You all are breaking the rules and are acting like you don’t have feelings or souls! There are people in this world who are reading every freaking selfish word in your stupid comments! You are all JERKS!

P.S. my friend is named Sofia and she is call Sofie and I personally love and adore her name and I would give more than you know to have her name! I am sorry if you are the people who posted kind and nice comments but I felt like people should know who they’re hurting.
Very pretty and classic name. It's just overused. Nonetheless, Sofia is not that common at least in my country, so do Sophia and Sophie. The same thing goes with the accent variant, Sofía.
Sofia by Clairo is a nice song, and so is this name.

The fia ending is more whimsical than the phia ending.
I think this name is very delightful and classic. It sounds very beautiful to me and I really appreciate its simplicity as well. :)
Also Georgian.
With 138 705 bearers, Sofia is the 14th most common feminine given name in Greece (2014 Data).

My name is Sofia, I personally go by Sofi because I'm a tomboy. But I think that Sofia isn't a girly name I think it's an average name for a girl. It's immature of you to say "it reminds me of Sofia the First".
Just one of those classic names that never loses it's charm. Nice meaning too.
I don’t like this spelling and don’t like Sophia, Sophie, and Sofie either and this reminds me of Sofia the First.
Just as bad as Sophia.
I prefer the spelling Sophia which looks better in my opinion. This spelling reminds me of Sofia The First.
I prefer Sofie without the "a" because it seems a little less "girly".
Sofia the first.
Sofia the First isn't a bad namesake or anything, lol. You should be happy to have the name you have. It's pretty.
Also Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Sofia Carson and Sofia the first.
It's very popular, but I think it's such a sweet name. There is a softness about it. My great aunt had this name and I've adored it since.
My name is Sofia and today my friends started showing cool characters that had the same name as them so I thought I would join and... there is nothing but Sofia the first then they showed celebrities, I had one... most of my friends had at least ten I hate my name and I would change it in an instant...
I do like this name, it’s very glamorous.
I think of this name as a strong tough woman, that's a little on the tomboy side.
So stunning and charming! I think of Sofia Vergara, the fantabulous actress.
Sofia is also Polish (sometimes used alongside Zofia, Zosia, and Sonia in Poland). The name day for Sofia in Poland is September 30.
Sofia is a song by Clairo.
For some reason I find Sofia more appealing than Sophia.
Waaay too common and overdone!
Too girlish and tender.
I’m surprised nobody mentioned Sofia the First. A show that lasted from November 2012 to September 2018.
Sofia Vossou is my fave Greek singer ever, she represented Greece in the 1991 ESC with the song "I Anixi" which only got a shocking 13th.
Forsythia, thank you for typing that heartfelt comment regarding the preference you have for your first name. Also, regarding the statements on the popularity of Sofia/Sophia, I am inclined to agree with you that the top names are not as in full abundance as most people on here would have others believe. Therefore, Sofia is a beautiful name that deserves its praise and fame.
I’m an early Gen Z Sofia, born in the US about ten years before the Sofia/Sophia peak. My name gets misspelled as Sophia all the time, even by people I’ve known for years, but despite that inconvenience I do really like my name. My mom is of mostly Scandinavian descent and my dad is Italian, so it just made more sense to them to use this spelling. I’m always interested in the meanings of names, and I love that Sofia means wisdom. I hardly ever encountered other Sophia/Sofias as a child growing up in a rural town, but now in college I have met a few others. It hasn’t made me like my name any less, though! Personally I think the Sofia spelling retains the femininity of the name without being quite as frilly as Sophia, but that’s all subjective. I think the importance of a name’s popularity ranking on a national scale has become seriously overemphasized in the process of choosing a name today, especially now that the top names are given to fewer children than ever, and if you really like Sofia or Sophia or Sophie you should use it! I have no desire to change my name despite its national popularity.
Sofia looks better written down than Sophia in my opinion.
I love it! I like both Sofia and Sophia, though I might like the spelling Sofia a little bit more. I might consider it for a daughter, but probably not, because it is a bit too common. If I did use this name, I would give my daughter the nickname of Sofie, Sonya, Sonia, Sonja, Sonje, or Vivi. :)
Also English (Modern).

English Pronunciation: so-FEE-ə

British English Pronunciation: sə-FIE-ə.
It’s a pretty name even though it’s really overused and I like both spellings Sofia and Sophia, both are pretty.
Pretty, but it’s becoming very popular and I like the spelling Sophia more.
This is a pretty name with a good meaning. Also, I prefer this spelling over Sophia. This was actually one of the names my mom wanted to give me, but I'm kinda glad she didn't since it's getting popular and most people will mistake it for Sophia.
Actually, I now prefer Sophia over Sofia, but the rest of my comment still stands.
Very beautiful name and great meaning!
My name is Sofia and I hate it. It doesn't look good on me. I wish I had another name, but if your name is Sofia, I bet you look good in it!

(I prefer people to call me by Sof, or Sofi.
I certainly prefer this spelling.
I really love this name, it's very elegant and sweet, but in my country (Italy) it is too common, it is in the top 10 most common names for girls since 2002 and the 1st most used since 2010, it seems that every little girl around has this name! And looking to international rankings Sofia/Sophia is very common in many other countries too, from Denmark to Russia to United States to Latin American countries.
Sofia Carson is an American Disney Channel actress.
I like this waaay better than Sophia.
This is my middle name and I LOVE it! I love its look, origin, spelling, sound, meaning, and popularity. I'm Italian & this name has been the most popular girl name in Italy for years recently. It reminds me of an Italian girl with curly brown hair and pretty eyes with light or slightly tanned skin. I highly recommend it!
Sofia means wisdom.
Sofia Vitoria is a Portuguese singer who represented her country at 2004 Eurovision with "Foi Magia". She did not qualify for the first ever semi final.
I personally like this spelling better because it's what it sounds like. People think spelling it like this is weird but really, spelling it with a ph looks weirder so I don't know why people don't like this spelling as much.
I don’t mind this spelling. However, Sophia is more feminine and mature at the same time.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Sofia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 736th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Sofia Akrami is Amir's deceased mother in The Kiterunner. She died giving birth to him.
Sofia is a character in The Color Purple. She is Harpo's wife. Her stubbornness often gets her into trouble.
I actually like this spelling more than Sophia.
Sofia means princess, royal gem.
I think the spelling Sophia looks more classy and elegant. Sofia looks incomplete and a bit strange.
My younger sister's name is Sofia. When she was named, I imagine my mother was thinking of Sophia Loren, and my father was thinking of his fathers homeland, Bulgaria, the capital being Sofia. I have grown to love this name with such passion that I wish I could name my own daughter Sofia one day, but I think that it would be strange to have two Sofs in the house.
The Sofia I know and love is like her namesake, wise, beautiful, poised and grounded. This comment was for her really.
My best friend is named Sofia, my older sister's best friend is named Sophia, so we have to say Sofia with a "f" or Sophia with a "ph".
I like this name a lot actually but nowadays I feel like I know sooo many Sofia's and it's a bit overused?

But it's a really sweet name :33.
Personally I hate this spelling of the name. It just seems a lot like a slutty, bratty, greedy girl. The spelling of the name annoys me. I think the spelling Sophia sounds more elegant.
To the person that said that the name Sofia makes them think of a slutty, bratty girl- that is so not true. Sofia means "Wisdom" in Greek. And by the way, what do you achieve from putting down other people's names?
Sofia is an elegant, pretty and interesting name. I do agree that it is being way overused though.
The name "Sophia/Sofia" is derived from the Latin root word, Sophos, meaning "wise." The original version is spelt Sophia, with a ph, like soPHos. Sofia is later variation of Sophia.
One of the few occasions where I prefer the F spelling to the Ph spelling. That said, I could never use Sofia in real life, because I know way, *way* too many little girls named Sophia / Sofia now, and a daughter would wind up going by her first name and last initial in class. That's annoying, so I'll have to pass.
It's over used. I've met tons of Sofia's and I'd rather have a unique name than one that the majority of girls have.
Sofia Boutella (1982–) is an Algerian-French dancer and actress. She's the daughter of musician Safy Boutella and was born in Algeria but moved to France at an early age. In film, she is known for her roles in 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' (2015), 'Star Trek Beyond' (2016), and 'The Mummy' (2017).
Sofia Polgar; born November 2, 1974 is a Hungarian, Israeli and Canadian chess player, teacher, and artist. She is a former chess prodigy. She holds the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster and is the middle sister of Grandmasters Susan and Judit Polgár. She lives in Israel and has worked as a chess teacher and artist.
Princess Sofia of Sweden, Duchess of Värmland is the wife of Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland. Prior to her 2015 marriage, Sofia was a glamour model and reality television contestant. In her former career as a glamour model, Sofia won the men's magazine Slitz's "Miss Slitz" competition in 2004 and was then cast by TV4 and participated in the reality television show Paradise Hotel in 2005. On 19 April 2016, Princess Sofia gave birth to a son, Prince Alexander.
Sofia Pernas was born in Fes, Morocco, and saw a lot of the world before finally settling in Los Angeles. With a mind initially geared towards reporting, Pernas' life took an unexpected turn when she was approached by a modeling scout and later an acting agent who put her career into motion. Her unique look is attributed to a Moroccan mother and Galician father.
The name Sofia is currently first place in Estonia (2015) (source:
Sofia Carson is a famous bearer.
Anyone named Sofia is sexy and beautiful and it is better spelt like Sofia rather than Sophia because the ph is tacky but the f is beautiful.
"Sofia" is a song by Spanish singer Alvaro Soler.
I like this name but I prefer the spelling "Sophia".
Sofia Vitória was born in Setúbal. Prior to recording her debut album "Palavra de Mulher", she performed in Portugal's main concert halls, as well as in Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Macao, Wales and Turkey.
I like this spelling a smidge better than Sophia, but my general opinion of the name remains the same; that it's just too cute for me.
Sofia means wisdom and giving advice.
I like this spelling better than "Sophia". I usually like names with "f" instead of "ph", like Serafina instead of Seraphina.
Number 1 in baby names rating in Moscow in 2015. 5.4% of all names chosen for newborns:) this includes Sofia (Sofiya) and Sofya together.
I have named my daughter Sofia, who was born in April this year. Personally, I absolutely love it. I think it is beautiful and sounds lovely with her middle name (Rose). I don't know any other people or anyone else who has had a baby called Sofia or Sophia!
Princess Sofia of Sweden, Duchess of Värmland (born Sofia Kristina Hellqvist in 1984), the wife of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Duke of Värmland, is a famous bearer.
Well I don't know why so many people like this name. I just hate it. I think it's literally horrible and now its so fashionable. Well, I'm different I guess :/
My name is Sofia, and I am very fond of my name. I hate the name Sophia though, because it sounds so ugly and forced. I feel Sophie is a little better than Sophia but Sophia is just so ugly.
The spelling Sofia doesn't make it "Greeker" than Sophia, as some people seem to think, because the letter Φ in ΣΟΦΙΑ (and in many many other Greek names) is and has been for centuries transliterated as PH. There's nothing wrong with "F", but it's not more accurate.
My name is Sofia and I have always loved it! However I hate the nickname Sofie and the alternate spellings. I also used to love that my name was unique, but now it seems like every kid in America is named Sophia or Sofia! Also I look EXACTLY like Sofia the first princess on the kids channel. People tell me that they think the character is based off me! :( but I love the name! Just not the things that come with it!
Princess Sofia is the main protagonist of the Disney 2012 television special Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess as well as the 2013 spin-off TV series Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess.
Sofia is a way better way to spell it than "Sophia". That way looks super ugly and gross. Also, Sophie looks really ugly and gross. Uglier than Sophia, and I don't know why I hate that name so much.
I really prefer Sofia to Sophia. Sophia is too American and is not as pretty as Sofia. I also really don't like the name Sophie. I do love the nickname Fia though. I think it is really cute.
My name is Sofia. I think it is a lot more elegant and prettier when it is spelled with an "f" but maybe it's because I am used to being spelled that away. A lot of people compliment me on my name (:
My name is Sofia and I have always liked it. It is becoming increasingly popular now, I am 20 and I am the only Sofia I know. No one calls me Sofia though, I am known as Fifi which I like very much.
I was really starting to like this name (we were looking for Russian/Serbian names that didn't sound too out of place in the US), and find it unfortunate that it has become so popular (I prefer unique).
Sofia is very beautiful, but it's very, very common in the last years!
Sofia Vassilieva (born 1992 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American actress.
Sofia (1657-1704) was the daughter of Tsar Alexei I of Russia and his wife Maria.
Sofia was the fifth daughter of the first Romanov Tsar Michael I and his wife Eudoxia.
Sofia Carmina Coppola (born 1971 in New York City) is an American screenwriter, film director, producer, and actress.
If you really love the name Sofia, of course use it for your daughter, but just be aware that you are in no way being original when you do so. I am a teacher and I have taught more Sofias than any other name (including Sophias). I think parents believe it is unique - not so.
Don't get me wrong- it's a pretty name, and its meaning is beautiful, but there are just so many Sofias and Sophias out there that it's staring to get a little old...
Also Sofia in Romanian language. [noted -ed]
Sofia Black D'Elia is an American actress.
Sofia Vassilieva is an American actress.
I prefer the spelling "Sofia" over "Sophia".
I love the f in it instead of the ph... it looks great written.
This name derives from the Greek word: ΣΟΦΙΑ=wisdom. In Istanbul is the famous Christian Orthodox church: Saint Sofia-Hagia Sofia. (still museum, not allowed to be church!). Bulgarian capital has the same name.
Actually it's spelled the Hagia Sophia... Not Hagia Sofia.
There is no change in that spelling regardless.
Since it derives from the Greek word ΣΟΦΙΑ, the right spelling should be SOFIA.
A friend of mine is called Sofia. For short we call her Soft. I myself like Sophia better because it's the original name but in my country it isn't allowed in this spelling. I'm naming my future daughter Sofia.
I much prefer Sophia.
My name is Sophia, not Sofia, and maybe I'm biased, but I like Sophia better for some reason. I used to think that the capital of Bulgaria was named after me. :)
It seems really weird to me that a lot of the 'personal impression' comments disparage a name's history and origin because of a spelling preference. It makes complete sense to use Sofia instead of Sophia if you are not French or did not want to use the French spelling. Sofia, if you read the origin notes, is the spelling that makes sense in a lot of other languages like German and Bulgarian. Why is that 'stupid' or 'ugly'?
This is my favorite name of all time! Even though it is rising in popularity, it will never be anything less than beautiful. I love the "f" instead of the "ph."
Sofia is also a common name in Bulgaria. It is spelled София. The name of the capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, too. [noted -ed]
This is one of my middle names and my newest cousin's first name, but I don't know if I like Sofia or Sophia better. For some reason I find the "ph" very graceful and less harsh than the look of the "f" even though they're pronounced the same. It's not to say that I don't like my name or my cousin's, I just don't like the look of it so much.
Sofia is my mother's name, I love her name it's gorgeous. To honor her, I will one day name my daughter Sofia. I like the 'f' better than 'ph'.
My best friend's name is Sofia, and I think it's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL name. She hates any nicknames, like 'Sofa'. She also hates it when people think her name is 'Sofie' or has a 'ph'. I prefer this spelling WAY more than 'Sophia'.
Today in Italy Sofia is one of the most popular names: 7th in 2004 and 3rd in 2006, behind Giulia and Sara. It would not be surprising if it increased again and reached the first place. Nowadays one can ask everyone, everyone will say it's wonderful, amazing, the ideal name for a girl.
On the other hand, Sofia was not so common in the 20th century, in spite of the great popularity of the actress Sofia Loren.
The Italian pronunciation is saw-FEE-ah.
I love this name. Sofia is so much prettier than Sophia. I know two Sophias, but this version of the name is really appealing to me.
Eww who would name their kid this, it's so ugly. No offense but who would name their kid this. If they wanted a so name they should go with Sophie, I still don't like it but I guess it's the cutest.
Sofia Vergara is a Colombian model and actress.
I prefer to pronounce 'Sofia' like 'Sofie.'
I was going to be named this. I kind of like this name (at least it's better than my original name) but it sort of reminds me of a sofa.
Czech guitarist Michal Pavlíček has a granddaughter Sofia, born in 2006.
Czech actors Jitka Schneiderová & David Švehlík have a daughter Sofia Švehlíková (born 2005).
Sofia was a character in the book The Color Purple.
Sofia is also Czech and Slovak form.
Michail Baryshnikov & Lisa Rinehart have a daughter Sofia Baryshnikova.
The German pronunciation of "Sofia" is the same here in
Brazil. It is a beautiful name.
My sister is a Sofia and I think it's a pretty name. Spelling it with a "Ph" ruins the beauty in my opinion. My nickname for her is "Fia".
I prefer Sophia rather than this spelling for some reason.
This is my name and I love it. Everyone calls me Sofie. I have never met anyone else with this name and have been complimented a lot on it.
In Portugal, Sofia is pronounced like in Spain: so-FEE-ah, not zo-FEE-ah. The writing remains the same.
My name is Ana Sofia, but everybody calls me Sofia. I believe that's a strong name with a great meaning "wisdom"!
Sofia appeared on the top 1000 list from the 1880's until the 1920's. It came back on the list in the 1970's. Its most popular year was 2005 where it ranked 52.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sofia here:
The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, but it's pronounced SO-fee-ah instead of so-FEE-ah.
This spelling, Sofia, looks too much like sofa.
It's the Spain queen's name. Sofía of Greece.
My name is Sofia (everyone calls me Sofie), and I have always been fond of my name growing up. It was unique and attractive. A very memoriable name that earned me the nickname of "Soap" (love it!). I also love the French pronunciation! On the other hand, the problems I have are:

1. The fact that everyone assumes it's spelt with a 'ph' in place of an 'f'


2) How common it is among pre-teens nowadays and how a variation of "Sofia", "Sophia", is the third most popular female name for 2005! Yuck! Will it be the next "Jessica"?
I agree with the above comment--all of the classic names are becoming over-used, and it's a little sad. I didn't use to like this name very much, but now I like it a lot. Famous bearer: Sofia Coppola.
This is one of the prettiest names EVER! It's very simple and charming. I've heard somewhere that Sofia means wisdom. I think it's prettier when you spell it "Sofia", and not "Sophia". I think "Sophia" is too Americanized, when the name is Greek.
I know a Swedish girl named Sofia, and she is so pleasent and peaceful. This is such a pretty name.
Sofia Coppola is a famous actress and writer/director.
Fia is a common pet name in Sweden.
I don't like this spelling very much. Sophia is much prettier.
Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria.

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