Trent is such a cool name! I also think it's really handsome and hot sounding. I used to have a huge crush on Trent from Total Drama as a kid, lolol.
I really like this name! Sounds upperclass and handsome!
Great name!❤️ Love!
Trent means "trained" in Norwegian.
I really like! Top of our baby boy name list!
Love this name. Sounds intelligent, handsome, and sophisticated.
I think this name is really cool :)
Not too common but it’s okay.
I have a friend named Trent. He kind of flows like his river.
Trent is a character from the Total Drama series. In the first season (Total Drama Island), he placed 11th out of 22, and in the second season (Total Drama Action), he placed 13th out of 15.
My 3 year old son is named Trenton Alexander, we call him Trent for short. I love that it's unique and gets lots of compliments. It's not common and is definitely a stand out.
Trent is the name of Hammie MacPherson's best friend in the newspaper comic strip Baby Blues.
This name is okay, I guess.
This name is cool. It sounds like a poop emoji laughing.
I am definitely naming my son Trent. I've always liked the name, and it sounds nice with a lot of the middle names I like. Plus, I just have a good impression with the name (unlike a lot of names, considering I've been shunned by half of a town before).
I like this DJ Trentemøller- it's this danish dude that is AWESOME. I wonder if his name could be the full version of "Trent?"
Trent Harmon is the final winner of American Idol.
Trent sounds super annoying.
My husband's name is Trent Thomas. I think it's a very nice, strong name and it suits him well. I went to school with a few Trenton's but I've never met or heard of another Trent. I am probably biased but I like the sound of Trent better than Trenton. We're in our early twenties and the name definitely ages well. I love the name!
I think there's an actress named Trent Stewart, but it sounds like such a boy name!
This is my toddler's name and it fits him wonderfully. It has a good, strong feel to it and will age well. One of the appeals, for me, with this name was that it's a no-nickname name. It's perfect as is. (Michael) Trent Reznor and Trent Lane from Daria were the only figures I'd heard of with the name and I still chose it because, well, it's awesome.
Hmm, I associate this name with both the character Trent Lane from Daria and Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. The former is the nice but hopelessly lazy brother of Daria's friend Jane. The latter makes me think of angst-ridden, extremely arrogant teenagers, as they seem to be the ones who really like NIN. I do think the band deserves less annoying fans, even though I'm not much of a fan of them myself. Some of their tracks are cool. I like the name well enough, but the associations aren't necessarily very great in my case!
Trent Ford is an American-born British actor and model. He has modelled for such designers as Calvin Klein and Valentino and has starred in roles such as "How to Deal" opposite of Mandy Moore, and as a guest star on "The West Wing".
Trenton "Trent" Malloy is an army hand-to-hand combat instructor turned civilian karate instructor turned cop-of-some-sort on the television show Walker, Texas Ranger.
Trent is my toddler's name; I think it's classy and unique, not an overused name. I like strong names. It means "torrent" and wow, he can be when he wants! (with the attitude)
Gaius Terentilius Harsa. He went by Terentilius. Terentilius was a plebeian tribune in Ancient Rome around 462 BC.

I believe the name Terentilius is distant relative name to Trenton and Trent. If you base it on how names form over the centuries. That is just my opinion though.
I really adore Trent. I think that Trent is a cute nickname for Trenton. I adore both names. I think this is a name that truly ages well. It is a very soft name for a child. But then is has a strongness to it for a man. It will age very well for a man.
Trent Green the American Football player.
William Trent I was founder of Trenton, New Jersey.

Major William Trent III, his grandson, was commander of the militia at Fort Pitt during Pontiacs Rebellion.
Trent is a city in Italy.
Famous bearer is Nottingham Trent University.
The famous River Trent:

At certain times of the year, the lower tidal reaches of the River Trent experience a moderately large tidal wave commonly known as the Trent Aegir. Taking its name from the Norse God of the ocean. The Aegir occurs when a high spring tide meets the down stream as far as Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and sometimes beyond. The Aegir cannot travel much beyond Gainsborough as the shape of the river reduces the Aegir to little more than a ripple, and weirs North of Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire stops its path completely. It is also alleged the King Cnut (Canute) performed his purposely unsuccessful attemp to turn the tide back in the River Trent at Gainsborough, if this is the case, it is highly probable that the tide Cnut attempted to turn was the Aegir.
Sir Jesse Boot who later was Lord Trent.
Trent came from a Celtic word for Strong Torrent.
I like the name Trent. Can "Trent" be short for "Trenton", or can it just be "Trent"? Or just both?
Trent Reznor's full name is actually Michael Trent Reznor, however he goes by Trent because his father is also called Michael.
It reminds me of the council of Trent during the counter-reformation, although I don't think there is a resemblance, the frontman for NIN is named Trent.
Trent sounds like a nice strong boys name, handsome and rugged.
A character in Daria (MTV) is named Trent Lane, older brother to Daria's best friend Jane. Also, Trent Reznor from the band Nine Inch Nails.
A famous American politician is named Trent Lott.

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