I have a cousin named Tyler, I don't think it's a horrible name but I don't really like it, it's overused and I don't like the sound of it, I prefer Taylor.
Tyler McPherson is a professional squash player.
It doesn't sound exactly elegant or serious, but it's not that bad. If we're going with surname names, there are others I prefer, like Bradley, Bennett, or Jackson.
Tyler is an extremely overused and overrated name. There were probably 2 Tylers in every class that I was enrolled in when I was in elementary school, and this trend only seemed to increase in later grades as more students joined and I was aware of more Tylers. Tyler, to me, is a very nerdy name as well, not something I would recommend for a child. This name reminds me of John Tyler, the 10th United States president. I looked up to that man a lot in my childhood, yet I still have negative opinions of this name. Do what you will with my information, but please do not name your child Tyler.
I think this is an awesome name.
I am sorry, but I really don't like it. It is in the same boat as Mason, Mackenzie, Jenson, etc...all trendy, childish names that were originally surnames and should have remained as surnames.
Tyler well.. it's not an awful name. Tyler was actually the name of my older brother, he wasn't the best person which is why I find this name a bit devious. I don't think it's a bad name though, very good for a boy but it doesn't make sense for a girl.
Honestly pretty shocked to learn it’s a guy’s name. All the Tylers I’ve ever known in my 30 years have all been girls. I’m even related to a few girl Tylers. I just can’t see it as a guy’s name.
Very trendy surfer-dude, imo. "Bruh, Tyler! Want to go catch a wave?" Also, a sports jock who's very into video games comes to mind. A person like Tyler from Total Drama. This isn't a bad thing, just what I think of. I do think Tyler sounds like a sexy name. Sort of like Zachary, I also get chill and relaxed vibes. But also someone who is loud and energetic, who likes to have fun. I think this name is alright. I wouldn't use it, but it isn't bad. I hate it on a girl. Use Skyler for a girl.
I really like this name. It just sounds so good, and it has a very cute nickname "Ty" or "TyTy".
Very attractive! Although I could never see it on a girl, certainly masculine.
I have never met a Tyler I haven't liked, they are all handsome and very muscular as well. I am frankly disgusted with those who think this is an ugly name and think they should just go away and sulk in their dumb ugly name.
One of my favorite masculine names!
I dislike it. It sounds overly simplified, dumbed down. Definitely masculine, in that case.
What a sexy name.
I think Tyler is a great name.
Tyler Funke. A YouTuber and TikToker.
I see Tyler on a boy more than I see it on a girl. But I respect you guys' opinions.
Tyler Crispen is an American TV personality, best known for being a contestant on the reality TV show Big Brother.
To be honest, I see Tyler more on a girl than I see it on a boy. But I respect you guys' opinions.
A scambot on YouTube that goes by the name "Tyler Winter".
Famous examples of surname usage: John Tyler (US President), Steven Tyler (Singer-Songwriter), Liv Tyler (Actress), Mia Tyler (Actress), Chelsea Tyler (Singer)
One of the sexiest girl's names of all time. Not my favorite boy's name because it sounds so modern.
Tyler Perry, actor who sometimes makes shows and movies like Madea Goes to Jail (2009), House of Payne* (2007-2012), The Haves and the Have Nots* (2013-present), and a Madea family reunion (2006).Tv show*
Tylers, like anybody else, are people from all walks of life. Different people do different things to make impressions on others. So I've known a few mean Tylers and a really sweet Tyler who is one of my best friends. I think this is one of those names that is indifferent to outside opinion and you either like it or you don't, based on personal experience.
Girls can take Taylor, leave Tyler for the boys.
This name can also SOMETIMES be FEMININE as it may bear resemblance to TAYLOR, making it UNISEX -- as it is SEEN on the USA and UK chart.
Handsome on a boy, beautiful on a girl. Love it!
It’s a good name but definitely not for girls, name her Taylor or Teresa instead.
Eliza Tyler Stowe, Harriet Beecher Stowe's daughter, had this as a middle name.
She was named in honor of her father Calvin's first wife.
Tyler is the name of the singer from my favorite band, Twenty One Pilots.
Unpopular witness: I know girls named Tyler more than guys. Popular opinion: I don’t want to see another girl named Tyler again.
I can't believe the horrible comments about this name. You all need to get a life! Oh, and my name is NOT TYLER OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO IT. I BET A LOT OF YOU WOULD HATE MY NAME TOO!
I don't like this name at all. It's my least favorite boy's name.
Also occasionally used as a feminine name.
I think Tyler is the most beautiful girl's name in the world. I used to think of it as a boy's name and never questioned that because the only Tylers I met were boys, but then I met a girl named Tyler and after hearing her say her name, it sounded so feminine and pretty, that changed my opinion forever, it's now in my mind unquestionably a girl's name. The way it rolls off the tongue, sounds like a flower. It may have been the way the girl said her name, she was super feminine and girly, but to me now Tyler will always be the prettiest girls' name in the world. I know it's an unorthodox opinion and I'm okay with that. I hope to meet another female Tyler so I can tell her how pretty her name is. I wish more women were named Tyler as it's now my favorite girl's name ever.
Love it. It is my name. I hate people who hate it.
I can't stand this name. It's too trendy and most Tyler's I've met were jerks.
I really like this name, because it sounds like someone really cool and humble. Ty can also be a nickname.
Love this name!
Horrible I've always hated this name. It reminds me of little tykes too. It's just terrible, every time I hear Tyler I gag.
Please excuse my very rude comment on 4/22/2019. I still don't care for the name Tyler, not gonna lie, but please excuse my very rude comment. Should've put it a better way.
Tyler is a great boy’s name in my opinion. It may be unique for a girl to have this name, but it’s like the parents secretly wanted a boy, unless they use a feminine middle name. Tyler is one of my favorite boy’s names, but I have no problem with parents using boy names like Tyler for girls. Tyler isn’t the most masculine name, but it isn’t super feminine either. There are boy names that sound okay on girls and boy names that sound ridiculous on girls. Thomas sounds ridiculous as a girl’s name but Tyler sounds okay as a girl’s name. Both names are more masculine in my opinion.
Man boy name. Also, a Walmart name (a name most likely to be heard being called in the aisles of Walmart). At best, a douchebag.
I think Tyler is a terrible name.
This name never grows up. It forever sounds boyish, like Josh and Cody.
This name is beautiful on a boy. Too masculine for a girl. Taylor is for girls, Tyler for boys, okay?
I like the name Tyler. I respect the fact that it’s now becoming unisex, but I like it better on a boy because that’s just my impression with the name. Never thought of it as a girl’s name, but Tyler as a girl’s name is kinda interesting. Tyla makes a great feminine form of Tyler but the masculine form is also cute for a girl. But I still like it better as a masculine name than a feminine name.
Best name ever.
Tyler is a good name to use for both girls and boys.
Tyler Joseph, Revolutionary lead singer of the alternative band Twenty One Pilots.
Their hits include Stressed Out, Ride, and Heathens
Go buy their new album TRENCH, on iTunes. (Do it, it's really, really, good.)
A famous bearer of this name is actor Tyler James Williams, who played the titular character on Everybody Hates Chris and Noah from The Walking Dead.
In 2018, 16 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tyler who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 83rd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 17 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tyler who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 630th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Tyler Mahan Coe, podcaster and son of country musician David Allan Coe, is a famous bearer.
I would use this Tyler for a boy instead of Taylor, since I think Taylor is more used for girls now.
The Tyler name originated as an English masculine surname. I think it works best as a surname such as with U.S. President John Tyler. He had 15 children with some born in his 60's by his second wife after his first wife died. Although Tyler died in 1862 he still has 2 living grandsons Lyon Gardiner Tyler and Harrison Ruffin Tyler both born in the 1920's. Their father (Tyler's son) also remarried after his wife died and he had more children into his 70's. You could say the name Tyler is associated with virility and longevity.
Tyler Bowman from Supernoobs bears this name.
I always associate the name Tyler with guys who are of Hungarian descent.
Tyler James is my first born. He's my bud, his name fits him well. When I hear the name Tyler, I feel calm and peace.
I think Tyler is a good name for a boy because I am a boy and my name is Tyler.
I think Tyler is a good boy name. As you get older I don’t think it will be a good name. Maybe 1-13 year olds may like it, but over 13 you would hate it. As I have the name Tyler and I kinda hate it.
Whoever thinks Tyler is a girl name is a weirdo! Tyler is a guy name, GENIUS! Brighten up Einstein!
- Your worst nightmare.
Tyler is the name of the lead character on Step Up; portrayed by Channing Tatum.Chester Bennington (of the band Linkin Park) has a son named Tyler.
I love the name Tyler on a boy! It's such a cute and playful name. I think Skyler is great on a girl and Tyler on a boy. But not Tyler for a girl.
I like this name a lot.
My name is Tyler and I love it, it sounds weird as a girl name but it's a good boy name. I know so many people who have the name Tyler.
I think that Tyler is a very cute name. My son is named that.
Tyler Ford is a queer writer and speaker.
I can't remember many male Tylers that I've met. I've met one female Tyler and it kind of bugged me that her name was Tyler because it's such a masculine name in my mind.
Tyler Joseph. That's all I have to say.
I'm actually rather surprised Tyler Joseph, lead singer for the band "Twenty One Pilots", isn't mentioned as a namesake.
Though I do not like Katie Hopkins she is right. Tyler is definitely one of the worst names about for boys or girls. Let's be honest, unless you are AfroAmerican it sounds chavvy especially when spoken with the delicate lilt of a fine British estuary accent. I imagine white trash boys with this name to be covered in tattoos especially Union Jacks or pitbulls on the neck in full view. Tylers are unlikely to be employed unless working in a prison library. Saying that I have a Tyler in my family and I feel for the poor kid. What did he do to deserve such a vile name.
The name Tyler was given to 202 girls born in the US in 2015.
My name is Tyler, and my middle name is David. I absolutely love my name. It is a modern name and one I am proud to have. Sometimes people simply call me "Ty", but I prefer Tyler. I don't mind being called Tyler David either- but it has to have the "Tyler" in there. All in all, Tyler is a great name- there are quite a few more males named Tyler than female. In fact I do not know any female Tyler's personally. Tyler is a great name, and definitely modern and popular too!
Tyler can also be feminine. I know someone with a daughter named Tyler.
My name is Tyler. For the longest time I hated it. It doesn't bother me as much now. Just wish I could have a different nickname then TY or T.
Despite its popularity, Tyler is a great name. I know quite a few guys with this name, but I do know one girl with it as well. I definitely prefer it on guys, but it suits the girl fine. I don't think it's as atrocious as everyone says it is.
This name seems too common and masculine and it doesn't even sound like a girl's name.
This name is just too common for me, there's like 30 Tyler's in my school.
Tyler Gregory AKA Tyler the Creator.
I named my son Tyler in 1996. When I first heard it, it was different and cool. By the time he got to school I realized how many people felt the same! We gave him the nickname T. Rex! I wouldn't change a thing though, LOVE the name still!
This is mainly a BOYS name. If a girl is named Tyler then fine, but it should first be considered a boy's name. Ty for short. Very, very boyish. Makes "Kyle" look like he should be wearing pink ballet slippers.
I named my daughter Tyler after watching the film Point Break when it was first released in the 90's - the female police officer/surfer is called Tyler Ann. I had never heard of another Tyler and had no idea it was unisex. I hate the name now as does my daughter.
I've always liked this name and, to be honest, found it somewhat attractive—although I could never say why. It seems Tyler is one of those family names that saw a surge in popularity as a given name, joining the likes of Tanner, Taylor, Hunter, Harrison, Jackson, etc. I do think that Tyler is better suited for a boy, but it works for a girl, too. A lot of people have said that it's hard to picture a grown man named Tyler, but I don't believe them.
Economist and George Mason University professor Tyler Cowen was born in 1962. I can imagine that his name was considered unique at the time he was born.
Tyler Oakley, an American YouTube personality.
Tyler is a great, cool, handsome, masculine name. MUCH better than Taylor. =)
Just want to add an update! When I said before that this name is much better than Taylor that was at the time when I strongly disliked the name Taylor. Now I love the name Taylor so I have even love for both Taylor and Tyler. ♥ ^-^
My daughter is named Tyler and she has several female friends named Tyler. It is a great name for a girl or boy. I work with people who have traditional as well as unusual names. It doesn't matter if they are 20 or 80. It's a name and people use them everyday. My daughter is a self confident young woman and she would be that way regardless of her name be caused in raised her that way. I am proud to have stepped outside the box to give my child a unique name.
My impression of the name reminds me of a certain mischievous boy (my boyfriend/fiancee) and it always makes me jump when I hear this name, however it's because I've jumped so many times that I've realized how common this name is.
I named my son Tyler in 1994. I love the name. When I named my son I didn't know another Tyler. Now the name is everywhere. I truly do think that it is a boys name.
Two words: Katie HopkinsHaving said that, I know a beautiful, good-natured, gentle little girl named Tyler, so, on a personal level, this name does have good conotations for me.
Tyler Hubbard (1987), Georgia State-born member of country music duo Florida-Georgia Line.
Tyler Farr (August, 1, 1984), American country artist with debut hit "Redneck Crazy".
Someone in my family is named Tyler, and someone I'm working with is named Tyler (both guys). When I think of Tyler, I usually think of a guy, but sometimes it can work for a girl as well. I'll admit this name, like Sarah (also the name of someone in my family), is a bit overused. It's still a cute name, though.
173 people actually named their DAUGHTERS Tyler in the US in 2012. I don't know what was going through their heads, this name doesn't sound feminine at all. I don't like it for boys anyway, it's way too trendy and common and doesn't seem like it'll age well at all.
I have met a boy and girl called Tyler, but somehow this name doesn't work for the girl Tyler. In my opinion, this name sounds very masculine and strong.
One of my least favorite names. It's waaayy too common on little kids, and it sounds so babyish. Please, stop naming your kids this!
Tyler's my name and I like it for boys but I dislike it for girls, due to me growing up with this name I have experienced negativity of other children and teachers often mistake me for a male but it's rather nice being unique, as I am the only Tyler in my school through primary and higher but its gaining popularity which makes me feel less conscious about having a name often thought of as male.
Tyler Perry (born 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is an American actor and director. He was born Emmitt Perry, Jr.
Only suited for a boy, and would most definitely sound out of place on a girl. This name is cute but wouldn't fit any boy past their teen years. I know tons of Tylers and while I get the appeal, it doesn't age well, like a lot of very cute names.
This was a good name in the 80's for either sex, became too popular in the 90's and now I would only consider it for a boy. I should know, I am a female born in 1980 named Tyler, I now go by my middle name because I got tired of people asking about my name, 'is it really Tyler and not Taylor?', then they usually get confused and call me Taylor anyways..The whole trend of naming girls with boy names is really awful, I feel sorry for all the little girls in this generation whose parents willingly did that to them, at least when I was named Tyler it wasn't well established as a masculine name. So many girls today named Elliot, Shawn, Ronnie, etc.. it's as bad as naming a boy Stacy or Tiffany!
This is, and will always be, a boy's name. It does not sound the least bit feminine. This guys-name-on-a-girl trend is really getting old. Please o PLEASE stop!
That being said, I don't like it much. It make me think of a tall, good-looking basketball player who is overly cocky and has an inflated head.
I have always hated this name because a.) it is too popular and b.) I know two Tyler's, one is a creep and the other is a narcissistic jerk. No offense if you like this name though and would want to name a child this.
To the commenter a few comments up; it's hilarious you would think Tyler Rose is beautiful together; ironically, the city of Tyler (Tx) is famous for its yellow rose!I have known only one guy named Tyler and I think it's a really cool name! I definitely would consider using this for my son someday :)
Russian-American producer Peter Douglas and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Tyler Demskiy, born 1996.
Way too common. I know tons of Tyler's just in my grade. I also think it's a boring name on its own.
Actor Tyler Mane. He played Ajax in the movie Troy.
This name is boring, trashy, and overused. I know enough of them. Tyler makes me think of either obnoxious popular boys or the hideous singer Steven Tyler.
Wow, I didn't realize this was listed as a unisex name on this site. To me, Tyler is, and always will be, a male name.Now, even though I have a cousin named Tyler, *and* a friend names Tyler, the first person I think of when I hear this name is Tyler Durden from "Fight Club." But even though the character's crazy, it still doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth--Tyler is a cool name.
Tyler Kennedy plays hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
In my opinion, Tyler should be used only on boys. Girls already use the name "Taylor" (which is now an androgynous name because of that) so I really think Tyler just fits better for boys. It has a more boyish, handsome sound, and picturing that on a girl kinda ruins everything.
This is my fiance's legal name, but every one just calls him Ty. He doesn't like his name very much, but I think it's a good name, for both a boy and a girl. I gave this name to our daughter (Molly Tyler) when she was born, after her dad.
I am a girl and this is my name and it really sucks! The worst part about it is when people ask you "What's your name?" and you tell them "Tyler". Next question that is asked is, "Did your parents want a boy?" it gets really annoying. Especially if your middle name is masculine as well, as mine is!
Tyler Simms is one of four magical brothers in the 2006 horror/thriller film "The Covenant".
Producer Peter Demskiy and Lisa Marie Schröder have a son Tyler Demskiy, born 1996.
Number 16 for boys in 2005. I love the name Tyler. It's just sweet, adorable but boyish at the same time. It works for a little girl too, but I prefer it on a boy.
I love this name, but for BOYS BOYS BOYS! I hate it on a girl! On a programme on BBC not long ago someone had a daughter and called them Tiyla, said Tyler. To each their own, y'know, but come on.
This is a pretty cool, simple, short name, but far too common and popular. This would have made a good name for the coolest, most popular, and good-looking guy in high school in some 1985 movie. It won't sound so cool in 2025. The name does admittedly sound sort of like the name of a cool, outgoing, confident, and active guy, but the problem is that it doesn't exactly sound like one of these mature, sophisticated, serious names for educated and intelligent guys past the age of 25. I'm afraid this name is great for young guys, but a bit funny on middle-aged and old guys. For females, this is just a terrible name. Meeting a cute two-year-old girl with adorable curls named Tyler would be hilarious in a movie, but quite depressing in real life. Girly girls will hate this name on themselves, and it only suits tomboyish girls. It'll sound silly on all females past the age of 15, even the androgynous ones, and the name lacks that spunk factor for female indie rocker types as well.
Even though it is my brother's name I find it equally suitible for both genders.
I like this name. It sounds sweet, but it can work for an older boy or man also. If you wanted too, you could call him Ty. This is what one family I know does with their two-year-old son.
Tyler Perry, a play writer and actor, is a famous bearer. He wrote and starred in Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion, just to name a few.
I love this name since it is my oldest grandsons name too! I think it is a great name for either a boy or a girl. You can always spell it different for a girl, yet have the same pronunctiation. Like Tilor, Tylor. I just like it the way it is--Tyler.
This name has gotten WAY too popular. I know at least 6 or 7 Tylers (including girls too).
It's a bit common, but I love this name.
I think it's too boyish to be a MANs name. I can't see Tyler being anything but a 10-12 year old boy.
Another stupid name. Parents! - give your kid a real name! Not a surname for a first name!
Tyler is a BOY name! It's too masculine for a girl. My cousin named her son Tyler and I'm glad she picked it for him. I think Tyler is a wonderful name, but only for a boy.
I definitely think this is a masculine name and should not be given to a girl. As for the ler at the end which someone pointed out, what's that got to do with anything? I love this name and I'm proud to say this is the name of my son, but had he been born a girl I would definitely not have given him this name, no way ha ha!
I want to name my daughter Tyler. I love it for both a girl and a boy.
I think Tyler is a wonderful name for a girl. In fact, I have a close friend on my Color Guard whose name is Tyler Rose and at first, everyone (including my coach) called her "Taylor", but now we're used to it. For a guy, though, this name mostly makes me think of someone who is overly willing to double-cross anyone he meets.
For some reason, even though it's a surname, perhaps because of some association I have, this name sounds babyish to me, not very mature.
Tyler is a great name for a boy or girl! I named my little girl Tyler and she gets compliments all the time. I also know some guys named Tyler and it fits them too. I love this name.
Tyler's a great name. =] It sort of sounds American too.
I think Tyler works great on a girl! I never thought it could be used for a girl but I've grown to like it.
Tyler is definitely a boys name in my opinion. However, it does sometimes fit girls. My friend Taylor was called Tyler by our Japanese teacher on the first day of sixth grade. The name works really well for her and it's stuck.
In a story, I like to make characters named Tyler boys. But in real life, I love the name for a girl. Tyler Rose sounds beautiful.
Tyler is a good name for a boy, I know a ton of boys named Tyler so it is my favorite name!
Tyler seems like a hyperactive, funny, sexy, and smart name! I love it, I would name my son Tyler if I had a son!
This name is more masculine than feminine so I think it should only be a masculine name. Tyler sounds good for a boy rather than a girl.
Marlee Matlin & Kevin Grandalski have son Tyler Grandalski, born 18 July 2002 in Los Angeles.
I love this name for a boy.
I love this name, for a boy, but it is really popular, I am acquainted with a large number of people named Tyler.
I prefer this name for a girl. To me, it sounds too feminime for a boy, especially with the "-ler" ending.
I confess I really dislike this name--it gives off the image of a weak-willed tattle tale to me.
A close friend of mine is called Tylerr -- he spells it with a double R. I've never cared for this name at all, but I definitely don't hate it, because whenever I hear it, I think of a hyper, random, funny, caring, and mischievous person. I find it funny though, that people are calling this name "rugged", because my Tylerr is all about skinny jeans and eyeliner. xD
Not his first name, but I think of Steve Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith.
Tyler should be a masculine name only. Great for a boy, meaningless for a girl. The same goes for Jordan.
I love Tyler! (For a boy, not a girl.) It's one of my best friend's names, and although a lot of people here hate it because it's "cutesy" and popular, it's still a top for me!
I prefer Tyler for a boy. It sounds rugged and handsome.
I'd have to agree. I know some rugged and handsome Tylers.
John Tyler was elected President of the United States in 1841.
Tyler Hilton is a song writer.
The main character in Fight Club is named Tyler Durden.
I think Tyler is a better name for a girl than for a boy.
Tyler is and Old English name meaning "Layer of Tiles" or "Roofer".

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