rather than a boy. I don’t like it for a boy. Way too feminine.
Related name: Shiloh.
In response to Sabertooth: Shiloh is not related to Shalom, except that they begin with the same two letters. Both have variation in meaning and completely different roots. Shalom means "peace" while Shiloh means "messenger" on a person but when referring to the place name, the meaning is unclear.
I know a little song that we used to sing at primary school in assembly. It goes:
Shalom my friend, may peace be with you,
Throughout your day,
In all the you do, may peace be with you,
Shalom, Shalom.
I like the name for both a girl or a boy, love the meaning.
Does anyone besides me think of that song when they hear this name?

Shalom, chaverim. Shalom, chaverim. Shalom! Shalom! Lehitraot, lehitraot; Shalom! Shalom!

The song translated is:

Farewell, my good friend. Farewell, my good friend. Farewell! Farewell! 'Till we meet again, 'till we meet again; farewell! Farewell!

Hebrew folk song.
Means "Peace be with you" used to say Hi and Goodbye in Hebrew like "Aloha" in Hawaian and "Salam-ali-kum" in Arabic.
Related names are Jerusalem, Absalom, and Salem.
Famous bearer is model Shalom Harlow.

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