Gender Masculine
Usage Scottish

Meaning & History

Anglicized form of a Thàmhais, vocative case of Tàmhas. Alternatively it could be taken from the Scottish surname McTavish, Anglicized form of Mac Tàmhais, meaning "son of Tàmhas".

Related Names

VariantsTàmhas, Tòmas
Other Languages & CulturesThoma(Albanian) Te'oma(Ancient Aramaic) Thomas(Biblical) Thomas(Biblical Greek) Thomas(Biblical Latin) Toma(Bulgarian) Tomàs(Catalan) Toma, Tomica, Tomo(Croatian) Tomáš(Czech) Thomas, Tom(Danish) Thomas, Maas, Tom(Dutch) Thomas, Thom, Tom, Tommie, Tommy(English) Toomas(Estonian) Tuomas, Tuomo, Tomi, Tommi(Finnish) Thomas(French) Tomé(Galician) Toma(Georgian) Thomas, Tom(German) Thomas(Greek) Tamás, Tomi(Hungarian) Tómas(Icelandic) Tomás(Irish) Tommaso, Tomaso(Italian) Tomass, Toms(Latvian) Tomas(Lithuanian) Toma(Macedonian) Tamati(Maori) Thomas, Tomas, Tom(Norwegian) Tomasz, Tomek(Polish) Tomás, Tomé(Portuguese) Toma(Romanian) Foma(Russian) Toma(Serbian) Tomáš(Slovak) Tomaž(Slovene) Tomás(Spanish) Thomas, Tomas, Tom(Swedish) Tomos, Tomi, Twm(Welsh)

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classic   strong   rough   strange  


Entry updated January 21, 2022