I am one, infamous, Thea. Longer said, Dorothea, though the first is preferred. Have always loved the strong, short, and breezy way it rolls off the tongue. Has gone aligned with an identity I'm proud of, and given me much deserved respect and admiration from most. Named in a time when it wasn't popular, always set me apart from the rest. And even with its gaining recent popularity, It still stands strong, and shines as it should, and always will!
It's beautiful when pronounced "Tay-uh" or "Thay-uh". I like it.
Beautiful name!
Anagram of "hate"... not a fan! Too short, and I don't see the appeal.
Thea is a supporting character in the musical Spring Awakening. She is among the group of girls who spend time with Wendla, the female lead.
I think this is also a cool nickname for Athena!
Adorable! I love it as a nickname or as a stand-alone name.
I’ve had a tug’o war with this name, my name. It’s a heady name, meaning: of god the feminine, goddess, aunt in Greek, a Titan goddess/mother to 3 Titans, a horrifically martyred saint. Heavy serious name for a little spirited girl, one that takes growing into, as mentioned here often in dealing with the stumbling over the pronunciations - my own husband has mispronunced it for over 40 years as thay-AH, not as my ears respond to thee-AH, or the sweetest one tee-A, which I later learned to love. I am always taken seriously and viewed as sophisticated though, once they figure out how to say it. Pleasantly received all the interpretations and impressions here: tomboy, elegant, logical, dignified, proud, aristocratic, posh, beautiful, timeless, and on and on. These impressions are most welcomed after struggling with this beauty of a big 4 letter name for 60 years. It’s also thrilling to know it’s not as solitary a name moving forward as it had been in the past, the one in a million status is far behind us ladies!
This name annoys me for some reason!
I’m surprised, and kind of disappointed nobody mentioned the Thea Sisters books.
Beautiful, timeless, and delightfully posh. I prefer this as a given name.
Also Estonian:
Awesome name! It reminds me of Thea Queen from the Arrow.
I chose this name nearly 16 years ago for my eldest. I still love it as does she. No other Theas in her school! Different but not wacky.
In my opinion, this name only really works as a nickname. I find it too weird to use as a first name, but I guess it could fit. It just depends.
This name is lovely.
This is also a nickname variant of Theodosia.
I’m an Athena and I always go by Thea. My family and friends find it very cute. The meaning of Thea— goddess, also pairs well with Athena:)
Such a pretty and underused name. I only like it as a given name, not a nickname.
Could be a nickname for Theophania/Theofania as well.
In Italy Thea reached 34 bearers born in 2016 while twenty years ago only 10 Thea were born.
This is a really beautiful name. I like it short for Theodora or Dorothea, or on its own, but my favourite pronunciations are 'THAY-a' and 'TAY-a'. If I were to name some future daughter this, I would do Thea (pronounced 'THAY-a) and her sister (or middle name maybe) would be Hazel.
Nice name just as it is.
They is short for Theadora. Both are fine but not great.
It's great as a full name and as a nickname for Althea.
I rate Thea 6/10 as it was an old-fave of mine. I think that it is too nicknamey in its look and less charming than Dora which has the same vibe, in my opinion.Thea has a mature, proud, dignified and aristocratic vibe with a strong part in it that could be tomboyish.
I was named after both of my Grandmothers. My middle name, Bernice (pronounced Brrr-niece), was from my maternal Grandmother's middle name. My first name, Thea, is from my paternal Grandmother's first name; her Mother was from Oslo, Norway. My mother liked the English pronunciation whereas I was called "Thee-ah"; not the harsh "Th" like in the word "thee & thou", but a soft "Th" like Cynthia. (Remember, I'm talking about pronunciation, not the written form.) My Grandmother was called "Tay-ah", as that is how it's pronounced in Norwegian. (The different pronunciations came in handy when we had family parties.) I'm now called by both pronunciations, however I prefer the Norwegian style.
Beautiful name and getting quite popular in the UK at the moment, hope it won't be the next "Sophie" in terms of popularity.
Also used in Greece (Θεα).
I have a high school aged niece with this name and it has always brought to mind someone like "The Church Lady" from Saturday Night Live. They pronounce it Thee'a. But a friend is considering it for her baby and out of curiosity I wanted to read what other people's reactions are. I had never heard it pronounced without the TH sound. I really like Tay'a!
Thea means 'aunt' in greek.
I was searching for a very pretty and different name. Thea is one of the solutions for it. I have named my daughter Thea Nandan. I believe many people say Come Again when I tell them her name. They get confused with Diya in India. Being unique is the most important thing with a name. I love this name.
This is my 6 year old's name. I thought it might barely enter the top 1000 names but it looks like it's zoomed up the charts in the last few years!
I wanted to connect my daughter to all of her grandmothers... mine and hers and we were both lucky to have grandmothers of the same name... both of mine are Dorothy and both of hers are Elizabeth. But I don't believe in naming people EXACTLY the same name so I named her Thea (for Dorothy) Isabela (for Elizabeth) and I think it's an awesome name! Her personality matches the name impressions on this site and I find that very interesting as well. Beautiful, feminine but a strong and independent woman. :)
Thea Dearden Queen is a fictional character from the TV show Arrow, which is based on DC Comic's Green Arrow. She is the sister of protagonist Oliver Queen, and daughter of Moira Queen and (SPOILER) Malcolm Merlyn. She goes by the alter ego "Speedy".
Thea is portrayed by actress Willa Holland.
Thea is very pretty.
This is a cool, kinda bad-ass name. I feel like Thea would be a rockstar or a confident humanitarian.
This is my name. When I was a kid I hated it and wanted to change my name to something simple and common. Even with this name rising in popularity, no one can pronounce it correctly. I go by Thee-ah and have to tell people at least three times how to pronounce it correctly and when they get it wrong for a fourth time I give up and let them call me what they want. I love the name now. I always get compliments and it sparks conversation. Unfortunately, I don't like the show Arrow and there is a Thea on it so I get the comparison a lot which is a bit annoying.
I named my daughter Thea and have to say it's not very heard of but my husband choose and and I instantly fell in love with it and it suits my daughter perfectly. Although sometimes it is pronounced incorrectly as 'Tayah' when in fact it's 'Thee-ah'. Such a beautiful rare name that I'm proud to have named my little girl.
I have always been rather chuffed with my name although, it's always been a small battle of mine to get new people that I meet to pronounce it properly. School registration had always been tiresome in the first few weeks of a new year as my teachers were VERY hit and miss. I've been named; 'Tee-ya', 'Tay-ah' and 'thay-ah'; when I go by the 'thee-ah' pronunciation. I've found that it depends on where you are, because my granddad's always pronounced it 'tee-ya' as he is French.
I used to have so much trouble trying to decide on the correct pronunciation for this name as a kid. I juggled between "THEE-ya", "THAY-ya", "TEE-ya", "TAY-ya", "TEE",... the list goes on. Not always the easiest for a young kid to pronounce when reading out of a book.
Other than that, it sounds pretty, but logical and strong.
My girlfriend's name is Thea... And I think it's one of the most beautiful names ever made...
I love this name, it is just so beautiful and sweet. I have it on my list paired as Thea Hazel.
I used to hate my name until I turned about 50. When I was a kid, I hated it after we moved from Holland to Canada and the kids always pronounced my name with the Th. My parents always pronounced it as if it was spelled Tia. So basically the pronunciation in Holland was Tay-a. I think I have everyone on board now to pronounce it without the TH sound.
Thea is a beautiful name. You can spell it, pronounce it and it isn't too popular. A gem.
The name Thea was given to 184 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Thea Gilmore is a British singer and musician.
The bad thing about this name is that it's an anagram of hate.
Pretty common and overused in Norway.
A famous bearer was German writer Thea von Harbou, who wrote the movies "Metropolis", "M", "Der Mude Tod", and the "Dr. Mabuse" films.
In Alma Alexander's books, 'World Weavers', the main character is a girl named Thea, which is short for Galathea. In the book, Thea is the seventh child in her family. And her parents are both seventh children too, so Thea is known as a Double-Seventh. In the magical world, much is expected of her even though she can't get any magic right at all. Thea struggles a lot, but discovers herself in the end.
It is also short for ALTHEA.
Why isn't Anthea listed as a related name?
I think this name is very sweet and pretty, and not too common. Thea Elvsted was a fictional character in Henrik Ibsen's play "Hedda Gabler".
A famous bearer of this name is Canadian actress Thea Gill, whose first name is pronounced TAY-ah (TAY, rhymes with "ray").
If you wanted a unique name I suggest you use this one. This is one reason I really like my name, for its meaning, but what I find is quite annoying is that many names sound similar to it. (for instance, Leah)
I like the name Thea. It's one you don't hear every day, so when you hear this name, you don't automatically think of a person from school or wherever named Thea that you hate, you know? Just saying. I'm working on a story about a girl named Thea. She's a very upbeat character.
One of my best friends is called Thea. I think it is very pretty, but only in it's own right, as my friend has it. I'm not too keen on Theadora. :)
This is a great nickname for Chrysanthea, Althea or Anthea. ;)
The name Thea is also of Greek origin. Thea (also written Theia) is the Greek goddess of light. She is the daughter of Ouranos (heaven) and Gaia (earth), the wife of Hyperion (Titan god of light), and mother of Helios (the sun), Eos (the dawn), and Selene (the moon). The name has two meanings because the English translation, Thea, is the same for both the Greek word “èÝá” which means “sight” and “èåÜ” which means “goddess.”.
This name is also used in France, where it is pronounced "TAY-ah."
Short form for Althea.
Thea also comes from the Ancient Greek thea. It means "goddess".
This name comes from the Greek meaning the "Gift of God".

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