This is a very cool name!
My name is Victor. I am a 20yr old male, I’m not the most intelligent but that’s ok. My mom said she named me Victor because I conquered my birth. My parents were drug addicts before and a little while after having me. They said I went through withdrawal pretty badly, but here I am today. Victorious! My parents are victorious too! They quit doing drugs about 5 or so months after having me.
I highly enjoy this name! I think it is very simple but in a good way. Maybe strange to some people but Victor Frankenstein is actually part of the reason why I really enjoy this name. :).
Nice and handsome name for a male of any age.
Victor Fries is the real name of Batman supervillain Mr. Freeze. Before gaining superpowers, he was married to a woman named Nora, who was sadly diagnosed with a terminal illness. He cryogenically froze her body until he could find a cure. Then, a lab accident mutated his body to only survive in sub-zero temperatures, starting this career as a supervillain.
The best way that I can describe this name is that I feel it perfectly toes the line of traditionally masculine and sophisticated. It's "elegant" but also "manly" is what my personal impression has always been. A good, solid, classical choice for any would-be parents.
Two fictional characters come to mind:
Victor von Gerdenheim, a character from Capcom's Darkstalkers series, who is based off Frankenstein's Monster.
And Victor, the male protagonist from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, though the latter's name can be changed in Sword and Shield to be whatever the player wants it to be.
I really like this name! It has a nice meaning, and it's a pretty handsome name. Vic is a good nickname.
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars
Also Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
So handsome.
Good name! Strong name for strong men! Has quality and sounds good! Victor is a good quality name!
I kinda like it but it’s a name that I’d never use for anything. Victor is a strong name.
So stiff and unholy.
Quite an old name, isn't commonly used in modern day Australia. Tends to be uncommon.
It's a good simple name for a boy.
Victor was the name of Rolf's goat from the animated show "Ed, Edd n Eddy."
I tend to like names based on what they sound like and what they remind me of more than their actual meaning. Victor reminds me of the word nectar, so I think of summer fruit and I think of it as a nature name. I don’t like the actual meaning because it reminds me of war and conquering, and that is not a positive association for me.
I love, love, LOOOOVE the name Victor. It's totally a one-size-fits-all kind of name. I find it easy to picture the name Victor suiting a boy of any age and personality type, whether it'd be a spunky little boy, a bookish yet alluring young man, or the witty grandpa who tells the best stories to his grandchildren. I also like how distinguished it sounds; it commands respect. Victor is definitely one of my top choices when it comes to baby names, and I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up having a little Victor myself.
A very strong and handsome name. It has a wonderful meaning too!
I hate this name because of Victor Frankenstein.
I have this name, but for me it's ironic as hell.
Victor is the name of the male player character from Pokemon Sword and Shield.
I forgot about this name. I love it. Strong and masculine. Gotta love the meaning too. Victory!
I love the meaning of this name... It literally means winner. It can't really get more badass than that.
Add Usage: Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, German, CatalanPronounced: beek-TOR (Spanish), VIK-tuw (Swedish, Norwegian), VEHG-do (Danish), VIK-to (German)
Victor Kudo, a character in Ace Attorney.
My name is Victor and I already retired. From my perspective it's lucky name. At first it's very global, spread over all continents. It is very recognizable in almost any country of the world, and it is easy to memorize. The Hebrew variant for this name is Avigdor. Besides, it is not a very common name: usually you are the only one Victor in a party, or in a company building. So when someone has to mention you, no need to call your family name.
Victor, a name that sounds rather timeless, at least from my perspective, and could be the name of an infant all the way to an elderly gentleman. I think it is a classic name that might be just the one you are looking for if you want something that is short and easily pronounceable.
Not too famous but Victor Krummenacher is a bass player for many bands, most notably Camper Van Beethoven.
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Victor who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 226th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Victor Van Dort, voiced by actor Johnny Depp, is a character in Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride." He is the main protoganist in the movie. Victor is a very nice name that exudes a bit of a Victorian era vibe.
Oh, so handsome. The meaning is awesome!
This name gives off a very Tim Burton-esque vibe. I love it!
Victor Frankenstein, otherwise known as Dr. Whale, from Once Upon a Time.
I love Victor, but not Victoria.
My elder son is Victor and he is intelligent indeed. I could not name the second son Victor too, so I opted for a "V" name and Vallerian becomes my baby boy. Now guess what mum names herself... Anne Victor Vallerian. Ideally Victor is a name.
Victor is a character in the Disney animated film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". He is one of the gargoyles made of stone that come to life at will.
This name gives off really powerful vibes.
Victor Trevor is the name of Sherlock Holmes's only real college friend in Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, and the name of his childhood best friend in BBC's Sherlock.
This is always a name that people give those evil doctors in movies and TV shows.
Although Victor is the canon name of Victor Nikiforov (Yuri! On Ice), Viktor is also used in the fandom as it's more accurate.
Victor Starffin, nicknamed "the blue-eyed Japanese", was an ethnic Russian baseball player in Japan and the first professional pitcher in Japan to win three hundred games. With 83 career shutouts, he ranks number one all-time in Japanese professional baseball.
Yeah, I agree that Victor is a masculine name.
Victor Golovatenco is a Moldovan footballer. He plays for FC Zaria Bălți. Golovatenco has made 54 appearances for the senior Moldova national football team, including two 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches. He played six games in UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying.
Victor "Sully" Sullivan is the first name one of the main protagonists in the video game series Uncharted.
Sister name: Victrix.
I love the name Victor! It's awesome! And the characters named Victor are really great too. Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the mad scientist who created Frankenstein's Monster, was a classic anti-hero with this name. The reason I call him an anti-hero and not a full-blown villain is because he thought he was doing good. His intentions were whole-hearted and loving, the outcome, a disaster. Or Dr. Victor Von Doom, the evil genius turned into a mad man. He was left out to die because he made a few wrong moves, which turned him into a disfigured magical antagonist who spends his time fighting the Fantastic Four, also magical beings with great power.
In my opinion Victor is a handsome and rugged name. I also love the sound of it and love the nicknames such as Vic or V and the full name sounds strong too.
I like this name, especially pronounced with a British accent. Slightly pronouncing the -r.
Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
Does anyone think that it is tedious to say it means "Victor", they should say, from the Latin word Victor... Anyway, I like the name and I think the cognate Viktor is a little better spelling.
Hello! I currently am pregnant. I've chosen to name my baby Victor if I have a boy! The reason I love this name so much starts with my grandfather Victor Dorwin. He fought at D-Day in WWII and survived. He was a medic. He was shot and still saved as many of his men as he could. He received 2 Purple Hearts. Most humble man I ever knew. He took me fishing as a child, most patient man & he had 6 kids. 2 sets of boy girl twins. Yes, he is my Hero! An amazing husband.. father & grandpa. I miss him. He is VICTORY. In all aspects in my life! This name means honor & dedication. I believe one man can make this name amazing & my grandpa did. :) Peace.
Victor Frankenstein is the main protagonist of the 2012 animated film Frankenweenie.
... but why portray Victor as villain?
More than "Vittore", the most common usage of the name, the only one being used is "Vittorio" (italian).
I think the name Victor is handsome, respectable, smart-sounding and HOT! (^^)b.
Victor Blade (also known as Tsurugi Kyousuke) is a character in Inazuma Eleven GO.
Name history is important and recording it in history is a Victory 'to the spoils goes the Victor'
Victor Elpidiforovich Borisov-Musatov (April 14 [O.S. April 2] 1870 - November 8 [O.S. October 26] 1905) was a Russian painter, prominent for his unique Post-Impressionistic style that mixed Symbolism, pure decorative style and realism.
This would make a jewel of a middle name, but still I can't shake the image of a nerd when I hear this name. Might be because in the awesome movie Despicable Me, the nerdy villain character had the name Victor, but then he did change it to Vector (Committing crimes with both direction and magnitude! Oh yeah!)
A famous bearer is Marvel's supervillain Dr. Victor von Doom.
Victor Hugo is the author of Les Misérables, widely considered to be one of the greatest novels of the 19th century.
Victor Analogy! (in the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde :) heehee.)
Huckery, bulky and mothballed. At least that's how it comes across to me.
"Victor" is also the code word for the letter "V" in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Vítězslav is the Czech equivalent of Victor.
Víťazoslav is the Slovak equivalent of Victor.
Vitoslav is old Slavonic equivalent.
I don't know why I like the name Victor, but I do. Victor sounds refined and sophisticated, but also down to earth and rugged at the same time.
DC's character 'the Question' was named Charles Victor Szasz. Though he Prefers to go by Vic Sage instead.
A famous bearer was Danish-American Victor Borge (January 3, 1909 - December 23, 2000), a humorist, pianist, and comedy entertainer. He was called the Clown Prince of Denmark and the Great Dane.
Victor Frankenstein from Mary Woolstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein. He's the scientist, NOT the evil grunting monster that Hollywood has presented to us (stupid Hollywood always twists the tales WAY too far!). The monster is actually very intelligent - he speaks French - and has no name.
From Latin Victor, from victus, past participle of vincere, "to conquer."
I know it may be weird but my great grandmother was named Victor-Mae (seriously). She was named after her father (Victor). I personally think it was kind of a cute name. You know it's just different. But everyone says she didn't like it much though. =/
Victor Babeş (1854 — 1926) was a Romanian physician, biologist, and one of the earliest bacteriologists. He made early and significant contributions to the study of rabies, leprosy, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. The Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca bears his name, as does the disease babesiosis.
Victor is such a cool name. And it's true: It's hot.
I'm shocked no one has mentioned Victor Frankenstein, from Mary Shelley's wonderful novel.
Victor is an awesome name! I don't know any Victors but I'm pretty sure if I did, he'd be really cool!
Victor Krum is a character in Harry Potter. He is a surly, Bulgarian national quidditch player with a hook nose and a crush on Hermione Granger. That is all I can think about when I hear this name now.
That was Viktor not Victor Krum.
Victor is such a nice name, and it's masculine-sounding.
I LOVE the name Victor. I want to name my son, if I have one, Victor. I also like the Russian spelling Viktor. Looks authentic.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Victor here:
My grandpa's name is Victor. To me it seems like an older name, but a strong name. Victor is a name for someone who is very smart and honest.
A musical starring Julie Andrews is called "Victor/Victoria."
That name is so hot.
Johnny Depp's character in "The Corpse Bride" is called Victor, as is the vampire elder in "Underworld" but his is spelt with a K and not a C.
I think this name related with Victory. My fiancee's name is Victor and he is victorious...
I think this name is very serious sounding. It's my husband's name and he is in the army.

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