It's a weird name, I don't personally like it, a bit overused.
Sophia is a beautiful, elegant, timeless and lovely name but I've always liked it. I absolutely love it. ❤❤.
I’m so glad I named my daughter Sophia in 2014 even though it was at the height of its popularity. Everyone around me told me there would be at 5 other Sophia’s in my daughter's classes. Well fast forward almost 8 years later there is NOT ONE OTHER Sophia in her classes! The name is not as popular as everyone thinks! When I was growing up, in the 70’s and 80’s the name Jennifer was popular! Now I remember there being at least 3 or 4 Jennifer’s in my classes every year. Now THAT name was for sure a lot more popular in its heyday than Sophia is now! I say, if you love this name then use it for your child. You will regret that you listened to people that don’t know what the future of a name will be. You daughter just might have a great experience with the name you chose for her despite however popular it is!
I'm new here, but anyways this is a nice name!
I love the name Sophia, this name sounds so feminine and girly! Although the name Sophia is quite common, I still think the name has a nice sound and meaning! I’m definitely putting the name Sophia on my list for my future little girl!
I don't understand why, but I do have a soft spot for this name. I know many have judged it as being both popular and overused to the point of losing its luster, but I still like it nonetheless. Just my humble opinion. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)
Maybe it's because of the shows I watched as a kid, but this name reminds me of childhood innocence, a little girl's princess phase, etc.
So I was named Sophia, and my name is still Sophia, but I always make any of my friends, teachers, family members, and even partners call me Phia. I've gone by Phia since I was a little girl because my baby cousin could not say my name correctly, so she just said Phia. To any parents who are thinking about naming their own kids this, choose something that is close to that or a nickname you will always call them. I had just barely hit the mark where the name became soooo famous and it was everywhere. I would suggest names like Sienna, Serena, Stella, Fiona, or even Stephanie. I always have to tell people how to spell it because everyone spells it Sofia, not SOPHIA. It's always been so annoying to have to tell people that, so now I just say, "My name is Sophia but everyone calls me Phia, and I like it." Hope this helped!
The most extremely basic name.
I know so many girls named Sophia that it's basically become the most generic feminine name possible to me. It's practically the Jessica of the 2000's and 2010's. That said, it has a nice sound and meaning, so there are certainly worse names out there. It's just extraordinarily common in my age group, and doesn't seem to have become any less popular. It also doesn't help that it seems like there is usually a character named Sophia in books and movies. It's a pretty name, but I'm tired of hearing it everywhere.
Sophia is a beautiful name ~ classic and soft. There is a reason it is so popular.
I was named Sophia at birth. I go by a different name now, but there was never a year when there wasn't another Sophia in my class. This name is beautiful, but too common. I have found myself hating my name solely because it's too common. Parents-to-be, if you're thinking about naming your kid Sophia, maybe consider a name that isn't as common, such as Sylvie, Fiona, or Sienna.
Yes, waaaay overdone and 10 years ago!
Sophia, along with Sofia, are way too popular now. I’m so tired of hearing this name. It’s very boring, cheesy, and a little too girly in my opinion. If you like this name and are planning to name your daughter this, be aware, there will probably be around five other girls in her class with the same name. If your kid shares the name with other kids in their class or even grade, they might have to be known as Sophia B etc.
A nice nickname could be Soph, Sophi and Fifi.
I don't understand all the "it's tacky" and "it's too popular" comments. It is not tacky, and some popular names are good, like Sophia, Jack, Jackson, Liam, etc. It's really pretty actually. SoSo, FiFi, and Sophie are cute nicknames.
Although I've never loved it, I still think Sophia is a pretty nice name. It definitely doesn't deserve all the criticism it has received on this site. It sounds very classy to me, and the meaning “wisdom” is beautiful, as well. I also think So, Soph, Fia and FiFi are all super cute nicknames.
Sophia is an elegant and beautiful name, however, it is overused and I would not consider this name to ensure my future daughter's ability to have anonymity with a name that nobody else has in her circle of friends or at school. I don't think it is a rational idea to name a child something that is overpopulated because it will become frustrating when there are 6 Sophia's in each classroom! Think critically about the child, not about how much you'd love to name your daughter this.
Overused as hell.
Before you pick this name for your baby ask yourself, does there really need to be another Sophia?!?!? It is so grossly overused your Sophia is gonna have to go through school with all of the dozens of other Sophia's per class and so your Sophia is gonna have to deal with that.
I don't know why everyone's hating on the name Sophia. Yes it's too popular but everyone saying it's boring? What about the kids named Sophia looking at this getting hate on their name. It's a very good name. The PARENTS picked their name not them.
I don't think at all that this name is tacky. It's just so common but it's really elegant and classy. People who confused the name with the Sofa are illiterate.
Elegant and sophisticated.
Beautiful and elegant.
I don't understand the "it's tacky" so? So what if it's popular. It's been popular for decades. I think it's pretty!
Way too overused! So over it! Boring!
I absolutely hate this name because it's so common, tacky and unattractive.
Way too overused and don't see the appeal at all. Reminds me of Sophia the first and Sophia from the golden girls.
Sophia is way too popular and overused. I feel sorry for all the little girls that have to go through school with all the dozens of other Sophia's!
Sophia is way too popular now. It’s very overused nowadays. I go to the park and I always hear a few parents call “Sophia, come here”. I used to like this name and I thought it was very pretty, but I just don’t like it anymore and I’m tired of hearing the name. People either pronounce it su-fee-ah or so-fee-ah.
Why's there so much negativity for this name? Sophia is an elegant and beautiful name, it sounds very regal. If you want to name your kid this then you absolutely should, even if it's really common. It's popular for a reason.
My parents were gonna name me this but they changed their mind and I absolutely hate this name, it's so grossly overused and so ugly and dull I'm so glad they changed their mind, it's so unattractive.
It sounds tacky and unattractive and it’s very very overused and overrated.
Very tacky and overused.
I've never liked this name at all, it's very tacky and the spelling Sofia is just as bad. DON'T do this to your daughter what did your poor daughter ever do to you? NOTHING don't give your innocent daughter such a horrible name, especially a name that sounds like "Sofa".
So tacky. I like really like -ia names but this ain't vibing with me.
Just ugly!
Really ugly name.
Pretty name.
Sophia, Sophie and Sofia are all beautiful. I have a best friend named Sophia and she's awesome and yes it's overused and if it wasn't so popular and overused then nobody would like it.
It's not ugly!
I am an owner of the name Sophia. Here's my story of having this name. When I was four, I used to like my name because I loved Sophia the first, but then around second grade, I began to be teased because of it. I told my mom about the teasing but she said that I should not care, because Sophia the first is like the cutest little girl ever, and at the time I kind of looked like her! So I agreed with her. Yes, I still get teased because a lot of people associate the name "Sophia" with that sweet little princess, but I do not care anymore. I bet everyone has been teased at least once in their lifetime for having their name. And, I still like my name. Not because it reminds me of Sophia the first, but because every other Sophia I have ever known is sweet, beautiful, and smart. I do have one problem with my name though. There were three Sophias in my class in fifth grade, and I always had to go by Sophia C, which I did not like. So I would agree with a lot of people on this website that the name is overused, but that hasn't stopped my love for my name.
My name is Sophia and the really annoying thing is that every teacher I have had has called me Sophie at least once which is really annoying because it isn't my name.
Obviously it’s very common right now, but it’s pretty! My best friend named her baby Sophia. I like that it means wisdom.

I prefer Sophia as a legal name even if you mostly go by Sophie. It’s more adaptable. I also prefer Sophia to Sofia unless you’re from a culture that doesn’t really use ph for the f sound, like Latinx.
Dull and unvaried name.
Honestly, "Sophia" being a refined and serious name makes my name really conflict with my personality. I mean, I'm ANYTHING but serious and refined. Also my name's German but I'm American? What the heck? O~O.
Hella overused.
Way overused. This is like Brittany or Ashley. Over it!
It is so much prettier and better than Sophie. It has an amazing ring to it too!
This name is very pretty but it’s way too overused, common and overdone!
I’ve never liked this name. Sophia from the Golden Girls comes to mind. I don’t see the appeal at all.
This name sounds somehow soft and strong at the same time. Interesting. A lot better than Sophie. Sophia looks more complete. Really popular name, yes, but so feminine and also has history. Good name. Why not.
I prefer Sophie, to be honest, although there's nothing particularly wrong with Sophia, apart from the fact it's so common. It sounds much better as soh-FEE-uh instead of suh-FEE-uh. Sofia looks more exotic, so it depends on what feel you're going for as to which spelling you use, but they sound the same anyway so to me it doesn't matter that much (with this name). Sylvia is better in my opinion - it's my mum's name, plus it's more unique and I prefer Via to Phia/Fia.
Waaaay too common and overdone. I know 20+ Sophias (and various spellings) in our high school.
Whoa... I had no idea this name is so overused (over-used or whatever). I've never met anyone named Sophia.
This name is even worse than Sophie and Sofia, but it's okay...
I changed my mind. I think it's a beautiful name and one for the names list for my future daughter.
I get why it's so popular but I wish it wasn't. Might name my daughter Sofia with the f to make sure it works in more countries and isn't as common.
Not a fan at all! Just ugly!
How I'd transcribe София.
I'm a Sophia and I love it! Sophie is totally me.
To be honest, I can understand why this name is popular, it’s really pretty. I just wish it wasn’t so popular.
Sooooooooo overdone! Boring!
In Italian it's spelled Sofia...
Greek Pronunciation: saw-FEE-a.
Pretty. Wish it was less common.
I can see why it’s so popular, it’s gorgeous!
Names are popular for a reason. It's an incredibly nice name, but way too popular for me to consider.
Also used in Estonia:
If you want to name your child Sophia, be aware that there probably will be another Sophia in her class, and she may have to specify which Sophia she is. Try going with Sylvia, Sylvie, Silvia, or Silvie instead. If you still want to use Sophia, try going with Sofia, Sophie, or Sofie. Sofia and Sophie are still fairly common, but not as popular as Sophia. :)
Hey there. If you’re a parent looking to name your daughter Sophia, be aware that there’s a chance that she’ll have to specify which Sophia/Sophie she is. If you like this name but don’t want something as popular, here are some names that sound sort of similar.

To any parents out there: There are other names. I love, love, love this name. It’s easy to spell, it’s easy to pronounce, it has an awesome meaning and there are some really good nicknames, but I don’t see any appeal behind giving this name to your child anymore. Names are meant to help give you meaning and character and differentiate you from other people. Sophia does not accomplish that. She’ll have to specify which Sophia she is. Heck, probably even which Sophie she is. I’ve been in multiple situations where somebody is trying to catch the attention of someone named Sophia (who goes by Sophie), and five people look up. It’s frustrating for the person named Sophia and the people who want to get her attention.
Again—I really love this name. It’s perfect and beautiful in every imaginable way, except for the popularity. Please, consider a different name. There are tons of them.
Sophia The First.
The best names always get too popular. I can’t count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been in a room with at least four Sophias...who all go by Sophie.
I love Soph or Phia as a nickname.
There are five Sophias in my daughter's class. Some moms try to make people add the middle name to distinguish, but people don’t like being forced to say two names.
Lovely but unfortunately, it’s way too common.
My name is Sophia, and although I think it's very lovely, I wish my parents had named me something a little less common. When I started college, I decided to go by Fia instead, which I have definitely preferred. There is something special about having a unique name.
Timeless and beautiful! But also very popular.
I prefer Sophie and Sofia. Also, it's way too common nowadays.
Despite its popularity, I can't help but love this name. It is so soft and pretty.
It’s a beautiful name with nice meaning, but unfortunately it’s gotten so overused that it doesn’t really mean anything to me anymore. Why do parents want to name their children something where they have to specify who they are?
I like the spelling Sofia (Sofia is my name) I think Sophia sounds too girly and cutesy (which is the opposite of me) I prefer Sofia. Sorry if it sounds rude.
My name is Sophia and I personally don’t like it. It’s way too common and it makes me feel too basic at times. I know about 15 other Sophia’s and there are at least three Sophia’s in my class so it’s always difficult with distinction when the teacher just says Sophia instead of addressing our last name as well. I’ve grown to dislike it a lot over the years. I understand it’s pretty and all but it also sounds too childish. I can’t really imagine a grown woman named Sophia working in law or the medical field. This is just my personal opinion.
I, personally, heavily prefer Sophie.
My name is Sophia (born early 90's) and it was a family name with Swedish family (usually AnnaSophia, KarlottaSophia etc). Sophronia was actually more common in the family, but my mother liked Sophia better because of Sophia Loren. I grew up in New Zealand never meeting other Sophias, then suddenly every second toddler was named so. Bit irritating!

Two other points:

In school and work etc Sophia was and is still heavily substituted with "Sophie", both in writing and speech, which I utterly loathe as I have a common surname too, and always indicated that the person just never bothered to learn my name correctly.

Additionally there are parts of NZ and the UK that pronounce it as "so-FIE-a" or "SO-fee-a". My own preference is for "so-FEE-a" as otherwise it can sound as if one is saying "sphere".
It's a beautiful name, and I much prefer it to the name Sophie.
My name is Sophia, and I know three other Sophia’s that go by Sophie in my grade. I personally don’t like my name. I think it sounds too childish. Though elegant, it just sounds childish to me. I’d rather go by middle name than my first. Also, it’s just too common nowadays.
I called my daughter Sophia and here in Australia it isn’t as common as the US. She is the only one in her entire school. It’s a gorgeous name and I have no regrets. She loves it as well.
I LOVE this name so much! Too bad it’s so common for baby girls these days.
The name Sophia is beautiful and pretty and all, but then I have two words to describe it:
Beautiful, soft name. I wish it weren’t so common though. I have 2 cousins with this name, though one spells it Sofia. This name will age well, and I love the nickname Sofi (with that spelling).
It is a beautiful feminine name. I prefer the spelling Sofia. However this name is very common, which unfortunately ruins it for me.
Sophia Maria Lucia is a dancer known for “Dance Moms” and “America’s Got Talent” she has also broken the world record for the most consecutive turns in a row.
This is a really boring name. Sophia always makes me think of dust, for some reason. It is super popular, along with Isabella, Emma, and Olivia. Sophie is a lot better.
Sophia is another one of my favorite girl names. Why do you think it’s so popular? Because it’s a cute name, along with Ava, Olivia, and Isabella. Sophia makes me think of a colorful character. Perfect middle name for a girl with a boy’s name that’s unique for a girl. It will age well.
I used to like this name and was going to name my daughter this, but I grew out of it.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Sophia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 323rd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Sophia of Hanover (1630–1714) was the mother of King George of Great Britain.
Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1668–1705) was the first Queen consort in Prussia and wife of King Frederick I.
Sophia is gorgeous, and the meaning is lovely, but I hate how popular it's become.
It's an alright name, but way too popular. There's 8 Sophias in my grade.
This is my name and I love it. I know four other Sophias, one of which is spelled "Sofia" but she goes by "Sofa," which I don't really like. I don't like to be called Sophie or Soph, but people tend to pronounce my name like Sophie for some reason. Overall, I like my name and think its meaning suits me. Even though it is popular, and I am often addressed by "Sophias" or "Sophia Squared" I still think it is an amazing name.
I've always disliked this name with a passion! A real unattractive name! If you name your child that you have bad taste or no taste at all.
My name is Sophia and I understand that right now it is extremely popular. To anyone who is thinking of naming their child Sophia, here are a few things that I've picked up with the name.
1. Some people like popular names and others like more uncommon ones. Some of my friends go by their middle names because they're not a fan of their first name. If you name your kid Sophia, my advice is to give her a unique and less common middle name. For example, my middle name is Grae. I go by Grae at home and some of my friends use it as a nickname. It is always another option if I didn't like that so many people had my name. Plus, if your child grows up and wants a more traditional name, they can just change back to their first name.
2. At school, teachers used to just say "The Sophias" during attendance, referring to the three other Sophias in my class so they didn't have to say Sophia three times. It made me feel weird because I wanted to be my own independent self and not part of a group of people with the same name.
3. Sophia, in my opinion, is a beautiful name but is used a lot. I think I'd like it more if there weren't so many. If you like the name, go for it. Give your daughter options out of the name without permanently changing it. Before she starts school, you can switch around the first and middle names so on the attendance sheets her name will be her middle name. A kid did that in my school and no one knew until 5th grade when he told everyone. We all thought that it was so cool.
4. So many nicknames come with it. I've gone by Soph, Sophie, Sophelia, and Phoebe.
Sophia is derived from the Latin word "Sophos" meaning wise.
This is my name and I absolutely love it! My father is German and calls me Sophie. I think Sophia is a very sophisticated name and it is very elegant. My middle names are Anneliese and Colette and they go so well together! Sophia really is a great name, along with Sophie. I don't really like the spelling of Sofia or anything else like that. Classic Sophia is the way to go!
Sophia Loren is an Italian film actress. Encouraged to enroll in acting lessons after entering a beauty pageant, Loren began her film career in 1950 at age 15. She appeared in several bit parts and minor roles in the early part of the decade, until her five-picture contract with Paramount in 1956 launched her international career. Notable film appearances around this time include The Pride and the Passion, Houseboat, and It Started in Naples.
Sophia makes me want to barf. Makes me think of a little brat with freckles that's a show off and so full of herself. Sophia is a no-no. Do-not name your child this, pick something that actually has a meaning, and is creative. Not something every other white girl is named. And don't even get me started on Sophie.
Sophia is beautiful. I also love Sophie. Both are lovely, and so feminine.
My Grandma says that when she was growing up, it was quite a wealthy name.
I know tons of Sophias. The name is very cute, but it's way to common at the moment. Maybe wait a century and then use it when it becomes retro.
Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie McClelland, both from Essex, England, make up the duo Sophia Grace & Rosie. They quickly gained popularity, by making regular appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after posting a cover version of the Nicki Minaj song "Super Bass" that went viral on YouTube. The video was originally posted on YouTube on 19 September 2011 and has gained more than 50 million views as of January 2016. Sophia Grace debuted music videos on her official YouTube Channel like her Billboard Hot 100 charting single "Best Friends" and "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun", which as of June 2016 has more than 118 million views. After signing a recording deal with Capitol Records France, she has released her third single "Girl In The Mirror" on iTunes on 9 June 2016 featuring Silentó and an accompanying music video to it.
Sophia Elizabeth Gennusa is an American child actress most known for her role as Matilda, in the original Broadway cast of Matilda the Musical. Gennusa is best known for debuting the role of Matilda Wormwood in the Broadway production of Matilda alongside Bailey Ryon, Oona Laurence, and Milly Shapiro at the Shubert Theatre. She returned to Broadway in 2015 for the new musical Doctor Zhivago at the Broadway Theatre. It closed after about three weeks, with an additional month of previews.
Yes, I know Sophia is beautiful, I know that it has a beautiful meaning, but it is sooooo uninspired and so banal nowadays. Calling a girl Sophia today is the same thing as calling her "GIRL". Sophia is the 21st-century Mary. This name is the epitome of that couple who are going to have a girl and so they choose the easiest, common, and comfortable name to please everyone. I don't think Sophia's an ugly name, quite the opposite, but I'm an eccentric and unique names lover, so I cannot stand Sophia more.
Turkish version of this name: Safiye

Additional variations can be found at:
Sophia Patsalidou, known professionally as Sophia Patsalides, is a Greek Cypriot teen singer. She represented her nation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with her song "I pio omorfi mera".
Greek pronunciation is either "so-FEE-yah" or "so-FEE-ah".
This name has a wonderful meaning, too bad it is so popular. I still think it's a nice name and more pleasant than other popular names like Addison, Kaylee, Mackenzie, Madison, and Riley.
Also used in Russia.
Although both names are lovely and despite the popularity of this name, I do prefer it to Sophie. Both names are lovely as I stated, but Sophie makes me think of the word "Soapy" and "Sophia" sounds more beautiful and elegant to me.
A bit overused, Sophia is more popular than Sofia so if you want that name then choose the spelling Sofia.
It's pretty, but overused.
Sophia Morgan is what I just named my daughter. Morgan is a family name. It was not my first choice because it is so popular and we have a distant family member with the name, but after going through literally hundreds of names I couldn't find a better one. Oh well, if it's popular at least she will know her name is very well liked. The popularity is already dropping and then there will be other names that will circle in as number 1.
This is a really nice name. I like the form Sofia a drop better, but this is still a high-end name. It is ironic that Sophea means "wisdom" in Khmer, while Sophia means the same in Greek, who knew?
Pretty and soft, but it feels slightly cutesy and little girl-ish, not like the name of a grown woman. Plus, she'll undeniably get called Sophie, and I dislike that nickname because it reminds me of the word "soap."
My name is Sofia. I was born in the 90's. Growing up I never ever heard a girl with the same name. I think it was my senior year in high school that I heard another girl had the same name. I also didn't/still don't know why people think it's such a pretty name. I don't hate it, but I think it's an OK name. I like Penelope better. I also don't like that everyone is naming their kids Sofia.. be original please.
I think Sophia is a very pretty name. I've read that it's the most popular name in the United states.
I really like the name Sophia. It is strong as a name and is by no means unusual, as made evident by its 2011-2013 placement atop the US name chart. Sophia can work on any age group or any type of woman, and while it doesn't have any readily available diminutives, it doesn't need any because it isn't any longer than it needs to be.

Sophia's friends will probably get lazy and slur her name into just "Soph", which I think is kind of funny. "Soph" just has that comedic aura about it.

The one thing that bothers me, though, is when people use Sophie as a diminutive for Sophia. Sophie is the French variant form of Sophia, not a diminutive, so it would be like using Julie as a diminutive of Julia or Christine for Christina. It just doesn't make much sense.
One famous bearer of this name was the Holy Martyress Sophia, who lived in Rome during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian (118-138). She was a devout Christian of noble birth. As a widow, she raised her three daughters, the Virginmartyresses Pistis (Faith), Elpis (Hope), and Agape (Agape, which is spiritual and selfless love). She and her daughters were called before Hadrian, who tried to convince them to sacrifice to the pagan goddess Artemis; the four women refused to do so. The emperor then subjected Pistis, Elpis, and Agape to many tortures, which they survived, before having them beheaded. Just before her beheading, Agape prayed to God that her mother would be spared in order to ensure that she and her sisters would be given a proper burial. God heard her prayer, and Sophia and other fellow Christians buried the three Holy Virginmartyresses. Sophia lived for three more days before she fell asleep in Christ. She and her daughters are commemorated on September 17.

The basilica known as Hagia Sophia which was built during the 500s by Saint Justinian, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (also known as the Byzantine Empire) is properly translated as Holy Wisdom, not Saint Sophia, as the name refers to “the wisdom of Christ.”
Sophia was one of the characters, a little girl, from the TV show "The Walking Dead".
I love this name (probably in part because it's my name). I think it sounds classy and very pretty. I love that this name ends in a, because it makes it especially feminine. Even though it's three syllables, I think Sophia could easily be paired with a longer middle name, but a shorter middle name, (Rose, Grace, Marie, Bryn etc.) would still sound great!
Sophia Leigh is a minor antagonist in the video game Tomb Raider III. She is the head of a cosmetics company, and she is immortal due to her possession of the Eye of Isis. She uses the older British pronunciation (so-FIE-ə) - the outdated pronunciation is a giveaway to her age.
According to baby center Sophia is the most popular name in the World.
It's a very cute name with an awesome meaning, just a bit overused. I would wait on this one.
Love this name so much. It's classic, pretty, royal and adorable for both kids and adults.
Super popular for a reason - Sophia is gorgeous. I like both Sophia and Sofia. Works well as a middle name too!
I regain love for this name and here are the reasons:

It's gorgeous
It has a beautiful meaning and history
It's sweet

These reasons make me want to use the name Sophia and I can't wait to have a daughter named Sophia some day.

Names that work with Sophia: Arabella, Anastasia, Madison and Cecelia

Boys: Nathaniel, Alexander, Ethan, Cameron and Theodore.
There's nothing wrong with this name per se; But I wish people would use Sosie or Fia as nicknames. They're so much prettier and wearable than the go-to Sophie.
"Sophia" is the name of a song by The Cruxshadows. It appears on their Dreamcypher album.
People, STOP with all of the Sophia's! I liked this name when I first heard it, but after so many people (particularly in the United States) naming their baby girls this name, I got sick of hearing it.
I think Sofia is a softer, prettier spelling. Somehow it makes the name less clunky and it feels less formal and stiff, but that's my opinion. It is a pretty name.
Sofia is better.
I'm old, so in my day Sophia was an old lady name! But, it's cute! And classic. I am surprised to see it is so common. I wouldn't have guessed. I don't really like it a whole lot, but I think it's smart sounding. UNlike names like Kaylee and Brayden and trendy stuff like that.
Honestly, I really don't like this name. It's just too SIMPLE. Like 5,000,000 other people have this name. It's totally NOT unique! Parents these days just don't care about what they name their child. This kinda sounds like a British brat that I've heard of. I'd never want to name one of my children "Sophia". I'd name my girl "Annabeth" or "Mary-Ellen". Just not "Sophia". The name I really like is "Viana." You pronounce it like ( Vee-Anna) Or "Jenissis" like (Jen-iss-sis). Those are really pretty names. Also "Yamilette" (Yah-me-let) Or Letty. Please parents, "Don't let there be 5,000,001 other people named this!" It's just a horrid and bratty sounding name. I'm NOT trying to offend anyone that is named "Sophia". Bye!
I think this name is really cute. I actually have a baby cousin named Sophia, who is turning one on Christmas Eve! I have to say she is the most adorable baby you've ever seen! There are two sides to a Sophia. Some Sophia's can be snotty and a brat and tbh... Sophia does sound like a character from "Mean Girls" or something like that! I have a friend named Sophia (We call her Sophie) and she can be snotty sometimes. I like how it sounds so elegant unlike Sophie sounds like a teenage girl living in the 21st century. NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE NAMED SOPHIA OR SOPHIE-I LOVE BOTH NAMES! But overall, most Sophia's I meet are very nice... same for Sophie's! :)
In my opinion Sophia is a name I disgust. It sounds like the name of a snobby, greedy girl who has no inner or outer beauty.
This name is really pretty!. It's really starting to grow on me! And I haven't met many little Sophias where I live!
Well, I really like the name of Sofia since my parents named me that and Danielle for the second name. (Sofia Danielle)
I think I got my sophisticated attitude in the name Sofia, and well, I met a lot of Sofia named girls with the same personality as I am. They are easy to be friend, sophisticated, peaceful, and a total socialite.
Gonna love this name forever ❤l.
Sophia is a pretty girl name; it's no wonder it is so popular. I prefer it as a middle name instead of a first just because of its current popularity. I also like Sophie, and sometimes a Sophia will go by Sophie. I also like the spelling Sofia.
"Sophia" sounds puffy to me, like a sofa cushion.
Sophia is a stunning, beautiful and brilliant name. I wouldn't use it though because it's incredibly popular and there's already someone in my family with this name, sooo I'll pass. ^^
I don't understand why popular names are so hated on. This is a beautiful name, and if you like it, give it to your daughter. Yes, the kid might be "Sophia B." all through school, but that's okay. I have three cousins called Sophia, all born in the 1980's, and the commonness of their name within our family has never made them like it less. Heck, there are FIVE other people in my family called Katerina, ranging in age from 2 to 96, and while I don't particularly like my name, that's not a factor. Having other people choose the same name as you is a compliment to your good taste. Actually BE the "unique" person you think you are by not naming your kid a "trendy" name by daring to pick a name you like, regardless of its popularity.
Okay, I lost all love for the name because of it's popularity and the person above me. Let me explain: when you have a super common name then it's not special. Even though they like the name they want to make sure it's special because people with common names have to always go by Ashley C or D and it's frustrating because people are constantly confusing those people. Also, to have a popular name makes you the butt of a joke constantly and people will be like 'why don't you make a club?' and I have the benefit of not worrying if I don't put my last name down as people won't be confused because my name isn't common. Also, Sophia used to remind me of a wise woman. Now I just think about babies, like the association is now childish due to Sophia being constantly used for babies, so I don't see it as a mature name anymore.
A little 'up on the charts' for my taste, but it is a very beautiful name with a respectable meaning which is "wisdom".
Sadly, overused and abused. Nice name if you already have it, but hold off on naming your kid this one for a long while.
Such a beautiful name! Classic and strong, feminine yet not too frilly, lovely meaning. If it weren't so popular, I would definitely consider this name one of my top choices for a daughter.
I used to not like this name when I was younger because it sounded too similar to the name "Julia" and I couldn't tell the difference between the two. Over the years, the name grew on me and I began to really love it! The only downside is that now its SO overused, I can't stand when good names become overused and unoriginal. I counted 17 little Sophias at the daycare I work at, GRRR!
"Sophia" and "Sofia" are also used in Urdu, in Pakistan.
Sophia Collins is the name of a character in the Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare.
This is a great name for those looking for a multi cultural name.
I don't get why this name is so popular all of a sudden and every other person is using it. It was considered a musty old lady name not long ago, like Ava, Isabella, Hannah, and Emma, but because some celebrities used it, now it's considered hip and cool. Also, the two Sophias I knew in school weren't exactly people I had a positive impression of. But for some reason, I really like the Polish name Zofia. The Z sound gives it a little extra flair and presence.
It is a really popular name with little girls. I liked it on Sophia in, "The Golden Girls", but it is just sooo popular now. It is a very pretty name, but if you are having a kid I wouldn't use it. If you really love that name, then I say go for it if you want.
Sofia, Sophia, same thing. They're both part of one same trend. And that's not what irony is, either...
American soccer player Clint Dempsey and his wife Bethany welcomed a daughter named Sophia on March 20, 2013 in Nacogdoches, Texas.
I think Sophia is a beautiful name, especially with the middle name/ second name "Rose". Sophia Rose sounds really pretty, but it's also beautiful alone.
I like the name Sophia. I know it is meant to be popular amongst the younger generation now but my son is in Reception and there is not one in his class. I think it's a pretty name.
How this reached number one in the US is beyond me. It's pretty, but in my personal opinion, should only be used if the family is Italian or Hispanic. Sophia Smith just sounds weird and trendy, since apparently Italian names (Isabella, Olivia, etc.) are super popular these days. There are a lot of other more unique, classic, non ethnic names out there.
-- Anonymous User 2/14/2013
That's very ironic since Sophia isn't even an Italian or Spanish name. Sophia is Sofia in Italian, and Sofía in Spanish.
Sophia (together with Sofia) are just too popular now. There are 4 Sophia's in my daughter's class, plus one Sophie. Recently, she played soccer and there were so many Sophia's on the field that everyone was laughing it was just so ridiculous.
Sophia Watson (born 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an American child actress.
This is a nice name and I can see why it is so popular, but I can't get past the associations of Sophia from a popular 80's show The Golden Girls. She was an old, Italian woman who was always cranky and complaining about things. She was funny though. Because of that image, this name will always be old lady to me. It is pretty though.
Sophia (1687-1757) was the daughter of King George I of Great Britain and his wife Sophia. She was married to the King of Prussia.
Sophia (1607-1607) was the youngest daughter of King James I of the UK and his wife Anne of Denmark.
Sophia was one of the daughters of King George III of the UK and his wife Charlotte.
Sophia Hayden Bennett was an American architect. She was the first woman to receive an architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Sophia Yan (born 1986 in New York City) is an American classical pianist.
Sophia Amelia Peabody Hawthorne (born 1809 in Salem, Massachusetts) was an American painter. She was the wife of American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Sophia, Sophia... lord, ain't that a pretty name!
Today, the information about names for 2011 was released, and Sophia is now the most popular girls' name, and rightly so. I like this name a lot and it is currently my personal #1, but I'm not altogether pleased with the new ranking. Not that it doesn't deserve to be, but I want to use it in the future, and I wouldn't want to use something so common. Hopefully its popularity will die down a little in the next two decades. One small comfort is that regarding percent of babies named, a lesser portion of babies are currently being named Sophia than girls in 1990 were being named the 7th most popular name. In short, I love this regal, elegant, but not overly embellished name.
Classy name that ages well. I also like the spelling Sofia and Sophie as a nickname for either.
It's a beautiful name! It's what I'm naming my daughter. There is however one thing I hate... it's when people shorten Sophia to Sophie! Sophie is the French form and is a name all on its own. It's not the nickname for Sophia. If anyone dared to call my daughter Sophie they would learn fast that, that isn't correct. Her name will be Sophia! NOT Sophie. Although Sophie is very pretty name as well.. it's just not her name.
For our daughter SOPHIA (a family name) is pronounced with a long I sound (SO FIE A) as is the name of a street in our town. Our town has streets named after the English monarchy such as Sophia, Prince William, Elizabeth etc.
I assume that this must be the British pronunciation as everyone else seems to want to pronounce it with a short I (like Beet).
My name. I love the meaning and even more the history (many names don't have so much story behind it). But I hate the popularity it's getting these days...
I love the name Sophia, much more than Sophie. It sounds so pure and new:) xoxo.
Sophia Bush is a beautiful American actress.
I always think of Sophia as a strictly French name, it seems weird that it's catching on in US. Sad that it's trendy now, used to be classy and meaningful.
I was going to comment on AnnaSophia but that name was not in the database. So, I'll write about AnnaSophia Robb here--she is an actress who has been in 12 movies, including Bridge to Teribithia, Because of Winn-Dixie, An American Girl Holiday, and Soul Surfer. In ten of them, she had the lead role.
The name is very sweet and whatnot, but it's so delicate and popular that I wouldn't even consider using it. I don't like the nickname Sophie, either.
Sophia is a really pretty name!
My name is Sophia! I like my name, but I wouldn't choose it if I did have to choose a name. Cuz people always spell it "Sofia" or "Sophie", which my mom hates.
I wish this name wasn't so popular-it's a lovely name, and I would have loved to use it someday but it's become really overused. :(
I like this name. Very unique and exotic.
I have come to really love this name since Sophia from "The Event" is like my new TV idol!, lol. Anyway she's really cool, IMO anyway. Fifi would be an adorable choice as a nickname. I like Fifi as a nickname better than Sophie.
It's very elegant, I just don't like how popular it's become. Also, I think that the nickname/counterpart "Sophie" sucks all of the beauty and elegance out of it.
Sophia is one of the main characters in the awesome new NBC sci-fi series "The Event". She is an alien, of sorts, who looks just like a normal woman, but ages much more slowly and lives much longer. She is played by a pretty, red-haired actress whose name I don't know. She is the leader of the aliens, and a name meaning "wisdom" suits her perfectly. I never liked the name Sophia until I saw the show, and now it's growing on me because of the character.
It's kind of disappointing that Sophia and Ava--two beautiful names--have become the Ashley & Tiffany of the new generation. I'm 18, and I know *so many* Ashleys and Tiffanys that I could never even entertain the thought of naming my daughter such a name--(conversely, the names Emily and Jennifer are equally common, but I still like them; especially Jennifer)--and I'm sure that's the kind of reaction Ava and Sophia will be getting in the near future: "There's too many of them!"
This is a shame, because I really like the name Sophia. IT never ceases to sound elegant, charming, and mature. Maybe that's why it became so popular all of a sudden.
I used to like this name but now I don't care for it at all because it's so grossly overused and became the most uncreative, cliche name for this new generation. It's like the new Jennifer! Actually, before it was SO popular, Sophia kind of possessed some royal, classy connotations, but now it has trickled down to the lower classes and there are at least 7 Sophias in every kindergarten class, how tacky is that! Oh, and every mother of a Sophia is now desperate to convince you that they liked the name before it became popular and they didn't just follow the trend. Yeah right!
Sophia is Greek and only Greek meaning wisdom. This is one of my favorite names. It's so sweet and elegant. It's definitely a name to be proud of.
This is one of my favorite names. It's so pretty and elegant. In the story I am currently writing the main character's name is Sophia.
Sophia Peabody was a painter and the wife of Nathaniel Hawthorne, her middle name was Amelia so she is currently on trend.
Sophia is such a soft, elegant, classy, beautiful name. I much prefer it to Sofia, which looks like sofa. I would love to name my little girl this when I have children. It is precious for a little girl, yet fitting for an adult. I love everything about it.
I'm very surprised that nobody has said Sophia University where J-pop singer Emyli studied as well as other people. Sophia University is in Tokyo; surprisingly!
The origin of this name may be older than the Greek word and derived from the Hebrew name "Tzofia" or "Tsofia", means "watching" (for a female).
I used to really hate this name, but now I think it's lovely. Both the meaning and the pronunciation are beautiful. However, I don't like "Sophie" which I think would be used as a nickname (silly, but it's one less syllable). Also, it's grown so popular now that I don't think I could ever use it as my daughter's forename.
This is a lovely name. It sounds like sapphire.
It's a pretty name, but it's waaaaaaaaaaay too overused, there are like 5 girls in my grade alone named Sophia.
I have always loved the name Sophia, and if I ever have a baby girl, that will be her name. Although it's common, its strength, femininity and sophistication make it a true classic.
This was my name, but I changed it. There are too many rustly sounds in it - 's', 'f' - that make it unclear. I constantly got called Sylvia or Cynthia. And when you're correcting people all the time, your confidence takes a bashing and, without noticing it, you say it quieter and thus less clearer yourself - it's a vicious circle!
I had my second daughter and the name just came to me, Sophia. Yes, I thought of Sophia Loren. But it was not as popular 3 years ago as today. Or 10 years ago. It is so pretty and you can use Sophie to shorten it, which is the cuter version.
Sophia Esteed is a character in the video game "Star Ocean: 'Till the End of time".
Estelle Getty played Sophia Petrillo on the t.v. sitcom Golden Girls.
I only like Sophia for the pronunciation, but otherwise it's not my style.
Sophia is a prominent figure in Gnosticism. She is believed to be the Holy Spirit in the Trinity, united with Christ, and creator (and destroyer) of the material universe and destroyer of YHWH.
There is something so beautiful and gentle about this name that I can't place my finger on, but "Sophie" kind of ruins the magic for me.
This name is hard to spell! If you just heard it, no one knows if they should spell it Sophia or Sofia. It's too confusing.
I used to be seriously in love with this name, but then it became so popular and it totally changed the way I thought of it. It is still so pretty though.
A famous bearer is Sophia from "Kid Nation".
Actress Sophia Miles is a bearer, but I think her name's pronounced so-FY-ah, I've seen a video where she's called that way.
This is my name and I totally love it. People say it's really pretty and I agree. I prefer the 'ph' spelling more than the 'f' spelling.
Beautiful name. I love it. Again, I'm surprised this name is so popular in America, what with all the Brittanys and Lindsays running around showing their hoohoos.
I love the name Sophia so much! It can sound elegant and youthful at the same time. I am so naming one of my daughters Anna-Sophia. =]
The traditional English pronunciation of this name is [so-FYE-a], and this was the pronunciation used by the many British Princesses who bear this name.
I used to love this name and was certain that I'd name my daughter this one day, and then it became way too popular and my opinions changed. I still love the name though - and Sophie for a nickname is like the most adorable thing ever!
Sophia is Heidi's mentally retarded mother in the book So. B. It. Sophia couldn't pronounce her name, so she said either So. B. It or 'soof'.
I think Sophia is a very pretty name, but to me it only looks right on a Hispanic girl (but not in a bad way). I think it's because the only Sophias/Sophies I've known are Hispanic.
My name is Sofiya and it is pronounced so-FY-a like in 'higher'.
I positively love this name! My mom's friend named her daughter that! Sophia is so cute! I love her full name: Sophia Grace that is just so cute!
I really used to LOVE this name, but now I hate it so much I don't want to hear it. And this is all because of this girl that I know is called this. Basically, I don't like her so naturally I wouldn't like the name. I think a bad person can spoil a good name. No offense.
Sophia's getting so popular now, but it's so beautiful that I don't really care!
Sophia is a pretty name. If this was my daughter's first name I think we'd call her Sophie, but right now I actually like it more as a middle name.
Sophia Bush is a talented actress from One Tree Hill.
I think Sophia is a beautiful name. It matches a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, but also a girl with black hair and dark eyes. I LOVE THIS NAME!
My name is Sophia too and I love it! A lot of people call me Sophie, and sometimes Soph and I think any version of it is cute. I think it sounds important, like some kind of monarch, and it's pretty, and I like the meaning behind it as well. I didn't really think much of it for a long time, but I like having it because where I am it isn't very common (I don't think there's another one in my whole school) but its something that people have heard of.
So-FEE-a in American English and European languages, so-FY-a in British and at least some Commonwealth English.
Nowadays, Sophia is pronounced 'so-FEE-a' in Britain as in the US and everywhere else! So-FY-a is an outdated pronunciation that I have never heard, apart from the elderly who sometimes mispronounce my name.
Sophia Myles pronounces her name So-FY-a on the commentary for Doctor Who, "The Girl in the Fireplace".
Sophia has been on the top 1000 list since the 1880's. Its most popular year was 2005 where it ranked 11.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sophia here:
In the psychoanalytic study of mythology, Sophia is the name given to the "gracious Mother," the uroboros that bears all life and all life recedes into.
A lovely name with a great meaning. I also love the combo Zoe-Sophia.
My friend's name is Saphia. I like that better.
Sophia was also the name given to the Third person in the Christian Trinity. Sophia was the incarnate wisdom of God, and was present at the dawn of time with the Word/Son.
Sophia is a beautiful and sophisticated name. It is no wonder it has increased so much in popularity.
Sophia is pretty name, it sounds comfortable. My mom's name is Sophia, she is also a wise and pretty woman. I like this name!
Sophia Neveu is a cryptologist with the French Judicial Police, and the female protagonist in the novel "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. 'Sofia' is a word "of wisdom" that enables Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon to open the first cryptex made by Sophia's grandfather.
Actually, the character in Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" is named Sophie, the French form of Sophia.
I believe that this is where my name comes from, it's Esophitia, despite my horrid spelling skills in my username, pronounced es-so-fee-she-ah. I have no idea what my name means though I honestly think that my parents just made it up. I do like it very much though.
Sophia Camille was the given name of Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowski.
Sophia makes me think of two different things: a woman who loves to sing and a dove.
Famous bearer is actress, Sophia Loren (born Sofia).

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