It sounds worse than Alexander.
It sounds like the name of a robot.
This is such a sexy and hot name. I would have sex with anyone named Xander, any day.
I like this name, I think it's cool. It's nice as just a standalone, not only as a nickname for Alexander.
Out of a lot of modern names at the moment, I think this one isn’t too bad. It has a mature ring to it and sounds quite nice, unlike Jayden (sorry to the Jaydens of the world XD).
I really dislike this name because it looks so trendy and flashy, but it's not substantial at all. Plus, the X at the beginning makes for an awkward pronunciation. Fail.
This name looks cool, and modern/trendy.
The xan part makes me think of Xanax, an anxiety treatment drug. It has gained attention by people abusing and glamorizing the drug on social media and in music. It is often refered to as Xannie or just Xan, which could become nicknames for a person named Xander. I much prefer Zander.
Wow, really nice nickname for Alexander.
Out of the few “X” names out there, this one's my favorite.
Xander Mobus is a famous voice actor who bears this name. He voices the announcer, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Joker from the game Persona 5 (who also happens to appear in Smash Ultimate).
I would pronounce this with the x instead of the z. If you want it to be pronounced with a z, then why not use the z spelling so there isn't any confusion on its pronunciation?
Sounds more like a nickname.
A variant of Xander is Zander.
I named my first child Xander, looking for classic strong names to match well with an Italian last name. We liked Alexander, but did not want him to be called Alex. The name Xander just resonated well with us. We gave him my father's name as a middle name, another strong classic name, and together they are the perfect name for our son - Xander Thomas. At eight years old, the name remains a perfect fit.
Favorite nicknames: X, Xman, Xan, Xanderman... his little brother often calls him Xandy.
Never hearing the name before we named our son, there are at least three others in his small school, and everyone knows someone who named their son Xander or Zander.
Xander is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Fates. He is the oldest child of King Garon of Nohr and a foster brother to the protagonist Corrin.
Very masculine and cool looking.
I really like this name. It is short but simple and strong. I know of this name from the book Matched by Ally Condie. I also really like the name Ky who is also from Matched. Both are main characters.
It's a cool name for a boy. "Xan" is a great nickname plus it starts with the letter X! A good alternative for the popular name Xavier. ;D.
Another pronunciation is "Ig-zan-durr."(I honestly like that pronunciation better. :D)
I really like this name. But I pronounce the X. Otherwise, I think it's silly to have an X but say it like it's a Z. Besides. I think the X sound gives it a better masculine tone. X-ander.
This is one of my son's middle name. I thought it was very unique but he still won't have a hard time spelling it. Everyone that I tell it to though kinda gives me a weird look and asks if I'm a fan of Buffy! I've never even seen the show! lol!
I think this is a very strong name. I like that it is phonetic and easy for people to pronounce. And it is still fairly uncommon.We plan to name our first son Alexander, after my grandfather, but we want to call him Xander for short. :)
There was also Xander Crews, also known as Awesome X and Barnaby Jones, the impulsive, stupid, jerk-of-a-superhero from the show Frisky Dingo.
I used Xander for my son's middle name & I absolutely love it! I think it adds a little spice to his name as a whole as his first name (Abram) is perceived as biblical. About a month after he was born I realized that Abram Xander sounds a lot like the name Alexander which I was not crazy about because my son has a cousin from his father's side of the family already named Alexander, but I still adore his name. I think Xander makes for a great first name too. Actually some of the family is choosing to call my son Xander rather than Abram. And I don't feel the name sounds fictional as some have stated. It is actually quite common (ranked 280 in 2007).
Only as a pet name for Alexander.
If I have a son I'm planning on naming him Xander. I think it's a great name; very strong and masculine. I like it as a nickname for Alexander or by itself - unsure of which I will do. :)
This name is too trendy and nauseating. It also makes me think of Xandir, the gay guy from the cartoon Drawn Together.
Xander, I suppose, is a rather cool nickname for Alexander (although I'd only use it as a nickname and not on its own). I'd prefer to spell it Zander, however, as it appears more correct to me.
I personally LOVE it. It sounds strong and masculine to me. I like that it's a nickname for Alexander too.
Has anyone else noticed a correlation between the run of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the popularity of this name?
Xander is a name that is sometimes spelled z-a-n-d-e-r.
Xander is a cool name, it makes a good nickname for Alexander or used as an independant name.
I think Xander is a very nice name. I can't remember anyone being named this. It sounds very classy, strong yet simple.
Xander sounds ok for a fantasy character but I think it's too cliche. No offense, but it doesn't sound that classic to me. Sander sounds better to me but Xander sounds almost fictious and doesn't go well. Xander was also the name of the nemesis in the comics and film "The Phantom." But it wasn't because of the comic book or film that I don't like this name. I have never really liked it, would never name a "real" character this or even someone that'd be my son. Just my opinion!
This is my favorite masculine name. I think it conveys masculine beauty. A very strong name, and unusual enough to draw comments. It also lends itself to the rather unique nickname "Xan."
Dutch pronunciation is KSAHN-duhr. [noted -ed]
Xander was the name of the character played by Vin Diesel in "XXX".
Xander is the name of one of Buffy's friends from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
Also an English given name; most common in the United States.

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