This is a really good name, in my opinion. Underused nowadays, while still not seeming old-fashioned.
This name isn't that bad. A bit whiny and overused on older generations, but I've heard far worse.
Not a fan, I don't see the appeal.
Hard to think of a sweeter boy’s name than this one. Lyrical, unpretentious, and underused; a classic that never goes out of style. Perfect antidote to today’s try-too-hard names.
It sounds immature and boring. I don't like it.
I like it. Kinda neutral.
Don't like it, and I hate the nickname Tim/TImmy.
There's nothing special about this name.
Just alright. Nothing much good about it, just a simple name, don't see much charm, but anyway, name is alright.
I love it! What a stunning name. Very special.
It sounds kinda childish to be honest with you. But not as bad as Tommy.
It’s not awful, but the first syllable reminds me too much of the word “Timid”.
Timothy is my father’s name and he’s not like religious or anything, I just think it’s a nice name. I think it’s pretty and screw you all who hate it.
I am a Timothy. I’m not Christian at all but deeply spiritual, and like another commentor, this name deeply motivates me. To go by “Tim” is odd to me. It just makes me think: honor … what? It’s a cliffhanger, an open book that needs to be closed. One must beware what they honor for not all is worthy of honor. So I’d prefer to be Timothy, to “honor God,” or rather the genuine and noble traits at the core of spirituality as a whole.

Yet people’s approach to this name has given me quite the identity complex. I went by Timm (with 2 Ms) for a while, as a diminutive of Timmy. Those names worked while I was younger, even though Timm always required an explanation: I was once Timmy in elementary school, and my mother had the inspiration to cut off the Y and call me Timm as I became a teen, which was unique.

But as I matured I felt the call to return to my true name, and that’s where the challenge came in: many people do not seem to honor this name. As if it’s too long or its triple syllables are unwieldy, and they just can’t be bothered, like my name is there only for their convenience and not my identity. They’re so conditioned to hearing “Tim” (how many Timothy’s before me gave up on their own full name?) that they call someone that even though it’s not my name, or even if they haven’t gotten close enough to me to nickname me. It’s disorienting to be called things you didn’t introduce yourself as and for people to think it’s completely normal, like a subtle form of gaslighting. It comes off as them wanting to project their own notions onto me rather than actually knowing the person behind the name, and his reasons for the name. So to the people who have a Timothy in their life: he is not “Tim” unless he tells you so or at least if you’ve earned a close connection with him. If you’re not sure, ask.

So as a Timothy, my ego sometimes wishes I had a simpler name just to fit in; but I love my name and won’t bow down from using it. Its meaning, etymologically and to me personally, gives me all the more reason to honor it myself. I can handle “Tim” with close ones who have to use my name everyday and I find “Timmy” to be cute and endearing, but I will always be Timothy. I’m lucky, in that my birth name not only matches my character, but is a lifelong source of inspiration for who I am and for all that I can make of myself.
There was this kid in my math class whose middle name was Timothy. His first name was Andrew, and over time I've grown to like the combo Andrew Timothy
Also, one of my friend's name is Timmy, short for Timothy obviously.
Pretty good name in my opinion.
Awesome name. Thomas and Timothy make good names for siblings.
I would totally consider naming my son Timothy. It sounds so adorably whimsical. I am also a massive Tim Curry fan, so why wouldn't I name my son after him? (Especially considering he also happens to be one of my longest lasting celebrity crushes)
Vice Admiral Sir Timothy James Hamilton Laurence is the husband of Anne, Princess Royal.
It sounds so cute, hipster-ish, classic yet modern! Especially the diminutive form of it, Timmy. Probably because I really love that kid named Timmy from the Nickelodeon TV show, "Fairly OddParents." Still love it so much.
Timothy "Tim" Drake is the name of Batman's third Robin. When he was young, he met Dick (the first Robin) at the circus the night Dick's parents were killed. Later, he figured out Batman and Robin's identities and managed to convince Bruce that Batman needs a Robin. Trivia: He was named after Tim Burton, who directed the 1989 Batman movie.
One of my all-time favourite names! I wanted to name my youngest sibling Timothy if a boy (but we ended up with a girl). I think it's traditional and classic without sounding dated.
Timothy is the dumbest name ever and anyone who uses it is a PUNK.
Timothy Piazza died at the young age of 19, as the result of frat hazing at Penn State University in 2017. There was a ton of media coverage on the incident. Anti-hazing legislation was passed in response to this tragedy.
To me, Timothy is just the wimpier version of Thomas.
Timmy the Tooth!
In 2018, 51 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Timothy who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 32nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Timothy is a very nice masculine name. I'm not wild about nicknames so Timothy would need to stand on it's own, which I think it does very nicely.
Timothy sounds like the name of an unruly little boy. Childish too.
Timothy Q. Mouse is Dumbo’s best friend.
I am a Timothy, I always felt it was weak and "Timmy" is for a little boy that some people say to me just to belittle me. I'm not bullied, but don't like the rare times I was called that. I just go by T.J. when I can.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Timothy McVeigh, who was the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombing.
I love Timothy but Tim just doesn't sound as good as Timothy. And Timmy is okay for a little boy, but a grown man, it probably won't sound so cute. Timothy always appeared to me as a classic, in a John or Susan way, but not boring like John or dated like Susan.
My dad is called Timothy (Tim for short). I don't understand how people can say what a Timothy's like. It's like whoever named you knowing your personality and character traits when you are very young! I think Timothy and all names in general don't describe what type of person you are. Your name doesn't decide who you are, you do.
The name always motivates me in doing everything. I find myself unique among groups all for the sake of the name. I simply love the name.
Timothy Michael Samaras was an American engineer and storm chaser best known for his field research on tornadoes and time on the Discovery Channel show, Storm Chasers.
Major Timothy nigel Peake (born 1972 Chichester England) is a famous bearer of this name in Britain. He is an astronaut on the international space station :)
Timothy sounds too much like timotay.
Timothy is a fantastic name! Bearers should be proud.
My given name is Timothy and depending on the relationship people can call me a few different things. I prefer Timothy as a Christian and if we just met that's what you call me, Tim is used by friends and Timmy, being a term of endearment, is only for family and lovers.
Timothy is one of my absolute favorite names. It's playful, yet not infantile. Delicate (but not at all weak or effeminate), yet handsome. Tim and Timmy are also great nicknames. If I had enough sons, I would certainly name one Timothy.
Sister = Tiffany.
I love the name Timothy. It's handsome, masculine and a strong classic! A superb name for a guy in my opinion! :D.
This name is perfectly legitimate, but I don't like it for some reason. Its sound seems to communicate diminutiveness (both the long form and the usual nickname 'Tim').
Timothy Goes to School is a cartoon series based on the Yoko series and other individual books by Rosemary Wells.
There is a character named Timothy in the movie Cloud Atlas. He is a quite comical, elderly British publicist who was sent to a retirement home by his wealthy brother, who tricked him into thinking it was a hotel.
Name of the Day: May 29, 2013.
I cant believe no one mentioned super hottie and, among other things, former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton!
Timothy McGee is a main character on the TV series NCIS.
This is Reverend Lovejoy's first name on The Simpsons.
Timothy David Olyphant (b. 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American actor.
Timothy Carlton, English actor and father of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
I've known a few guys named Timothy. So far, all have had a nice personality and some were attractive. I can't find fault with the name. I like how it looks and sounds. My only issue is that there are too many nicknames, none of which I like.
It's a very good name, but I'm so tired of hearing "Tim" and "Timmy". What about just going by Timothy? Or maybe even Moe?
My father's name is Timothy, and he always goes by Tim. While I admire him greatly, and can't imagine him with any other name, I wouldn't use the name in the future. I'm not crazy about the 'ee' sound at the end of the name, and I think Timmy is childish (almost stereotypically so) while Tim is... weak. Not as bad as Jim, but still not a nickname I would want my child to have.
My brother's name is Timothy; he is a great guy and a good representative of the name. This name should make a comeback.
Timothy Zachary Mosley is Timbaland's real name.
Timothy Hay is a brand of hay for rodents.
The Feast Day for Saint Timothy is 26th January - the same date as Australia Day.

This could make a subtly patriotic name choice for a baby boy born on Australia Day.
Timothy Olyphant is an actor that has been in movies such as Perfect Getaway, Catch and Release and the new movie the Crazies. He also has a new show on FX called Justified.
Timothy means honoring God.

In Hebrew, Honoring God looks like this: כבוד אלוהים
Two famous bearers of the name are actor Tim Roth and Tim Burgess from English band The Charlatans.
Timothy "Tim" Tebow is a winner of the 2007 Heisman Trophy, as well as the University of Florida quarterback.
Tim is okay, but Timothy sounds wimpy and Timmy is just childish.
Apparently in 2008 I found this name to be wimpy. Me from before is wrong. It's not that the name it's wimpy, but rather that it has a soft sound. Now that I am no longer a teenager, I have learned that soft doesn't automatically mean weak. There is a quiet strength to it, but a strength none the less. I think it's one of those names that is old enough to be new again.
I find the comments on the character of Timothys funny. The oldest of my brothers is named Timothy. It's hilarious that people have such strong feeling about how a person with this name should be, yet my brother doesn't fit any of them.
"Timothy" is a song by the Australian band Jet from their debut album "Get Born".
I'm not sure why, but the name Timothy makes me think of a scrawny, nerdy, shy guy who always gets picked on. Tim sounds a little more tough, but not too much. Not to offend any Timothys or Timothy fans, but I would never name my son Timothy.
I think it is a great, strong name. Another classic name that generally stays under the "popular" radar. I may use it as a middle name for my kids.
It's a great name.
It´s also the Czech form. Nameday: 24th January.
Tim Burton (Timothy William Burton), director and creator of Edward Scissorhands, director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and producer (not director) and creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas is a famous bearer of this name.
I like the name Tim but Timothy seems like a name only for a little kid.
I have a cousin who is named Tim. He is a weirdo and dead beat, so I don't believe that names add much to someone's character. But I love the name anyway! And its meaning.
Tim Gunn of Project Runway bears this name.
Country superstar Tim McGraw bears this name.
I know a really horrible person with this name and it has ruined this name for me. The meaning of the name is very nice though.
Timothy Frances McTague is in the band UnderOath.
I like Timothy. It's just whimsical enough, without being goofy. Sounds a little bit elfin.
Jesse McCartney's younger brother's name is Timothy 'Timmy' Mark Glover McCartney.
I know a really horrible person with this name and it has ruined this name for me. The meaning of the name is very nice though.
Famous bearer: U.S. figure skater Timothy Goeble. *sigh*
When I hear this name I can't help but think of my old band director. He was terrible and should not be able to teach. I could never like this name after meeting him.
It’s interesting that in 2006, someone commented that they had a terrible band director named Tim. More recently at my old high school, our band director named Timothy got arrested for molesting kids. He was convicted of 10+ counts of sexual abuse of a minor and is currently serving 9 concurrent life sentences in prison. Beware of band directors named Tim! I guess it does kinda sound like a perv name.
I love the name Timothy. Just the sound of it is beautiful to me. It gives me the impression of a man who is trying his hardest to be the best person he can be. I like it!
I can't believe these people who think that a person's name indicates their character! A man who is named Timothy is named Timothy! Period!
Timothy Findley was a Canadian author. His best-known work is 'The Wars', published in 1977.
The two fastest people in the world (Tim Montgomery and Marion Jones) named their son Timothy "Monty" Motgomery Jr.
We have a cat named Timothy (called Timmy) so to me, a person with this name is very elegant, proud, intelligent and leader-like. I love this name!
A person named Timothy will hold his family as one of the highest things in his life. It is a great name.
Timothy is a name for a person who is well rounded, well balanced. A great choice in a name.
Those who have the name of Timothy or Tim are fiercely protective of those they love. In most situations, they will put everyone before a thought of themselves. Friendship is held in high regard, and betrayal cuts deep. Their true love will guide them.

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